13 Moons

Lunar Return Report for:

Nicolas Cage

January 7, 2020

5:30 AM

Harbor City, California

























P.O. Box 10155

Prescott, AZ 86304-0155

(520)776-7164 800-551-3121

*** Astrological Data of Birth ***

Sun 16 Cap 17 Neptune 17 Sco 21

Moon 26 Lib 13 Pluto 14 Vir 06

Mercury 9 Cap 23 Asc. 24 Sag 08

Venus 18 Aqu 15 MC 11 Lib 16

Mars 25 Cap 33 2nd cusp 22 Cap 13

Jupiter 11 Ari 23 3rd cusp 27 Aqu 51

Saturn 21 Aqu 06 5th cusp 5 Tau 31

Uranus 9 Vir 50 6th cusp 29 Tau 26

Tropical Koch Standard Time observed

January 7, 2020 5:30 AM

GMT: 13:30:00 Time Zone: 8 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birth place: 33 N 47 24 118 W 17 49

Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction : 7 Deg. 00 Min

Opposition : 6 Deg. 00 Min

Square : 6 Deg. 00 Min

Trine : 6 Deg. 00 Min

Sextile : 4 Deg. 00 Min

Semisextile : 2 Deg. 00 Min

Semisquare : 2 Deg. 00 Min

Sesquiquadrate : 2 Deg. 00 Min

Quincunx : 3 Deg. 00 Min

Midpoints: Conjunction and Opposition: 2 Deg. 00 Min





This astrological forecast report is based on an astrological technique

known as Lunar Returns. The date when the influence begins appears

below. The influences described will last for about one month.

Lunar Return for: Los Angeles, California 34 N 03 08 118 W 14 34

LUNAR RETURN DATE: September 12, 2020 at 4:49:34 PM GMT


Zodiac Signs on the Ascendant and MC, and the Ascendant Ruler

The zodiac signs on the Ascendant and MC, and the house position of the Ascendant ruler at the time of the Lunar return are described below. Your social and career opportunities for the coming month are influenced by these signs and house placement.


Lunar Return Ascendant Aquarius :




You can easily have more encounters with Aquarius people this month, or exhibit those qualities yourself.

You will exhibit a very positive kind of temperament although somewhat uncertain about matters with sudden urges this month. You will be intuitive with above average intelligence and can organizing almost anything. Intelligence is yours now in a cool, calm and collected way that allows no room for feelings. Spiritual matters are much more important to you than material ones. A very rebellious spirit resides in you, looking for another adventure to come along.

You will be looking forward to the future and how life will progress. Change, progress and innovative methods in human development keep you strongly attuned to causes or social betterment. You are more of an idealist when it comes to any kind of social unfairness, human rights or uniformity now.

Your physical stamina is stronger this month, but suffer from stubbornness and find it difficult to break undesirable habits and behavior patterns. Independence and freedom is highlighted, as well as being very opinionated. Anything that shocks or surprises others will hardly even phase you now, as you are more detached in nature. Your interests in people, humanitarian efforts and the rights of others will be at the top of your list of things to do. There is an increased ability to attract new friends and acquaintances into your life, and more dramatic changes can now be introduced into your life, or making changes just for the sake of change. These changes will come suddenly, and quite out of the blue. There will be a noticeable increase in restlessness this month, especially if there is no physical or mental stimulation for you. Science, technology, computers, music and design are some areas that may hold some interest for you this month. Health wise, nervous conditions, and stiff bones and joints are your vulnerable points.

There are times in your life when you will forego your own need in favor of the needs of the other, and this is one of them. Your beliefs are unchangeable once an opinion is formed and you keep up to date in the latest developments. You will enjoy active participation in groups or community affairs and since Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, you are likely to be much more impulsive.

You are friendly but will keep an impersonal distance from others now. Your acquaintances number many, but you can count your real friends usually on one hand. As a friend you are detached and impartial. Because of your rational responses to your environment, you keep your emotions close to you and reveal them only to those who truly warrant it. Your independence keeps you from being overpowered or dominated by others. Your marriage (if there is one now), relationships and tending to children are far from being customary and probably lean to what would shock most people. You need your "space" to connect with people on an unlimited scale. Look to the house where URANUS is located to see where your interests lie this month.

Ascendant is in Aquarius, Aquarius Decanate

Ruled by the planet Uranus, you are very self confident and cautious. Your vitality can work against you here because of headstrong activities that get you into trouble. You will receive what you seek as far as work and career matters go. You may notice an increase in popularity and public adulation which supports the relationship even more this month.

Ruler of Ascendant in 1st house

With the Ascendant Ruler in the Lunar 1st house, your personal identity becomes more important. Questions of who am I, how do I fit in this world around me, and why am I in the circumstances that surround me is highlighted. How will I relate to the outside world, and how will people see me as an individual is a focal point in your life.

Lunar Return MC Scorpio:

Since this is the most "visible" part of the Lunar chart, it represents how you are actually seen in the world by others. It represents your more outward or public face and where you are likely to encounter success, and your reputation in the world. Your goals can either be the devil bringing destruction and ruin, or as an angel bestowing blessings on your fellow human beings. Those are the only two options here, and there are no in-betweens. You will be extremely courageous, strong willed, sensitive, and emotionally deep inside. The capacity you have to overcome any obstacle or adversity that comes to you is unequaled by any other sign.

With Scorpio on the Midheaven this month, there might be some traumatic difficulties to deal with, either with people in authority or father figures, usually in intellectual or mental differences. It might seem that things are not in your control, and in the control of others this month. You might decide to make a complete change of career now, and friends are likely to be the power and authority you wish to be. Whatever you do now in public life, will be with an air of secrecy and mystery that Scorpio is the master of.

You are not easy to understand due to your complex makeup. No one would ever say that you don't go after what you want, even if what you want is no good for you, that is beside the point. You do so in a quiet an unassuming way and usually you get what you want. You live life to the fullest and dislike people who are superficial. Life has a certain passion and intensity that loves a good challenge, fight, or dare to do the unmentionable no matter where it may take you. For you the struggles in life and the pain it brings are normal daily occurrences and you take them in stride.

Psychic abilities and insights into other peoples motives along with knowledge of the hidden side of their personality are a natural gift you possess. You go through life using an onboard radar that defies explanation, as if you could, and that is the way it was meant to be.

Whether it is a career, love, relationships, decisions, hunches, jealousy or hatred, you do so with your whole heart. You have a special kinship to the animal world and I would be surprised not to see dogs and cats scattered around the property. You seem to communicate with pets on a much different level then you do with your fellow humans. You are intensely loyal in relationships and your partner had better understand that before they get involved or they will suffer the wrath of your revenge.




Zodiac Signs on the Other House Cusps

The zodiac signs on the other house cusps affect your attitude to many areas of your life, and have a significant impact on what kinds of opportunities and challenges will present themselves in the coming month.


Pisces on 2nd cusp:

With Pisces on the second house you tend to be impractical when it comes to personal financial affairs. Money is spent on fantastic illusions of reality and schemes, but can become distraught and disturbed when the financial books don't quite live up to your expectations. You are very generous people, who would never turn anyone down in need. You have an appreciation and respect for the finer things in life, but for you a more simple life is just fine. You are neither greedy in what you need or materialistic in what you have. Errors can be made in finances through legal documents and contracts which should be looked at by someone who can see through the loopholes that can get you into trouble. Intuitively, you will know instinctively when a good purchase is within your grasp. Look to the house containing Neptune to see where your money can be made.

Aries on 3rd cusp:

With Aries on the cusp of the third house of communication and learning, there is a strong need to communicate with others, and to communicate a bit too forcefully. Be extra careful that this "forceful and aggressive" behavior doesn't spill out onto friends who can be easily offended. You have a very active and determined mind, and decisions are likely to be made on the spur of the moment, or impulsively. There is a thirst for knowledge, and you will probably spend a great deal of time pursuing whatever strikes your fancy. Your daily routine will find you in the car a lot, with very active daily activities. This indicates a real restlessness that won't be able to sit still for very long. Find a good physical outlet for all of this energy before it drives you crazy, because if you don't, verbal outbursts and aggravation can easily be the result. Look to the houses that contain Mars/Pluto to see where your obsessive interests can be found.

Taurus on 4th cusp:

With Taurus on the fourth house of the home, family, roots, real estate, property and security, you will be actively involved in the security of your home and family. You will put a great deal of work into making your home both attractive and very well insured in case of any disaster. There will be a great deal of time spent putting down roots together, fitting in with your neighbors and surrounding community. You will prefer rural or country living to city life, with a large garden to cultivate your own food, be more at home with nature, and give you breathing room from the rest of the world. Taurus located here indicates a very happy, easy going home and environment, filled with peace and serenity, unless Venus is badly aspected reversing the above effects. Look to the house where Venus is located to see where your home security can be found.

Gemini on 5th cusp:

You have Gemini on the fifth house of Children, recreation, romance, creativity, artistic abilities, hobbies, writing books (creatively), speculation and investments. This is the sign of casual affairs rather than a settled down lifestyle, and passionate episodes are not in the cards for Gemini here. You can however use this energy for creative pursuits, since Gemini is a mental or intellectual sign, for writing or other related fields. It is interesting to note that Gemini here can produce twins as offspring. Look to the house where Mercury is located to see where you might find your recreation and romance potential.

Cancer on 6th cusp:

You have Cancer on the cusp of the sixth house of Work, Work environment, responsibilities, health, work and service for others, relationships with employees and co-workers, and your interest in physical fitness. You get emotionally involved in whatever you do now, and this includes work. Concerns with health, human resources and the welfare of others will no doubt be very important to you, as well as the health and welfare of others. You understand others' needs very well, and the needs of people around you. If you are unhappy at work, it will affect the relationship as well as your health. Look to the house where the Moon is located to see where you might find work or service to others.

Leo on 7th cusp:

Relationships, partnerships, marriage, people you have close associations with, cooperation or lack of, contracts, and legal matters are all part of the seventh house, with Leo located here. You crave a lot of attention in relationships, and as long as your ego doesn't get out of whack, everything should be fine. Remember however that one or the other will be the dominant personality, and if both of you try to be, you had better have strong armor to deflect the dramatic episodes that accompany this. Your relationship will be vital, strong and needy. Conflicts in marriage can occur because who is going to be the boss, and who is going to subservient? Look to the house that contains the Sun to see how you will deal with partnerships.

Virgo on 8th cusp:

The eighth house deals with joint resources, possessions that are not earned directly by you, but obtained through the relationship, wills, or pensions. It also has to do with money belonging to others such as taxes, corporate money, insurance, and the stock market. The eighth house also relates to the mysteries of life and sex. Virgo will have an influence on the above matters by bringing a critical element in conducting money affairs. Impulsive actions are not part of the practical side of Virgo who has to plan out every last detail of what money will be spent on, meaning security is a big issue for you. Sexually this should prove to be a very unfulfilling or disappointing relationship time. Look to see which house Mercury is located in, to see where your joint money can be found.

Libra on 9th cusp:

The ninth house is the house of long range goals and long distance travel. Religion, philosophy and higher education are ninth house matters. With Libra ruling the ninth house, you will be will be on display for the world to see, and vulgarity and crude behavior is not for you. You will also be strongly attracted to a strong sense of justice in all matters, and will want to cooperate fully with people in this environment. You will work in harmony and your demeanor will be very easy-going. Look to the house where Venus is located to see where your interests in higher aspirations can be found.

Sagittarius on 11th cusp:

The eleventh house has domain over achievement of goals and objectives, and hopes and wishes. Humanitarian efforts, clubs, groups, associations, sharing ideals are also associated with the eleventh house. People that support your efforts, friends and connections to the outside world can be found in this house. With Sagittarius located in the eleventh house, the focus turns to a wide circle of friends, where your optimistic and care free nature can soar. Popularity is indicated, and friends will support your goals. Good luck and good fortune go hand and hand with Sagittarius located here. Look to the house where Jupiter is located to see where you might find your friends, associations and group involvements and interests.

Capricorn on 12th cusp:

The twelfth house rules the subconscious mind, problems arising from unseen causes, and limitations in our lives. This house has rulership over behind the scenes activities, emotional problems, secrets, deceptions, problems to overcome, the side of ourselves away from public view, where the soul can step back and take a look at the world around us. The twelfth house also has rulership over prisons, hospitals, and other institutions that would remove you from society. Capricorn energy on the twelfth house indicates that somehow you feel restricted, limited and inadequate either or with the environment and around relationships. You may have very strong responsibilities to others, and any advancement will come only with great diligence, patience and hard work. Look to the house where Saturn is located to find that area in which you retire from public view.




The Sun

The placement of the Sun in the Lunar return chart is very important and affects almost every area of your life!


Lunar Return Sun in 8th house:

The Lunar Sun is now in your 8th house. But what does the position of the Lunar Sun mean to you and how will it affect your life this month?

Involvement in business, joint finances, taxes, insurance, wills or goods of the deceased, behavior patterns, heavy changes or something in your life that comes to an end are areas you will be dealing with in one way or another. Expect something in your life to end this month like the mighty Phoenix that dies and is reborn out of the ashes. Changes instituted now will come with the influences that only a "Scorpio-8th house energy" can bring. Your financial status will have you concerned, perhaps more than normal. Look at the aspects to the Lunar Sun this month to see what you can accomplish.

Sun conjunction Mercury:

Major good news can easily arrive that puts a smile on your face this month and sheer will power will override intellectual considerations that will aid you in completing tasks. Get togethers can spark some very meaningful discussions that will be remembered for the rest of the month.

Take a look at your life, what you've done, where you have been and where you are going and make the appropriate changes if necessary. Fresh and new ideas for creative endeavors can surface. Contacts can include more Virgo or Gemini People that are involved in your life now.

This is one of those months where you can be close and intimate with others without feeling vulnerable. Do your own thing in life this month rather than what others expect you to do. Should you be lacking in self confidence this month will give you a shot in the shorts to come alive again in the world. You will probably make more short trips around town than usual this month as well.

Sun semisextile Venus:

This is a superlative month for romance. Be affectionate to everyone and don't forget that favorite pet of yours. Are you awaiting any financial negotiations? The outcome looks very favorable this month. Prosperity surrounds you with this aspect and you may get a cost of living increase that you weren't expecting, or a pay raise. Popularity will be apparent with the opposite sex, or people in general. You will find more contacts with Taurus or Libra people at this time, which should prove to be very harmonious.

Romance and marriage possibilities come under the Lunar Return Suns rays this month and perhaps you will decide to get engaged or married now. One of the positive effects of this month is that people who haven't taken notice of you before suddenly notice you. This is a time of increased attractions to others at this time and you will also find that finances are favored as well.

Sun sesquiquadrate Jupiter:

Practical considerations go out the window and large scale errors in judgement can easily be made, so don't count on anything until you have it firmly in your hand. This can be a great time to diet because you can lose weight easily. It is possible that at this time there will be more contacts with Sagittarians or people with those qualities, but those contacts might not be very harmonious.

You may very well quit your job because of ego conflicts with authority figures. This is not a good month for gambling, romance or business as FOOLISH OPTIMISM can be your downfall.

Be careful not to promise more than you can deliver because you can fall short of your promises leaving you marked unreliable. Confrontations with others can breed hurt feelings especially this month and overinflated egos can get in the way of your progress.

Transportation accident levels are on the rise so keep an eye on the road at all times. The need to spend money on needless items, or spending just for the sake of spending will be very strong. Very extravagant, materialistic and arrogant behavior emerges. You may feel frustrated over financial shortages which is the result of your spending.

Sun trine Saturn:

Long lasting commitments and responsibilities are favorable. Buy a new car for endurance and to insure a long lasting investment this month. You may find someone from your past coming back into your life this month as well, or find that relationships that have experienced disagreements or breakups can suddenly begin again on another level. It is more than likely there will be more Capricorn contacts at this time, but they can be more congenial than at other times.

Long range goals become important and this month favors the favorable outcome for legal matters. Art forms are likely to have a much more structured appearance. This month favors politics, executives and business. Have faith in yourself to reach your goals. Perhaps this is the month to face the fact that you need to seek the advice or counsel of an attorney to take you out of unpleasant situations, but with great reluctance.

Sun sesquiquadrate Asc.:

Problems can arise in romance or marriage. Conflicts of the ego are the main source of disagreements. Each person thinks it will be too macho to give in rather than facing up to who we really are inside. Your self image is apt to be a bit out of whack with reality, and people working at cross purposes to one another does not make communications easy. Perhaps it would be better for you to be alone with no one to bother you.

Sun sextile MC:

You are positive and energized, ready to make positive changes. Career goals are right on track, so don't mess it up! Try doing some decorating around the home or office to give it a warmer appearance. Goals are active and determined. Pay careful attention to details because your impulsive nature may miss a key element. Be a leader this month, the time is right!




The Moon

The placement of the Moon in the Lunar return chart affects emotions, moods, domestic affairs and relationships with women during the coming month.


Lunar Return Moon in 9th house:

The Lunar Moon is now in your 9th house. The Lunar Moon rules your emotional needs and the specific houses show where your needs will lie and be met for the next month. Should the Moon be in Capricorn, it is a strong indication of an "event" that can occur this month, but don't discount an Aries, Cancer or Libra moon either. If the Moon is afflicted by Neptune or Uranus this month, consider travel at another time.

Emotional boredom strikes when least expected and we need to go out and experience something a little different and exciting. A get away trip to the store or a jaunt down the road can be emotionally stimulating. Routine is the master of our lives unfortunately, but there is no reason we can't daydream is there? Films of a different flavor than we are used to would be ideal, especially if it involves some distant intrigue to it. Since the 9th house is the religious home, some new age or religious music can prove to be very enlightening.

Moon square Neptune:

Confusion and delusions can cloud your sense of reality this month, and self destructive behavior should be excluded from your environment. Allow more time to pray or meditate. During this month it would be best to refrain from using any form of drugs or alcohol. You will find that your psychic impressions and ESP can be out of whack temporarily. There can be some overwhelming obsession to someone, perhaps a Pisces person.





The placement of Mercury in the Lunar return chart affects communication, and your ability to learn and express yourself during the coming month.


Lunar Return Mercury in 8th house:

Mercury is in your 8th house, and indicates areas of interests in your life this month, as well as health matters or where your thoughts are likely to be focused. Should Mercury be within 1 degree +/- 3* Taurus Conjunct, avoid travel altogether at this time.

The emphasis this month is on intellectual subjects requiring very deep thought, negotiations on finances, property and secret communications and mysterious studies and short trips are also highlighted. If Mercury makes a harsh aspect while in the 8th house, secret investigations may reveal something about you, or there may be someone investigating you. Financial plans may need to be re-evaluated as well.

Mercury sextile MC:

This is a good time to go looking for real estate, pay bills, or pay attention to all details and balance the checkbook. Your heart and mind will be more in harmony and activities that take place in the home are fortunate. Public relation matters can prosper and domestic and professional matters go well.





The placement of Venus in the Lunar return chart affects romance and friendship over the coming month.


Lunar Return Venus in 7th house:

Venus is in your 7th house this month. Venus is the Goddess of love and where you might find it and money matters and how you will handle it or what you might spend money on.

A favorable month for marriage, affection, new love relationships with commitment, close friendships, business, feeling attractive and dealings with women. Social life picks up again and expressions of affection come very easily. If you are looking for a wedding day, try to find one that takes place during this month. If Venus makes a harsh aspect while in the 7th house, relationships will be taken for granted or spend too much time in social surroundings.

Venus square Saturn:

Separations from friends or loved ones is possible this month and the possibility of having extra cash for that good deal will be non-existent. This is not the time to ask favors from others, as they will be opposed to your ideas. Obligations should not be accepted now as this is a bad time for buying anything for lasting value.

You will be feeling somewhat unloved and lonely, and being out and among friends can be empty and unfulfilling. Love relationships are better off left alone now and in business matters do not sign anything or get involved in financial ventures or matters of expanding your present situation. You will find that people in authority or older than you will not be supportive to your ideas.

Disappointments with long-term effects can occur, especially if there are karmic ties to be worked out with other people in your life. Promises rendered to others will go unfulfilled, so be careful what you promise. Restrictions and frustrations can be experienced in love, and this is a good time to wait and see what happens!

Venus opposition Uranus:

Vacation plans can go right out the window this month and sudden and upsetting circumstances can bring separations from loved ones. Contracts and agreements can easily be broken, or you can be attracted to weird things in life, although they may not be necessarily good for you. Love adventures that start this month are likely to end as soon as the month ends. Don't try to convince people to make changes, they might not react too well to it.

Relationships will be very disruptive as some moody characteristics can emerge. Repressed emotions, unfaithfulness, bohemian attitudes, a lack of direction and impulse spending are effects of this month. This is an unfavorable time for trying out new ideas or products. Avoid any risks in love and friendships, so learn to take your time in relationships, don't get carried away.

Venus square MC:

Socialize, don't work this month! Express love to someone new or old, what have you got to lose? This month is great for the giving or receiving of affection, just don't demand anything from others, instead use kids gloves and charm to win the month. This is a difficult time for family, finances and profession. Chances are that if finances go poorly, it was your own fault and undoing that brought you to this point and getting organized will be difficult to do.





The placement of Mars in the Lunar return chart affects your drive, ambition, and vitality during the coming month.


Lunar Return Mars in 10th house:

Mars is in your 10th house this month. Mars is the planet of intense activity and the house it occupies by placement shows where that activity will take place. Mars is aggressive and can be quite selfish in its needs and desires, so be careful how you utilize this tremendous energy.

This is the month to be your own boss or authority but be aware that parents, employers, bosses or government interference can stop your efforts if harshly aspected. You are anxious to be a somebody now and admiration and recognition can feed the flames of this fiery planet. Conflicts can be encountered with coworkers. New careers can be started because of your aggressive nature, but if Mars makes any difficult aspects while in the 10th house, you can adopt a demanding attitude in the career environment or cause conflicts to arise in business, career or profession.

Mars Quincunx Jupiter:

Excessive speed while driving can bring an accident in your direction, so take this opportunity to SLOW DOWN!

Generosity can get out of hand, so be careful with your funds and possessions this month. If you cannot afford to buy something, don't buy it now! Use caution in your spending now, as you may purchase something with a lot of good will in your heart, for the wrong or undeserving people. You may find out too late that the people that you put your time, effort and love into do not have your best intentions at heart. It is therefore better to buy small gifts and offer small tokens, than to look like a major fool!

Arrogance, accidents and impulsive actions are advised against, and caution is advised in business dealings with foreigners and danger is present while travelling!

Financial mistakes can easily be made, leaving you with egg on your face. This period is unfavorable for any legal activities and don't start any new endeavors because impatience and carelessness can be your downfall.

Relationships actually appear better than they are this month. Unethical business practices should be avoided and use caution when dealing with others, especially foreigners. Be careful of others who encourage you to spend money or waste your time and energy as money comes and money goes very quickly now. Challenges will excite you and impulsive and hasty actions will be your downfall as you go off like a loose cannon and more than likely wind up overextending yourself and getting involved in very UNWISE ventures. Legal and religious disagreements occur now, so avoid remarks made to others, no matter how innocent they were meant to be. Travel and trips will prove to be more expensive than you counted on through your own extravagance as well.

Mars conjunction Pluto:

Dangerous environments should be avoided for your own well being at this time and for goodness sakes, don't gamble or take any risks either. You may hear of a physical death of someone now, even someone that you do not personally know, with more than one person involved. Mars is fiery in nature and Pluto rules the masses of people. Secret actions can occur by you, or others in your environment and secret and private research is highly favored during this month. This is a difficult time for marriage, but favors business, taxes, insurance and wills.

Mars trine Node:

Harmonious social occasions in any sphere of life can occur this month as your popularity is on the rise. There is a strong urge to be united and belong with others and your personality will bubble with enthusiasm and you will be much more obliging to others.

The emphasis is on love and artistic pursuits and your physical attraction level is high. There is a sense of harmony and a very positive outlook on life. Love unions are probable as well as a love of humanity. Your associations will be with people who are out of the norm or somewhat bohemian in nature. Relationships that are formed can be quite obsessive, and relationships that are going along well this month can become obsessive as well.

Mars sextile Asc.:

You might be experiencing a lucky streak of sorts right this month, but Lunar Return Venus doesn't bring you the big bucks, so don't overdo it. A new love relationship may begin and all will go smoothly in matters of love.





The placement of Jupiter in the Lunar return chart determines in what areas of your life you are likely to have opportunities for growth and expansion during the coming month.


Lunar Return Jupiter in 3rd house:

Jupiter is in your 3rd house this month. Jupiter tends to expand your efforts and brings good fortune and positive change to the house it occupies.

An increase in everyday contacts, extended travel, communications on a much larger scale than you are used to and the ability to effectively say what is on your mind are highlighted.

Finishing projects that have been started, generosity extended to others, being more tolerant of the opinions of others, writing interests, financial benefits that come from relatives highlight this month. You can also expect a total lack of practical thinking in any area, especially when buying a new car which is a possibility with this position is present.

This is an excellent time for studying, teaching, lecturing and any advanced training you seek.

If Jupiter makes a difficult aspect while in the 3rd house, there can be prejudiced viewpoints adopted that will need revision.

Jupiter square Neptune:

Relationships can become very confusing this month! Avoid any risks in business and any travel over water should be avoided. If you put your ideas into play under this influence there will be disappointments, but then again disappointments will probably show up even if you do nothing at all.

The concentration needed for any application will not be with you, as there is too much confusion in the air. Relationships that have been suffering can separate or divorce completely, and abuses in drinking and drugs is high, so please be careful. You may experience emotional dependencies on other people as well.

You can easily be swindled by someone this month and it will be very easy to overextend your credit cards. Another influence is swindling or being swindled by others, then again you may find yourself being manipulated by others. Do not get involved in any get rich schemes while you are under these effects or get involved with any cult groups. Your thinking mechanisms aren't in place.

Jupiter square Asc.:

You can be somewhat GULLIBLE this month, accepting the words of others at face value. You will be unable to accurately read the intentions of people even though they "appear" to be well meaning. There will be a GREAT INCREASE IN YOUR SOCIAL life, as well as an attraction to alcohol and drugs. Any news that you hear about someone can be the result of "GOSSIP" and should be taken lightly until it can be verified, and not repeated anyway.

Review your present relationship, chances are you have taken it for granted and modifications need to be made. Don't make promises this month because they will be very difficult to keep for one reason or another, no matter how sincere your intentions are. Excessive debts and expenses can pop up on you and tie you down, and in the area of religion, education and cultural matters, you may find people at odds with your thoughts or beliefs.

You have taken on way to much work this month, how are you going to do it all? Are you the type of person who has 10 jobs started and is going to finish them all but never does? Be careful of friends whose only purpose is to use you for their own benefit and dump you afterwards. Hey, I never said it was going to be fair! You will meet people on a daily basis who will be in opposition to your great ideas. The problem is that you are trying to be someone special at a time when a more humble approach should be adhered to.





The placement of Saturn in the Lunar return chart determines where you will encounter obstacles, difficult lessons, and where discipline will be needed in your life during the coming month.


Lunar Return Saturn in 3rd house:

Saturn is in your 3rd house this month. The purpose of the planet Saturn is to teach us and help us to mature in the houses associated with Saturn. The stronger we resist these changes, the stronger the effects will be felt until we submit to a more structured way of life.

Serious studies, concentrating and disciplining the mind, less communicative to your environment and problems with people in your immediate environment come under this influence, including relatives and neighbors. You may be unable to communicate suffering from foot in mouth disease, depression, withdrawal and discouragement. Use the utmost caution when signing any contracts and agreements this month.

You may develop problems with your automobile, or suffer breakdown in equipment. If Saturn makes a difficult aspect while in the 3rd house, then you may be surrounded by negative thoughts and worry. Responsibilities can develop around family members or neighbors.

Saturn square Uranus:

There will be an inability to hear the opinions of other people and you may act in a rude manner because of your extreme restlessness. Delays that you experience this month are caused by circumstances that you cannot control and there will be frustrations with people whose ideas or viewpoints differ from yours, or you will notice that friends who are normally reliable will become somewhat indifferent and you will be aware of odd reactions to your current circumstances.

Relationships that are strong will pass the test before it now, however relationships that are experiencing problems will either undergo change, or end.

Heavy obligations will be imposed on you now and tensions can cause an explosive nature. The urge for freedom will not only rock your boat, but unnerve those around you whether on the domestic or career levels. Reversals of fortune is also possible with this influence.

This is not a favorable time to be involved with any groups or organizations and difficulties will be found in money, legal matters, taxes, insurance and wills. In health matters the teeth may need some attention as sudden eruptions can occur.


Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

The placement of the 3 outer planets in the Lunar return chart indicates areas in your life that are likely to take surprising twists and turns, where idealism and illusion may enter your life, or where compulsive or extreme situations may arise in your life during the coming month.


Lunar Return Uranus in 1st house:

Uranus is in your 1st house this month. Uranus is the planet that causes us to make changes of the sudden and electric kind in our lives with very little regard as to whether we want to or not.

Changes in looks, surroundings and commitments take place this month and rebellious tendencies develop that are not easy to understand. Any marriage or relationship that cannot cope with changes will end, as you are seeking more freedom in your surroundings. If Uranus makes a difficult aspect while in the 1st house, you are rebellious, very impatient and totally impractical.

Uranus opposition Node:

STRESS has entered your life this month, so use any means to get rid of it before it gets the best of you. You will not appreciate any sexual advances made towards you this month and any assistance that is offered by others will be refused.

You may find that during this time matters of sexuality become less important to you and matters of pure intimacy without being sexually active become more important and necessary. You can also find that people can come to you for consolation and you can do so without the threat of sexual advancement on your part coming into play, instead enjoying people for their company.

Upsetting circumstances arrive in group and individual relationships and freedom will cause setbacks. Pig headedness is a negative use of this energy and arguments are a positive outlet for this energy because it gets everything out on the open.

Lunar Return Neptune in 12th house:

Neptune is in your 12th house this month. Neptune is the Grand Master of illusion, deception, imagination and inspiration, perhaps all at the same time. Psychic and intuitive aspects can emerge from our personalities either consciously or subconsciously and new concepts that are somewhat poetic, compassionate and humanitarian can easily arise. As long as we remain realistic in our approach to life, we shouldn't encounter too many lessons though. Expect Neptune to put you through many changes of perceptions and your views or reality will be altered several times as well.

This is a wonderful month for insight into your own spirituality, as compassion grows for your fellow man and solitude becomes a welcomed way of life. Be careful however not to cause your own self undoing, so keep life on the realistic side. If Neptune makes a difficult aspect while in the 12th house, you will try very hard to avoid any responsibilities, live life through fantasy, become involved with drugs or alcohol and be your own worst enemy.

Neptune conjunction Asc.:

Relationships will never be the same again with this influence, as a deceptive and suspicious time has arrived for you. Watch relationships carefully and see them for what they really are.

They say that love is blind and this month will provide the proof. Emotionally you will be very sensitive to the world around you and your emotional state will influence your health and appearance.

Find self expression through art and music and express what you feel through these mediums.

Consequences of the past or karmic conditions can come to you, either bad or good, and activities will be carried on in secret, choosing to keep your private life, very private. Love relationships from past lives can arrive in your life to teach you the errors of your ways.

Lunar Return Pluto in 10th house:

Pluto is in your 10th house this month. Pluto is the master of digging down beneath the surface of who you are and bring some very powerful yet subtle changes into your life. Pluto is where your OBSESSIONS can be found this month.

Manipulations and power plays found in politics, career or getting ahead in some way now and being in a position of authority can have a profound effect on you. If Pluto makes a difficult aspect while in the 10th house, then you might suffer from reversals of fortune or experience drastic changes in career.

Pluto trine Node:

Gains can come from people who bring opportunities to you this month, and new relationships can be found around community groups or professional surroundings. New relationships can begin or you may end an old one, and new attractions can come into your life as well.

Considerable efforts through difficult tasks allows growth and maturity to take place.

Pluto sextile Asc.:

Creative changes take place this month and you can find an increase in your own personal power. Expect to draw intense people to you who can have a profound effect on your thinking.

The expression of creativity in its purest form is likely to be intense now, and this timeframe favors domestic and professional matters.

Occult or scientific matters can take place in the home during this month. Are you planning to make changes in the appearance of your home? this is the time to do so.




Midpoint Influences for the Next Month

Midpoints are an astrological technique that became popular among astrologers in the latter half of the 20th century. They are very important in the Lunar return chart.


Moon Conjunct Sun/Mars Orb:1 Deg 55 Min

Your relationship will supply you with your emotional needs; women will be very influential, and marriage may be on your mind; courage; avoiding confrontations; an energetic and passionate lover may call you or enter your life.

Mercury Conjunct Moon/Venus Orb:1 Deg 06 Min

Love is on your mind, there's no doubt; an emotional need to talk about how you feel about others; ideas and reasoning abilities that help you to decide how to care for others and their immediate needs.

Saturn Opposition Moon/Mars Orb:0 Deg 39 Min

Conditions can arrive that are very frustrating to you; isolation; obligations in taking care of others; emotional responses withheld; difficulties in expressing anger; burdens in caring for others; holding your tongue in matters of sexuality or children.

Neptune Opposition Moon/Jupiter Orb:1 Deg 32 Min

Success is like water running down stream, it can get away from you this month; what were the major goals you were so interested in, and where have they gone; the use of drugs as an escape from reality; deceptions.

Asc. Opposition Moon/Saturn Orb:1 Deg 46 Min

The way you express yourself will be tinged with cool, calm and collected attitudes, making you seem very reserved; perhaps you have a real need to stay detached to avoid overconfidence, overenthusiasm, and a strong desire to protect your very vulnerable and sensitive feelings and emotions.

Saturn Opposition Moon/Pluto Orb:0 Deg 03 Min

A time to let things go and start new another time; you may feel defeated or understand that some loss is eminent causing depression and regret; selfish needs and desires can surface because of fears that are very real this month, and your sense of "survival" can be challenged.

Sun Conjunct Moon/Node Orb:1 Deg 12 Min

There will be a very nice blending of male/female principles, and an excellent rapport between the two sexes; contacts will be female in nature, and these can be emotional friends as well; private contacts between men and women; draws opportunities.

Saturn Opposition Venus/Uranus Orb:0 Deg 50 Min

Take control of your passions and desires, and bring them back down to earth; sudden anger can cause separations from others; relationships that are not doing very well may find it necessary to discuss separations or divorce; difficult births.

Uranus Opposition Venus/Node Orb:1 Deg 23 Min

Relationships can start quite suddenly this month, with very profound results; new friends and associates will be very different, and the possibility of an affair is high; disruptions at meetings; bad news received from friends.

Venus Opposition Mars/Jupiter Orb:1 Deg 35 Min

Creative endeavors will enjoy positive efforts; success can come to you very easily; romance is in your mind, soul and life; luck in competition in the finer things in life, such as cooking, decorating and romantic encounters.

Mercury Opposition Jupiter/Uranus Orb:0 Deg 18 Min

Life just keeps getting better and better through lucky situations that present themselves; an UNEXPECTED LETTER can arrive in the mail; dexterity through mechanical objects.

Sun Opposition Jupiter/Neptune Orb:1 Deg 39 Min

The spirit will surely move you this month, but if you are headed for a cliff, and the voices say jump, reevaluate immediately; daydreams; confidence in deceptive situations.

Sun Opposition Jupiter/Asc. Orb:0 Deg 09 Min

People in your environment will help you in your endeavor to expand the present conditions in your life; charming personality; superficial responses; an effective leader or politician.

Uranus Conjunct Jupiter/MC Orb:0 Deg 15 Min

New projects and ideas will experience great good fortune, and luck can arrive unexpectedly; growing and maturing despite upsets or obstacles.

Mercury Opposition Saturn/Neptune Orb:0 Deg 47 Min

Your mind has gone into slow gear, and your analytical process has slowed down to a walk; you may suffer from some sadness and depression, with a tinge of nervousness just for good measure; weakened nerves; allergies; intuitiveness; ability to correct disputes.

Venus Opposition Saturn/MC Orb:1 Deg 11 Min

The job front gets a boost into the realm of bearable, and you can accomplish a lot through hard work and dedication; relationships become "cool" or there is no interest in becoming involved in a relationship; a love of traditional music.

Node Opposition Uranus/Asc. Orb:1 Deg 43 Min

Your associations and meetings will be with people with like minds; sudden and unexpected encounters with friends.

Jupiter Opposition Neptune/Node Orb:1 Deg 58 Min

Special feelings and bonds with others; religious feelings shared in relationships; strange contacts and bonds with others.




Interaction of the Lunar Return and Natal Chart

The following influences are based on the relationship of the Lunar return to the natal chart. These influences tend to bring about changes in attitudes and your perspective on life.


Natal 2nd on lunar Asc:

With your Natal 2nd house on the Lunar Ascendant, impulse buying, and an aggressive approach for money will strongly color your life now. Beliefs, values, desires and property issues are emphasized.

Natal Asc in lunar 11th house:

With your Natal Ascendant now in the Lunar 11th house, social and intellectual security takes on a greater prominence. You will look for acceptance from others in your environment as equals. The 11th house represents friends, social groups, and societies, and it also represents the affection that you need from others. Most importantly, it is where you as an individual fit this month.