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Your Chart Data

Name: Drew Barrymore
Date: Feb 22, 2020
Time: 11:51:00 AM PST +08:00
Place: Culver City,CA
118W23'44" 034N01'16


Locality Interpretation For
Los Angeles,CA 118W14'34" 34N03'08"
Jan 01, 2020 to Dec 31, 2020



Permanent Influences (Lines):
Sun MC
Neptune Descendant

Secondary Influences (Crossings):

Temporary Influences (CCG):
Uranus MC
Saturn Ascendant

Temporary Influences (CCG to ACG):



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A Locality Interpretation Prepared for Drew Barrymore



One thing is certain about you, no matter where you are -- you're one of the people who gets a lot out of life because you look beneath appearances and are willing to think for yourself, astrology being somewhat off the beaten track these days. So what is ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY*EXPLAINED? It's based on the common, instinctive idea that a person has different chances, luck, experiences or options in different localities -- that you aren't exactly the same person in New York that you are in Los Angeles. It works by looking at the planets' relationships to the places you've asked about at your birth moment. If a particular planet was especially powerful in the location noted when you were born, then the affairs that it symbolizes should predominate if you travel there, reside there or even have anything to do with that location from some other place.

Since 1976, when the now-standard ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY technique was introduced, wide acceptance by both the astrological community and the public has validated it. In addition, ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY has been able to benefit from the actual experiences of the thousands who have ordered its maps. The product of this experience is this new service.


To understand how this information will be useful, perhaps we should question why people move around so much in the first place. In addition to the obvious reasons are psychological ones. Psychologists (Carl Jung especially) have suggested that people instinctively seek wholeness, or a completeness of their experience. If it's true that different locations accent different parts of your potentials, moving offers a way to speed evolution, to get acquainted with new parts of yourself. So if you find that a location you are obliged to reside at is one in which some of the more problematical influences predominate (such as Saturn, Neptune, etc.), you should look beneath the superficial and immediate desires and concerns of your life and try to understand what emerging consciousness has brought you here. Every location is good for something, and you would not be considering living in a difficult one for no reason. Also, don't get frightened if some of the interpretations sound extreme or perilous. Every planet has numerous possible manifestations, and, while we've tried to include them all here, rarely do the more extreme ones occur. The point in this report is to enable you to anticipate the nature of influences at your potential residence and so become able to recognize and utilize their most positive manifestations.

Different people are apt to react differently to the same astrological influence. You will feel more comfortable with what you already know, so certain planets will be easier for you to live under than others. For example, if you are a woman with traditional values, Mars and the Sun will possibly pose more problems for you than for a man, since the qualities and life experiences associated with these planets are not usually socially encouraged in women's upbringing. Similarly, men will find the Moon and Venus more challenging. People who tend to follow external authorities and believe in society's order as unchallengeable may find themselves more at home under Jupiter and Saturn lines, and stressed by new experiences under Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, while individualists and the more self-reliant will reverse these reactions.

You might find it useful to realize that, when faced with challenging astrological potentials, it is sometimes easy to "project" these onto your mate or partner, seeing the emerging parts of your own psyche as things THEY are doing. If your interpretations seem to fit your mate, realize that these things are happening because of possibilities in yourself that you aren't ready to face, and try to develop the positive sides of the astrological potentials described.


But the most important thing to realize is that every location is good for something; if you recognize and understand its potentials, you can use them constructively. You'll find that in some instances you don't even have to travel or live in the location -- that its influence affects you through people who come from there, or remote concerns, such as business, cultural or other life interests that symbolize those psychological potentials described by this report.

So here goes with the ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY*EXPLAINED analysis of the locations you're interested in. We hope it opens up for you opportunities to find what you're looking for in life; but we also hope it enables you to look beneath the surface, to see patterns in your own development and your instinctive growth toward wholeness.


Los Angeles,CA




At the location which you have specified, there was more than one important influence at the time of your birth. Below we have identified the nature of these influences, and they will probably seem somewhat contradictory to you. Residing in a location where there is more than one important planetary influence is of itself somewhat stressful, and it is likely that one or more of the influences will be "projected"; that is, instead of acknowledging and assimilating the influence yourself, you will be inclined to seek other people, or external situations, to act it out for you. Nevertheless, you should attempt to comprehend all influences operating here, since it is only by inwardly accepting such power that you can gain control over it.

To understand the following influence, you should be aware that it is strong in this locality, though not overbearingly so. While reading the psychological description of its manifestation below, you should recognize the major theme that has operated for you (or will operate) here, though it may not be your prime concern at all times. You can ignore it for long periods, and this moderation of the influence tends to mitigate some of the more frightening and dangerous excesses that can occur. Probably, the more unusual manifestations won't happen to you, as this influence merges with others in your personality, creating a more balanced manifestation.



If you are just planning a short stay in this zone, expect lots of fun and an increase in your appetites and opportunities to indulge yourself in games, amusements, and glamour. Anyone travelling with you may find you a little overbearing, and your budget goes out the window as self-image improves, demanding more expensive and exotic clothes, surroundings, and people. Since you and everyone else think of you as a little more important and powerful, you're either treated like a celebrity or find yourself surrounded by them. For this reason this is an excellent zone for developing talents, particularly artistic ones. A great place for a vacation, but bring lots of money.


This is your "celebrity" zone, where you express the influence of the astrological Sun. The universe seems an object to be acted on by your energy and will, and a masculine, egoic consciousness prevails. Functions of logic, inner motivation, and ordering are expanded. The drive toward self-actualization is powerful here; that is, life processes and will conspire to create an identity that is acutely aware of its own selfhood, an autonomous, outer-directed, and often extroverted "I am" that sees its own existence and function to be of prime importance in the universe. Your direction is molded mostly by inner processes, less so by environment and social pressure, so you seem more free from past and future, existing as a unique, self-aware factor in the here and now. You expect others to pay attention to you here, and they do -- followed about like an important personage, you are treated often to others' generosity and identify strongly with your creations (including children). This is the best locale to sell or exhibit creative works -- writers may easily find a publisher here, and even the obscure take on a self-important and "movie star" charisma. If there are other planets' influences coupled with the Sun, you could become an extremely powerful, famous, or infamous symbol of the affairs governed by those other planets to your entire milieu, so try to understand carefully what they mean. By itself, the Sun demands a glittering, domineering, and perhaps overbearing style in life. Pride, glamour, and an appetite for the roar of the crowd may underlie and conceal inner incompleteness and self-rejection that demands others' approval as compensation.


In the early stages of Sun awareness, you may exhibit the boasting, arrogant self-importance and ostentation of the vain narcissist, or you may attract to yourself (or follow) others with these traits. A solar zone focuses consciousness on a battle with basic feelings of inferiority, and if you have never yet seen yourself in a "heroic" role, then here you will go through a deep, inner, preparatory struggle first, one in which you will painfully reject a childish, dependent, immature identity. A later stage of awareness of this planet's power (usually after the age of thirty) focuses on the Quest, or inner, mythic journey. This journey is at best the genuine quest to perform a deed or understand a personal mystery, the accomplishment of which will define an unchangeable foundation of selfhood and power. Pride is the catalyst of this change, and some of the confrontations engendered by youthful overpridefulness and a tendency to adopt pompous, officious roles (in an attempt to mask a wounded immaturity) later form the foundation of mature inner dignity and capacity to control your moods and feelings. In earlier stages, you may feel that fixing the kitchen faucet is a feat for which you deserve a Presidential Commendation, but this imperial myopia soon encounters reactions that broaden it to a universal appreciation of your own and others' deepest, immutable power and dignity. In maturity, the solar consciousness exhibits a glowing, fatherly leadership, a creative, self-fulfilled guiding light and energizing influence to all whom you affect, who will be many. Speaking with authority, hope, and humor, you develop self-assurance, loyalty, intelligence, and even fame.


Obviously, this type of "star-consciousness" does not work well for everyone, and if you are a person who is normally shy, retiring, and likes the background, this area may present you with these potentials in the form of inner struggles around love and self-image or in the persons of other people, some of them domineering and egocentric. Aquarians, Pisces and Virgo types may have more problems here than other people, but anyone has the energy to grow and develop the charisma and leadership that lies within, often doing so in a public context of some sort. You may act more like your Sun sign here.

Women are usually not educated to easily assume authority and power, so Sun zones like this one seem problematical at the beginning for you, unless you are already uncharacteristically self-assured. But in time, a tendency to attract domineering men to you will give way to the discovery of power within yourself, though you may resist it at first; events may befall you that force you to accept leadership, when all eyes are on you, and, while at first it is unpleasant, you grow to like the role of "star" as you get used to it and its rewards. While another role-- "damsel in distress" -- works to attract shining knights, they soon leave you alone to seek a heroism within yourself.


On a more practical level, this zone is one in which men often become fathers and where success as a self-made hero, an artist, or producer comes. Love is given, though seemingly not needed, and you will make things happen here, manipulate the environment, succeed in any business that demands presence, a public image, and powerful dignity. Authority is a key concept here, and there are dangers of insensitivity and overwork, especially for those who have not yet wholly integrated their mature identities. If you find yourself fascinated by movie stars, royalty, or powerful leaders, this shows you have not yet accepted your own "Sun" potential; this zone may then hold some critical and bittersweet lessons in this department. Pay particular attention to your thoughts and concerns with parents and authority, and be aware that disappointments in love and leadership concerns point the way to a truer sense of your own selfhood. Music and art may be important themes here, especially if Libra is strong in your horoscope, while a priestly role in religion may dominate if Cancer, Sagittarius or Pisces is powerful. This is a good area for health; rehabilitation may occur and vitality be restored. Awards, titles, and degrees are bestowed, as everyone agrees that you are "somebody," and inner spiritual experiences advance a deep sense of selfhood. Gambling, games, and amusements take on new importance, maybe professionally.


Powerful ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY lines can affect you even if you don't travel or reside under them. This part of the world, under your Sun line, is associated with your quest for selfhood, and you may relate to mythological or cultural images from this locale in a highly personal manner; moreover, people or other concerns that you associate with this locale can have transformative importance for your self-image and concept of identity.


The particular position that occupied in this location at your birth will direct this type of energy and experience particularly into certain life areas; while the most important thing to understand is the underlying meaning and psychological principle, these are apt to manifest more obviously in specific life areas than in others.


In this location, the general effects and concerns of the Sun specifically act themselves out in career ambitions and in the social arena. Inner processes are apt to be motivated by how you feel others see you in work and social spheres, and by how they react to your sense of public dignity and charisma. You are on an inner journey to prideful selfhood, urged on by an image of yourself as socially admired and appreciated, awarded, and praised in some enviable field. Because you expect to be, you are preferred in work situations, especially art, promotion, and performance vocations; working in an obscure, "ordinary," or anonymous profession is not likely to be tolerated unless you can figure some way to be a "star" to those around you. What people think of you is overly important to you here, spurring you on to achieve higher social status, and while your sensitivity and pride motivate you to accomplishment, there is danger of too much concern with ostentation and appearances, which could interfere with joyful, spontaneous creativity and self-expression. Striving is rewarded with at least the trappings of success, and it is here that you could find fame, perhaps more than anyplace else.

But the danger is narcissism -- surrendering the true impulses of self-expression for empty acclaim and plastic celebrity status -- the big frog in the small pond. An addiction to hollow applause may conceal a low self-image disguised in royal costume, and you can try too hard to be all things to all people. Underlying self-actualization in this locale is your relationship with your father. This must be come to terms with, lest you become driven by fear that no one outside yourself will want to care for or protect you in time of need and that others' regard for you is superficial. After attempts at various disguises and social roles, you will continue to pursue your quest for complete self-discovery and mastery, and could even assume the role of guide and teacher-by-example to others seeking identities and deeper self-knowledge for themselves.

This location lies a little west of the precise planetary influence; therfore, of the possibilities listed above, those which seem most outer-oriented, yet personally relevant, are those which should be most apt to manifest. As suggested, the influence will act itself out in a social arena, as you find yourself thrust into situations where imposed leadership or responsibility requires you to develop the capacities and skills enumerated above. At first, of course, you are likely to be exposed to people and situations that command your attention (unwillingly, if these are concerns which you would deny having to deal with) and pose examples of how to assume the required authority and properly act it out, but quickly you'll be left on your own, immersed in challenges and situations that clearly require you to develop the skills and awarenesses mentioned above in a public and highly visible manner. If you feel the world is watching you, that's because it is, as your career or vocational position in society demands acceptance of and growth into the potentials enumerated above.

To understand the following influence, you should be aware that it is strong in this locality, though not overbearingly so. While reading the psychological description of its manifestation below, you should recognize the major theme that has operated for you (or will operate) here, though it may not be your prime concern at all times. You can ignore it for long periods, and this moderation of the influence tends to mitigate some of the more frightening and dangerous excesses that can occur. Probably, the more unusual manifestations won't happen to you, as this influence merges with others in your personality, creating a more balanced manifestation.



A short stay in this locale can put you in touch with your more delicate sensibilities and spiritual aspirations. It's all an illusion, but illusions make the hard reality of life more acceptable, and they can be done with artistry and subtlety. Perhaps you came here to get in touch briefly with your inner ideals, and you can meet people who exemplify such idealism to you. A feeling of intoxication and hysteria lies just beneath the surface, and if you're trying to get away from who you usually are, you've come to the right place. Still, it's all very confusing, and you can't help feeling that you don't really know what's going on. Try to avoid dealings with authorities and stick to well-lighted places. Your dreams and inner life can be quite spectacular in this locale.


Life in this zone is influenced by the planet Neptune, and, try as you may, it's going to be really difficult to live your life on a superficial, happy-go-lucky, day-to-day level, as you are constantly moved by forces originating so deep within that you have no way to control or understand them. There exists a strange cohesion among social animals: at times they build pyramids and at other times computers. While government may have a limited role in determining these directions, there is also a current that carries us all along, as invisible to us as the water is to the fish. Neptune is this current, which communicates to each of us through cultural expressions like music, fashion, fads, and movements. Residence in this zone plugs you in, for good or ill, to these inexplicable "vibrations." This "communication" is never conscious, bypassing the ego altogether, so being influenced by it often proves dangerous and perhaps destructive to personality, at least as it is idealized in modern society. Living here, you yearn to experience anew the total merging with an exterior, protective, and totally absorptive whole that is felt in the womb. A self-annihilating commitment to rediscovering Paradise Lost hints at the difficulty of retaining a cohesive identity in the presence of the ecstasy of the surrender of ego to something both larger and totally unlike the self.

Of course, there can be advantages to being so plugged in to the currents and mystical patterns that guide humankind: in business, you can intuit the next trends and fashions; in music, or other performing arts, you can put your audience in touch with the cosmos, and bring them safely home again; and in mysticism and religion, you have a direct channel to the universal. But in most cases, you may act out the tragedy of the martyr, sacrificing the integration of your ego for an illusion of a greater end, only to find that your beneficiaries either crucify you or distort your idealism into the usual, materialistic, and banal forms they prefer. Acting out society's unconscious, you are likely to be exploited, harrassed, put under surveillance, and seen as a dangerous, counter-culture, anarchic force or, occasionally, worshipped as a super-human ideal -- the expression of some collective yearning -- like 1940s movie stars.

Life becomes vicarious, as you seem invisible, unconnected in any relevant fashion to the real world. Your romantic ideals, self-fictionalizations, and vivid, imaginative "might-have-beens" come to substitute for real relationships. Existing relationships may be marked with paranoid and neurotic fears, as they get bogged down in projections -- your own unconscious acted out by your partner. You may attract the things you fear the most, and vulnerable and psychically sensitive as you are, your moods swing in wild excesses of elation and despair. Yet, for those few who can act as channels for the "currents" without getting their egos involved, or for those who thrive without a sense of ego or identity, this zone can be one in which the heights of spiritual awareness are reached, where you wander in the bardos, and the division between the self and the not-self dissolves.


It is fitting, of course, that the god Neptune ruled the sea, as this symbol of life's origins stands also for sleep, dreams, and the human unconscious. Neptune was also associated with earthquakes, and the loss of self and material sustenance that earthquakes occasion seem fitting symbols for this planet of the not-self. All life evolved from the sea, symbolically linking it with a primordial consciousness and a past we all share. The consciousness of sea creatures does one little good on land, where hard, cold reality must be dealt with.

Awareness of Neptune does not seem to follow a set evolutionary pattern as much as with other planets. To be sure, in time people learn to adapt to its vagueness, inspiration, and lack of selfhood and usually abandon the more destructive and injurious manifestations. There is an hysterical, wild intoxication when one first encounters Neptune, an ecstatic surrender of selfhood to merge with some imagined Whole, that later can lead its victims into paranoia, delusion, inflation of the ego, and perhaps insanity or addiction. While all this is going on within, deterioration besets the real world without -- poverty, confusion, perplexity, victimization, invalidism, and powerlessness are common. With more maturity or, perhaps, with the right sort of personality, these excesses are avoided, and Neptune's intuition and mysticism enable artistic accomplishment and spiritual evolution of the highest sort. The problem is in telling one stage from another, in distinguishing between self-deception and "real" inspiration, as there are no objective criteria in Neptune's realm, and one's perceptions are no more real than one's imagination.


Clearly, people who have to be strongly in control of their lives and environment find this zone the most repugnant of all. If you are ambitious, masculine, materialistic, possessed of a strong sense of self, and tend to see the world in objective, scientific, or causal terms, this zone will present the most difficult problems of your entire life, as all your criteria for evaluating experience will turn undependable and deceive you, while inexplicable, weird events leave you doubting your sanity. Conversely, those who delight in self-sacrifice, recognize a higher power that guides their lives, and see themselves as "channel" for some sort of divine or cosmic energy may find this zone a perfect one in which to develop such awareness along with psychic, artistic, and intuitive gifts. Musicians seem particularly able to benefit from Neptune, as they are really channels for and interpreters of the very sort of "vibrations" to which this zone attunes one's sensitivity.

As a woman, you stand a slightly better chance to turn these impulses to good account, especially if you study or perform the arts enumerated above. Still, relationships with men are apt to be problematical, as men here either act out a dominant and/or parasitical role, or conversely, worship you as an ideal, then become disillusioned when your humanity shows through. You have magical or enchanting powers here, but use them against yourself too easily; reality constantly intrudes, and you find it hard to manage the practical side of your life.


In daily, prosaic matters, Neptune poses its most difficult problems: on a personal level, imagination and inspiration are enhanced, so that spiritual pursuits, psychism, and intuition improve. But this is balanced with an inclination to abuse drugs, and a dreamy, fool's-paradise escapism based on an addiction to glamour and romanticism that real life rarely supplies. The line between dreams and reality blurs. You get caught up in something you don't understand, and when you finally wake up you may have lost your possessions, your identity, your position in society, or even your reason. This zone exudes a vague, depressive, gray-like atmosphere.

On social levels, you end up too often the patsy; society sees in you something dangerous and chaotic, so victimization by the law, surveillance, or arrest can befall you despite nonviolent, communitarian idealism. A milder manifestation might be involvement with institutions, in which you are faceless and probably unappreciated, laboring for noble principles. Caring for society's disinherited and rejected is among the few positive applications of this influence, but you eventually tire of "rescuing." A desire to be taken care of can often involve you with utopian visions of a nurturing, all-knowing social structure -- notwithstanding the poor records such visions have had in practice. This need to be cared for has a sinister side as well: this zone can see you dealing with hospitals, prisons, asylums, or other institutions -- hopefully in the provision of services or idealistic administration.

As mentioned above, there are some professions that seemingly benefit from Neptune's influence: music, the arts, movies, dance, photography, TV work, and any business that requires a knowledge and intuition of fashion and public trends. Glamour, the creation of illusions of beauty and desirability, religion (or demagoguery), professions dealing with chemicals, anaesthetics, petroleum, or drugs all can direct some of the imaginative and hypnotic energy of Neptune constructively. You probably need a lot of time alone to handle the subtle, intuitive, and sensitive capacities that develop under Neptune -- this might be well, as relationships go particularly poorly here, with other people either taking advantage of you and using you or idealizing you and ignoring who you really are. People closest to you appear so vague, haphazard, and disorganized that it is impossible to relate to them. In matters of health, this area is far from ideal: chronic infections, mysterious ailments, psychosomatic disorders, and dysfunction of the immune system leave you open to a host of maladies. Vitality is low and resistance to environmental contaminants poor. Intense reactions to drugs occur, often with long-range consequences.


Even if you do not reside in or visit this location, it may still have long-distance effects upon you. You may imagine it as a childhood fantasy or utopia or, equally likely, as a place where you would be taken advantage of, victimized, or totally misunderstood. Cultures in this part of the world speak to you on deepest levels (perhaps as "past lives"), and especially through music or religious ideas. People who come from this area tend to confuse and upset you, getting you all excited over things that rarely come to fruition. Occasionally, the spiritual master will come from this zone. Investments are not advised in this area, nor real estate ownership, except possibly for petroleum exploration. But artistic, spiritual, and cultural pursuits allied with this zone will speak to the deepest parts of your soul and establish powerful responses that can transform and uplift you.


This, then, is the underlying psychological principle of the planetary influence operating for you in this location, and you should strive to understand the abstract as well as the particular manifestation of this energy as described above. However, due to the position held at birth at this location, it is apt to operate more in certain life areas than in others.


The various generalized influences of Neptune manifest most obviously in your personal relationships in this locale. Relationships seem to hold promise of the realization of long-held dreams and fantasies here, but rarely fulfill expectations, remaining amorphous, disoriented, and unreliable. Marriage or legal concerns are areas in which you may be taken advantage of by others, but you are drawn into them nevertheless, as they represent a yearning, incomplete part of yourself projected outward. Beneath the problems, always too easy to blame on others, lies a lack of commitment on your part. Your instinctive feeling that relationship cannot exist in any real sense reflects your lack of a concrete and crystallized sense of identity, for your entanglements are a means to grant yourself otherwise lacking substantiality. As a result, it's hard to connect with anyone in a real way, leaving you with a feeling of lonely frustration; when you think you have found a real issue to struggle over, it's like fighting under water.

In marriage and other close relationships, you resist seeing your partners as they really are, preferring to project ideals on them, and are drawn to others who also fear the truth and prefer to support fallacies. Alcoholism, addiction, or illness may strike you or your mate, deepening the dangerous tendency to mutual dependency. Your relationships will only succeed when you learn nonattachment and universal, nonpersonal ideals; leave plenty of room for your mate to come and go, and avoid parasitical "rescuing" relationships at all costs.

Professionally, you may be dealing often with society's underprivileged, perhaps as counselor or therapist. Your clients' incompleteness again reflects your own inability to define and objectify your own life path, so it is best to try to cultivate equal relationships. Health problems seem to occur to many in this zone, as long term, chronic problems fail to respond to treatment, often because they are externally caused by allergens or environmental influences, though identification of such causes is elusive. Relocation may be one means of ameliorating such problems. You need to find a like-minded group of supportive peers to sustain your identity against the barrage of negativity to which it is sometimes subjected.

This location is actually a little west of the precise planetary influence; therefore, among the possibilities listed above, those of a strongly external nature are apt to predominate. You will likely "project" the qualities you are supposed to be learning, and your mate, partners, and others closest to you will frequently seem to exhibit the patterns and potentials noted above. It is hardest here to see how it is your own acceptance or rejection of parts of yourself that brings this all about, and easiest to blame others. Such other people are really teachers and pupils at the same time, both showing you parts of yourself you are reluctant to accept, and learning from your reactions. (You'll usually be rather mystified when such people acknowledge your importance to them, since it's hard for you to see the qualities in yourself that they are learning from.) Here you learn most by example, as the qualities listed above seem to be remote and opposed to who you are within.

While the possibilities of how these influences might interact are limitless, the description below suggests some of the experiences you can expect.



This combination of planets can be pretty extreme in its effects, though at first life may seem to have changed only subtly, if at all. The major influence here is one of the surrender of the ego; you will be strongly drawn to act out, either in your own life or the lives of those you deal with, an idealism so powerful that it demands total surrender of identity, self-preservation, and any sense of form or structure in life. There is total immersion in the rainbow of experience and without guidance of purpose or ego, this results in an overpowering exaggeration of feeling and sensation. Torrential emotions, wild unsubstantiated fears and hysterical elations, phobias, and imaginations may be among the intense and vivid mental experiences of this location. A life of submission, self-sacrifice, perhaps even humiliation and surrender to others' needs could ensue.

The collective unconscious becomes all too accessible, so that dreams, myths, and psychological inner realities become everyday aspects of life. Psychism and sensitivity are greatly expanded, but practical, financial matters may suffer. Relationships tend to intrigues that ensnare you, and confinement, voluntary or otherwise, may occur. For those willing to give up ego and material life, there is deepened imagination, a life of service or monastic retreat, and you could find your spiritual guide here. People take advantage of you, though, and illusions are a large part of the "enlightenment" you believe to be just around the corner. To survive in this weird and magical climate, you need to learn to deal with the power of humanity's universal, mythological inner mind, assimilate your own past and unconsciousness, and forswear the pleasures of the ego. The desire to return to the womb may lie beneath religious fascination.

Too sensitive to live easily in the day-to-day world of reality here, you withdraw into some artificial reality. This may be an institutional environment (including jobs in large corporations, as well as the more obvious examples such as hospitals or mental wards) or a pharmaceutical one -- addictions and drug abuse can be results of the nervous sensitivity here. Imagination is strong, along with psychic, intuitive awareness of rhythms and others' needs, so artists, or anyone else who needs to sense exactly what the public needs at a given moment, may do well here. More often, though, there is insatiable thirst for sensation, a phony "enlightenment" that thinly masks moralistic self-dislike, public ignominy, confinement, and the repeated intrusions of the unknown, the far-out, and the mystical into everyday life.


The material presented above describes the most potent and significant planetary influences operating at the location you have designated at the time of your birth. It is these concerns and manifestations that should demand your concentrated attention, and it could be suggested that it is to assimilate and understand this type of experience that you have considered residence in this locale. However, there are additional, less potent influences, that also operate here, due to the geographical latitude at which it is located, a latitude that has special importance for you. These influences will constitute a "subplot" or subsidiary influence while you are here, influences of about one-third the power of the major ones described above, and ones which are apt to manifest in relationships especially -- with either you or your partner acting them out.



In this locality, your mind is ahead of its time, drawn to theories and social concepts that are yet to be understood by the mainstream of society. Individualistic ideas and perceptions, undistorted by what "everybody says," are social dynamite, so not surprisingly you don't get along well with authorities and develop a defiant and iconoclastic mentality that delights in exploding others' myths, illusions, and personal sacred cows with its brilliant logic, analytical ability, and irreverent, computer-like incisiveness. Your mind becomes articulate, innovative, and inspirational, sees through the sham of unquestioned social beliefs, and so finds itself at the forefront (but far ahead of the main body) of scientific opinion, espousing ideas as unpopular as pure materialism, astrology, metaphysics, or any highly individualistic world view. Freedom from stereotype is demanded, and the path to truth is seen as personally unique and lonely. Success may come as an innovator or inventor. Eschewing a dualistic world view, you are comfortable with paradox and seeming contradiction; a syncretic mentality is able to form lightning-fast associations between what to others seem to be disparate ideas and concepts. In the face of the inevitable social criticism you remain clear, willful, cool, decisive, and superior. You are instinctively political in your materialistic analysis of reality, your vision is very personal as well, linking you through perception to the ideals and political ideologies of your milieu.

On less lofty levels, your occupation becomes the locus of much change, inner turmoil, and growth. Working for others is difficult, so self-employment should eventually be sought. Work situations frequently change and are the site of political awareness, as well as conflict between old and new. Unusual health problems may defy diagnosis, among which might be reactions to environmental agents or influences. You are clever, innovative, handy, resistant to routine, creative, ironic, eccentric, somewhat tactless, and intuitive. A realistic view is unclouded by feelings (others think you cold), leading you to understand your individuality through work, nonconforming craftsmanship, and technical creativity.



If you idealize the social awareness and activism of the '60s and yearn for the opportunity to become a one-person movement, then this zone will seem quite congenial. Here, you have the option to transform your milieu by remaining outside of it and to become an example of idealistically motivated rebellion from outmoded forms and traditions. This consciousness shows little interest in reform, but rather in clearing the slate altogether and exposing the hypocrisy and materialistic sham of moral pretension so that a new, honest, and personalist order may emerge. Your life takes on a miraculous turn in this locale, and blasts of sudden illumination or conversion can wipe out preconceptions of self and relationships, leaving room for a whole new personality to emerge. There might be retreat back into an imagined tribal social order, in which you presume values were more earthy and sexuality more open; you'd like to see the delicate complexity of social relations blown apart by the dark powers of ancient, pre-social humanity.

On a personal level, you should not expect this new self to be born without considerable pain. The past must be left behind for good, and attachments may sever themselves from you in a particularly traumatic manner. Self-unfolding and amazing change are potentials in this area, perhaps through personal effort, and this location sees the birth of an outlaw through final severance of the bonds that keep most of us committed to at least something. The absolute law of self brings a true, unadorned experience of yourself out of the matrix of social attitudes and involvement. The only way to change the world is to change yourself -- and this you do repeatedly. Death may be an important player in the drama here, and the social convention that inclines all of us to view ourselves as immortal is thrown aside, perhaps after direct experience or the loss of loved ones. You try to shock others, love what is spectacular and drastic, feel lonely, notorious, and isolated, but emerge with a self-reliance and depth that frightens others and marks you for life as a potent, unique individual.

Due to the similarity of the following influence with others noted above, you should view it as potentially more significant, and expect that it will be closely associated with the major planetary effects described above.



In this location, growth, evolution, and personal success are linked to concepts of religion, self-sacrifice for ideals, and humanity's spiritual and communitarian longings. There is a sense that self-sacrifice and sharing of the pain of living is most meaningful, so a career may be sought in a religious or helping profession, or, often, in music. Ironically, you can do well by doing good here, as you may be sustained effortlessly and comfortably by the government or some institution, organization, or intellectual establishment in return for your vows of self-sacrifice. Interpretive musicians act as "channels" here, finding success through materializing collective yearnings. In rare cases, you may become a symbol of some cause or idealism, and sacrifice a lot of your personal and private life to act out other people's longings for spiritual and idealistic perfection. More often, you are involved in a profession like medicine, nursing, counseling, or welfare administration, and see service to the disinherited as a true vocation. Ideals and social realities mix well here, and you may find a community, spiritual leader, or mystical system to belong to. Monastic life, philosophy, intuition, psychism, and humanism reflect a mind universal in scope, at ease with abstract sociological, historical, and spiritual dimensions -- though reluctant to skeptically face life's cruel realities.

You will probably be nonviolent, Gandhian, generous, and kind, attracting pets, humble people, and dependents, though your unrealistic ideals may also attract parasites. Meditation, prayer, psychedelic experience, and contemplation are rewarded, though there is danger of becoming a "gourmet of consciousness," caught up in passing fads and hysterical group delusions. Ego must be sacrificed here for ideals and social position, and success only comes from renunciation and service. Morality and fear of what the neighbors might think loosen in the service of what seems a higher truth, though material scandals are the fly in the ointment, caused by your general disregard of life's "earthy" side, an unsound and nebulous unconcern which may embroil you in unending battles over the trivial, material concerns you tried so hard to avoid, or leave you gullible, open to fraud and deceit. This is a "hippie" zone, where an archaic idealism, political naivete, and tribal consciousness link people by spiritual rather than material ties.


In addition to the permanent, lifelong planetary influences described above, which affect the location you inquired about no matter when you reside there or deal with it, there are also important influences of a temporary nature. These operate strongly during the period about which you inquired (this year if you did not specify a time period).



Uranus to Natal Sun

The period of time you designated for residence in this locality is one in which its potentials may be strongly and intensely activated, so that during this period, of about a year's duration, surprises and unforeseen events make you very much aware of your needs, dependencies, and emotional attachments, largely because of changes in these life areas. Your public image, standing in the community, and family relationships may undergo drastic change, this sometimes occasioned by sudden travel, relocation, or upheavals in family patterns and structures. Appetites for variation and adventure increase, as intense but brief romantic affairs betray an amplification of erotic desire. At best, you'll be put in touch with a philosophy or group whose ideals make you more aware of your needs and capacities for self-nurturing and abilities to take care of others. Personal needs are related to the larger society in some way, and you emerge from this period feeling that you have a perfect right to fulfill your desires in all their thunderstorm intensity. Relationships with the opposite sex are tempestuous but exciting now, and women particularly may rebel from roles associated with gender. Parent-child relations are also under pressure now, as family structures will change to accommodate fuller expression of individuality. It is an unsettled period and frequent moves or neighborhood disruptions ensure that home is far from tranquil, but life is so exciting that you probably prefer it that way.



Saturn to Natal Sun

The period of time designated for residence in this zone is one in which its usual manifestations are altered somewhat, so that during this period, of about a year's duration, the potentials listed above may not manifest as they would at some other time. Instead, you are likely to feel somewhat restricted, emotionally limited, and even depressed, and be subject to treatment from those in authoritative positions that is high-handed and injures your most sensitive feelings, leaving you vowing to someday even the score. Insensitive authority is apt to insultingly treat you like a child, but along with this experience of powerlessness comes the determination to show that children are the future's adults. Women especially may find this period of time frustrating and debilitating, and anyone is oppressed somewhat by responsibilities, which seem to multiply beyond your capacity to handle them. You should try not to become overly self-critical nor to accept other's judgments of your deficiencies unquestioningly -- constructively, you can see your faults now (all too clearly), but that doesn't mean it's useful despairing over them or hating yourself. All this seriousness grants you unusual will power and self-control, so it's a good time to give up smoking or other bad habits. You can be realistic and firm in your self-appraisals, and work toward greater power in the world, particularly as friends and society seem distant now. Cravings, feelings, and needs for nurturing and comfort, along with family affairs, are cool enough now to give you perspective and realistic appraisals of their value.


These, then, are the important astrological influences which affect this location, now and in the future. Needless to say, they all won't manifest the moment you arrive, but will indeed emerge as the most powerful psychological potentials over time.


This concludes our enumeration and description of the planetary influences, permanent and temporary, that affect the locations that you submitted. As you have observed, some of the information is psychological in nature, as it is the belief of ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY that planets act, not through any mystical "power" or magic, but by paralleling potentials in the human psyche, and in orderly and comprehensible fashion, marking the development of this maturity. It is hoped that you are able in this way to see that there are really no "good" or "bad" locations for you -- that in the process of growing into mature completeness, you will have to experience every psychological possibility. At best, this report will work to inform you what these are for you in the locations you are considering, letting you know what to expect, and so empowering you to be able to utilize the most positive possibilities.