This is the main opening screen to Astrodamus.


  Here you either create a new chart or load a previously saved one to work with.


     Her you create a chart for a new person. The atlas has time zones and coordinates for 249,000 locations.


If you are not sure of a person's birth time click on as much subject matter listed from the right (you can add more events) providing month, day and year information for each event.



   In this sample 3 events are listed.


Now you are ready to have Astrodamus find the most correct times of birth.


These are the possible correct birth times.



By choosing the ANALYSIS drop down menu you can explore how the different birth times produce different result about the person's  characteristics, daily and annual events. This information will help you decide which birth time is the most correct.


Here is more information to help you decide which is the correct birth time.