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   BIRTH DATE:   AUGUST 19, 2020
   YEAR:                1998
   PROGRESSED AGE:        52
   LIFE PATH PERIOD:       1  (Jan 1, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020)
   PINNACLE:               3  (Jan 1, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020)
   PERSONAL YEAR:          9  (Jan 1, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020)
   LIFE PATH:  11/2
   SOUL URGE:  14/5
   BIRTHDAY:   19/1
        REPEATED 2's
        6 CHALLENGE
   LIFE PATH:  11/2
   SOUL URGE:     6
   BIRTHDAY:   19/1
        REPEATED 6's ADDED
This  profile  is  designed  to give you new  insights  into  your 
character   and  personality  from  a   perspective   considerably 
different  from that which most people use.   The descriptions  in 
this profile are based on the ancient science of numerology.
The profile discusses
         the lessons you are learning in this life,
         your deep inner desires and how to fulfill them,
         your talents and personality traits and how to make the
              best use of them,
         the environment in which you work best,
         your attitude toward work, and
         your ways of relating to other people.
The  profile also describes how to identify and take advantage  of 
existing  opportunities  and how to open the way to new  and  even 
more favorable possibilities.
The  numerology chart from which this profile is derived is  based 
on your birth date,  birth name and current name.   The birth date 
and  birth  name describe the characteristics and  abilities  with 
which  you were born.  The current name describes the changes   in 
those  characteristics  and  abilities which  occurred  after  you 
started  to use your new name.   If you've used your current  name 
for less than five years, the changes it describes may still be in 
the process of unfolding.
Some  talents  and characteristics surface at different  times  in 
your  life.   Occasionally,  a  characteristic described  in  this 
profile  has been present in an earlier part of your life  and  is 
not of current importance.   Sometimes, a talent mentioned here is 
present although you may not be fully aware of it.  If this is the 
case,  check  with  a  friend who knows you well and  you  may  be 
pleasantly surprised.  A few characteristics may not have appeared 
in  your life as yet although they're described in  this  profile. 
The  description of these undeveloped potentials may serve to open 
your consciousness to new and exciting possibilities.
For many people, some of their strong potentials are not developed 
because of obstacles which have not been overcome.  A part of this 
profile  may describe you as you would like to be rather  than  as 
you  feel  you are.  When this is the case,  the sections  of  the 
profile  describing  the  obstacles holding back  that  particular 
potential are especially important for you to understand.
This profile describes your life lessons, inner desires, potential 
abilities  and the way they interact in your life.   It provides a 
road map which can help you understand yourself better,  but  it's 
up  to you to use this information -- along with your free will -- 
in choosing the road you want to explore and the distance you wish 
to travel.
There are several different sides to your character,  but much  of 
your  energy  -- and  probably the most visible part  during  your 
youth and young adulthood -- is pointed in two directions.  A part 
of  you  is  probably devoted  to  people  -- loving,  giving  and 
responsible  -- while  another  side of you is  free-spirited  and 
adventurous -- at least in spirit but often in fact -- and doesn't 
want to feel restrained in any way.
You're  also  blessed  with  a  special  potential  for  spiritual 
awareness although many people with this energy aren't even  aware 
of  the  gift  they  possess.   Your spiritual  side  may  not  be 
particularly   strong  when  you're  young  but  may  assume  more 
importance  in  your life from your early  thirties  on.   If  you 
choose  to  exercise  this ability,  you may be able to act  as  a 
channel for special spiritual understanding.
During your early years,  you'll struggle to balance your  various 
interests  and  desires.   You'll  sometimes  take  care  of  one, 
sometimes another,  but rarely to your complete satisfaction.  For 
occasional periods of time,  you probably won't use one or another 
of  your  abilities  at  all in order to make better  use  of  the 
others.  As you get older, you'll probably learn to harmonize your 
concern for others,  your spiritual understandings and your desire 
for variety and excitement so that you're using all the aspects of 
your personality constructively.
Y O U R   S E N S I T I V E ,   C O O P E R A T I V E   N A T U R E
--  A N D   Y O U R   D E L I C A T E   E G O
                              YOUR 2 LIFE PATH
You  have  an innate sensitivity and an extreme awareness of  your 
own  and  others' feelings.   Because you are so  touched  by  the 
subtleties of everyone's emotions, you can understand a great deal 
from a word,  a gesture or even an unspoken thought.   One of your 
major  lessons in life is to learn to balance that sensitivity  so 
it  contributes  to  your well-being instead of tripping  you  up. 
Rather  than  becoming hurt or resentful because of  your  unusual 
sensitivity,   you must learn to use your responsiveness for  your 
own and others' benefit.   Although your sensitivity may feel like 
a  weakness,  particularly in your younger years,  it is,  without 
question, one of your important strengths.
You're  often a considerate person,  giving and receiving much  in 
the way of friendship, affection and love.  For the most part, you 
enjoy  working  with  others and are often admired  for  the  team 
spirit and cooperative attitude you bring to your activities.  You 
display  patience  and adaptability a good deal of  the  time  and 
often  pay attention to even the smallest details.   Your  tactful 
manner and your innate desire for calmness help provide a balanced 
and harmonious environment.
Others are likely to see you as sympathetic, concerned and devoted 
and appreciate you for these qualities.   More often than not, you 
use  quiet persuasion rather than a forceful manner to produce the 
results  you  want.   In  many  situations,  your  own  needs  are 
secondary and you often don't hesitate to deny yourself if  others 
can benefit.   You sometimes run the risk of being  treated like a 
You  may feel subservient in your younger years and you may be  in 
your  twenties  before you learn to recognize your own  needs  and 
express  your  individuality  in order to  avoid  frustration  and 
resentment.  You may have to build up your self-confidence so that 
you can ask for what you want with comparative ease.
You're  probably all too aware of your delicate ego.  Particularly 
during your youth and adolescence,  it may be more comfortable  to 
stay  in  the  background  and express little  of  your  emotions. 
During  these younger years,   people probably see you as shy  and 
retiring and, no matter how old you are, you may prefer to retreat 
into this background position.   Although you have always had deep 
feelings,  you  may  still be learning to express  those  feelings 
clearly and directly.   When you aren't sure of others' reactions, 
you  may put your ideas forward in a tentative  manner.   You  may 
sometimes  fall  into fits of worry and  anxiety,  too,  and  your 
critical  manner at these times may upset those who only know your 
gentler side.
You have an artistic side, too, although you may not always choose 
to  make use of it.   With your sensitivity and innate desire  for 
balance,  you  may  express your artistic impulses  in  poetry  or 
music.   The other arts may also appeal to you. In these and other 
activities,  you  often don't receive the recognition you deserve. 
You may even find that your contribution is occasionally  credited 
to  someone else.   You may need to be more assertive to get  your 
deserved   acknowledgement  unless  you're  satisfied  with   less 
appreciation than others prefer.
                              YOUR 6 INTENSITY POINT
You may have more work to do than you expect to take care of  your 
own needs and, at the same time, take care of the many obligations 
which  fall to you because of your heavy sense of  responsibility. 
If  you're the kind of person who is helping everyone take care of 
their  needs while neglecting your own,  you may have to learn  to 
pay much more attention to your own desires.
                              YOUR 6 CHALLENGE
Despite your desire to be helpful,  you may find yourself  running 
into obstacles,  particularly in your youth and young adult years, 
because  of  your insistence on rigorous  standards.   Others  may 
react  coolly to your self-righteous,  authoritarian or intolerant 
manner.   You  may  also  be unhappy when  you  feel  that  nobody 
measures  up to your superior principles or shows any appreciation 
of  your  struggle for higher values.   You may have to  learn  to 
allow others to set their own pace and make their own  rules.   If 
you  can learn to express your unconditional acceptance along with 
your kind and generous ways, you're likely to receive considerable 
                              THE REPEATED 6'S ADDED IN YOUR
                              CURRENT NAME
With your current name, you may overlook or repress your own needs 
a  good  deal of the time.   Unless you work to make  those  needs 
known  and  unless  you also learn to express  your  individuality 
rather  than  hiding  it,  you may find yourself  taking  care  of 
others' desires while your own needs are consistently overlooked.
Y O U R   S P E C I A L   S P I R I T U A L   A W A R E N E S S   --
A N D   Y O U R   D R E A M Y   V I E W   O F   R E A L I T Y
                              YOUR 11 LIFE PATH
Your  potential for spiritual awareness is present along with your 
other traits.  This special energy isn't available to most people. 
Many,  though,  who have this potential aren't ever fully aware of 
it or, in many cases, become familiar with it only when they're in 
their thirties or older.   If you choose to develop your spiritual 
side, this energy may play an important role in your life.
When you use your spiritual awareness,  you probably   intuitively 
perceive   a  great  deal  about  the  non-material  world  -- and 
religious, psychic or metaphysical forces.  You have the potential 
to  act  as a channel for these awarenesses.   You  can  learn  to 
develop  your ability to tune into these spiritual areas and  then 
transmit  your  unique knowledge and increased perception  of  the 
deepest  truths to others.   This may prove to be one of the  more 
important lessons that you learn.
Your  spiritual gifts are only a part of your potential.   If  you 
develop and use your good mind and fine intuition,  you'll be able 
to  spread  your knowledge in a superior manner.   With your  fine 
intuitive sense, you can be most capable at whatever work you want 
to  do.    You  have  a  low-keyed  inspirational  quality   which 
contributes  to  your  leadership capability.   You're  likely  to 
inspire with the purity of your approach and with the good example 
you often set.   Your understanding and enthusiasm along with your 
idealistic   leanings   may  prove  an   attraction   to   others, 
occasionally even contribute to a subtle charismatic quality.
You  can  often  be most selective in your choice  of  associates. 
Others  may sometimes think of you as distant  or  aloof.   You're 
often  more dreamer than doer and can confuse others and frustrate 
yourself  with  your  unrealized  plans.   You're  sometimes  more 
content dreaming about a potential accomplishment than working  on 
making  it happen.   There's a an unpredictable side to you,  too, 
brought   about  primarily  by  your  occasional   difficulty   in 
separating fantasy and reality.  You may have to work at achieving 
a more realistic point of view in order to achieve your goals.
It's  usually harder to use your unique high-level awareness  than 
it  first  appears.   There's a nervous tension accompanying  your 
special understandings which may interfere with making the most of 
your spiritual gifts.  In your youth and adolescence, you probably 
have  only  a  glimpse  of your  considerable  potential  and  are 
extremely aware of the tension.   As you get older, you have a far 
better chance of harnessing your talents and a better chance, too, 
of reducing the tension level.   With maturity, the possibility of 
using  your  special  potential is likely  to  increase  markedly. 
You'll  probably  still  have  to  learn  to  enjoy  your  current 
achievements  -- and  they  can  be  substantial  -- rather   than 
postponing  your satisfaction until you've achieved higher  goals. 
This can be a difficult lesson to learn.
Some  people who are aware of their spiritual potential prefer not 
to use it.  Others try using it for a while and then abandon their 
attempts.   Most  people,  though,  keep working to make the  best 
possible use of this distinctive part of themselves.
                              YOUR 7 KARMIC LESSON
Although  you  have the potential to develop your spiritual  side, 
you may devote only limited attention to this  area,  particularly 
in  your younger years.   Faith in spiritual  values,  though,  is 
likely  to be an important key to your growth.   As you express an 
active interest,  you'll begin to achieve the peace of mind  which 
you  would like to have.   As you grow in spiritual understanding, 
you're  likely to be pleasantly surprised at how much  improvement 
you find in your day-to-day living.
Y O U R   F R E E - W H E E L I N G    C R E A T I V I T Y  --  A N D
H O W   I T   W O R K S   F O R   A N D   A G A I N S T   Y O U
                              YOUR 3 EXPRESSION AND 5 SOUL URGE
The  intuitive  and spiritual side of your makeup is important  in 
your  life,  but there's another aspect which is likely to have  a 
similar impact on your character development.
You  have  an  innate  delight in  the  pleasures  of  life.   You 
sometimes   affirm  this  delight  with  exhilarating  enthusiasm, 
sometimes  savor it with intense but quiet pleasure.  Others  will 
recognize  your ability to appreciate and express  this  wonderful 
joy  in living and seek out your company.   Some of your time will 
be  spent  socializing,   either  with  many  friends  in   varied 
activities  or in the company of a few intimates engaged in  quiet 
diversions.    You'll   probably  enjoy  using  your  considerable 
creative  ability.   You may choose a line of work in  which  both 
your social and creative skills can be developed.
Since you can do many things you attempt with considerable  skill, 
you  probably  enjoy  a  life  in which  you  are  presented  with 
opportunities to exploit this versatility.   You probably prefer a 
career -- and a personal life,  too -- with a good deal of freedom 
and  the  chance to be involved with many different  and  exciting 
activities.  Even  if  you have currently  accepted  a  relatively 
restrained  life  style,  there may be times when you  delight  in 
breaking  loose  and  displaying the free-spirited  side  of  your 
You're  probably  the kind of person who often gives much to  your 
friends.   They're apt to appreciate your openness,  humor, warmth 
and affection as well as your charm and graciousness.  During your 
younger years,  you may be relatively quiet,  sharing your  warmth 
and  fun  with only a few close friends or in special  situations. 
As you get older,  you will probably choose to widen the circle of 
those who enjoy your special good cheer.
Some  people with this kind of energy,  though,  often seem little 
interested in experiencing or sharing their delightful  potential. 
If  you're moody and inexpressive in your younger years,  you may, 
even  when older,  choose to share only a small part  of  yourself 
with others.  You may have to expend considerable effort to become 
more open and expressive.
You  have a good imagination and are likely to spend some of  your 
time enjoying creative activities.   You probably express yourself 
well  verbally  and  it  wouldn't be  surprising  if  you  involve 
yourself, at least part of the time, in activities related to your 
voice or to words.  You may have some singing or acting talent, or 
you may enjoy writing or lecturing.   Since you instinctively know 
the  best way to present material and information,  you could be a 
natural   at  teaching  or  selling.    You're  probably  a   good 
You're attracted by variety,  unusual people,  unusual  interests, 
travel  and adventure.   You're often drawn to new and progressive 
activities  and,   in  using  your  talents,  you're  particularly 
interested  in  the  latest developments  and  the  more  original 
approaches.    When   you   combine  your  enthusiasm  with   your 
imagination,   resourcefulness  and  adaptability,   you  have  an 
unbeatable combination.
You're apt to feel somewhat restless at times.  Since the world is 
so  exciting,  you  probably want to get involved with  everything 
that  comes your way.   You sometimes dissipate your  energies  on 
your  many  ventures with little to show for  your  efforts.   You 
often  leave  an experience before you've completed it out  of  an 
urge  to try something new.   You probably have to learn to  limit 
the  number  of  your  activities so that at least  some  of  your 
projects will be completed.  You're probably aware of the conflict 
between this restless side of your nature and the other aspects of 
your personality.  Although you usually try to balance your desire 
for freedom with your other needs, every now and then you probably 
don't  want to be bothered with any common or routine  affairs  at 
Some  people with your kind of versatility don't make the most  of 
it  because  they're  afraid  to take risks   or  because  of  the 
conflict  between their need for free-wheeling freedom  and  their 
other needs.  If you find yourself shying away from opportunities, 
you're probably holding yourself back.
                              YOUR 14/5 KARMIC DEBT
You're  probably  going to have to expend considerable  effort  to 
appreciably  reduce the level of change and variety in your  life. 
Until  you learn to slow the pace at which you often live,  you're 
likely to feel little sense of accomplishment -- and a  heightened 
level of frustration.
You   may  also  be  frustrated  by  the  unexpected  delays   and 
interruptions  which  often mark many of your  important  personal 
relationships.  Although these delays and interruptions seem to be 
beyond your control,  there's a good chance that many of them  are 
related to your erratic or impulsive nature.   Your impatience and 
your  occasionally irresponsible attitude are likely to add to the 
                              YOUR 14/5 MATURITY NUMBER
Sometime in the middle of your life,  most likely between the ages 
of  thirty-five  and fifty,  you'll probably re-evaluate how  well 
you've  used the freedom and change in your life.   At that  time, 
you're  likely to appraise the exhilaration you've felt -- or  the 
discomfort  or  exhaustion  -- due to the  shifts  and  unexpected 
experiences which have come your way.  You'll probably examine how 
well  -- or how poorly--  you've learned to focus  your  energies
for growth and development by adapting to the changeability you've 
experienced.   Because of this mid-life appraisal,  it wouldn't be 
surprising   if  you  make  some  important  alterations  in  your 
attitudes  and  actions so that you can make better  use  of  your 
current and future opportunities.
You  may still have problems to overcome in breaking free  if  you 
find  it  difficult  to profit from your  experiences  instead  of 
repeating mistakes.   You may also have work to do at this time if 
you  have  difficulty  curbing  an excessive  appetite  for  food, 
liquor, drugs or sensuality.
Y O U R   P R A C T I C A L ,   I N D E P E N D E N T   S I D E
                              YOUR 1 BIRTHDAY
There's  another  aspect  to  your character  -- along  with  your 
versatile and creative side -- which also helps form your  general 
makeup.  This other aspect is of considerably less importance.
You  have the ability to organize,  manage and direct.   When  you 
choose  to use this capability,  you usually show your independent 
side  at  the same time.   When you offer your  leadership  skills 
along with your other aptitudes,  you may find yourself taking the 
initiative in business or personal situations.
There's  a side of you with executive and administrative skill and 
a  good understanding of people.   You may use these abilities  in 
the business world along with your down-to-earth  viewpoint.   You 
can  develop  logical  and practical solutions and  other  people, 
appreciating your problem-solving abilities,  are probably willing 
to trust your judgment and follow your leadership.
On  occasion,  you display your ambitions and  determination,  but 
usually in a reasonable manner.  Although you occasionally want to 
express your individuality strongly, you also keep this expression 
within comfortable limits.  At times, you have a strong need to do 
things  your own way and to assert your  independence  vigorously. 
Sometimes,  you  have  such  strong  needs that  you  act  without 
thinking  how  others might be affected.   You  may  sometimes  be 
surprised  at  how  irritated  other people  become  because  your 
actions don't take them into account.  There's a rigid or stubborn 
streak  which  doesn't appear very often but can get in  your  way 
when it's displayed.   Your occasional impatience or bossiness can 
also trip you up.
                              YOUR 19/1 KARMIC DEBT
You  probably  have  considerable  work to do to be  able  to  see 
yourself and your needs realistically.   If you're too immersed in 
your  own  concerns,  you may run into problems  because  of  your 
inability  to recognize others' needs.   You may have to learn  to 
look  past  your  own interests in order to become more  aware  of 
other people.   If you're egotistical or aggressive,  it will only 
add to the difficulties.
If,  on  the  other hand,  your needs are fulfilled  primarily  by 
submissively depending on others, you have to find the strength to 
break  free  from  this dependence and learn to act on  your  own. 
You'll  find little comfort in blaming your environment  or  other 
people  for  your  inability to stand on your own  two  feet.   If 
you're lazy or  fearful,  your problems in this area will  require 
additional effort.
                              YOUR 8 KARMIC LESSON
Despite your good business potential,  you probably have to  learn 
how to deal with money comfortably in your personal life.  You may 
worry  that  you  never  have enough money,  or you  may  have  an 
unrealistic  view of how far your earnings will go.   You may  buy 
things you really can't afford, or you may be afraid to buy things 
although the cost is well within your income.   Until you can deal 
with  your  personal finances with ease,  you may  be  subject  to 
uncomfortable   pressures  related  to  financial  dependence   or 
excessive striving for attainment.
T H E   O P P O R T U N I T I E S   A N D   I N F L U E N C E S
T H A T      W I L L      A F F E C T      Y O U R      L I F E
I N   1 9 9 8 
                              YOUR 1 LIFE PATH PERIOD AND
                              3 PINNACLE
In  addition  to the many personality traits  and  characteristics 
just described, two long term cycles, the Life Path Period and the 
Pinnacle,  set  the background tone for a number of years of  your 
life.  They  produce  no abrupt or intense  effect,  but,  rather, 
determine the general influences that you'll feel during the  time 
they're active.
At  this  time in your life you're likely to have an  interest  in 
your  independence along with a concern with your  accomplishments 
and   the  status  and  recognition  that  go  along  with   those 
accomplishments.   Even  if  you're  not  directly  involved  with 
business matters, you're apt to have some interest in the business 
dealings  of those close to you.   There's a good chance that  you 
also  have a need to enjoy yourself and spend time on the  lighter 
side of life.  You may want to expand your interests as well as to 
work on the development of your creativity.   Although the  career 
motivation  may  sometimes feel stronger and more compelling  than 
your desire for social life and adventure, you may, at times, feel 
pulled in differing directions.
                              YOUR 9 PERSONAL YEAR
You  may  be occupied for several years with the general  concerns 
described  above.   In addition to those  interests,  though,  the 
Personal  Year  is  a  more specific influence  that  has  a  much 
stronger impact on your daily life.   Though this influence is not 
directly related to your basic personality,  it can show the  time 
of  greatest opportunity or when potential difficulties can arise. 
Having  this information before hand can help you to get the  most 
out  of each year.   Let's examine the specific areas  of  concern 
which are likely to attract your attention in 1998.
This marks the beginning of a two year transition period,  a  time 
when  significant  changes  in your life often  occur.   In  1998, 
during the first part of this transition,  there's likely to be  a 
closing  out of some of the activity in which you've been involved 
for  the  last  several years.   Take inventory  of  your  current 
position.   Finish  up  what you can and eliminate  those  matters 
which have delayed or hampered you,  if at all possible.  Complete 
the relations and situations which have lost their meaning or have 
been taken as far as they can go.   If some of your experiences or 
relations  exhibit signs of ending,  proceed with  the  conclusion 
which  seems to be indicated.   If you try and hold on to  matters 
which are fading in importance, they're likely to move out of your 
life  anyway.   Once they're gone,  you're apt to find a sense  of 
freedom  that  you  never expected  without  them.   Complete  the 
meaningful experiences, then, and carry forward only those matters 
which hold promise for future development.
You  can expect a lot of emotion and drama in  1998.   Completions 
and  transitions  are  rarely the easiest part of  life  and  some 
completions can present considerable difficulties.   Even if there 
are difficulties involved, though, there's a good chance that this 
is  still  the  best time to close out those things  which  aren't 
working for you.   You tend to be very emotional at times and this 
emotion  isn't likely to make things any easier.   Do as  much  as 
you're  able to keep your emotions in reasonable balance.   Try to 
be as sensitive as possible to others at this particular time.  If 
you're at all selfish or self-centered, it's liable to make things 
considerably more difficult.
As  this year moves to its close,  plan what you want to start  at 
the beginning of the new year.   That's when you reach the  second 
phase  of  this  important two-part transition  period,  when  new 
interests replace those that are no longer part of your life.
Because of your diverse interests and abilities,  you're likely to 
expend  considerable time and effort learning how  to  consolidate 
the  various  aspects  of  your character  in  a  comfortable  and 
productive way.   When you understand how to combine the beauty of 
your  loving,  giving,  responsible side with the delight of  your 
enthusiastic,  versatile  side and the special sensitivity of your 
spiritual  side,   you  are  likely  to  find  a  great  deal   of 
satisfaction in your life.   As you mature,  you'll probably learn 
to  give  generously to other people while satisfying  your  inner 
needs as well as your desire for excitement and change.