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                             JUNE 1999
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        9 PERSONAL YEAR from January 1 to December 31
     14/5 ESSENCE from January 1 to December 31
             7 PERSONAL MONTH in July
             8 PERSONAL MONTH in August
             9 PERSONAL MONTH in September
             1 PERSONAL MONTH in October
             2 PERSONAL MONTH in November
             3 PERSONAL MONTH in December
        1 PERSONAL YEAR from January 1 to December 31
     14/5 ESSENCE from January 1 to August 18
     11/2 ESSENCE from August 19 to December 31
             2 PERSONAL MONTH in January
             3 PERSONAL MONTH in February
             4 PERSONAL MONTH in March
             5 PERSONAL MONTH in April
             6 PERSONAL MONTH in May
             7 PERSONAL MONTH in June
M A K I N G   T H E   M O S T   O F   O P P O R T U N I T I E S
At  various  times in your life,  you've probably had the  feeling 
that the opportunities are available for exactly what you want  to 
do.   At  other times,  you've undoubtedly experienced the feeling 
that  hardly  anything is going right and that you  can't  find  a 
satisfactory outlet for your capabilities.
By using the science of numerology,  though, you can recognize the 
specific  influences  and opportunities in your life at any  given 
time.   You  can determine -- in advance -- the times of  greatest 
opportunity and you can also foresee difficulties and the areas in 
which they're likely to happen.   Numerology doesn't give you  the 
ability to foretell the future.   It does,  however,  give you the 
ability  to  see  and analyze many of the  coming  influences  and 
opportunities before they occur.   This allows you to maximize the 
positive  potential as well as to prepare beforehand for  problems 
that may be developing.
This  profile describes the influences and opportunities  you  can 
expect  in your life during the time span shown.  The profile also 
includes suggestions for resolving any difficulties as well as for 
making the best use of the coming opportunities.
J A N U A R Y   T H R O U G H   D E C E M B E R   1 9 9 8
A   T I M E   F O R   S I G N I F I C A N T    E N D I N G S    A N D
T R A N S I T I O N S.  A   T I M E   T O   C L E A R   O U T   T H E
O L D   A N D   M A K E   W A Y   F O R   T H E   N E W.
                              YOUR 9 PERSONAL YEAR
The  year 1998 can be expected to be a time of significant endings 
and transitions.  Many of your activities and  interests,  started 
within  the  last seven or eight years and revised,  expanded  and 
redirected in the interim,  reached a culmination last year.  It's 
time  now  to take inventory and clear the decks of  completed  or 
outgrown activities,  interests and relations.  1998 represents  a 
year of transition,  the clearing out period; you will be cleaning 
up and making a clear space for future opportunities.
Study  and assess the various matters you deal with in  your  home 
and business life and in your personal relations. Finish and leave 
behind  all  the obvious obstacles,  as well as the other  affairs 
that have hampered or delayed your activities. Remove the outmoded 
and  undesirable to make way for the new and worthwhile.  Give  up 
the  relationships  you've  outgrown or that  have  little  or  no 
meaning  left.  Don't let matters drag on -- don't carry them over 
into next year because you can't quite end them.  Finish them  now 
and be done with it
A  feeling  of loss may accompany the termination of some of  your 
experiences or relationships.  No matter how difficult it appears, 
this  is still likely to be the easiest time during the  last  few 
years  and  the next few years -- to make these  breaks.  When  an 
activity  shows strong signs of ending this year,  don't fight the 
inevitable.  Work, if you can, to reach a constructive conclusion. 
Although  sometimes  you  may fight desperately  to  hold  onto  a 
relationship  or activity drawing to a close,  the eventual ending 
may  give you a great deal of freedom that wasn't  apparent  while 
you were trying to maintain the status quo.  Most conclusions will 
also  allow time for new opportunities and new interests that  can 
expand your horizons.
Carry  forward to next year only those few meaningful  experiences 
and relationships that still hold a promise of future development. 
Ideally,  don't  begin  anything new in 1998,  particularly  major 
matters  like new business ventures or a marriage.  If  absolutely 
necessary,  beginnings from October 1998 on can bring satisfactory 
results.  Activities  started before October,  though,  might  end 
As you may expect,  much drama and emotion are likely to accompany 
many   of   the  significant   endings,   since   the   concluding 
relationships  and activities are filled with so much  feeling.  A 
sense  of  sadness is likely to be present at times,  and often  a 
good deal of emotional confusion.  As much as you can,  keep  your 
feelings  under control.  Be careful that your temper doesn't  get 
out of hand. Try to avoid feelings of jealousy or selfishness.
If  you  can handle these matters well,  you may be rewarded  with 
love, sympathy and emotional support. You may be surprised to find 
that  a romance or love affair takes place in the  highly  charged 
atmosphere  that's likely to be with you throughout most of  1998. 
Such  a love affair may not be easygoing,  considering  everything 
else  that's  happening  in 1998.  Make sure you  want  to  become 
involved before you go too far.
Try  to  be  as sensitive,  tactful and compassionate as  you  can 
throughout 1998. Maintain your close ties with family and friends. 
You  may need them for support during some trying  times.  If  you 
feel  a good deal of stress throughout the year,  check on  health 
matters when it seems appropriate.
In  1998,  complete some of your long-term ventures and  start  to 
look  around for new interests and experiences.  Analyze the goals 
you've  reached during the last few years and get a clear  picture 
of  the kinds of projects you want to develop during the next  few 
years.  Whatever kind of work you're attracted to undoubtedly will 
benefit from your patience and cooperation.  Begin thinking  about 
further  development  of  your  creative  talents  and  idealistic 
approach,  too.  There's  a  good  chance you want  to  gain  more 
spiritual   awareness  and  project  more  of  your  inspirational 
leadership. Dream about the possibilities during 1998 and start to 
make  plans  so  that you can move ahead  with  your  various  new 
endeavors near the end of 1998.
Be  prepared for high emotions and drama.  There probably will  be 
lots  of  feelings  generated by the conclusions of some  of  your 
projects. More feelings may be present if some partings with close 
friends also occur during the year.  Be very sensitive to  others' 
needs, as you usually are, as well as tactful and diplomatic. Make 
sure,  though,  that  you're getting what's rightfully  yours.  Be 
assertive,   try   to   overcome  any  feelings  of  timidity   or 
uncertainty.  When you feel nervous or tense, take a break and get 
some  rest  and  relaxation.  Spend  time  with  your  family  and 
colleagues.  Enjoy the pleasures of socializing and appreciate the 
emotional support you receive.
     YOUR 14/5 ESSENCE
While  the  above  described  Personal  Year  indicates  the  best 
approach  for you to take for growth and development during  1998, 
the Essence points out the likely events to take place during  the 
period  that it is active.  Knowing the probable events that  will 
happen and the preferred approach to those events will help you to 
get the most out of your experiences.
During  this  period you will encounter events  and  opportunities 
that  have  a strong impact on your life,  possibly leading to  an 
important breakthrough in how you use freedom. You will experience 
many  sudden,  unexpected  or unusual events.  This is a  time  of 
constant  change and activity.  You may find  yourself  traveling, 
making  new  friends,  enjoying new ideas or engaging in  ventures 
stressing progress.  You must be careful,  though,  not to scatter 
your  energies,  trying  to  do too much or  going  off  in  every 
direction.  The  large  number of opportunities presented at  this 
time  makes it difficult to pick and choose the  most  appropriate 
ones. It is important to pursue only those possibilities that have 
the most promise.  If you do not learn to focus your energies, you 
will  feel  frustrated,  accomplishing  very  little  during  this 
period.  Be careful,  too, not to work only on fulfilling your own 
needs  or you are likely to alienate others who can help you  move 
forward at this time.
Because  your  Essence for this period points in a very  different 
direction than the Personal Year,  you may find that things do not 
go  as  easily  or as smoothly as  you'd  like.  Your  desire  for 
personal  freedom and travel at this time conflicts with your need 
to  give  to  others.  You  may spend a  good  part  of  the  time 
struggling to find a comfortable balance. It's possible, too, that 
you  may try to avoid one of these energies all  together.  You'll 
find,  though, that it resurfaces no matter what you do. Sometimes 
a balance can be reached by alternately using one energy, then the 
other.  If at all possible,  try to find an approach to the events 
and  opportunities during this period that allows both energies to 
work together. This isn't always easy, but it can provide the best 
use of the potentials available.
The  Personal  Year  is  an  important  yearly  influence.    This 
influence, though, is expressed with a somewhat different emphasis 
each  month.   Be sure to take the monthly emphasis into  account, 
too,  when  considering the best approach to take to each  month's 
events.  Monthly  highlights for 1998 are given next,  followed by 
detailed descriptions for each month.
You may gain some spiritual insight or intuitive understanding  in 
February.  Take  care of the work that has to be done in April but 
don't let it get you down.  Enjoy family closeness but be  careful 
to   avoid  misunderstandings  during  June.   Difficulties   with 
communication  in  July may lead to partings in  September  unless 
significant  precautions  are  taken.  New  friends  you  meet  in 
November may bring considerable satisfaction.
J U L Y   1 9 9 8
                              YOUR 7 PERSONAL MONTH
You'll  want  to  spend  a good deal of  time  alone  this  month, 
particularly  between July 9th and 18th.  Make plans for  starting 
new  projects or experiences somewhere down the line,  probably at 
the beginning of next year. More importantly, make immediate plans 
for  closing out those situations and relationships which need  to 
be terminated because they're clearly hampering your progress.  Be 
prepared to let go right now if a project,  person or interest  is 
obviously drifting away. Don't be surprised at the strong feelings 
you may have to face on or about July 11th or 27th.  Keep your own 
emotions  under  tight control to avoid quarrels.  Communicate  as 
openly  and  clearly  as  you   can.   Recognize,   though,   that 
misunderstandings  may occur,  since others may not be  especially 
willing  to share their thoughts or feelings at this time.  During 
the week of July 20th,  take some time off for rest and relaxation 
or, if possible, a brief vacation.
A U G U S T   1 9 9 8
                              YOUR 8 PERSONAL MONTH
Be prepared to take strong,  dynamic action when it's appropriate. 
Some  experiences or business situations are due  for  termination 
between  August 1st and 9th but are likely to need a helping  hand 
to  reach their final stages.  Be mature and businesslike for best 
results.  Use your executive ability to clear the way.  Try to  be 
sensitive  and  compassionate  in your  dealings  with  coworkers, 
particularly during the week of August 10th.  Be careful,  though, 
that  others  don't try to sneak things past you.  Keep your  eyes 
open so that you can take advantage of some of the endings  you're 
involved in to gain possible advancement or financial improvement. 
Attend  to  any  new  interests that appear  to  have  significant 
potential.  Be  sure these ventures receive the assistance  that's 
called  for -- from you or an associate you've  delegated  -- even 
though  you're pressed for time throughout the month.  On or about 
August 23rd,  take care of contracts and legal affairs  pertaining 
to past and future matters.
S E P T E M B E R   1 9 9 8
                              YOUR 9 PERSONAL MONTH
You  may experience a good deal of drama this month.  The partings 
that you've dealt with throughout the year are likely to  continue 
through  the  end of this month.  Be prepared for the  possibility 
that important people,  significant ventures or exciting interests 
may be phased out at this time. Although some of these conclusions 
may  have been on the horizon for months,  you may not  have  seen 
them because you preferred to look the other way.  Be prepared for 
considerable emotion,  particularly from September 9th to 18th, as 
you  deal with these trying but necessary  terminations.  Sometime 
around September 28th or so, you'll begin to feel the dawning of a 
new  period,  the  quiet  beginnings of a time full  of  hope  and 
promise. You'll have some sense that you've completed an important 
phase of experience. A door is slowly opening now to introduce you 
to  a  new and different experience.  This new phase  won't  fully 
commence until the start of 1999.  You'll see the door opening bit 
by bit, though, during the next few months.
O C T O B E R   1 9 9 8
                              YOUR 1 PERSONAL MONTH
You'll  have  even stronger feelings than you had last  month  now 
that you're starting a new phase of experience. There may be a few 
relatively  minor interests or activities phasing out in  October, 
but  you  can  be  confident that for  all  intents  and  purposes 
significant  completions and terminations are a thing of the past. 
You'll feel far more upbeat than you have for many months. A sense 
of newness and beginning is becoming stronger and stronger.  A new 
interest  that  surfaces on or about October 7th may be  ripe  for 
exciting   development   within  a   short   time.   Several   new 
opportunities with considerable potential are beginning to open up 
between October 9th and 27th. During the week of October 16th, you 
may  meet some new friends or possibly a new business partner with 
interesting  possibilities.  Do any work that's required on  these 
various projects.  You'll find that you'll mark time or make plans 
for  the future for most of these enterprises because  they  won't 
really take off until the beginning of 1999.
N O V E M B E R   1 9 9 8
                              YOUR 2 PERSONAL MONTH
Although  you may be raring to go,  November is likely to prove  a 
relatively  quiet  month.  Work to develop a sense of balance  and 
harmony during this brief period of transition between the endings 
you've  experienced  throughout  1998 and  the  beginnings  you're 
looking  forward  to  in 1999.  Continue  to  make  plans  between 
November  8th and 17th to develop the new ventures you're planning 
to  initiate  early in 1999.  But don't try to force  any  forward 
movement at this time. It isn't likely to do much good and, in the 
long run,  may interfere with some critical timing. Socialize with 
your  family and close friends during the week of  November  16th. 
Appreciate  the  affectionate  feelings you share  and  the  vital 
support  they're  so  willing to  give.  Special  activities  with 
children can give you considerable pleasure.  On or about November 
25th,  time  with a loved one also can be particularly satisfying. 
Enjoy   some   delightful   new  friends  and   renew   some   old 
acquaintances.  Be prepared to lend a helping hand to an associate 
or colleague in need.
D E C E M B E R   1 9 9 8
                              YOUR 3 PERSONAL MONTH
The  calm  that  filled November gives way to  a  time  of  active 
celebration this month.  The high emotions related to the partings 
and  terminations that occupied a good part of the year have faded 
out. Taking the place of these strong feelings is a delight in the 
joy of living -- along with a sense of fun and celebration. Around 
December 9th, you may want to throw a party or, at the very least, 
attend one. Plan some activities involving your children and other 
family members. Enjoy your new friends, too. Don't be surprised if 
they  open  some  important doors for you.  Take  a  trip  between 
December 11th and 29th so that you can rest, relax and have a good 
time.  Keep  your slowly developing enterprises in sight and  help 
them  along  whenever  necessary.  An imaginative  approach  or  a 
creative  shift in direction during the week of December 20th  may 
prove very meaningful. You aren't likely to spend a lot of time on 
these matters but make sure that your promising ventures don't get 
away  from you.  Make plans and be ready to put them  into  effect 
when 1999 begins.
Be  sensitive and diplomatic as 1998 draws to a close but stand up 
for  your  rights when necessary.  Be prepared to  deal  with  any 
strong emotions generated during 1998 when ventures come to an end 
or  friends  choose  to leave.  Take a short break  for  rest  and 
J A N U A R Y   T H R O U G H   D E C E M B E R   1 9 9 9
A    T I M E    F O R     N E W    B E G I N N I N G S ,    A
T I M E   T O   E X E R T   Y O U R   I N D E P E N D E N C E
A N D   I N D I V I D U A L I T Y.
                              YOUR 1 PERSONAL YEAR
The  year 1999 marks a time of exciting change,  dramatic progress 
and new beginnings for you.  Anything of a meaningful nature  that 
you  begin  or  expand now will have a significant effect  on  the 
course of the next decade.  You're entering an entirely new  nine- 
year  cycle  of experience.  Plant the new seeds that you want  to 
develop  as  the  cycle  moves  forward.   You'll  probably   feel 
considerably  more  energetic and assertive than you have in  some 
time.  Be  ready  to  lead or take the  plunge  when  an  exciting 
opportunity presents itself.
As 1998 comes to a close, it will be ideal if you can let go of as 
much as possible having to do with the past. Take advantage of new 
situations  as they appear in 1999.  If there are any remnants  of 
old  business  on hand as the new year begins,  bring them  to  an 
immediate  conclusion.  Don't spend any more time than you have to 
attending  to  old affairs.  Don't drift or show any fear  of  the 
future.  Your  power is now substantially higher than  usual.  The 
whole year of 1999 is before you. This is a time to act.
There's  a strong possibility of an important change in  1999.  It 
could relate to personal or business matters -- or both  together. 
Chances are that the change -- and it can be large and dramatic -- 
will  be  initiated  by your own efforts.  (If  you  don't  change 
anything  major  in 1999 because you don't want to rock the  boat, 
you may be delaying an important shift in your life all the way to 
the year 2008.) Remember,  too,  that one strong change can  often 
trigger   a   sequence  of  events  that  can  force   substantial 
alterations in virtually every aspect of your life.
Develop  new ideas as they occur to you and spend a good  part  of 
your  time  in 1999 seeking out new  opportunities.  Whatever  you 
begin  this year has a greater than average chance of meeting with 
success.  If  the odds are encouraging,  take the risks  involved. 
Study  potential  opportunities  carefully,  though,  because  any 
choices of an impulsive nature aren't likely to be helpful.
Plan  and begin a new job or business venture.  This may be a good 
time  to turn some of your avocations into a vocation and  fulfill 
some long-standing dreams.  You may want to expand or make changes 
in an existing project,  too.  At the very least, broaden the base 
of  your  interests  and  activities.   You  also  may  find  some 
interesting  situations that will allow you to increase the  level 
of  your  status  so  that you can receive  more  in  the  way  of 
recognition.  There  may be substantial work necessary to get some 
of your ventures going.  Do the necessary work -- by all means  -- 
but  don't get so lost in any situation that you limit your  other 
options. Be on the lookout throughout the year to meet new friends 
and key business associates.  This is a good year to move to a new 
Emphasize  the  independence you feel and work on  expanding  your 
sense  of  independence when it seems appropriate.  If  there  are 
still  some areas where you feel dependent,  this would be a  fine 
time  to  work  on them.  If existing conditions of  one  sort  or 
another have been bothering you for some time by holding you back, 
this could be the time to break free once and for all.
Make sure to exhibit your individuality in 1999, too. Do things in 
the  style that feels most comfortable.  If necessary,  insist  on 
your  rights.  You  may be pleasantly surprised at how  well  that 
insistence  can  pay  off for  you.  Act  with  self-reliance  and 
confidence. Express the courage of your convictions.
In  1999,  take  advantage  of the opportunities  for  change  and 
progress.  Look for developments leading to new long-term ventures 
or close and sensitive relations with other people.  Friendship or 
romantic   possibilities  can  grow  easily  from  exciting   work 
situations. Institute major changes in your life, emphasizing your 
desire  for  as much independence -- often from siblings or  other 
close relatives -- as possible.  Don't let timidity keep you  from 
taking  advantage of significant business possibilities which  may 
be related to charitable, artistic or educational opportunities.
Above all, look for chances to develop your spiritual awareness to 
significant heights.  This year marks the beginning of a new cycle 
of experience,  one likely to last the next nine years or so. This 
new  cycle  may bring you much new awareness of  the  non-material 
world,  as  well as some new perceptions regarding the development 
of  your  inspirational  and idealistic  ability.  Look  also  for 
opportunities to lessen nervousness.  Be very careful to limit the 
time you spend daydreaming. This year is a time to act.
     YOUR 14/5 ESSENCE
     JANUARY 1 to AUGUST 18
Your  Essence during this period is the same as the one  described 
for  last year.  Expect the same kinds of events and opportunities 
to occur as you have already been experiencing. Make sure, though, 
to use the approach of the new Personal Year as you encounter  the 
events that unfold at this time.
     YOUR 11/2 ESSENCE
Opportunities   and  events  during  this  period  emphasize   the 
development of cooperation and patience. Wherever possible, assist 
others  -- as  individuals  or  in groups -- to  get  their  needs 
fulfilled.  This  is  also  a good time to form  new  personal  or 
business relationships.  These associations often can be important 
to you in the future when the help you gave is returned.
Even though you'll find yourself busy with many details  requiring 
your attention,  things go much slower now than you'd like.  Don't 
force the situation,  though,  as this can actually be detrimental 
or even cause certain opportunities to disappear.  Instead,  learn 
the fine art of patience and let things advance at their own pace.
During  this  time  you'll also feel a heighten  sensitivity  with 
increased  intuition.  New  insights  and  understandings  may  be 
experienced that can have a profound affect on your  life,  though 
it  can  take time before you see the changes fully  unfold.  This 
heighten sensitivity can cause problems and misunderstandings with 
others, too, but may also attract new friends that appreciate your 
keen awareness.  An increased nervous tension is likely to be felt 
at  this  time,  too,  making  your  relations  with  others  more 
difficult. Try to communicate your feelings as clearly as possible 
to avoid misunderstandings.  Rest as necessary if you feel lowered 
energy and vitality.
Because  your  Essence for this period points in a very  different 
direction than the Personal Year,  you may find that things do not 
go  as  easily  or  as smoothly  as  you'd  like.  Your  need  for 
independence  and self-centered attainment at this time  conflicts 
with  your potential for idealistic or spiritual achievement.  You 
may spend a good part of the time struggling to find a comfortable 
balance.  It's  possible,  too,  that you may try to avoid one  of 
these  energies  all  together.   You'll  find,  though,  that  it 
resurfaces  no  matter what you do.  Sometimes a  balance  can  be 
reached by alternately using one energy, then the other. If at all 
possible,  try to find an approach to the events and opportunities 
during  this  period that allows both energies to  work  together. 
This  isn't  always easy,  but it can provide the best use of  the 
potentials available.
Be on the lookout for unusual people in January.  Also expect some 
very  delicate  opportunities  to  begin  then  and  to   continue 
developing through February.  Friendships and romance are possible 
in  May,  although family activities and problems may make it hard 
to find the time you need.  In June,  you'll want to spend a  good 
deal of time alone, thinking and meditating. Take stock of various 
ventures  you've  been  working on and plan  for  the  future.  In 
September,  many  of the year's activities are likely to firm  up. 
Business  dealings will be most promising then.  Delays in October 
may  keep you a little on edge.  Some attractive but quiet  social 
opportunities may be of vital importance.
J A N U A R Y   1 9 9 9
                              YOUR 2 PERSONAL MONTH
Start the new year with some delightful socializing with  longtime 
friends.  The year holds promise of being a dynamic time,  but the 
activity  this  month  is  likely to taper off  after  this  brisk 
beginning.  Keep  on the lookout for new and special friends  with 
finely tuned sensitivities,  particularly around January 9th.  You 
may meet some of them on January 18th,  too, when you're likely to 
be  attending an unusual social gathering.  Some matters ripe  for 
termination   since   the   closing  months   of   1998   -- jobs, 
relationships,   long-term  interests  -- probably  will  continue 
moving  slowly  in  that  direction.   Wait  patiently  for  these 
conclusions and new business developments.  Relax,  since  there's 
only  a small chance of pushing your own work ahead at this  time. 
While you're waiting for further activity,  give a helping hand to 
colleagues   who  may  need  your  assistance.   A  few   business 
possibilities  will come to your attention late in the month.  Pay 
particular attention to developments around January 26th.
F E B R U A R Y   1 9 9 9
                              YOUR 3 PERSONAL MONTH
Make  the  most of the exciting and often  creative  possibilities 
available throughout February. Those friends you met in January -- 
or  some new people you meet this month -- are likely to  open  up 
interesting or unusual possibilities.  You may find a new creative 
direction  you're interested in pursuing sometime around  February 
11th.  You  may choose to take a short vacation with some of  your 
special  friends  or  spend time with them enjoying art  shows  or 
concerts.  Use  some imagination to bring about a  termination  in 
situations  you  are waiting to conclude but try to  avoid  frayed 
tempers or high emotions.  If you must,  force an ending in a firm 
and  determined  manner.  A  few job or career  opportunities  are 
slowly opening up. Sometime around February 16th, you may see some 
possibilities  worth  observing for  further  growth.  Approach  a 
business  situation  on February 28th with care,  though.  It  may 
develop very differently than you expect.
M A R C H   1 9 9 9
                              YOUR 4 PERSONAL MONTH
Some  of  last month's job or career opportunities  may  begin  to 
develop  this month.  That significant change you've been  looking 
forward  to may also begin in March,  but only if it's accompanied 
by considerable work.  Take care of organizational matters to mold 
projects into shape and lay a firm foundation. Be very logical and 
practical.  Be prepared to negotiate some contracts or  agreements 
sometime around March 13th or 15th. Be as flexible as possible. If 
you  appear dogmatic,  negotiations are likely to drag  on.  Avoid 
getting  in a rut by keeping your point of view fresh.  Insist  on 
changes  in  your working conditions whenever  necessary,  so  you 
don't feel limited or restricted.  Leave some time for friends and 
family. Don't be afraid to ask for personal support when the going 
gets rough.  About March 28th,  expect a significant lightening of 
the  workload  you've been carrying.  Take care of your  immediate 
obligations,  though,  before  you take time off.  Make sure  that 
developing ventures will proceed even while you're on a break.
A P R I L   1 9 9 9
                              YOUR 5 PERSONAL MONTH
Expect  lots  of  activity  this  month  and  possibly  a  lot  of 
excitement. There are likely to be many opportunities available in 
every   direction  you  turn,   particularly  around  April   9th. 
Concentrate  only on opportunities with substantial potential  for 
the future. Exploit a handful of those opportunities -- that's all 
anyone  can handle -- if they appeal to you.  Initiate  change  or 
expansion in significant areas on April 14th or 23rd,  and, if the 
odds are encouraging, be ready to take advantage of changes taking 
place  about  April  27th.  Be prepared to drop the old  and  move 
forward  with  the  new.  Make sure you look  after  your  ongoing 
ventures,  though,  particularly the projects on which you  worked 
last  month.  Keep  a good sense of balance throughout the  month. 
Don't  miss out on any significant opportunities because you  were 
off having a good time. You may have lots of irons in the fire, so 
maintain  firm self-discipline in order to make the most  of  your 
time  and  efforts.  Flexibility and resourcefulness can  pay  big 
M A Y   1 9 9 9
                              YOUR 6 PERSONAL MONTH
This  can be a very romantic period.  If you're married,  you  and 
your  spouse  may  find yourselves taking part  in  some  special, 
loving  interludes.  If  you're single,  you may find  a  romantic 
relationship  with  strong possibilities for the  future.  It  may 
involve  a  friend you made last month or possibly a friend  who's 
just arrived on the scene, perhaps sometime around May 5th or 9th. 
Pay attention to your family, particularly the children. There may 
be  special,  close  time,  but  there also  may  be  some  family 
obligations  which need attention.  Try to put your family's needs 
before  your  own.   If  you've  been  thinking  about  making   a 
significant  shift  in  a  relationship with one  or  more  family 
members,  you may want to initiate this change sometime about  May 
17th.  In  addition,  you may find this a good month to make  your 
home  more comfortable or more to your liking  aesthetically.  You 
may want to remodel or begin adding on.  Or you may want to attend 
to some dramatic changes in landscape gardening.
J U N E   1 9 9 9
                              YOUR 7 PERSONAL MONTH
Many  changes have already occurred this year and more are  likely 
to come.  June will provide you with a very important time to take 
stock  of what has gone before.  It'll also give you time to  plan 
for  what you want to happen during the rest of the year.  You may 
want  to  take some time off from your  other  ventures,  possibly 
around  June 9th or 18th.  If you can manage a few days  of  quiet 
contemplation,  it  will  be  all to the good.  You need  time  to 
examine your progress and clarify your goals.  You also need  time 
to plan your forward development.  You may want time for study and 
research  as  well,  probably on matters relating to  this  year's 
work.  Make sure your obligations are attended to. Leave some time 
for your family and other close friends. Make sure they understand 
your  needs and are comfortable while you're spending time  alone. 
As the month draws to a close,  sometime around June 26th,  you're 
likely  to want more company in your life.  You may be fired up at 
that time, ready to move into a more active and dynamic stance.
A   L A S T   W O R D
The  information  contained  in  this profile  can  be  remarkably 
helpful.   Read it once or twice when you first receive it.   Read 
it  again  when important opportunities come your  way.   You  may 
learn,  as many people have,  to benefit by making the most of the 
described possibilities by preparing beforehand.
Read the profile,  too,  when you feel stuck.   You may benefit by 
figuring  out how to deal with the difficulties in a  better  way. 
If  you  see a problem coming,  a re-reading may show you  how  to 
prepare  for that problem before it actually occurs.   You may  be 
surprised  and delighted at the many times that the information in 
the profile contributes significantly to your life.