Business Forecast for

Ted Turner

November 19, 2020

12:00 PM

Atlanta, Georgia

September 1, 2020 - December 1, 2020


P.O. Box 10155

Prescott, AZ 86304-0155

(520)776-7164 800-551-3121

Your Business Forecast begins on the following page. If the time period for an interpretation is, for example, given as "Apr 1, 2020 (Feb 15, 2020 to May 15, 1997)", then it starts in mid-February, reaches greatest intensity around April 1, and ends in mid-May. The first date listed is the time when the influence has reached maximum strength; we can call this date the "peak date". The influence starts on the beginning date, gradually increases in strength until the peak date is reached, and then it gradually fades out until the ending date is reached.

You may also notice that the same interpretation shows up periodically during the year; this is not unusual. To eliminate redundant interpretations, you may be informed that the astrological influence also occured earlier and that you should refer back to the previous occurrence of this interpretation.

At the top right margin after the dates, the abbreviated names of the aspects and the two factors involved are given. For example, "Jup Sqr MC" means that during the given dates "transiting Jupiter" is squaring your "natal Midheaven". That is to say, the first factor that appears is always the transiting planet (present position of the planet in the zodiac), while the second component of the pair is "natal", or the position it was in the zodiac at your birth. Also, the Midheaven (MC) is the apex or beginning of the 10th house.

At the beginning of each interpretation the complete name of the aspect and the two factors involved are given in capitalized letters. As before, the first planet is in "transit" while the Midheaven is "natal". Below it, the INTENSITY of the aspect is indicated in a scale from 1 to 10. That is to say, an aspect with an influence of 1 is very weak and may not even be noticed. On the other hand, an influence of 10 is very powerful. We can consider aspects with an intensity of 8, 9 or 10 VERY STRONG, 6 or 7 STRONG, 4 or 5 AVERAGE, DECREASING at 2 or 3 and VERY WEAK at 0 or 1.

This report outlines the aspects between the transiting planets on one hand, and the apex or beginning of the 10th house in the natal chart on the other. Traditionally, besides the ten astrological planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), two points in the chart are considered very important. The first is the Ascendant or beginning of the 1st house, related to the personality and appearance of the individual. The second is the Midheaven or apex of the 10th house, connected with the materialization of goals and initiatives, as well as professional success and social recognition. The Midheaven represents the aims or goals and the desire for concrete action. Therefore, the astrological aspects that affect the Midheaven are important in choosing the right time to start a business, commercial or professional initiative.

First, this report is based on the birth date of the owner, founder, or major associate of the business in question. In case there is more than one relevant associate, it is advisable to consult the Business Forecast for the second associate as well.

Second, to obtain this report, the party should provide an approximate time for the business to be opened. The report then will give relevant dates for the most advantageous and least desirable time to proceed with it. In case there is more than one owner, it would be ideal to locate a date in both forecasts that may have positive aspects or, at least, that neither have disharmonious aspects.

But one might question the date one must consider. Does it constitute the date the corporation was formed, the day on which the license was obtained, the day the premises were rented, or the moment in which the toast was made? The answer is very simple. The date of astrological validity is the one on which the business started to serve the public. This is the real "birth" of the business, while everything else constitutes the period of "gestation" of that enterprise.

As a rule, it can be said that the best time for opening a business, in order of strongest to weakest influence, is the following (a higher intensity indicates greater influence): Existence of a TRINE (strong harmonious aspect) between a planet and the Midheaven; Existence of a CONJUNCTION (neutral aspect) between a beneficial planet and the Midheaven (only Jupiter conjunct MC can be considered here); Existence of a SEXTILE (mild harmonious aspect) between a planet and the Midheaven; Existence of a CONJUNCTION (neutral aspect) between a planet (except Jupiter) and the Midheaven.

On the other hand, the most problematic dates for founding a business, in order of strongest to weakest influence, are the following: Existence of a SQUARE (strong disharmonious aspect) between a planet and the Midheaven; Existence of an OPPOSITION (mild disharmonious aspect) between a planet and the Midheaven.

In any case, as this is not a report of determination but only orientation, the explanations of the "squares" and "oppositions" give advice and practical solutions for the businesses that may have started during some of these dates. This is especially useful for those that already have opened their business and read this report to find out what astrological aspects were in effect at the time they started their business. In case of harmonious aspects (trines and sextiles) suggestions are also given on how to obtain the maximum benefits of that astrological influence.

Lastly, it can be said that the "peak dates" possess the purest influence. It is recommended to make use of the harmonious peak dates, if possible. Thus, the mixture of influences is avoided in case there is more than one aspect during given days.

Tropical/Koch NATAL CHARTCalculated for time zone 5 hours

Natal positions:

Sun=26SC45 Moon= 0SC19 Merc=17SA39 Ven=27SC36 Mars=16LI03

Jup=24AQ01 Sat=11AR47 Ura=15TA21 Nep=22VI58 Plu= 1LE27

Asc=21AQ30 MC= 5SA37


Natal: Sun Moon Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Asc MC

Transiting: Sun Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu


Conj ( 0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Sqr ( 90 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Trine (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Sxtil ( 60 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Sep 11, 2020 10 AM(Sep 9, 2020 to Sep 12, 2020) Mars Conj MC



A business started during these dates is characterized, among others, by the practice of going directly to the point. This means that the fundamental basis of this establishment is to wait on the customer as rapidly, efficiently and directly as possible to avoid endless waiting and doubts at the time of choosing. The good reputation this business can acquire among the public is based on giving quick responses and satisfaction to the needs and problems of the clients, which implies an exemplary, direct, exonerating and spontaneous relationship between the sales person and the client.

The foregoing is accompanied by a high sense of competitiveness of the owners, managers and personnel of this company or establishment. They want to be among the first of the region and when this it is not possible, want to rise above others in concrete aspects: quality relationships, attractive prices, fast delivery of requests or quick completion of the work, safety and guarantied sales, etc. When the owners or managers of the business determine that it is not possible to be the first in absolute terms, they will try to reach it in given areas, which could make them very appreciative on the part of the public and the clientele. That is to say, "being better in giving attention to the clients" or "being better by fast deliveries" or in maintenance, assortment, etc.

If the business is competitive at the time of offering a specific presentation or service to the clients, clients will recognizes it and notice that their need can be completely satisfied by your company. The assurance and self-confidence in the work being done is essential on the part of owners, managers and personnel, since this will be transmitted to the client and will motivate or enthuse them at the time of making a purchase. However, if the owners and directors are excessively demanding toward their colleagues, it can generate a certain atmosphere of tension in the working environment. In other words, the pressure of those who give the orders to those who have to fulfil them can become high at given times. You also should take care not to force your assistants, since this could in time generate annoying situations among the staff, subordinates or the managers. It is crucial that above all a climate of mutual confidence and respect is maintained, and that that environment will not only be apparent or aimed toward the future, but also must come from within.

Flexibility is another essential element for the smooth running of your business. The owners or directors require flexibility upon conveying their objectives to the personnel. If they are rigid or want to inculcate too much discipline, tension could be generated. Because of this, communication is important. It would be wise to disclose the objectives or goals everyone has to fulfill and post them beforehand to make it possible for the staff to express their points of view so that their suggestions may be taken into account. This brings a flexible climate of authority and any proposals coming up will be well interpreted, understood and taken as their own on the part of those that have the mission to fulfil them.

What is essential in this business is, in fact, the enthusiasm and motivation on the part of the owners and managers as well the personnel and, of course, with respect to the clients. To generate enthusiasm and motivation in the client is what induces them to buy. But you have to be careful not to generate too much expectation, for the client will be very disillusioned when he discovers that the benefits were not as great as he was lead to believe.

Another essential characteristics of this business is your ability to take risks, which certainly is a virtue, provided it will be to the right extent. When making decisions, it is advisable for the owners to stop or delay a bit, since after beginning to work and being in the middle of the action it is more difficult to make rectifications. Because of this, it is recommendable to check out each step and to have a well detailed and calculated plan of action, such as you would find in military strategy. However, in this business there is a tendency to rely too much on quick decisions and spontaneous rectification. This has its advantages, provided that the lines of skill are decisive and have been previously considered, because otherwise you could make the mistake of making corrections on the spur of the moment and give a sense of inconsistency or insecurity to others. Therefore you should take time with your decisions and make sure that every important action will be sufficiently matured, otherwise unforeseen and relevant drawbacks could emerge. For example, the competition could be greater than expected, or the market could be more difficult to penetrate than you assumed beforehand.

A desirable middle ground would be taking risks, but those possible risks should be studied and calculated beforehand, and besides that you have to take into account the imponderable factors. These are a series of circumstances that generally emerge unexpectedly and to which one must devote significant effort, but it is almost impossible to anticipate them beforehand. If too many risks are taken, these imponderable factors can appear and cause to reconstruct the mechanism of your business.


Sep 29, 2020 12 AM(Sep 27, 2020 to Sep 30, 2020)Sun Sxtil MC



The Sun is the symbol of the day and of light, and a business or commercial activity started on this day is especially able to be developed in relation to the public. That is to say, a business born during these days will have a special magnetism for people who observe it from its beginning, since they will detect the clarity and luminosity of the establishment, where everything is put up front. One of the strong points of this business is going to be maintaining its prices, always being direct and honest, and dealing with very exclusive clients. Clients will appreciate this sincerity and, because of this, will be especially faithful. If you continue this golden rule and at all cost avoid dishonesty, unclear points, deceptive sales, or concealing certain defects of the product from the clients, then you will obtain maxima results.

One also must take into account that the Sun represents the creation, the creativity, the sublimation of energies and to a certain degree art, which makes this a very auspicious time to begin an activity or investment in one where aesthetics, force, energy and vitality of the idea will be central elements.

If you think of opening a business during these dates, above all there will be personal assurance that your products truly are the best, that they are leaders in the market and present a higher quality than average. Therefore, besides the first characteristic - sincerity of sales - we come to the second essential key of this business: the quality and nobility of the environment. It is not necessary to adorn your business with overly expensive decorations. Take under consideration that for the client the environment of the local or the decorative elements are not as important as the quality of the purchase. To be successful with your business it is essential to be able "to support" those characteristics that the Sun in harmonious position represents. For example, choose those things that offer a greater guarantee and procure to market products of quality and recognized prestige. This is not so much a large business or one in which basically inexpensive things are prevailing. On the contrary, the most advantageous and right approach for an establishment opened during this time is to encourage distinction, confidence in the product and the best of the materials that are used.

As third fundamental element could be mentioned the dynamic force that is going to be in the life of your business. It consists of extroversion, sociableness and an impeccable image. You as well as your personnel should emphasize the need to encourage the prestige of the business. To attain this, the dealings with clients have to be confident, noble, respectful and at the same time warm. In other words, the image, presence and dignity in dealing with the clients will be fundamental, since only this will be able to generate a competent environment and selling relationship. It will be conscientious and makes your personnel aware of the importance that involves the act of purchasing or selling, which product or service it will be, or the idea that is tried. See it as an energy exchange, as a subtle commitment to the person with whom you exchange your forces and to a certain degree your will. Always let the clients be fully aware of their decision and help in a professional way to establish the right approach, application and use of their purchases. An erudite manner, expansive, well informed and optimistic in dealing with people is what allows you to reach that so essential factor called reputation. Furthermore, never hire personnel that, by apparently being less expensive, in reality may not have a real vocation or individual sense of the work they do. If they transmit discouragement, lack of conviction, insecurity and apathy, it could certainly diminish the halo of self-confidence that was considered as fundamental.

Briefly, this is a good time to begin any commercial activity where the possibility of becoming a leader exists. Not necessarily a leader in sales, but in quality, service, personal dealings and giving attention to the clientele.

For example, it is a time suited to open a business that has contact with the public, such as the government, the town hall or the like. Also, the premises have to be as visible as they can be, and if this is not possible, social contacts will be very important, since they will open doors to the business.


Nov 28, 2020 3 AM(Nov 27, 2020 to Nov 29, 2020) Sun Conj MC



The Sun is the center of the solar system and its radiation expands toward the rest of the planets, bringing other planetary aspects into focus. It could be said that business may not be for everyone. If the owners of a business have sufficient skillfulness and know how to use opportunities, it is quite probable that the activity generates results. In other words, it is very possible that your commercial or professional activity may bring other subsequent initiatives, something descending from your current business. This solar radiation is fundamentally creative. The vitality and force of your professional activity will depend mostly on the genuine contribution on the part of the leaders of your business. That is to say, you can't allow yourself to fall into routine, because this certainly would be a symptom of decline of the activity. It shows lack of conviction on the part of the owners as well as the personnel, instead of transmitting assurance and self-confidence, and not only a competitive spirit, but also continuous search for better quality in the line of your business, since this is not a large business, neither of things nor inexpensive services that you take little pains with. It is meant to reach excellence in dealing with your clients, the quality of the materials, products or services that are lent; and, as a rule, a wide sense of your vocation, that is to say, to do things because you like to do them, because you are convinced and not because of obligation or routine.

If you follow along those lines, public recognition certainly will follow; that is what results in reputation and prestige of the business. To achieve it, a dose of sincerity is necessary, sincerity among the associates, sincerity among personnel and sincerity with your own reality that surrounds you. Certainly, a business opened during these dates will have the virtue of seeing the face of reality, which will bring advantages to draw things to the maximum, since you will not ever be evading any difficulties. On the contrary, any experience that in principle could be considered as negative, such as a decrease in sales, will be immediately analyzed and experimented with and noted that something is not done correctly. Thus, an attitude of defeat will never exist.

Individual energy indeed motivates this business, where enthusiasm, conviction and the spirit of enterprise of your supervision and personnel will be essential keys for the achievement of success. If the activity of this business is taken with a spirit of sportsmanship in the widest sense of the word, then important qualities like the will, effort, humility and competitiveness will come to the surface.

Thanks to the activity of this business very good social relationships will emerge that can increase your perspectives and become a key to open doors that you would not be able to glimpse until later. For example, the contact with important persons, a conversation with persons who are very creative and provide valuable advice; the appearance of contracts, sales or relationships to people in government or the town hall, as well as progressively building a loyal and select clientele. This doesn't mean to have an exclusive client circle, but to offer something that is good in order to attract what is good, and to refrain from fraud and trickery.

Respect is another element for the right operation of your business. In fact it will be one of the fundamental characteristics of it: mutual respect among the personnel, with the client, in directing or managing your staff. Dignity, exoneration and openess promotes high human relationships and causes the public to focus especially on your business, and the clients will be motivated to be loyal to you. The clientele will know that in your company they will find serious, professional and warm dealings, and at the same time some impartial and objective advice with the knowledge that everything aggreed upon will be fulfilled. In other words, the fundamental golden rule is going to be that "your word is as good as your signature".

In sales, one of the greater resistances on the part of the consumer at the time of buying is distrust, and one of the greater factors that causes the client to break with your establishment is the feeling of being defrauded. To obtain a subtle balance, sincerity and formality is necessary; clearly explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each one of the products and services that are offered. Neither is it good to excessively increase the expectations of the client, nor to give a sense of inadequacy or lack of conviction about the qualities of the product other than what you want to sell. An open and realistic position protects you from possible claims or complaints from your clients.

If you are the owner or one of the owners of a business opened during these dates, you don't have to be afraid of exercising your authority, but should avoid a conceited attitude, being arrogant and bragging. Consider yourself worthy, but not arrogant, sure of yourself, but not boasting, and have trust in your circumstances, but don't be excessively pretentious in your position. If you become aware of your abilities as manager or director, you will see that the creativity and energy existing in your business will be remunerated. See the commercial activity, enterprise or business as an energy exchange with the environment and also as an excellent opportunity to perfect itself, to express your creative abilities, and to develop aspects of your personality that up until now were in the state of potential. With this philosophy you will observe that the control, success and expansion of a business are bound to the right and conscious managing of your own energies. In other words, a balanced position results in balance, polite authority obtains maximum results, and plans in accordance with reality generate successful and auspicious circumstances. Express the best of yourself and you will prove that life at no time is going to fail you. In other words, any creative and industrious energy will always bring the same in return.