Cayce Past Life Report for

Martin Luther King Jr.

January 15, 2020

11:21 AM

Atlanta, Georgia





























What is Karmic Astrology, how does it "work" and how does it relate to reincarnation?

In ancient Egypt, Persia, India, Greece, Rome and in native cultures around the world, it was popularly believed that astrology was actually based on reincarnation, karma and the afterlife. By karma is meant the meeting of oneself in the present through thoughts and deeds from the past. According to the Edgar Cayce readings and the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, all planets, including the Sun and the Moon, have been part of your afterlife experience in your passage between death and a new birth in each lifetime. Astrology, then, cannot be separated from reincarnation (vice versa). It operates not through the signs of the zodiac, but according to a combination of emotional, earthly past life karma and mental, mostly subconscious urges from your unique planetary sojourns between earth lives.

How does the Cayce approach to reincarnation and astrology reveal the meaning and purpose of life?

The Cayce readings emphasize that the purpose of your between-life interplanetary soul journeys, as well as your earth incarnations, is eventually to become a suitable companion with God in His Kingdom. As the Christ did before us, we all have to make ourselves spiritually fit through experiences in all realms of awareness. This is so that in our companionship with the Most High, we will not cause separateness or disruption in the realm of Beauty, Harmony and Divine Power.

Moreover, in gaining a deeper comprehension of your experiences -- physical as well as spiritual -- in the realms of earth, Sun, Moon and other planets, know that all these experiences, challenging or otherwise, are opportunities for you to accomplish this single mission. In whatever dimension or state of consciousness you find yourself, your ultimate awakening and enlightenment is due to one desire of God. His single desire is that you continue to have your own unique thread of gold running through each conscious act or thought, toward your inevitable, eternal companionship with Him. Therefore, use whatever you have in hand -- whether it be astrology, reincarnation, scripture study, chanting, music, meditation, prayer or your dream life --to enhance your inner awareness of your spiritual relationship with God.

Your planetary journeys in the afterlife, then, represent lessons in consciousness and each new earth life is an opportunity to apply -- and ultimately to perfect -- the lessons learned in these heavenly visitations. Again, the purpose of this Cosmic Course is to so develop spiritually and comprehensively that we, like the Christ who did it before us, can once again be fit companions of the Most High.

What are "astrological aspects" and "planetary sojourns" and how are they related to the planets of the solar system?

"Planetary sojourns" are frequently mentioned in the Edgar Cayce readings. They denote your consciousness experiences - - afterlife soul journeys -- in the non-physical dimensions between lives. The different dimensions of these spiritual experiences are linked with the orbits of the planets around the sun. Cayce also calls these interplanetary experiences "astrological aspects." The personal interpretations researched and written for your planetary sojourns begin with the Moon, which serves as a kind of base station from which to review the life just ended and to travel in the heavens before starting a new earth life. Planetary sojourns include afterlife experiences involving the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune (Pluto is rarely mentioned in the Cayce readings and is therefore excluded).

How are planetary sojourns related to the imagination and to our subconscious urges?

As souls between lifetimes we experience each of the ten planetary sojourns as an attribute of God ultimately to be perfected, both in Spirit and in the flesh. Now, each planetary heaven has a peculiar mental-spiritual vibration which is just a little higher than the physical vibration of the earth. Each thought vibration experienced in these planetary heavens uniformly resonates to a common urge, principle or mental image.

These inner urges are actually lessons in consciousness which we have to learn before we can return to God. For example, love and beauty are the basic vibrations making up the common principle of the Venus dimension to be perfected, how to deal with anger and aggression is the lesson peculiar to Mars, while communication and intellectual ability is the dominant chord of Mercury.

Cayce illustrates our thought vibrations and inner urges from our planetary sojourns -- and the lessons we are to learn from our experiences there -- through the metaphor of attending different colleges. Going to one university or another makes for an idiom, mode of speech, lifestyle or attitude which is unique to that place of learning and living. In other words, our mental urges and images make up the essence or the SPIRIT of the institution which was attended. Even though their major field of study might be the same, one student might go to Harvard, another to Yale, and yet another to Oxford, Stanford or the University of Arizona. These students would carry with them the vibrations they created by their years of activity and influence upon -- however small -- those universities and college towns. In this way, then, not only do your inclinations and inner tendencies arise from your activity in a given planetary sojourn between lives, but you can potentially influence the planets more than they influence you!

On my own, can I discover my past lives and planetary sojourns? If so, how should I treat the information in this profile?

Your imagination as well as your dreams draw on your unique reservoir of these mostly subconscious mental urges and inclinations. As a result, your planetary soul journeys -- and your past lives as well -- make for impressions or vibrations which you can tap into through your dreams and during your deeper meditations, as well as during hypnotic regressions. With this in mind, take care that you balance your inner guidance and intuitions about your past lives with the information provided in your personal profile. Cayce emphasized that we each know within everything we need to know about ourselves, past, present and future. Prayerful attunement to your own Higher Self, then, should always take priority over information from sources outside yourself (including this profile).

If some of the material in my reading appears to be inconsistent or contradictory, how can this be explained?

Interpretations of different types of patterns between planets of somewhat opposite natures may come up in your reading. One thing this means is that you are perhaps more complex than you thought you were. Another is that you could be expressing contrasting qualities at different times. Most likely, however, you expressed tendencies to behave in certain ways or to think along certain lines at one time in your life, say when you were young, but have simply outgrown these patterns at this point in your life.

Above all, take the information in your profile and carefully, prayerfully weigh it against what you have learned from going within in meditation, or in your prayer and dream life. Always remember that you are your own best source of information about you, whether you are consciously aware of it or not!

How are the Cayce Readings used to identify my previous incarnations and planetary sojourns?

With nearly 8,000 indexed references to astrology --mostly to planets -- there is obviously a vast amount of astrological material in the Edgar Cayce readings. With all its uplifting spiritual counseling involving past lives, planetary afterlife journeys and present opportunities for growth, this material indeed has practical, immediate value in our lives today. After all, while we each are unique, with unique birthtimes and birthcharts, we all have in common the fact that a horoscope can be erected for the time we were born. Horoscopes can also be set up for the individuals who received the Cayce readings. Therefore astrology is a valid way to link and apply the readings' rich contents to seekers such as yourself who did not have the great fortune of getting a "life reading" from Edgar Cayce.

Using the birth data provided at the beginning of each Cayce reading, with the aid of computers hundreds of horoscopes were set up for the individuals who received the original readings. Planet positions in a given birthchart were carefully compared with what the corresponding reading had to say about that same individual's planets and past life experiences. A given reading's interpretations of two previous planetary sojourn influences upon a certain soul, for instance Mercury and Jupiter, was compared with the type of aspect pattern found between Mercury and Jupiter in that individual's horoscope.

Interpretations of your aspects and past lives, then, are a synthesis of material from readings given for individuals with your very same patterns. Thus, in your personal profile, you will find past life and planetary sojourning interpretations based on what the Edgar Cayce readings say about your unique planetary patterns.

Also, most of the narratives which comprise your profile identify your career potentials and relationship dynamics. Some include health indicators and suggest remedial measures like wearing specific planetary gemstones and using prayer, affirmations, auto-suggestion and working with ideals. Yet to get the most out of your Profile, link your study of it with your meditation, prayer and dream life. And remember that in your deeper meditations and dreams you can tap into your subconscious mind. You can thereby retrieve valuable guidance on how to use your experiences in former lives and planetary soul journeys between lives toward greater soul growth this lifetime.

What are planetary patterns and how are they referred to in the Cayce readings?

Simple geometric patterns or angles between planets mentioned by Cayce in a reading for someone were frequently found in the corresponding birthchart for the individual who received the reading. Three main categories of aspect patterns have been found in the readings and therefore are employed in your profile. First, there is the conjunction, which occurs when two or more planets are conjoined, or in the same place in the zodiac. (The most easily recognized conjunctions are those at a New Moon or an eclipse, when the Sun and Moon are conjoined).

Next there are harmonious patterns between planets. Considered as flowing and easy, harmonious aspect patterns were described by Cayce as "benevolent" and "beneficial." Harmonious patterns represent resources available for our use this lifetime (for instance, in our careers). Harmonious angles are basically triangular or hexagonal in shape, like the honeycomb and the snowflake. To be more specific, two planets are in a harmonious pattern when they are 1/3 or 1/6 of the zodiac away from each other. When 1/3 of the zodiac apart, the angle formed between two planets is a triangle (called a trine for short). When 1/6 of the zodiac separates two planets, the angle formed is hexagonal in shape. This is called a sextile aspect.

Generally, then, the more harmonious aspects -- the sextile, trine and some instances of the conjunction -- were psychically seen by Cayce as generally indicating resourceful life experiences. For example, in many instances, especially when involving your Sun, Mars and Jupiter, these more flowing, positive aspects indicate you have natural potentials for leadership, from your having been a leader in one or more past lives.

Last, there is the inharmonious pattern between planets at your birth. Representing challenges to convert into opportunities for spiritual growth, Cayce consistently referred to these patterns as "adverse" or "afflictions". The angle formed can be that of a square, or a perpendicular angle, when planets are 1/4 of the zodiac away from each other. On the other hand, planets can be 1/2 of the zodiac apart. They are then, of course, opposite each other in the heavens. In fact, the most widely known inharmonious pattern is the Full Moon, when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other. Incidentally, the square is more internal, while the opposition is more external. The opposition shows areas where compromise is needed with others with whom you have karma to work out from past lives.

Moreover, there is a distinct internal consistency to the readings' details on past lives and soul journeys in the planetary dimensions as compared with the type of aspect found in the corresponding horoscope. The inharmonious aspects are consistently identified by Cayce as indicating a lack of will power. This is especially the case with the square aspect. The opposition aspect is characterized by Cayce specifically as presenting "adverse conditions" in the form of self-doubt, or being "afflicted" in applying principles in a spirit of compromise with others. Again, these are karmic conditions --"meeting self" as Cayce put it -- from previous incarnations.

How can prayer and meditation best be used in connection with the Cayce information about my planetary patterns? Also, what kind of results can be expected from using affirmations and prayers on a regular basis?

To begin with, the interpretations of your planetary patterns which make up your profile are paraphrased from the original Cayce readings. They are a representation of your collective experience from the past. Each planetary pattern depicts a portion of your overall personal pattern. Taken collectively, then, your planetary patterns show the precise stage of growth and development you have attained prior to this lifetime. Therefore, understanding your patterns and working with their energies play a vital role in releasing past behaviors which have become stumblingblocks in the present.

Recently, a way was devised to help you do this. Affirmations and prayers have been written for many of the narratives. They describe a certain energy pattern that the planets in the pattern represent. By using these affirmations and prayers, several important things happen. First, you begin to acknowledge the influence your aspects exert on your life. Second, in the case of harmonious, flowing patterns, repeating the affirmations and saying the prayers gives you a chance to recognize, affirm, appreciate and give thanks for your good qualities. Third, in the case of prayers for the more difficult patterns (including some conjunctions), saying the prayers allows you to talk to God about the karmic planetary influences you have created from the past. It gives you the opportunity to "spiritualize" these influences and to obtain healing for their adverse effects.

As you use the affirmations and prayers with a sincere heart and on a regular basis, you will begin to notice subtle changes in your situation. In time, these changes will become dynamic vehicles for growth. What has happened is the Law of Karma has been transformed -- through prayer and meditation --into the Law of Grace. There is no better way to mitigate "negative" astrological and past life influences and to enhance the benefits of your "positive" traits than through prayers and affirmations.

Overall, then, how can I best direct my free will toward greater soul development in this life and prepare for my next lifetime?

First, all influences from planetary sojourns are related to your unique past life history. This is in turn is entirely subject to the action of your free will. Cayce repeatedly makes this point. Whether flowing or difficult, harmonious or inharmonious, your planetary patterns -- as seen through Cayce's clairvoyant eyes -- reveal how you can best direct your will toward greater soul growth this lifetime. As you study your reading, especially note any patterns which emerge, such as multiple mention of the same career or relationship potential or likely past life. These themes should take on special significance in your search and present areas you are likely to continue growing in during your next lifetime.

Most important, though is the necessity to recall that ALL apparent obstacles in your path are spiritual growth opportunities. They are to be welcomed by your will and blessed from your heart. Whether pointing to past achievements or failures, your planetary patterns show what kind of resources are available or are in need of development, both in this life and the next, through the application of your will.

Your birthmap or horoscope containing these planetary patterns is therefore no more of a "cause" for future failure or success than is your high school or college transcript a cause for your failure or success in life. Both your birthmap and educational transcript indicate mental training from learning experiences of different kinds and on a variety of levels. All are subject to change through the application of your free will.

Consequently, your freely chosen ideals and activities in this star system can make or mar your soul's purpose. The special need or unique niche to which you have been appointed by God to fill can and will -- eventually -- be met. Of this you can be certain. However, you can return to the Light now or you can take your time and turn away empty-handed (though not forever). Whether you use your obstacles or opportunities to return to the One very soon or much later, the choice is always yours and yours alone.

As a soul, therefore, although separated for a time, you are destined to return to your Maker. Your WILL is the factor, together with divine Grace, which you can use, especially with the help of prayer and meditation in a life of service on behalf of others, to carry you back to God, to the First Cause. You can then identify yourself as worthy to be ONE WITH the Whole yet aware of your uniqueness as part of the Whole. All souls share this destiny and purpose.


Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth as interpreted through the Edgar Cayce readings for individuals with your very same planetary positions at birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Sun position is 25 deg. 06 min. of Capricorn

Moon position is 19 deg. 14 min. of Pisces

Mercury position is 11 deg. 43 min. of Aquarius

Venus position is 10 deg. 31 min. of Pisces

Mars position is 21 deg. 54 min. of Gemini

Jupiter position is 1 deg. 10 min. of Taurus

Saturn position is 25 deg. 21 min. of Sagittarius

Uranus position is 3 deg. 57 min. of Aries

Neptune position is 0 deg. 54 min. of Virgo

Pluto position is 17 deg. 08 min. of Cancer

Asc. position is 0 deg. 36 min. of Taurus

MC position is 18 deg. 58 min. of Capricorn

Tropical Zodiac Standard time observed.

GMT: 17:21:00 Time Zone: 6 hours West.

Lat. and Long. of birth: 33 N 44 56 84 W 23 17

Sidereal Sun position is 1 deg. 22 min. of Capricorn

Sidereal Moon position is 25 deg. 29 min. of Aquarius

Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction : 8 Deg. Applying and 7 Deg. Separating

Opposition : 7 Deg. Applying and 6 Deg. Separating

Square : 5 Deg. Applying and 4 Deg. Separating

Trine : 8 Deg. Applying and 7 Deg. Separating

Sextile : 6 Deg. Applying and 5 Deg. Separating

Harmonious aspects are: Trine or Sextile

Inharmonious aspects are: Square or Opposition



Your Cayce Past Life Report begins on the following page . . .

Your Moon harmoniously aspects the Sun.

This pattern is particularly supportive of your spiritual development this lifetime. Directly resulting from your previous life accomplishments, this pattern not only enhances your physical health, but also aids your development toward the goal of the higher calling, as set in the Christ. The Sun leaves you with the positive karmic afterglow of relationships from your cosmic past. Since most of your meaningful associations will have past life linkages, the potential is there for primarily positive relationships in this life.

This pattern also gives you high potential for the successful integration of the conscious and unconscious mind: the outer and inner self. The degree of this success is shaped by whether or not you apply your will in a positive manner.

Coming from a harmonious conception with positive karmic connections with your parents, you will be successful through exercising your independence, inner stability and self-reliance. However, do realize that while you can never be completely self-sufficient, spiritual development comes from within. Never allow that development and the experiences associated with it to separate your spiritual self totally from your physical, financial or mental activities. Those who do often become egoists and therefore stumbling blocks to themselves.

Your successful personality integration is indicated in how you have gone forward in your soul development this lifetime by the sheer force of your will. You have so well exercised your will that you have developed far beyond the level of the average person. For instance, you are able to force yourself to do things which are unpleasant. At the same time you are able to avoid purely self-satisfying experiences, especially those pertaining to carnal, sexual desires.

You are very efficiency-oriented and inclined to make a little go a long way. Your vocation should include educational work with young people and any plausible area where you can communicate a specific message to a wide audience. You are then one who can bring a great deal of joy and upliftment to others by teaching spiritual principles as well as by being an example for others to follow. You are also able to give much joy through your own individual efforts. [1201-1]

Your Moon is in an inharmonious aspect with Mars.

You are strongly inclined to seek an independent career, to strike your own course in life. Your father is likely to be Martian in character or occupation, and to have an unfortunate history, which makes your family background less than ideal. Also, your health may not be as robust as it should be. Outdoor exercise, attention to nutrition, especially your iron and fiber intake, and stress management would do much to strengthen your physical constitution.

Having experienced the wrathful Mars dimension between earth lives, antagonism is likely between your passionate, animal side and your emotional-feeling life. Your emotions at times may get out of control, causing a number of challenges. For instance, you may manifest at times an obstinate, intolerant, "me first" attitude. If you are unwilling to be dominated, you are likely to attract from past lives karma to meet through an aggressive mate.

In your previous life, you may have been an early American settler. During that incarnation, you may well have had some frightening and painful experiences which are brought back to you in this life in the form of the emotional challenges just described. Moreover, you may often be presented with opportunities to deal constructively with separations and quarrels involving souls linked to you from previous incarnations where conflicts were frequent but unresolved.

These challenges will be intensified if your manner is too Martian and dominating. If these argumentative, wrathful energies you experienced during your previous incarnation and afterlife soul journey in the Mars dimension are not moderated by application of your will, you will probably face many challenges with your friendships, family and personal relationships. Your great need here is to set before your inner self such ideals as self-restraint, patience and love.

Do bear in mind that these influences are the RESULT of what you have done ABOUT your past. They are NEVER beyond the reach of your free will choice. For instance, you can choose to avoid acting in your own self-interest. Instead, put your attention toward the purpose of bringing good into the lives of others. Otherwise, you will bring suffering to yourself through an inner war between self-centered fears and passions on one hand and your spiritual development on the other.

That is, trials and temptations resulting from indulging your desires may often conflict with and block progress toward developing your innate spirituality.

As an aid in working with these challenges, here is an affirmation which you might repeat in meditation (though perhaps phrased in your own words): "I will be shown how to come to grips with my strong feelings and emotional strain. I will learn to be more tactful so that I do not initiate a confrontation or take offense too easily when faced with a trying situation. I will instead develop a constructive, selfless attitude toward others, so that I can be of greater service to God." [4286-3, 137-4,12]

Your Mars is in an inharmonious pattern with Saturn.

Mars is the consciousness dimension experienced between earth lives which prompts us toward action and applying energy (whether aggressively, athletically, competitively, militarily or wrathfully). Saturn is the realm of heavy changes and basic soul reprogramming. You chose a day of birth when these two planets were inharmoniously squared off or opposite each other in the zodiac, as seen from the earth. This is a challenging pattern which creates a tendency for you to be pulled often in opposite directions: for instance, you may have urges to act yet feel equally strongly the necessity not to act.

These conflicting, if not erratic, influences have been fed by your interlife soul activities in these planetary heavens, with the challenge wherein you "blow hot, then cold." This results in dissatisfaction frequently entering into areas of your life -- especially your career -- in which your physical energies are directed.

So special effort will be needed at such times for you to exert your will force to control your temperament. This is particularly likely to be true of urges toward anger and a tendency toward hastiness in drawing conclusions and judging others. This is usually because others are not in accord with a specific desire of yours to impel them to think the same way as you do.

In your previous life you may well have been an American pioneer or pilgrim, perhaps acting as a soldier of fortune, or as one of those who condemned spiritualism in New England (which was then called witchcraft). While the action of your will regarding personal ideals of love and unity override ALL astrological and karmic influences, it may appear at times that you take advantage of others, pursuing things which are satisfying to you at the moment.

If and when such conditions manifest, bear in mind that you are part of a larger whole, part of a family, a city, a body of laws, a country, a part of the Body of Christ. Unless you are as considerate of others as you are of yourself, in this natural wholistic relationship just described, there will come turmoil and strife. Remember too that soul growth does not necessarily come from some mighty act of courage or grand purpose to carry out through some spectacular experience. And do bear in mind that true spiritual progress comes through what you THINK in your heart day by day.

In fact, anyone is blessed if they have the good fortune -- as you can have through exercising your free will --to turn those forces that seem to block your constructive thoughts and actions into opportunities to revive your soul's purpose in this lifetime.

And it is this very lack of a definite higher purpose that probably drives you through such restless, often self-centered changes and varying interests. Instead, center your purpose in the Christ and prayerfully study and personalize His promises in the Scriptures, especially in chapters 14-17 of John's Gospel.

Above all, know what your ultimate standard, your true purpose, your guiding ideal really is way down deep: that is, determine within yourself, for instance through studying your dreams or other forms of self-analysis, whether your ideal is spiritual, truly creative, or merely for enhancing your ego and for self-gratification. The choice can only be made by you.

On the more resourceful side, you have a naturally good business sense and with application of your will toward tempering your temperament, development of your soul forces --bringing you contentment and satisfaction -- is likely to come near the middle of your life. [1977-1, 3630-2, 1757-2, 4835-1, 1587-1, 1978-1]

Your Jupiter harmoniously aspects Neptune.

You are one who would be called the old, or the more highly evolved, or greater developed soul. You will benefit materially and spiritually this lifetime through applying your capacity to harmonize inner, soul-derived intuitions and psychic perceptions -- from your experience in Neptune -- and your outer, world-related judgment from Jupiter.

In fact, you have a very unique and broad capacity for and receptivity to all things mystical, mysterious and creative (in both the natural and supernatural sense). You are able to share with others the practical benefits and material applications of mysticism and inner guidance as few may.

In the application of your soul experiences in the realm of Neptune, with resultant mystical influences and unusual experiences in visions and in dreams, when analyzed will be found to be most valuable to many an individual seeking to know the effect of metaphysical and mystical forces upon the human family. Also, you could be an excellent investigator into traditions surrounding lost civilizations like that of the Druids, Mayans or Atlanteans.

When your mental and physical drives are from purely spiritual sources and your activities are entirely consistent with ideals of service for others, peace and harmony will be yours. However, when these promptings are self-centered, they will bring conflict not only mentally but materially, especially regarding your finances and health.

Therefore, with gifts like yours, it is of the utmost importance to first find out through prayer and meditation what are your true motives, spiritual priorities and ideals. Moreover, because of Neptune and its aspect at this particular time of the your sojourn into the earth, nearness to large bodies of water would enhance your spiritual and psychic attunement.

Hence, engage yourself only in creative activities that are constructive spiritually; that is, which create new, positive experiences for many other people. In addition to group healing endeavors and laying on of hands, you might also pool your resources with likeminded individuals in the search for lost, hidden or esoteric knowledge. Yet do remember that your greatest personal growth will involve your psychic sensitivity: your greater development will be through the sensitivity in your intuitive abilities. [620-1, 670-1]

Your Jupiter harmoniously aspects Saturn.

You are patient, persevering, honest, sincere and inclined toward the arts. At the same time, you have marked executive abilities with a somewhat masculine mind in your ability mentally to project goals and physically to carry them out. Yet this rather Saturnian frame of thought is almost always tempered with your Jupiterian urge to seek higher, ennobling influences as the criteria for a more spiritual life.

From your experience in Jupiter, were you to apply your natural sense of good judgment in counseling others, you would be successful in helping them to straighten out their mental and emotional problems. This you could best do through a practical integration of imagination and deeper soul visions while visualizing the positive psychological effect being created. One way such healing could be carried out is through guided imagery and group prayer. In such ways you could accomplish a great deal for yourself and for others.

Through this kind of application, you are able to share with others in need a safe, sane understanding of what you uniquely know, believe, dream of or envision and hold deep within yourself. Yet do not forget that while to know and not to do anything with what you know can count against you in soul development, to not know yet to do the best that you know, feel and experience within is counted as true spirituality and righteousness.

Jupiter's influence also tends you to have relationships with groups and larger numbers of people, rather than isolated individuals. Saturn's influence makes for many specific projects and activities which are full of financial and social prospects but often do not materialize to the fullest extent possible. These instances should be seen as clear opportunities not for longsuffering in the sense of duty but for developing a higher patience as an opportunity for soul growth, peace and harmony within. This is that patience through which you know and therefore most truly possess, your own soul.

Now, your experience in Saturn is one to which you cast yourself as being insufficient in earthly terms and in the present, you have the opportunity to rebuild, remold or resuscitate your inner soul forces in line with your outer objectives. From Jupiter you have a truly philosophical and religious spirit behind your Saturnian, worldly ambitions. Because you are willing to apply what you know and work for what you want, you will achieve success.

In the application, then, of your own talents will come a contentment that you are living up to your ideal, regardless of how others may criticize you. Above all, do not criticize or condemn yourself. Instead, act in such a way that you will always do the very best with what you have in hand at any given time. Let the consequences be in Christ's keeping. [1728-2]

Your Saturn is in a harmonious pattern with Neptune.

You were born at a time when Saturn (practical planet of changes) and Neptune (spiritual plane of ideals, dreams, and visions) were in a resourceful, flowing pattern. This is one of the most fortunate ones to have at birth, for Neptune elevates Saturn to its highest, most ideal level.

Therefore, from your karmic past this brings you spirituality and philosophical depth with the ability to rely on and apply your dream and meditation guidance in practical ways. Rather than seeking counsel around you, meet your Maker within yourself, and let the guidance come there as to what you shall do.

Another fortunate feature of this pattern is the opportunity for you to explore inner spiritual planes successfully and without misfortune. You can then express your experiences in useful, concrete ways valuable to others on the spiritual path.

In other words, you can be of unique service as the practical spiritual pioneer who dreams. These experiences in the earth are not so that you can achieve either fame or fortune or even the recognition of a wonderful accomplishment, but that you can always be a channel through which blessings and help may come to others.

In addition, you are inclined to be very conscientious and hard working, with very good business skills, especially in management and organizational work, and in design or planning.

Be sure to balance the responsible, business side of your life with opportunities for rest and recreation. You will be even more effective when you labor if you take time to love nature -- to smell its flowers, listen to its birds, watch its sunsets.



NOTE: The Zodiac signs of the Sun and Moon are

analyzed below. First they will be analyzed in

the Tropical zodiac. If the positions are

different in the Sidereal zodiac, then they

will also be analyzed in the Sidereal zodiac.

Also, if the Sun and Moon are in the same zodiac

sign, then only the Sun position is interpreted;

the Moon position, being the same as the Sun

position, does not needed to be interpreted in

this case.


Your Sun is in Capricorn (Tropical zodiac).

Capricorn's influence inclines you to be one who is both a materialist AND one interested in spiritual things.

For instance, you were probably once among the natives of North America, who long before the white man set foot upon this shore, had developed an extraordinarily rich and meaningful culture. In fact, many things associated with the American Indians are likely to be innate talents or otherwise special to you.

From one or more lifetimes as a native American, you developed a knack for being able to handle powerful changes in your life situation. You also have an appreciation of the balance and organized interplay of Mother Nature and her creatures, as well this natural ability to move with the flow of life around you.

While you have a strong sense of independence and personal identity, you also well understand the necessity for people to live and work together as social beings. Therefore you acknowledge and accept the need for group organization, responsibility and structured communications.

Order, responsibility and structure, along with a capacity to cope and grow with heavy changes in life, are also key influences of Saturn, the planet which rules or best symbolizes the sign of Capricorn.

Now, because of your independent, down-to-earth attitude, carried over in part from past lives when your personal sense of identity was intense, you may often experience a kind of power struggle with your partner. This attitude probably occurred often in times of military involvement with the ideals of victory with honor, such as during the Greek wars between ancient Sparta and Athens. [1869-1]

Your Moon is in Pisces (Tropical zodiac).

Coming under the influences of Pisces, water and religion or spiritual matters are likely to have an untold influence on you. Of course, this depends upon the way you respond to these kinds of experiences, for they have probably played an important part or at least have been innate in your experience through many lifetimes in the earth.

Pisces means or symbolizes what is naturally, or by its very nature, representative of influences of the higher soul or higher spiritual level. Hence those things of the spiritual nature should preferably be the way in which your judgments are drawn, as to whether this or that activity should be your impelling influence. Not that you should become lost in motives or in influences impelling your actions: just use those things of the spiritual import as the measuring rod of your activities and experiences.

In light of this, the period around the birth and ministry of Jesus, the Christ, is the clearest past life for you to recall and build upon in the present. You may even remember a lifetime as part of Roman culture, where priority was placed upon position in society and in the military.

Another early Church memory might be stronger for you: the hills around Galilee and the desert near the Dead Sea where the Essenes and others gathered to meditate and study. Then too you may be emotionally drawn to painful scenes of being among early Christians who were martyred for the courage of believing in the Messiah. Regardless of specifics, you are quite likely always to be dominated by a sense of expectancy and mystery.

In later lifetimes since the early Church period, you were probably celibate, as a nun or monk of a leading religious order.

Noble, compassionate Jupiter and spiritual, mystical Neptune are the two rulers or key symbols for the sign of Pisces. From Neptune comes the intuitive forces, the mystical or mysterious influences in your experience, whether you allow them to be mentally or consciously active or not. Another influence of these planets as expressed through Pisces is that although you have a great deal of compassion, you may be too passive in expressing your personal energy and soul force. Also, it will probably be much easier for you than for most people to suppress your sexual desires because of the memory of one or more past lives when you set aside your personal concerns for the good of the entire community. [816-3, 1506-1, 997-1]

Your Moon is in Aquarius (Sidereal zodiac).

Aquarius makes for the application of your mental self, so that there are tendencies for you to analyze carefully any given project, or any undertaking dealing with the material world. Also, the more often you undertake projects when others must be considered as well, it will be far better that you manifest a truly cooperative spirit while doing so.

The planet ruled or symbolized by Aquarius is Uranus, which is the purely Atlantean planet. In other words, Uranus is the principal theme of Aquarius, and because Uranus is the realm of a distinctive Atlantean nature, then Aquarius is the zodiacal sign best symbolized by thoughts, personalities and activities akin to the series of prehistoric "space age" civilizations known as Atlantis.

For example, you may once have been involved with scientific discovery and invention, and therefore in the present have the potential again for investigating more scientific or technical areas like computers, engineering, inventing, research, astrology and parapsychology, space travel and the like.

Other similar experiences and abilities with high technologies ranging from electronics in medicine to communications are close to you in terms of your interests and abilities, yet are far away in time. This is also true of a great number of souls who have incarnated in the twentieth century (especially since World War Two), with memories spanning many millennia between the present time and the ancient Atlantean civilizations.

Yet other lifetimes have surely intervened since your Atlantean incarnation. They could range from being an astrologer or magician in the courts of kings to a dedicated pioneer at the frontier of a new land. Or you may have been one who set sail for distant ports only to be carried away in search of lost legends. Other lives, including the present one, could well feature you as one whose stride through life has labeled you as a dreamer, at least to more material-minded souls. [1265-1, 3902-2]


Your Past Life Decanates

According to an ancient Vedic astrology method

still practiced in India, Past Life Planets are realms

in which you sojourned between earth lifetimes. They

are identified through the position of your sidereal

Sun and Moon in the decanates (a decanate is a one-

third division of a zodiac sign; each is ruled by a

planet). Any patterns involving these Past Life

Planets are therefore of special importance. Pay extra

attention, then, to any sections of your Report which

interpret these planets.

NOTE: If your Sun and Moon are both located in a

decanate which is ruled by the same planet, then

only the Sun position is interpreted; the Moon's

decanate position, being the same as the Sun's,

therefore does not need to be interpreted.

Your Sun is in Capricorn Decanate

Your sidereal Sun is in the decanate of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the all-important realm to which the soul casts itself for purging and cleansing. Your likely sojourn between earth lives in Saturn's realm points to a major experience of soul reprogramming and self-purification. This brings into your present the essential of a "fresh start" lifetime.

Therefore, armed with self-discipline and excellent organizational and management skills, you will have special opportunities for spiritual progress through the mature way in which you face heavy changes and responsibilities. Also, an early death in one or more prior lives, especially in childhood (or perhaps even through suicide), is indicated.

Your Moon is in Libra Decanate

Your sidereal Moon is in LIBRA decanate, which is ruled by Venus. Venus as Past Life Planet points to high priorities in creativity, sociability and relationships, especially in your family/home life and in the world of nature. Urges toward these experiences and interests from your sojourn in the Venus dimension are likely to originate in parallel lifetimes of soul development through these areas of self-expression.

Especially indicated are lives in the early Jewish-Christian Church and later as an artist-musician in modern times, whether in the West (Europe and/or America), or in modern or colonial Asia.


Sources Researched for Your Past Life Report

The primary source for your Past Life Report is Edgar Cayce's original Past Life Astrology readings. The past life interpretations of your planetary patterns identify by case number specific Cayce readings used (see references below for researching these readings on your own). While as many as a dozen readings might be used in one interpretation, a few interpretations of particular planet combinations do not use the Cayce information. This is because no one receiving a reading from Cayce which discussed those planets also had the same planets in that particular combination at their birth. Especially is this so with the fast moving Moon, as most readings did not include the timed birth data necessary for calculating the Moon's position. Also, Cayce seldom mentioned the Moon, thus further limiting his readings as a resource for interpreting the Moon's influence. And he referred to Pluto even less often, partly because it was not discovered until nearly 20 years after he gave his first astrology reading (prior to its actual discovery and naming by astronomers, Cayce, knowing clairvoyantly of Pluto's existence, referred to it by the names Septimus and Vulcan).

Other sources used as the basis for your Past Life Report include, in addition to the Cayce readings, Alda Marian Jangl's Astrological Prayerbook, from which she and her publisher Samuel Weiser kindly granted permission to quote. Also consulted were works by Isabel Hickey and Alan Carter for their valuable insights into planet aspects.

Another important component of this Report includes Cayce's relatively rare comments about the signs of the zodiac (his emphasis was almost entirely on planets rather than signs) and past life settings for the Sun and Moon in the zodiacal signs, tropical and sidereal. The past life geographical, historical and cultural settings for the 12 zodiac signs are based in part on a source who wishes to remain anonymous.

Finally, the Past Life Report includes interpretations of the sidereal Sun and Moon in the 36 decanates, based on the planetary ruler of the decanate (akin to a method still used in Hindu/Vedic astrology). These decanate interpretations are in turn based on parallel decanate analyses of the Cayce readings, a research method discussed at length with case studies in Ry Redd's Toward A New Astrology: The Approach of Edgar Cayce (available from the American Federation of Astrologers and the Association for Research and Enlightenment or A.R.E., the organization founded by Cayce). An additional source for the Cayce readings which you might like to consult in looking further into readings used in your Past Life Report is Astrology in the Edgar Cayce Readings, Library Series volumes 17 and 18 (A.R.E., Box 595, Virginia Beach, VA 23451; the Cayce readings are open to the public in the A.R.E. Library in Virginia Beach). Ry Redd also welcomes questions about researching the readings in his collection.