The Cosmo Compatibility Report for

Nicolas Cage


Lisa Marie Presley

Data for Nicolas Cage:             Data for Lisa Marie Presley:
January 7, 1964                    February 1, 1968
5:30 AM                            5:01 PM
Harbor City, California            Memphis, Tennessee
33 N 47 24  118 W 17 49            35 N 08 58  90 W 02 56
Standard time observed             Standard time observed
Time Zone: 8 hours West            Time Zone: 6 hours West

Sun     16 deg 17 min Capricorn    Sun     12 deg 10 min Aquarius
Moon    26 deg 13 min Libra        Moon    21 deg 52 min Pisces
Mercury  9 deg 23 min Capricorn    Mercury  0 deg 21 min Pisces
Venus   18 deg 15 min Aquarius     Venus    7 deg 37 min Capricorn
Mars    25 deg 33 min Capricorn    Mars    18 deg 19 min Pisces
Jupiter 11 deg 23 min Aries        Jupiter  3 deg 13 min Virgo
Saturn  21 deg 06 min Aquarius     Saturn   8 deg 12 min Aries
Uranus   9 deg 50 min Virgo        Uranus  28 deg 51 min Virgo
Neptune 17 deg 21 min Scorpio      Neptune 26 deg 21 min Scorpio
Pluto   14 deg 06 min Virgo        Pluto   22 deg 29 min Virgo

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Nicolas's Sun in Capricorn and Lisa Marie's Sun in Aquarius:

Sometimes the two of you do not understand or feel comfortable with one another's style. Carefully thought-out plans, practical instincts, realism and a pragmatic, down-to-earth approach characterize Nicolas. Caution or skepticism about new ideas and anything that lacks tangible proof and has not stood the test of time also typify Nicolas. Lisa Marie, on the other hand, has very contemporary and progressive ideas, interests, and inclinations, many of which may seem ridiculous, ungrounded or impractical to Nicolas. Lisa Marie loves to experiment and Nicolas may cast doubt (or, positively be a stabilizing influence) on Lisa Marie's actions. Lisa Marie can open Nicolas up and shake Nicolas up when necessary. Nevertheless, both of you invest a lot of time in work and career. You are both ambitious and career-oriented and if handled wisely, your differences can complement each other very well rather than conflict with each other.

Nicolas's Moon in Libra and Lisa Marie's Moon in Pisces:

Both of you are peace-loving and need a harmonious, non-competitive atmosphere. Both of you avoid conflict as much as possible and Lisa Marie in particular is something of a pacifist, at least in personal relationships.

There are differences between you, though. Lisa Marie has little sense of limits or boundaries, and may be very comfortable in a rather fluid, disorderly, even chaotic, sort of atmosphere. Nicolas has a highly developed sense of balance, proportion, and symmetry, and naturally seeks order.

Moderation, appropriateness, and a happy medium are important to Nicolas, while Lisa Marie tends to go to excess in everything. For instance, Lisa Marie is essentially very generous and compassionate and will give endlessly and indiscriminately to someone with a sad story. Lisa Marie often becomes involved in friendships where one person is primarily the giver or helper and the other is dependent and needy, the receiver in the relationship. Nicolas, on the other hand, seeks a reciprocal friendship between equals and is very much aware of how much each person has given and taken. Nicolas wants the scales to be balanced.

Also, Lisa Marie is very emotional, psychically receptive and intuitive, while Nicolas is more unemotional and rational in comparison.

Lisa Marie's Sun Sextile Nicolas's Jupiter:

The two of you really enjoy each other's company! Nicolas has a great deal of confidence in Lisa Marie and is able to see Lisa Marie's best qualities. You are very encouraging and supportive of each other, helping each other to be more confident, open new doors, and advance and grow in both inner and outer ways. This positive note of good will and harmony is also invaluable in helping the two of you overcome differences in temperament and other stressful aspects of your relationship discussed elsewhere in this report.

Nicolas's Mercury Conjunct Lisa Marie's Venus:

You enjoy sharing ideas and viewpoints about art, culture, psychology, and literature. You work well together on ideas that involve an artistic or emotional quality. Conversations, in general, are pleasant and harmonious.

Nicolas's Mercury Square Lisa Marie's Saturn:

Lisa Marie is often critical and coldly analytical of Nicolas's ideas, and Nicolas is likely to feel belittled by Lisa Marie. If both of you are able to offer criticisms and comments with a helpful, positive attitude, then this astrological influence need not be overwhelming, but the tendency to feel blocked and frustrated in your communications is very strong. You must make sincere efforts to listen receptively and sympathetically!

Lisa Marie's Venus Square Nicolas's Jupiter:

You enjoy laughing, playing, socializing, and going out together to have a good time. You are expansive and generous with one another, and are inclined to spend unwisely, overeat, or otherwise overindulge when you're together. If you live together or work closely with one another, disagreements regarding finances, budgeting, or investments are likely to arise.

Lisa Marie's Venus Trine Nicolas's Uranus:

This is a lively, enthusiastic, exciting relationship. You feel very uninhibited with each other and are able to express yourselves freely with each other. If you both enjoy dancing, music, or similar sports, then you have found an excellent partner for these activities!

Lisa Marie's Mars Opposition Nicolas's Pluto:

There is a dynamism and energy in this relationship that can spur the two of you to work hard together towards a shared goal, but at times you are also likely to feel like adversaries. You can end up in bitter power struggles with each other, and feel like your friend is trying to manipulate you. To prevent these problems, you must be able to accept differences of opinion and differing goals and ambitions. Nicolas, especially, must avoid dominating or undermining Lisa Marie's efforts. You can drive one another to extremes.

Nicolas's Mars Trine Lisa Marie's Uranus:

An electric, exciting quality infuses your relationship and you encourage one another to be bold, confident, and assertive. Vigorous physical activities, like sports, are good outlets for the vital dynamic energy you generate together. Your unusual, original, unconventional impulses emerge when you are together, also.

Nicolas's Mars Trine Lisa Marie's Pluto:

You build one another's courage, and bring out the Hero in one another. Together, you have an enormous amount of energy for working and accomplishing. Lisa Marie, especially, may drive or push Nicolas further than Nicolas could go or would want to go alone.

Lisa Marie's Mars Trine Nicolas's Neptune:

You enjoy watching movies, reading novels, discussing music and the arts, and pursuing religious or metaphysical areas together. You work well together in any area that involves a strong imaginative element. The spiritual bond between you is strong, and as you spend time together, your ideals and your sense of purpose in life becomes more refined and intertwined.