Main screen to Goravani Jyotish.


GJ3.gif (30524 bytes) Choices to print or view on screen.



Fancier Main screen to Goravani Jyotish - you have different choices for your main display.

This display takes more memory to work with. So if you have a slower computer it is best to use the simpler display.



GJ4.jpg (40527 bytes) When choosing the fancier display in the preferences module on-screen viewing for  subject matter is also enhanced.

Working with the basic display on-screen viewing is identical to your printouts with a white backround.

You can view Goravani Jyotish printouts from Samples of Charts and Lists.


GJ5.jpg (44755 bytes) Varga chart listings with information on Shad Bala.



GJ6.jpg (44243 bytes) Friends and Enemies and other planetary relationships.