Hallor1.JPG (45105 bytes) Main screen for all Halloran's Astrol Deluxe versions.

The difference between different versions show up in the choices you have under "Options" and "Customization."



Hallor2.JPG (43867 bytes)  

This is the main screen for working with charts. It is the same in all versions of Astrol Deluxe for Windows.

Only in Astrol Deluxe Report Writer do you have the "Interpretation" option. When you open this drop down menu you have choices to produce which ever Halloran interpretation report programs own to the screen, printer or file.


Hallor3.JPG (43141 bytes) When choosing the drop down menu from "Display" on top of the toolbar you have a dozen choices to work with your charts, such as a list of   planetary aspects in the chart, midpoints and asteroids in longitude and aspect in the chart you are working with.

Here you gain information on various chart analysis data.

"Display" options differ between different versions. The more advanced version provides the greatest options.