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The composite Sun, like the Sun in a natal chart, is the heart of the relationship and its primary drive and focus. The sign in which it falls will color the entire relationship, as many of the important events in the relationship will occur when transiting bodies are in this sign. If it is strong in its house position and supported by good aspects from other bodies, the relationship will have a solid center and will tend to sustain itself despite the buffets of adversity. If it is poorly aspected or in a difficult house position, the relationship will be easily damaged and difficult to repair as the natural cyclical transits will tend to reinforce negative qualities of the relationship rather than positive. The Sun's primary quality is restorative drive, the general impetus toward life and its sustenance, rather than any specific traits or areas of endeavor such as are represented by the planets. Therefore its placement will tell the overall thrust and style of the relationship and how well it bears up under fire, rather than give the details of just how it will do so. A badly placed Sun can mean a relationship that is almost certain to fail, because wounds to the partnership won't heal themselves. A very well-placed Sun can mean a relationship that sustains and resuscitates itself so well that it may even be difficult to get out of should either partner choose to do so (as might be the case if the planetary aspects were very difficult or if the two natal charts themselves were in great conflict). It is the driving engine of the relationship and everything else orbits around it and derives life from its energy.



It may be said that the fundamental driving engine of this relationship is communication. Staying in touch with each other in a very specific, verbal way will be very important and, fortunately, fairly easy unless there are serious problems elsewhere. It is also the kind of relationship which can make easy contacts with others and help them to express themselves more easily. What others feel on a gut level, you may be able to put into words for them. The same goes for the individual partners in this relationship: when either has a difficult time expressing what is going on inside, the two of you together may much more easily flush out the feelings and convert them to a form where you can more easily understand and deal with them. If there is a stylistic problem here, it may be difficult not to lighten up and you may be accused of being obstinate because you are supplying glib answers to profound questions. Where this is the case the partner with the most style and talent should be in charge of the situation. The nice thing about partnerships, which is too often forgotten, is that each party can act independently on the behalf of both and thus change the whole effect of the relationship. You should feel free to move in an out of this, as yours has a fairly fluid style to begin with.


The Composite Moon

The symbolism of the composite Moon in a relationship is that of reflection - not in the sense of intellectual deliberation or thoughtful rumination but much more literally, reflective like a mirror. Whereas the Sun represents the primal, outgoing energy in the relationship, the Moon shows how the relationship reacts to situations once they have been presented to it. When someone approaches you with an idea, do you react to it, criticize it, laugh at it or with it? Steal it? Ignore it? Expand upon it? Extending this logic, it, of course means how you feel about a situation, the process and style in which your emotions are stirred. The things to which you react include each other, so the position of the composite Moon will be critical to the emotional well-being and functionality of the relationship, independent of your individual natures. Thus, a well-placed and well-supported composite Moon can lend clarity and cooperation to the most confused and befuddled people who might never expect to get along; whereas an afflicted composite Moon can throw dissension and conflict into the lives of the most well-adjusted and easy-going persons who normally get along with everybody. This is, of course, because this reflective, emotional effect is largely subconscious, and because it does not emanate from either of you in the usual way, you are unfamiliar with its style and rhythms. This accounts for a lot of the "magic" - both good and bad - that is associated with relationships. On the positive side, it can mean a relationship that seems to heal one or both of you and just makes everything go right that didn't before. This is a marvelous feeling but one that can lead to a mistaken dependency on your partner as the source of the improvement when it is actually the relationship itself that should get the credit. On the opposite side it can lead to mutual blame for making things worse when the fault lies with neither of you but in the structure of the situation itself. The great advantage of having the details of the compositechart available to you is that you can better differentiate the strengths and weaknesses of the situation from those which may lie within yourselves. The former you will have to work around on the exterior, the latter you will have to work from within. In tandem with the Sun, the Moon and its position will make or break most relationships. If the Sun and Moon are well-placed and well- aspected, the relationship is anything from a good bet to a sure thing, regardless of the other positions and problems that need to be worked out. If the Sun and Moon are badly positioned or afflicted, it will be an uphill fight all the way, and one that either or both of you may choose to set aside unless you feel compelled to spend a great deal of time, energy, and emotion rising to the challenge. Life is about choices, and here especially the composite chart can help supply the data you need to aid you in your selection.



Once this relationship gets into action, it is likely to be very dynamic and full of motion, particularly in the way it responds to the challenges of life. You have a strong tendency to get in and mix things up with nothing too sacred to change if necessary. In an exterior sense, this can make you great problem solvers when faced with a challenge from without, as you do not let yourselves get held back by the conventions or assumptions of others. When dealing with each other, however, such an approach may be, at times, intrusive in that partners can be more sensitive than the other realizes. Therefore, go easily and thoughtfully before trying to make changes too great or too rapidly. Indeed, remember that there may be a tendency to make changes for their own sake when things may be perfectly in order as they are. Suggestion, rather than insistence, is the obvious solution, to help you keep lines of communication open and prevent you from getting caught up in a whirlwind of change that might become dizzying and confusing rather than needed and helpful. Attention to mutual balance will allow you to be in the vanguard of relationship potential, both with each other and as viewed by those around you. Proceed, but with moderation and respect for the feelings of your partner and your surroundings.



Mercury in the composite chart represents the mutual meeting of minds, or lack of it, between you. It also represents your ability to communicate to others as a couple or as individuals. In the first instance, in which the position symbolizes the shore between two intellects, it will be important to know what kind of communication goes on: by style, substance, and action (sign, house, and aspect). A well-placed Mercury will mean that you can put clearly into words what you mean to say to each other, and such a position can be of great help in alleviating emotional problems that may not easily come to the surface. If you can both say how you feel, you've gone a long way towards being able to change. On the other hand, a badly placed Mercury can have the opposite effect, stirring up emotional problems where there were none by simply getting communications wires crossed. In a professional relationship this can mean all sorts of pointless starts and stops because of faulty information, particularly in an increasingly information-oriented society. The position of Mercury therefore becomes increasingly critical in relationships in general. Its placement also describes how you communicate as a duo with the public at large, so herein lies further opportunities for good or ill. Well-placed, it will mean that you may be able to get yourself across to the world at large through the relationship rather than on your own. Where there are difficulties here, it may be better to speak your own piece and not let the relationship represent you. Nevertheless, knowing the situation in advance can help enormously, as you won't have to learn the communications value of the relationship by trial and error or blame each other for problems that arise from what is essentially a third party with its own horoscope, the relationship itself. Rather, you can take advantage of the best that it offers and avoid what looks like trouble by one or both of you pulling back on your own to handle problems the relationship does not cope with well.



A very well-placed Mercury by sign makes this relationship's abilities to think, analyze, and communicate have extra high potential. When together, it should be easy to put into words what you are trying to say - if anything- too easy, and you may have to edit your ideas until they reach a size that you individually can wrap your heads around. In a world where communication and the manipulation of information is gaining increasing value, this is an asset you should be able to turn into money if that is your intent. Even though individually you may not be so glib, together you will likely provide each other with the missing pieces to make clarity and swiftness of understanding a sure thing. Because of this, you can also make yourself the mouthpiece for others who are less articulate and take a piece of the action along the way or just do it as a favor for a friend. The only thing you should be careful of is that you try to communicate on an emotional and spiritual level as well. It can be easy to rely on words alone and expect everyone to know what you are saying (including your partner). Some people's communications are largely non-verbal and it would be wise to study just how this is done so that you don't miss something important in the information storm you may create and feel quite sufficient for your own purposes.



The planet Venus represents desire, attraction, what you physically and emotionally desire and as a composite position describes where your desires meet and either blend or conflict, or a bit of both. This is too often applied to love interests alone, although it covers them as well. It means everything you desire - money, position, beautiful things, property, friends, lovers, anything that you want and believe if you get it, will make you happy. It also has another side which is your ability to appear to provide just such fulfillment for others, thus symbolizing personal charm, beauty, attractiveness, wealth, and so on. It's the two-way wish fulfillment point where dreams are born. When this is viewed between two people as a composite point, it means how and whether you make each other's dreams, on a very basic level, come true. If badly placed, it can mean continual desire and constant disappointment. If strong by position, it will be a buttress to the relationship, as you know you will always get what you want when you come back to it. It is, of course, critical in telling how a sexual relationship will unfold and can spell repeated ecstasy or constant frustration, especially taken in tandem with composite Mars. It also represents how well the relationship as a whole will be able to realize its goals and desires, which will of course be directly connected with its ability to make itself desirable, both of which are described by this composite point. Thus, an afflicted composite Venus is a double indemnity, because it usually prevents either of you from getting what you want out of each other, and it means the relationship will not get what it wants, either. Conversely, a well-aspected composite Venus is like a gift from above, as it means mutual success and satisfaction all around. In judging the overall success of a relationship, this is indeed a very important position.



Venus rules Taurus and thus is comfortably placed in its own sign, which gives this relationship an easy and regular pace in satisfying your physical and emotional desires. In fact, it may help even out imbalances between the two of you in the method and style with which you go about satisfying your appetites. You will take a road of moderation and persistence so that you don't overdo and don't give up before you get what you want. Because of a more down-to-earth and realistic approach to what gains are feasible, you are less likely to meet disappointment and less likely to seem like competition or a threat to others. What comes to you seems like it belongs there and thus is not so subject to jealousy. Similarly, your relationship will likely be seen as friendly and warm, at least in the way it deals with the exterior world. You will not be inclined to take great risks for your goals, however, and will prefer a gradual, persistent approach. Although this makes huge winnings less likely, it increases your overall chance of the kind of success that will be quite in keeping with the sort of fulfillment you are looking for. This sensible and realistic sort of approach can be of the greatest use in business life as well as make your personal achievements live up to your expectations.



Mars represents physical and emotional energy, and as such the ability and inclination to get things done, to fulfill desire by taking action. By itself it is really just raw energy, and its placement, particularly in relation to the other bodies in the chart, describes where and how well this energy will be directed. As a composite point, it describes how your two energy directions mesh and whether they will reinforce each other or simply get in each other's way. It will tell whether sparks will fly, igniting random and destructive brush fires, or whether a controlled fire will blossom that will become the engine to power and fulfill your desires under your own direction. Its relationship to Venus, particularly in sexual relationships, is critical, as it will describe whether it will fulfill or deny your sexual needs. In both male and female it describes sexual drive as well as assertiveness and ultimately, aggression. Thus, a well positioned composite Mars allows the two of you to unite your energies naturally toward whatever goal you choose, while a difficult placing will put your efforts constantly at odds, wasting your efforts in mutual conflict or confusion when you should be utilizing them otherwise. As with Venus, this can be the greatest natural blessing or a terrible stumbling block. A strong composite Mars can energize and focus two people who are otherwise at sixes and sevens with themselves, and a troublesome one can throw the most balanced performers into disarray as they wonder what hit them to throw them so off balance. Thus, it will be wise to understand this position well so as to know whether to ride it or back off. It will also portray the power potential of the relationship as it exists in the outside world. A strong Mars has the energy to carry others along with it, whereas a disabled one will tend to break down already functioning operations in the relationships' social surroundings. None of this suggests that a difficult Mars means you should forget about the relationship, however, as if oe of you is simply put in charge in certain areas, mutually compartmentalizing the energy flow; the ill effect can be largely disenabled, albeit at the price of local inequality. It is something to be considered with care and attention, however, as herein lies much of your self-empowerment and control over your lives.



Mars in this sign is very strong and very contained, giving your relationship great power to make itself felt both in the long and short run. Yours is a fire that burns hot and intense, but well-banked enough to see you through to the finish. Because of this, you may find your efforts give you more than an ordinary power over others, especially as you are likely to deploy this power so carefully so as not to lose any advantageous position you may have. When you are one up on someone, it's important not to take undue advantage, but to use it positively for the good of all of you. The same goes particularly for your treatment of each other, which at times can become scheming or even confrontational, not necessarily from intent on the part of either of you, but because of the style the relationship overlays on the two of you. It will be a good idea to point that sort of thing outward, not toward each other. Barring these sorts of complications, you will find that the relationship is very reliable and that not only you but others as well will come to depend on you. It is good for your reputation and good for doing business with each other and as a partnership. You will be a source of personal power to those whom you permit, and after a trial period, they come within the bounds of your affection.



Jupiter in any chart represents the capacity for growth and expansion in relation to whatever it is connected. It means bigger, better, newer, faster, higher, and more developed. It is usually looked at only in the positive aspect, but it also has the potential to get out of hand if not checked and directed. The composite chart is the area that your mutual aspiration and inventiveness meet, a point where creativity is strong but which may or may not bring its potentials to fruition, depending upon its placement and how you handle it. Well-aspected it allows you to view realistically and act effectively upon what you determine together to make the relationship a spawning ground of limitless opportunity, more than either of you could manage separately. Debilitated, it can mean overblown expectations that come to nothing, biting off more than you can chew, situations that spiral out of control, and projects that perish under their own weight. But these ills aside, Jupiter usually does more good than harm and under most conditions it is the place to look for blessings. A solid composite Jupiter will mean that you can always look to the relationship to pull each of you up another step when you are stagnating and it will mean that others can look to the two of you for inspiration and new ideas. Where it is difficult, you will have to take the opportunity to restrain yourself now and again and develop only that which you think you can use at the time to avoid wasting your energies on unrealizable goals. It will show you where the big picture is and provide the kind of life overview which the relationship teaches that you might not have discovered on your own. It can be the force that carries you both away with each other and raises you to heights you didn't know you had. Its only danger is allowing the relationship to take over you as individuals. Use it as a resource for each of you to draw on, not the other way round, and it will always pay off for you.



The growth processes within your relationship show a particularly regular and gradual quality which means you don't go through awkward phases of sudden spurts when you don't know exactly where you're at. It's really a good position for Jupiter, as it makes its burgeoning quality easier to control and plan. Conversely, you may chafe at its gradual pace and wonder if you're ever going to get there. Don't worry; you will. This applies to the inner evolution of the relationship itself and also to the style it presents to the rest of society as a resource for new ideas and invention. On the inner side, it allows you to be fairly confident that you know what's going on with each other, even as that changes, so you can lean on the relationship with greater confidence. From the outer view, others will see that you can responsibly develop new directions and your original thinking is not too risky to be relied upon. The only place where this will put you at a disadvantage is where very rapid development and deployment of radical new concepts is required, in which case you might not be able to keep up with the vanguard but would have to serve more in a support position. Where your own individual schemes border on the far-out, the relationship will make for a nice reality check and allow you both longer rein because you have the good sense of the two of you to fall back upon when things get shaky.



Saturn is usually considered the bugbear among planets and has an evil reputation that it only partially deserves. It is associated with restriction, contraction, dearth, debilitation, and a host of other adjectives that add up to not getting what you want. That is, however, only partly true. It might be better to say that it describes extreme delineation, concreteness, and finality - reality in the most concrete sense. Much of our lives are comprised of hopes, plans, desires, dreams, wishes, and expectation, and Saturn describes what actually becomes of them. So in such a goal-oriented, future-driven society as ours, what actually happens is all too often a disappointment, the result of failed unrealistic expectations. Thus, Saturn in the composite chart is where you both get down to brass tacks and determine (or have determined for you) what actually is to be. If this point is well-situated, it means that you can rely on each other and the relationship as something that delivers every time. It will lend solidity to the relationship and make it something you can lean on when either of you need to be backed up. It will also make the two of you a haven for others in distress. In a difficult position, it will mean that you tend to fail each other, to bring each other down, and to sap each other's energies physically or emotionally. In this situation it can highlight the insecurities of the relationship and mark for failure what might otherwise have succeeded. But in either situation, like any other planet, it will not touch every aspect of the relationship and so you are free to be selective if you know what areas it is either supporting or restricting. You want to know what the bottom line is everywhere, however; and that is what Saturn will tell you. But you don't have to invest in stocks you think are going to depreciate, either. If you recognize early what the downsides and the support pillars of the relationship are, you can use one to stand on while you either avoid or make repairs upon the other at your leisre. If you do not, ignorance is the ally of the dark side and it will have much greater power to pull you in and cripple you. Find your foundation stones early, so your house will not be built upon sand; and, in time, your temple will rise to the skies.



This is a difficult position for Saturn, as its conservative, stability-seeking nature is literally afloat in the miasma that is the sign of Pisces. It therefore represents a physical and spiritual challenge concerning the methods you go about seeking your security together. If you look for the standard principles to lean on, ones that seem to work for everybody else, you will likely find yourself ill at ease with them and unable to make them work for you. Instead you will have to find a way of deriving your innermost stability from the results of inner growth and a faith in each other's ability to achieve it. If you ask for imposing results all the time, you'll seldom get them or, when you need them, they will disappear. If you cast your bread upon the waters, you will be buoyed up by hands unseen and carried on to broader vistas, like a ship caught up in a current and carried to foreign lands. This requires being willing to give up a lot of control that is taken for granted as necessary by most and can make you feel quite insecure until you get used to it. It is mainly a matter of style here, however, as the results will be the same, just not the methods you find most successful to go about getting to them.



Uranus is one of the three relatively recently-discovered outer planets, and all three are marked with a reality common to new experience and endeavor. They are not fully explored and thus not very much under our control. Uranus has been known the longest, (since 1786), and is a bit more familiar. It is associated with sudden events, shocks, realizations, discoveries, and other highly delineated events that sheer off quickly and completely from their previous states or surroundings. For creatures of habit, such as most of us are, this is usually upsetting and generally bad news. But it does not have to be. Your ability to use Uranus instead of letting it abuse you, is directly related to how flexible and quick on your feet you are. It also is linked to how willing you are to accept and welcome change as part of the nature of things. If you accept it grudgingly, then Uranus will always be a symbol of malice; if you welcome it with open arms, it will be a deliverance and an inspiration. In the composite chart, Uranus is where the two of you are repeatedly forced to rise to this occasion, and its contacts will tell in what areas of life it usually manifests. Well situated, it is a mutual window onto the future, flooding you both with light and clueing you into what is coming next. In such a position, it will make the relationship an eye-opener, which you come back to time and again for more. It will also tend to put you both ahead of the game emotionally and socially placing you in a leadership position among others where future thinking is concerned. In a difficult place, it will mean that you bring to each other incidents and accidents in areas where you are the most entrenched and you force each other to come to grips with ideas with which you refuse to deal. This can be a source of great mutual blame: "You made me get into this. If it weren't for you, this never would have happened. . . " and so on. This is particularly the case in sexual affairs in a society that is at heart so sexually conservative (even backwrd) and yet ruthlessly courts danger by flaunting it everywhere as if it were an everyday affair. Perhaps the only way to deal with this planet is to expect the unexpected, thus robbing it of harm and providing it with a welcome. If you are ready to harness it - like a wild horse - you can ride it far. If you turn your back, it will surely trample you. Where this occurs in the composite chart, keep your eyes wide open, your stance wide, and your tolerance level on maximum.



You are likely to pursue your understanding of each other and ferret out your unique idiosyncrasies with all the thoroughness and intensity of scientists, a style which you will also carry in exploring the outside world together. While being very demanding of getting at the truth, you may also find yourself being excessively demanding of each other and disputes on what the truth really is can become protracted and sometimes fruitless. This is partially because you may be seeking one answer when there are many, which will at first seem hard to envision or even tolerate. Very few problems in life have only one solution, however, and you may have to be willing to pursue several when the one you choose at first doesn't satisfy. You can - and it will be your style - take them one at a time and don't try to come up with multiple solutions when you'll do a better job working on only one. Just realize that there will be more work to do eventually and don't let the pieces of the puzzle that don't yet fit in grate on you or become subject for dispute between you. As long as you realize that you don't have the only answer, either individually or together, you will be much better able to appreciate and develop the one you have or are working on, with the satisfying knowledge that when you've got that one down, there's yet more fascinating ground to cover.



The effects of Neptune, another outer planet and a recent discovery, are often largely out of our control both by our unfamiliarity with its effects and the apparent nature of the planet which represents the uncertain, dreams, illusions, ideals, mystery, and the higher unexplored (and perhaps unexplorable entirely) plane of the spiritual world. Its nature is so uncertain, it's not even known exactly when it was discovered; various claims exist from 1810 all the way up to 1846, and we may never know for sure. It may be viewed from afar with a certain amount of analysis, however. When we find an area of mystery, it is our natural instinct to provide something to fill that void. Nature abhors a vacuum and our minds rush in to fill it with every kind of speculation and fantasy, if only to have something to act on in the area. Whatever is actually there will turn up eventually. In the meantime we provide ourselves with an image which may be close enough to the truth to better help us function or may be off in fantasyland and fail us utterly if we are unwise enough to lean on it. We know only in hindsight. Thus, in a composite chart, this point becomes the place where dreams, fantasies, hopes and ideals meet or clash, and inspire us or drag us down in confusion and conflict. Too many wars and personal battles have been fought over it needlessly, because none of these things actually existed until later. That's the crux of it: don't fight over what isn't there, at least not yet. Well placed, this planet will help you aspire to higher, more selfless goals but even they can make you take them more seriously than they are. Badly positioned, it can lead to lies, deceit, and mistrust based on mutual misreading of the unknown and the foolish action taken upon it. In the end, it is a gentle, diaphanous planet that can never be forced. Dreams and fantasies belong to each of you individually; and when they are similar enough to share, whether emotionally, sexually, spiritually, or even financially, they can be the greatest of jos. If one of you tries to enforce any of it on the other, however, everything will turn distasteful and there will be no dreams left; the mist will be blown away and only a charred landscape will remain. Where this point occurs, go gently, expect nothing, and everything will be returned to you.



You will find that the inner hopes and ideals of this relationship are fairly well circumscribed and internalized, largely by an outside environment that encouraged diminished expectations world-wide, thanks to the fearful forces that were carving up the world in the first third of the 20th century. Expectations are more closely tied to home and family and the success or failure of close personal relationships rather than riches or external success. This is a pretty good position for Neptune, as it is in these areas you experience much greater personal influence and, therefore, have greater chance of fulfilling your dreams. If you are fairly vocal and articulate about what you would like to see happen, things can work out very well, indeed. However, there is considerable likelihood you may consider these matters too private to share with others on a regular basis, thereby leaving them in the dark as to your expectations. This applies equally to your hopes for each other as well as your mutual hopes for those around you, especially children. If you make your aspirations clear, there is much greater likelihood that you will find others that share in them and will help you to achieve them. Keep them to yourself, and they may tend to drift off into the realm of fantasy, creating an increasingly wider gap between desire and its realization.



Of the three outer planets, Pluto is the most recently discovered (1930) and least subject to our control. As such, it is even considered the planet of power and control, ultimately because it so controls us in our attempt to overcome it. It is, of course, appropriately named after the ancient god of death, the thing which in the last analysis we cannot control; and at the most basic instinctual level, all the control we try to exercise in life is simply a ploy to cheat death a little longer. It is called the survival instinct. The point at which Pluto occurs in the composite chart is thus, at a deep level, where we meet in our ability to face death. But it doesn't manifest itself that way on the surface. Instead, it shows up as the methods we use to keep control in order to avoid the certainty of personal annihilation. Well placed, it will mean a partnership that simply doesn't worry about keeping in control of the situation, secure in the faith that things will take care of themselves and when it's time to go, you're in God's hands. In a bad place or aspect, it will mean continuous attempts to gain power over each other and the environment (according to aspect, sign, and house) and a penchant for compulsive behavior that easily gets out of control. Or, rather, it was never in control to begin with. In some instances, particularly sexual, this can be heightened to mystic proportions, and though it can be playing with fire it can also be very revelatory. Where prominently placed, for well or ill, it will give the relationship an aura of inescapability and predestination, something that sweeps over you both (like sex or death) and takes you out of yourselves. Similarly, you may find the relationship itself has something of this effect on others, giving you a greater power (a power which you must be careful not to abuse) over those around you. In the end, however, it is the willingness to relinquish control as well as take it that resolves problematic issues. In the meantime, the ability to step away from the relatonship and out of its sway, at least in Pluto-affected areas, can be an important safety measure.



There is a welcome tendency in this relationship to discuss personality conflicts, or at least an understanding that where they occur they come from conceptual differences that at least can be put into words. Indeed, there is a certain faith that anything can be attained if properly expressed and that the mind is the ultimate tool of lasting expression and personal salvation. This presupposition was badly shaken by events early in this century when it seemed that even the best of ideas could not stand up to the remorseless powers of change and the brutality of physical and political events that swept the world during this time. Nevertheless, an inner drive and conviction remains with you: that immortality, such as is available to mortal kind, remains within the realm of ideas and concepts, which take on an immortality of their own as you shape them. Because of this, both the greatest union between you and the most unmanageable conflicts will be centered around agreement or disagreement in this area. Fundamental issues of how to express what is right and wrong unite you or divide you jointly and separately, perhaps even when the real issues of how you feel about things are completely different. This can apply especially to religious, political, and sexual roles which can, sometimes needlessly, dominate other areas of the relationship. The capacity to discuss them with give and take will be enormously helpful, and ultimately the ability to tolerate fundamental differences will tell how successful this relationship turns out to be.



This relationship has a certain natural camouflage that can be greatly useful or terribly frustrating, depending on the situation. It leads you both to a heightened awareness of the feelings of those around you, but it also can lead to your being totally ignored, even when you want to be heard. The problem is one of communication - what you need to communicate is in the realm of feelings. Words are often insufficient particularly when they are directed towards uncomprehending ears. Nevertheless, because of just this, you will be looked at together (as you may not be separately) as non-threatening and having a sympathetic ear and so will be privy to much more information than you might otherwise have access to. The problem is utilizing it efficiently, and that may have to be done by one of you at a time, depending upon your stand-alone styles and personalities. For this reason, because you really do appear to blend together so thoroughly as a relationship, it will be well to spend quality time alone as well as with each other so you don't lose touch with your individual interiors and so that others don't lose sight of you in this respect as well.



This will be a relationship which takes itself very seriously and will likely be taken seriously by others for that reason. No larking about here, first things first, think of the consequences and responsibilities that are yours. Depending on the situation, this can cause you to become the heavies that others rely on for their bottom line or you can just drag the party down, depending on where you situate yourselves. Certainly you will consider your actions toward each other to have an undeniable gravity which will be the case if for no other reason than that you think it to be so. It can also cause you to limit the ways in which you interact or think you ought to. It can hold you back when you might have just stretched out and had a good time. Nevertheless, because of the kind of weight the relationship brings to both of you it can also be a reference point when you are lost or uncertain. Whatever is there, you know it's there and can surely depend on it. It's a great position for business, particularly in conservative circles, as you will appear to have the greatest reserve and reliability and look like something people ought to bank on. Experts. Well, don't take yourselves as seriously all the time as others do or life could get pretty dull, but do feel that you have something solid to rely on.



This is an aspect of precision and endurance, which will cause you to get rid of extra cargo and steer right down the middle of the channel. Depending on its contact with the rest of the chart, this may have direct impact on the personal side of your lives or it may be associated mainly with the way you handle yourselves professionally. Personally, it is likely to restrict your emotional flow, holding down spontaneity until it breaks out and flies off the handle. Human feelings just aren't that precise and don't take sharpening the way a knife blade does. On the professional side, however, this can be the ultimate in straight shooting. It's ideal for science, engineering and technology of almost any sort, as it represents a kind of carefully controlled discovery, getting down to the bare bones of the truth without any extraneous information on the side. It allows you to accept the best of the new, but only the proven best, and also allows you to act upon it once you have it, with complete confidence that it will not fail you. Thus, organization and implementation will be your high points, though in what areas will depend upon where this aspect falls and what other planets are involved. It will mean guaranteed, though limited, achievement and unmitigated respect for your opinions from those who give them proper consideration.



There is a fine quality of spirituality and idealism in this relationship, but it is not of the outgoing, missionary sort at all. In fact, from the outside it may go entirely unnoticed because it has such a low profile. It is spirituality born out of facing reality and accepting that to a great measure that is how it ought to be. In other words, you learn to mold your hopes around what can and must be. In a way this may seem like self-denial or just giving in, but it's much more than that. When Alexander Pope wrote, "Whatever is, is right, " he wasn't promoting the status quo, but encouraging the thought that you must look closer at how things are put together. Things are the way they are for a reason. This trine has the effect of keeping expectations low and it spares you a lot of the wrong turns and disappointments that chasing after illusory dreams can bring. In the end it is not a negative aspect, but a sobering one, and you find that when you dream of the attainable, your dreams have a decidedly better chance of coming true.



This relationship may have a lot of pitfalls in it that you really can't put your finger on and will always have a difficult time controlling. It will be a question of balancing out the other factors involved to see if it is something you want to stick with or whether the ultimate tally comes out in the minus column. In some special way this relationship will bring you unexpected restriction and difficulties that come out of left field, as if there is something going on here and you don't know what it is. After it happens a few times, the temptation will be to blame each other, but it really is not something you have control over, more like a jinx than a weakness or a mistake. It may seem like some cosmic revenge for sins from another time and place, (indeed it might be) but that doesn't mean the rest of life together can't more than make up for it. The judgment here is to decide if that is the case. If you decide that the balance sheet isn't in your favor, be willing to put it off until next time and part with a smile. If you decide to go for it, do so with a will and don't look back. The worst thing you could do is get in half way and get bogged down. This is a question of commitment, and the only way to succeed is to go all the way, either way.



This is a serious relationship, that is to say one which you take very seriously whether or not anyone else does. The chances are, however, because of the gravity which you give to it, others will also follow suit. This can manifest itself in a variety of ways, some significant and gratifying, others not so nice. Because Saturn is restrictive, it will mean that in this relationship you manifest your inhibitions and in general your conservative side. Where those inhibitions are based on realistic caution and experience, this can be a very protective situation and can make the relationship quite staunch and unassailable. Where it is your fears and disabilities that are emphasized, it will make this a very confining and frustrating situation in which you both reinforce each other's weaknesses. In either case, the longer you are together the more difficult it will be to split up, or the more solid the relationship will become, depending upon how you look at it. Saturn's lasting quality will manifest itself, so if you don't think it's likely to work out, get out quickly before it traps you and pulls you down. On any account, you will likely express yourselves in a rather taciturn manner, or at least be perceived by others to do so, and it won't hurt to lighten up a little whenever the opportunity presents itself so as to achieve as balanced a view of things as this position will allow.



There is something about your relationship that seems like a payoff, a reward for deeds done but long forgotten, acts committed in the dim past coming home to roost. Perhaps there is unfinished business you are now together to complete or a promise kept now to be honored. Somehow this was meant to be, or so it is likely to feel. This does not mean this is a marriage made in heaven, but simply a debt paid, a vow fulfilled. When you get along, people will say you were made for each other. When you don't, they'll say you deserve each other. In either case, the message is fundamentally the same and overall it is likely to be a profoundly fulfilling experience, whatever the ups and downs. The only worrisome side may be that you feel a bit out of control, not knowing exactly why it feels the way it does, and a little side trip or two to research the finer points of karma and other such beliefs may go a long way in giving you at least the illusion of understanding it all. Ultimately, however, it is the experience that counts, because not only is that fulfilling what is necessary, it is also the most enjoyable part of the ride.



You should not be ashamed to express the materialistic side of this relationship, because you will, quite frankly, just love it. You are likely to take a great joy in the physical side of life, the clothes you wear, the things you possess, the trappings that feed, sustain, and beautify the body. Because of your attention and enjoyment of this side of life, you are also likely to do well in procuring the objects of your desire since you will know more about them and what makes them tick. Essentially, if getting rich is what you really care about, you will spend the time and effort to do so because you enjoy not only the end products but the process of creating them. At the same time, at a deeper level, the moral and spiritual responsibilities of physical life also have particular importance. You seek to gratify not only your desire for beauty to handle what you have in a manner that ennobles and uplifts you and uses the physical world to gain spiritual ends. Thus it will ideally be that you channel your appetites and skills at fulfilling them into generosity and sharing the fruits of your talents with others, who return the favor in kind. The key to wealth is giving, just as the key to commerce is spending. Give and spend of what you treasure, and your treasure returns.


VENUS opposition MARS

This is a magnetic but troublesome position for these two primary significators of sexuality. In a personal relationship it will make for a strong sexual pull, but it will be one with an either/or adversarial quality about it that will take some real compromise if it is to work out. Mars being the giver and Venus the receiver, too often one of you will be giving while the other receives, instead of both doing it together at the same time. This not only makes for competitiveness, but for loneliness, as getting off one at a time is scarcely better than getting off alone. The answer will be to attempt compromise and agree to do what pleases you both at the same time, even though that might eliminate much of what either one of you would have liked to include. Whether this can be a success greatly depends upon whether Mars and Venus are well positioned by house (not 6-12, please) and if they are well aspected (a mutual square, especially by Saturn or an outer planet is death). However it works out; even if this is a professional relationship, there will be an attraction here that will be difficult to ignore. There will be perpetual conflict between giving and getting even on the business level. If you can't do it all together, and compromise leaves you unsatisfied, then you must take turns and trust that each will give and receive equally. This takes long-range trust that you each have each other's interest primarily in mind. In the short range, inequities are bound to occur, sometimes large, and if these are considered terminal breaches of faith, the relationship is wrongly doomed.



Although you may find that this relationship stimulates you to indulge in original and perhaps unusual tastes, you will also find it to be an eye-opening and rewarding experience which opens new worlds of personal satisfaction. It's like discovering a whole new cuisine and finding that eating is a new adventure again. For you that will extend to any kind of pleasure you choose to indulge in, which will make life a continually renewing quest for what refreshes the senses and gives you a bracing sense of life on the edge. But unlike those who take risks to get their thrills, you will know just how far to push it so that you get the most enjoyment with the least potential risk or conflict about what you are doing. This will mean a lot of mutual tolerance for different kinds of self-expression on both your parts, and that will be part of the natural equation that develops between you. It would be well if others could develop your technique for getting the most out of life, and anything you can do to pass along how you do it will be a deed well done which will come back to you in times ahead. Talents are more than gifts, they are responsibilities which can sometimes be overlooked, not out of selfishness, but because you don't realize how good you are at what you do.



This can be a highly romantic relationship if circumstances permit, because you strongly idealize your desires in the most elegant and spiritual manner, which is the very heart of what romance is all about. It has all the earmarks of doting love and devotion where each of you spins a warm cocoon of love and fantasy around the other, a mutual admiration society in which each sees the best of humanity's possibilities in the other. Of course, this can be overdone, and a touch of reality here and there will keep you from spinning impossible yarns to each other or replacing each other with unrealizable fantasy personalities. Nevertheless, you will see in each other the greatest possibilities not only for mutual self-satisfaction but for pursuing and spreading your inner beliefs in the outside world. Thus, even if this is not a romance or a marriage, you can unite together to fulfill important ideals and be a joint force for the elevation of the human condition in whatever field you happen to be working together in. It could be politics, medicine, religion, philanthropy, or any other place where uniting to achieve higher ideals for the good of humanity or living things in general is what needs to be done. Although you may seem like wild-eyed idealists at times, there is a certain grounding here that will keep you on a path upon which you can see your vision become a reality, however distant it may seem at first.



You will find that very often the words and ideas you create together fly faster than you or anyone else can keep up with. There's something about being together that sets communication in gear and once you get started it may be hard to stop. This will make you great facilitators in business and do well in media, advertising, public relations and anywhere else where creativity gives you the edge. It will also allow you a very high degree of personal rapport and a desire to get to the heart of what the other has to say, and vice versa, rather than hiding from each other which is so often the case. In fact you may find that you have run out of personal secrets to tell each other before you know it, and you can find that self-revelation when done too expeditiously can trivialize its subject matter, so when you have something really meaningful to say to each other, linger on it and don't rush past until you've really felt it out. However, the nature of your relationship is always having something good and creative to say about any situation, so even the darkest moments will show their bright sides, not only for you yourselves but for those around you who will appreciate the cheer and positive thinking they could use a lot more of. When there is a good word to be said, you're likely the ones to say it.



Mercury is in its most natural house position here, which lends a particular ease of communication to your relationship. It will be easy to put your thoughts and feelings into words and use verbal communication to bring you closer together. It will also serve you well in the outer world where the ability to think and express yourselves clearly is at an increasing premium. Where others may struggle for the right word or phrase, together it will come easily and naturally. This applies to more than just words, but also to the ability to manipulate and combine concepts into new ideas and inventions that can move you forward in business and personal life. This is literally the meeting of minds along that personality shoreline on a particularly pleasant and productive beach. If there is anything to watch out for, it is becoming too engaged in matters of the mind and inadvertently neglecting the matters of the heart. It can be easy to accept glib solutions to problems that may run much deeper and will take more that intellectual handling. So keep your eyes open, and your hearts as well. Nevertheless, your special ability to keep your minds open to solutions will enable you to move with the times and address the necessary challenges wherever they arise.



Communication problems can arise between you without your being aware that this is occurring. This is because you do not fully put across your message before signing off, perhaps for a variety of reasons. First, you may not have full confidence in what you are saying and therefore censor yourself before you fear someone else will. Second, you may assume knowledge on the part of each other or those around you which is not in their possession and therefore disables them to get your meaning. Third, you may have a negative image of those you are communicating with, which will show and therefore turn them off to what you are saying. Or, you may just get locked into a single way of expressing yourselves which no longer does the job. In all cases, the fundamental remedy is to say more and put things in a positive light. When you communicate make certain you are being fully understood. Do not take it for granted that you have been heard unless you get specific feedback. Look for the silver lining in whatever you do and focus on ways to describe it. Assume the dark side has already been sufficiently noted. Eventually, as you make these readjustments, you will find yourselves masters of precise expression, the midpoint which you seek, but it will take time.



This can be a relationship where very strong opinions about the fundamentals of life, loyalty, and security can be the bulwark against all threats and problems can be the seed of destruction of the relationship itself. What this swings around, is whether you agree on the most basic issues of why you are alive and why you are together. If you are fundamentally on the same wavelength, then you will be unassailable and fight back to back to the last drop of blood and devotion. If you have serious disagreements, however, you will be your own enemies with the same kind of determination that can leave no combatant standing after the fray. The strength and danger here, clearly, is a fundamentalist approach to things where faith and belief can blind you to others' arguments or those of each other. When you're right, you're right as rain. When you're not, you won't even know it and may blame others for not sharing your opinions. Nevertheless, you will need to hold onto what you believe is right, but in the process you should see that you do not force it upon others (or each other) and leave them the space to follow their own, perhaps equally deeply-held convictions. Do not give up what is important to you, but do not cause others to do so either. The power of your beliefs is ultimately judged by your ability to make them work for you within, not without.



This position will make for a very strong relationship, or not at all, and will likely tie both of you to the same locale and to the same fundamental priorities in life. It is good for marriage, as it favors a concentration upon home life, being around each other a lot, and an interior strength and fortification against the world outside that make for a stable family situation. It further favors working at home and developing a business life that is oriented to fit in with what is going on with each other on a day-to-day basis. In a phrase, your home will be your castle, with all the security and intimacy that implies. Castles, however, can become islands of isolation as well, and this position is subject to that as well. It can be easy to become so involved with your own perspective as a unit that you lose sight of your individual goals and fail to communicate and develop necessary exchange with the world around you. In this respect, the relationship can become a factor that over-dominates the other aspects of your realities and thus limits your possibilities for growth as individuals and as a part of your community. A good balance will be required to get the most out of this essentially strong position, one whose strengths may overshadow its weaknesses at times and thus lead to a false sense of security. Being inclusive of others and welcoming them into your castle can be the key to ever-enlarging ramparts that will serve you both well and those around you, too.


SUN trine MOON

This is an excellent, supportive aspect at the very most basic of levels. The Sun and Moon are the prototypical indicators of inner drive and inner response, the male and the female principles, the yin and the yang. Here they are in a perfect handshake, so that what so often in others is insecure, is here taken quite for granted. You know how each would feel about almost any situation from a gut level and you don't have to think about what you do next, you just do it. If other factors are more difficult, you may have cause for disputes here and there, but underneath it all, in a strictly non-verbal way, you know you've got the whole ball of wax. Tension and conflict of any sort is absent here, so the two of you can find it easy to work together as one organism. This will be ideal for whatever kind of relationship you choose to make of it, business or love, but it is probably best suited for love, which would be able to mine more of the excellent possibilities than a mere professional tie-up would do. There's really nothing negative to be said here, except to comment that you perhaps might want to share some of this rich supply of natural talent with others less well-connected. In so doing, you will gain not only the pleasure of helping, but will come to better understand just what it is you do so well together.


SUN conjunct PLUTO

This is a powerful relationship and one in which power and the way it is used will be very important. Feelings will be strong and run very deep, and there will be the continual temptation to push things to the limit, particularly in emotional areas. If this is a sexual relationship, sex will be extremely important and can reach dizzying heights in which you lose yourselves in each other and the experience becomes as spiritual as physical, literally a "petit mort" or "little death" as the French say. Even as a strictly professional partnership, you will be a driven, dynamic duo that will tend to be a juggernaut that is difficult to stop once you get going. That will be a good quality in businesses where dominating the competition is the key to success. In areas where mutual cooperation is the bottom line, you may find it difficult to give up what you want in order to go along with the general good. This can make you loners in the crowd. In general, it will be difficult to put yourselves in a position of vulnerability, and therefore real trust will come with difficulty because you will tend to hold back something in case you need to take control. Yet, it will be the very acts of losing control and with it your isolated individuality, whether in sex or in the marketplace, which will be the ultimate goal and greatest reward of your relationship.



A tendency to ask too much out of the joys and pleasures of life, and especially love, can prevent you from attaining the possible in pursuit of the impossible. In a love relationship, sexuality can become a false Grail in a quest for the perfect experience that turns common pleasure into spiritual experience. Such experience can be found, but usually it sneaks up on you and when you chase it, will elude you forever. Wait until the elusive butterfly lights on your shoulder, and when it does, don't try to snatch it, but just share in its beauty. It will be important to realize, too, that what may be a peak experience for one of you may be ho-hum to the other, and vice versa, and when you over-romanticize the nature of what you are doing, you could be in for a rude shock. Go easy on each other and you will have lots more fun. You will find that there is great creative potential between you, and you artistic expression will be heightened by being together. If you are in professions that require spontaneous creativity, this will be a real asset, though here also you have to remember to let the juices flow on their own and don't try to push for more than what comes naturally. Instead of being the creators, think of yourselves as midwives to the Muse and let whatever is going to happen flow of its own accord with your assistance.



The Moon's north and south nodes are associated with giving and receiving, commitment and reward, not always of your own making but more like situations the universe has just laid on you gratis. In this case, what has been laid on you is each other and the lesson of the relationship is ultimately making it work and learning the ins and outs of being together and cooperating. What it means most of all is establishing where one leaves off and the other takes over and making sure that dividing line is in the middle somewhere and not too close for comfort for either of you. Although you may agree on the goal of equality, agreeing on what actually comprises it and then implementing that can be a challenge and sometimes a conflict. Its rewards are tangible, but not material, and well worth the effort. By establishing your boundaries with each other, you also gain a surer and more confident idea of what goes to make up yourselves, and a stronger sense of individuality will emerge that can only reinforce you intellectually and emotionally and strengthen the relationship even further. By knowing each other, you better know yourselves and participate in all the obvious benefits that accrue therefrom. You may feel a certain fate about being together for this reason, since you both obviously have so much to gain from each other and never would have known had you not run into each other.



There is a certain kind of depth and intensity here which will be a ruling factor in the way you relate to each other, which will seem in any case like it was somehow unavoidable and fated from the onset. Emotions are never skin deep, but go all the way to the depths of what you are capable of understanding together, with all the possible intensity and labyrinthine entanglements which that may engender. Given your choice, you will choose heavy rather than light, deep rather than shallow, and knowing this it would be well to set aside the extra personal time to explore these realms in the privacy which you will want in such a way that external distractions do not detract from your mutual mission. You will tend to take things more seriously than lightly, which may be a problem when you are in a situation that would better be dismissed with a laugh rather than taken to heart. Ancient history, whether that of your surrounding culture or of your own personal backgrounds, will have a lock on your feelings and you must figure out what went on before in order to make yourselves successful this time around. You are very much the product of your origins, and the better you understand them, the better you will understand yourselves. Where you find yourselves at a sticking point, it may be well to seek advice abroad, despite your disinclination to do so. You are not alone in the depth of your feelings; and though you ultimately have to explore them by yourselves, outside feedback can shorten the process more than you might be willing to believe.



There is an emotional steadiness here that will live on throughout the years if you are willing to pursue it. There is a feeling that there is something long-range here which you can take your time in pursuing and have as a reward a long way down the line. This is not instant passion, but deep, abiding emotion which you may not get off on in the short run but can depend on in the long run. What you feel strongly about you will defend to the end, and fickleness is something you will never be accused of. Once committed, you will stand by your man/woman as a faithful friend and committed partner. Your pace will be slow and even, however, which can be ideal if you are individually in need of stabilization and very frustrating if what you need individually is immediate stimulation and action. On the other hand, you also can be a rock of stability for others to lean upon who have less ability to control and channel their emotions and tend to get out of control without being able to help it. It is not that you can lecture them into a better way of life, but you can teach by example that instant gratification is not the only goal in emotional relationships, it can be the opposite of what is desired, given the circumstances. What is lasting, albeit less intense, may be the best thing to go for.



You have a unique channel between you which can unlock emotional discovery with a kind of ease denied to most others. Whether it be within the bounds of a sexual relationship, friends or business associates, you will not be afraid to try out new directions for expressing your emotional or sexual desires. What is a particular blessing about this position is that while others often get in trouble when they skirt the edge of what is considered normal or acceptable behavior, you will be able to do it with ease, almost as if no one noticed you doing it. That is because you don't feel threatened by or guilty about your actions, and as a result others won't pick up on any bad feelings. Allow yourselves these little excursions to the edge when they seem appropriate and do not try to force yourselves to do something out of the ordinary. The strain will begin to show and there will be trouble. In the end, therefore, it's not so much what you do but the spirit and feeling in which you do it that determines whether it has something to teach and be enjoyed. A natural and safe sense of freedom of exploration is yours to rejoice in and to be a model for others to see how it can be done with innocence, joy, and safety.



There is a fundamental line of emotional faith in your relationship that may not be realistic in the outer sense of the word, but which you can lean on even to the greatest extreme. It is as if you just know that in the midst of the greatest travail, angels will bear you up and it will all come out OK. Maybe so, maybe no. But that feeling will get you a lot of mileage and will save you untold needless and possibly crippling worry about what might happen and is not under your control. It means fearlessness in the face of fearful circumstances and an immediate reaction of certainty and strength even where it might seem the least likely. You have power here to the extent that you invoke the breadth of your surroundings, which transforms you into a oneness with your environment making you as immortal as it is. That sounds all very spiritual and theoretical, but in your case it will be gut-level, and an experience which may have been foreign to either one of your separately. When you know you're right, you'll go ahead - even it looks like the charge of the Light Brigade. No problem. Now that's confidence. Yet, it will be a mark of your success and will transform you individually in that you will know that you can stand on a ground you cannot see and fire from a platform that appears not to be there and yet stand firm and fire true. A lesson, and a privilege.



You will likely find yourselves to be physically in tune with one another, so you can read your next response before it happens. You just know you are going to feel the same way about something, and you do. In many cases, not a word will have to be spoken as your body language will say it all. In a love relationship, of course, this is everything to be desired, where emotional response dovetails so neatly with physical action and appearance. It is also very good professionally, because your responses are so consistent and in tune with each other that it is quite apparent you may be relied upon and will not contradict yourselves under fire. Thus you will find it easier to rise on the ladder of success, as you don't struggle about climbing it. Emotional expression will run high as it has easy physical outlet, and it will also run smoothly as there is nothing to get in the way. You will always find yourselves accepting of and responsive to each other's and other people's emotional needs, and you may find yourselves more than once a shoulder to cry on because no one else will listen. It will not be a burden for you, either, as you have more than enough strength and feeling to shoulder the weight.



This is likely to be a deep and very intense relationship, where there is a certain element of obsession and compulsion in the way you implement it. As a love affair, it will likely be intensely sexual with a very heavy emphasis on physical satisfaction even to the detriment of emotional understanding. If less intimate in nature, it will still be characterized by a need to chase after the seemingly unknown and inaccessible, which can either lead to disaster or to achievements no one could have dreamed were possible. The key is fascination with the unknown and the determination to make it your own, whatever the price. As long as you have something slightly ahead of you to chase down, you will have plenty of get up and go. When nothing is on the horizon, you are likely to be bored and irritable with each other, so keep a challenge ahead of you at all times. As long as you have something to feel intense about, your fires will be well-fueled. On the purely professional level, this is a good position for handling other people's resources, and good credit can be a major factor in empowering you to get where you want to go.



A steady hand and a careful way of handling your energies characterizes your relationship, and you are not likely to burst forth into actions not called for. In fact, you may get stuck in a rut if you are not careful, though you would hardly consider it one, as perfecting a move is more important to you than trying a new one. In a love relationship, this means channeling sexual energies into what may be fairly conservative lines while at the same time having a lot of commitment and staying power once you have established what it is that fulfills you. That can be a limiting factor which may or may not work well for you, depending on your individual characteristics. In a professional sense, you can greatly benefit from the kind of reliability and accuracy this aspect brings and it will put you ahead of the game as you won't have to double-check yourselves. It will be an advantage only in areas that don't require high flexibility of action and swift response to an emergency. When that is required, it can be advantageous to let the quicker of you handle the situation rather than making it a joint effort. Nevertheless, there is much to be learned from the ability to use cautious restraint in the face of chaotic situations, something you will excel at. You are calm in the face of fire, returning it only when the target is in your sights.



There is a distinctly idealistic and perhaps spiritual thrust to your relationship, but not one that is just some dreamland fantasy. Unlike those who only speculate on what ought to be done, you will be quietly and successfully pursuing it and making your dreams come true. You may not even think twice about it, because it's something that comes naturally to you when you are together, a sort of joint inner journey that you manage to manifest one step at a time in the material world. At a very basic level in a physical relationship this will enable you to enact your fantasies, romantic or sexual, with more success and less disappointment than is the norm, because you will not push it too far, too fast but let it develop at its own pace with your quiet but insistent pressure to move it along. In the professional world this can be advantageous or disadvantageous. It can be a help in some kinds of counseling to enable those around you to take a realistic and creative attitude toward their goals, and it will be a source of steady inspiration if you are in the creative arts. In more hard-nosed endeavors, however, even your steadiest flame of inspiration may seem a little flaky. Wherever you apply it, however, you may correctly feel you will have influence on those around you if you choose by letting out the secret of how dreams can become reality.



This is not the best place for Uranus if this is a professional relationship, as it will make your career efforts and results rather unstable and difficult to depend on. This is not to say without success, but without regularity, which make successes difficult to bank on. The same is to be said about publicity, which is often an important part of any business effort. When you most want it, nobody cares, and when you least expect it, everyone's got their nose in your business. The same may go for your private life as individuals, where you will need to look out for rumors that come up overnight and get easily blown out of proportion (albeit, usually with a basis in fact). If you are quick on your feet, you can pounce on unexpected opportunity and get a lot of mileage out of it, but like riding in a plane without a fuel gauge, you never know when the tank will run dry and down you go, so it's better to land earlier than later. You will need nerves of steel and a lot of luck to go far under such circumstances. So take what comes but don't rely on when and where opportunity will knock. Just be sure that it will, and loudly when it does.



This position only occurs once in about 172 years, and last shows up in charts of those born early in the 20th century. Therefore it indicates what was going on between a whole generation of people and shows something of what you hold in common with your contemporaries. It reflects a widespread personal conflict between the spiritual ideals of an age that was passing and the demands of the technological culture that was coming into the ascendancy. It is quite literally the Edwardian swan song of the Victorian era, bringing with it all the inner struggles of transition. Throughout your lives you will have had to resolve the external demands of an increasingly fast-moving and often amoral culture with the inner beliefs and ideals with which you were raised, but by now you will have either come to a compromise or simply agreed to disagree. That there should be conflict at all comes from the fact that too often what we look up to and expect from each other has become a matter of habit and does not come from within as we assume. A true morality and system of beliefs continually springs anew from within and therefore creates new ways of coping with external situations. When there is difficulty doing this, it is often because we are parroting our former solutions and not rising to the occasion with fresh hearts each time. External change is inevitable, and when it comes it forces us to reach within and wake up our souls. To the extent you have done that, your lives have been, and will be happier.



Original personal approaches to each other and to your confederates will characterize your relationship, and you will be an even, bright spark that provides unusual options when the tried-and-true has worn itself to failure. By choosing new life contacts, and ones you individually might not have fallen in with, you will open your horizons and expand your possibilities in a fresh, rejuvenating fashion. Physically, you will likely be willing to take greater risks than you did before, but not without appropriate caution, and certainly not without reward. By being together, you are able to break through old habits without unduly rocking the boat and integrate them into new life directions that will wake up talents that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. You bring to each other a new freedom of creativity and action, and you will also have to be willing to give yourselves the space to act upon it and to let go of patterns of behavior that will hold you back from exploring your future possibilities. These can be intellectual, social, sexual or all three but there will also be the likelihood you will deal with them successfully as you will have a good sense of what is far enough and what is too far. Professionally, you will be able to inject new approaches into your business environment and secure acceptance for ideas that others may have proposed in too extreme a form. Your ability to walk an even line between innovation and practicality can take you far.