HARRISON FORD

                                                                                 11/1/98 - 12/31/98
                                                                                (major transits only)


Transit URANUS trine natal Saturn

Nov 1 through Nov 15

Your accumulated experience, organization, past efforts, and hard work are emphasized during this period. People and circumstances, likely to be quite different or more unorthodox, come along to provide you with recognition and rewards. It is possible that the present circumstances may tend to upset your traditional structures or ideas but the key is to incorporate the old with the new-- getting rid of what is no longer viable or useful and adding the benefits of new people, new ideas, and new technology. All of this may be quite unexpected and out of your control. You cannot entice or manipulate people or events to bring about your own good fortune. They will come on their own, and then it is up to you to react expediently.

Transit JUPITER square natal Venus

Nov 1 through Dec 12, Exact on Nov 29

Values and priorities get confused in this period. It can result in either being the perpetrator or the victim of shameless social climbing, ostentatiousness, laziness, wastefulness, and overindulgence. Being successful with regard to a partnership and other alliances, joint ventures, social events, and romance does not promise to be an easy matter, but there is nevertheless the potential for progress or even success if you choose to persevere. Legal matters and negotiating contracts and other agreements during this period may in the end, turn to your advantage, but self-serving goals in the guise of concessions or other snags might have to be dealt with first.

Transit PLUTO opposed natal Saturn

Nov 10 through Dec 31, Exact on Dec 5

This long-term, unfavorable influence may be described as the struggle between opposing forces, a contest of wills, and no-compromise situations. Something gained may have been won at the expense of something more important that has been lost. The worst thing to have to accept during this period is that you will not succeed in removing the opposing forces. Perhaps the most positive thing to say is that you may be able (in fact you will probably be forced) to find a constructive way to work around them. As with all long-term influences, this one will be modified to one degree or another by your age, past experiences and by other influences and circumstances that occur during this period. Other factors notwithstanding the structures and traditions upon which your work and life-style are based may be significantly altered or even completely transformed. There may be no obvious comforts or rewards to be had for having sacrificed, worked hard, or attained seniority. Nor is this a time to demand such things, or to impose your authority. It will be useless. The past becomes significantly important to the present as well as the future. If you have been unable or unwilling to accept responsibilities or to work hard for what you wanted to attain, this is a period when you will learn the importance of such things. If you have refused to accept the necessary restrictions and limitations that were necessary for progress to be made, this becomes a time to regret your past resistance and correct your attitude. Abuse of authority in the past will have to be confronted and corrected. Ambitions must be tempered with patience and control. Self-discipline plays a major role. The most positive approach to this negative influence is to remain aware of its consequences. Move with wisdom and caution even if it means not moving at all. Misdeeds or mistakes made now may come back to haunt you.

Transit JUPITER trine natal Sun

Dec 13 through Dec 29, Exact on Dec 22

The increased potential for fortunate circumstances during this period, may bring you honor, recognition, and just plain good luck. Ego-gratifying experiences are what this influence is all about. Your ambitions and goals expand and there is an excellent chance you will succeed in attaining them. The sphere of your personal influence grows with minimum effort on your part. If you want to attain a position of leadership, this would definitely be a time to surge ahead with such a goal. Your generosity, integrity, and courage are not only enhanced by current circumstances, but these traits will be recognized and admired by others. As with all good fortune, however, there is danger of misusing it. You may feel too content with yourself or overconfident that things are going well. Taking things too much for granted, you may be prompted to do nothing to change the status quo and thereby miss the advantages that may have come your way. Though most situations you encounter will no doubt be fortunate, some of the luck implied during this period may also be a case of keeping a bad situation from being worse than it might otherwise have been. An example would be someone who is passed over for a promotion to supervisor; a seemingly unfortunate situation. However, two days later all the supervisors are fired.

Transit JUPITER trine natal Moon

Dec 30 through Dec 31

Unless negative circumstances spoil the otherwise fortunate influence that surrounds you, some of your fondest wishes may come true. Gaining emotional satisfaction best describes the potential of this period. You should have no trouble attracting love and affection. Prosperity surrounds your home and family. Other potentially fortunate circumstances involve the higher education of children, long-distance travel with family members, or traveling abroad to visit relatives or a childhood home. Good fortune comes to you through women and children. Your imagination and artistic or creative talents flourish. In spite of the promising circumstances, there are certain potential situations to avoid. The generosity and good feelings that prevail at this time may prompt you to acquire more than you need, which in turn poses the danger of wastefulness. Food and nourishment are apt to be abundant, though that in itself may be a problem if your own consumption results in unwanted weight or other physical complaints that result from a too-rich diet. Your instincts and intuition are enhanced and well worth listening to. The sale or purchase of a home or domestic items is highly favored under this influence.