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Secondary progressions represent a symbolic forward movement of the planets and cusps of the birth chart, based on the formula that each day after birth equals one year in the life. The aspects formed by the progressed planets and cusps among themselves and with the natal placements indicate the unfolding of major life trends.

For example, when a person reaches age 28 or 29, the progressed Sun will have moved forward about 29 degrees from its birth position, and the progressed Moon will have completed one entire cycle around the birth chart. The first return of the progressed Moon to its natal position corresponds to the transiting Saturn return at age 29 and marks the beginning of a new phase of adult life.

To make optimal use of the progressed chart, it is useful to identify which house each planet rules in the natal chart. As the planets aspect one another by progression, the matters related to the houses they rule will come into focus. For example, someone with a Cancer 10th cusp (career ruled by the Moon) and a Scorpio 2nd cusp (income ruled by Mars and Pluto) will experiences changes in income from career when aspects occur that involve the Moon and either Mars or Pluto.

Progressed planets and angles move very slowly. The Moon is quickest and takes about 2 1/2 years to progress through each house and sign, bringing matters related to its house and sign position by progression into prominence in the life cycle. Progressed Mercury and Venus move on average a little more than one degree every year. The Sun progresses roughly one degree per year. Mars progresses at about half a degree a year. The heavy outer planets (Jupiter through Pluto) progress very slowly and may never leave their natal sign or house positions.

Aspects formed by progressed planets have the most effect close to the date when they become exact. The aspects of the progressed Moon are ephemeral and influence the life for a few weeks around the date of perfection. Aspects formed by Mercury and Venus are more significant and are felt for a few months around the date that they become exact. Aspects of the progressed Sun and Mars are quite significant and influence one's life for six months to a year around the date of exactness. When the slower planets make exact aspects by progression, they will have a major influence, often lasting for several years, but most powerful during the year in which they occur exactly.

In the following report you will find a listing of the sign and house positions of the progressed planets, followed by all the exact aspects formed during the coming year. When a progressed planet changes sign or house, an event often occurs related to the nature of the new sign or house. These placements will give you a general sense of the areas being emphasized by progression at this time in your life.

The exact progressed aspects will give you an idea of what types of situations and events are likely to occur over the coming year. Progressed aspects being formed by the slower planets will have the most significance. In order of importance of their progressed aspects, the planets are Pluto (profound changes), Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon (ephemeral changes).

The interpretations in this report describe some typical situations that might be indicated by each aspect. They are derived from centuries of astrological observation and recorded experience. Nonetheless, these delineations represent only possibilities and not certainties. The paragraph for each aspect will give you a sense of the general types of experience to expect but not the exact nature of what is about to happen. The purpose of this report is to prepare you for both the positive and negative trends of the future period you are about to enter.





Planets in Signs and Houses


The Ascendant in Cancer

The Ascendant by progression is in Cancer, emphasizing security needs and attachments to family, the home, past behavior patterns, childhood memories, and tradition. Your roots are very important to you. You tend to be nostalgic, intuitive, imaginative, moody, and sensitive to slights. Your sense of identity is bound up with issues of mothering, parenting, nurturing, or helping others. You have a deep interest in feelings and emotions, and your career may involve you in the healing or helping professions that provide for the basic needs of others. You may find yourself involved in the dissemination of ideas. You need to work through your own dependency issues (especially with your mother) and learn how to let go of attachments. You tend to be overly cautious about safeguarding your emotional and physical security. You are likely to become involved in family projects or in the buying and selling of real estate.


The Sun in Aries

The Sun by progression is in Aries. This is a time to develop your independence, initiative, personal identity, courage, confidence, self-assertion, sense of adventure, pioneering spirit, and leadership. You want to be your own boss and to do your own thing. You enjoy competition and risk taking, are able to stand up for yourself, confront others, and succeed in the outer world. You excel at taking the lead and encouraging others in the areas of research, discovery, and development. You recognize the value of keeping physically fit to maintain your vitality and positive energy. You feel best when you stay physically active or engage in vigorous sex. You are able to motivate others but also project a "me first" attitude to those around you. You know what you like and dislike, and have a strong sense of your personal identity. Impatience and impulsivity may be problematic.


The Sun in the 10th House

The Sun by progression is now in the 10th house, putting the spotlight on your career and public standing. People in positions or influence and authority are favorably disposed toward you. You are likely to receive some kind of public honor or promotion, especially as the sun crosses the Midheaven of the natal chart. You are ambitious to succeed and will receive recognition for the work that your do. You have a strong desire to win your parents' (especially your mother's) approval. You wish to assume a position of professional leadership or a responsible place in society. Some will decide to start a business of their own during this progression.


The Moon in Sagittarius

The Moon by progression is in Sagittarius where it spends a total of 2 1/2 years. This is an adventurous period during which you may plan a trip abroad, travel extensively, attend a university, or meet people of a different background or origin than your own. You feel expansive and freedomloving. In romantic relationships, you are hard to pin down and may wish to play the field. You may develop an interest in other cultures, foreign languages, sports, outdoor activities, religion, metaphysics, or philosophy. You can broaden your horizons through travel, education, or contacts with foreigners. Any kind of publishing, broadcasting, or dissemination of information is favored. Expect many dealings with in-laws. This is a good time to meditate and plan for the future. Your dreams are prophetic. Success in sports is possible.


The Moon in the 6th House

The Moon by progression is now in the 6th house and remains there for a total of 2 1/2 years. The focus is now on your health and any service you perform for others. If you have not had a recent physical examination, call your doctor to schedule one. You are likely to find yourself quite busy at work, and the emotional tension may take its toll on your health. A sensible regimen of diet and exercise is just what the doctor ordered. Some will need to do work with computers and data processing. Many will enjoy the company of their pets under this progression. There is also a likelihood of spending more time with coworkers and with the siblings of your parents (i.e., aunts and uncles). You have a tendency to be more critical of others.


Mercury in Aries

Mercury by progression is in Aries, stimulating your desire to communicate and enhancing your tendency to make rapidfire decisions. You may be somewhat hasty or aggressive in speech and are prone to defend your ideas, not because they are logical but simply because they are your own. You have a lot of nervous energy and are likely to be constantly on the go. Much travel is possible. You must learn to think before you act and not simply say the first thing that pops into your mind. Others may view your style of communication are too narcissistic, impulsive, pushy, or arrogant.


Mercury in the 10th House

Mercury by progression is now in the 10th house, bringing a strong mental focus on issues related to career and profession. Your work may involve much communicating, writing, teaching, speaking, travel, computers, and information gathering. You communicate well with your boss and may be called upon to do more of the professional decision making.


Venus in Taurus

Venus by progression is in Taurus, emphasizing a need for security and physical contact in love relationships. You like to hold and be held. You have excellent taste and a love of all the finer things in life. You tend to be self indulgent. Venus here has a beneficial effect on income and finances. You enjoy music, the arts, singing, gardening, and all the creature comforts. You are prone to overextend yourself financially on luxury items.


Venus in the 10th House

Venus by progression is now in the 10th house, bringing benefits to career and social standing. Your business activities may involve matters ruled by Venus (women, fashion, adornments, culture, arts, relationships, creativity, etc.) or matters governed by the house of your natal chart that contains Venus or the houses that have Taurus or Libra on their cusps. You receive favorable consideration from superiors and from those in positions of influence. You are likely to receive an honor or award for the work you do. Romance with a boss or marriage with someone from a higher social class is possible.


Mars in Pisces

Mars by progression is in Pisces, increasing your timidity and sensitivity. You can devote much energy to serving the needs of others and to pursuing an overarching theoretical understanding of the universe. You may spend much time in solitary research or investigation. You need to become more assertive and to stand up for your rights. At times your impulsiveness, temper, or aggressiveness may cause difficulty. You should be especially careful with drugs, alcohol, or other potentially self-destructive behaviors. In your love life you seek a mystical union with your partner. Spiritual ecstasy may take the place of physical sex. You must be careful about playing the role of victim or victimizer in close relationships. Past resentments or abuse may underlie current neurotic difficulties.


Mars in the 9th House

Mars by progression is now in the 9th house, channeling much of your energy into philosophical, inspirational, religious, legal, or intellectual matters. Long distance travel, foreign language and culture, and higher education have a strong appeal. You may engage in some type of adventurous sporting activity that takes your outdoors. An idea may attract you so much that your devote yourself to its propagation. If Mars makes stressful aspects, problems may arise with travel, legal matters, in-laws, or higher education.


Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter by progression is in Virgo, enhancing your ability to do technical, detailed, and service oriented work. Your health is protected, but you may tend to overeat or work to excess. You benefit from being practical, analytical, prudent, and discriminating. You are able to excel at research, data processing, and information gathering. You may benefit from work related to health care services. You have a strong sense of duty and a desire to be of help to others. Remember not to lose sight of the forest for the trees.


Jupiter in the 3rd House

Jupiter by progression is now in the 3rd house, bringing benefits through writing, teaching, education, travel, commerce, publishing, communicating, and through dealings with neighbors and siblings. You have a strong wish to expand your mental horizons. This is an excellent period to go to school and you are able to gather a wealth of information. You may enhance your status by passing a qualifying examination. You can benefit by acting as an intermediary.


Saturn in Cancer

Saturn by progression is in Cancer, increasing your ambition, tenacity, emotional control, and ability to carry projects to a successful conclusion. You may wish to establish yourself in your profession. You may have a tendency toward depression or restrictions in your emotional life. You crave security and may feel somehow deprived of maternal affection. You may find yourself repeating the slogan, "you can't be too careful." You fear leaving yourself emotionally vulnerable.


Saturn in the 12th House

Saturn by progression is now in the 12th house, indicating a need for solitude and introspection during which you can seriously consider how you act as your own worst enemy. You take responsibility for your emotional life. You develop a serious interest in healing, metaphysics, meditation, spirituality, psychology, medicine, the workings of the mind, and charitable concerns. If Saturn makes stressful aspects, you may suffer from mental depression, illness, or confinement. Excessive ambition may be a source of self-undoing.


Uranus in Gemini

Uranus by progression is in Gemini, increasing your intuition and capacity for abstract or mathematical thinking. Your mind is original, creative, clever, innovative, restless, experimental, scientific, progressive, and inventive. You develop a unique style of communication. Your interest may include astrology and other New Age subjects. You may have unusual experiences while traveling.


Uranus in the 12th House

Uranus by progression is now in the 12th house, giving a strong interest in occult, spiritual, or hidden matters. You may have a knack for psychiatric or psychological healing. You seek original or progressive methods to assist those in need. Strange things happen to you in hospitals or other places of confinement. If Uranus makes stressful aspects, there is a danger of self-undoing or sudden confinement because of bizarre thinking or unusual behavior; there is also a risk of mysterious illnesses or strange drug reactions.


Neptune in Libra

Neptune by progression is in Libra. You belong to a generation that idealizes peace, fairness, harmony, social justice, and egalitarian relationships. "Make love, not war" is a slogan that is likely to appeal. If Neptune makes stressful aspects, there is a tendency toward deception in close personal relationships.


Neptune in the 4th House

Neptune by progression is now in the 4th house, bringing spiritual and creative energies into your domestic life. Some will wish to live near the ocean. The home becomes a spiritual haven, a retreat, and a place for solitary meditation. If Neptune makes stressful aspects, there is a danger of mysterious conditions, loss, or deceit regarding home and real estate matters. An afflicted Neptune in the 4th house may also indicate the need to sacrifice oneself for a parental figure.


Pluto in Leo

Pluto by progression is in Leo, stimulating profound changes in the concepts of power, leadership, and self-expression. Problems with narcissism and hedonism are possible. If Pluto makes stressful aspects, there may be too much of a desire to control and dominate others.


Pluto in the 2nd House

Pluto by progression is now in the 2nd house where it heralds marked financial changes that will profoundly affect your life. You become extremely resourceful in making money. You may benefit from a legacy or inheritance. Money may be earned through technology, the healing arts, hidden methods, occult studies, or psychological services. The house containing Pluto in your natal chart and the house with Scorpio on the cusp will give further clues about potential sources of income. If Pluto makes stressful aspects, you may become obsessed with money and material well-being.


The Midheaven in Pisces

The Midheaven by progression is in Pisces, bringing into the career arena a desire to provide psychological healing or spiritual counsel. You can be creative, intuitive, visionary, imaginative, and caring on your job. You have a talent for working compassionately with the hidden and unconscious dimensions of life. You may develop an interest in psychology, parapsychology, research, hypnosis, prayer, meditation, visualization, or forms of mental healing. You are able to comfort the sick, the needy, the helpless, and the downtrodden. A spiritual vision of the unity of all people illuminates your work. Your career may involve you with medicine, hospitals, liquids, large animals, the use of illusion, psychic skills, the glamour industry, film, the arts, or in scholarly research and investigation. You must guard against being too much of an impractical idealist in pursuing professional goals.


Planets in Aspect


Progressed Mars trine Ascendant (Strength: 06.14)

Progressed Mars trine Ascendant: This is an active, pioneering, and passionate time of your life. During the year or so surrounding this date you may have the opportunity to embark on a project requiring leadership, initiative, competition, assertion, innovation, drive, or enterprise. Your work will bear the stamp of your unique individuality, and you will be able to pursue a personal goal. Teamwork is favored. Men, especially assertive young men, may be especially helpful in helping your realize your ambitions. Your energy level is high and you can elicit the cooperation of others. This aspect can indicate a marriage or the birth of a child, often a boy.


Progressed Moon trine Mercury (Strength: 05.96)

Progressed Moon trine Mercury: For several weeks around this date there is a favorable influence on communications, speaking, writing, reading, study, teaching, learning, travel, and commerce. Your imagination is fertile, and you are capable of creative writing. Your disposition is kindly. You can apply common sense to domestic and real estate matters. This is an excellent time to plan a trip, sign a document, study a subject, or attend to paperwork.


Progressed Saturn square Neptune (Strength: 05.77)

Progressed Saturn square Neptune: This is a prolonged and difficult period during which your faith will be tested by sorrowful events and heavy responsibilities. A sense of unreality may affect your career ambitions. Feelings of sadness may arise regarding a parental figure. There is a risk of danger, deception, confusion, intrigue, treachery, scandal, or ill-repute. A secret enemy may harm you. Beware of dubious characters and the seedier elements of society. Your physical and mental health may suffer through drugs, alcohol, victimization, mysterious illness, bone or skin disease, or difficult to diagnose ailments. Problems involving the feet may occur. With other negative aspects, there is a possibility of grief, loss, bereavement, violence, abuse, falls, gravity accidents, hospitalization, confinement, isolation, exile, and in rare instances imprisonment. Unsound investments or property damage may cause financial losses.


Progressed Jupiter oppose Midheaven (Strength: 05.74)

Progressed Jupiter oppose Midheaven: During the year of so around this date family and domestic matters proper. You may redecorate or find the home of your dreams. Additions to the family are possible.


Progressed Neptune square Ascendant (Strength: 04.64)

Progressed Neptune square Ascendant: For a prolonged period around this date you will experience episodes of uncertainty and muddled thinking. Carelessness and inattention may be a source of difficulty. Be especially careful with alcohol, drugs, and medications. With other adverse aspects, this can indicate mental imbalance or a difficult to diagnose illness.


Progressed Saturn conjunct Ascendant (Strength: 04.41)

Progressed Saturn conjunct Ascendant: During the year or more around this date you can expect to undergo personal growth, increased maturity, and the development of character. You will be able to establish yourself on a pragmatic level. You may find yourself associating with those who are older or more experienced than yourself. Some will work in seclusion. Serious study and long-term undertakings are especially favored. Marriage to a much older or younger person is possible. If this conjunction is involved in stressful aspects, there is the possibility of mental depression, delays, hindrances in personal matters, loneliness, isolation, lowered vitality, health problems, and difficulties with bones, skin, or teeth.


Progressed Moon trine Venus (Strength: 04.39)

Progressed Moon trine Venus: This is a positive influence for your emotional, romantic, domestic, and social life. Love is in the air, and wedding bells may sound. For several weeks around this date you can expect to receive invitations, gifts, favors, and pleasant phone calls. There is a positive effect on finances, and any artistic endeavors proceed smoothly. You may find yourself improving your personal appearance or redecorating your home. Plan a party, trip, vacation, or celebration during the week or two around the date that this aspect becomes exact. Travel involving pleasure or women can be quite enjoyable.


Progressed Mars square Uranus (Strength: 03.98)

Progressed Mars square Uranus: During the year or so around this date rebellious, rash, careless, or impulsive actions may cause difficulties. This is a time of sudden disruptions. You need to cultivate balance and moderation to counteract nervous tension and an urge toward precipitous or eccentric behavior. You are accident-prone and may be confronted with the effects of unexpected force or violence. A separation from an important man in your life may be distressing. A brother or another man of close acquaintance may suffer an accident or sudden illness. Unless you handle this erratic energy with caution, there is a risk of confrontations, disputes, wounds, injuries, shocks, burns, and eruptions of passion. On occasion this aspect signifies a shocking event that affects a male whom you know well.


Progressed Mars trine Saturn (Strength: 02.55)

Progressed Mars trine Saturn: During the year or so around this date, you can accomplish a great deal through self-discipline and perseverance. You are capable of patient, meticulous, and tireless effort. This is an excellent time to organize and undertake a long-term project that will lay firm foundations for future security. You can take care of all the details and have plenty of endurance to stay the course. This can sometimes indicate a marriage in which there is a wide age difference between partners.


Progressed Mercury conjunct Venus (Strength: 02.35)

Progressed Mercury conjunct Venus: The several months (longer if Mercury is approaching a station) around this date are a peaceful, buoyant, cheerful, and enjoyable period. Your social life will improve, and you may receive some type of recognition. You are able to express your feelings with warmth and clarity. This is a good time to pursue an interest in art, music, and beauty. Communication goes well in close relationships. Business and commercial interests, communications, travel, transport, sales, writing, teaching, studies, secretarial work, and other Mercurial matters will prosper. Benefits may come through siblings, neighbors, relatives, or subordinates. Students may receive scholarships or awards. You may receive good news about a sibling or female relative. For younger individuals, this can indicate the birth of a sister. If this conjunction forms adverse aspects, there can be difficulties with the above matters, trouble with female relatives, kidney problems, or ill health due to excess or self-indulgence.


Progressed Mars inconjunct Pluto (Strength: 01.92)

Progressed Mars inconjunct Pluto: Required adjustments, adaptations, and demands on your time may take a toll on your health, stamina, or financial situation. You may need to work long hours just to make ends meet. Problems with joint finances may be a source of stress. Contact with death is possible. Health problems related to the organs of sex or elimination may arise. On occasion this can indicate a spontaneous or a surgical abortion. Some may experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress.


Progressed Moon oppose Saturn (Strength: 01.32)

Progressed Moon oppose Saturn: The several weeks around this date can be a distressing time, marked by discontent, losses, delays, hindrances, sad news, misunderstandings, rejections, and disappointments. Financial difficulties and career setbacks are possible. You may lack self-confidence and emotional support, and feel a need to be self-sufficient, depending only on yourself to supply your own needs. There is a tendency to feel lonely, isolated, self-critical, despondent, and unloved. You are more than usually cautious, orderly, dutiful, and persevering. Matters related to your home and family life become burdensome. Women may be a source of difficulty; they may attempt to control or dominate your life. A separation is possible. Career demands can conflict with your romantic or emotional life. A period of illness may occur. On occasion, this will correlate with the illness or loss of a loved one. Some may seek professional treatment for depression at this time. For women, this can signify a difficult period for a pregnancy or possibly, a miscarriage. Women may also experience problems with their breasts, and it might be wise to schedule a routine mammogram for this period.


Progressed Moon square Neptune (Strength: 01.09)

Progressed Moon square Neptune: During the weeks surrounding this date you may need to deal with a loss, sorrowful event, or emotional disappointment. Your wishful thinking can cloud your objective mind, and you may act against your own best interests. Beware of deception, theft, con games, and offers that sound too good to be true. Secure your valuables for safekeeping. There is a tendency toward carelessness, escapism, martyrdom, victimization, and unrealistic thinking. Look both ways before crossing the street. Trouble may involve the women in your life, perhaps through unexplained illness or substance abuse. A craving for sensation can lead to unwise decisions.


Progressed Uranus trine Neptune (Strength: 00.75)

Progressed Uranus trine Neptune: You may help those who are ill or disadvantaged to reach a new level of consciousness by means of computers or modern technology. Spiritual disciplines or New Age studies can lead to increased inner awareness. Your dreams may provide you with startling insights into your unconscious motivations. You develop a new philosophy or spiritual way of understanding life. Long journeys to distant lands are possible as you seek excitement and novel experiences. Artistic, creative, and inspirational friends come into your life.


Progressed Sun trine Pluto (Strength: 00.62)

Progressed Sun trine Pluto: During the year or so around this date, you are capable of strong determination in attaining your ambitions. You may assume a position of power or leadership in a group, especially one related to politics or public service. You mind is analytical, creative, and perceptive. You can see beneath the surface and understand what needs to be eliminated from your life in order to proceed. This aspect sometimes indicates the birth of a child. Opportunities may arise for intense emotional experiences and for sexual awakening. Benefits may come through matters related to sex, salvage, death, elimination, or regeneration.


Balance of Elements and Modalities