AstrolDeluxe Child Report for Shirley Temple Black

Shirley Temple Black

Monday, April 23, 2020 9:00:00 PM

Santa Monica, California

Time Zone: 08:00 (PST)

Longitude: 118° W 29' 25"

Latitude: 34° N 01' 10"




This is an Astro-Analysis based on the exact time, date, and place of birth calculated on the details supplied.

It is not intended to predict a budding mega-star or a future world leader - the objective is to provide some insights into the psyche of Shirley to give everyone concerned a better chance of understanding, and hopefully helping this special child through the difficult growing times that they will face.

The astrological Chart is a little like a jigsaw puzzle without the benefit of a picture to follow. Some pieces are easy to recognize and they fit together beautifully. Another batch might fit well - but seem unrelated to the first "batch". Several straggly bits probably seem to belong to another world altogether, but that is the human psyche. The depths are immeasurable with many, many forms, faces, and dimensions.

Any Astrological chart will have seemingly several contradictions - again - just like human nature and our psychological make-up. But these apparent differences are all shades, shapes, and forms of the full picture. These "contradictions" should be seen as a balancing factor, knocking some of the edges off our sharp corners or, sharpening up the "softness" in the areas defined.

It should also be recognized that all of us have our own very personal lessons to learn in this life and these lessons unfold throughout the span of our entire life on earth. The learning experiences will not be systematic - they will be random episodes and experiences. Some interpretations of this Chart will give a glimpse of these very personal lessons that are an obvious part of this little ones' character. Others may be so private or subtle that the child "learns" all by itself. And then there will be further lessons that will not have emerged or even seem significant yet.

It is hoped that the brief explanations throughout this analysis will help to explain the meanings and terminology of basic Astrology to give as much understanding as possible.

The two most valuable things that we can give to any child are our unconditional love and our time.




The following passages give a comprehensive summary of the character traits of this child and a brief description of each section explains the specifics. It has been kept simple deliberately because, as mentioned in the introduction. Astrology is a complex subject, and the intention is to clarify, not confuse.

Included are:

The Ascendant

The Sun, the Moon and the planets in the Signs and the Houses

The major aspects

The Balance of the Elements and Modalities

The strongest Signs, Houses and Planets

Nothing is quite like having a Chart done on a "one-to-one" basis, but this enormous electronic age has opened the way for anyone who is interested to have a closer look at this ancient science and benefit from its wisdom.


Planets in Signs and Houses



Sagittarius Ascendant


The Ascendant is the exact degree in the zodiac, which was rising on the horizon at the time of birth. The term Ascendant and Rising sign are the same. Every 4 minutes, the degree of the Ascendant changes. This is why it is so important to know the exact time of birth. This is the starting point of the astrological wheel and defines the signs on each house cusp in an anti-clockwise direction.

The actual Houses and their meanings are just as important as the signs on the cusp. The sign of the Ascendant is as important as the Sun sign, and its effects are often more obvious to other people. The Ascendant represents how the personality appears to others. Each sign has its own potential strengths which should be developed, and weaknesses which should be minimized through understanding.

Shirley may run into problems if the rising sign is quite different in nature from the Sun sign. There will be conflict between an element of the inner self and the projected image. So, if any recurring social problems do occur, it is necessary to look within.

The Ascendant in the chart is very important. It indicates the ways in which we interact with the world around us. The energies we put out and the energies we receive from others.

Aspects to the Ascendant indicate what kinds of interaction we experience with others, the impressions we make on people, and the areas of our life that most involve other people. Often these aspects tell us about ourselves.


This little person with The Sagittarius Ascendant is a very open and outgoing person. These kids are always quite frank and honest and can be quite blunt. They are in such a hurry that they say it as they see it and think about the consequences later - perhaps! The personality is so jovial and spontaneous. The foot in the mouth gives cause for humor rather than offence and is considered an occupational hazard with a Sagittarius Ascendant.

Shirley will be very energetic and spontaneous with a big beaming smile and an optimistic nature. The odd times when a bad mood hits, it will pass quickly. These kids do not dwell on melancholy. In fact, they are quite fazed by moods and bad attitudes. Shirley can blow a fuse if things do not go right the first time, but again, this will be short lived as they move on to greener pastures. In fact, the child with the Sagittarius Ascendant does need to learn to accept a few boundaries. Set a few limits and make them face the fact that no matter what they think, Superman is alive and well but lives somewhere else.

Often there is great sporting ability. These kids are agile and well coordinated with the tenacity and the competitiveness to put their energy to good use. They never give up. They are very fair. This child will question the rules, especially if someone is getting a raw deal, and will stand fast until the problem is cured. Bureaucrats will never scare this budding law-maker. Generally, Shirley will love the outdoors and nature from the backyard to the mountains to the sea.

These independent kids like to call the shots, They can be quite bossy at times, but the intention is not to be totally dictatorial. Shirley will always try to break loose from any controlling factors but will not inflict this sort of attitude on others either. These kids can become almost fanatical in their beliefs and can push their opinions hard, but they do believe in "live and let live".

The world will be a big classroom to these inquisitive children who can be eternal students. Shirley will love to learn and will never stop reaching out for as much information on as many subjects as can be covered into a lifetime. In turn, these kids will also love to share. Shirley could become a great teacher in adulthood.

This child will pick up all the ammunition from the home environment to be able to utilize and understand how sensitivity, caring, and compassion work. It is highly likely, though, that they will have to accept a lot of responsibility in the home. Maybe the "Mother" figure needs help and support in some way. Often a child with this Ascendant misses out a bit on being a kid because they are needed in some way. The childhood fun stuff has to go on hold. If this is the case, Shirley will feel quite hemmed in and restricted. But the optimistic sign of Sagittarius will be content to wait for the silver lining to appear, and then they will head off to do all the things they wanted to do. No matter, they will have been soaking up all the information and experience that they have learned like a sponge, so little will be lost.

The Ruling Planet of this Chart for Shirley is the big, expansive, benevolent planet Jupiter - the ruler of Sagittarius and these effects will show strongly in the personality. The House it falls in will show where the energy is used fully.



Sun in Taurus


The Sun in the Chart is our personal light. It is our vitality, our creativity, and our basic ego. The Sun represents our individuality. Within the Sun sign is our reason for being, our sense of pride, and our confidence. The sign occupied by the Sun at birth describes the nature of these basic drives and patterns. It describes the desire to be important to the people that matter and the ability to be independent and self-reliant. The House will describe the areas of life that will be important and play a major role in our lives.

Positive aspects to the Sun (trines, conjunctions or sextiles) are good indicators of self-reliance, confidence and the ability to stand on one's own two feet. The difficult aspects (squares, oppositions, and inconjunctions) will suggest psychological problems which can have a profound effect on life. However, learning to deal with these difficulties ultimately produces strength and understanding of the self. The rewards of working through these problems are great. The efforts will be productive. Sure, work is needed, but it is worth the effort. However, whenever the planet Saturn brushes up against the Sun, it will suppress and depress the energy of the most exuberant Sun sign.

The Sun is the "self", the "life path", the "true" personality behind all the facades and defenses we all put up.

The child will start to grow into the Sun sign during adolescence which can be another reason why these years can be so dramatic and traumatic - this is just another set of growing pains that we all have to endure. The actual Sun sign is often not fully developed until nearer 30 years of age, but the inner spirit will emerge and glimpses will be seen throughout the growing years.


Shirley has the Sun sign in Taurus, which is symbolized by the Bull. The Taurus child is a patient and deliberate worker that can seem to be a "plodder". But do not try to rush this child. The learning process is thorough, and all that is learned will be retained. These are generally good students. They will work for as long as it takes to complete any project, and the result will be their very, very best. Do not forget to heap on the praise for effort and achievements. Shirley will be just bursting with pride waiting for your approval. The Taurean child is loving and will need lots of cuddles and a bit of "special" time with Mum or Dad that is exclusively "for them".

These kids prefer a routine; in fact, they do not like change. So, if there are ever any major changes coming up, give plenty of warning and a few explanations so that they have time to adjust. Even minor changes, like going out on Saturday night, will go down better if you "advise" this little one in advance. Shirley will thrive on basic security and worry more than most if that precious personal security is threatened. These kids like to feel trusted as much as they like to feel totally involved in all that is happening around them.

Generally these kids are very placid but when aroused - just think of the bull in the China shop. Shirley will come out with all guns blazing. When these kids do "lose it" it can be a shattering experience because it seems quite out of character. And when the bull puts its head down and charges, there is little time to escape. Be warned of a very long memory. This little one never forgets. Watch for a very stubborn and a rather self-righteous nature.

These children can also want everything they see and will keep the pressure on until they get what they want. However, they will also be willing to do little jobs to "earn" the money to pay their own way. These kids do prize their possessions and will look after what they have. Possessiveness is a common problem, so you will need to put a bit of effort into training how to share. Maybe drop in the hint that in sharing with others, their friends will share too, making the available pool much "bigger".

As a young child, Shirley will probably respond well to soft toys and lots of colorful things. These kids respond to the sensual - smells, sounds, touch, and, of course, taste. Shirley is bound to just love food. Any interest in artistic or musical ventures should be encouraged as these children have natural creative bent.

If there are several planets in the signs immediately before or after Taurus (Aries or Gemini,) Shirley will be more volatile and more active.


Sun in the Fifth House


5th House: Creativity, having fun, playing with, and mixing with others - the essential social interaction. This is the house of developing life skills that involve contact with company. This house is about developing the skills to become popular, confident, and socially accepted. This house also relates strongly with children.


This little person with the Sun in the fifth House will always be open and honest. Shirley is likely to seriously push for attention because performing and holding center stage is a strong need. In a way, these kids are always on show. There is a competitive nature with a lot of energy and a total enjoyment of all kinds of games and amusements. These kids take the sheer enjoyment of life seriously. They are ambitious, and success is a powerful and memorable performance as far as they are concerned. They want to be noticed and appreciated especially by parents and family. Shirley will always be well presented, wanting to make a good impression. The Sun in the fifth House also points to a very creative person.

Shirley will have a great sense of humor and a great sense of fun but will have difficulty coping with being made a fool of. These children have enormous pride. One failing is that when Shirley is the brunt of a joke or not taken seriously, the confidence will just fall apart. That can ruin this important image, and this will not be a source of pleasure to this quite vain little person. But when these kids mature, popularity will be a natural fundamental as friends recognize and enjoy the exuberant and sincerity of the inner person. There is real warmth with a demonstrative and sincere nature. There is a strong sense of honesty and a very direct approach. Shirley will be straight up and consequently, rather outspoken. But friends trust and respect this honesty.

This sunny and happy disposition usually attracts many friends, but watch a tendency to be dictatorial or try to go just a bit too far. These kids often have to go one better just to prove a point. There is a childlike quality attached to this position of the Sun. The "child" in Shirley will linger long into adulthood. Because of this, there will always be a strong affinity with younger children.



Moon in Gemini


The Moon is our instinctive, emotional response. It is the innermost feelings and sensitivities that stem from the subconscious. Our Moon will always be our natural reaction when our defenses are down. The Moon reflects our early conditioning, our habits, and the automatic responses that come from our early environment. Often all of this relates directly to the "Mother" figure. It is perhaps the "child" in all of us.

In reading a child's chart, the Moon, in the house, the sign and the aspects, needs to be given special understanding. These are the indications on where Shirley could need special attention very early, to cope with feelings of insecurity, lack of confidence, or a low self-esteem. Recognizing these needs, and working through them, will help to produce a secure and confident adult.

The Moon often reflects the "Mother figure" in our lives, which is consequently why the Moon figures so strongly in a child's chart. The placement of the Moon often describes the relationship with the Mother, which is why the "Mother" is mentioned in many areas of the Moon explanations.

The Moon sign is the more noticeable personality trait in the formative years. We tend to "grow into our Sun sign as we develop and become the person we were meant to be. The Moon in the Chart signifies the unconscious attitudes and feelings and whether or not we feel supported and accepted. It is also the accumulated attitude reflected by our own past and the historical past. The Moon will echo values and instincts that are picked up from our early environmental experiences.

This luminary is the most important factor after the influences of the Sun and the Ascendant. It describes how we express our emotions and how well we deal with them. In some cases, the ever-important Sun can put up some defenses against the Moon. When very different, we can struggle to assimilate our emotions and our reason. Like the other planets, the Moon has strong and weak points in any sign, and we should try to develop the strong points. If the Moon is in compatible company, we will express our emotions very easily and we will be sensitive to other people's needs and feelings. With competition, the Moon can mean that there can be difficulty letting our feelings flow. The Moon and the Ascendant can be of an awkward mix, making the projected personality, and how we actually feel inside, quite different. But, this is all a part of the character and we are well able to bind the differences and round off the disposition.

The Moon and the emotional problems it produces can sound negative but this is not so. This is a beautiful and fundamental part of our deepest psyche that we must all accept and use to its fullest advantage.


Shirley has the Moon in the sign of Gemini. This child is likely to start talking quite early and once started, may never stop. They just love company, so the worst fate for them is to be alone. In fact, it is a good idea to introduce this little one to people outside of the family early. Encourage even "baby" company early, and certainly a playgroup or such before formal schooling begins. These kids can keep themselves occupied, but they do like to have someone there. They are so friendly and sociable, and will accumulate a lot of friends because they truly like people, and everyone likes them.  Being "true" to one friend can be difficult, and this can apply in adulthood. The emotions change rapidly and there is a real restlessness.

This child gets bored so easily. The mind wanders and there is a difficulty maintaining a fixed interest for long. These are the intellectual butterflies. They will enjoy reading, music, microphones, computers, but they want to be free to bounce off and do whatever takes their fancy too. This child is very curious and will need to learn new things to stimulate the very active mind. They like to go to new places and meet new people. Shirley will know the neighborhood and the neighbors better than anyone in a very short time. There is nothing sacred with this chatty child. They will tell you their deepest secrets with no holds barred, so bear this in mind if you are discussing anything confidential. Shirley will like nothing better than to pass on a bit of gossip. In fact, there could be a need to guide a little learning on how to keep a secret and, later, to use some discretion. These kids do need to learn, without stifling this great communication gift, that not everyone wants to listen to them all of the time. These kids are articulate and witty with a happy and easy-going nature.

Shirley will gather an abundance of knowledge, but will need to be taught to complete projects. There is a need to develop the concentration span. Discipline the impatient urge to leave a whole lot of things half done. As these children develop, the intellect will control the emotions, giving them sound and logical judgement.

This will be a real fun child to have around, very entertaining and very witty. However, the Gemini Moon can suffer from nerves too and have some anxious moments. When in a particularly hyper mood, Shirley could actually be quite uptight and strung out for some reason. These kids can be sarcastic and often exhausting mentally for the rest of the family. But Shirley will be an experience.


Moon in the Seventh House


7th House: This House is about close friends and best friends. It involves relationships and learning to interact with others. It is about sharing and receiving. The lessons from this House will mould the character that will evolve into the "outer self" through interaction. The seventh House will always involve "intimate associates or friends".


Shirley has the Moon in the 7th House. These kids are sensitive with deep emotions and emotional needs. They will tend to gravitate towards friends who are caring and who are not afraid to share how they feel. These kids will seem to know instinctively with whom they will get along and with whom they will not. Friends are all important to Shirley, and strong and close attachments will be cemented from an early age. Interaction and solid attachments are a fundamental need, vital to growth and development. But, these kids will always be looking for that bit of personal security, although they may not be aware of this. Being so congenial and genuine, they will bend over backwards to please. They can fall into the trap of "putting up" with too much. This little one will need a bit of guidance to realize that not everyone is as nice as they imagine. These kids do need to develop the confidence to quit while they are ahead, rather than stay in a relationship too long. Because of this emotional dependency, this Moon placement often marries early.

These kids like and love deeply and sincerely, but will need the reassurance that these precious feelings are shared and returned. Shirley will not cope with a bad atmosphere. There is a real need for peace and tranquillity.

This child has a lovely disposition.  Being so popular, Shirley will always be in demand socially, with the ability to fit in just about anywhere. There is a need for a bit of encouragement to be more independent. These kids need to try to learn to enjoy their own company now and again and not be afraid to be alone.

There is a strong desire for social acceptance, so these kids will always put their best foot forward. They like to be well presented, as appearances are very important to the moral and ego. Shirley will be easily accepted, but will need to learn to develop more confidence and not rely quite so much on others.


Mercury in Aries


The little planet Mercury is the mythical Messenger of the Gods.  This planet is never far away from the Sun, often falling in the same sign at the time of birth, so it does tend to add emphasis to our Sun Sign.  Even when Mercury is in the sign before or after the Sun, this is always considered a very personal planet.

Through Mercury, we learn all the basics in life.  It indicates how we communicate, because it is here where we begin to watch and copy the rest of the family.  This is the very beginning of questions and curiosity that fires up and fuels the learning process. From that point, we move on to recognizing the senses, and so our personal tastes and style develops.  We learn how to exchange ideas and show how clever we are.  We start to question and analyze.  We learn to reason and classify what we have absorbed and then stretch for more information.

Mercury is our first experience of moving out into the world beyond the back yard, armed with all that we have learned.  Through this planet, our flexibility and dexterity is revealed.  This planet covers the intellectual stimuli but it also has a say in how clever we are with our hands and how well balanced we are physically.

Mercury is also associated with the nervous system.  This is a busy little planet at the best of times, and responsible for a big part of our intrinsic character.  When put under too much pressure, the nervous system buckles.  Mercury is indicative of our sense of humor, the body language we exude, and our powers of expression.  This is the planet of logic and reason.  So, Mercury is indeed a very important planet.  It might be tiny, but it is very potent.


With the chatty little planet Mercury in the sign of impatient Aries, Shirley is likely to start talking rather early in life and, once the art has been mastered, will probably never stop. The speech is likely to be rapid-fire.  There will be loads of questions but the difficulty will be staying put long enough for a decent answer.  There is just too much too do!

These children can be argumentative and they are good at it.  It will be a rare occasion when Shirley is stuck for an answer.  The mind moves so quickly that even a totally irrelevant response will be preferred to none at all.  This can be valuable in a debating team, but it can become tedious.

Quite a few lessons will be needed to train this child not to interrupt when others are talking.  The sheer sense of urgency can be forsaken for acceptable manners.  The intention is not to be rude.  These kids just do not have the time to wait!  There will also be a great knack of jumping to conclusions too, which can be infuriating.

Shirley will tend to be impulsive with a quick temper but will probably not see or admit to it being a problem.  Admitting defeat or being wrong is another difficulty.  So, one good lesson that could be taught early on is to be able to admit defeat graciously.

There is a very quick mind here and Shirley will enjoy coming up with new ideas.  This child is independent and likes to be original, but more importantly, will want to be first. Only one problem - these kids always like their own ideas best and will argue the toss if they feel their flash of inspiration has been outdone.  However, this should be a clever child, with a great wit and the ability to dazzle in the area of communications.


Mercury in the Fifth House


5th House: Creativity, having fun, playing with, and mixing with others - the essential social interaction. This is the house of developing life skills that involve contact with company. This house is about developing the skills to become popular, confident, and socially accepted. This house also relates strongly with children.


This child with Mercury in the 5th House will enjoy being involved with anything that includes other kids, a challenge, or a bit of drama.  Puzzles games, role-playing, dressing up, and later, the challenges of chess or bridge will appeal to them.  They will also enjoy complicated computer games that are competitive.

Company of any sort will be a real source of joy and will give a chance to interact with a quite remarkable sense of strategy.  Shirley is bound to have a real need to be the star of the show because these kids do like to be noticed and admired.  An attentive audience will really turn Shirley on.

These children love to read and study.  This can be fun for them rather than work BUT it must be through their choice.  So, if there happens to be a subject that is considered very important and Shirley is not interested, try to turn it into fun, and then you will get results.  Their communication and written skills are excellent.  This could well be an indicator of what Shirley will do in adult life.  Obviously, this area needs to be given plenty of air, space, and encouragement.

This little one will need to learn some discipline.  There is a tendency to think that no one else knows very much of anything.  Shirley will feel more comfortable in a learning environment that encourages individual in-put and supports interaction.  Any sort of activity that includes expression, like music, dance, or drama, will help to teach discipline and enhance the gifts of this budding performer.


Venus in Aries


Venus is the planet of love. This tiny planet is responsible for the stirring of the soft and sensual pleasures of nature. Venus opens the doors of appreciation to beauty, harmony, creativity, and of course, love, and affection. Venus arouses and stimulates our senses.

Venus is important because it shows how youngsters interact. It is where children learn to share and give. Venus shows how Shirley attracts love and attention and also what and who Shirley is attracted to. This planet will indicate whether the basic nature is warm and affectionate or whether there is some reserve attached.

Venus is also about our creature comforts and possessions - what we need in life to feel good. Venus indicates our creativity and artistic talents and the ability to appreciate beauty. Good, bad, or unusual taste will be seen through Venus.

The house that Venus is in indicates the area in which artistic talent is expressed. This is where the expressions of sensual understanding will be valid and utilized. It can also suggest where Shirley may need special attention and nourishment, in order to learn how to interact with others.

For future reference, Venus in the signs, houses and aspects will be quite revealing about relationships with the opposite sex and matters of the heart.


With the planet of love, Venus, in the impatient sign of Aries, Shirley will be demonstrative and very enthusiastic when it comes to the people that matter. These children can treat relationships as a bit of a game and they hate to lose. They will never be afraid to make the first move. If they like someone and think that this could be some fun company, they will skip the formalities and make a new 'best friend' in an instant. Shirley will be very warm, very affectionate, and not afraid to be openly expressive. The nature can be cute and rather flirtatious. Shirley will choose the friends that appeal to the buoyant and exciting nature. Adults will not manipulate this child into mixing with children they don't personally enjoy. These children often don't care too much about the popularity stakes. They don't go out of their way to impress anyone, but the honest personality is usually totally accepted and liked anyway.

Shirley will appreciate the good things in life and this is exactly what this little person will expect. And what is more, they usually get just what they want. There can be a degree of vanity and a tendency to be a bit selfish. But this is not in an obvious or 'nasty' way. The ego is large and needs to be fed.

Shirley will be drawn to bright bold colors, and should have a good sense of rhythm, enjoying both music and dance. During the adolescent years the choice of music will be constant - and loud.

Many people with Venus in Aries (at a later stage) tend to marry early - in haste - and repent at leisure. They are socially outgoing and have a generally happy outlook on life with the ability to attract many friends and admirers. There is nothing shy or reserved about these youngsters. They can, however, be too demanding. If this is not addressed and pointed out to them, they can have problems with their friendships right through life. It is while they are young that they can learn how to compromise.


Venus in the Fifth House


5th House: Creativity, having fun, playing with, and mixing with others - the essential social interaction. This is the house of developing life skills that involve contact with company. This house is about developing the skills to become popular, confident, and socially accepted. This house also relates strongly with children.


Shirley has Venus in the Fifth House, which gives a very appealing and romantic nature, with a general love of life. These children are popular and well liked, but they can be quite demanding and bossy too. They like to be 'in charge'. They just love to be in the spotlight and will work hard to get there. Shirley will like activities which indulge the senses. These children like to feel good and they like to perform. Personal choice will always revolve around 'fun'. There could be artistic ability here, but even if Shirley does not have any artistic talent, there will be an appreciation of art and music as hobbies.

Shirley can be a little one-eyed and be too selective when it comes to extending much energy. Remember this child wants to be the star, and can be reluctant to apply effort if there are no shining rewards. There can be some inertia and lack of interest if there is no personal agenda. This area could need some work. Try encouraging this little one to think of others a bit more, and not be so reluctant to work in as part of the team. Shirley must be taught this early. These traits can spoil an otherwise sunny and infectious personality. It is important to Shirley to be popular, well liked, and socially acceptable. There will be a willingness to learn to be even 'better' than ever, so Shirley will take all the helpful hints on board.

In adulthood, this person could well work with children. There is an ability to 'get through' to children. Venus in the fifth house does indicate a Peter Pan of sorts. These types often seem to never get 'old'. The playful nature does not fade with time.

Shirley will be more than a little attracted to the opposite sex when the hormones kick in. This can be an utterly charming flirt who will prefer the opposite sex as constant company. This child will be quite magnetic and have no trouble attracting their share of admirers, so choice should not be a problem.


Mars in Pisces


Mars is essentially the "I am" in us.  It is the "I -me -and -mine" - the basic, subjective ego.  It is our energy, our initiative, and our drive.  It is our aggression, our temperament, and our passion.  Mars is the physical side of our psyche.  A strong Mars makes for great sports people because they will be competitive with a real desire to win. Later in life, Mars indicates our sex drive.

This is a fiery little planet, so a strong Mars is a "fiery" little person who runs on high octane - one who will never know when to stop.  The "water signs" can dilute this energy somewhat, or can perhaps drive the passion inward.  The "fire" will then not be so obvious.  However, once we get the hang of our Mars sign, it is an important part of us.  It is the fuel on which we run.


Mars in Pisces produces emotions that are unpredictable and often intense.  Much of the fire of Mars is drowned here.  Shirley will be quite sensitive, and when feeling sad or unhappy, will not have much energy.  People with Mars in Pisces often need a lot of sleep.  Their emotions, and sometimes the emotions of others, wear them out.

The major problem with this position is that it is difficult for these children to be very self-assertive.  They will let people take advantage of them.  They do not have the confidence to express opinions, or act independently without approval.  Shirley will shrink from people who are overbearing.  The instinct will be to either ignore these people altogether or try to get around them furtively.  These delicate youngsters simply do not know how to cope.  Shirley needs that confidence to be encouraged and coaxed.

Shirley will not be interested in strenuous physical activity.  Maybe water sports or skating might appeal to them.  This dreamy child will be more at home with their own imagination than competing for medals or honors.  There will not be a great need to be the best, or terribly successful.  Music, dance lessons, or art classes could be a good idea for Shirley.

The early teenage years and adolescence can be difficult for these pre-teens.  The awakening of the hormones can be powerful, and perhaps, overpowering for Shirley. There can be a major struggle with learning how to identify in a positive and confident way with the opposite sex.  Shirley can have feelings of inferiority both on a physical and communicative plane.  A real interest in the opposite sex could be a slow process.

As these children get older, they will feel more secure.  Shirley will be extremely unselfish and will do things for others with little consideration for self.  These children can be successful and do have plenty of potential, but they lack a burning desire to win at any cost.  In addition, their natural inclination is to "give."  Those who have benefited from this generosity will often return it to Shirley three-fold.  That is unless this child takes the attitude that the world owes them a living.  Then Shirley is likely to start to keep a secret tally on who owes what.  This can make for a rather bitter adult but this is not a common trait.  This is just a possibility with this placement.

Many medics have this placement of Mars.


Mars in the Third House


3rd House: This House is about early education. It is about mental stimulation that provokes learning through interaction and experience. And then using the lessons. The area for the child is the playground, playgroups and mixing with children the same age. It is about becoming familiar with the local environment and the neighbors. This is essentially the House that is all about communication at its best and its beginnings.


Shirley has Mars in the third house.  These children will have a very aggressive intellect.  They also like to argue.  Shirley will have quite amazing mental dexterity. Their versatility will be both helpful (later) and quite maddening, sometimes at the same time.  This youngster will always want to get in the last word.  This little mind works quite quickly because there is a lot of mental energy brewing here.  Shirley will actually learn a great deal through arguing if channeled positively.  This dogmatic attitude may be useful on a debating team, but not in life.

These youngsters think quickly, jump to conclusions, and then have difficulty backing down.  Teach Shirley that it is OK to occasionally say, "I was wrong."  When young, these children can have quite a few disagreements with any brothers or sisters. Relatives seem to provoke this child.  This could be a home environment where everyone has to yell to be heard.

Try to train Shirley to be a little more sensitive.  It is necessary to teach early to be more considerate in the area of communication.  These youngsters can have sharp and caustic tongues.  They not only put others off, but also could easily inflict hurt, although this would not be the intention at all.  Tact, diplomacy, and patience are the virtues for this little one to learn early on.  It will make life easier for them and for those around them.  The deepest desire here for Shirley is to learn.  Probably a sheer competitiveness and determination can make this child seem more aggressive verbally than they truly intend to be.  Some positive guidance will help this expressive child enormously.


Jupiter in Aries


Jupiter is a slower moving planet that stays in the same sign for about a year. Its sign has a direct personal effect only when it is in close aspect to the Ascendant or Midheaven, or forms a strong aspect with one of the personal planets. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, and often, luck.

The house position of Jupiter relates to areas of life in which we will want to grow. It shows the area in which we are likely to think positively and optimistically. In a general sense, things work well for us in the house that Jupiter occupies. The keyword for Jupiter is expansion. That can be physically, mentally, or spiritually. Jupiter's position can relate to the expansion of assets relating to financial freedom, or perhaps, even, weight.


Jupiter is in Aries so Shirley should be enthusiastic, generous, assertive, and highly energetic. These kids will develop and grow through a sheer love of learning and discovery. They will constantly be reaching out for new experiences. Competitive sport will utilize this energy beautifully.

Shirley will have the confidence to allow any talents to shine through. There may need to be a bit of a pointer on learning to accept limitations. These kids can overdo things and set their sights too high. Try not to inhibit this child too much though. To try and stamp out the confidence or energy could have quite an adverse affect. Then Shirley will feel that the energy and optimism is wrong. This natural exuberance is a valuable part of the nature. If this energy is suppressed or dampened down too much, it can emerge later in life as aggression. Shirley will not be able to use the vitality in the way that it should be used. In adulthood, this is a good placement for a successful businessperson. Good decision making comes easily as does a sound sense of responsibility and foresight.


Jupiter in the Fifth House


5th House: Creativity, having fun, playing with, and mixing with others - the essential social interaction. This is the house of developing life skills that involve contact with company. This house is about developing the skills to become popular, confident, and socially accepted. This house also relates strongly with children.


Shirley has Jupiter in the Fifth House. This child has an optimistic and cheerful temperament. They do need to be free to find their own way in life and do not like anyone to restrict them. They want to taste as much of the world as possible. Shirley will love to be the center of attention. There is a big ego and something of a Thespian too. These kids put on a good act - as long as they are the "star" of the show. They like to be noticed and admired.

These children may enjoy sports very much, either as a participant or as an observer. They prefer outdoor activities because they seem more free and open. Shirley may be quite creative in many ways, and whatever the creation, it will be done on a grand scale. These kids do not like to do anything halfway and will become well known for the habit of getting carried away by enthusiasm. But this is a good trait and should be encouraged. Shirley will gain more through supposed fun and amusements than others will through hard work. Every activity this child attempts expands their world and gives them valuable experience and knowledge.

One problem that could crop up later - this person can become a bit of a gambler. They seem to think that they just cannot lose. But this child should sail through life very much on just the strength of its own character. Shirley will be very generous.


Saturn in Sagittarius


There are always two sides of Saturn - what is, and what can be. Saturn stays in the same sign for approximately two and a half years, so all of the children born around the same time as Shirley will show the same characteristics. Saturn in the sign is therefore personal only when forming one or more aspect(s) with the personal planets, the Ascendant, or the Midheaven.

Read these aspects thoroughly to be more aware of Saturn and what it has to teach this child.

Saturn is all about progress, but it is the slow and sure progress - nothing happens quickly with this rather severe planet. This is where we learn the art of survival. Saturn makes us stop, look, and listen and not go rushing in. This is where we come up against brick walls, where we have to review the lessons learned and modify the next move. Saturn makes us accept responsibility, accept a challenge, and move forward. Saturn is the reason behind many of our fears, our sense of guilt and our sense of failure, but, again, when we beat these obstacles, we are so much wiser and stronger.

The House in which Saturn falls signifies the areas where life can be tough. Nothing seems to come easily, and yet the prospects are of significance. This is the area where our fears will have to be addressed, and where our confidence will need to be lifted. Discipline and patience will be badly needed here in order for us to gain control. It is where we must stop and think, but ultimately we learn from Saturn - he is a great teacher. Saturn is often related to the father figure, or the "authority" figure that influences Shirley. Difficult aspects with Saturn often indicate problems in this area.

Saturn often sounds rather negative which is not accurate. Consider Saturn as a hurdle that is there to be conquered - not as an obstacle to fear.


Shirley has the planet, Saturn, in bold sign of Sagittarius. Saturn puts some limitations on the exuberant Sagittarius. The attitude will be quite serious. The ethical and moral approach to life will always be very strong, in fact, almost staunch.

These kids will have quite a deep and penetrating mind but will put a whole lot of thought into their work and theories. Once an idea is formed, the attitude can be dogmatic with a stubborn reluctance to expand or move on those opinions. So much effort goes in to reaching a conclusion that Shirley will be horrified to think that even the smallest point could have been missed. There can be an almost self-righteous approach to life and philosophies.

Shirley will live by a set of principles that are very high. There will be a natural respect for authority and the establishment. The basic belief structure will be in tune with traditional. Later in life, Shirley could need to face a major challenge with religious or philosophical views.

The ambition will be to learn and to reach out intellectually, but the necessary openings might not come easily. Maybe Shirley is too hesitant to grab the chances that crop up, or perhaps the right time and the right place just simply does not happen. Reputation is very important.

This combination can be helped with encouragement to broaden the outlook. Teach Shirley that true learning comes from an open mind and being receptive to alternative ideas. If this child can widen those horizons and reach for the stars, the intellectual mind will be as expansive and as limitless as the universe that is out there.


Saturn in the First House


1st House: This powerful House is essentially the outward expression and obvious character traits. It represents the "I, me, and mine" - the ego and the subjective - the "I want" attitude. This House also shows the "I can do" attitude. This is about spontaneous openness, and the inherent qualities that drive the personality.


With Saturn in the first house, Shirley will show shyness or even an inferiority which can stem from feeling unloved - or perhaps being expected to take on more than a fair share of responsibility at a tender age. This could be an eldest child perhaps. But often these kids can feel robbed of a childhood for some reason. This is usually an old head on a young shoulder. Childhood can actually be quite a lonely time.

Often the parent(s) will go through hard times that will take a toll on everyone. However, through adversity comes the ability to gain a solid sense of what is important. During childhood, Shirley will respond to chores and a certain amount of responsibility. These kids like to feel useful, but take care this is not overdone.

Later in life, these people are highly disciplined and will be able to achieve a whole lot more than many others with the same chances. But, they will be prone to depression until they come to terms with earlier circumstances that were out of anyone's control. This is not an easy place for Saturn - life will seem like and obstacle race at times. These kids will wonder why they cannot be in the right place at the right time now and again.

A big bonus though is that as an adult, these people age rather slowly. They hold their age well and often enjoy their later years a whole lot more than they do their childhood years. True self-respect, self esteem and success may be a long time coming - but it will come to Shirley.


Uranus in the Fourth House


4th House: This House is about the early home environment, the 'Mother' influence, and the family. This is the House where traditions are set and preserved. This is where basic development begins and where lifetime habits are formed. This House is all about nurturing.


Shirley has the unpredictable planet Uranus in the 4th House. Often this can suggest that the early environment can be fraught with changes. There could be changes in residence, family patterns - even changes in the family. It could be that Shirley never quite feels settled. Shirley may have been adopted, or simply feel adopted by way of an explanation. One of the parents may be distant, different, or even absent. Shirley could feel a lack of parental love and caring. The child/parent rapport can be quite unusual where role reversal becomes the pattern. But, if there is caring and support within the home environment, even if it is not traditional and conventional, this should not pose a major problem. Shirley will grow up feeling well equipped to handle any changes that life might bring.

At best, this is a sign of a free spirit. But coping with many differences can cause strain from time to time.

Shirley will also want to break away and be free from quite a young age. These children want to make their own decisions and set their own pace. However, this could well be the sort of adult that will not be particularly interested in acquiring too many assets that will bog them down. Shirley could adopt a rather unusual lifestyle and will care little for what other people think. This person does not try to please.


Neptune in the Ninth House


9th House: This House reflects the influence and the encouragement from teachers, like report cards, recognition of ability - or lack of needed encouragement and advice. This House is about the development of self-esteem. It is about seeking and sharing knowledge. It is about developing skills and setting goals. It is about expanding on what today offers and taking it into the future.


Shirley has the planet Neptune in the Ninth House so will be idealistic with a head full of wonderful dreams. This impressionable kid is truly "tuned in" and will have incredible intuition. These kids are actually quite mystical in a way. Their minds are receptive to different cultures, the world of fantasy, and the universe at large. The questions asked in earnest by Shirley will be related to the deep and mysterious for which there are few concrete answers. Like the eerie and strange stuff - like angels, ghosts, the supernatural - life on Mars - and beyond. Shirley will always search for deep and spiritual meanings, seeking answers to the obscure. These kids are attracted to the big, big picture. This will stir the imagination to the hilt. The ideas may not be very realistic - but get Shirley to write the stories down. The expression should be vivid and clever. Education will be a very fundamental part of life for this child.

In adulthood, Shirley could become involved with a religion, although these religious beliefs are unlikely to be of the orthodox variety. More likely the beliefs will be of another culture altogether or one of the more modern sects.

These kids can seem to be quite impractical because their heads are full of obscure stuff rather than the mundane. The attraction will always be in the realms of far-out and deep, and it may be noted that it is the "difference" that is the attraction. Shirley can work hard to create the illusion of sincere interest in an attempt to be seen as deep and mysterious rather than being truly intellectually motivated. The tendency to exaggerate can cloud good judgement.

This position indicates faith in all its good and bad meanings. The big positive of Neptune here is that this will always be an earnestly compassionate person. Shirley is a person who will express concern and extend kindness towards mankind in all its forms. This is a sign of a very non-judgmental nature. Faith and optimism will always be strong.

Later in life, Shirley will love to travel, either physically or mentally. The attraction will be for exotic and "different" parts of the world. The idea will be to experience the different cultures and traditions in order to broaden the philosophies. However, all this is often done without actually "physically" going all that far at all.


Pluto in the Eighth House


8th House: This House is about parent's values and the provisions they make. psychological input from parents. It is about secrets, subliminal learning and deep changes. Lessons from this House lead to profound understandings often bought about by inevitable change. It is the stirring of new beginnings and the ashes of the past.


Pluto in the Eighth House can seem tough going for a child as life will seem to go through periods of very intense and deep change. Shirley will seem to be always aware of something inside pushing growth and new directions. There will be enormous depth and exceptional self-control which will make Shirley implacable when on a set path. No one will stop this youngster. When crossed, Shirley will never forget.

Shirley could have a real fascination with the subject of life and death. But this interest is not morbid; it is simply a part of building up the reason for existence. Shirley has the same fascination with any sort of mystery and will dig and probe to find answers. This child will have very deep and very serious interests for one so young. These kids simply need to know and will go to any lengths to find acceptable answers to all their questions. This is more than casual curiosity. It is a deep psychological drive within them; it does have an absolute purpose.

There will be a definite interest in the metaphysical. There is quite likely to be quite strong clairvoyant abilities and most certainly deep insights and extraordinary perception. Later in life, there can certainly be monetary upheavals somewhere along the way - because this is, the house of shared resources too.


Planets in Aspect




An explanation of the Aspects: These are very important in any natal chart. It is when 2 or more planets "make connection" with each other. To be of significance, the "orb" or degree of this connection, must be relatively close. All the Aspects are of significance, but some are more powerful than are others. And, of course, they all have different meanings.

All of the aspects that are relevant are automatically listed in order of strength. Obviously, the higher the strength the more relevant and potent the aspect.

Conjunction: A powerful and dynamic aspect. This is when two or more planets are sitting right next to each other and they will either back each other up, or compete against each other. Being in the same sign and same house adds up to a lot of weight.

Trine: A distance of 120-degrees between any planet forms a "Trine". These planets will be in the same Element so they will blend well and flow. The Trine brings comfort, ease, and benefit with little effort.

Sextile: The distance between any planets involved in a "Sextile" is 60 degrees. This aspect brings the opportunity to be productive or creative. But the energy of the Sextile must be used - it will not just "happen" Both planets will fall in either Masculine or Feminine signs, so they are compatible.

Square: There will be a 90-degree separation between any planets involved in a "Square". Here is an indication of obstacles and stress that need to be worked through. The planets "square off" against each other but - these are personal learning curves of life. These are hurdles for us to jump but through them we learn and grow. The lessons from Squares tend to be subjective. These aspects will be in signs of the same quality.

Opposition: As the name suggests, any planets that form an "opposition" will be smack, bang opposite each other at 180-degrees apart. This is where one learns to compromise and give a little. The opposition usually involves other people. These lessons are quite objective. Being in polar opposite signs of the zodiac, these planets mirror each other.

Inconjunct also known as the Quincunx: This is considered a "minor" aspect but is about our personal growth and long-term development in the area of the personality. It shows us our limitations and how we can expand a little. The distance between the two celestial bodies here will be 150 degrees apart. Being relatively minor, the orb used is generally rather tight. This aspect would be almost exact to rate in this interpretation.


Uranus trine Ascendant  (Strength:  6.82)


Trines bring ease, harmony, and success, which need little effort. Can help creativity.


Shirley has Uranus trine the Ascendant. Even at a very early age, this little one will insist on their right to be an individual. The curiosity is highly developed, so learning through experience comes naturally. The reason for this is that Shirley will sense and visualize everything quite differently from others. These children will thrive on change and fresh things to do. This is an inquiring and inventive mind, and the need to stretch the imagination is great. Shirley will change the rules to traditional games - just to minimize boredom and put a new slant on things. Shirley could be quietly rebellious but will be recognized more as just a youngster who needs some freedom.

These children will always prefer exciting company. They like to be energized and stimulated with different points of view - different approaches - and different concepts. Kids who lack imagination and fire will be a big bore as far as Shirley is concerned.

These children will try to shock with their remarks from time to time because they enjoy stirring the more complacent people up a bit. But there is no malicious intent. Shirley will be able to give and take, loving the battle of wits and the humor.

Shirley will have an unusual ability to survive in a fast-changing environment. There is a reluctance to be caught up in traditional methods, so forward and upwards will never faze this child. Adaptability and sheer growth will be fundamentals of this character.


Venus square Pluto  (Strength:  5.59)


The Squares are quite subjective. Squares bring challenges that must be worked through.


With Venus, the planet of love and comfort, in square to the intense planet Pluto, Shirley will be capable of the deepest of emotions and feelings. There will also be a whole lot of difficulty attached to relationships and love. Many of the big lessons to be learned will come through interactions with others.

It is very important that this child learns to understand what makes them tick. Shirley will need to accept and address that there are powerful feelings within that can be difficult to understand and handle. Much of the impulsiveness comes from deep within, which can be baffling and difficult to understand. These children are more intense than are most children. They can form unlikely friendships that are doomed from the start, but these children won't be stopped. They simply have something to learn from that friendship. Many lessons will involve pain and disappointment. Shirley is all or nothing when it comes to love and friendships. When these children 'love', they give their all. They will be totally loyal. But they will also be quite jealous and possessive, which can cause problems. To ease some of this intensity, point Shirley towards other areas of self-expression, such as dance, music, or art. Try to encourage this child to reach outwardly and share, rather than reach inwardly too much. Try to help Shirley to release this deep passion. Try to teach Shirley to accept some limitations. The sights can be set too high and so 'less than perfect' becomes a failure rather than a jolly good effort.

This is not an easy aspect at all, but the lessons to be learned are valuable. It should not be seen as negative - just difficult.


Saturn square Midheaven  (Strength:  4.90)


The Squares are quite subjective. Squares bring challenges that must be worked through.


With Saturn square the Midheaven, Shirley could have problems dealing with authority. These kids feel that teachers, even parents, do not accept them and are just out to make life hard. Often this child will feel very much alone and that no one really cares about them, so they withdraw. But this is not usually true. These kids get a bee in their bonnets and make it impossible for anyone to get close to them.

Shirley needs to learn to cooperate and fit in. It is also possible that this little soul is not getting the emotional support and love they need. It could stem from the home where affection is not a part of life or perhaps too many burdens are put on for some reason. Maybe expectations are too high. Somewhere along the line, this little one does need to go out into the world and find people who are warm and loving. Friends who care, share, and offer support. The bottom line is that Shirley needs to feel "good" within - to develop some confidence in the ability to achieve, and to be totally accepted by friends and peers without even trying.

It will be too easy for this child to simply retreat. If this problem of loneliness and non-acceptance is left for too long, it will be so difficult to shake. The loneliness will become a way of life which will diminish the ability to interact in any way at all.

Even in a warm and loving home environment, these kids can still prefer to remain aloof and isolated. They can actually simply prefer to be alone and feel comfortable within. This can be quite OK, but it is imperative that this is a personal choice rather than a whole set of hang-ups that have driven this child away.


Mars trine Pluto  (Strength:  4.17)


Trines bring ease, harmony, and success, which need little effort.  Can help creativity.


Shirley has the energetic planet Mars in Trine to the powerful planet Pluto.  These children will have a great deal of energy.  Whatever they consider to be important in their life, they will work tirelessly to achieve.  This will be an ambitious little person, who will want to get ahead, and achieve something important.  Shirley will have a great deal of self-confidence.  There is a natural ability to lead.

Ideas will be original and unique, so these kids will be valued within any group-type activity or project.  They will try to run it their way, but these youngsters achieve this without being totally overbearing.

Shirley will have the stamina to keep going long after everyone else has called it a day. The sheer determination will not let this kid "give up," or even take a sensible break. They can get almost obsessed in what they are truly interested in.

Shirley is probably not particularly aggressive, but when a stand has been taken, this child will not back down.  In any sort of confrontation, this will be a formidable opponent. These kids will never skirt around a problem - they will want to solve it, right away. Normally, they control their anger quite well, but when they do lose their temper, it can be quite spectacular, and it usually takes a while for them to regain their composure.

During the teenage years, when puberty enters the frame, Shirley will be exposed to some very potent feelings.  These young adolescents tend to enjoy this new era and often experience the hormonal change quite early.  This magnetic teen will never be short of admirers and will relate very well to the opposite sex.  Their passionate nature though can suffer badly when a love affair falls over.

These children are quite stubborn and not easily deterred.  They respect strength and will choose friends who are independent and self-reliant, because that is their ideal. While not attracted to weak people, Shirley will have compassion for people who are trying to cope with serious problems.  This deep compassion is actually a gift.


Jupiter trine Saturn  (Strength:  3.80)


Trines bring ease, harmony, and success, which need little effort. Can help creativity.


Shirley has the big planet Jupiter in Trine to the limitations of the planet Saturn. Both of these planets move rather slowly, so this aspect will apply to all of the children in the same age group as Shirley. Unless there are other examples, of a close association between Jupiter and Saturn, with one or more of the personal planets, this aspect should be regarded as rather "general". Jupiter expands and Saturn limits. Jupiter is optimistic whilst Saturn is cautious. Jupiter is confident and Saturn is suspicious. And throughout life when these two planets make a connection these kids will "feel" quite a powerful pull.

With this aspect, Shirley is willing to patiently persevere in order to accomplish something significant. Even while they are quite young, kids with this aspect are able to plan and visualize. They should be highly organized and their straightforward views will make these aspirations attainable. School results should reflect the abilities because the diligence and the patience should shine through. Discipline is generally a natural fundamental. Little time will be wasted chasing dreams. These kids know their potential and should feel quite comfortable with that.


Mercury conjunct Jupiter  (Strength:  3.27)


The conjunctions add emphasis to the power, the energy, and the vitality of the planets.


With the expressive planet Mercury in conjunction to the big, expansive planet Jupiter, Shirley will have an insatiable curiosity with a natural need to learn.  Jupiter expands on all it touches, and Mercury is all about communication and early learning.  So, Shirley will feel the power of this aspect early in life, wanting to explore as many ideas and theories as are possible.

Shirley will have a thirst for knowledge and a need to understand fully.  But the natural instinct is to cover the big picture first and then fill in the details later.  Unfortunately with this aspect, there may not be a whole lot of self-discipline.  There is a likelihood of being too impatient to be bothered filling in the minor details at all.  Once these youngsters have a general understanding of a subject, they may feel that they have learned all they need to know.  So, even with all that intelligence and intellectual energy, Shirley can sometimes skim over the heart of the matter too easily.  This can show when it comes to "testing time" as poor results for such a bright kid can come as a surprise.  Or Shirley will maybe do something halfway and then forget about it out of sheer boredom.  The rush to cover as much ground as possible often shows up as careless work that has been thrown together.  There is simply not enough time or patience to produce an expansive paper.  The learning is what is the essence here. Shirley will have a great ability to share all this wisdom and knowledge in a colorful and expressive way, but the tedium of documentation can seem to be a chore and a bore. However, this charming kid will be seen as generous, open-minded, and rather bright. These traits will make Shirley a popular person no matter how perfect, or not so perfect, their detailed work, etc., is.

As an adult, Shirley will be drawn to travel and faraway countries.  Jupiter, being the expansive planet, will instigate a fascination in the world at large.  The interests will be universal and could lean towards law, philosophy, or the many religions of the various cultures.  In so many ways, this conjunction makes the sky the limit in a learning capacity, and Shirley will be the eternal student and the willing tutor.


Mercury trine Neptune  (Strength:  3.08)


Trines bring ease, harmony, and success, which need little effort. Can help creativity.


With the expressive little planet Mercury in trine to the nebulous planet Neptune, Shirley will have a rich imagination, and an abundance of creativity. This child will be a practical idealist with an intuitive mind. The eye and the mind will tune into the harsh realities of the world and recognize where improvements can be made. And Shirley is gifted with a sense of reality, so ambitions can be attainable. Shirley will see beauty in the world that other people miss. With encouragement, this child can learn to express this through writing or art.

As they get older, these children may be more interested in making their ideals real, rather than amassing a whole heap of assets. Real application can be too much effort for Shirley, who can appear to be taking the easy way, but a special vision that goes with this aspect is quite beautiful. Shirley will never go into anything with the eyes closed, so choices are simple. Ambition and accolades are not the motivation, but peace or serenity is. Superficial matters will not clutter this person's life. They will always keep their focus on the important issues.

Because the intuition is so highly developed, Shirley will learn to understand what motivates others. These kids are gentle and sensitive, but not especially naive. They would benefit from living by the sea as they will identify with the ocean and its calming effect. The sea, or the ocean, does explain the depth of this child - giving an elusive hint of the deep unknown that is often projected by their personality.


Venus trine Saturn  (Strength:  2.95)


Trines bring ease, harmony, and success, which need little effort. Can help creativity.


With the romantic planet Venus in trine to the restrictions of the planet Saturn, Shirley will be a reserved child. Shirley will not seem to be very demonstrative - especially about showing the emotions or the feelings. These children choose their friends very carefully, but once they have learned to trust and to care, they will be totally loyal and loving. They may not have many friends, but the ones that they do have will be very long lasting. This will apply especially as they get older.

The nature is rather serious and mature, making Shirley seem a lot older and wiser than expected. Shirley will understand romance and love very deeply, but will keep both feet on the ground. In many ways, these children will never be totally comfortable with the party scene. They are serious and struggle with frivolity in many ways. But if they can learn to relax, and have a bit of fun, life will seem more rounded for them.

When older, Shirley will not commit easily. These people will look at all the angles. But when they do take the plunge, they will be more willing than most to put an effort into making a marriage or relationship work and last. Shirley secretly has a strong distaste of failure.

This is a good sensible aspect. This is helpful in the responsible adult, but can be restrictive for the exuberant teenager. Saturn teaches such a lot if we take note of the messages.


Sun inconjunct Ascendant  (Strength:  2.52)


The inconjunct (quincunx) involves the willpower and the areas where our "thinking patterns" need some work.


The child with the Sun inconjunct the Ascendant has a whole lot of difficulty letting the world see them for who they actually are. No matter how hard they try, these kids display a wrong image. As a young child, it is likely that Shirley does everything to "please" rather than behave naturally. These kids seem to feel that they are in a situation where they have no choices of their own and get to the stage where making a choice is very difficult. They feel that ideals and ideas are forced on them, and they do not know how to resist. The sheer tension will cause utter and complete confusion. Shirley will actually have a strong mind and will want to call the shots, use original ideas, and voice personal opinions, but a fear and lack of confidence stifles this ability. Consequently, these kids get uptight about it all. They can become quite deceptive. Try very early to encourage Shirley to accept that it is OK to speak up - to have an opinion. Encourage decisions whenever it is possible. Play down the wrong choices that will be inevitable and encourage Shirley to accept and, consequently, to learn through any mistakes.

As these children develop, they will find their own feet and grow into quite strong adults. But the childhood years will be so much easier if these kids are encouraged to be bold and feel free to be open and honest.


Moon sextile Neptune  (Strength:  2.17)


Sextiles bring chances and opportunity. Effort is needed to realize the full potential.


Shirley has the sensitive Moon sextile to the imaginative planet Neptune. There is a lovely, rich, vivid imagination that gives these kids an amazing sense of imagery. If this child is at all artistic, they will have lots of creative ideas with which to work. Or if this is an inventive child, they will be able to come up with all sorts of wacky and wonderful contraptions. Encourage both areas. However, Shirley may be rather short on the logic and discipline that goes with study. This can limit the creative abilities. Gentle discipline to "plan" will help enormously. Any true creativity needs practical hard work as well as inspiration. So just a bit of training and guidance from a fairly young age will help. Shirley will need to keep the imaginary world clearly separate from the real world in order to really achieve. But the sense of fantasy will be quite incredible.

Shirley will have strong nurturing instincts, so will be caring and kind to anyone or anything in need. It is easy for others to appeal to the genuine sympathy that this little person has. These kids really do " feel". They are capable of true empathy, and this is one of their strongest traits. The Mother figure will probably provide strong emotional love and support, and Shirley is likely to adore and admire this role model.

A future career could involve working closely with less fortunate people This could be nursing, or institutional work, but Shirley would only be interested in a "hands on" approach. The corporate or administration area would not appeal.

These children may well possess psychic potential. Their hunches are often accurate. They are though, very vulnerable to negative energies. Bear in mind these sensitivities when Shirley is very young because some of these experiences can be quite scary.


Pluto sextile Midheaven  (Strength:  1.64)


Sextiles bring chances and opportunity. Effort is needed to realize the full potential.


Shirley has Pluto sextile Midheaven. These kids will enjoy getting to the heart of any mystery and finding out what is really going on. They will be very fond of puzzles and solving riddles - be that figuring out their friends, a situation, or just puzzle games. Shirley will truly like to dig and understand to find the answers. This child may also enjoy salvaging broken or discarded objects and making something useful out of them - a real "greenie". So, Shirley and the whole family can be surrounded by a great deal of clutter. One person's trash is another person's treasure, but this youngster will also be able to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

There will be a strong ambition to succeed. This aspect indicates a natural ability in psychology which will be a very useful tool in adulthood. It also suggests that Shirley will enjoy helping people who need advice or guidance. A lot of satisfaction can be taken from this ability to be trusted with this responsibility.

However, the knowledge that Shirley can gain in mastering the ability to "figure things and people out" can be used as a power thing. These kids will have the ability to influence others but must not use this ability to manipulate. They will be able to use this quality for such a lot of good that it would be a shame if it was misused and so come back to haunt them.


Mars opposite Midheaven  (Strength:  1.44)


The oppositions bring about awareness through compromise.  Conflicts from the opposition can involve either internal or external issues.


Shirley has the feisty planet Mars in opposition to the Midheaven.  This child has a strong will with a quick temper.  They like to get their own way and they have a powerful need to do well.  These little ones can suffer a lot of inner tension, which can be confusing for them.  In many ways they try too hard.  Shirley will want to be recognized and noticed, but can seek attention in an aggressive way.  Sometimes this happens because this child may have a stormy home environment.  Shirley actually needs a peaceful place, so would find the atmosphere of a stormy home to be daunting.  These kids need encouragement and lots of love and support.

With all the correct caring and nurturing, Shirley will make good use of these energies. It will be quite natural to succeed because there will be an established and solid sense of self-worth.  This child will feel good within, and that is what matters.  Whether or not Shirley makes a resounding success of life will never be as important as the achievement of inner satisfaction.  While Shirley is young, the parents should appreciate this depth.  Help these kids to discover their deep and selfless needs, rather than make them conform to other people's expectations.

When the adolescent years arrive, Shirley will rather enjoy the feeling of finally making adult status.  This could be a difficult teenager because Shirley will be in a hurry to set out on a path of personal choice.  There should not be any trouble at all learning to deal with the opposite sex, but Shirley will gravitate towards those who are rebels against the establishment.


Moon square Uranus  (Strength:  1.19)


The Squares are quite subjective. Squares bring challenges that must be worked through.


With the emotional Moon in square to the erratic planet Uranus, Shirley will be a rather excitable child.  The nature tends to be highly-strung and unpredictable. There can be a hair-trigger temper, and the moods can change quickly and for seemingly little reason. When Shirley gets upset, there will be a tendency to act without thinking. There is a strong need for this child to learn not to do anything at all while upset or angry. Try to teach Shirley to count to ten, cool off a bit, and then decide what course of action to take. Hasty stuff will always go wrong and shake the confidence and result in another tantrum.

Often this aspect indicates that at some time in the formative years, this child's home life is erratic. This could be quite an obscure thing, but it does make it difficult to feel emotionally secure. Maybe frequent upsets and changes in circumstances are the order of the household, making this child learn to resent restrictions of any kind. There may be the feeling that they have to stand on their own two feet from a tender age. Shirley may tend not to "trust" those people who are close in case the bubble bursts.

But often there is an ingenious imagination. Shirley will be attracted to anything new and different. In maturity, this aspect can mark advanced thinkers, who is likely to remain a law unto themselves. These kids want to be able to move about and develop as a free spirit with no ties or chains.

Later in life, Shirley will have a casual, free attitude with the opposite sex. It will be hard to pin this kid down, and commitment to one person or one place will be a long time coming. Again, they like to feel that they can move on whenever they want to.

Tact is something that Shirley will have to learn in order to fit more comfortably into society. The uncompromising honesty and painfully truthful criticisms can make life difficult at times. These kids will shoot straight from the hip.


Mercury trine Saturn  (Strength:  1.06)


Trines bring ease, harmony, and success, which need little effort. Can help creativity.


With the planet of communications, Mercury, in trine to the cautious planet Saturn, Shirley will think very carefully. The homework will have been done thoroughly before this youngster will consider showing their hand. They do not like to be wrong. If something does not make sense, or does not add up, Shirley will be perplexed.

These kids do have discipline, which they actually need in order to get anything done. They simply have to have a full understanding of everything. They will weigh up all the alternatives, and analyze all of the options. Often these kids can get too bogged down with minor details, so Shirley will need to develop a bit of flexibility and loosen up some.

The reasoning power and retentive memory is very strong because Shirley will take the time to totally absorb and understand. These kids are not known as spontaneous. Even when they feel that they know the subject in hand, and feel confident in their ability to communicate, these kids will seldom give an off-the-cuff answer.

Shirley is practical. There needs to be a purpose, and a solid objective, before there will be any commitment. Chaotic situations will confuse this child, and equally, half-baked ideas and theories will simply hold no appeal at all. This is realism in its highest form where extreme pride is felt for achievements.

This disciplined type of person will be capable of managing the most complex issues in a practical way. They will be reliable, astute, and very trustworthy. Physical health is good with strong recuperative powers.


Venus inconjunct Midheaven  (Strength:  1.05)


The inconjunct (quincunx) involves the willpower and the areas where our 'thinking patterns' need some work.


With the planet of love, Venus, inconjunct to the Midheaven, Shirley will place a lot of importance on being loved and loving back. Often these children put on a big front because they feel that if they let the 'real' person show through that no one will like them. They will need a lot of support and reassurance. The parents will have to be so careful in the discipline area. This means taking care to show any disapproval together with love and explanations, rather than personal criticism. It is important that this child understand where they go wrong. If they just feel the wrath, they will go scuttling off feeling guilty and bad. Shirley can get to a stage of being too scared to do anything in case it is wrong. When Shirley grows up, the same fear of failure can apply. Life can lack any feeling of success. The 'true' person can always be hidden away - out of fear of rejection or lack of self worth. This can be quite an isolating factor, inhibiting a 'complete' picture. Again, maybe just out of fear of disapproval

So, if this child shows signs of a real inferiority complex, a lot of work has to be done very early. Try to build up the confidence and sense of self worth. Help Shirley eliminate any self-doubt before it becomes a problem for life. Also, make absolutely sure that disciplinary measures reflect objectivity and reason, flavored with concern and caring. Try to avoid any personal assaults or severe criticism. Shirley will gather a whole lot of strength from being given the chance to learn and grow through mistakes. But this will need genuine effort and understanding of the possible afflictions of this aspect.


Venus conjunct Jupiter  (Strength:  0.75)


The conjunctions add emphasis to the power, the energy, and the vitality of the planets


Venus, the planet of love, in conjunction to the benevolent planet Jupiter is an extremely positive aspect. It shows that Shirley is warm, generous, affectionate and very loyal. These children put a whole lot into friendship. They take the whole thing seriously and are not afraid to be openly affectionate and caring. They will be very social and will love company. This is the social butterfly.

This fortunate aspect tends to indicate a rather comfortable life where all of the material and psychological needs are fulfilled quite naturally. This produces a child who has a contented nature, who is quite happy with the cards that life has dealt. An inherent life of ease is the mark of this aspect. Shirley will expect life to be an easy cruise and can be rather careless later with money and assets because of this.

But what Shirley has in this easy-going and pleasant nature can be marred by a certain lack of discipline. These children expect things to go right, so seldom take the time to sit back and work out how to 'get there'. They simply go for it, taking success for granted. There is a chance of overindulgence because life will seem uncomplicated. Maybe Shirley needs to be taught that life is never served up on a silver platter - someone had to put in some serious work somewhere along the line to reach this particular lifestyle.

Later in life, Shirley will be rather self indulgent, and be too fond of high living. Jupiter expands all that it touches and the lovely planet Venus is all good stuff. But, this larger than life character, the generous nature, and sincere disposition, are all mostly highly positive. Love, harmony and a strong sense of beauty produce few negatives. Learning to apply a little more energy and not be so complacent can only help to enlarge the good of this aspect.


Sun sextile Moon  (Strength:  0.50)


Sextiles bring chances and opportunity. Effort is needed to realize the full potential.


Shirley has the Sun sextile to the Moon making for a sociable little person. These kids just love any sort of interaction that will be an essential part of the personality throughout life. It is highly likely that the family will always be supportive and encouraging, thus showing Shirley, in an undeniable way, how to mix and mingle comfortably. The art of compromise is likely to be the most basic fundamental within the family unit, so this ability is learned very young. Even if the domestic atmosphere is less than tranquil, Shirley will cope well and will cast a powerful influence of peace and harmony anyway. Shirley, however, will always prefer company to being alone.

Although Shirley will be quite ambitious and will have hopes and goals, the need for positive examples will reinforce this. These kids can be too laid back, too relaxed, and be reluctant to make a move or apply serious effort. This can actually become a problem if it is not recognized. Shirley can settle for a whole lot less than what is possible. There can be a sheer reluctance to accept change of any sort. Make sure that little goals are placed early. Make a point of changing the bedroom around or the living area furniture. Get Shirley to help, and make a big fuss of how it was a big improvement. Emphasize the need to want something badly and then be prepared to go for it. Sooner or later, Shirley will adapt to change and be more willing to move some.

Generally though, Shirley will be a sunny-natured child who will accumulate few enemies in this life.


Jupiter square Pluto  (Strength:  0.34)


The Squares are quite subjective. Squares bring challenges that must be worked through.


Shirley has the big planet Jupiter Square the powerful planet Pluto: Pluto moves very slowly, so this aspect will affect all of the kids born around the same time as Shirley. Unless either of these two planets gets reinforcement from a close contact to one or more of the inner planets, this should not be considered particularly personal.

These children are often very strong-willed with a big need to succeed. They want to have the power to influence. This child can become a law unto itself, with an impatient and dogmatic attitude. Especially while these kids are young, they can have trouble with authority figures. They want to be heard but do not want to listen. They want respect but are not willing to return that respect.

But these kids can fluctuate between over-confidence and a barrel full of self-doubts too. They must learn to just be happy, to learn from their experiences and their mistakes. As they grow up, they may become obsessed with some rather fanatical ideas. If they can come down off their high horse, accept a few rules and regulations, they will achieve a great deal in their life. There is a powerful ability to lead in some way.


Jupiter trine Neptune  (Strength:  0.34)


Trines bring ease, harmony, and success, which need little effort. Can help creativity.


Shirley has the big planet Jupiter trine to the dreamy planet Neptune. Neptune moves very slowly. So all children born around the same time will share this aspect. It should not be considered particularly personal.

These children will be sensitive with very high ideals. They will have dreams of the world being a better place. They will be able to see the faults of society and will want to put them to right. These kids will love to help improve the lives of others. But this is not an absolute dreamer. This child will be able to tell the difference between what is fact and what is not, and will be willing to accept reality.

Often these kids will be interested in religious or spiritual pursuits. They need to feel that they are in tune with the universe. They may also be dedicated to fantasy where magic is real and strange beings exist. These kids often have a real affiliation with the supernatural.

With such a vivid imagination, these kids can be very creative. But, equally, they can simply drift through life. This little person could easily become a bit of a gambler. These kids can take silly risks. It would be helpful to lead by example here and enforce the idea that gambling can be destructive and a very dangerous game.


Mars square Saturn  (Strength:  0.16)


The Squares are quite subjective.  Squares bring challenges that must be worked through.


Shirley has the energetic planet Mars in square to the planet Saturn.  Life often seems hard and cold to this little one.  If the family, especially the father, does not give Shirley enough emotional support, deep and lingering resentments will emerge.  This child will have a chip on the shoulder that will weigh very heavily.  The stance will continually be on the defensive and the attitude will be pessimistic.  They may even seem to give up trying.  Shirley needs a whole lot of loving support and confidence needs to be instilled early on.  Try to teach this child to learn how to cope with both the good and the bad, to learn to shrug and say "so what?"  Teach Shirley to greet a problem or a failure as a lesson.  With total support and lots of love, Shirley will learn to use the solid strengths of this aspect.  Without this support, the fear of rejection will leave a mark throughout life. There can be a tendency towards depression and self-pity.  These poor youngsters will almost fear happiness.  All they need is to be assured of love from a very early age, and to learn to feel "good" inside.

Shirley must be careful not to let any anger build up.  There is probably a quick and rather spectacular temper brewing here.  Give Shirley the time, the space, and the chance to openly discuss petty annoyances.  Freedom of expression will need to be both encouraged and accepted in order to make this child feel confident and open.





The prominence of the Planets and the contacts that they make with each other define the strongest Planet(s) in the Natal Chart. Some planets make a lot of "noise" which you will see in the area of the "Aspects" whilst some are just waiting for something to happen. The following are considered the Powerhouse Planets and their meetings and positions add a further dimension to the attitudes and aptitudes of Shirley.

There can be more than one "strongest planet" in which case the person will have a natural ability to dance to many tunes - they will be adaptable and versatile. But if one planet or luminary comes through as the absolute leader, then the person will be very specifically made up of the flavor of that celestial body.


Saturn Dominant  (Strength:  14.68)


Saturn is the planet that we call "old father Time" In many ways Saturn seems to have earned a reputation he does not deserve. So many of the words applied to the poor old chap sound cold and forbidding when in actual fact, Saturn is the ultimate teacher. Just like that cranky old math tutor from school that all the kids were afraid of, but years later, they remember everything about him - because he was a fine teacher. So is Saturn.

Children with a strong Saturn influence will seem to have a rough road to hoe. They will be forced to work hard, or perhaps, can be given too much responsibility. This could be a