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                                                                           10/30/98 - 11/30/98



House Transits and Transiting Aspects


Mars is in the 4th: 10/30/98 12:00 AM, Moving Forwards at Degree 12 in a 33 Degree House

Mars is in the 4th house now, bringing ego energies into the home. Unconscious behavior patterns could cause conflict. Home improvement projects may be initiated. Avoid irritability.


Jupiter is in the 10th: 10/30/98 12:00 AM, Moving Backwards at Degree 16 in a 33 Degree House

Jupiter is in the 10th house now. If the ego is restrained, this can be a time of career advancement, achievement and success. Public recognition and work- related travel are possible.


Saturn is in the 11th: 10/30/98 12:00 AM, Moving Backwards at Degree 24 in a 50 Degree House

Saturn is in the 11th house now. This is a good time when team efforts get best results. Hopes and dreams become more realistic. Friends may be a source of difficulty or responsibility.


Uranus is in the 8th: 10/30/98 12:00 AM, Moving Forwards at Degree 14 in a 16 Degree House

Uranus is in the 8th house now. This is the sector of death, taxes, inheritance and sex. Expect changes in these areas. Shared resources undergo gains or losses. Avoid dependency on others.


Neptune is in the 8th: 10/30/98 12:00 AM, Moving Forwards at Degree 5 in a 16 Degree House

Neptune is in the 8th house now. Shared resources, taxes, inheritance and sexuality may be a source of misunderstandings and confusion. Hidden elements may cause problems.


Pluto is in the 6th: 10/30/98 12:00 AM, Moving Forwards at Degree 11 in a 44 Degree House

Pluto is in the 6th house now, affecting the health and well-being. Making excess demands on the body will result in stress-related illness. There may be enforced changes at work.


Neptune trine Jupiter: 10/30/98 12:00 AM, 1.89 deg. orb

See the interpretation for 11/30/98 12:00 AM


Uranus oppose Pluto: 10/30/98 12:00 AM, 1.84 deg. orb

See the interpretation for 11/30/98 12:00 AM


Jupiter square Uranus: 10/30/98 12:00 AM, 1.28 deg. orb

This transit is likely to manifest itself in one of two possible extremes--a lucky change for the better in finances or a major disturbance in your life. How you deal with the issue of freedom at this time will determine the outcome. If you are willing to make necessary changes in your life, you may receive a sudden opportunity or an unexpected cash windfall. On the other hand, if you are refusing to face this need for change, the tension will build until you will have to break free from all life's restrictions. This outburst of pent-up energies will create major upsets.

Be careful not to instigate radical change in your life just for the sake of change. Don't act rashly in burning your bridges now; you may need them later. You are not terribly cooperative right now, and in fact, the best way to get you to do something is to demand that you do the opposite. You will seek more freedom and excitement in your love relationships. You may go through a succession of short-term relationships now that are exciting in their own way, but they may not be stable enough to survive. Anyone or anything trying to restrict your freedom now will incur your wrath and hostility.

If you keep watching, though, new opportunities will present themselves to you. But don't jump too quickly. Your judgment and common sense are not as powerful as your impulsiveness, and you could make unwise decisions, resulting in losses in business and investment. Remain calm and level-headed and you will be able to make the best decision for your future. Be patient; it doesn't hurt that much.


Mars square Uranus: 11/4/98 10:46 PM, Exact

This is potentially an accident phase when restrictions promote rebellious and impulsive actions. Expect the unexpected. Slow down.


Pluto square Sun: 11/10/98 11:06 PM, Entering Orb (1.00)

See the interpretation for 11/30/98 12:00 AM


Mars sextile Saturn: 11/11/98 3:23 PM, Exact

Construction projects run smoothly. Energy is sustained in cooperative efforts. Business and industry prosper. Take care of details.


Mars square Mars: 11/19/98 7:16 PM, Exact

The ego may run roughshod over any opposition. Acting on impulse generates frustrating results. Irritability breeds confrontation.


Mars conjunct Jupiter: 11/29/98 2:35 PM, Exact

The ego should avoid excessive swelling. Physical energy is high. There is an element of luck at this time. Act now.


Pluto square Sun: 11/30/98 12:00 AM, 0.26 deg. orb

This transit only occurs once in life and can be quite traumatic, as you will encounter many challenges. If you are sure of who you are and what motivates you, this transit will go fairly well. Otherwise, you will learn a lot about yourself through crises and drastic changes.

You are highly ambitious now and if you are a strong-willed person, you could be aggressive and even ruthless in your effort to achieve your goals. This will, of course, stir up opposition from others who feel threatened by you. Don't lose sight of others' needs while you climb to the top. They may want to share in the success; if they've earned it, give them that. Learning to share power with others is part of Pluto's lesson for you. The problem is that you don't feel like compromising right now. You want it all, and nothing less.

On the other hand, if you're a person who's learned the art of compromise, you may learn from this transit by having another person (probably a man) bulldoze you. If this is the case, Pluto's lesson is to learn to stand up for your rights and resist being pushed around. Either way, the issue of power is a strong one. This type of power trip is most likely to occur in your professional life, but may also be seen on the home front.

The energy of Pluto is very powerful, and it brings massive changes in its wake. This can express itself physically, and you may experience a sort of physical breakdown if you are resisting the transformative energies of Pluto. Or everything in your world may suddenly seem to be falling apart and disintegrating. Avoid physical fights now; the energies that are present are too powerful and unpredictable. Be careful not to provoke others to assault you; you are more prone to attract that type of energy now. This is a good time to avoid dark alleys.

The best expression of this transit is to work with determination toward your goals in life while remaining cognizant of the needs and sensitivities of others. Force yourself to hear the other side of every story and to compromise when it is called for. If the Pluto energy is directed outward in a positive manner, it will not turn back on you negatively.


Uranus oppose Pluto: 11/30/98 12:00 AM, 1.14 deg. orb

This transit occurs only once every 84 years, and even if it occurs late in life it is a time of widespread change and new beginnings. Situations which have been building up over the years now cry out for attention, and you will be surprised to find that your usual methods of solving problems don't seem to work now. To the extent that you can willingly incorporate constructive change into your life now, this transit can actually have a positive effect.

During this transit you may lose people, situations and things which you have assumed would be a permanent part of your life. In reality, these situations and relationships are no longer contributing to your growth and are inappropriate for the new person you are becoming. It is best not to try and hold on to situations and relationships which are disappearing from your life now. They will only be replaced with something better. If you lose loved ones through death during this time, it will probably be quite sudden. Although you are interested in the afterlife, this is not a good time to experiment with seances or other occult practices.

At this time you will encounter frequent surprises, and many of them will come from your distant past. In fact, you may experience opportunities related to (or rekindle old relationships from) your past. This is an excellent time to allow yourself to feel young and enjoy life. Youthfulness can be even more fun when you have the wisdom of age to appreciate it.


Neptune trine Jupiter: 11/30/98 12:00 AM, 1.31 deg. orb

This once-in-a-lifetime transit brings increased optimism and idealism into your life. The spiritual insights which you receive at this time serve to make your life run smoother, and you naturally feel that everything is going to work out fine. With this positive attitude, even the difficult parts of your life are easier to handle. It may seem that you are particularly lucky now, but you are actually reaping the benefits of your past efforts.

Although you are optimistic now, you do not over-idealize life or expect the impossible from others. You seek the truth now, not a rose-colored glasses viewpoint. You want to know what makes the Universe tick and to understand your role in it. During this transit you could benefit greatly from the study of philosophy, metaphysics or occult sciences. This is an excellent time to practice yoga and meditation.

The one warning with this transit is that you not let your optimism cause you to take unwarranted risks. Avoid gambling or speculative investment now. You may even eliminate someone or something from your life which has provided support for you. You are able to see that your dependence on them has limited your own growth. If you have to, you can learn to get by on less at this time.

You are highly creative and imaginative now and have a strong appreciation for the arts, music and poetry. This is an excellent time for long distance travel or study. But you will want to plan your own trip (or degree) rather than going by someone else's schedule or guidelines. You are looking for new information and stimulation now, and you don't want anyone hindering you in the process.

During this time you will feel more than ever like fighting for the less fortunate in society. You want to see more social justice and less exploitation of the weaker members of society. You feel especially compassionate and understanding toward your fellow human beings because you recognize that we are all one.


Jupiter square Uranus: 11/30/98 12:00 AM, 1.41 deg. orb

See the interpretation for 10/30/98 12:00 AM