Love Honor Cherish Report for

Bill Clinton


Hillary Clinton (Rodham)


Data for Bill Clinton: Data for Hillary Clinton (Rodham):

August 19, 2020 October 26, 2020

8:51 AM 8:00 PM

Hope, Arkansas Chicago, Illinois

Standard time observed. Standard time observed.

Time Zone: 6 hours West. Time Zone: 6 hours West.

Sun 26 deg 00 min Leo Sun 3 deg 03 min Scorpio

Moon 20 deg 18 min Taurus Moon 26 deg 29 min Scorpio

Mercury 7 deg 36 min Leo Mercury 26 deg 14 min Scorpio

Venus 11 deg 07 min Libra Venus 2 deg 28 min Sagittarius

Mars 6 deg 21 min Libra Mars 22 deg 23 min Scorpio

Jupiter 23 deg 13 min Libra Jupiter 6 deg 45 min Scorpio

Saturn 2 deg 08 min Leo Saturn 8 deg 20 min Leo

Uranus 21 deg 09 min Gemini Uranus 21 deg 26 min Gemini

Neptune 6 deg 51 min Libra Neptune 9 deg 16 min Libra

Pluto 11 deg 51 min Leo Pluto 13 deg 17 min Leo

Asc. 5 deg 30 min Libra Asc. 0 deg 03 min Cancer

MC 5 deg 59 min Cancer MC 5 deg 22 min Pisces




The Love Honor Cherish Files are developed over five chapters:

1 Sunny Side Up.

2 Moon Shadows.

3 The Mercurial Side.

4 Venus: What Bill and Hillary really care about.

5 Mars: What really gets Bill and Hillary excited.

The Cherish Report is an astrological reading for Bill and Hillary. It is not to be taken for medical or legal advice and is not for therapy or fortune telling purposes. It is hoped that this Report will provoke positive action and entertain you simultaneously. It is an exercise of free speech, and your reminder that life is what you make it. Enjoy yourself.







Major Themes Your Relationship



Composite Sun BiQuintile Moon:

The powers of attraction that drew the two of you together are very strong. "For better or worse" describes the two of you. Learn little rituals that make the relationship work. Comfort, nourishment and understanding are key issues here. Your professional and personal lives are intertwined. To maximize the potential of the relationship, enjoy activities that are devoid of emotional conflict. Also, shed a light on your own and each other's emotions.

Composite Sun Semisextile Mars:

Competition could be hot. You arouse each other's creative energy. You stimulate, energize and spur each other to do more and be more. Vigorous physical activity and working on common goals will strengthen the relationship.

Composite Sun Semisextile Jupiter:

The two of you have a major plus going for you--mutual good feelings. You two not only share the good times, you can help each other through difficult times. You bring each other good luck. It's important that you do big things together. How well the relationship works depends upon how well you handle the demands you put upon one another.

Composite Moon Sesquiquadrate Neptune:

Feelings and sentiments run high. It is not easy for you to understand the true nature of this relationship. Perhaps it's more spiritual than physical. You could inspire as well as deceive each other. This may seem like ideal love, but is it real love? Enjoy the glamour without deluding yourself. Avoid victim-savior games.

Composite Mars Conjunct Jupiter:

This relationship is highly energetic and physical. It comes with optimism and great expectations. With clear goals and shared objectives, you can be a great team. It looks like you can do a lot together--probably more than you can do individually. As long as there are enough mutual outlets, all will be well. Get outdoors and have a good time.

Composite Uranus Septile Pluto:

You're an extremely inventive couple. This relationship could include some radical transformations.



Sunny Side Up For

Bill and Hillary



This chapter is all about solar energy. It's about light and life, who you are and where you shine. If you can come to terms with each other's solar powers then this relationship has an excellent chance to succeed. Can you bring out each other's talent? Can you play together and give each other those needed back rubs? Read on.


Bill's Sun in Leo and Hillary's Sun in Scorpio:

For each of you, the force of habit is strong. More than likely, you're both determined, purposeful and persistent. This relationship is a test of wills. Neither of you is easily pushed, pulled or pressured.

Once you commit to each other, this relationship can become a steady, stable powerhouse. Stand firm on the conviction that you are working to overcome inertia together.

At heart, Bill is practically perfect. The ancients have said that Bill is entitled to the Lion's share of fun. Bill needs to roar with pride. By Developing willpower, Bill can find creative ways to get into the spotlight and shine. Bill is playing the game of life stakes higher than Bill may realize. To win points, Hillary can treat Bill to a most excellent piece of gold jewelry. Bill also appreciates Hillary's undivided attention.

Hillary is a strong-willed individual, an extremely good friend, a formidable enemy, and prone to intense likes and dislikes. Hillary lives in the world of black and white. Hillary has little time for superficial people, places or things.

We could write a whole book about the looks that Hillary gives. We'd have a chapter on staring and a chapter on x-ray vision. No doubt people say things about Hillary's eyes: "If looks could kill," etc.

Hillary prefers deep commitment, deep conversation and deep thoughts. If Hillary can't tell it like it is, Hillary prefers to keep quiet. It should be mentioned that Hillary has quite a few secrets. Hillary has forgiveness issues that tend to make personal relationships challenging. Hillary has proven the ability to hold on. Hillary's staying power is second to none. Now Hillary needs to learn to let go. Every day Hillary needs to find something to sell, give away, throw out or burn. If Hillary wants to get the most out of life, Hillary needs to let go of old stuff, literally, figuratively, and most of all, psychologically.

Bill's Sun in Hillary's 3rd house:

Bill can energize Hillary's ideas. Hillary can introduce Bill to a whole new world of letters, numbers and symbols. The two of you could benefit through camping trips together.

Hillary's Sun in Bill's 1st house:

Enlightened self-interests will help this to become a classic relationship. Hillary can help Bill strut down a new avenue of self-expression. Bill can help Hillary to assume more of a can-do attitude. It's good for the two of you to take walks at dawn and sunset. Tennis can also be a good thing for this relationship.

Bill's Sun Square Hillary's Moon:

There is a major difference in your basic personalities. At times, Hillary may feel misunderstood by Bill. For example, there could be conflict between Bill's professional life and Hillary's personal feelings. Hillary may feel that Bill is not sympathetic to Hillary's emotional needs. Bill may come across as being too willful, sharp and abrupt. Hillary may need to take more responsibility for personal security. Specifically, Hillary may need to become more self-reliant. Bill could become more giving than receiving, more compromising than stubborn and more humble than arrogant.

Bill's Sun Square Hillary's Mercury:

You two have very different communication styles. In fact, each one of you may suspect that the other speaks a different language. Your styles may be different. Bill may feel that Hillary is constantly being critical.

Hillary's Sun Square Bill's Saturn:

There is a serious tone to this relationship. Hillary may feel held back or restrained by Bill. To Hillary, Bill may come across as an authority figure. Bill, become consciously aware of the rules that you have made for yourself and for Hillary. Go easy on criticism. Work to build up Hillary's self-esteem. Hillary, you may need to become a little less sensitive and a little more willing to pull yourself up by the boot straps.

This relationship is more serious than most. Share responsibility and hard work. Bill, be sure to reward the loyalty you value in Hillary.



Moon Shadows for

Bill and Hillary



This chapter is all about lunar energy. The moon is an ever-changing symbol of your emotional life including such things as home, family, dreams, instincts and feelings. Below is described some of your personal lunar landscape together.


Bill's Moon in Taurus and Hillary's Moon in Scorpio:

You're both determined, purposeful, persistent and have your share of habits, which can lead to a test of wills. Neither one of you is easily pushed, pulled or pressured. When you truly pledge your love to each other, this relationship can become solid, firm and secure.

Bill has acquisitive instincts that confer great power. Bill's emotional life is pretty much set in its ways. Bill stands by decisions and is more than a little bit stubborn. It is highly unlikely that Bill will be pushed into a rash decision.

When under stress, Bill digs in. This can create the impression that Bill is traditional to the point of closed mindedness. The truth is that Bill likes to move at a personal rate which is conservative and methodical. To cut back on stress and find satisfaction, Bill needs neck massages.

Bill has definite appetites. Bill needs good food and comfortable furniture. Also, Bill needs to be treated to a sumptuous banquet at least once a week.

Hillary's emotional life is intense, willful and desirous. Hillary is often aware of people's secret motives. Hillary is strangely magnetic and alluring, and would be wise to mate with one who keeps abreast of profound mood changes.

Bill's Moon in Hillary's 11th house:

You two are friends first and foremost. Perhaps you share a certain public spirit. Bill and Hillary could get involved in community work together.

Hillary's Moon in Bill's 2nd house:

Bill can help Hillary to feel financially secure. Hillary can bring Bill emotional security. The two of you could share an interest in antiques and goddess worship.

Hillary's Moon Square Bill's Sun:

This is a classic indicator for problems. There is a fundamental difference between the two of you. Unless there are other sections of this report offering great hope, your life together is highly challenging and stressful.

Hillary's Moon Semi Square Bill's Venus:

Tact and diplomacy can make or break this relationship. You are somewhat challenged to be sensitive and receptive to each other's needs. There is some good cheer and positive vibes going on here, and there are some major differences in personal values and sense of style. Bill's creative efforts have rousing effects on Hillary's emotions. The two of you could also indulge in sweets and rich living.

Bill's Moon Opposition Hillary's Mars:

You certainly arouse strong feelings and stir up a bevy of emotions in one another. The emotional conflict between Bill and Hillary is sure to be hot. Quite a bit of energy is also roused between you. You might find each other to be a pain. An honest and not overstated expression of anger is essential for this relationship to work.

Hillary's Moon Undecile Bill's Jupiter

Hillary and Bill can bring out the best in each other. Shown here is excellent potential for the good life together and an abundance of good feelings. The two of you enjoy your pleasures and take some chances together. You can share good fortune around themes of home and family. Give each other your faith and trust. As a couple you have some good luck and can beat the odds. Public relations and publicity favor your friendship.



The Mercurial Side: Thoughts

Bill and Hillary have about each other



This chapter is about the planet Mercury. It is about concepts and your mental life together. Your mind and your ideas are the thing here. We're talking about patterns of thought, of learning and of assessing reality. Bill and Hillary, we're talking about the image you have about your self and each other.


Bill's Mercury in Leo and Hillary's Mercury in Scorpio:

You're both somewhat set in your ways. Once a decision has been made, neither one of you is likely to change your mind. This can be very good if you keep reminding yourself and each other of the goals that you hold in common and the steps that are necessary to reach them.

People can count upon Bill's sunny disposition and fierce independence streak. Timing and delivery are the keys to success for Bill. When Bill speaks from the heart, all is well. Role playing games are a great way for Bill to acquire desirable new personality traits. With practice, Bill could seem naturally eloquent and enthusiastic. Bill could possibly speak out for children's causes. Bill could have an interest in speculation and gambling. Bill has been touched by the cape of theater and drama. On the right dare, Bill will communicate boldly.

Hillary is interested in deep thoughts and taboo subjects. For the most part, Hillary is suspicious and curious. For instance, Hillary is interested in what happens after death. Hillary also has fascinating questions about large concentrations of wealth. Hillary only tells people what Hillary wants them to hear. Hillary has natural detective instincts and analytical abilities. Hillary's psychological insight is shrewd. Hillary's ability to do original research is profound.

Bill's Mercury in Hillary's 2nd house,

Hillary's Mercury in Bill's 2nd house:

You two are naturally curious about each other. Bill's thoughts merge with Hillary's feelings.

Mercury Mutually Aspects Jupiter:

Strong Mercury-Jupiter energy is being exchanged between Bill and Hillary. You can maximize this power with lots of good humor. You two share some big ideas.

Mercury Mutually Aspects Uranus:

Mercury-Uranus energy is being exchanged between Bill and Hillary. You can maximize this power through clever variations in your life together. Brainstorming and telepathic rapport are possible. Communication is lively. In the relationship between Bill and Hillary, things may happen quickly or they may not happen at all.

Hillary's Mercury Square Bill's Sun:

Some communication challenges and disruptions are indicated.

Hillary's Mercury Semi Square Bill's Venus:

There is conflict between some of Hillary's ideas and Bill's values. There can be some pervasive money worries here. To succeed, you must reach a workable financial agreement. Give yourselves a break and make every effort to communicate with wit, style and charm.

Bill's Mercury Conjunct Hillary's Saturn:

Hillary might put the damper on many of Bill's less workable ideas.

Bill's Mercury Sextile Hillary's Neptune:

Bill could have the answers to Hillary's prayers. The two of you could take a trip to Fantasy Island together.



Venus: What Bill and Hillary

Really care about



This chapter is all about Venus energy. It's about what Bill and Hillary attract, cherish, enjoy and are receptive to. This chapter describes much of what makes life worthwhile: love, civilization and beauty. Here you will also find described many of the indicators of what you look for in a mate, romantic longings, values and pleasures.


Hillary's Venus on Tropic of Capricorn

Hillary's Venus is stationary

Bill's Venus in Libra and Hillary's Venus in Sagittarius:

Bill has a thoughtful style of affinity that confers extra power. Bill appreciates manners, courtesy and etiquette. Hillary has an expansive style of affinity. Hillary is attracted to the outgoing, high-spirited and imaginative sides of romance.

Contacts with people matter to Bill. Bill appreciates romance more than sensuality. It's just that needs all of the accoutrements. Dinner by candlelight, fresh flowers and seats at the ballet are for Bill.

Bill enjoys social engagements and pleasures and can spend money on them freely. Bill's sense of taste is sophisticated. Bill has enough artistic taste to dislike anything coarse, crude or vulgar.

Ideals matter to Hillary, so do adventure and excitement. Hillary is searching for ideal love, true love and perfect love.

International people, places and things can turn Hillary on. For Hillary, a love affair can be spiced up with different ethnic flavorings. Bill, learn a new language to say "I love you, Hillary."

Bill's Venus in Hillary's 4th house:

Food and cooking are emphasized here. There is an indication of domestic harmony. You two can share the good times together, at home. Hillary will foster Bill's creativity. Bill will help Hillary to beautify and decorate the home which can be used for business as well as social activities.

Hillary's Venus in Bill's 2nd house:

Money is a major consideration here. The more you can spend together the more pleasure you can have together. This is good for business and good for art, so do something positive about it. Bill finds Hillary to be generous. Hillary often treats Bill to sweet things.

Venus Mutually Aspects Venus:

The Venus-Venus relationship between Bill and Hillary is extra powerful. Maximize the benefit by clarifying your most cherished goals together. Fundamentally, Bill and Hillary can learn to share similar values. Share each other's company and pleasures.

Bill's Venus Semi Square Hillary's Moon:

There is an indication of some compatibility. Bill understands Hillary and Hillary can make Bill feel more secure. It can be a challenge to share. With much effort, tender moments and mutual affection can grace this relationship.

Bill's Venus Semi Square Hillary's Mercury:

There is some banter between Bill and Hillary. However, the two of you may find it difficult to communicate your emotions to each other. This often makes for opposite interests. Allow for different tastes in your personal styles.

Hillary's Venus Trine Bill's Saturn:

There is a serious, formal tone to this relationship. It will take discipline and management for it to work. You've got a lot to learn. Practical considerations will have to be dealt with before you two can enjoy the good life together. Pay attention. Your love will be tested. Perhaps Hillary feels a bit restricted by Bill or maybe Hillary uses Bill to further worldly ambitions. Hillary can make Bill's life nicer. Bill can bring stability to Hillary's life.

Bill's Venus Conjunct Hillary's Neptune:

There's a dreamy, idealized side to this relationship and something subtle and sympathetic enshrouding your life together. In your case, love is blind or clouded and perhaps rose-colored glasses shape your vision of each other. There is a hint of sacrifice and a need for a reality check. The fantasy factor is strong here. Enjoy the reverie. Build your psychic, emotional link. Build a spiritual life together. Enjoy more original art and live music together.




What really gets Bill and

Hillary excited?



This chapter is about Mars energy, motivations and mobilizations. Here you will find your drive, action and energy described. Bill and Hillary this is the place for hot stuff!


Bill's Mars in Libra and Hillary's Mars in Scorpio:

The two of you are more or less on energy wavelengths that can sometimes be like ships passing in the night. Bill gets strength from the world of ideas, while Hillary gains power from the emotional world.

Bill has thoughtful motivations that require extra maintenance. Teamwork can be the right thing for Bill. Bill has a strong urge to form associations. With the right partner, Bill has plenty of energy.

Bill can be cordial and charming and then romantic. Classy, cultural events will get Bill in the mood. Tasteful lingerie is Bill's style. Bill wants love to be personal and just a touch on the formal and polite side.

Hillary has intense motivations, deep emotions and strong desires.

Bill's Mars in Hillary's 4th house:

Home and family life will be active. "Do-it-yourself" projects and possibly a family business is indicated. Domestic disputes are possible. It's a good idea to have a home gym and other sporting facilities.

Hillary's Mars in Bill's 2nd house:

Hillary could take an active interest in Bill's finances. You two could fight over money or do business together. Money matters could be irritating or stimulating depending upon other factors.

Mars Mutually Aspects Mars:

This relationship features intense fusion and a sense of physical urgency. The Mars-Mars energy between Bill and Hillary is heated. Crank up this power together. The two of you can combine forces and do things together. For example, you can work on projects and meet goals together.

Mars Mutually Aspects Neptune:

Robust, magnetic appeal draws Bill and Hillary together. Passion and compassion fuse. The force of fantasy is strongly at work/play here. You two can share a strange openness. The Mars-Neptune energy between Bill and Hillary is hot!

Quick inspiration, potent psychic vibrations, and stimulating spirits give this relationship a major romantic lift. On the other hand, each of you could find that the other is more promise than delivery and a bit pushy and arrogant.

Hillary's Mars Opposition Bill's Moon:

Emotional tension and excitability mark this union. Any time things aren't operating smoothly, you will be aware of it. The two of you can have differing ideas about what home life entails. Coping with each other's parents could also be problematic.

Bill's Mars Sextile Hillary's Saturn:

You can work on goals and achieve mighty ambitions together. And there's also a hint of stability and duration to the relationship. However, Bill might feel Hillary is too cautious and Hillary may feel that Bill is too rash and impulsive. Hillary can bring discipline in Bill's life and Bill can help Hillary to surmount fear and inertia. This does make for an effective business combination.

Hillary's Mars Quincunx Bill's Uranus:

This relationship is wired for action that could backfire. The two of you will operate on your own rules which will be somewhat rash and impulsive. Hillary and Bill find each other energizing, exciting, stimulating and irritating.

The two of you can experience some unusual and extraordinary encounters. Explosive energy is at work here. Hillary could find Bill to be exciting yet erratic. Bill could find Hillary to be energetic yet self-centered. There's no sense trying to push each other around because neither one of you is likely to do what you're told by the other.