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Julia Roberts

October 28, 2020

12:16 AM

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September 1, 2020 - December 1, 2020


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Your Love & Romance Forecast begins on the following page. If the time period for an interpretation is, for example, given as "Apr 1, 2020 (Feb 15, 1998 to May 15, 2020)", then it starts in mid-February, reaches greatest intensity around April 1, and ends in mid-May. The first date listed is the time when the influence has reached maximum strength; we can call this date the "peak date". The influence starts on the beginning date, gradually increases in strength until the peak date is reached, and then it gradually fades out until the ending date is reached.

You may also notice that the same interpretation shows up periodically during the year; this is not unusual. To eliminate redundant interpretations, you may be informed that the astrological influence also occurred earlier and that you should refer back to the previous occurrence of this interpretation.

At the top right margin after the dates, the abbreviated names of the aspects and the two factors involved are given. For example, "Jup Sqr Sat" means that during the given dates "transiting Jupiter" is squaring your "natal Saturn". That is to say, the first factor that appears is always the transiting planet (present position of the planet in the zodiac), while the second component of the pair is "natal", or the position it was in the zodiac at your birth.

At the beginning of each interpretation the complete name of the aspect and the two factors involved are given in capitalized letters. As before, the first planet is in "transit" while the second is "natal".

Below it, the INTENSITY of the aspect is indicated in a scale from 1 to 10. That is to say, an aspect with an influence of 1 is very weak and may not even be noticed. On the other hand, an influence of 10 is very powerful. We can consider aspects with an intensity of 8, 9 or 10 VERY STRONG, 6 or 7 STRONG, 4 or 5 AVERAGE, DECREASING at 2 or 3 and VERY WEAK at 0 or 1.

This report interprets the aspects between the transiting planets and the following three natal planets: Moon, Venus and Pluto.

Tropical/Koch NATAL CHARTCalculated for time zone 8 hours

Natal positions:

Sun= 4SC03 Moon=24LE47 Merc=13SC53 Ven=18VI04 Mars= 3CP45

Jup= 1VI22 Sat= 7AR09 Ura=27VI12 Nep=23SC21 Plu=21VI57


Natal: Sun Moon Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu

Transiting: Sun Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu


Conj ( 0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Sqr ( 90 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Trine (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Sxtil ( 60 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Aug 30, 2020 (Aug 18, 2020 to Sep 10, 2020)sat trine ven



A harmonious aspect of transiting Saturn to Venus is an excellent opportunity to mature in your sensuous relationship with your mate. Conditions for this are favorable now, first, because you as well as your companion have a need to deepen your relationship and, second, because your economic and material stability tends to increase. Now the two of you prefer to calmly make long range plans, since you realize that for love to run smoothly it is also necessary to care about daily and material details. You will talk about how to combine your respective social and professional activities with the time that you need for your intimacy and your love. In good measure, the secret lies in devoting the appropriate time to each thing, keeping schedules, and not leaving things to spontaneity. Communication between you will be very deep and bound to the daily reality, which at no time will remove your romanticism in your intimate relationship, but exactly the opposite. By planning things of concrete character well in advance, you have more time to devote to each other. It is necessary to be responsible with daily commitments, for in that way you won't bring extra tensions to the bosom of your family or your mate. That is to say, it is much wiser to leave your problems of work at work, for then your psyche is relaxed during the time you spend with your mate.

Your emotions are very deep and mature now, and filled with responsibility toward your companion. You are experiencing first hand that true love is managed and established as time goes by. But you should not simply let the time pass, but fill it with contents, affectionate sensibility, mutual confidence and deep communication. You now prefer to be inactive in love, serene, and above all, want to be sure that the love you are building is stable, solid and fruitful. Because of this, you know how to coordinate your work with leisure, and your professional accomplishment with the time you both need for relaxation. Things are going well now, you can be distracted and enjoy yourself together, and at the same time are aware of your social, material and family commitments. This produces personal security and great self-esteem for you and your mate, since you have accomplished to combine perfectly both poles of your life.

In your sensuous life, you now prefer continuity rather than passion, and your sexual energy is more serene, deep, internal and mature. You want to enjoy pleasure, and that pleasure in your relationship brings greater knowledge and mutual deepening. You are not inclined to great sentimental scenes nor overflowing vivacities, but opt for quiet love based on deep feelings and great inner concern.


Sep 10, 2020 10 PM(Sep 9, 2020 to Sep 11, 2020) Sun Conj Ven



During these days your ego could be somewhat inflated and may affect your love relationship. You could become quite egocentric and expect your loved one to submit to your wishes. This will be accompanied by an increase in your own sensuous vital energy, which inclines you to express your feelings in a very open and theatrical way. Try not to continually subject your mate to your whims, since this would tip the scale of the balance that always must exist between both partners. It is possible that some small personal success of his/hers made you proud too, and now is something to boast about for your companion as well. It will even things out, be sincere, and possibly be a simple expression of your love during the time of this astrological aspect, thus attempting to understand each other much better.

Perhaps you also want to show off your mate socially, seeking personal grandeur. Without a doubt, you are proud of your mate, but it is also advisable to apply the virtues of balance and simplicity in this sense.

Learn to relinquish your points of view a little and you will find that this results in revitalization for you as well as for your partner. Obviously, you each possess your own individuality, but one should not try to underline or prevail more than the other, and both are strengthened in a balanced and just interrelationship.

Now you will prefer to go out with your mate in elegant style, very well dressed, and if possible, with something new that you have acquired, which could boarder on extravagant expenses that on the average could result in being somewhat offensive. Without a doubt, it is important in a couple's life to enjoy certain details or small mutually consented whims from time to time, but this should not lead to being too squeezed economically in the following weeks or months. Because of this, it doesn't depend so much on a big or striking gift or detail, but rather on a sentimental gesture. A flower delivered in a meaningful way and imparted with a lot of feeling can bring about an affectionate experience, while perhaps a large and decorative box of chocolates could be taken as a standard gift.


Sep 14, 2020 10 PM(Sep 13, 2020 to Sep 15, 2020)Sun Conj Plu



This transit brings an increase in your total vital energy. You will become more aware of your own psyche that up until now had been hidden. To a degree this tendency toward self-understanding is due to the relationship with your partner and can be especially intense during the period of this astrological aspect. It is possible that a small irritation emerges between you and your companion, which simply is a normal developing process of your relationship. Those small frictions serve to polish the raw diamond that both of you have within and will secure the control of your egocentric attitudes. Without a doubt, in love relationships an effort is needed to transcend the personal levels.

Love relationships require changing or modifying imperfect aspects of our character in order to awaken psychological virtues that up until now had been dormant. On certain occasions this process is accompanied by a small crisis in the relationship, but always turns out to be positive and evolutionary, if self-control is practiced.

You now could be led by instinctive behavior such as jealousy, egocentricity or superiority. If you watch yourself during those times, assuredly you will be able to correct and control them. Try to approach your companion in-depth, giving less importance to the appearance and paying more attention to the feelings, impressions and thoughts within each of you. It is advisable to enter the dynamics of mutual understanding, which means disregarding fleeting things and concentrating on what is important. Thus, you learn to share your ideal, the sense that each of you give to the other's life and your future projects.


Sep 29, 2020 12 PM(Sep 27, 2020 to Oct 1, 2020)Ven Conj Moon



A transiting aspect of Venus to your Moon represents emotional exaltation. That is to say, during the time of this transit you are going to have a great need for love, intimacy and understanding. To channel these feelings properly it is necessary to live, experience and practice that "to receive one must give". In other words, don't take on a passive attitude waiting for others to approach you and kiss you, embrace you or express that they want you.

It is necessary to avoid emotional changes, and especially, that these variations don't affect the way you treat your loved ones. If you make the mistake of reacting to them in a superfluous or capricious way, in return they obviously will hesitate to object if they have a disagreement with you. If at a given moment you happen to suffer an emotional low or an intensive high, try to exercise self-control so that those fluctuations do not affect your daily way of behavior with your family or your loved one.

This is a time when your instinct or sense of protection is manifested very explicitly. This, obviously, is not negative, provided that it isn't carried to excess by psychologically overburdening or suffocating the people you want to protect.

To psychologically relieve yourself of family responsibilities or small problems emerging in your love relationship, you have to know when to take a rest and be distracted, or take some time for leisure and relax. Sometimes you will need to enjoy these moments of distraction in solitary, while other times you prefer to be with your family or mate to clear the air. It is important to maintain an optimistic and sound mental state and, if at a given moment your emotions are overcharged, try not to let it affect your personal relationships.

Don't count on certain people that have your confidence to solve your problems. Sometimes it is preferable to clear your mind, relax and restore your balance by participating in social, artistic, sports or other types of activities. It is better to put your mind on positive things and not concentrating on your problems.


Sep 29, 2020 8 PM(Sep 28, 2020 to Oct 1, 2020) Mars Sqr Ven



This astrological aspect increases your sensuous and affectionate energy. Thus, you will be impelled to express your emotions spontaneously, direct and on occasions a bit sharp. In love it is not only necessary to want much, but also to want well, therefore it is recommendable to moderate and soothe your emotional reactions. Don't forget that in the relationship of a couple the aesthetic details, refinement and good taste is also important. Declare your love for your companion in a sweet, respectful and comprehensive way, as too much passion could bring jealousy. Passionate love is one thing and another very different thing is loving passionately, and it is necessary to establish a boundary between one and the other. Not going directly to the point will be a little more romantic, gallant, amiable and genteel.

If you are not involved with anyone, this could be a time when you are enamoured quickly and may approach someone that is attractive to you, but you may do it in a daring or untimely way. If you don't moderate your impulse, it is very probable that you may be rejected, since others will see you a bit sharp or discourteous.

Avoid egocentric attitudes and learn to share your decisions with your mate, as you now tend to act on your own without consulting your loved one beforehand. Your companion could be annoyed, because you are speeding up the pace too much in matters that actually relate to both of you. Thus, there could be a case in which you launched some initiative without having counted on him/her sufficiently. And as a consequence, your companion may be burdened with part of the work for which you are responsible. Therefore both of you should jointly plan the next steps you are going to take, which should not be seen as a loss of your own decisive capacity. Rather, exactly the opposite, since deciding jointly will suppose greater wisdom at the time of carrying out your plan of action. Your mate will help you to be more moderate, balanced and equitable, which, without a doubt, will increase your possibilities of success. This conciliation of objectives between both of you will make you happier as a couple and, at the same time, each of you will be more successful in your family, profession and, as a rule, in the every day world.


Oct 5, 2020 10 AM(Oct 3, 2020 to Oct 6, 2020) Mars Sqr Plu



A disharmonious aspect of transiting Mars to Pluto greatly increases your vital and sensuous energies. Your desires, feelings and even passions can be quite high, which makes it necessary to control, moderate and soften these forces. You tend to express yourself with strong emotions and great psychological vigor, but on occasion could be a bit sharp or slightly explosive. Thus, you will also have to control your imagination, in order not to exaggerate or be obsessed by small details in your relationship. For example, there could be groundless jealousy with respect to your companion, or you may attempt to impose your decision on him/her. If you think that your mate has offended you, or you are hurt by something that recently happened between you, it is best to express it clearly, with respect and as soon as possible. If both of you would be accumulating concerns or susceptibilities, they would come to light quickly in the near future and would have to be discussed unnecessarily.

It is necessary to accompany the act of making love with intensive communication, before as well as during and after. Real sexuality requires a good psychic understanding between both partners so that there can be a real union. If distrust exists or one is concealing certain aspects from the other, it is very difficult to reach real ecstasy and happiness.

It is necessary that both of you share your daily decisions, so that you are not bound by commitments that previously have not been planned jointly. If each one acts on his own, then the other will feel why bother, which could increase individualism. It is an excellent time to bring to light the psychological defects of each that had been retarding the development of the relationship. It would be good to talk about what you dislike about each other as well as what each one intends to change in himself. Conversation about your behaviors, attitudes, virtues and psychological defects, as well as both of your daily experiences is the better way to strengthen your affectionate life. Sharing life together makes happier, and helping one another to better yourself establishes strong roots for the future. If each one wants to improve himself, and if each one wishes that the other improve, the sentimental relationship will be firm and very creative. Speaking about the daily problems from a constructive and positive view without a doubt generates a better vibratory and psychic atmosphere in the relationship.


Oct 9, 2020 11 AM(Oct 8, 2020 to Oct 10, 2020)Mars Trine Moon



This harmonious astrological aspect energizes your emotions. That is to say, you will feel more competent to express your mental and emotional states in an open way, which causes you to be more direct and spontaneous in your sentimental relationships and, especially, with your family. If you usually are shy, it is a good time to exercise emotional advantage, self-confidence and direct expression of your emotional states.

As a rule, you will be more inclined to define circumstances, to participate actively, to decide and take part in family problems. In other words, you will prefer to take part in family decisions, and in that way try to improve conditions in your family, or solve problems that have been delayed or stagnant for some time. You never will avoid your part of responsibility that touches the dynamics of your family.

You now will be more sure of yourself psychologically, and what is very important, you are not attached to or stopped by people in your family environment. You prefer to devote part of your energies, your time and your effort to improve the dynamics of your family, have family gatherings from time to time to talk over your problems, or simply to pass the time. Thus, your personal self-esteem is increased, making you a very useful person prejudiced toward evolution and change, which will not bring states of emotional susceptibility or evasion. You prefer to sweeten the circumstances with motivation, facts, and fruit, rather than to attempt to adorn them, to defer them, or simply to delay them.

Sincerity and spontaneity in your emotional manifestations are essential for you now. You prefer to vent any possible resentment, hurt feelings or misunderstandings immediately. If there is something that concerns you or that doesn't seem right in your emotional relationships, you will try to clear the air quickly and without any dubiousness.

Briefly, you are going to express yourself with clear, direct and defined emotions, knowing how to combine your personal freedom with your responsibility toward your family or loved ones. All in all, it will be a phase in which your emotional and psychic experiences will be enriched, conscious, filled with life and very vital.


Oct 18, 2020 7 AM(Oct 17, 2020 to Oct 19, 2020)Sun Sxtil Moon



This is a good time to strengthen family relationships and the ties with your loved ones. During this period you see things more from an emotional point of view and your psyche now is able to surpass the susceptibilities, including those bound to family situations of the past. This is an auspicious time to be sincere, noble and open with the people most dear to you. It is well known that family relationships rarely are a bed of roses, since generally always one thorn or another emerges. Precisely, this astrological aspect can motivate you to approach and be reconciled with someone, with whom you previously had certain tension. This aspect almost guarantees success, since you are now above misunderstandings and mistakes of the past.

If you are married or have children, it is a good time to guarantee your personal individual integration with your family environment, living the fact that "the personal path of evolution starts in the family". You see that by emitting noble energies, the energies returned to you are also of high and protective character. It is a good time to try and make your household a bright spot, full of warmth, conscience and protection. At least, at this time it is very clear to you that even attempting it is worth the trouble, and that success can be achieved with a little effort.

You are sure of your feelings and the fondness of your loved ones, and because of this, deeply impress the people you love. It is neither more nor less than what is visible, and what is real, noble and high always grows and fructifies. In this case, you plant the seeds of delivery, sacrifice and nobility, and the fruit thereafter will be creative and full of deep emotional experiences. That is to say, if you show your emotions openly to your loved ones, your fondest dreams will be fulfilled, since they will reciprocate in the same way.

This aspect is of short duration and doesn't have too much strength, though it can be potent if it is used in a conscious way.


Oct 28, 2020 2 AM(Oct 27, 2020 to Oct 29, 2020)Ven Conj Ven



A conjunction of transiting Venus to Venus reactivates your sensuality during the time of this astrological aspect. Each fiber of your being, and especially your emotional level, will be jolted by the vibration. Thus, you will be inclined to start new social relationships and want to share your experiences with your mate, want recreations filled with life and seek total expansion of your emotions. Your sensuous and vital energies are increased and you need to practice moderation so that you don't squander your energy. Don't allow yourself to be carried by the torrent of sensuality, but feel that every moment those forces revitalize you and surcharge your vitality. On the contrary, avoid frivolous relationships, think about the impression you make on others, and don't waste your energy with persons of little substance. It is preferable to refine or separate the experiences of your environment and select those that could help internally to make you a freer, more complete and happy person.

Your romantic sensibility is also potent during these dates and because of this you tend to see things through rose colored glasses. It is advisable to adopt some measures so that these moments of fullness are extended in the right direction. For example, use this period of time for sincerity with your mate, discover aspects in him/her that before you had not valued sufficiently and, in fact, transcend your personal love by approaching love honestly and not egotistically.

Without a doubt, transiting Venus conjunction Venus is an excellent opportunity to extol and increase love through beauty, refined details, intense emotional communication and opening your heart to others. Venus generates fusion, affinity, tuning in, and purification of the emotions.


Nov 1, 2020 12 AM(Oct 30, 2020 to Nov 1, 2020) Ven Conj Plu



A conjunction of transiting Venus and Pluto activates your sexual and sensuous energies. Because of it's powerful strength, it is advisable to become aware of it and to understand that sexual energy in reality is a specific manifestation of "total vital energy" of the human being. The wide concept of sexuality implies a connection between ourselves and the environment, specifically, an interrelationship between ourselves and others. This tuning in takes place on several levels (physical, emotional and mental). This means that complete manifestation of sexual energy requires a couple's awareness on different levels. To have a completely fulfilling sexual relationship it is necessary to complement each other physically, to have adequate emotional dynamics, a good level of intellectual communication, and a certain rapport or blending of goals and purpose in life. That it is what we understand as spiritual level.

Briefly, awareness of the abundant energies of this astrological aspect enables you to increase them and to use them creatively. These inner forces should promote self-understanding and also incline your loved one toward personal accomplishment. A sexual relationship is not fulfilling if it is bound to doubts, uncontrollable passion, deceit or lack of respect. In this case we would be speaking of declining sexual energy. An integral development of your relationship on the before mentioned levels is advisable so that at the time of the affectionate contact, an evolutionary, vital, fulfilling and uplifting spark actually is produced.

A couple's happiness depends a great deal on an adequate proportion of pleasure and self-realization, and in no way should we think that those psychological components will oppose each other, but exactly the opposite. Self-realization produces pleasure and happiness, at the same time that sensuality heals, and balance generates self-understanding and personal improvement, as well as an expansion of consciousness. After the search of pleasure that is innate in human beings, in reality there is a natural tendency to expand toward a higher kingdom of the psyche and ourselves, and this inner expansion also produces an agreeable sensation and enjoyment.


Nov 10, 2020 5 AM(Nov 8, 2020 to Nov 11, 2020)Mars Trine Ven



A harmonious aspect of transiting Mars to Venus activates your emotional, sensuous and affectionate energy. The relationship to your mate will be especially vital. You may want to expand, enjoy, entertain and intensify your emotional communication. In general, you will feel more sure of expressing your emotions and addressing your relationship to your mate. Thus, the decisions you make will be supported and applauded by your companion, provided that you outline them in an agreeable, exonerating and balanced way. Take the good advice of your loved one now. Upon making decisions jointly you will benefit in all kinds of activities, such as professional, economic or of any other nature. Your mate will tend to moderate, calm down, balance and perfect the ideas and initiatives that now are buzzing around in your head. This daily sincere exchange at the time of making decisions will enormously strengthen the confidence between both of you. Everything will be going along well and you will prove that as a couple you are very capable of resolving matters of great importance as well as daily things.

Sensually, you now tend to be very passionate, spontaneous and ardent in the manifestation of your emotions, which will increase the level of energy exchange between you and your companion. This generates greater inner security in you as well as your partner and greater ability to contend with the daily circumstances. Furthermore, as time goes on you will know how to better combine the responsibilities that each of you have from day to day, on one hand, and times of leisure and expansion, on the other hand.

Briefly, you are likely to have new and intensive experiences in relationship to your mate, which will give you opportunities to develop delivery, intensity, sacrifice and nobility. It is very probable that you now crave fresh air, a trip or sports activity with your companion to create the feeling of being immersed in an adventurous environment. Without a doubt, the greatest adventure you will have together is that of your own life, since sharing determination, projects, ideals and accomplishments will bring vibrant and emotional experiences that you will remember forever. You will also have opportunities for creative leisures, enjoying new surroundings, and very fulfilling periods, weekends or a vacation for both of you.


Nov 10, 2020 2 PM(Nov 9, 2020 to Nov 11, 2020)Sun Sxtil Ven



During the time of this harmonious aspect of transiting Sun to Venus your sensuous and affectionate feelings will be accentuated, that is to say, will be expressed clearly; without shyness, disguise or any complex. You now are sure of your feelings and need to revitalize them by sharing them openly with your mate. There is a better understanding between you and your loved one, since you experience that through your love relationship your own personal limits are transcended.

If you are in love with someone and up until now have not expressed your feelings, it probably would be a good time to do it, provided that you are sure and know for certain that your selection is right. If you already have someone or are married, use this chance to reaffirm your love for them, since that revitalizes the feelings for both of you.

What makes your love relationship more attractive now is that you are sure within yourself, which is not being attached or dependent on your mate, or searching for energies that you may lack; on the contrary, you radiate energy and want to share it with the person you love.

There is a possibility of making a good social contact, or entering a higher circle thanks to the prestige of your mate or partner. The harmonious influence of the Sun can bring a small social rise or personal prestige in your life, to a degree thanks to the harmonious influence you are having and in that sense your companion.


Nov 14, 2020 11 AM(Nov 13, 2020 to Nov 15, 2020)Sun Sxtil Plu



At this time your sexuality and total vital energy will be revitalized and must be released through a creative exchange. You will be fully aware of the effect of love and of each instant in the interrelationship with your partner. Moments like this cannot be repeated and, without a doubt, constitute a great opportunity to develop and improve your own psychological qualities. Sexuality is not only a release of energy, but to understand yourself through exchange with the other. The act of love is an event of self-understanding and personal self-realization.

This is a good time to openly express your feelings so that you will be totally sincere with yourself and with your loved one. Sharing is being open to new realities, and opening up is necessary for a confident and respectful environment. Putting these qualities into practice will prove that boredom and monotony do not exist in real love. There always is something new to experience, to communicate and to put into practice. Sexuality should not wear out your energy, but release, expand, revitalize and recover your personal strength. This is a good way of finding out if the relationship works correctly, since "nothing is created, nothing is destroyed and all is transformed". Thus, the integral act of love must result in the revitalization of both partners on the physical as well as the emotional and mental levels. As a rule, when someone is tired, it is because you are not achieving an energy circuit adapted to the environment. On the other hand, when someone is revitalized, it is because you readily tune into others, and in this case, your partner.

Talk about your improvements since you were together, comment on the psychological deficiencies you have surpassed, and bring to light those that still need a bit of polishing. This sincere exchange produces great results and deepens your level of communication.


Nov 15, 2020 9 AM(Nov 14, 2020 to Nov 16, 2020)Mars Trine Plu



This harmonious aspect of transiting Mars to Pluto generates an increase of your sexual and vital energy. Sexual energy is bound to self-confidence, which increases your total energy and personal magnetism during this period. It is a good time to deepen the interrelationship that exists between managing sexual energy and total vital energy. Sexual energy is a manifestation of total vital energy, and when sexual energy is used adequately, vital energy is increased. If you now have a satisfying sexual life you will observes that your personal energy will increase. Briefly, real sexuality does not consist of squandering your own energy, but exchanging it in an act in which psychological penetration, confidence and understanding with your mate exists. Thus, when mutual confidence and respect exists, sexual energy is exchanged and not wasted or worn. That is to say, this kind of relationship doesn't squander vital energy, but exactly the opposite, since each partner is more revitalized through the act of making love.

If you project this psychic energy toward someone you love and have full confidence in him/her, then that energy is strengthened, exalted and sublimated. In that way, your increased vital energy will allow you to have a clearer conscience.

It is very important for you to have an active sexual or physical relationship now, but also consider that it is essential to have psychological understanding with your mate as well as self-realization. You want to devote long periods of time to intense communication with your companion, since you have a need to exchange experiences, share your life together, poll your every day life, understand him/her better psychologically as well as to understand yourself better and, in fact, to perfect yourself.

Obviously self-realization is something personal, but it can be accelerated and intensified when each partner is committed to conscientiously improve his/her personality and impels the other to self-understanding. This is what designates real "sexual alchemy", according to which the sexual process is something that occurs on three different levels: physical, emotional and mental. This is the real concept of sexuality, the word derived from "six", that is to say, physical - emotional - mental of the man added to the physical - emotional - mental of the woman. A real sexual contact is produced on those three levels, and this is a good astrological aspect to begin understanding that kind of living together.


Nov 17, 2020 6 AM(Nov 16, 2020 to Nov 18, 2020)Sun Sqr Moon



A disharmonious aspect of transiting Sun to Moon doesn't have too much strength, but can be used to amend certain imbalances in your family relationships. Fundamentally, you tend to go to opposite extremes and find it hard to stay on the middle ground. In the first place, at given times you are inclined to be too individualistic, arrogant and self-sufficient in your family relationships. You tend to impose your own points of view and do it in a certain shaky, capricious way according to your emotional state at the moment in question. In other cases you will be inclined to the opposite extreme, that is to say, to be attached and to depend too much on what could be called the "family warmth". In this case you prefer to depend on the family unit before venturing out and solving your own problems.

Briefly, it is necessary to learn how to achieve the right balance concerning your family relationships and emotional affections, neither trying to be the center of the family, nor intending that your loved ones solve your problems for you. This certainly is a difficult road that requires personal security, self-discipline and self-understanding. It is necessary to give in order to receive, which is a simple rule and very practical in regard to family relationships. That is to say, if you are stronger, you will be able to contribute more to your family, which also will be strengthened and at the same time will have more ability to protect you. In other words, the more the family unit is strengthened, the more your integration will be strengthened. Increase your personal security, project that personal security to your family, and you will find that your family relationships improve notably. In that way you are going to be admired, understood and taken into account thanks to your personal securities.

Dec 1, 2020 3 AM(Nov 30, 2020 to Dec 2, 2020)Ven Sxtil Moon



A harmonious aspect between Venus and Moon indicates the escalation of your personal romanticism. Your imagination is intensified now, especially, since your surroundings provide a stimuli and small daily events that make you agreeable and merry. In this respect, you could receive a gift, a call, have a special meaningful encounter, or simply will observe that some of your loved ones respond to you in a vibrant, cozy and warm way. During this short period of time, there is harmony between your need to be open, amused and loved on one hand, and your family responsibilities or relationship to your parents on the other hand. Thus, if you are involved in a love relationship now, you will find that the interrelationship will be more and better accepted by your family.

Everything mentioned, without a doubt, will bring greater inner emotional balance and promote some very important and satisfactory relationships with people of your emotional and family environment. You are especially receptive to the feelings and emotional states of other people, which increases your capacity of intense psychic communication with your loved ones or those you protect.

Your feelings are fine and pure now, and at the same time you will want contact with beauty, amusement, aesthetics and art as way of releasing your creative inspiration.

During the time of this aspect it is advisable to acquire a greater vision of the positive elements that sentimentally are forming part of your life; thus, if you give inner thanks for the good things happening to you, it is very probable that they are expanded and magnified. Don't concentrate on things you lack or would like to possess emotionally, it would be preferable to put your psyche on positive things and what is good for your family and sentimental relationships. In some way, perfection in human relationships is impossible.


Dec 20, 2020 (Nov 28, 2020 to Jan 10, 2020)jup trine moon



A harmonious aspect of transiting Jupiter to Moon expands your family relationships. This astrological vibration brings very positive and harmonious energies that will benefit your paternal household as well as your conjugal family in case you are married. Fundamentally, you will be more open, optimistic, generous and affectionate with the members of your family. If you have children, you will be more mothering, good-natured and very vital in your relationship to them. Briefly, this harmonious influence increases the quality of your romantic and family relationships in general, above all, because the people involved in the relationship now are more receptive and able to take things more philosophically. All this supports greater happiness, strengthens your emotional ties, and brings the possibility of enjoying new experiences, conversing about interesting topics, and agreeing more on matters that relate to the whole family.

You now tend to idealize your romantic relationships more, and can see beyond what you only have glimpsed before. If a small susceptibility or emotional problem arises, you are able to surpass it quickly thanks to your kindness and spirit of generosity. That is to say, you have an understanding attitude, common sense, are wise and very respectful. You will find that almost any family situation, relationship to children, romance, courtship or marriage can be solved without great difficulties or burdens. This astrological aspect helps to transcend above emotional susceptibilities and permits you to be most optimistic, positive and vital.

If you are not involved with anyone, this is a good time to establish a lasting and interesting relationship, probably on a trip or in a different place. If you are engaged, you could make important decisions about future accomplishments and setting up a household together during this period. Also, this astrological position is ideal to get married, because it may enormously facilitate the achievement of material resources and the necessary family support to take that step. If you are married, you will be able to expand your household, improve your bases, and delve into emotional ties of mutual understanding. You also will have greater support from your own family to realize plans of expansion in your professional life. If you count on the help of your family, you will receive the most important support in your personal path.