Many Happy Returns

Solar Return Report for:


Bill Clinton

August 19, 2020

8:51 AM

Hope, Arkansas


Solar Return calculated for:

August 19, 2020

12:22:05 AM

Martha's Vineyard, MA


























*** Astrological Data of Birth ***

Sun 26 Leo 00 Neptune 6 Lib 51

Moon 20 Tau 18 Pluto 11 Leo 51

Mercury 7 Leo 36 Asc. 5 Lib 30

Venus 11 Lib 07 MC 5 Can 59

Mars 6 Lib 21 2nd cusp 5 Sco 19

Jupiter 23 Lib 13 3rd cusp 4 Sag 43

Saturn 2 Leo 08 5th cusp 6 Aqu 05

Uranus 21 Gem 09 6th cusp 5 Pis 32

Tropical Koch Standard Time observed

August 19, 2020 8:51 AM

GMT: 14:51:00 Time Zone: 6 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birth place: 33 N 40 01 93 W 35 29


Astrological Data of Solar Return:

Sun 26 Leo 00 Neptune 0 Aqu 05

Moon 21 Can 27 Pluto 5 Sag 18

Mercury 17 Leo 19 Asc. 15 Gem 00

Venus 7 Leo 05 MC 19 Aqu 46

Mars 28 Can 57 2nd cusp 9 Can 00

Jupiter 26 Pis 26 3rd cusp 29 Can 52

Saturn 3 Tau 37 5th cusp 2 Lib 09

Uranus 10 Aqu 09 6th cusp 13 Sco 47

August 19, 2020 GMT: 04:22:05

Martha's Vineyard, MA 41 N 25 70 W 40


Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction : 7 Deg. 00 Min

Opposition : 6 Deg. 00 Min

Square : 6 Deg. 00 Min

Trine : 6 Deg. 00 Min

Sextile : 4 Deg. 00 Min

Semisextile : 2 Deg. 00 Min

Semisquare : 2 Deg. 00 Min

Sesquiquadrate : 2 Deg. 00 Min

Quincunx : 3 Deg. 00 Min

Midpoints: Conjunction and Opposition: 2 Deg. 00 Min


This astrological forecast report is based on an astrological technique known as solar returns. The influences begin approximately on your birthday and last until the following birthday.

Your Solar Return Forecast Report begins on August 19, 2020.



Zodiac Signs on the Ascendant and MC, and the Ascendant Ruler

The zodiac signs on the Ascendant and MC, and the house position of the Ascendant ruler at the time of the solar return are described below. Your social and career opportunities for the coming year are influenced by these signs and house placement.


Solar Return Ascendant Gemini :


You will need to have many ideas going at the same time this year. The only problem is determining what stage your projects are in, what pile you put them in, or what day it is. Otherwise you are sharp as a tack. Your mind is quick, alive, alert and inquisitive. You have the ability to absorb and learn very rapidly, but you get bored just as easily. The mind can become so scattered at times that you may forget where you are, or why. As long as anyone can keep your mind stimulated for more than an hour or so, they will have your complete although somewhat divided attention. People who are serious about life may not understand or appreciate your carefree nature, especially when you are.

You possess a wonderful sense of humor and make a fascinating conversationalist. Do you feel that there are two separate entities here battling for domination? Do you talk with your hands? Can you do several things at once, at the same time?? You will notice yourself doing more of that this year! Marriage will be more difficult for you now, as your partners may need more passion and emotional personal attention than you are interested in giving. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, which means you are likely to be extremely talkative. You may find that there is more of an interest in teaching, writing, research, artistic endeavors and design, or negatively speaking can become a con artist. Health wise, your Lungs and Hands are your vulnerable points this year, and respiratory difficulties and injuries to hands and fingers need to be guarded against.

Your approach to people and situations stems from the mental plane, and any decisions in your life about love, domestic matters, business or social situations will be met with rational thought rather than emotional responses. You have childlike and flirtatious mannerisms and approach life with a vigorous attitude.

If you are not kept busy, your mind can turn to gossip or idle chit chat about meaningless issues, just to keep the brain box active. You only move at one speed which is about 80 miles an hour, while remaining constantly in motion due to an inner restlessness that drives everyone around you crazy. Nervous conditions fire up your emotions bringing verbal attacks on others. The typical Gemini will always have a gallon of coffee nearby along with an ashtray filled with cigarettes. Does this sound like you?? Your key phrase in life should be "I Know What I Want,.. . I think?" Exercise and extra care in diet will help to sooth those nervous episodes that pop up. If you weren't nervous before, this year will introduce you to it, big time! Look to the house where MERCURY is located to see where your thinking is apt to be at during this year.

Ascendant is in Gemini, Libra Decanate

Ruled by the planet Venus, you will notice artistic and creative abilities that are quite advanced and should be utilized. A career that deals directly with the masses would be perfect for you, and you will find that you are very well liked. There will be an increased restlessness here and there is a strong dislike for routine work. Be very careful of becoming too lazy so that you accomplish nothing at all! Sharing with others and your love for beauty are real attributes for you, and the negative qualities are your ego and stubborn attitudes which will need some real work.

Ruler of Ascendant in 3rd house

With the Solar Ascendant Ruler in the Solar 3rd house of communication, this is where social and intellectual learning is shared. This is where you will explore your community or communicate to your environment, and to make sense out of it. The 3rd House is also related to education, all forms of communication and short journeys. The 3rd House brings importance to brothers and sisters, childhood friends, neighbors and the outside world. Most importantly, it is where you as an individual fit within the structure of the world around you this year, and your ability to relate to it.

Solar Return MC Aquarius:

Since this is the most "visible" part of the solar chart, it represents how you are actually seen in the world by others. It represents your more outward or public face and where you are likely to encounter success, and your reputation in the world. Your goals will exhibit a positive kind of temperament although somewhat uncertain about matters with sudden urges. You will be intuitive with above average intelligence and can organizing almost anything. Intelligence in a cool, calm and collected way that allows no room for feelings. Spiritual matters are much more important than material ones for you this year. Very rebellious spirit looking for adventure pretty much describe your life.

With Aquarius on the Midheaven this year, you will attract attention to yourself naturally, either through criminal activities to humanitarian efforts, on the other hand you may make a dramatic change of career or it may take unexpected and sudden turns this year. This change will have to do with something very unusual, perhaps in medicine, science, computers, communications, fund raising or humanitarian organizations.

You are always looking forward to the future and how life will progress. Change, progress and innovative methods in human development keep you strongly attuned to causes or social betterment. You are an idealist when it comes to any kind of social unfairness, human rights or uniformity.

There are times in your life when you will forego your own needs in favor of the needs of others, and this is it. Your beliefs are unchangeable once an opinion is formed and you keep up to date in the latest developments. You will enjoy active participation in groups or community affairs this year.

You are friendly but keep an impersonal distance from others. Your acquaintances number many, but you can count your real friends usually on one hand. As a friend you are detached and impartial, because of your rational responses to your environment, you keep your emotions close to you and reveal them only to those who warrant it. Your independence keeps you from being overpowered or dominated by others. Marriage, relationships and tending to children are far from being customary and probably will lean to what would shock most people.




Zodiac Signs on the Other House Cusps

The zodiac signs on the other house cusps affect your attitude to many areas of your life, and have a significant impact on what kinds of opportunities and challenges will present themselves in the coming year.


Cancer on 2nd cusp:

Cancer on the second house of money indicates that you are protective of your financial assets and possessions. You won't be over extravagant with your finances, except perhaps when it involves matters of the home and family. You will be very intuitive and instinctive as to other peoples needs. You can naturally make your money from some form of commerce, perhaps related to the public. Look to the house that contains the moon to find out more about where the source of your income can come from.

Cancer on 3rd cusp:

With Cancer on the cusp of the third house of communication and learning, you will be very sensitive and compassionate to people in your environment. You instinctively know what other people need especially in your immediate environment. This position of Cancer and the Moon makes for an excellent memory and recalling details. Any slights, outbursts and hurt feelings will be remembered as well. Discussions will take place on an emotional level rather than intellectual, perhaps with rapid changes in mood as well. There will also be more discussions with, and about, brothers and sisters who you are apt to be very close with. Friends, family members and neighbors can also figure into your close knit family of communications as well. Look to the house position of the Moon, to see where your interests can be found.

Leo on 4th cusp:

With Leo on the fourth house of the home, family, roots, real estate, property and security, you will put much pride into your home, family life and family. The home is a place where you can entertain in grand style, a show place for all of your acquisitions. The only problem with Leo on the fourth is that someone is going to have to be in charge, and who will make the decisions for the family, who will that be? Look to the house where the Sun is located to see where your home security can be found.

Libra on 5th cusp:

You have Libra on the fifth house of Children, recreation, romance, creativity, artistic abilities, hobbies, writing books (creatively), speculation and investments. You need a creative outlet to be ultimately happy. Constant support and encouragement can have you soaring to new heights creatively. The company that you keep or associate with will have to be more refined, where you can have intellectual conversations, party and even play sports. Since this is such an artistic energy, any involvement in the arts, music or love (although fickle) will be fortunate. You will have an increase in childlike qualities that should make for very endearing relationships. Look to the house where Venus is located to see where you might find your recreation and romance potential.

Scorpio on 6th cusp:

You have Scorpio on the cusp of the sixth house of Work, Work environment, responsibilities, health, work and service for others, relationships with employees and co-workers, and your interest in physical fitness. You are very serious, compulsive, passionate and obsessive about health, work and diet. Work in fields that allow you to research, or dig for answers, science or psychology. Health problems that develop are likely connected with being worn out through over-working your sensitive nervous system. Patience is not your forte, and it will be difficult for you to get along in close quarters at work, or with co-workers especially when they don't do their share of the work. Look to the house where Mars/Pluto is located to see where you might find work or service to others.

Sagittarius on 7th cusp:

Relationships, partnerships, marriage, people you have close associations with, cooperation or lack of, contracts, and legal matters are all part of the seventh house, with Sagittarius located here. Since Sagittarius is primarily a freedom loving sign, you may not get involved in committed relationships here as Sagittarius hates to be tied down. Should you marry, you will need a great deal of freedom and flexibility to keep the relationship going. Look to the house that contains Sagittarius to see how you will deal with partnerships.

Capricorn on 8th cusp:

The eighth house deals with joint resources. Possessions that are not earned directly by you, but obtained through the relationship, wills, or pensions. It also has to do with money belonging to others such as taxes, corporate money, insurance, and the stock market. The eighth house also relates to the mysteries of life and sex. Capricorn will have an influence on the above matters by adding a great deal of responsibility in financial matters without accumulating debt in the process. Even when faced with the responsibility of having to deal with other peoples money, you take great pride in doing so, honestly and above reproach. Look to see which house Saturn is located in, to see where your joint money can be found.

Capricorn on 9th cusp:

The ninth house is the house of long range goals and long distance travel. Religion, philosophy and higher education are ninth house matters. With Capricorn ruling the ninth house, you will be conservative in thought and ideas. Travel is not high on your list, and you may actually avoid it unless totally necessary, as in business matters. With Saturn being the ruler here, you will take your duties in religion, philosophy, law and education very seriously, and you will not take your responsibilities lightly. Look to the house where Saturn is located to see where your interests in higher aspirations can be found.

Aries on 11th cusp:

The eleventh house has domain over achievement of goals and objectives, and hopes and wishes. Humanitarian efforts, clubs, groups, associations, sharing ideals are also associated with the eleventh house. People that support your efforts, friends and connections to the outside world can be found in this house. With Aries located in the eleventh house, the focus relationship turns to attracting friends that may or may not be long lasting, keeping your emotional distances. Social endeavors are your strength, and friends can help you reach your goals. Look to the house where Mars is located to see where you might find your friends, associations and group involvements and interests.

Taurus on 12th cusp:

The twelfth house rules the subconscious mind, problems arising from unseen causes, and limitations in our lives. This house has rulership over behind the scenes activities, emotional problems, secrets, deceptions, problems to overcome, the side of ourselves away from public view, where the soul can step back and take a look at the world around us. The twelfth house also has rulership over prisons, hospitals, and other institutions that would remove you from society. Taurus energy on the twelfth house indicates that you worry about financial matters that make you feel insecure, filling your lives with subconscious fears. Look to the house where Venus is located to find that area in which you retire from public view.




The Sun

The placement of the Sun in the solar return chart is very important and affects almost every area of your life!


Sun in 4th house:

The Solar Sun is now in your 4th house. But what does the position of the Solar Sun mean to you and how will it affect your life this year? The Sun indicates where the greatest growth will take place during the Solar Year and how it can express itself through creative means, success and recognition in life, or where it can be best identified.

Time spent around the home, activities that take place in the home, meditation, reflecting on past events through memories, romance, social activities, family matters and dealing with emotional issues all are emphasized this year. Look at the aspects to the Solar Sun this year to see what you can accomplish.

Sun quincunx Jupiter:

Practical considerations go out the window and large scale errors in judgement can easily be made, so don't count on anything until you have it firmly in your hand. This can be a great time to diet because you can lose weight easily.

You may very well quit your job because of ego conflicts with authority figures. This is not a good year for gambling, romance or business as FOOLISH OPTIMISM can be your downfall.

Be careful not to promise more than you can deliver because you can fall short of your promises leaving you marked unreliable. Confrontations with others can breed hurt feelings especially this year and overinflated egos can get in the way of your progress.

Transportation accident levels are on the rise so keep an eye on the road at all times. The need to spend money on needless items, or spending just for the sake of spending will be very strong. Very extravagant, materialistic and arrogant behavior emerges. You may feel frustrated over financial shortages which is the result of your spending.

Sun conjunction Node:

Your popularity and self expression are soaring, so enjoy it while it lasts. Creative endeavors can receive honors, recognition and acceptance. Success through romance, speculation or dealings with children is favored at this time. You may assume a leadership role.

Intellectual contacts and meetings can take place where you can assume a role to work as a team. Relationships with the public become more important and a woman can be united with a man.




The Moon

The placement of the Moon in the solar return chart affects emotions, moods, domestic affairs and relationships with women during the coming year.


Solar Return Moon in 2nd house:

The Solar Moon is now in your 2nd house. The Solar Moon rules your emotional needs and the specific houses show where your needs will lie and be met for the next 12 months. The Moon shows where significant changes will take place during the year, and where relationships are formed.

When the Solar Moon is in our 2nd house we become emotionally attached to our possessions, including the family automobile. Generosity isn't commonplace during this year because we are too involved in our own patterns of security. Spending money can be the way we pacify our emotional needs and we will buy more useless material possessions to make us feel secure, wanted and needed and if we were in a different frame of mind, we would know that.

Men will spend their money on electronic gadgets of any kind, whereas women will take a different approach and buy clothing, jewelry, make catalog purchases, host a home house party and buy products to beautify themselves. The routine and everyday financial matters of life take on great importance this year. Balancing the budget and increasing your savings should be the goals that provide emotional security for you. Groceries and domestic supplies also can also bring emotional satisfaction. If you are short of money this year, you will also be short on self worth as well. On the positive side we can appreciate what we have a lot more, especially if they trigger thoughts of the past that brought us great happiness. If the Solar Moon is harshly aspected while it is here, matters of security can look for material gain to satisfy it. If you are away from home this year, there will be a great need to come back now, so that you can feel more secure in your own surroundings and bed.

Moon trine Jupiter:

This year is auspicious for the granting of favors. Should you have items to sell this short year will support it. Speeches are better received by the public and you might experience an urge to expand or enlarge your environment with a desire for possessions, satisfaction, harmony, justice, social sense and moral aspirations. People will see you as happy, generous and helpful bringing popularity and support to your endeavors this year. Money matters will do better than at other times, with an increased income with the possibility of added luck in speculative matters.

Moon sesquiquadrate Pluto:

Emotional issues will be charged creating some very negative conditions. Do not become involved in the jealous reactions of others or those feelings within yourself. People around you will appear unresponsive to your advances, and distant emotionally. You will be much more independent and rebellious to others in your environment, and separations, alienations and withdrawing from society can occur. Health wise you may experience an increase in nervousness, emotional stress and compulsive behavior.

Moon quincunx MC:

This is not a time for work because you are in a very lazy frame of mind. Instead, this is a year for goofing off! Your emotions are out of harmony with others, and there can be difficulty adjusting to family expectations as well. Domestic problems can arise and should be dealt with immediately. This is an unfavorable time for public relations and business activities involving public contact. There will also be an uncertainty relating to people that you associate with, and a lack of maturity in social situations. You may notice some temporary allergic reactions to your environment and minor problems with your eyesight.





The placement of Mercury in the solar return chart affects communication, and your ability to learn and express yourself during the coming year.


Solar Return Mercury in 3rd house:

Mercury is in your 3rd house, and indicates areas of interests in your life this year, as well as health matters or where your thoughts are likely to be focused. Because Mercury "is" communication of every form, it shows where transactions, business deals, service to others, writing and communication will be focused.

Communication through letters, phone calls, faxes, automobile concerns, publishing and visiting increase. This is a favorable and busy year when curiosity will catch up with you. It is also excellent for studying, writing, teaching, working with groups of people, getting in touch with brothers, sisters, neighbors or making plans to do something together. If there are harsh aspects to Mercury while in the 3rd house, there can be difficulties in communications, problems with the automobile or commuting, misunderstandings with others and a nervous constitution. Decisions and contracts should be signed when the aspect passes.

Mercury sextile Asc.:

The mind is quick, alert and alive this year and agreements can be formulated in disputes. The phone may never stop ringing and communications with your fellow man or woman will be easy, harmonious and lively. Health, diet, writing and self expression are favored.

Mercury opposition MC:

Disagreements are likely with others in your environment, so make decisions and stick to them. Things can easily get blown out of proportion so keep the issues in focus. This is a difficult year for people to meddle in your affairs, gossiping, health, dealing with the public or matters on the job. Your home and life are out of sync with each other.





The placement of Venus in the solar return chart affects romance and friendship over the coming year.


Solar Return Venus in 3rd house:

Venus is in your 3rd house this year. Venus is the Goddess of love and where you might find it and money matters and how you will handle it or what you might spend money on. Venus shows where you are likely to find compatibility with love or money, or where favors can be found from others.

Social activities are found in everyday surroundings. This is a great year to tell someone how you feel, even if they already know it. Short drives or making a purcahase of a new vehicle are favored this year and close family members will be friendlier to you now and news that is received will be pleasant and warm. Look at the aspects to Venus this year to see how you will accomplish this and where. Also note where your shortcomings will be found by difficult aspects to Venus. If Venus makes a stressful aspect while in the 3rd house, some insincere gestures may be made to be pleasant or unimportant matters may be talked about.

Venus square Saturn:

Separations from friends or loved ones is possible this year and the possibility of having extra cash for that good deal will be non-existent. This is not the time to ask favors from others, as they will be opposed to your ideas. Obligations should not be accepted now as this is a bad time for buying anything for lasting value.

You will be feeling somewhat unloved and lonely, and being out and among friends can be empty and unfulfilling. Love relationships are better off left alone now and in business matters do not sign anything or get involved in financial ventures or matters of expanding your present situation. You will find that people in authority or older than you will not be supportive to your ideas.

Disappointments with long-term effects can occur, especially if there are karmic ties to be worked out with other people in your life. Promises rendered to others will go unfulfilled, so be careful what you promise. Restrictions and frustrations can be experienced in love, and this is a good time to wait and see what happens!

Venus opposition Uranus:

Vacation plans can go right out the window this year and sudden and upsetting circumstances can bring separations from loved ones. Contracts and agreements can easily be broken, or you can be attracted to weird things in life, although they may not be necessarily good for you. Love adventures that start this year are likely to end as soon as the year ends. Don't try to convince people to make changes, they might not react too well to it.

Relationships will be very disruptive as some moody characteristics can emerge. Repressed emotions, unfaithfulness, bohemian attitudes, a lack of direction and impulse spending are effects of this year. This is an unfavorable time for trying out new ideas or products. Avoid any risks in love and friendships, so learn to take your time in relationships, don't get carried away.

Venus trine Pluto:

Encounters open a wider circle of colleagues to you this year and renewed commitments of love can be undertaken. Insights into love can occur that are quite profound and strong attractions to the opposite sex will be felt. Marital relations can find their beginning now, and if at all possible, give flowers to someone special. True love can be found somewhere close by you, and remember that "Love will conquer all" is the theme of this influence. Those of sad heart will be much happier than in the past this year.

Thus is a time of sexual stimulation which should be quite exciting and there will be a greater tolerance for others and is a virtue which should be exercised at every opportunity. Your social life will pick up and you may have the urge to invite people over for a party. Secret loves can easily develop and existing relationships will rise to a higher level of understanding.





The placement of Mars in the solar return chart affects your drive, ambition, and vitality during the coming year.


Solar Return Mars in 2nd house:

Mars is in your 2nd house this year. Mars is the planet of intense activity and the house it occupies by placement shows where that activity will take place. Mars is aggressive and can be quite selfish in its needs and desires, so be careful how you utilize this tremendous energy. Mars also indicates where new ventures or projects can begin, where you will be highly motivated, where you can expect to be much more competitive, but also quarrels if aspected poorly.

Impulse buying, an aggressive approach and desire for money, and calling people to be of service is highlighted and what happens is as soon as money comes in, it goes out for something else. Feeding the big billing machine in the sky comes to mind. Mars is so impulsive it will make it tough to balance your budget and a danger of this position is overwork for the almighty dollar, leaving you depleted in the health department. Beliefs, values, desires and property disputes are emphasized now and be careful in use of machinery, instruments of any kind and weapons as accidents can occur. If Mars makes a difficult aspect while in the 2nd house, your material possessions and money must be safeguarded from thefts.

Mars trine Jupiter:

A strong attraction to all things that are beautiful exists this year. Take someone out to a candlelight dinner, or if you are an artist or compose or play music, this can be a very creative and inspiring time for you. Long distance journeys and dealing with people at a distance is highly favored and the ideals of people around you will be easier to understand. The sharing of philosophies of others is favored.

You are in a very content state of mind, and favors business, finance, foreign investments, medicine and law. Legal matters decided this year will work out quite well and new friendships can be stimulating and wonderful. Rest and recuperate rather than work if you can, as this is a rather lazy time.

Mars square Saturn:

Industrial or transportation accidents are possible, so use extreme caution. Urgent situations can arise this year, calling for urgent solutions to problems. The presence of extreme anger should be recognized and dealt with before it gets out of hand. Young and old can easily face each other in that old popular favorite, the generation gap and matters of law and order may seem to be ineffective temporarily.

Difficulties can easily arise with father figures, the boss or any authority figures. Legal matters and dealing with the government are unfavorable. Stick only to programs that have been working for a long time and don't try to make any changes or rock the boat. Those of you who waste the bosses time with foolish actions or behavior will feel the mighty wrath of who is really in charge. Difficulties over financial arrangements can arise and durability testing in relationships occurs from time to time to point out the weak areas to be worked on. Separations and breakups from close attachments that occur this year will be the result of your own actions and no one can be blamed but you!

Health matters that can arise now are broken bones and problems with the teeth. Caution should be observed with automobiles, tools, machinery and weapons no matter how small, as injuries can occur. The burdens of older people can arise now to be dealt with as well.

Mars opposition Neptune:

You may discover that you have been betrayed by someone very dear to you this year, as deceptions can be found at the highest levels of work, government or domestic life. Getting the truth from others is not promising, and avoid potential hazards to your health or well being by using care in what you do.

It is likely that you will be easily discouraged in your attempts to succeed and find your vitality is on the low side. Avoid wasted and destructive energies, impulsive actions, failures, misuse and abuse of others, criminal behavior and infections which are all side effects. Remember, your ENERGY LEVELS WILL BE NON-EXISTENT.

Keep away from drugs or drinking because they will react adversely on your body and misunderstandings with others will be easy to come by, you won't have to go looking for them, they will find you.

Confusion and chaotic conditions can easily arrive in your life now and new ventures or business should wait until the fog you call a mind clears. Dangerous conditions CAN exist around areas where escaping gas, toxic chemical or fumes, flammable liquids and gases are stored or located.

Mars SemiSquare Asc.:

You have harnessed tremendous energy now, what productive work are you going to do with it? You will be very impulsive in your actions this year because you are ready for any activity that requires physical fortitude. Without a plan though, you can grind up your gears on the starting line, all go with no show!

There will be a longing to get a move on in any field or endeavor you choose, but at the same time learn to mind your own business and stay out of other peoples affairs. In other words no gossiping.





The placement of Jupiter in the solar return chart determines in what areas of your life you are likely to have opportunities for growth and expansion during the coming year.


Solar Return Jupiter in 10th house:

Jupiter is in your 10th house this year. Jupiter tends to expand your efforts and brings good fortune and positive change to the house it occupies. Jupiter shows where favor will be found from others, education, spiritual matters, learning and teaching.

The emphasis is on profession, career, status, reputation and getting ahead in life this year, just be careful of being overbearing and arrogant with an overinflated ego that can become deflated at the most inopportune time. Promotions or public recognition is possible, confidence increases, change of working environment, seek favors from people in authority. This placement is beneficial to business and travel, law, politics, foreigners and teaching.

If Jupiter forms a difficult aspect while in the 10th house, you may abuse your position and use power for your own personal use, but please be advised that this is temporary and you can fall from your prominent position in disgrace because of your actions.

Jupiter SemiSquare Uranus:

YOU CAN SUDDENLY MAKE A CHANGE IN YOUR JOB OR DIRECTION IN LIFES WORK, WITHOUT ANY WARNING this year. Challenges will occur to money, difficulties arriving out of the blue and quite unexpectedly.

The need for change for the sake of change alone will be high. Risks will remain risks this year and are to be considered ones that will fail. You may have to take sudden and difficult long distance trips and find that dealing with foreigners or customs and modes of transportation will be extremely difficult. Be careful not to be rude with others because this can be a direct result of your own inner restlessness.

There will be a great need for sudden and new freedom in your relationships and dealings with others. You will not listen to the opinions of others very well either under this influence. Heated words with people in your environment and accidents is possible, and this is an unfavorable time for finding the money needed for that new project.

Adventures, changes in occupation, separations, divorce, moving and losses of money can accompany this influence. Business ventures are likely to fail as well.

Jupiter sextile Neptune:

There can be a greater sympathy for people who are disadvantaged in some way and this is an excellent position for promoting good feelings in relationships. You will be feeling a greater "oneness" with others in relationships and be more willing to overlook the faults they possess. This is a fortunate time for forgiveness in relationships as well.

Remember all of those things in your life that you were worried, bothered or concerned about? Well the nice part about this year is you really won't give a blankity blank. A big hearted and generous nature emerges from within you this year and social opportunities and recreation will become much more important to you. Expect to meet or have many new friends or acquaintances, and you will have a trust in the universe that everything will be okay.





The placement of Saturn in the solar return chart determines where you will encounter obstacles, difficult lessons, and where discipline will be needed in your life during the coming year.


Solar Return Saturn in 11th house:

Saturn is in your 11th house this year. The purpose of the planet Saturn is to teach us and help us to mature in the houses associated with Saturn. The stronger we resist these changes, the stronger the effects will be felt until we submit to a more structured way of life. Saturn brings with it obligation, commitment, responsibility and a more serious demeanor. An increase in work, self control and discipline, as well as disappointment and delays, matters from the past returning, people in authority or government agencies.

Joint efforts and team work is emphasized now and saturn brings you the results you have been trying to obtain but only if you have prepared well. If not, then the expectations you hoped for will be disappointing. If Saturn makes a difficult aspect while in the 11th house, there may be unclear motives regarding money and status involved in friendships and groups of people that you should be aware of.

Saturn square Neptune:

Past indiscretions can come back on you, bringing problems. What you did in the past becomes an open book for the world to see, and can be publicly revealed. Boy, talk about tests in what you believe. Your health is very vulnerable to hidden conditions, so take care of yourself. Deceptions are at all time high, so don't let it find you now.

Avoid drinking or smoking because the body will be more vulnerable to them than usual. You've heard the expression you are your own worst enemy haven't you? Well, this is the influence that started it!

Work will become very unappealing and avoided, and negativity will be experienced to and from others.

Saturn Quincunx Pluto:

Life cannot go on the same way it has been now can it? Changes are coming into your life and demanding that you pay attention. There will be a loss of feelings within relationships and a decrease of the sexual drive. You may feel the need to take back a commitment made to another, becoming more rigid in the process and there will also be an unwillingness to share within the relationship. You may notice some pain or discomfort in the joints.

The conditions in your life just aren't good enough any more. Power struggles are likely with this influence, so try to avoid being the dictator especially this year.

Matters of sexuality and feeling "betrayed" and not needed by another are real issues to be dealt with, and if matters are "pushed" and not left alone to cool down, or the relationship is not strong enough to endure the hurt that accompanies it, then separations can occur. This will be a test of the strength and the validity of the relationship.

People can suddenly disappear during the exact time of this influence almost like they never existed. You can look at others for the first time in a very different way and decide you don't like them very much, or who they have become, all the while pretending to be a friend. your life. Anybody can be dishonest and you won't have far to look to find it. Sympathy for others will not be present and avoid corruption and dishonesty in business.

Sexual problems can pop up this year, but they are temporary though so don't panic. On the other hand you may be very uninterested in any sexual involvement and STRESS is a key word now, see if you can eliminate the excesses of it somehow.

Saturn trine Node:

This is an auspicious time to find the support that you need from others. Permanent alliances can be formed with others bringing positive influences to you. This is a wonderful time to turn over a new leaf and become a more positive person.

Any new relationships that begin this year will have a very strong "soul connection" quality to it and this is a very favorable time for making permanent connections and plans for the future together.

Security may be a very important social issue for you at this time, or you may be involved in security systems or fads that are popular.




Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

The placement of the 3 outer planets in the solar return chart indicates areas in your life that are likely to take surprising twists and turns, where idealism and illusion may enter your life, or where compulsive or extreme situations may arise in your life during the coming year.


Solar Return Uranus in 9th house:

Uranus is in your 9th house this year. Uranus is the planet that causes us to make changes of the sudden and electric kind in our lives with very little regard as to whether we want to or not. Where matters are apt to be unpredictable, where we separate ourselves from our environment as well as attractions to the new and untried. Original ideas, awakening to new concepts and unconventional behavior highlight Uranus in the houses.

Sudden and unexpected long distance travel can occur this year and new thoughts and understandings can be introduced from unexpected sources. Travel and legal complications can be very unusual, unique and disruptive as well. If Uranus makes a difficult aspect while in the 9th house, your belief system is subject to impractical expectations, and beliefs.

Uranus trine Asc.:

There can be a strong attraction to someone in your life who is very unconventional and somewhat a rebel and they will have very strong Aquarian qualities. You will find that there is also an increase in your enjoyment while showing affection to others. There will be nothing "dull" about you during this year.

Increased freedom is needed in relationships if they are to survive and new interests, hobbies or studies will be sought.

You will be have a fascination or attraction to technical or scientific areas, while being exhibiting a very impulsive and nervous constitution needs to be satisfied.

Sudden contacts can bring wonderful opportunities to you, and travel is favored as well.

Relationships that start under this influence may very well cease at the end of this year, granted it was electric and wonderful, but this time period does not support a long lasting one.

Unexpected partnerships in business can develop as well, but wait until after this year is over to see if it will be a strong one.

Solar Return Neptune in 9th house:

Neptune is in your 9th house this year. Neptune is the Grand Master of illusion, deception, imagination and inspiration, perhaps all at the same time. Psychic and intuitive aspects can emerge from our personalities either consciously or subconsciously and new concepts that are somewhat poetic, compassionate and humanitarian can easily arise. As long as we remain realistic in our approach to life, we shouldn't encounter too many lessons though. Expect Neptune to put you through many changes of perceptions and your views or reality will be altered several times as well. Neptune is where you are vulnerable, gullible, and where mis-information, false hopes but spiritual enlightenment can be found.

This is a good position for Neptune allowing intellectual and spiritual maturity, unless you get so wrapped up in the idealized part of it that causes confusion and misunderstandings and you lose track of reality. If Neptune makes a difficult aspect while in the 9th house, there can be strange involvements in cult religions or belief systems. You can also be deceived by someone disguised as a spiritual "master".

Neptune Quincunx Node:

There will be a strong urge to retreat from people who require your help and an avoidance of people that you do not want to meet. If you are experiencing times of difficulty, you will find the need to shun contact with others, if only to avoid a confrontation.

Tension, bad luck and disappointments can arrive in your life this year, but do not fear, because it will soon be gone!

Neptune Sesquiquadrate Asc.:

Partners can easily deceive partners this year, so rely more on your intuition about others. You will find others fudging the truth in a very convincing way and there will be an increased craving for stimulants like drugs, alcohol or caffeine.

Be careful in consulting others for advice as well, as they may not have your interests at heart. Information received may be untrue from doctors, lawyers and counselors as they may conceal matters from you.

Once you can unmask the illusion that surrounds your relationship and you can recognize it for what it really is you can avoid a deceptive and unsatisfactory experience. Do not enter into any marriage or business commitments because they are not what they "seem" to be. Unfortunately there should be a sign on you that says "please use me, I can use the abuse!"

You are way too trusting, easily influenced and setting yourself up for financial and business losses. People who are emotionally or mentally troubled will find you like a radio antenna set to your frequency who will "dump" all of their troubles on you. Let your imagination be just that this year and put no importance on it. Perhaps what this year is showing you is yourself in a past life and what you have done to others. This year it is your turn and you have the same vulnerability they did.

Solar Return Pluto in 6th house:

Pluto is in your 6th house this year. Pluto is the master of digging down beneath the surface of who you are and bring some very powerful yet subtle changes into your life. Pluto is where your OBSESSIONS can be found this year, where your personal "power" can be found, major changes in life, and changes in life with regard to groups of people.

Stress and illness is possible from requiring too much from the body and changes on the job will be forced rather than sought. If Pluto makes a difficult aspect while in the 6th house, then there can be hazards around the workplace that can affect the health.

Pluto square Node:

Do not use this time for planning retaliations against people who have wronged you, even though it will be strong, so resist the temptation. Be careful of USING people for your own purposes as well.

Associations can become very burdensome this year and tension and intolerance for others can lead to unwise choices. Aspirations for power can lead to problems or frustrations.




Midpoint Influences for the Next Year

Midpoints are an astrological technique that became popular among astrologers in the latter half of the 20th century. They are very important in the solar return chart.


Venus Conjunct Sun/Moon Orb:1 Deg 38 Min

Compatibility in friendships and relationships; happy meetings with men as well as women, and an awareness of the love principle; admiration comes from others; calm and relaxed; common emotional bonds; increased imagination.

Uranus Opposition Sun/Moon Orb:1 Deg 25 Min

Freedom and independence will be sought at a very intense level in contacts with others; sudden problems can arise especially in electronics and computers; separations from relationships is possible.

MC Opposition Sun/Mercury Orb:1 Deg 54 Min

Communications can find a positive outlet; you will be successful in putting your plans into action, and be more aware of your own characteristics and ego; clear communications; studying languages; making your plans and goals clear.

Mercury Conjunct Sun/Venus Orb:0 Deg 46 Min

If love isn't on your mind, it should be, just make sure what you feel romantically, is in reality what you have; talk to others about your feelings; a trip embarked on this year will be very nice indeed; mental concentration ; popular; women who start conversations; running into.

Moon Conjunct Sun/Asc. Orb:0 Deg 57 Min

Emotional needs and feelings will become more important regarding women or with women; sharing close feelings with others; receiving feelings about how people feel about you through unspoken means; receiving input from the universe.

Mars Conjunct Moon/Venus Orb:0 Deg 19 Min

Living life to the maximum and quite deeply, excitingly and lovingly; impatience and abrupt speech shown to others; heightened sensual enjoyment; the pursuit of sexuality; sensitivity to jealous urges and angry responses.

Neptune Opposition Moon/Venus Orb:0 Deg 49 Min

Make your own fantasy movie in your mind, grab on to an erotic moment, but be careful of being misled or swindled at the same time; disappearing love; an increase in artistic appreciation or creative endeavors; good intentions.

Jupiter Opposition Moon/Pluto Orb:1 Deg 57 Min

Luck and success comes in a big way; your emotions are alive, well and healthy; powerful female authority figures; increased intuition; deep emotional responses; intense emotions; extreme family or domestic concerns; intuitive insights arrive to guide your actions in a more positive direction.

Uranus Opposition Moon/Node Orb:1 Deg 21 Min

New relationships can begin quite suddenly, or you might meet some new and exciting people that prove to be quite electric in some way; meeting with an astrologer; unusual emotional ties with others.

Saturn Conjunct Moon/MC Orb:1 Deg 59 Min

A fleeting moment of depression will have to be worked through; serious and restrained conditions in your life will have an effect on your emotional state; a lasting dependency on a maternal influence; ideas from a motherly figure on how you can improve your life.

Venus Conjunct Mercury/Mars Orb:1 Deg 03 Min

Arguments that take place at this year will be about matters of love; expectations about romance can be intense; you can use this energy for creative expression in case the intimate side doesn't work out.

Pluto Opposition Mercury/Jupiter Orb:1 Deg 34 Min

The ability to influence others to your way of thinking; sell yourself, or a product; travel or trips that make you see things much differently, or change your point of view; use caution while traveling.

Sun Conjunct Mercury/Node Orb:1 Deg 35 Min

A special year when you can develop a new understanding of life; aggressively pursuing connections; going after information or doing research; strong and powerful ties which seem fated; communications with others that fulfill the ego; attracting the right people in life due to your own efforts.

Saturn Opposition Venus/Neptune Orb:0 Deg 02 Min

Come down to earth for a clear look at reality; diseases caused by an unhappy love life; special effects that act as a delusion; refraining from jealous tendencies; difficulty showing affection.

Mercury Conjunct Venus/Node Orb:2 Deg 00 Min

Your communications with others will be filled with creative exchanges and romantic overtones; presentations of ideas; quick minds that reveal the intentions and motives of others.

MC Opposition Venus/Node Orb:0 Deg 27 Min

Romantic attachments will be very uplifting and meaningful; your contacts with women can easily further your career or bring monetary advantages to you; recognition of accomplishments by friends.

Asc. Conjunct Mars/Saturn Orb:1 Deg 18 Min

Your health is very vulnerable this year, do all that you can to protect it; advancement comes with great strife; there can be the passing of an authority figure in your life.

Saturn Conjunct Mars/Uranus Orb:0 Deg 56 Min

Anyone that tries to dominate you this year will feel the wrath of your disapproval and separations from others can be for this reason; severe injuries; surgery; accidents; ability to utilize new ideas; rash and impulsive.

Node Opposition Jupiter/Uranus Orb:1 Deg 45 Min

Your AURA will attract good things; new friends and a very positive outlook on life; old ideas reworked; connections to people who provide support.

Mars Opposition Jupiter/Pluto Orb:1 Deg 55 Min

You have the ability to organize projects and are able to take the lead for others to follow; there may be some publicity about you in the papers, on the radio or TV; fighting for your rights; asserting yourself; feeling insecure around others.

Neptune Conjunct Jupiter/Pluto Orb:0 Deg 47 Min

You may need to deceive others for your own motives, or fudge the truth for self preservation; use of drugs to escape reality; unclear goals; drawn to mystical religions; confused thoughts and goals; drawn to mystical experiences; need to hide the truth.

Asc. Conjunct Jupiter/Node Orb:1 Deg 01 Min

Your associations and meetings with others will be very harmonious; a wonderful time to throw a party and be the center of attention; focusing on the reality of what people can do for you; insights into other peoples needs or purposes; increased ability to find or locate people.

MC Conjunct Saturn/Pluto Orb:0 Deg 18 Min

Difficulties experienced this year will be very hard to rise above and separations from others will only come when all other options have been exhausted; desire to rise above frustrating circumstances through perseverance.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn/MC Orb:0 Deg 16 Min

If there is a job to be done, you may as well do it right the first time; keeping honesty in all transactions with others is of paramount importance; an avid reader or student; happiness about progress.

Venus Opposition Uranus/Neptune Orb:1 Deg 58 Min

You are very sensitive to the world around you; love is a marvelous thing isn't it? But then, I won't have to tell you that this year will I; you can easily choose to be LAZY, taking some time to rest and enjoy some peace and quiet before the next phase of life begins; a super time to do some meditating and ENJOY LIFE!; new age subjects are sure to be very uplifting and fulfilling.

Uranus Conjunct Neptune/MC Orb:0 Deg 13 Min

You are restless and impatient about circumstances in your life; creativity; mental illness and confusion; sudden and unexpected insights about plans or goals; astrological study; resistance for ideas that have no basis in fact.

Moon Conjunct Node/Asc. Orb:1 Deg 49 Min

Caring for the needs of another; forming a deep emotional bond; the influence and effect you have on family; people can arrive at your home or enter your environment now.




Interaction of the Solar Return and Natal Chart

The following influences are based on the relationship of the solar return to the natal chart. These influences tend to bring about changes in attitudes and your perspective on life.


Natal 9th on solar Asc:

With your Natal 9th house on the Solar Ascendant, creative and intellectual work or studies become more important. Travel will be very satisfying, and in laws can be a source of inspiration or a real burden. Expand your beliefs and knowledge through education, writing, publishing, foreign trade or foreign issues. Your love partner can be of a foreign country, religion or race as well. Legal matters are also an issue to be dealt with at some time now.

Natal Asc in solar 5th house:

With your natal Ascendant now in the Solar 5th house, the focus will be on things that make you feel special, the things that you use to receive affection, attention and admiration from others. Children, love, gambling, and any kind of creative expression are all part of the 5th house energy, and will play an important part in your life. Most importantly, it is where you as an individual fit this year.