The Midpoint Weighting Analysis Report

by Michael Munkasey




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Dear Friend,


 This is a report about you and your potentials as shown through your personal astrological signature or chart. The date, time, and place you were born, or when an event was initiated, called the astrological signature, sets a unique pattern of energy into time and space. There is potential within this pattern, and when that potential is recognized, explained, and then used well, life flows much easier. It is important to recognize your inherent strengths and then work to maximize these in whatever ways you choose to live your life. Doing this will make you much happier than taking weak energies and trying to strengthen those.


 You are unique as an individual. Capitalize on that uniqueness in ways which can bring fulfillment and happiness into your life.


 This report should accomplish two things for you. First, it identifies your inherent astrological strengths as shown by the birth or event data provided; and next it explains the energy patterns associated with those strengths, while offering you guidelines and commentary on how to use those well.


 Time has qualities to it, and each moment of time is unique from all others. Your astrological signature in time carries such uniqueness. This uniqueness is shown through how the planets and the personal sensitive points in a chart interact. What makes this report unique is that the chart placements are not considered one-on-one, but the geometric layout of the planet and point patterns are examined for places of power and places of weakness. Once assessed, these are then sorted from strong to weak and commentary on the top such strong interactions are given in the conversational paragraphs provided.


 The chart evaluation is done through a technique I pioneered called the "Midpoint Weighting Analysis", or MWA. Midpoints are the combination of two planets or points, and they lie on an axis across the chart, not as a single point in space. Midpoints are the middle point between pairings. The MWA is both a technique and a computer program. The technique takes the geometric pattern within a chart and analyzes this for strength and weakness of qualities. The computer program then ranks these strengths and weaknesses. By identifying and explaining the stronger midpoints, much about life can be clarified.


 Why midpoints and not planets in signs or houses?


Interpretations of planets in signs or houses remains fairly one-dimensional. Interpretations of midpoints are multi-dimensional. Often a strong midpoint can be located into what appears to be an empty place in a chart. This is not something that is visual -- it is a part of an energy pattern. Thus, by using midpoints, and midpoint interpretations, you can get a clearer picture of your energy patterns and intended thrusts in life.


 There are many reasons as to why a midpoint can be strong or weak. You may have chosen your astrological signature because it represented a pattern of familiarity. Or, you may have chosen your astrological signature because it promised certain new situations, or having to revisit older unresolved situations. Or, you may simply have chosen the first available opportunity for an energy pattern without even realizing that you had choices, and thus wound up with a set of energies which are not so familiar or comfortable. Whatever your choices or reasonings, you are living in a fixed astrological energy pattern. Now it is your destiny, your obligation to learn how to use these energy patterns wisely.


 There is no significance to the sequential order of these interpretations. All are equally important. They represent your energy patterns. Read, ponder on them, and then put these to use in your life in the best ways you are able to do.


 Enjoy this personalized report. Many years of study and thought has gone into its preparation. Use the information provided to enrich your life.


Best Wishes,


Michael Munkasey


Copyright 2006




Quick Overview of Your Stronger Midpoints


 Listed below are your strongest midpoints as calculated by the Midpoint Weighting Analysis, along with a short commentary about some of the midpoint's qualities. The listed order is not important. These midpoints are ALL equally important in your life. There are 78 possible midpoint combinations using the planets and points in available, and only the midpoints that are strongest in your chart are described here.


 Mer/Plu: Psychology; learning social aspects of human communication


 Ura/MC: Accomplishments due to feats and/or efforts thought impossible


 Mar/Plu: Strong inner determination to pursue through any adversity


 Nep/Plu: Access to energies and insights which go beyond any physical reality


 Mer/Mar: The power of the spoken or written word; the initiation of dialog


 Ura/Plu: The potential for incredible breakthroughs in various undertakings


 Sun/Mar: Determination to forge ahead, activity and energy levels in self


 Sun/Nep: Working any inner inspirations into outer realistic manifestations


 Nep/MC: Use of intuitive or higher powers to make a mark in life


 Nod/Asc: Cultivating friendships; needs for an ongoing social atmosphere


 Mer/Ura: Logic or mathematical analysis; an inventive, inquisitive outlook


 Ven/Ura: Generally not seen as being cooperative; one with their own agenda




Your Midpoint Interpretations


 Given below is a more detailed interpretation of each of the midpoints listed above. According to the Midpoint Weighting Analysis, the themes, issues, personality characteristics, and likely behaviors described are very strong and important for you.




The Mercury/Pluto Midpoint strong by MWA:


There probably is little which goes through the mind which does not have some basis in deep and penetrating thinking. Looking to the reasons behind why things are, or what has happened can occupy much time and inner debate. Somehow some inner sense grasps that the obvious reasons being shown or presented are not necessarily the only reasons why a situation is unfolding or has happened. Thus there can be this need to look deeper at the implications of what is going on, and what any consequences can be. There can be many twists and turns with thoughts along the way, considering first one possibility, and then another possibility, until at least one scenario, possibly more, emerges within the mind as being the answer about what happened and why. This is not so much a back and forth without resolution as it is a determination to get to the bottom of a potential mystery. And, there should be much fascination with the mysterious and possibly nefarious in life.


Sometimes there is a start in life with an open mind and perhaps even thoughts that people generally have good intentions. But circumstances and events can change that outlook, and as life progresses looking to alternate explanations about what has happened, or is happening, becomes more the norm. Somehow accepting pat answers, those which are given off without any depth or thought, is not enough. There should be a deeper meaning behind symbols, events, or people's motives; and getting to the bottom of these can occupy much time and energy. There can be an associations of symbols to explanations of reality, and thus noticing subtle clues within nature or people's expressions may become an occupying interest. Perhaps even, the study of some symbolic art form, music, painting, dreams, etc., becomes an active part of how you view and see life unfolding.


There can be an interest in death, and occult processes. This can be especially true if in early life such ideas were not repressed. Then memories and current events tend to evoke inner thinking about the inter-relatedness of events and thoughts, and how these are combined within self to create the reality which becomes your world. Where thoughts of discussions on death or occult processes were repressed in early life, then needs to eventually investigate such ideas should come on later in life, but whenever they come, they will open new doors to possibilities about unseen or hidden life activities, the death process, or what happens after death.


Usually with this combination active there are interests in medicine, psychology, mathematics, logic, and the processes of communication -- both at verbal and non-verbal levels. These interests may come out as hobbies, or they may come out as your life-long profession. Even if your profession is more menial, such thoughts, and the study of such subjects for better understood should become deep interests. Formal education is such areas may also be sought and undertaken. Whether the education is formal, self-taught, or informal, such interests can run deep, and needs to pursue them strong.


Mercury/Pluto Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:


Thoughts on the Use of Power; Talk of Power; Watching for, Aware of Disloyalty


Conversations about Death, Extinction or Termination; Therapeutic Observations


Suspicious of Other's Intentions; Deeply-rooted Ingenuousness; Cunning, Tricky


Thoughts, Plans having World-wide Implications; Discussions on Nefarious Acts


Revolutions in Medicine, Medical Practices; The Mastermind during Debates


Shouting, Angry Discourses; Shows Much Flexibility in Communications, Writings


Much Nervousness, Shaking while Discussing Ideas; Hidden Reasonings, Thoughts


Two Different Ideas on Effecting Transformations; Information which is Suspect


An Interest in the Processes of Reincarnation; Insidious Occult Ceremonies


Condensed Information Deliveries; Many Ways of Being Able to Show Their Power


Morbid Analogies; Drastic Changes Occur from Times of Youth to Mature Life


Fast to Dismiss Those Who Cannot be Counted Upon; Rapid Developments, Changes


Famous People who are STRONG in Mercury/Pluto characteristics include: Bob Dylan, Israel Regardie, Lord Byron, Adolf Hitler, Norman Mailer, Earl Warren, Ivar Kreugar, Dane Rudhyar, Olivia Newton-John, Art Linkletter, Georges Seurat, Alan Leo, Steven Spielberg.


Famous People who are WEAK in Mercury/Pluto characteristics include: Gustav Dore, Elvis Presley, Melvin Belli, John Lennon, Walt Whitman, Steve Wozniak, Lawrence Welk, Peter Max, Percy Bysshe Shelley.


Notable Events with Mercury/Pluto active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): George Washington's Inauguration, Challenger Explosion, Transcontinental Railroad Completed, First Medicare Patient, (Lindburgh Lands in Paris).


Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Moon in the 1st House, Moon in the 8th House, Pluto in the 4th House, Moon in Aries, Moon in Scorpio, Pluto in Cancer, Moon semi-sextile (anything), Pluto opposition (anything).




The Uranus/Midheaven Midpoint strong by MWA:


As you proceed through life you may find that not all situations are laid out in well defined patterns. You can find yourself in many situations where plans you thought were satisfactory have to be modified to fit new circumstances. This may come from a marriage, a friendship or a job which starts out well but then ends abruptly for reasons beyond your control. The lesson here is one of being able to adjust to life's uncertainties and then still make something positive out of the situation. You need to learn to focus on proceeding through such disruptions with personal dignity and professional pride. When accomplishment is not what you had envisioned, or is thwarted for some reason, then finding and developing alternative paths and new directions is called for. With this combination strong how you handle such challenges can become defining moments of life.


Much time and effort may be spent adjusting to the changes thrown at you by life. This should help you develop a flexible psychological and mental approach to situations. Life can disrupt situations, but how you handle and grow through these is what will make you more noticed by others and feeling fulfilled inside. Learning to not dwell on the obstacles, but concentrating more on how to work around such to personal advantage is what is needed. Revising or altering the purposes which were set up, perhaps early in life for you, by family or others can become necessary. As you make these alterations you grow as a person in intellectual and psychological ways, and it is this personal growth which is a very important consideration.


As you take a personal inventory of your strengths and weakness, you may discovery that you have unusual and/or extraordinary skills. These may lie in the area of mechanical or electrical intuitive understandings, or they may lie in understanding people and their motivations using astrology. The social interactions amongst people, the gadgets which people use, promises from new technological breakthroughs, or simply offbeat or unintended uses of existing products should all interest you. You can take these interests and develop new and interesting ways to proceed through life with these concerns. Having the interest is one thing, taking the time to develop and hone skills to bring recognition and expertise is another. You may find that you are quite skillful using tools, and inventive and clever with these too.


You may not inwardly care or even show indifference to feelings about personal growth. But your soul cares. You may show a disinterest in personal fulfillment, but you can not ignore such. Life is about learning, adapting, qualifying and conforming. But these may not be qualities which you find easy to do. Your inner rebelliousness may shout "No!", but you can also find that learning to channel and control this rebelliousness is really what life and these energies are asking of you. Defiance and/or indifference toward reputation or personal growth may satisfy short term, but is rarely fulfilling over the course of a life where personal quality is an important measure.


Uranus/Midheaven Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:


Adjusting to Life's Changes; An Extraordinary Emphasis on the Mastery of All


Revising or Altering Life's Purposes; Atypical ways of Coping; Odd Rewards


Feeling Pressured to Develop, Grow; Gadgets, Machinery as a Measure of Wealth


Rebelling against Standards; Inner Agitation to Attain Accomplishments


Disinterested in Personal Fulfillment; Counteracting Professional Setbacks


Remarkable Personal Growth; Accepts Different Criteria for Measuring Progress


Unusual Expertise or Skills; Accomplishment due to Personal Resourcefulness


Upsetting Revelations about Personal Integrity; Interruptions of Thoughts


Exposure to Astrology; An Unusual Family Lineage; Honest but Eccentric, Odd


Mastering Urges to Rebel; Challenging the Experts; Uncontrolled Conduct


Gaining Respect or Honors as a Scientist, Electrician, Astrologer or Mechanic


Indifferent to Their Personal Reputation; Feels Pressured by their Conscience


Famous People who are STRONG in Uranus/Midheaven characteristics include: Paul Newman, Charles E. O. Carter, Maurice Ravel, Johann Von Goethe, Elton John, Nikola Tesla, Jacques Cousteau, Thomas H. Huxley, Ada Lovelace Byron, Jack Schwartz, Fidel Castro, Muhammad Ali.


Famous People who are WEAK in Uranus/Midheaven characteristics include: Lance Reventlow, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Jerry Reed, Drew Pearson, Robert DeNiro, Yehudi Menuhin, Art Linkletter, Henry Mancini.


Notable Events with Uranus/Midheaven active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Richard Nixon's Resignation, Lindburgh Lands in Paris, Lee's Surrender at Appomattox, USS Maine Explosion, Mt. St. Helens Explosion, (Watergate Burglary Discovered).


Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Uranus in the 10th House, Uranus in Capricorn, Aquarius on the Midheaven, Midheaven 1/11 (anything).




The Mars/Pluto Midpoint strong by MWA:


Arising in life are situations which cause you to take a stand to effect change, no matter how difficult that can be, or what potential losses you may have to absorb along the way. This combination is about turning portions of your life, or situations you may be involved in, around. Sometimes things happen, rules are imposed, or things happen around you which test the limits of tolerance. When that happens then deliberate action needs to be taken to correct the circumstances, and restore some measure of social or psychic sanity. This combination offers such resolve. You may tolerate long periods of acquiescence or acceptance, and then one day something happens which causes you to internally shout "Enough!" Then the road to change begins, and that is not always easy. This is not so much about destruction, as it is about regeneration.


There can be tremendous depth of inner power with this combination strong. This inner power is there to take, develop, grow, mold and use to advantage. You may need to use it in sports or athletic situations, in artistic performances, standing up to difficult or oppressive situations, refusing to yield to criminal or malicious forces, etc. Whatever the situation, here you can find the inner strength and resolve, courage, to stand up to whatever is happening, perhaps even moving beyond previous physical boundaries.


There usually is a strong pull to strip events or situations down to their basics, and then start anew in rebuilding them. This transformation may be done quickly, or it may take a lifetime, even more. When events conspire which seem to get out of hand, or which are obviously counter to social growth and development, then the powers here lend inner strength and fortitude to stand up and effect whatever changes are necessary to right the situation.


Times or events may come where you need to test the trustworthiness of people or situations. You may probe with small psychological or verbal thrusts, and then depending on the response received, try another thrust. This may happen many times over until you are assured that the persons can be trusted, or that the situation you are assuming or going into is safe for you. Should there be a let down from a person, or a person who does not keep up with their intended or promised potential, then it can become quite easy for you to walk away from that person or situation. Getting to the depths, finding out the reasons behind what is happening and why, are important parts of this set of energies.


Each person has a set of internal energies, which Eastern Philosophies refer to as "Chi" (spelled in various ways), or Kundalini. This inherent internal energy is yours to use. Developing, nurturing and using this wisely can allow you to effect feats of personal growth and transformation which lie far beyond normal human qualities. Practices like Yoga, T'ai Chi, Meditation, etc., can help in this manipulation and usage. When used and developed well this inner power can help you overcome almost any situation.


Mars/Pluto Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:


Getting to the Depth of a Situation, Resolving Same; Toning Down Aggressions


The Courage to Face Hostility, or Degrading Conditions; Sexual Passion


Building, Cultivating and Drawing upon Chakra and/or Chi Energies


Hard, Difficult Physical Routines; Elimination of Anything Unwanted


Uncovering, Standing up to Disloyalty; Sexual Regeneration; Kundalini Power


Diminishes the Impact of Complaints; Noisy Retaliation; Hostile Quarreling


Difficult or Disastrous Situations, and then Working to Turn these Around


Active Disapproval; Noisy Punishments; Loud Cursing; A Driven Fanatic


Turning Difficult Life Situations Around; Modification of Personal Behaviors


An End to Aggressive Stances; Showing Courage in the Face of Terror


Fights for Power and/or Control; Efforts to Define Self through Such


Psychological Analysis; Building and Testing of Trust or Worthiness


Famous People who are STRONG in Mars/Pluto characteristics include: Arthur Ford, Gen. Joseph Joffre, Paul Cezanne, Stephen Sondheim, Rudolph Bing, Stephen Crane, Bob Hope, Ada Lovelace Byron, Gen. Ferdinand Foch, Marlon Brando, Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Steinmetz.


Famous People who are WEAK in Mars/Pluto characteristics include: Manly Palmer Hall, Drew Pearson, Henry Winkler, Walt Whitman, Stephen King, Jack Paar, Mary Martin, Audie Murphy.


Notable Events with Mars/Pluto active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): First Medicare Patient Accepted, Mount St. Helens Eruption, Watergate Burglary Uncovered, Transcontinental Railroad Completed, (South Carolina Secession).


Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Mars in the 1st House, Mars in the 8th House, Pluto in the 1st House, Pluto in the 8th House, Mars in Aries, Mars in Scorpio, Pluto in Aries, Pluto in Scorpio, Mars semi-sextile (anything), Pluto semi-square (anything).




The Neptune/Pluto Midpoint strong by MWA:


Not all which appears real is really what the truth is, or what reality is. There can be ongoing hidden processes which create effects that you can take as reality. Such reality can provide a temporary comfort, but still there probably exists that nagging feeling that what you are seeing or experiencing is not necessarily the truth, or even close to the truth. Such are the questions which this combination raises. The need to investigate behind what seems to pose as reality, while inwardly knowing that something else may be masking a deeper truth. Becoming aware of, and then searching for the truth which lies behind whatever seemingly false reality is presenting itself is presented here. Such searches can take a few moments, or they can last a lifetime. Questions are raised, but wholly satisfying answers to such questions may never really be obtained.


Being able to see beyond the obvious in ways which help you transform their life, or transform the lives of those under their control, is a part of this combination. Bringing new insights about objects, tools, equipment, etc., and how these can be used to answer or create new ways of living, or new processes of lessening the burdens of life, should be strong within those having this combination active. There should be a tendency to not take the obvious for any quick answer. There should instead be a need to look further, deeper within what is available or happening to see any hidden meanings, or any ways of transforming what is available into processes which represent improvement.


Life can present many challenges, but it is in how these seemingly unsolvable enigmas are examined and analyzed within self that life moves forward. This combination does not allow you to take the easy way out, or to either present or accept pat answers. If the same answer or solution has been used for some time, then those with this strong will ask, at least internally, "Why?". "Why must this be the ONLY solution?" Surely there should be some other way of explaining or using what is being presented. Such inner restlessness can bring many insights into the process of change and how to use such new insights to provide better solutions.


As life proceeds there generally is waste or decay. And where there is opportunity for such then others may try to take advantage of such situations for personal profit. Perhaps this involves the use of intimidation or force to keep others in line. Perhaps this involves convincing others that such decay is good for them, and that they should not only support the ongoing decay, and pay those who have pointed such out. This fraud, if you will, is a part of this combination, and being able to recognize what is good for self and what is not, is a strong part of the lesson here. Just because others say that something is good for you does not mean that it is. You need to learn to think for yourself, and make your own assessments.


Neptune/Pluto Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:


Transformation of Dreams into Reality; Suspicions Raised by Ambiguities


Imaginary Power; Secret Deceptions; Terminal Weaknesses; A False Mystic


The Elimination of Privacy; Extremes of Disorganization; Hidden Mysteries


Chemical Transformations; Mistaken Retributions; Insidious Incapacitation


An End to Insignificance; Unexplainable Nuclear Processes; Quantum Physics


Intense Mystical Activities; Extreme Inspiration; Disappearances at Death


Chemical Corruption or Contamination; Devaluation brought on by Rot or Decay


Really Terrible Mistakes; Enigmas which are near Unsolvable; A Lack of Chaos


Masterminding Frauds; Lies and Betrayals; Criminals behind the Scenes


A Metamorphosis from Possibility to Reality; Making Worthless Things Worthy


Misleading Reasons for Rebelling; Puzzled over the Elimination of (whatever)


Dreaming of Transformations; Pollution Caused by Oil or Chemicals; Death Rays


Famous People who are STRONG in Neptune/Pluto characteristics include: Erwin Rommel, Rosanno Brazzi, Wayne Gretzky, Gregory Peck, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Jackie Robinson, Sean Connery, Paramahansa Yogananda, Paul Cezanne, Mark Spitz, John Glenn, Rupert Murdoch.


Famous People who are WEAK in Neptune/Pluto characteristics include: Israel Regardie, Charles Steinmetz, Sir Alexander Fleming, Amadeo Modigliani, Benito Mussolini, Ira Progoff, Carl Sagan.


Notable Events with Neptune/Pluto active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Alaskan Earthquake, Chernobyl Nuclear Accident, Kent State Shootings, Transcontinental Railroad Completed, (Woman's Suffrage Amendment Passed).


Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Neptune in the 1st House, Neptune in the 8th House, Pluto in the 9th House, Pluto in the 12th House, Neptune in Aries, Neptune in Scorpio, Pluto in Sagittarius, Pluto in Pisces, Neptune semi-sextile (anything), Pluto novile (anything).




The Mercury/Mars Midpoint strong by MWA:


This combination adds impetus to investigate the sources and/or reasons behind information as received, revealed or discovered. It not only stimulates information gathering and compilation, but also helps raise questions. Information, especially when it addresses questions raised, can provide the start of a quest to interpret, find clarification, raise additional questions, check the accuracy of the information, locate corroborating and/or amplifying sources, etc. This quest may be as short as a few minutes, or it may persist over many years, even a lifetime. These energies help with such pursuits. They bring opportunities and open doors to areas which can help you address issues being raised in your mind, life, and human interactions.


They also add energy into your conversations and information interchanges. You could find working in an information related field very rewarding. These energies would help you format ideas and then present them back in ways which others find helpful. This is a good combination for a reporter, writer, researcher, journalist, librarian, computer programmer, etc. Any occupation that involves researching and clarifying information. This is a good combination for a debater or orator. Where problems can arise is where there has not been an adequate checking of sources and their reliability. Working with rumor, innuendo, or gossip may only bring difficulties.


Others will probably comment that you seem like a nervous and intent person when on your quests. You may read voraciously, and then search out others for spirited discussions on your new insights or discoveries. Getting feedback which addresses your interests is important to you. It would be a waste of your time to simply do the work and then let it sit unnoticed or unshared with others. You may not have control over how your insights are shared (e.g., a report to management which is put on a shelf and then not referred to), but at least to you the information can become a part of a learning experience.


You are probably able to mentally adapt to situations quite rapidly, and have a good memory for data or information recall. You should innately have a mental alertness which rapidly assesses the impact of information received, and innately see who could benefit from this information. Then a drive to disseminate this to others should take hold. Others may see you as a walking librarian or encyclopedia. Certainly as a person who should be consulted when questions are raised that they can not answer. This combination helps enhance professional image in your field as it brings a fast memory recall, stores of knowledge, and many interests.


You may be drawn to a study of physical motion or athletics. Certainly the motivations of others and what drives people to be who they are should be of interest. You may find yourself working with others who desire to enhance physical (body-related) or psychological knowledge.


Be careful of initiating angry words or hasty actions back at others. Also, watch your nervous tendencies to work too hard and not take time to relax.


Mercury/Mars Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:


Raising Questions; Adds Energy and Forcefulness into Conversations, Dialogs


Rousing Discussions; Initiating ongoing Dialogs and/or Exchanges


Revealing, Opening Initiatives; Starting Interchanges of Information


Nervous Excitement; Concentrates on the Logical Aspect of Discussions


Alert to Urgencies; Quick to Notice Rises in Anger or Hostility


Fast Memory Recall; A Rapid Recall of Facts and Figures; Needs to Keep Records


Intellectual Arguments; An Insistence on Getting Facts and Figures Correct


Intense Attitudes about Information and its Presentation; Rapid Adaptations


Stimulates Information Exchanges; Absorbed with Communications and Information


Educated in Athletics; Needs to Move while Thinking or Speaking; Sharp Logic


The Courage to Stand up for Your Views or Opinions; A Busy and Active Mind


Various Ways of Showing Impatience; Frightening Illustrations; Sleazy Talk


Famous People who are STRONG in Mercury/Mars characteristics include: Alan Leo, Jean Francois Millet, Paramhansa Yogananda, Abraham Lincoln, Neil Diamond, Sir Laurence Olivier, Jean Houston, Franklin Roosevelt, Jonathan Winters, Paul Newman, Grant Lewi.


Famous People who are WEAK in Mercury/Mars characteristics include: Elton John, Ervin Nyiregyhazi, Olivia Newton-John, Audie Murphy, Israel Regardie, Charles Steinmetz, Pierre Renoir, Ida Rolf.


Notable Events with Mercury/Mars active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Franklin D. Roosevelt Wins First Election, Transcontinental Railroad Completed, Mt. St. Helens Explosion, Richard Nixon's Resignation, (Pearl Harbor Attack Begins).


Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Mercury in the 1st House, Mercury in the 8th House, Mars in the 3rd House, Mars in the 6th House, Mercury in Aries, Mercury in Scorpio, Mars in Gemini, Mars in Virgo, Mercury semi-square (anything), Mars quintile (anything), Mars decile (anything).




The Uranus/Pluto Midpoint strong by MWA:


Urges to be and think differently from most others can be quite strong with this combination. Somehow you receive insight into and then are able to understand processes and methods which are beyond most others comprehension. There can be a tendency to get lost within the intricacies and implications of work, thought or ideas, to the exclusion of almost anything else. Your dress and eating habits may become irregular, and you may even neglect friends while inwardly you seem to undergo a transformation as you become the thought processes which now seem to possess you. It is through such transformation, however, that you grow as a person, eventually emerging, like the butterfly from its cocoon, to contribute something new to self or society.


The turnarounds you encounter in life may be internal, noticed only by self, or they may come to affect the lives of most on earth. There is nothing easy within this combination. The pressure to find answers while digging can be tremendous and unrelenting. Yet the internal pleasure derived from knowing that you can and are making progress at resolving issues within self can also bring inner transformation and enlightenment. You may find yourself involved with groups which open you to new ideas, only to have those ideas so change your life and your intentions, that little else occupies your thoughts and existence for long periods of time. Then too, such turnarounds can come and go quickly, even if the inner transformation is still shocking and startling.


You may find that you have to deal with much difficulty and criticism from powerful people within your society or professional arena. These people may make life quite hard for you. Yet inner pressures persist to drive you to complete whatever it is that you have embarked upon, and then present your revolutionary insights in simple yet stark ways. There should be nothing complicated or complex when you are completed, as when you set your mind and being to whatever it is that you wish to accomplish, you can do it despite any and all external pressures or obstacles faced. The time for this may be a few seconds, or it may be years, but persist you will through to the end.


You should have an innate understanding of electrical and/or mechanical processes; and may even have received formal education in physics or engineering. Even without such formal education, you should have an innate ability to see how such forces work and can be used for personal insights. You can become an inventor of note, even if others think you quite eccentric, but such labels would probably not bother you as you would see such as giving you the freedom to be yourself while pursuing interests which are important. An innate understanding of mathematics and computational processes would help you, even if you have had no formal education in such. Numbers, harmonies and the bonds or inter-connections amongst electrical or universal forces are such that they can become clearer in your understanding than the psychological motivations of close personal friends.


Uranus/Pluto Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:


Obsessed with Rebelling; Invention of Nuclear (Fundamental) Processes


Revolutionary Transformations; Elimination of Pressures; Strange New Ideas


Unusual Intensity; Alienation from Troublemakers; Exciting Renewals


Emotionless Intensity; Segregation from Friends; Electronic Power, Control


Devalues Eccentricities; Upheavals which Undermine; Reversing Turnarounds


Modification of Magnetic or Electrical Effects; New Insights into Chaos


Permutations on Offbeat Activities; Unexpected Terrorism; Unique Torments


Criminal Acquaintances; Retribution from Unexpected Sources; New Computers


Turns Inflexible Positions Around; Developments in, Insights into Astrology


Breakthrough Computations; Lasting Revolutions; Strange Modifications


Friendly Suspicions; Totally New Insights; Familiar with Contamination


Defies Punishment by only Pretending to do It; Really Unequal, Unfair Results


Famous People who are STRONG in Uranus/Pluto characteristics include: Sir Laurence Olivier, David O. Selznik, Albert Einstein, Charles E. O. Carter, Glen Campbell, Israel Regardie, Bob Dylan, Moshe Dayan, Thomas H. Huxley, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Burl Ives, Bob Newhart.


Famous People who are WEAK in Uranus/Pluto characteristics include: Hugh Downs, Rosanno Brazzi, Sam Sheppard, Tommy Smothers, Alan Alda, John Fremont, Stephen Foster, Fidel Castro, Ellen Burstyn.


Notable Events with Uranus/Pluto active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): RMS Titanic Hits Iceberg, First Medicare Patient Enrolled, James Meredith Enrolled at U. Miss, South Carolina Secession, (Woman's Suffrage Amendment Enacted).


Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Uranus in the 1st House, Uranus in the 8th House, Pluto in the 11th House, Uranus in Aries, Uranus in Scorpio, Pluto in Aquarius, Uranus semi-sextile (anything), Pluto 1/11 (anything).




The Sun/Mars Midpoint strong by MWA:


With this strong there probably is little left to chance as you charge forward before thinking through any possible outcomes. Often there can be a sense that acting first and then dealing with the consequences later is probably the way to proceed. Acting first, then thinking, can dictate your approach to life. There should be strong inner impulses to impose your sense of what to do on others, shout commands, exhibit leadership, take charge, and then move forward. While this can work at times to move situations or people out of static or stationary positions, it can also serve to raise tension and cause conflict. Perhaps, though, you may learn through life that setting people against each other in competition can produce extra-ordinary results. This can be true, but it can also be wasteful of resources and people skills for those who can take this as a form of bullying.


Placing self first before others can become almost like a game. This inner competitiveness can set you apart in life. Others may take it that all of life for you becomes a test of wills to see which person, you or others, can come out on top. Such competitive impulses can be quite good in effecting progress, but they can also bring on a reputation that you only have one way of helping self or others move forward in life. The role of ego, or the emphasis on self and self's ideas can be enhanced with this combination. While this can be good, it can also serve to alienate self from other parts of society when cooperation and help is needed in group efforts. Thus be careful of demanding or seeking more emphasis on self and self's abilities when you may not be able to deliver on promises made. When people learn not to trust your willful boasts, then trust in who you are can be lost. The loss of such trust can be devastating, and take some time to counter with good will.


There can be a tendency to become a user with this combination. That is, there may be an expectation that others should provide for you or for your welfare. Taking advantage of others may not be always be in your best interests as eventually people will expect some reciprocal act on your part to repay them for what they have or may have done for you. It is one thing to need a favor, and it is quite another to repay that favor when the time to do that comes around. Not all gifts are equal, and learning what is appropriate to accept, and what may cause you eventual problems, needs to be addressed. Think of a loan from a loan-shark at usurious interest. That may satisfy an immediate need, but the pay back can require extra-ordinary efforts. Very little in life is given for free and without strings attached. Thus when making demands, or setting forth dictates about how things should be or people should act, become aware of the possible future consequences.


Sun/Mars Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:


Boundless Energy; Standing up for your Ideals; Activity, Sports, Athletics


Rushing into Situations; Acting before Thinking; Self-willed Pursuits


Great Courage and Determination; Thinking only You can Solve this Problem


Insistence on Your Way; Tactful Responses which Seem to Come off as Commands


The Importance of Being Up Front and Open to Others; Flamboyant Angers


Individuality vs. Mob Rule; Provocative Statements or Gestures to Goad Others


Passionate Responses to Irritating People or Situations; First in Arguing


Facing the Causes / Consequences of Debt or Financial Losses; Noisy People


Loud Talk, or Making Noises, around Others; Placing Self's Interest First


Interruptions Introduced with Drama; Outperforming any Rivals; Pushy Displays


Using Physical Strength or Power to Forge Ahead; A Sexual Physical Presence


Determination to Stand your Ground; Courage in Combat or Difficult Situations


Famous People who are STRONG in this midpoint's characteristics include: Carl Sandburg, Stephen Foster, Bertrand Russell, Willie Brandt, Mick Jagger, Mark Spitz, Gustav Dore, Arthur Ford, Henry Mancini, Dustin Hoffman, Enrico Fermi, Edna Ferber, Henry Winkler.


Famous People who are WEAK in this midpoint's characteristics include: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jimi Hendrix, Johann Von Goethe, Ira Progoff, Paul Newman, Henry Kissinger, Grant Lewi, Maurice Ravel.


Notable Events with this midpoint's active or strong include (a weak event is shown in parenthesis): Bolshevik Government Seizes Power, Apollo 11 Moon Landing, South Carolina Secession, Woman's Suffrage Enacted, Pearl Harbor Attack, (Richard Nixon's Resignation).


Equivalent or Corresponding Astrological Combinations: Sun in the 1st House, Sun in the 8th House, Mars in the 5th House, Sun in Aries, Sun in Scorpio, Mars in Leo, Sun semi-square (anything), Mars conjunct (anything).




The Sun/Neptune Midpoint strong by MWA:


Powerful inner mental imagery helps formulate dreams, dreams which can become reality if you have the persistence to see them through. One of the primary combinations for a visionary person, this combination can bring tremendous insight into the various possibilities along life's path. The formation of ideas, and the bringing of dreams to reality are two different qualities. You probably have tremendous insight into possibilities, but at the same time can have difficulty focusing on everyday tasks or responsibilities. There can be areas of personal existence which go completely ignored; perhaps totally impractical ways of living -- yet behind this personal untidiness can lie the most beautiful dreams and possibilities.


There probably is a strong urge to help those more unfortunate, from people to animals to causes. It can become quite easy for you to become involved with people or situations which have lofty ideals and goals, but are not always able to produce practical or workable results. This may not matter to you, and the possibilities and potentials within the dreams you are pursuing can lead you on for years and years through wonderful and enthusiastic pursuits of some vague, yet possible glory.


This combination can bring situations and inner assessments which make it quite easy for you to mislead yourself, and if your powers of persuasion are strong enough, then others too. Like the Pied Piper, you have inner qualities which others see and hear, and then are drawn to follow along with you as you pursue these possible and impossible dreams. The chasing of rainbows can be more exciting than the capture of any prize at their end. Yet it is this chase, the romantic pursuit of imaginative figments, which generally occupies central stages in life. Such imaginative power can lead to outlets involving the playing or creation of music or art, writing, religious inspiration, seeking lost treasure, adventures in exotic lands looking for the sources behind legends, etc. The possibilities are endless.


Life may consist of a series of back and forth efforts. Energy in one direction can be expended only to find that something blocks the way. No problem, there are other inspirations to pursue. Perhaps a relaxing time with friends, and discussions about possibilities. Perhaps the pursuit of the promise of places with Shangri-la potentials. Perhaps the founding of communities which promise some betterment for self or mankind. Perhaps the undertaking of religious or magical exercises to expand consciousness and awareness. Perhaps developing inspirational talks, books, etc. Anything which can bring your inner inspirations into a reality for others to try, use and even personally grow from. Yours is the task to present dreams and visions to others so that their environments and lives can be enriched.


There can be a powerful pull to using drugs to heighten inner senses. While it is not always necessary to use drugs, and self-development can work around those, sometimes drugs can short-cut personal development practices which can take years. If you use drugs to help escape the realities of life, then you should also make yourself aware of their potential downsides.


Sun/Neptune Insights; Issues to Deal With; and/or Recurring Themes:


Subtle Displays of Power; Idealizes Self-importance; Lively Inspirations


Ineffective Commitments; Misleading Motivations; Disorganized Enterprises


A Preference for Escape; Techniques to make the Invisible Visible


Physical Incapacitations; Gambling on Speculations; Denial of Self


Behind the Scenes Support; A Complicated Character; Lively Fairy Tales


Inspires Influential People; Uses Drugs to Motivate; Convoluted Days


Hidden Meanings behind Passions; Exciting Special Effects; Elegant Fantasies


Circumventing Authority; Convincing Mysteries; Effective Disguises


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