Cosmobiology Health Report for

Agnes Nightingale

April 13, 2020

9:09 PM

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This report is designed to serve as a guide for those interested in researching the predisposition to disease in an astrological chart. Meant to gain a fairly quick general overview, it gives only short descriptions of the predominant influences.


The tendencies or possibilities for illnesses mentioned DO NOT indicate that you are going to suffer from them. They merely are potential weak points and should only be used as a research tool to study the possible relevance of astrological theory to human health.


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Given below are the planet positions and other details at the time of birth:

Sun 23 Ari 53 Pluto 15 Can 02

Moon 2 Aqu 42 N. Node 12 Gem 08

Mercury 4 Ari 59 Asc. 26 Sco 02

Venus 3 Ari 06 MC 10 Vir 59

Mars 4 Pis 58 2nd cusp 22 Sag 14

Jupiter 18 Ari 21 3rd cusp 24 Cap 11

Saturn 18 Sag 55 5th cusp 6 Ari 07

Uranus 4 Ari 32 6th cusp 1 Tau 09

Neptune 26 Leo 32

Tropical Koch Standard time observed

GMT: 02:09:00 Time Zone: 5 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birth: 42 N 35 71 W 48 10

Aspects and orbs:

Sun, Moon, Asc, MC: Mer,Ven,Mar: Outer planets:

Conjunction : 5 Deg 00 Min 4 Deg 00 Min 3 Deg 00 Min

Opposition : 5 Deg 00 Min 4 Deg 00 Min 3 Deg 00 Min

Square : 5 Deg 00 Min 4 Deg 00 Min 3 Deg 00 Min

SemiSquare : 3 Deg 00 Min 2 Deg 00 Min 1 Deg 00 Min

Sesquiquadrate : 3 Deg 00 Min 2 Deg 00 Min 1 Deg 00 Min

Orbs for midpoint structures:

Conjunction : 2 Deg 00 Min

Opposition : 2 Deg 00 Min

Square : 1 Deg 00 Min

SemiSquare : 0 Deg 30 Min

SesquiQuadrate : 0 Deg 30 Min


Positive Signs Dominant (Score of 15,9):

Your general characteristics are inclined to be those of a Yang type. Very active and lively, positive-minded and outgoing, you have an enterprising spirit with many interests. Although you seldom run out of energy, you easily could burn yourself out with too many activities and should try to use moderation in everything. To maintain good health it would be advisable not to overextend yourself and to avoid excesses of any kind. In general your illnesses are likely to run a rapid course and you may suffer mostly from acute diseases associated with fever, sudden spasms or colics.





Fire Dominant (Score of 11,3,4,6):

Full of life and enthusiasm, you have great faith in yourself and tend to possess unending strength and vitality. Essentially you have a choleric temperament with a bilious-nervous constitution. This influence could lead to diseases that stem from disorders of the liver and gallbladder. There is a tendency to jaundice and the stomach, intestines, kidneys and bladder could be affected as well. You also could be subject to nervous disorders, neuralgia, sciatica and rheumatism. The affects of your predominant sign or signs will be outlined in the following paragraphs.

There is a possibility for your choleric temperament to turn melancholic around middle life, especially if you have had severe reverses or you feel that you have not been able to achieve the goals you may have set for yourself. To insure good health, you should avoid any excesses and too many activities.





Aries Dominant (Score of 9,0,1,1,1,3,0,3,1,0,3,2):

Aries affects the head, face, skull, brain, eyes, ears and central nervous system. The vertebras associated with Aries are the first and second cervical. You could be susceptible to headaches, insomnia, high fevers, apoplexy, epilepsy, neuralgia, meningitis, ear infections and problems with the eyes. Most of your illnesses tend to stem from impatience, impulsiveness and aggressiveness. Your vitality in general is likely to be good and you probably will recover quite rapidly from any physical discomfort.

Primary reflexes to the kidneys, bladder and lumbar region could cause retention of urine, renal problems, nephritis and lumbago. Secondary reflexes are to the stomach and breasts and to the knees, skin and bone system.





If the Rising Sign was not already covered under Predominant, it will be described below. Potential health problems of this sign could be indicated, if several planetary aspects or midpoints are involved with it.

Scorpio Rising:

Scorpio affects the reproductive organs, its secretions and the rectum. It also governs the eighth and ninth thoracic vertebras. There is a propensity to infections in the genitals, bladder complaints, constipation, colon troubles because of poor elimination, hemorrhoids, sexual diseases and operations to do with sexual organs. You are very intense, have a tendency to go to extremes and should try to avoid spiteful feelings and thoughts of revenge.

Primary reflexes to the nose, throat and tonsils could bring tonsillitis, polyps, nasal catarrh and thyroid problems. Secondary reflexes are to the ankles and lower legs and to the heart, back and circulation.





Moon SemiSquare Saturn:

There is a tendency to hardening of the lymph nodes, tonsils and spleen. You could be subject to disturbances of the fluid balance and bladder complaints. This aspect also could bring periods of melancholy or depression and psychical or hereditary ailments.

Mercury Conjunct Venus:

This influence could bring the possibility of erratic glandular secretions.

Mercury Conjunct Uranus:

You are likely to be very restless and have a tendency to strong nervous tension, facial pains, migraine headaches and possible hyperthyroid condition.

Venus Conjunct Uranus:

You may be subject to fluctuations of your hormone system which could affect your sexuality. Glandular problems, especially in connection with the kidneys, are also possible.

Mars SemiSquare Jupiter:

You are likely to have a smooth and healthy muscle tone. With other adverse aspects you could be susceptible to possible blood disorders.

Asc. Square Neptune:

You are likely to be very sensitive and may have a propensity to immune weakness, allergies, catching colds or the flu easily, and possible addiction to drugs.

MC Square N. Node:

This combination represents the sidereal or astral body and Ego and has an affect on health only in connection with other aspects.

MC Sesquiquadrate Sun:

Unless other adverse aspects indicate differently, this aspect is not likely to bring any health problems.




The following midpoint interpretations often help to detect some important points which otherwise may be missed. To avoid confusion, it would be advisable to concentrate mainly on the health-related ones or those involved with Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto.

Sun Conjunct Moon/Pluto Orb:0 Deg 01 Min

Deeply penetrating emotional experiences may cause a strong physical reaction in you. Extremely sensitive and torn by inner conflicts, you are prone to a lot of stress. Women could be subject to gynecological disorders or swelling.

Sun Conjunct Mars/N. Node Orb:0 Deg 20 Min

Unless otherwise afflicted, you are likely to have a strong muscular system.

Sun Opposition Saturn/Neptune Orb:1 Deg 09 Min

You are inclined to have a weak physique and low vitality. Your illnesses tend to be brought on by emotional suffering and there could be a possibility of circulatory disorders, impure blood or blood diseases. There is a tendency to chronic illnesses and extreme sensitivity to drugs.

Mercury Conjunct Venus/Uranus Orb:1 Deg 10 Min

You are apt to have good physical coordination and tend to be very ticklish.

Venus Square Sun/MC Orb:0 Deg 40 Min

You have a beautiful soul and tend to be very attractive. Unless otherwise afflicted, this aspect is not likely to bring major health problems.

Venus SemiSquare Sun/N. Node Orb:0 Deg 05 Min

You tend to have a well-functioning glandular system.

Venus Conjunct Mercury/Uranus Orb:1 Deg 40 Min

You are apt to have good physical coordination and tend to be very ticklish.

Venus Opposition Saturn/Pluto Orb:1 Deg 08 Min

You have a tendency to hardening and calcification and could be prone to nodal formation and deposits in the sexual organs. Chronic ailments of the reproductive organs could also be possible.

Mars Square Sun/Pluto Orb:0 Deg 31 Min

Your vitality is very strong and you are likely to over-exert yourself to the point of a physical breakdown. There is a tendency to forcible injury, accidents or operations that possibly could have to do with replacing natural organs or parts of the body with artificial substitutes.

Mars Conjunct Moon/Mercury Orb:1 Deg 08 Min

You probably have the ability to verbalize your feelings and perceptions well.

Mars Conjunct Moon/Uranus Orb:1 Deg 21 Min

You have a propensity to muscle strains or sudden pains in the muscles. There could be potential injury to the lymph nodes, accidents or operation. For women it could indicate surgery in the area of the reproductive organs. You also could experience sexual debility or nervous disorders.

Mars Opposition Neptune/MC Orb:1 Deg 13 Min

You are likely to have a sense of weakness and lack of energy and are prone to periods of debility or illness. There also is a tendency for addiction to drugs.

Mars Opposition N. Node/Asc. Orb:0 Deg 53 Min

Unless otherwise afflicted, you tend to have a well functioning muscular system.

Jupiter SemiSquare Moon/Mercury Orb:0 Deg 29 Min

Your outlook in general tends to be cheerful and optimistic.

Jupiter SemiSquare Moon/Venus Orb:0 Deg 27 Min

You are psychologically balanced and in general tend to feel happy and well-balanced.

Jupiter SemiSquare Moon/Uranus Orb:0 Deg 16 Min

You may be subject to diarrhea and inflammations in the liver and gall regions. There also is a tendency to inflammation of the lymph glands, tonsilar angina and appendicitis.

Jupiter Square Neptune/N. Node Orb:0 Deg 59 Min

Your lymph function is likely to be weakened and you have a tendency for swelling and edema.

Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Neptune/MC Orb:0 Deg 25 Min

You tend to put comfort and ease above everything else, may be somewhat weak-willed and could be subject to swelling or edema.

Jupiter Opposition Asc./MC Orb:0 Deg 10 Min

You are inclined to be extroverted, could be an eternal optimist and may have the good fortune to live in affluent circumstances.

Saturn Square Venus/Mars Orb:0 Deg 07 Min

You are inclined to suppress your sexual needs which could lead to genital problems. There is a tendency toward frigidity, sexual inhibitions or low fertility and potential abnormal sexual expression.

Saturn Square Mars/Uranus Orb:0 Deg 50 Min

You have a potential for straining, tearing and cramping your muscles. There is an inclination to sudden illness, severe injury or accidents requiring surgery with the possibility of losing an arm or a leg. There also is a tendency to suicide with sharp objects, weapons or vehicles.

Uranus Conjunct Mercury/Venus Orb:0 Deg 30 Min

You are apt to have good physical coordination and tend to be very ticklish.

Neptune Sesquiquadrate Mercury/Jupiter Orb:0 Deg 08 Min

Under adverse conditions the production of your enzymes could be inhibited or blocked.

Neptune Sesquiquadrate Jupiter/Uranus Orb:0 Deg 06 Min

Your metabolic system tends to be sensitive and you could be prone to changes between diarrhea and constipation. You may be subject to liver or spleen problems and could have difficulty digesting fat or greasy food. You are susceptible to disturbances in your anabolism and metabolism which could cause fluctuations in your well-being.

Pluto Square Sun/Mercury Orb:0 Deg 36 Min

Your nerves tend to be very strong and in general serve you well, but there also is a possibility of a nerve crisis.

Pluto Square Sun/Uranus Orb:0 Deg 49 Min

You tend to over-excite your nerves and live under constant stress. There is a strong tendency for a nervous breakdown or danger of a heart attack.

Pluto Opposition Mars/Asc. Orb:0 Deg 28 Min

You are likely to over-tax your muscles, tend to be a bit daring and may expose yourself to danger, inviting accidents or injuries and possible operations.

Asc. SemiSquare Moon/Saturn Orb:0 Deg 14 Min

You are inclined to be emotional insecure and may be subject to melancholy or depression. There could be a tendency to fluid imbalances or bladder complaints. In some cases this placement could signify possible confinement in institutions or hospitalization.

Asc. Opposition Mercury/Pluto Orb:1 Deg 02 Min

You tend to have a nervous disposition and under adverse conditions could be susceptible to hearing, speech or nerve disorders.

Asc. Opposition Venus/Pluto Orb:1 Deg 58 Min

Your love affairs are likely to be quite unusual. You experience love very deeply and could have a fanatic attachment to someone.

Asc. Sesquiquadrate Venus/Jupiter Orb:0 Deg 19 Min

You are inclined to strive for a pleasant life and may have a tendency to put on weight.

Asc. Sesquiquadrate Jupiter/Uranus Orb:0 Deg 25 Min

You could be prone to sudden changes in your metabolism and frequent spasms, cramps or colics.

Asc. Opposition Uranus/Pluto Orb:1 Deg 15 Min

You tend to live in a constant state of restlessness and anxiety and are prone to injuries and accidents.

MC Opposition Moon/Jupiter Orb:0 Deg 28 Min

Unless otherwise adversely aspected, this configuration is not likely to have a negative affect on health.

N. Node Sesquiquadrate Mars/Saturn Orb:0 Deg 11 Min

Your connective tissue is likely to be thick-skinned.





The following correspondences may help to pinpoint some parts of the body that could be susceptible to disease. One should avoid concentrating on a single reference and remember to consider the cross reflex or organ that may be implicated. For example, under 1 ARIES you might select kidney, rather than the brain, the 6th rib or kneecap. This would apply especially, if in the previous analyses a tendency to kidney problems were repeatedly found. At times it is also possible that no degree correlation can be established.

Asc degree makes sensitivity in:

27 SCORPIO: Anus. Primary reflex TAURUS: Nasal conchae. Secondary reflexes - LEO: Heart valves, chordae tendinae. Goiter degree. AQUARIUS: Left fibula (calf). Goiter degree.

MC degree makes sensitivity in:

11 VIRGO: Gallbladder, ligament of Trietz. Primary reflex PISCES: Lymphatics of feet. Secondary reflexes - GEMINI: Thymus gland, respiratory secretory tissue. SAGITTARIUS: Tensor fascia lata (thigh).

Sun degree makes sensitivity in:

24 ARIES: Zygomatic arch, buccinator, chewing muscles. Primary reflex LIBRA: Renal cortex vasculature. Secondary reflexes - CANCER: Celiac arterial branches (blood vessels of digestive organs). CAPRICORN: Knee tendons.

Moon degree makes fluid retention in:

3 AQUARIUS: Right fibula (calf). Primary reflex LEO: Right subclavian artery. Secondary reflexes - TAURUS: Voice, epiglottis and vocal cords. SCORPIO: Prostate, uterus.

Mercury degree makes neuralgia in:

5 ARIES: Central sphenoid bone, orbits, eyes, pineal gland. Primary reflex LIBRA: Nephron (kidneys). Secondary reflexes -CANCER: Tenth to twelfth ribs. CAPRICORN: Knee cutaneous (skin) nerves, left medial meniscus (cartilage).

Venus degree makes glandular swelling in:

4 ARIES: Brow, point between eyes, pineal gland. Goiter degree. Primary reflex LIBRA: Renal capsule. Goiter degree. Secondary reflexes - CANCER: Ninth rib. Foot injury degree. CAPRICORN: Tibialis cutaneous (shinbone skin) nerves.

Mars degree makes irritation or injury in:

5 PISCES: Right cuboid bone (foot). Primary reflex VIRGO: Transverse colon. Secondary reflexes - GEMINI: Lung lobes, bronchioles. SAGITTARIUS: Right deep femoral artery (thigh).

Jupiter degree makes expansion or swelling in:

19 ARIES: Corpus callosum, thalamus. Primary reflex LIBRA: Greater renal calyx. Secondary reflexes - CANCER: Pancreas. CAPRICORN: Left knee ligaments, cartilage.

Saturn degree makes hardening or inflexibility in:

19 SAGITTARIUS: Left acetabulum (thigh). Primary reflex GEMINI: Larynx, laryngeal muscles. Secondary reflexes - VIRGO: Left hepatic groove. PISCES: Left extensor digitorum (toe).

Uranus degree makes irritability or injury in:

5 ARIES: Central sphenoid bone, orbits, eyes, pineal gland. Primary reflex LIBRA: Nephron (kidneys). Secondary reflexes -CANCER: Tenth to twelfth ribs. CAPRICORN: Knee cutaneous (skin) nerves, left medial meniscus (cartilage).

Neptune degree makes immune weakness or swelling in:

27 LEO: Heart valves, chordae tendinae. Goiter degree. Primary reflex AQUARIUS: Left fibula (calf). Goiter degree. Secondary reflexes - TAURUS: Nasal conchae. SCORPIO: Anus.

Pluto degree makes potential pathology in:

16 CANCER: Pancreas. Primary reflex CAPRICORN: Right lateral meniscus, tendons (knee). Secondary reflexes - ARIES: Pons varoli, spinal cord decussation. LIBRA: Renal arteries.

Node degree makes sensitivity in:

13 GEMINI: Pulmonary veins. Primary reflex SAGITTARIUS: Tibial veins (shin). Secondary reflexes - VIRGO: Hepatic arteries. PISCES: Left pedal artery (foot).





If the following midpoint degrees are involved in aspects to other planets, the effect is considerably intensified. Ideally, the reflex of the semisquares and sesquiquadrates to the degree points also should be checked and along with the other aspects, if any, may denote some correlations not readily apparent.


The MARS/SATURN midpoint is a major point of potential atrophy of the tissues or organs at the degree indicated. There could be injuries to the joints or tendons and inflammations of the muscles or bones.

Mars/Saturn affects:

27 CAPRICORN: Popliteal nerves (knee). Primary reflex CANCER: Nipples. Secondary reflexes - ARIES: Temporomandibular joint, cephalic vein, fornix (forebrain). Tuberculosis degree. LIBRA: Renal and dermal vascular systems. Tuberculosis degree.



The MARS/URANUS midpoint is traditionnaly kown as the surgery or operation axis. Sometimes the aspects of other planets to this point may give more information on what may be involved.

Mars/Uranus affects:

20 PISCES: Right pronation muscles. Primary reflex VIRGO: Bile duct. Secondary reflexes - GEMINI: Third rib. SAGITTARIUS: Right femoral head (thigh).



The MARS/NEPTUNE midpoint is a major point of potential infectious diseases at the degree indicated. Low vitality and immune weakness could bring allergies, muscle deterioration and possible blood disorders.

Mars/Neptune affects:

1 GEMINI: Trachea (windpipe). Primary reflex SAGITTARIUS: Innominate bone (hipbone). Secondary reflexes - VIRGO: Duodenum. PISCES: Right calcaneous (heel).



The MARS/PLUTO midpoint often can be found in connection with the replacement of natural organs or functions by artificial substitutes, such as arms, legs, joints, dentures etc.

Mars/Pluto affects:

11 TAURUS: Third and fourth cervical nerves. Primary reflex SCORPIO: Penis, labia majora. Secondary reflexes - LEO: Clavicular (collarbone) vein. AQUARIUS: Right crural band.



The SATURN/URANUS midpoint often is associated with operations having to do with the removal of an organ or part of the body. This could apply to amputations or the removal of the spleen, intestinal parts or any other organ.

Saturn/Uranus affects:

12 AQUARIUS: Left crural band. Primary reflex LEO: Spinal column, intervertebral discs. Secondary reflexes - TAURUS: Fourth and fifth cervical nerves. SCORPIO: Seminal vesicles.



The SATURN/NEPTUNE midpoint is a major point of potential chronic diseases or long-term ailments at the degree indicated. There is a tendency to degeneration and immune system deficiency.

Saturn/Neptune affects:

23 LIBRA: Adrenal veins. Spica degree. Primary reflex ARIES: Sucking and chewing muscles, cheek. Secondary reflexes - CANCER: Gastric vasculature. CAPRICORN: Knee tendons.