Nature Appreciation Report for

Michael J. Fox

June 9, 2020

12:15 AM

Edmonton, Canada


Nature Appreciation Report

This report is designed to help you learn more about your own, inner nature; to appreciate nature around you; and to know what you can do to protect the environment in the best way possible, given your uniqueness as an individual.

In this report, your planets in the signs indicate your inner nature and the natural species and phenomena with which you, as an individual, have an affinity. Your planets in the houses indicate the activities which you would enjoy, pertaining to nature. Your planetary aspects indicate the environmental causes where you would have a particular talent, and where you could express yourself in a positive way towards helping to preserve nature.

Chapter 1: The Sun

Sun in Gemini:

You are active, versatile, adaptable, and quick in your thoughts and actions. If you watch the squirrels in a city park, you can see how this type of energy is expressed in the animal world. Also, the expression "quick as a fox" refers to an animal which is intelligent as well as physically agile.

You are sociable and communicative, and you like to learn from others and teach them, as well as have stimulating conversations with relatives and neighbors. In the animal kingdom, the chimpanzee is the most intelligent of the apes, and has often lived with humans and successfully learned to perform human tasks. On the human level, you are high above the rest in your human intellectual ability, and have probably even been referred to as a "genius" from a young age.

Sun in the 4th House

You have a strong interest in maintaining a nurturing home for your family, and you would also be good at preserving local history and heritage trails. You have a special talent for sensitive caring, and you would be able to care for young animals and birds, with remarkable success in encouraging them to recover. That is because you would be aware of their moods and food needs. You are tuned in to natures cycles, and you may be interested in gardening according to the phases of the moon. You would enjoy quiet, peaceful recreation with your family, such as camping or sailing.

Sun Sextile Mars:

You are very constructive and able to provide creative leadership. You could start a nature-based business or lead children's activities outdoors. You would be good at building things such as devices which produce or save energy. You could take on the cause of fighting for the lives of people, animals, and plants from whatever threats exist. Do use your great resources of personal energy for constructive purpose; you will feel much better being active, and the world needs what you have to offer.

Sun Sextile Uranus:

You have the opportunity to become a well-known astrologer who could help people tune in to nature, and you would be well advised to pursue this fulfilling work. You might also wish to lead a children's group or a communal garden. You might wish to work on a cause such as preserving bio-diversity or protecting the ozone layer or promoting good air circulation. You would be a talented leader in these areas, and your original ideas would be welcomed.

Chapter 2: The Moon

Moon in Taurus:

You are the legendary person with a "green thumb". You are most at home in a secure, permanent place where you can relax and take daily care of your investments, be they land or crops which need someone patient to nurture them to maturity. You know that hard work and steadiness will pay off in the long run. You like your life to be predictable, just as the farm animals and plants do not like sudden changes in the weather.

You are unusually well tuned in with your senses, and you know how to take care of either people or plants to ensure their stability and security. You would enjoy providing others with food, especially if you have grown it yourself.

Moon in the 2nd House

You are good at providing a secure home for yourself and your family, and if you have a farm, you would be good at providing for large animals such as cattle as well. You are very good at gardening, and have what has been called a "green thumb". You appreciate the beauty of the land, and of the trees, and you are aware that the earth needs to be nurtured and protected, so that it can continue to provide for future generations. You understand that the family farm is the basis of a stable society and a stable economy.

Moon Sextile Mercury:

You would do well to take advantage of the many opportunities which you have to argue in favor of preserving wildlife habitat. You are likely to think of the birds and leave them food and water. You are aware of how clean and neat the various creatures keep their nests and dens, and you like a tidy home yourself.

Moon Conjunct Venus:

You would be good at growing natural foods and cooking them. You would take good care of the land, trees and animals. You might like doing composting and having a beautiful, wildflower garden. You would protect your family well and create a nice, peaceful home for them. Because of your ability to respond emotionally to the beauties of nature, you might have artistic ability.

Moon Square Jupiter:

You would be capable of concrete action to inspire people to care about the environment and nurture its creatures. You would feel better if you got outdoors and planted a garden and looked after it, as you have plenty of energy. You are able to acquire wealth, but you would be far more fulfilled if you directed your energy towards the care of nature, rather than personal gain.

Moon Square Saturn:

You may at times feel depressed about the state of the environment, but through hard work and perseverence, you can do something of lasting value about it. You may at some point have to deal with a threat to the security of your home, such as that caused by adverse weather. However, you can minimize this risk by making sure that you have a solidly built home in a safe location. You could also benefit by resolving any emotions about instability left over from your childhood, because then you would unconsciously attract more stable circumstances into your life.

Moon Opposition Neptune:

You need a quiet, secluded place to live, because you are sensitive to the influences around you. You would be happy living near water. Once you are away from everyday influences, you are free to be sensitive and psychic. You could then receive good insights about nature. You would have the potential to be a good psychic healer of small creatures, and you would be healed by their presence.

Moon Trine Pluto:

You would care deeply about the moods of animals and birds, and you would be able to heal them by tuning in to their needs. You would do well to develop your talent in this area, because it would be very fulfilling work. You would be especially good at helping animals with the birth of their young. Your deep, transformational, caring energy could also be used to heal people, in very dramatic ways. You might like to take on a project such as turning an old quarry into a beautiful garden.

Chapter 3: Mercury

Mercury in Cancer:

You are emotional in your thinking, but that is a good quality to have if you are in the position of protecting others in a motherly way, or protecting the environment as a whole. You are very sensitive to emotional appeals from others, especially when their need is for food or nurturing; you know exactly what they need and when. Much of your activity is directed towards caring for others, especially the young, and your words have a healing effect on them.

You would understand the instinctive caring which motivates the mother birds to make trip after trip to bring back food for the little, open mouths in the nest. If humans could get back in touch with this innate desire to protect, the world would be a much more caring place.

Mercury in the 5th House

You are a natural teacher of children. You could take them out for summer activities, where they could enjoy learning about nature. You could also study nature art and teach it. You have the ability to think creatively and solve problems. You could speak convincingly about the environment as a leader whom others would be willing to follow.

Mercury Trine Neptune:

You have a real talent for visualization. For example, you would be good at nature photography or painting, because you would be able to see ahead of time in your mind's eye how it will look. You could use your talent to communicate to others how to appreciate nature, and perhaps to get them to donate the cause of protecting fish or other small creatures from pollution.

Mercury Sextile Pluto:

You have a brilliant mind and are a good debater of environmental issues, because you say what needs to be said and you research your facts well. You could reach the masses with your extensive knowledge of natural species. You like probing into the causes of things, and you could feel very fulfilled by doing research into how the altering of watercourses causes flooding, and how pollution upstream can affect the creatures living downstream.

Chapter 4: Venus

Venus in Taurus:

You are loyal and enduring in relationships, and you seek to establish a permanent home. You feel a kinship with nature, and you like to be surrounded by the beauty of forests, flowers, and scenery. You are very likely to have an attractive garden, beautifully landscaped, in front of a well-maintained large older home with classical architecture.

Great blue herons build nests at the top of trees, and they come back and use the same nest each year for many years. The nests are constructed of sticks and are about three feet wide, and the herons keep them in good repair rather then have to build a new nest.

Venus in the 2nd House

You are likely good at nature art and you may collect or sell other people's art too. You might be able to make beautiful statues and birdbaths for gardens. You would probably be quite successful in the organic produce business, or working on the farm itself. You have good physical strength and endurance. You would likely enjoy caring for farm animals and planting trees. You might have a talent for playing soothing music with a nature theme.

Venus Square Jupiter:

If you struggle and use your willpower, you could succeed in getting your nature art published, or in running a business of selling others' art. You are interested in finding solutions to the problem of having developments taking over the available farmland and green spaces. You realize that people need to stop having an over-indulgent lifestyle, because of the effect of many people doing this on the environment. You could initiate meditations on nature and the preservation of it, and even get a large group to meditate on the preservation of the planet.

Venus Square Saturn:

You would have the patience and perseverance to work hard at organic farming, even though it takes more effort to grow crops in this way. You would also be good at running an organic foods delivery business, and you would struggle with it until it paid off. You might undertake to build things outdoors, such as log cabin. Even though it would take hard work, the result would be beautiful and durable. You would benefit form the physical outlet of this type of work and you would find great satisfaction in the concrete results.

Venus Trine Pluto:

You could produce nature art which would deeply affect people's emotions and give them the message that they need to restore the planet for their own survival. You would be able to establish good financial partnerships with business persons to help conservation groups.

Chapter 5: Mars

Mars in Leo:

You are very self- confident, and you assume that your natural position is that of the leader. In nature, the queen of the ant colony does not have to attend to anything other than egg-laying, and the worker ants feed her.

You are able to use the fiery power of the sun to get others to submit to your authority. There are small ants called "fire ants", which bite their prey, and if the bites are exposed to sunlight, the power of their sting becomes even more potent. Similarly, the effect of poisonous plants such as wild parsnip and poison ivy are intensified in their effect on humans by exposure to sunlight, causing what is called "phytophotodermatitis".

Mars in the 6th House

You would enjoy teaching or doing research in such field as biology, entomology or geology. You would fight hard for a clean, healthy environment such as uncontaminated soil, and you would see the value of composting. You might like to grow your own herbs and organic fruits and vegetables. You could go out and do a butterfly count in a nature parks, or keep wildlife species lists from your own observations in the field.

Mars Conjunct Uranus:

You would be a good person to start an environmental group and lead it, because you are good at taking constructive action for a cause. You could build new, scientific inventions for making the air cleaner, or use electricity in new ways. You could study lightning, work on a cause for animals, or get a group to exercise out in nature. You might like to start a computer business relating to nature and the environment.

Chapter 6: Jupiter

Jupiter in Aquarius:

You derive karmic benefit from the fact that you are universally tolerant. Your efforts uplift humanity on a very large scale, because you show others by your own example how to break away from old limitations and false beliefs and advance positively into the future.

Those creatures in nature which adapt their ways to the presence of humans are most likely to survive. Those which can live in cities and get fed by humans or live on what humans discard are even growing in numbers. Some examples are crows, domestic pigeons, coyotes, gulls, and squirrels.

Jupiter in the 12th House

You might like to run a secluded nature retreat for yoga, nature art, and meditation. You would be good at promoting nature photography. You might like outdoor activities in the water, such as swimming, kayaking and canoeing. You would be a good fund-raiser for lake and wetland conservation, and you could publish articles about this. You could teach meditations on nature and what its creatures can teach man.

Jupiter Square Neptune:

You would enjoy getting outdoors in the quiet wilderness or going on long canoe trips. You could publish articles and photographs of your adventures. You would be good at getting out there and actually creating a better habitat for the fish. You could teach others about marine biology out in the field. You could benefit by practicing yoga, and if you kept at it, you could become a very inspired yoga teacher, who could awaken others to their sensitivity towards nature and their oneness with it.

Chapter 7: Saturn

Saturn in Capricorn:

You were raised in an atmosphere of conditional acceptance, in that, if you did what you were told, you were put in charge of more responsibilities as recognition, and if you disobeyed authority, you were punished. You learned both that success has to be earned and that it is worth striving for. You can function very well in serious situation, in which each person has his or her own duties, and you take pride in doing a good job.

Those species in nature which must survive in the winter or in the Arctic or in any other situations of scarcity must learn to conserve their energy, as a matter of survival. If they use their resources well, they survive, and if they make mistakes, they have to pay the price. Some have to store food for the winter, such as beavers, squirrels, and chipmunks.

Saturn in the 12th House

You could become a serious nature photographer. You would be willing to wait for along time to get just the right picture. You would be concerned about the conservation of lakes and wetlands and fish. You would be a good manager of a quiet nature retreat, where people could meditate on their oneness with nature and its creatures.

Chapter 8: Uranus

Uranus in Leo:

You tend to go along with a group, but at the same time, to maintain a very strong sense of self. You are very creative, romantic and original, as is your generation. Your efforts in art, theater, and entertainment are likely to be innovative and inspired by a group consciousness.

If you have gone for nature walks in the spring, you may have noticed that, when the weather suddenly gets hot, various species are mating, and that pairs of different kinds of birds choose the same small area of the forest to mate at the same time, in close proximity to one another.

Uranus in the 7th House

You could work on new partnerships or agreements to protect the environment. You might like to participate in a community flower garden, which would look very beautiful and attract butterflies for all to enjoy. You have an intuitive sense of harmony. You would be interested in the courtship of different kinds of birds.

Chapter 9: Neptune

Neptune in Scorpio:

You were born at a time when exploration of the deep oceans were going on to learn about the creatures living there, and new knowledge about the hidden mysteries of nature unfolded. There was a growing concern about the effects of oil spills on marine life, and about chemical pollution of the environment as whole.

Neptune in the 8th House

You would enjoy exploring the mysteries of the deep, perhaps by scuba-diving. You would be interested in the little-known species there, and you would be very concerned about their survival and well-being. You might have a talent for dowsing, because you would be emotionally tuned in to the underground, hidden waterways.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

You live at a time when people have profound compassion for nature, and they work very hard to protect it. There is likely to be nature art which has a strong spiritual message. There would be efforts to restore the aquatic environment, for fish and other marine species.

Chapter 10: Pluto

Pluto in Virgo:

You were born at a time when there was a rebirth in interest in maintaining a natural, healthy lifestyle. Health food stores appeared and grew; exercise and yoga classes became popular, and holistic therapies emerged. There was a strong rejection of the corporate influence on the quality of the air, the use of chemicals in food, over-packaging, and pollution of the land and waters. There was a rebellion against oppressive employment practices and the introduction of humanistic and cooperative work environments.

Pluto in the 7th House

You would have a talent for forming transformational partnerships to protect the environment, such as getting corporations to donate money to environmental groups. You are good at psychology, and you know exactly what to say and to bring this about. You could be a mediator to get developers to follow the laws and respect nature. You would be able to fight for new laws to protect the various species, and you would make people more aware spiritually of why it is important that they cooperate.