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Planetary Positions


Planet Sign Longitude Declination

q Sun is in b Aquarius 9` 18' 38" -17` 56' 00"

w Moon is in c Sagittarius 8` 25' 47" -25` 26' 00"

e Mercury is in b Aquarius 19` 42' 11" -16` 32' 00"

r Venus is in b Aquarius 9` 14' 51" -19` 03' 00"

t Mars is in x Scorpio 23` 45' 21" -17` 44' 00"

y Jupiter is in d Gemini 16` 38' 38" +22` 24' 00"

u Saturn is in x Scorpio 9` 03' 17" -12` 11' 00"

i Uranus is in f Cancer 20` 18' 07" +22` 24' 00"

o Neptune is in z Libra 26` 03' 46" - 8` 28' 00"

p Pluto is in g Leo 24` 08' 38" +22` 57' 00"

l N. Node is in v Capricorn 23` 56' 14" -21` 19' 00"

j Ascendant is in s Taurus 24` 01' 12" +18` 47' 00"

k Midheaven is in b Aquarius 6` 28' 10" -18` 40' 00"



Planetary Aspects

Your Sun is Sextile Moon The Orb Is 0` 53'

Your Sun is Conjunct Venus The Orb Is 0` 04'

Your Sun is Square Saturn The Orb Is 0` 15'

Your Sun is Conjunct Midheaven The Orb Is 2` 50'

Your Moon is Sextile Venus The Orb Is 0` 49'

Your Moon is SemiSextile Saturn The Orb Is 0` 37'

Your Moon is Semisquare N. Node The Orb Is 0` 30'

Your Moon is Sextile Midheaven The Orb Is 1` 58'

Your Mercury is Square Mars The Orb Is 4` 03'

Your Mercury is Trine Jupiter The Orb Is 3` 04'

Your Mercury is Quincunx Uranus The Orb Is 0` 36'

Your Mercury is Opposite Pluto The Orb Is 4` 26'

Your Mercury is Square Ascendant The Orb Is 4` 19'

Your Venus is Square Saturn The Orb Is 0` 12'

Your Venus is Conjunct Midheaven The Orb Is 2` 47'

Your Mars is Trine Uranus The Orb Is 3` 27'

Your Mars is Square Pluto The Orb Is 0` 23'

Your Mars is Sextile N. Node The Orb Is 0` 11'

Your Mars is Opposite Ascendant The Orb Is 0` 16'

Your Saturn is Square Midheaven The Orb Is 2` 35'

Your Uranus is Square Neptune The Orb Is 5` 46'

Your Uranus is Opposite N. Node The Orb Is 3` 38'

Your Uranus is Sextile Ascendant The Orb Is 3` 43'

Your Neptune is Sextile Pluto The Orb Is 1` 55'

Your Neptune is Square N. Node The Orb Is 2` 08'

Your Pluto is Quincunx N. Node The Orb Is 0` 12'

Your Pluto is Square Ascendant The Orb Is 0` 07'

Your N. Node is Trine Ascendant The Orb Is 0` 05'



Planets in Elements and Modalities


Fire : wp Total = 2 Weighted Score = 4

Earth : lj Total = 2 Weighted Score = 3

Air : qeryok Total = 6 Weighted Score = 12

Water : tui Total = 3 Weighted Score = 4

Cardinal : iol Total = 3 Weighted Score = 2

Fixed : qertupjk Total = 8 Weighted Score = 17

Mutable : wy Total = 2 Weighted Score = 4


Weights Used Above


Sun = 3 Moon = 3 Mercury = 2 Venus = 2

Mars = 2 Jupiter = 1 Saturn = 1 Uranus = 1

Neptune = 1 Pluto = 1 N. Node = 0 Ascendant = 3

Midheaven = 3


This Professional Natal Report has been created especially for you. It represents your unique picture at the time you were born and at the place you were born. The calculations are as accurate as if they were done by a professional counseling astrologer. The printed delineations or readings (the meanings of the planetary positions in your horoscope) are as accurate as can be produced by a computer at this time. If you are unsure of the exact time of day of your birth (or the date or the place), the reading will probably not seem as accurate as it could be in certain places, but other parts will seem to be very appropriate.

You will notice at certain places in the reading that contradictory information seems to be given. This is to be expected, because the personality of most people is extremely complex. For example, at times we are quite shy and at other times we are very aggressive, and so forth. You will also notice that, at certain points in the reading, certain patterns seem to be repeated over and over. This is also to be expected. This simply means that your horoscope has an extremely strong focus on this particular pattern and that you should pay extra close attention to what is said about it. Now, on with your Professional Natal Report!

Astrolabe Software



General Background

When a painter paints a landscape, he or she first roughly sketches in the background of sky and distant perspective. This is a very important step because it will usually determine the emotional content and overall balance of the painting, whether it is gloomy and cloudy or sunny and bright. Similarly, the general manner in which the planets are distributed around your horoscope determines the general shape of your personality structure. What follows is the background material that you can always count on in your personality. Try to stress the positive implications of these patterns and try to avoid letting their negative implications become habitual.

Strong eastern hemisphere

You prefer to be in charge of your own destiny, rather than following someone else's dreams, adventures, projects or proposals. You are an outgoing active person, in charge of your affairs. Independent and outwardly directed, you are very conscious in the direction that you lead your life. An entrepreneurial pursuit of some type will find you at your best -- be sure that you attract those who are willing to follow your vision. You need followers to help you. Be clear, however, as to who is in charge. Joining forces with someone as strong- minded as yourself may cause the kind of stress that will distract you from your goals. Making all possible allowances for practicality, pursue your vision!

Very Little Earth

You find it difficult to gracefully handle the practical, everyday details of living. Things that require "hands on" manipulation can become difficult to do and practical knowledge is not important to you. You have a tendency to be either unconnected with the day to day reality of your life or to be always making plans or schemes that reality dictates cannot come to fruition. Because you have a deep seated fear of taking on the responsibilities of adulthood, you may do things that others judge as childish or irresponsible. Establishing good habits and various regimens for daily living will help smooth out some of you inconsistencies. Try to develop your sensual side. Take the time to feel, smell, taste and physically experience things. These things tend to keep you in focus and connected to the larger world around you. By taking the time to stick with a plan, regimen, or project, you will learn the value of creating things that last. If not, then you tend to drift from one idea or concept to another without really settling down and experiencing life on its most fundamental levels. Try to become a master of the obvious.



Lots of Air

Because you have the ability to remain totally detached and objective, you are a fair-minded and impartial judge of most situations that occur. You can see and understand interrelationships that those who are emotionally or practically oriented find difficult to deal with. You live in the world of ideas and concepts. Practical experience is not your desire. The realm of social interaction is your medium. Although you are a very social person, you prefer to remain detached. Emotional displays turn you off and you would rather negotiate. You love to live in your intellect and are quite good at organizing, planning, and developing new techniques. Logic, reason and impartiality are your strengths. Unless there is an emphasis on earth, There is a rootless element to your existence. Although you may not notice it, others are aware of a lack of stability in your material, external sense of being. This is the mark of the fighter for ideas and ideals. The statesman who lives in a shack, with few material needs, held in the high regard of many for his beliefs. Beware of being cold and emotionally insensitive to others. Understand that many do not operate in your rarified atmosphere and are rooted to a mundane, unimaginative existence. You are a connector of people, places and ideas.

Very Little Cardinal

You will never be known as the aggressive leader type and you probably shun such positions. Do not feel badly about this, though, because you are the one who can be counted on either to keep things stable when times are tough or to move with the changing tides when necessary. You prefer tried and true pathways and would just as soon leave the pioneering to others.

Lots of Fixed

You are the ONE WHO CAN BE COUNTED ON for whatever must be accomplished. You have the persistence to bring any project to its logical conclusion. You are the one who preserves and sustains old traditions and customs. You are also aware that forward progress can only occur if there is a firm foundation to begin with -- and you will gladly build that foundation. Be aware, however, that others may view your noble persistence as stubbornness, cussedness and pigheadedness!



Stellium in Aquarius

You can be very detached and objective. This gives you an extraordinary ability to make informed judgments about people, events and ideas. Usually you are correct in your observations, but be aware that, once you have formed an opinion, you tend to be harshly intolerant of the opinions of others. Very social, you prefer to function within groups that support your own views -- you will even prefer to run these groups once you've joined! Because you try to intellectualize everything, you have a difficult time dealing with emotional situations.



Personal Dynamic Factors

Your horoscope is a snapshot of the planets' positions in the sky at the precise moment of your birth. One of the astrologer's most important tools for determining a person's uniqueness is the measurement of the distance between the various planets themselves and between the planets and other important and sensitive points in the horoscope. These measurements are called ASPECTS. The aspects provide a measure of the person's singular and very personal dynamic structure -- and some are considered to be much more significant than others.

Your Unique Challenges

The CONJUNCTIONS (when two planets are very close together), the SQUARES (when they are at right angles to each other), and the OPPOSITIONS (when they are directly opposite each other) are aspects that pose a set of very specific challenges for you. It is not that these energy patterns are always difficult to handle -- although very often they are -- it's that they tend to reoccur constantly in your life in one form or another so that you quite literally must do something in order to deal with the energy. The result of the action you take at these times helps to determine the extent to which you will grow and evolve and understand yourself. Your Astrolabe Natal Report will offer some suggestions as to possible ways for you, to effectively deal with these aspects so that you can experience your own uniqueness to the fullest.

Sun Conjunct Venus

Others immediately notice your warm and friendly manner. You are the first one to go out of your way to make others feel comfortable and accepted. Blessed are the peacemakers, and you are one -- a great gift. Just be sure that you do not always compromise your own individual and real needs or others (who might not be as nice as you are) may just walk all over you.

Sun Square Saturn

It seems that you are constantly attracted to situations that demand that you assume more and more responsibility for yourself and for others. While it may not seem like much fun, you do have the ability to respond well to these challenges and are indeed the best suited of those around you to be trusted with these weighty and serious matters. Even though the responsibilities and challenges seem to never end, remember that your patience and steadfastness will be appreciated in the long run, so carry on ...



Sun Conjunct Midheaven

You have the energy, stamina and dedication to realize your goals and to become a success in your chosen line of endeavor. You are self-directed and are usually correct in the decisions you make, but if you would have others not judge you as being arrogant, listen to them once in a while and follow their advice -- it will probably be complimentary to what you would have done anyway.

Mercury Square Mars

You tend to defend your positions so strongly, even when they are built on flimsy premises, that you seem to be constantly under attack by others. This always surprises you and bothers you. You should not take it so personally when others disagree with you. Try to see their side of things. Learn to compromise a bit. Life is not all black and white, right and wrong -- the way you usually portray it. There is often quite a bit of gray area that should be taken into consideration.

Mercury Opposite Pluto

Your ability to understand concepts and people at the deepest levels of motivation often causes you to overestimate your ability to convince others of the appropriateness of your conclusions. Your tendency to use threatening tactics that impinge upon your personal integrity causes others who disagree with your views (or your tactics) to rise up and engage you in concerted combat. In all your desire for domination, power and control, is all this stress really worth it? If not, learn to try to merely convince, not overwhelm!

Mercury Square Ascendant

You feel a great need to seek out others and to share your ideas with them. Usually your thoughts and ideas are interesting enough to hold the attention of others, but you have to learn to become as good a listener as you are a talker. Don't try to hog the whole conversation all the time or you will drive people away from you, which is the opposite of what you are intending. Take a breath once in a while and let others talk. You will be surprised to find that they are almost as interesting as you are!



Venus Square Saturn

As much as you yearn for love and affection, you tend to regard the responsibilities of caring for someone else (and being cared for by him or her) as so overwhelming that you often choose not to get involved at all. This can make you seem very shy, cold and aloof. You respect maturity and wisdom rather than emotional displays of affection and might be more comfortable relating to someone much older or much younger than yourself. Try not to let your lack of self-confidence drive you completely into a shell!

Venus Conjunct Midheaven

You will be known to others as a charming, affectionate and gracefully dignified person. Generally speaking, you are full of love for others and that love is returned. Your personal beauty well may be your greatest asset -- it will certainly open many doors to you that might otherwise be closed. Just be sure that you maintain your integrity at all times, consciously choosing NOT to flatter your way to the top of your field. Your strong sense of balance and harmony and aesthetics should leave you well disposed to a career in the arts.

Mars Square Pluto

You have relentless drive and ambition, but you often find that the forces that you need to overcome in order to attain your goals are much stronger than you are. A probable cause is that you tend to disregard the needs of others in order to get what you want. As such, when you control and manipulate others and use underhanded and unethical tactics, you force others to be as violent and dictatorial as yourself. You must learn to counter your innate selfishness with tact and altruism.

Mars Opposite Ascendant

Your tendency to act first and think later causes more problems than it solves for you. Your strong will would be made even more effective if you could only learn to cooperate with others and combine your efforts with theirs toward a common goal. You need others in order to function properly, even though you might think that you can go it alone. It will be up to you whether you choose to view them as worthy companions deserving of respect or as constant opponents fighting over the same turf. Not everyone is a threat to whatever you hold near and dear. Mutual respect is much better than constant bickering!



Saturn Square Midheaven

You are such a perfectionist and are so self-critical that you rarely can measure up to the high standards you have set for yourself. This causes you to withdraw emotionally because you can never seem to please yourself. When you experience these feelings of inadequacy and alienation, you should seek the counsel of a respected friend or advisor. Once you examine the facts of the matter, you probably will see that you have much to be proud of. Try to lower your self-expectations a little!

Uranus Square Neptune

You have a genuine interest in spiritual matters and in humanitarian causes. Your way of dealing with these matters is usually quite unique -- you are known for trying different approaches to these age-old concerns. But, at times, the fact that you are "going where none has gone before" can be quite unsettling to you, causing you to become anxious and fearful of the results of your quest. If your goals are clearly defined and reasonable, push onward because the uncertainty you feel is only natural and probably temporary. If you are genuinely confused about your goals, though, pull back and thoroughly examine what you are doing, perhaps with the assistance of a valued friend or advisor.

Uranus Opposite N.Node

Your expectations when meeting new people are so high that, when they disappoint you by not being quite as exciting and stimulating as you think they should be, you often become immediately quarrelsome, restless and disruptive. This of course leads to separations and bad feelings -- and to a sense of having been betrayed on the part of both parties. You demand complete freedom of self-expression in relationships for yourself -- and if you remember to grant that right to the other person too, you'll have less problems getting along in life.

Neptune Square N.Node

You tend to put very little ego attachment into interpersonal relationships -- and that often causes you many problems. If you're detached totally from your relationships, you can end up exploiting others by lying or cheating (you think it's OK because "you" aren't involved). Or you can be on the receiving end of deception and deceit because you don't feel worthy enough to demand some respect for yourself. Relationships are often formed between unequals, so that one of you becomes the victim and the other the savior. Ultimately, none of these scenarios is healthy and you should seek the help of a trusted counselor or advisor if you wish to develop a proper sense of self-respect.



Pluto Square Ascendant

Others are attracted to you by your magnetic personality. You enjoy the give- and-take of relationships -- watching them grow and evolve is a source of fascination to you. But you tend to get too involved in the process of trying to force transformations in yourself or your partner or your associates. Things become too compulsive and too intense and the relationship often degenerates into a series of painful confrontations and power struggles. Should this occur with regularity, you must thoroughly examine your motivations and then do what is best for the both of you, even if it means breaking off the relationship.



Energy Patterns to Count On

The SEXTILES (when two planets are 60 degrees apart) and the TRINES (when they are 120 degrees apart) are aspects that indicate very personal energy patterns that you can count on to flow smoothly at all times in your life. Usually they point to the more positive parts of your nature -- what you can fall back on with confidence in difficult times. But, at other times, they also indicate patterns that have become ingrown, habitual and automated and, as such, tend to hold you back because you find it impossible to grow out of them. Try to use them well!

Sun Sextile Moon

You are known for the balanced and cheerful way you go through life. Probably, your early upbringing took place in a relatively stress-free environment, with both parental figures happy and secure in their roles. You now project this same attitude in the way you handle yourself. Just the thought that all should go well is often enough to assure that it does. Your life works and it works smoothly!

Moon Sextile Venus

You are known and loved for your gentle, caring and compassionate nature. You enjoy making others comfortable and go out of your way to make sure that the environment is peaceful and calm. Your grace, charm and fair-mindedness allow you to function in the role of pacifier and peacemaker. There is nothing that delights you more than reconciling two seemingly incompatible combatants.

Moon Sextile Midheaven

You bring a sense of enthusiasm and emotional sensitivity to whatever you do. You are quite intuitive about the needs of others and this assists you in your chosen field. Others trust you because you seem to understand them and sympathize with them. As such, they give you the emotional support that you need in order to feel comfortable. You project an openness and sincerity that makes you quite popular.



Mercury Trine Jupiter

You are an optimist, always thinking that things will get bigger and better. This is tempered by a reasonable and tolerant attitude that allows you to be fair and impartial in your opinions. You enjoy the give-and-take of decision making and thus would be very comfortable working as a planner or organizer or administrator. Your tendency to neglect at times the minor but important details involved in any undertaking causes you difficulty -- you should probably delegate those undesirable tasks to someone else.

Mars Trine Uranus

You have always reacted poorly whenever others have tried to get you to conform to some preconceived notion of propriety. You are independent and free-spirited. Your life is unique and exciting because your restlessness rarely lets you settle down in one place for any length of time. Your tendency to do rash and unexpected things makes you severely accident-prone. Try not to be quite so impulsive!

Mars Sextile N.Node

You have the ability to throw yourself wholeheartedly into community projects -- indeed you have enormous amounts of physical energy that you delight in putting at the service of others. You enjoy the comradeship that comes from working hard with others toward a worthy goal. Once you've decided that you're "for" something, your devotion and loyalty is fierce and total. And your ferocity is just as strong "against" whatever or whomever is working against what you're "for." No one will ever accuse you of ambiguity or divided loyalties.

Uranus Sextile Ascendant

You are known to others as being a bit of a flake due to your tendency toward erratic and eccentric patterns of behavior. But you prefer it that way. Relationships must be constantly stimulating for you to keep your interest up. When the excitement dies down or the novelty wears off, you simply (and unemotionally) move on to someone else. This does not mean that you are not a caring person, just that you have an unusually short attention span.



Neptune Sextile Pluto

You, and society as a whole, are witnessing a slow and gradual spiritual transformation that affects everything that you come in contact with. A solid foundation to protect the rights of individuals and of the underprivileged is being laid at this time so that every one in the future will have the equal opportunity to grow and evolve and gain greater understanding.

N.Node Trine Ascendant

Your outgoing and charming demeanor makes you a popular and well-liked companion, either at home or at your place of work among your colleagues. You know what it means to go out of your way to make others feel at ease. You would be at your best in situations where you can play host or hostess -- or anywhere that your skills at interpersonal interactions can be best utilized. You shine when you're with others, even with those whom you don't know -- but you tend to get lonely and depressed when left to your own devices. Being allied to a group or cause is what gets your creative juices flowing!



Other Aspects of Interest

Many astrologers also pay very close attention to two series of so-called "MINOR" aspects that are significant. These include the SEMISEXTILE (when two planets are 30 degrees apart) and the QUINCUNX (when they are 150 degrees apart). This aspect series indicates energy patterns that aren't well integrated into the individual's character. They exist like a stone in the shoe that is difficult to find and, of course, must be accommodated somehow. The other series includes the SEMISQUARE (when two planets are 45 degrees apart) and the SESQUIQUADRATE (when they are 135 degrees apart). This series of aspects is quite similar to the SQUARE, only not quite as important. They represent energy patterns that must be acted upon by the individual and, when properly used and understood, can bring untold benefits in self-understanding.

Moon Semisextile Saturn

You find it difficult to blend properly your need to be unconditionally accepted by those you care for with your need to live by a strict and unyielding code of conduct. This annoys you greatly because you see yourself going through agonies of remorse whenever you postpone pleasures or emotional responses just for the sake of propriety. And you also become infuriated with yourself when you feel guilty at having done something spontaneously and innocently. Your usual response is to withdraw and not get involved at all, but this only increases your suffering. It may be helpful to you to seek out the assistance of a respected friend or counselor to help you sort out these confusing feelings.

Moon Semisquare N.Node

The groups and associations that you belong to tend to take up quite a bit of your time -- and that often causes you significant problems. You feel such a strong affinity with the plight of those who seem to need your time and energy that you often sacrifice your own personal and career interests (as well as the needs of your immediate family) to the needs of your "extended" family. This can, of course, make your life quite chaotic. To avoid this you'll need to learn to budget your time and energy properly so that neither one of these important areas of your life suffers. This will take a good deal of will power, maybe more than you have at certain times, but the resulting order and efficiency will be well worth the effort.



Mercury Quincunx Uranus

Normally, your mind has the uncanny ability to see almost instantaneously unique and original solutions to difficult problems. But, in order to be an effective thinker, it is necessary that your environment be unstructured and free from any hindrances or distractions. If it is not, you become nervous and harried and very unproductive. You see this happening and become very frustrated because you realize that, for the most part, none of it can be controlled. Whatever you do, when you notice your nerves getting frayed, go off alone by yourself in order to recharge your batteries and regain your effectiveness. You have a naturally short attention span and will find it almost impossible to produce long, sustained efforts.

Pluto Quincunx N.Node

The very palpable tension that seems to occur as you attempt to interact with others -- even with quite casual acquaintances -- is a continuing concern for you. You feel frustrated and guilty when you see yourself subtly goading people into opposing you, even over quite trivial matters. You should try to remember that not everyone enjoys living life at the same high level of intensity as you do -- your attempts to push them closer to the edge (for their own good, of course) might just not be appreciated. Learn to live and let live. And make sure that others are willing participants when you turn up the intensity level. If you can do this, there won't be any hurt feelings.



Special Areas of Life

When astrologers cast horoscopes it is important that the precise time of birth be given because it helps to determine the correct orientation of the HOUSES of the chart. The position of the planets within the twelve HOUSES (six above the horizon and six below the horizon) indicate which of these twelve areas of life concerns are most important for you. Should a house have no planets in it, and that will be the case for certain houses in every horoscope, this does not mean that the affairs of the house are denied to you. It merely means that those affairs are probably more or less well integrated into your life and are not therefore major issues for you. But when a house is activated by a planet or several planets, it indicates that the issues of the house are indeed important to you. Which planet or planets are involved will indicate which energies are affecting the house. The sign that the planet is in indicates how that planet's energies are modified or colored, and the sign on the house cusp indicates your general attitude toward the affairs of the house.

House by House

Your Professional Natal Report will now interpret, in a house by house fashion beginning with the house on the eastern horizon of your horoscope, the meanings of the planets in the houses, the meaning of the zodiacal sign of each planet and the sign that is on the house cusp (the beginning of the house division) for each house.


This house reveals your personality, the face you put on to interact with others. It may not be how you see yourself, but it is how others tend to judge you and you should be aware that it has an enormous effect on how you are accepted in social situations. The precise position of the beginning of the FIRST HOUSE is known as the ASCENDANT, an important point in the chart which has already been referred to in the section on aspects.



Aquarius on First

You like new ideas and concepts, but you prefer to discover them by yourself -- it is not easy for others to convert you to anything. You form your own opinions, but once you do form them, you then want to convince everyone else that they are correct. Try to be more tolerant of the opinions of others. You have a deep and abiding interest in science, mathematics, and the great social problems of the day. Very sympathetic toward the downtrodden, equality is your battle cry! You demand that those in authority be fair to all. You are an intellectual -- emotions and emotional people are difficult for you to understand. You are known for being calm, cool, detached and objective.

Sun in First

You have such a strong, powerful presence and personality that others cannot help but notice you. Extremely self-confident, you enjoy impressing your will on others. You are physically quite strong and are probably blessed with good health. You must be on your guard to let others assert themselves with you. Hear them out and take their advice and suggestions or you may be thought of as being arrogant and pushy.

Sun in Aquarius

You get bored with the status quo and are generally open to new things and ideas. An individualist and a free spirit, your friends are quite important to you as long as they do not try to tie you down by making too many emotional demands on you. Your thoughts are offbeat and you're a bit eccentric, but not always very changeable. As a matter of fact, you can be quite stubborn at times. Very fair-minded when dealing with large groups or broad issues, you are not always emotionally sensitive to the needs of individuals. Extremely objective, with good powers of observation, you would be qualified to study technical and complicated subjects, like science, computers or maybe even astrology.

Mercury in First

You are known for being alert, lively and curious. At times, you get very impatient -- your excess nervous energy makes you very restless and you become easily bored. You love to talk to others, sharing new ideas and telling everyone what is on your mind -- whether they want to hear it or not! Very playful, you love pranks and practical jokes. Your inquisitiveness attracts you to reading and travel.



Mercury in Aquarius

You tend to be very opinionated -- you have strongly felt notions about things and are quite vocal about expressing and defending them. Yet you are also an original thinker -- you enjoy shocking others with your offbeat, original thoughts. You appreciate and need mental and intellectual stimulation. Your judgment is usually fair and impartial -- you can be a good critic because you can remain objective and unemotional about most things.


Attitudes, opinions and material goods that are important to you are dealt with in the SECOND HOUSE. The way that you handle your resources and possessions is emphasized.

Pisces on Second

You tend to be quite impractical when it comes to financial matters. You have a tendency to think that the universe will always support you and that you do not really have to make any major effort of will in order to get what you need. You would much rather devote yourself to helping others attain those dreams and visions that are the most important things in your life. Try to learn to save aside a little nest egg for those times that inevitably seem to come in your life when your resources just dry up and disappear. You are very giving of what you have, so much so that others may take advantage of your generosity. Seek the advice of a respected and down-to-earth advisor whenever you ponder a major purchase -- it never hurts to get a second opinion.

Nothing in Second

The second house of your horoscope contains no planets. This means that you usually are not overly concerned about what you own and that your attitudes and value structures are properly integrated into your character as a whole. Of course, outside influences can upset this balance and cause these issues to become more important than usual, at least temporarily.




The way that you construct your daily living patterns and those with whom you share them is covered by the affairs of the THIRD HOUSE. The people indicated here can run the gamut from neighbors to associates, to members of your immediate or extended family and/or your siblings.

Aries on Third

You are known for your ability to make quick, insightful decisions. Your mind is active and alert and willing to take on the most difficult of challenges. You love to communicate with others -- indeed your mind works so fast that others find it difficult to keep up with you. You live your daily life in a whirlwind of activity, moving briskly from one task to another. You love to be on the go, meeting people and doing things. You become very restless and cranky when you are forced to curtail your normal routine.

Nothing in Third

Your third house is not activated by planetary activity. For the most part, how you order your daily life activities is not an issue for you. It is something that you rarely think about or have to plan consciously.


The affairs of the FOURTH HOUSE deal with issues of personal security and peace of mind. The house or apartment that you live in, your family and their safety, and how you care for others are all indicated here.

Taurus on Fourth

At the very root of your being, you are quite cautious and conservative. You prefer to know absolutely all the facts before making a move, and even then you will rarely alter your course. Your views on life were set in concrete at a very early age and it would take a major calamity for you to change them now. You are totally attached to your family, home, culture and country, and you will take every opportunity to defend them should you feel that they have been threatened. Because you are not inherently a self-starter, look to others to get your cues as to when to begin new ventures.



Nothing in Fourth

You have no planets in the fourth house of your horoscope. This of course does not mean that you do not have a home or a family, but that these are not active issues for you, demanding much time and energy on your part. Look to the house and aspects of the MOON to get further information on how you handle the issues of security and peace of mind.


The issues of creativity and fun are concerns of the FIFTH HOUSE. Your attitude toward the children of your mind or body is revealed by the activity in this house.

Gemini on Fifth

You have many hobbies and leisure time pursuits. This is because you have a relatively short attention span and something more interesting always seems to be beckoning. Your agile mind and quick wit may attract you to writing as a form of pleasurable activity. You are not sentimental about your lovers and may actually have more than one relationship at any given time. It is not that you are fickle -- you just become more alive when you have multiple romantic stimuli. The same attitude applies to your children, should you have any. You do not bind them to you unnecessarily -- rather you push them out on their own as soon as possible and are very proud of their educational accomplishments.

Jupiter in Fifth

Very optimistic and cheerful by nature, you love to play and have a good time, especially if it can be done on a grand scale --"Let's not just go out to a show, let's take the Concorde to Paris and go to the Opera!" You demand the right to live a free and unrestricted lifestyle, but you have to watch your budget to be sure that you can afford it. Try not to get too carried away by your current enthusiasms. Recreational contact sports may be a good way for you to get rid of some of your profuse and vigorous energy.



Jupiter in Gemini

You have a logical, detached, objective view of most things. Your interests are wide-ranging and you are an avid student, with expertise in many different areas. You love to work things out in your mind -- everything you do is reduced to an exercise in logic and reason. You have the ability to grasp abstractions and to deal successfully with the larger issues of life. Your overemphasis on developing your powerful intellect can cause your emotional and intuitive abilities to atrophy unless you consciously choose to exercise them.


Your attitude toward your work -- the tasks that you must do in order to earn your keep -- is revealed here in the SIXTH HOUSE. Your orientation toward diet, nutrition and exercise is also emphasized.

Cancer on Sixth

You want to mother everyone at your place of work. You are a very caring person and you tend to take on all of the worries and responsibilities of others that you possibly can in order to relieve these poor souls of their burdens. You have a sixth sense about the way to treat the public -- you know what people need sometimes even before they do. When you feel secure and at peace, you can be very effective at giving others what they need, when they need it -- and you can be a popular leader. But when you are not feeling secure, you get moody and crabby and are difficult to get along with. Your health is tied more to your moods than it is to proper nutrition and exercise. It is most important that you keep an upbeat and positive outlook -- your health will then shine.

Uranus in Sixth

Your working habits and patterns tend to be unstable and unstructured. Very restless, you get impatient whenever anyone tries to get you to do things according to the old established ways of doing them. You are very inventive and creative, though -- one of your strong points is the ability to develop innovative solutions to complicated problems. However, you tend to be very impulsive, scattered and nervous most of the time, which makes others regard you as unreliable. The only cure for this is to try, hard though it will be, to develop a little self- discipline.



Uranus in Cancer

For you, and for your peers as well, the demand to be free from entangling emotional bonds is of paramount importance. You have a unique and unfettered view of family life and will be attracted to experimenting with freeform styles of relationship commitments. This may lead to a rootless, unsettled lifestyle.


The SEVENTH HOUSE indicates the way you form contractual relationships with others. These can range from business partnerships to marriage to any relationship that forces you to come to terms with the way another reacts to you.

Leo on Seventh

You seek partners that you can be proud of -- you are attracted to those who are powerful, dominant and self-directed. Just be careful that all of this overwhelming energy is not ultimately directed toward you or you will find yourself locked in an awesome battle of wills merely to maintain your feeling of independence (which you value highly and will fight for). You have high aspirations for partnerships, both business and personal -- you see possible alliances as one way to attain your social or political or cultural aspirations and will go out of your way to attract those whose mere association with you can move you ahead in the world. Beware of the temptation to fawn over and flatter those you would attract -- it does not really become you.

Pluto in Seventh

Relationships will be the cause of major life crises for you. You tend to take partnerships (both business and personal) very seriously and you become intensely emotional about them. Because you tend to attract others who are as strong willed as you are, and because YOU are so intense, relationships often seem to be more like battlefields than mutually satisfying experiences. You have a deep and abiding interest in studying human motivations and would make a good counselor if you were so inclined. Try to avoid the continuing temptation to deal with others through guilt or through some other subtle form of manipulation.



Pluto in Leo

For your entire generation, this is a time when the relationship of the individual to society as a whole is being thoroughly re-examined. Major attempts will be made to find a balance between the need to be self-sufficient and the need to honor debts of social commitment.


The EIGHTH HOUSE deals with a wide variety of shared life adventures. Your attitude toward sex and the intimate sharing of yourself with another is revealed here. The degree to which you enjoy investigating the more profound mysteries of life, issues like death and what happens after death, is also indicated here. Your approach toward investing your own or shared resources is revealed likewise.

Virgo on Eighth

You are very fastidious when it comes to sexual matters -- you tend to subject potential partners to minute inspection before getting involved with them. The advantage of all this analysis is that it can certainly weed out the losers ahead of time, but the obvious disadvantage is that spontaneity seems to disappear and the romance of mating becomes cool and detached and laboratory-like. You are also prudent and cautious about investing the resources of yourself or others, which, in the long run, gives you excellent business credentials. You will reap the benefits of careful, controlled growth and will still be around long after the dashing speculators have disappeared.

Nothing in Eighth

The eighth house of your horoscope contains no planets. This definitely does not mean that you will not enjoy a rewarding sex life or that you will never have any resources to invest or to share in common with another. What it does mean is that these issues will not be as paramount in your life as they are for others. You will experience a certain amount of disequilibrium and/or joy about these matters, but no more than the average person experiences.




The issues of higher education and your attitude toward the more far-reaching and sometimes abstract issues of the day are revealed in the NINTH HOUSE.

Libra on Ninth

You are known for your ability to see both sides of a question, especially when it comes to the more important questions involving ethics, morality and philosophy. You recognize the necessity of fully exploring an issue and are not afraid to do the appropriate research before coming to any conclusions. You can remain unemotional and detached about the burning issues of the day, but you find it difficult to actually formulate a consistent life philosophy of your own due to your desire not to offend anyone by making a choice. As such, you may be better qualified to make judgments for others than to give yourself advice and counsel.

Saturn in Ninth

Your life's philosophy is one of caution and conservatism. You delight in being able to carefully and thoroughly work out your life plan well in advance. Everything you do is part of a highly detailed timetable and you are delighted when your development occurs right on schedule. Very systematic, you work hard and diligently for your goals. Because your opinions tend to change very, very slowly, you are prone to episodes of dogmatic, narrow-minded thinking.

Saturn in Scorpio

You tend to release emotional energies only very reluctantly. This is partly due to your fear of what horrible calamity might occur should they be released -- your emotions are terribly complicated and intense. Try not to repress these energies entirely, however, or you will succumb to negative and destructive forms of compulsive behavior. Give yourself the freedom to look awkward or silly once in a while. The relief you feel will be quite therapeutic and the embarrassment (whether it is real or imagined) will pass quickly.



Neptune in Ninth

You are fascinated by faraway peoples and worlds. An idealist and a dreamer, you have difficulty dealing with everyday details and realities -- you would rather solve the world's problems than wash the dishes or do the laundry. Very compassionate and kind, you enjoy helping society's misfits and unfortunates. Your faith in the ultimate nobility and high standards of those you meet often finds you disillusioned and disappointed when you wake up to the fact that your idols really do have clay feet after all. Make sure that the causes you espouse are really worth the sacrifices you are willing to make for them.

Neptune in Libra

You, and your entire generation, idealize all of the various experimental approaches to relationships -- including "living together", the formation of communes and collectives and the whole concept of "open" marriages. There is a stress on weakened commitments on an emotional and contractual level, but there are heightened expectations of the level of commitment and mutual support on the spiritual and metaphysical level.


This house indicates your ultimate life direction -- what motivates you to be better than you are. Your accomplishments, achievements and rewards are stressed here. The precise point of the beginning of the TENTH HOUSE is known as the M.C. (an abbreviation for Medium Coeli or Midheaven). It is very important and has been referred to in the section above on aspects.

Scorpio on Tenth

You do not mind assuming a position "behind the scenes" as long as you feel that you are being effective in making things happen. You combine ambitiousness with a fixed intensity of purpose. Once you have determined a course of action, you cannot be shaken from it, even if you are wrong. Your decisions are usually correct though, because they result from long and painstaking research. Beware of a tendency to always pursue things ruthlessly. Try conciliation with others -- don't always be so willing to push things to a crisis!



Moon in Tenth

Your mother (or the person who provided comfort and nurture for you early in life) has been very important in shaping your life goals. Your heightened awareness of the needs of others allows you to be successful in most careers that involve a great deal of interaction with the public. It will, however, be a temptation for you to merely reflect the feelings and needs of others. Try to be yourself -- your opinions and wants are important, too!

Moon in Sagittarius

An idealist, you prefer the grand, the beautiful, the good and the noble. You get very disappointed when your high expectations in life are not met. Very curious by nature, you enjoy traveling and learning about other peoples and cultures. Try to avoid your tendency to ignore the small but important details of living. You are independent and free, and you want others to be that way, too. Optimistic, buoyant and cheerful, others like to have you around. You have an incessant desire to learn as much as possible about metaphysics, religion, philosophy and any other broad, deep subject. Your life tends to be punctuated by bursts of energy and frenetic activity.

Mars in Tenth

Very aggressive and full of daring, once you have chosen a career, you will work very hard to become a success at it. You will have sharply defined goals and move quickly and decisively to attain them. Because you are so self-directed and self-confident, you may find it difficult to work well in cooperation with others and therefore should either be self-employed or in a position of leadership. The harder your career forces you to work, either physically or mentally, the better you will like it and the faster you will move ahead.

Mars in Scorpio

Your likes and dislikes are strong and intense, never casual or superficial. You are known for your persistence and willful obsession. Once you have decided on a course of action, you are unstoppable. Your emotional actions tend to be extreme, although you try to keep them muted. You are not quick to anger, you do slow burns. And you tend to release your anger as sarcasm or irony. Beware of your tendency to hold grudges and to be vengeful. When you do fight, or release your internal tensions, you do so body and soul -- you become totally passionate and your outbursts are awesome to behold.




Your friends and the groups to which you belong are symbolic of your life's philosophy. The ELEVENTH HOUSE deals with the manner in which you attempt to proclaim your best efforts on behalf of yourself and others.

Sagittarius on Eleventh

You are attracted to friendships and associations that allow you to expand your awareness of the world around you. You like to be intellectually stimulated by your friends and will delight in spending time with them in conversation about your mutual, wide-ranging interests. You may also have several friends with whom you like to travel about -- you are inherently restless and you learn much by being exposed to people from cultures different from your own. The worst thing that can happen to you is to have your friends make emotional demands on you. You are quite uncomfortable with the thought that anyone else might become dependent on you or vice versa. Given that others keep their distance, you can be quite generous and openhanded.

Nothing in Eleventh

The eleventh house of your horoscope contains no planets. This does not mean that you will never have friends or associates or that you will never be active in groups that express your philosophy of life. It simply indicates that these are not paramount issues for you. From time to time, influences from outside you will cause you to become more active than usual in these areas, at least on a temporary basis.


Everyone has a part of their nature that they do not completely understand. It causes them a certain amount of difficulty because it demands to be made manifest, and it must be handled delicately so that it does not cause discomfort. The TWELFTH HOUSE deals with these types of energies.



Capricorn on Twelfth

You have grand ideas about how to better your own lot and the lot of everyone else. You have developed schemes and plans that cannot miss, but something seems to be holding you back. You have a nagging and persistent fear of failure that makes you agonize about taking the initial steps necessary to get things moving. This overly practical side of your nature confuses you because you do not like to think of yourself in that light. Learn to put it to good use by altering your plans so that they proceed on a strict schedule that allows for little error. If you will remain satisfied with small but significant gains and lower your expectations for quick feedback, you will have satisfied both sides of your nature.

Venus in Twelfth

Although a very loving person, you tend to be shy and reserved about expressing your true feelings. You are afraid of being rejected by others should you become too exuberant -- you find aggressiveness personally offensive. You must learn to trust others and yourself, too. When you are able to relax and not feel threatened, you are very giving to others, especially those who are in distress.

Venus in Aquarius

You are a friendly and outgoing individual, but close relationships are difficult for you to maintain due to your fear that they will cause you to lose your freedom. You attract friends and associates who are exciting, different and sometimes a bit odd. You are popular with others and enjoy working within a group toward group goals.

N.Node in Twelfth

You prefer to work behind the scenes, usually in a helpful capacity. Your associates are usually those who share similar responsibilities. Because you tend to want to be of service to others, you should be careful not to let yourself get into the sort of situation where others might take advantage of your better nature to use or exploit you. Make sure that those you give your allegiance to are worthy of it. You feel most comfortable dealing with others who are devoted to the same sort of noble cause that you're devoted to -- you feel that you can make a real impact from within a group that is trying to make significant changes in the world.



N.Node in Capricorn

You rarely get involved closely with anyone unless he or she has something specific and practical to offer you. You tend to be "all business" when it comes to dealing with others. You're usually so intently focused on a particular goal that you rarely have time for social niceties or casual fellowship. But you can definitely be counted on by others to get things done. When you say that you'll do something, you do it. As such, you're a valuable member of any team situation and will probably rise to a position of leadership within the group. Your trustworthiness and sense of responsibility are unquestioned. But do try to avoid the temptation to "use" others to reach your goals -- they might come to resent you.

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