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John Doe
August 8 2002 - August 9 2003
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Planetary Positions at Birth
PlanetSignLongitude Declination
qSun         is inbAquarius 1`12'06"-19`54'00"
wMoon        is infCancer18`13'36"+26`40'00"
eMercury     is invCapricorn 6`49'46"-21`45'00"
rVenus       is inbAquarius17`45'31"-16`58'00"
tMars        is inbAquarius29`36'38"-12`34'00"
yJupiter     is innPisces 8`56'57"- 9`11'00"
uSaturn      is inzLibra 2`16'29"+ 1`16'00"
iUranus      is infCancer 6`28'57"+23`37'00"
oNeptune     is inzLibra19`32'06"- 6`08'00"
pPluto       is ingLeo19`03'51"+23`22'00"
lN. Node     is innPisces21`40'12"- 3`18'00"
jAscendant   is inhVirgo10`10'31"+ 7`45'00"
kMidheaven   is indGemini 6`46'40"+21`27'00"
$Chiron      is incSagittarius28`19'57"-18`02'00"
09:33:35 PM EST Transiting Jupiter sextile natal Saturn - Exact.
02" 16` Leo to 02" 16` Libra
Leaving Aug. 16, 2002 00:18:48 PM EST
This supportive and stabilizing transit indicates good judgment and realistic perceptions. It’s a time for making decisions, commitments, and evaluations, and for improving the material and spiritual quality of your life.
04:56:15 AM EST Transiting Jupiter sextile natal Midheaven - Exact.
06" 46` Leo to 06" 46` Gemini
Entering Aug. 28, 2002 08:05:52 AM EST
Leaving Sep.  7, 2002 04:24:14 AM EST
Confidence and optimism about your career and life goals may stimulate growth and success in these areas. Follow up on opportunities, promote or publicize if such is appropriate, and expand your reputation and influence.
11:03:49 AM EST Transiting Jupiter quincunx natal Mercury  - Exact.
06" 49` Leo to 06" 49` Capricorn
Entering Aug. 28, 2002 02:05:55 PM EST
Leaving Sep.  7, 2002 10:41:00 AM EST
There’s a lot on your mind now. Take a good look at the whole picture before you act. You need to learn quickly and to assimilate many pieces of information. Communications and transportation matters are intensified.
08:59:41 AM EST Progressed Venus semisquare natal Midheaven  - Exact.
21" 46` Aries to 06" 46` Gemini
Leaving July  4, 2003 01:43:56 AM EST
There may some tension between your personal life and the world of your career or profession. It’s a time for obligatory social events with parents and family. Relations with females will be of particular importance now. This is also a time of important agreements, meetings, and gatherings where concern for quality of life, arts and aesthetics, and the balance of nature is a focus or goal.
04:33:00 AM EST Transiting Jupiter quincunx natal Jupiter  - Exact.
08" 56` Leo to 08" 56` Pisces
Entering Sep.  8, 2002 01:12:47 AM EST
Leaving Sep. 18, 2002 11:58:00 AM EST
Some of your problems now have to do with too much, too many, and excess growth. Others have to do with conflicts of opinion or basic philosophical differences. Trust and confidence in others may be shaken. Make decisions carefully. Be realistic.
11:38:40 AM EST Transiting North Node square natal Ascendant  - Exact.
10" 10` Gemini to 10" 10` Virgo
Entering Oct. 14, 2002 02:25:09 PM EST
Leaving Nov. 21, 2002 08:52:10 AM EST
This can be a time of challenging interactions with others, particularly family, community, and groups. There may even be some stress and discomfort in relationships and complications in your social life. Cooperation for purposes of accomplishment is more appropriate now than casual socializing. This period is best for temporary associations with clearly defined goals.
03:42:46 PM EST Transiting Pluto semisquare natal Sun - Exact.
16" 12` Sagittarius to 01" 12` Aquarius
Entering Sep. 28, 2002 02:11:24 PM EST
Leaving Dec.  3, 2002 06:26:47 AM EST
Changes need to occur in many areas of your life now. Power struggles and sexual frustration suggest that your life-flow is blocked and needs to be re-aligned. Get rid of the garbage and move to better territory, both physically and socially.
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