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John Doe
August 8 - December 31 2002
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Planetary Positions at Birth
PlanetSignLongitude Declination
qSun         is inbAquarius 1`12'06"-19`54'00"
wMoon        is infCancer18`13'36"+26`40'00"
eMercury     is invCapricorn 6`49'46"-21`45'00"
rVenus       is inbAquarius17`45'31"-16`58'00"
tMars        is inbAquarius29`36'38"-12`34'00"
yJupiter     is innPisces 8`56'57"- 9`11'00"
uSaturn      is inzLibra 2`16'29"+ 1`16'00"
iUranus      is infCancer 6`28'57"+23`37'00"
oNeptune     is inzLibra19`32'06"- 6`08'00"
pPluto       is ingLeo19`03'51"+23`22'00"
lN. Node     is innPisces21`40'12"- 3`18'00"
jAscendant   is inhVirgo10`10'31"+ 7`45'00"
kMidheaven   is indGemini 6`46'40"+21`27'00"
$Chiron      is incSagittarius28`19'57"-18`02'00"
01:19:01 PM EST Transiting Mercury semisquare precessed natal Moon - Exact.
03" 56` Virgo to 18" 56` Cancer
Entering Aug.  7, 2002 11:03:07 PM EST
Leaving Aug.  9, 2002 03:42:07 AM EST
You need to talk but it’s hard to say how you really feel. There may be some anxiety or tension in your communications.
01:24:10 AM EST Transiting Venus trine precessed natal Sun  - Exact.
01" 55` Libra to 01" 54` Aquarius
Entering Aug.  8, 2002 02:16:45 AM EST
Leaving Aug. 10, 2002 00:37:23 AM EST
You feel social and may be inclined to seek out company and pleasurable situations. This is a good time for meetings, parties, gatherings, friendship and love, creative projects, and appreciation of beauty and the arts.
08:10:21 AM EST Transiting Mercury semisquare precessed natal Neptune  - Exact.
05" 15` Virgo to 20" 14` Libra
Entering Aug.  8, 2002 05:43:05 PM EST
Leaving Aug.  9, 2002 10:42:20 PM EST
Situations are complicated and your mind is tired. Communicate and listen carefully, finish things, and correct errors.
02:19:46 AM EST Transiting Venus conjunct precessed natal Saturn  - Exact.
02" 59` Libra to 02" 59` Libra
Entering Aug.  9, 2002 03:06:05 AM EST
Leaving Aug. 11, 2002 01:39:34 AM EST
This is a time when your hopes meet reality. You may feel detached from others, yet your feelings are steady and controlled. Formal meetings with others for serious or business purposes are appropriate now. Be realistic about relationships.
06:07:25 AM EST Transiting Jupiter opposite precessed natal Sun - Exact.
01" 54` Leo to 01" 54` Aquarius
Leaving Aug. 14, 2002 08:27:05 PM EST
Growth could be a real challenge now. Your ambitions (personal, business, or in regard to relationships) may be surging now and you should try to be reasonable about expectations and goals. Overconfidence could ruin a great opportunity. This is a time for reaching out and extending your territory, but do so with consideration for others. Learn to tolerate differences of both style and opinion. Interactions with others are heightened now and you will probably be drawn towards high-spirited, well-traveled, and risk-taking persons.
00:39:05 PM EST Transiting Mercury sextile precessed natal Uranus - Exact.
07" 11` Virgo to 07" 11` Cancer
Entering Aug.  9, 2002 09:55:46 PM EST
Leaving Aug. 11, 2002 03:29:34 AM EST
Talks with others, especially in group situations, are stimulating. Interesting connections are made, new ideas are entertained.
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