The Pysche and Eros Relationship Potential Report for
                         August 16, 2020
                             7:05 AM
                       Bay City, Michigan
     Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions
of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of
students of astrology, these positions, along with other
technical information, are listed below:
Sun       position is 23 deg. 07 min. of Leo        
Moon      position is 11 deg. 33 min. of Virgo      
Mercury   position is  5 deg. 39 min. of Virgo      
Venus     position is  0 deg. 32 min. of Leo        
Mars      position is 15 deg. 23 min. of Taurus     
Jupiter   position is 26 deg. 24 min. of Libra      
Saturn    position is 19 deg. 08 min. of Sagittarius
Uranus    position is 12 deg. 42 min. of Leo        
Neptune   position is  2 deg. 18 min. of Scorpio    
Pluto     position is  1 deg. 43 min. of Virgo      
Asc.      position is  8 deg. 15 min. of Virgo      
MC        position is  3 deg. 45 min. of Gemini     
2nd cusp  position is  6 deg. 49 min. of Libra      
3rd cusp  position is  5 deg. 16 min. of Scorpio    
5th cusp  position is 10 deg. 29 min. of Capricorn  
6th cusp  position is  9 deg. 56 min. of Aquarius   
Tropical Zodiac   Standard time observed.
House System: KOCH
GMT: 12:05:00     Time Zone: 5 hours West.
Lat. and Long. of birth: 43 N 35 40      83 W 53 20
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        The Psyche and Eros Relationship Potential Report
     The Psyche and Eros Relationship Potential Report is
comprised of the first two sections of the complete Psyche and
Eros Relationship Analysis. This abbreviated version of the
complete report describes the emotional needs, temperament,
hang-ups and issues each person brings to the relationship. For
an analysis of the compatibility of these individuals, see the
last two sections of the complete Psyche and Eros Relationship
Analysis. This can also be accessed separately as the Psyche and
Eros Compatibility Analysis.
Pisces on 7th house cusp
     You are a perfectionist. No one sets higher standards for
you than you do for yourself. While you appear quiet and
reserved, you are extremely romantic and sexual. Your highest
ideals center around relationships. When you are disappointed,
you inwardly withdraw.
     The people you connect with are one of two types. Either
they are romantic, sensitive and emotionally expressive or they
have been hurt by life in some way and arouse your compassion.
Your unions are either blissfully intimate or emotionally
     You wish you didn't worry so much about the mundane and
practical details of life and are in genuine awe of dreamers and
romantics who manage to get through life without such concerns -
thanks to people like you who manage those tiresome details for
     You are drawn to people who seem sensitive and ethereal.
Ideally, they are also emotional and sensitive. Sometimes,
however, they are kind but emotionally reclusive, leaving you to
seek alternate relationships. Love, for you, has an element of
Neptune, Ruler of 7th house, is in 2nd:
     When it comes to practical matters, you rarely let reality
interfere with your life style. Certainly not with your spending
habits.  Those with whom you work would describe you as
analytical, detail-oriented and hard-working.  They would also
remark on a special vision or unique talent  you bring to
everything you do.  Those who know you more intimately would
acknowledge the sharp analytical mind but might also reveal that
you are a worrier and a dreamer with less clarity about your own
self-worth than others might suspect.
     You are both sympathetic and empathetic and deal very
effectively with people.  You intuitively sense their needs and
motivations.  In your personal life, you are drawn to sensitive,
gentle people who often need your help either financially,
emotionally or both.  The financial ties between you and your
partners area invariably complicated and ambiguous which only
becomes obvious when those ties need to be severed.  You are so
idealistic and romantic, when you care for someone you assume a
great deal of responsibility in an effort to ease the suffering
and enhance  happiness and peace of mind.  The least desirable
consequence of that is an emotional and financial dependency
which can drain a relationship.  Balance requires that you take
care of each other in different ways.   Then deep inchoate needs
and longings of both of you are fulfilled and expressed.  When
the desire to help moves only in one direction, resentment
arises and desire dissolves.  Relationship thrives on love not
Mercury Conjunct Asc. with an orb between 1 and 3 degrees
     You are extremely verbal and communicative and have no
difficulty in making your thoughts and ideas clearly understood.
At times, however, you may become a bit glib and use your "gift
of gab" as a means of protecting yourself from emotional
Mercury Square MC with an orb between 1 and 3 degrees
     No one has ever quarreled with the obvious fact of your
intelligence, however your ideas often put you at odds with
people in positions of authority, leaving you with two
alternatives: a continuous battle or a withdrawal into your own
independent sphere.
Venus Square Neptune with an orb between 1 and 3 degrees
     Love for you is often a "divine discontent". You are so
romantic and idealistic it is difficult for any mortal person to
sustain your interest without disappointing you. Your need to
idealize loved ones may make you susceptible to illusion.
Pluto Square MC with an orb between 1 and 3 degrees
     Power struggles often enter into your relationships - both
personal and professional. You have an innate fear of being
dominated owing to your experience with a controlling parent.
Strong people fascinate you. You're a little afraid of people
you love.
Moon SemiSquare Jupiter with an orb of less than 1 degree
     You tend to dramatize your emotional state. When things are
going pretty well, you're in ecstasy-and when things are not all
they might be, it's the worst despair that ever struck mankind.
People may find you a bit self-absorbed or inflated at times.
Moon Conjunct Asc. with an orb between 3 and 5 degrees
     You are more expressive of what you're feeling than you
sometimes realize. People respond to you in a very immediate way
because they can intuitively sense what is emotionally
motivating you and they feel comfortable. You may attract public
attention at times.
Mercury Conjunct Pluto with an orb between 3 and 5 degrees
     You're not awfully good at being disagreed with. You delve
into matters, think them through thoroughly and expect your
conclusions to be universally shared. Flexibility is not your
strong suit. No one should try to lie to you or keep things from
you. Somehow you ferret out others' secrets although you keep
your own.
Venus Square Jupiter with an orb between 3 and 5 degrees
     You may be overly self-indulgent and inclined toward
excesses of eating, drinking, sex or anything which gives you
pleasure. You would not be comfortable with someone who was too
reserved. You can be quite extravagant both emotionally and
Sun Trine Saturn with an orb between 3 and 5 degrees
     You are serious, responsible, well-organized and
protective. You take care of the people to whom you are close
and see to it that their practical needs are attended to. For
you a relationship is successful when it falls into a
comfortable, pleasant routine.
Moon Trine Mars with an orb between 3 and 5 degrees
     You are passionate, competitive and high-spirited and enjoy
relationships with assertive, independent people. You're
restless and active and, when you are close to someone, like to
do things together. You enjoy a good fight and don't carry a
Sun Sextile Jupiter with an orb between 1 and 5 degrees
     You have a genial, pleasant quality which inspires
confidence in others. It sometimes surprises you the way people
trust you with their innermost thoughts. Moral integrity is
important to you and, while you are not judgmental, you will not
violate a principle.
Mercury Sextile Neptune with an orb between 1 and 5 degrees
     You know things intuitively as well as rationally and have
a rare capacity to perceive in others feelings, thoughts and
dreams they may never have openly shared. Anyone close to you
would have to share your love of music and interest in spiritual
Venus Sextile MC with an orb between 1 and 5 degrees
     Love cannot exist for you without admiration and respect.
You like to feel proud of your relationships and often form
close ties with those in positions of authority. You are
socially conscious and attract friends and good fortune through
your personal charm and talent.
Moon Conjunct Mercury with an orb between 5 and 8 degrees
     You're sensitive and perceptive and in touch with your
feelings. No matter how difficult a situation is, you feel you
can deal with it if you can understand it. Someone who is less
emotionally self-aware or expressive would make you feel
uncomfortable. You like to discuss everything. Feelings that
aren't acknowledged can't be discussed.
Pluto Conjunct Asc. with an orb between 5 and 8 degrees
     You are not always aware of your own magnetism. Others find
you intense and, sometimes, controlling. You have such strong
fears of losing relationships that sometimes you imagine that
people are turning against you when the opposite is more often
Sun Square Mars with an orb between 5 and 8 degrees
     Something in your relationship with your father aroused in
you either fear or anger or both. Your relationships with men -
personally or professionally - are not comfortable and when you
are feeling vulnerable, you can be overly defensive or
Moon Square Saturn with an orb between 5 and 8 degrees
     You don't have as much self-confidence as you appear to
have. You long for love and affection but have never felt, since
childhood, that you could have it, simply by being. You feel you
have to earn it in some way. You like close ties to need and
depend on you.
Moon Square MC with an orb between 5 and 8 degrees
     You are forever embroiled in controversy with people in
positions of authority which, at times, may attract public
attention. You want and need approval more than you care to
admit to yourself, but it must be on your terms and not entail
any compromise.
Mars Trine Asc. with an orb between 5 and 8 degrees
     You have a tremendous amount of energy and, in a
relationship, are happiest when you and your partner are
actively participating in something together. You tend to be
quite competitive and can even be somewhat combative. You should
always avoid the timid.
Sun Conjunct Pluto with an orb between 8 and 10 degrees
     Power struggles plague your relationships. Either you
become the dominant partner out of a fear of being controlled or
you become very passive, controlling indirectly through guilt or
manipulation. Your father may have been emotionally abusive to
Moon Conjunct Pluto with an orb between 8 and 10 degrees
     You had an over-controlling parent and something inside of
you decided that no one else would ever have that kind of
control over you again. You tend to repress your deepest
feelings and fears and are surprised when close ties suggest
you're manipulative.
Sun does not aspect Moon
     Your parents' interests and emotional natures, while not in
violent conflict, were so different it was hard to understand
how they ever came together. You associate close relationships
with both longing and loneliness and may be unclear about
Sun does not aspect Asc.
     People do not receive an accurate first impression of you.
Owing to shyness or lack of confidence, you have cultivated a
persona which is not expressive of the person you experience
yourself to be. This creates complications in personal