Senior Report for

Paul McCartney
June 18, 2020
2:00 PM
Liverpool, England

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Introduction to Senior Report:

On the following page begins the interpretation of your birth chart. This interpretation focuses on issues and concerns that people have in their later years. We tend to respond to astrological influences a bit different as we get older. With time we gain wisdom, moderation, and constancy that helps us handle astrological influences differently from the way we did as teenagers and young adults. This report takes this into account. Also, although many of our basic concerns are the same throughout our entire lives, there are also concerns and situations that we are more likely to encounter in different stages in life. This report focuses on the issues that are most likely to interest you. Hopefully, this astrological analysis will encourage you to pursue the activities and interests that will help you follow a path that will be the most fulfilling and meaningful one for you.

For the benefit of students of astrology, the positions of the
planets at the time of birth and other technical information is
given below:

Sun     26 Gem 37               Neptune  27 Vir 07
Moon    17 Leo 26               Pluto     4 Leo 16
Mercury 18 Gem 22               Asc.     25 Vir 18
Venus   19 Tau 00               MC       23 Gem 44
Mars     2 Leo 41               2nd cusp 24 Lib 01
Jupiter  1 Can 50               3rd cusp 22 Sco 34
Saturn   5 Gem 13               5th cusp 27 Cap 52
Uranus   1 Gem 58               6th cusp 26 Aqu 41

Tropical  Koch   Double Saving Time observed
GMT: 12:00:00   Time Zone: 0 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth place: 53 N 25   , 2 W 55  

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction:  7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition :  5 Deg 00 Min
Square     :  5 Deg 00 Min
Trine      :  5 Deg 00 Min
Sextile    :  4 Deg 00 Min
Quincunx   :  3 Deg 00 Min

Ascendant in Virgo:

Your Mercury ruled ascendent gives you plenty of opportunities to develop strong abilities in communication, business and modern day technology - even computer science. Your disposition is one of a natural student and your dedication to perfection and accuracy makes you a good academic as well as an excellent student of life and human nature. While often accused of being hypercritical, Virgoans are actually quite analytical and sometimes voice their thoughts, rather then holding on to them. Virgoans have a natural ability to analyze, assess and categorize, which makes you a good candidate for business, research and any other field that requires these talents. You are likely to have a good mind. You can be practical, sensible and down to earth when any situation calls for it. You probably prefer being your own boss, even if within the structure of a large corporation. You like to find your own little niche and be given your assignments, then left alone to do the work your own way. Nearly all Virgo individuals are natural efficiency experts, whether at home or in the office. You are drawn to love and romance and the idea of home and family. However, in young adulthood you probably weren't in any hurry, choosing to get your career established first.

In your mid-life and leisure years, you are likely to become more tolerant, more open to change and more willing to become involved in activities not necessarily work related. Interestingly, Virgo's can be quite spiritually oriented, often choosing to keep that part of their nature private. Your natural affinity is with the principles taught by the World Mother, the highest principles of deportment, demeanor, expression and evolution of the feminine principle. Whether a man or a woman you will relate well to this spiritual path, if you are indeed, open to the Path of Enlightenment. As life moves into your leisure years, you are likely to look at travel possibilities, educational possibilities and community service opportunities. You may even begin a new career or open your own business. You are someone who needs to keep active, physically and mentally. Many Virgo's in later years take up personal studies in exercise, diet, new health regiments, homeopathy, aromatherapy, massage therapy and other health care alternatives. Other Virgo's begin diaries, journals or books. Your creative nature is vital and you will want to include your loved ones in as many activities as possible during the twilight of your life.

Sun in Gemini and in 10th house:

With this sign and placement, your vitality increases when you are satisfied and fulfilled by your career, relationship with your parents, involvement with the public and your general accomplishments and achievements. Some say that the midheaven represents the highest point of spiritual development for the soul, in this life, that can be achieved and assimilated into the soul's memory. In your early years, you are likely to devote yourself to your career, family and extended family. Some may become involved with the public, perhaps even public service or hold a public office. As you grow and mature, you will discover the importance of living with integrity and having a good reputation based on honor and ethics. In your mature years, your vitality will be affected by the energies you put into helping others. Other interests that could keep you busy in later years will be investments, real estate, speculation, gambling, and possible games of chance. Your approach, however, will be one of analytical and research. The tenth house influence will make you somewhat conservative where these kinds of ventures are concerned.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter:

As you learn the lessons of diet, exercise and a healthy regimen, your vitality and energy are likely to increase with age. Confidence and optimism are your greatest tools. Knowledge is your greatest ally.

Sun Conjunct MC:

You are likely to gain a position of leadership and authority where your career or profession is concerned. Your public reputation is also enhanced.

Learn from family elders and those history admires.

Sun Square Neptune:

You will probably want to steer clear of dogmatic attitudes. Otherwise, you are likely to fail before you even begin a project. Give yourself the best possible circumstances for success in all you desire to accomplish.

Moon in Leo and in 11th house:

The Moon is the reflection of the soul, in a manner of speaking. The Moon is the seat of the emotions and is one of the main reasons the earth school was that humankind could learn all of the lessons the emotions have to teach. The Moon is a barometer, of sorts, and measures what we have assimilated in spiritualized lunar energies. It also measures what our "target" areas are...that is, what areas in life we need to process through via our feelings and emotional expression. Any negative behaviors that are based in the emotions, that we brought with us into this lifetime will be given ample time and due course, to be processed and elevated into a higher expression.

Your friendships mean a lot to you, and you are also likely to have many, many acquaintances, as well. With your Moon in Leo, you will also make numerous connections with people in high places and with people who have power and authority. You rarely forget a face or name, and are well known in your field of endeavor, at least on a local level. You are adept at public relations and are unafraid to go after your dreams, via a direct route.

You are likely to be family oriented, and many of your dreams will involve your loved ones. Your philosophic outlook is also influenced by this philanthropic planetary position. In your later years, you will probably want to keep you hands in some kind of work, if not directly related to your career area, then in some way, in charity or humanitarian work. You enjoy being around young people and could easily mentor those less privileged, in your later years.

Moon Square Venus:

In your childhood and early youth, you probably weren't comfortable in groups or social settings. Shyness or an overly sentimental nature could have held you back. Time and maturity will teach you how to put things into perspective. Learn to nurture yourself.

Moon Sextile Mercury:

You enjoy a lot of mental activity and intellectual stimulus in your home. As you mature, there is a strong possibility that you will work a business from your home. You easily form lasting relationships.

Mercury in Gemini and in 9th house:

From Mercury, you learn how to communicate with the world around you. You discover your mental aptitude and find ways to utilize your abilities in logic and reasoning. Mercury teaches you about life through some travel, personal studies and the use of perception. With Mercury in the ninth house, the accent goes on the higher mind and the expanding of your consciousness to a more spiritual point of view. You are likely to grow from an individual understanding of your life as an individual, to an understanding of the soul's role in the scheme of the universal consciousness. You may even become interested in furthering your education, taking a greater role in your community's affairs or looking at the possibility of doing some writing or journaling.

Mercury Conjunct MC:

Your career could involve travel, communications, politics, business or unique forms of education. You have a quick, active mind and others will rely on your originality and penetrating insights.

Venus in Taurus and in 8th house:

The sign and placement of Venus will give you insight into your feelings and emotional leaning. Venus helps you to discover your attitudes about music, art, culture, theatre and all forms of creativity and beauty. Venus links you to love, romance and altruism. The focus of love and nurturing in your life is likely to be on your life partner relationship. The two of you are probably quite fortunate in your partnership and business affairs as well. Close ties to your own family and to your extended family may, at times, bring additional responsibilities. Legacies, inheritances and wills also tend to bring good luck, especially in your middle to later years.

Mars in Leo and in 11th house:

The energies of Leo often involve the ego. In early life, the focus is more on the self. But as the journey of self-discovery reaches middle age, Mars in Leo turns outward, finding ways to improve the family, community and society at-large. In later life, you choose your friends carefully, and you are more selective about clubs, groups and organizations. You lend your aid to humanitarian efforts and you spend more time with your family and spouse.

Mars Conjunct Pluto:

Turn aggressiveness into assertiveness. Learn diplomacy. Utilize your intense will power to make changes for the good, both in your life and in the lives of others. Use your free will to make wise choices.

Mars Sextile Saturn:

This is an excellent aspect for people working in business and in any of the speculative fields. You are a natural risk-taker, but have the advantage of utilizing timing strategies through inner guidance.

Mars Sextile Uranus:

You are a highly resourceful individual, capable of great accomplishments because you are not afraid to act on your gut level feelings. Even as you age, you will always be ahead of the times.

Jupiter in Cancer and in 10th house:

Jupiter's sign and house placements give you hope and optimism in life. Jupiter shows you the potential for your greatest rewards and benefits, and gives you a chance to speak your own truth to the world.

Your talents for nurturing, understanding, commiseration, empathy and intuition will strongly influence your career choice in life. You may even have more than one career, perhaps taking a slightly different direction during the second half of life. You could work with the public well, as you are a good listener and can stay detached enough to get right to the heart of any matter. Your ability to discern could also make you management or administrative material. If you so desire, you could even begin your own business or operate a business from your home, in your mid to later years. Although you enjoy your career and opportunities that come with it, you will be oriented to your home and family as the prime anchor to your life. Beyond the nurturing of your gifts, talents and desires, in life, you will be lead to the possibilities that come with the nurturing of the soul. Your spiritual growth comes from understanding the human condition.

Jupiter Square Neptune:

In youth, due to your family upbringing, you are likely to start life with a full head of steam, but with highly unrealistic expectations. Time, failure and re-educating yourself to real possibilities, will bring positive results to many mid-life projects.

Jupiter Trine South Node:

Many, many opportunities will come your way in this life. However, because of past life Karma, you could have to deal with self-deception or self-sabotage. If you expect to be a failure in life, then you surely will.

If you embrace all the opportunities and advantages that come your way in life, then you will be a great success. It could take age and maturity to learn this lesson. Your best chance for lasting success comes from mid-life on.

Saturn in Gemini and in 9th house:

Your greatest lessons in life will involve Saturn's sign and house placements. Saturn as teacher directs your attention to the possibilities that can be achieved through education, specifically higher education. These are likely to come early in your life, but if you choose a different direction, will get a second chance in mid-life. Generally, you tend to be conservative and traditional in your views, but with life and new experiences, may surprise yourself in your later years. Travel may also open some new vistas for you.

Saturn Conjunct Uranus:

You are likely, in your younger years, to take on the burdens and responsibilities of others - sometimes due to feelings of guilt. As you mature, however, you will focus your energies on your own dreams.

Saturn Square Node T.:

You tend to fight what is new, because you don't like to let go of what is familiar and comfortable. As you approach mid-life you will more and more be able to test the waters of uncertainty. Soon you will gain in confidence and daring. Greater successes come in later years.

Saturn Square South Node:

If you have children or are involved with young people in your mid to later years, they are likely to know full well, when you disapprove of prevailing social trends. Try to be less critical and more fluid in expressing your feelings to those you care about the most.

Saturn Sextile Pluto:

You are capable of much discipline and concentration. Anything to which you commit yourself wholeheartedly, will be of great significance. You have the power to influence many in later life.

Uranus in Gemini and in 9th house:

Uranus is the planet of the higher mind, the super consciousness, and represents the attunement we can make with the divinity that exists within us all. Uranus, it has been said, never takes anything away from us without giving back something far better. False beliefs fall. Truth replaces the falsehood.

The higher mind comes into play with Uranus placed in Gemini in the ninth house of the horoscope wheel. Your thoughts, goals and ideas could be considered lofty and far ahead of the times. However, what you will be able to accomplish with these, will amaze others and draw attention to your abilities and knowledge. Your interest in other cultures could cause you to do much traveling during the second half of your life. You could study abroad.

Uranus Square Node T.:

Bad habits are hard to clean up. You tend to be rebellious, generally choosing to take the "road less traveled by". Your best chance for success would be to learn the art of cooperation, communication and compromise.

Uranus Square South Node:

If you begin early in life to adopt good habits, you will find these beneficial all throughout your life. The tendency to be lazy when it comes to making constructive changes, however, will be difficult to overcome. Practice the art of self-discipline. Keep your rewards in sight.

Uranus Trine Neptune:

Some with this aspect will display definite clairvoyant tendencies. For sure, you will show an avid interest in things having to do with the subconscious and higher mind. You may even take up studies of the occult, metaphysics, ancient mystery school teachings or parapsychology. You are driven by an intuitive inspiration and are rarely ever wrong as long as you listen to your inner guidance.

Uranus Sextile Pluto:

You probably show some talent, latent or otherwise, for electronics, computer technology, science or the occult. Be discriminating in your relationships and choices throughout this life.

Neptune in Virgo and in 1st house:

Neptune governs your basic beliefs on a spiritual level. Your inner world, subconscious expressions, psychic intuition and creative visualizations all come under rulership of Neptune. Your role in the upliftment of the planet is divulged in the lessons Neptune instills. Neptune keeps your secrets and reveals your fears. Neptune helps you uncover your hidden beliefs; especially those that hold you back spiritually, and keep you from living a fulfilling and joy-filled life. The sign Virgo gives Neptune more clarity and confirmation to its depth and perception. You understand the world around you better, by getting a clearer perception of whom you are and what your role in this world is to be. As you grow in strength of character and life experience, you will begin to see the movement and activity of spirit in every single part of life. You see life as a mystery to be unraveled and you accept the challenge with relish and excitement.

Neptune Conjunct Asc.:

This aspect gives you the opportunity to explore the inner depths of your emotional and subconscious make-up. You can develop your psychic abilities and will tend to go on intuitive inspiration alone.

Neptune Square MC:

Misunderstandings around your career, profession, domestic life and with family elders is possible. If you ever enter the public life, make sure you have a solid plan of action. Your public reputation could fluctuate in your youth, gaining more stability with age and experience.

Pluto in Leo and in 11th house:

The sign in which Pluto is placed is a generational influence. The house placement tells how it will affect you. Pluto in Leo alters the perception of love, romance and children. Leadership skills often arise in whatever house Pluto appears. Your relationship with your children is likely to turn into a friendship in later years, making communication easy, creative and stimulating. Friends also include you in activities outside the home. Sports and recreation are good avenues of creative expression.

Pluto Quincunx South Node:

You tend to bring up the past too much. Instead of trying to move forward by looking backward, you need to take up some personal studies that will expand your awareness and lead you to become a visionary thinker. Think before you speak and become sensitive to how your words affect the feelings of others, especially those you care about the most.

Mercury is Retrograde:

With Mercury retrograde in your chart, whether at birth or having turned so later in life, you will find that you hold the qualities of an independent thinker. Your insights are gained from past experiences, and if a reincarnation believer, from past lives. While you appreciate education and knowledge, you will probably rebel against the traditional ways of learning.

You tend to arrive at solutions from several different angles before settling on what is perfect for you. You admire the great thinkers of the world, but somehow know that the sum total of your being comes from being in a symbiotic relationship with the universe. You are cautious when it comes to making commitments and would do well to make adequate preparations before embarking on any journeys, short or long distance. You tend to be more analytical than those with a direct Mercury, and are more willing to apply learned knowledge to a practical application in your daily life. Mercury retrograde periods will find you in sync with your world, while others will feel as though their life is on hold or temporarily turned topsy turvy. You can utilize Mercury retrograde periods to make great gains. These periods will find you catching up, organizing and taking advantage of second chances. Your conscious mind moves easily between the concrete planes of existence and those where the intuition rules. You are probably psychic to a degree and often rely on your feelings and gut level instincts. Keep your expectations of others to a minimum. It is not your job to force others to understand your viewpoint. Instead, put your tremendous resources to work for you. This will bring your greatest success.