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Lauren Bacall - Natal Chart

Sep 16 1924 2:00 AM EDT +4:00

New York 40N42 51 074W00 23

True Node




This report explores the potential energies available for you in a particular location in the world. The report has evolved from a technique called astro-mapping, which overlays your chart on a map of the world using various methods. This overlay means that certain planets will be stronger in particular geographical areas. Through interpreting these planetary energies you can have an astrological map which tells you the best place to apply for promotions, to go on holidays, to meet lovers, and to live a more fulfilled life in the areas that are important to you.




Maximum Orb Used: 1000'


The Moon - Culminate Line (Orb 145': Strong Influence)

Along this line you will experience a heightened sense of sensitivity in your chosen profession. This can be beneficial if you are in a caring profession or in a career that demands a certain amount of sensitivity to public trends. Otherwise it may be difficult as you find yourself reacting emotionally in situations which demand professional detachment. Your relationship with your parents and authority figures will be highlighted along this line. You will want recognition from important people in your life and may be upset if it is not forthcoming. Therefore moving along this line is beneficial if you are in a caring profession or are considering becoming a parent, but better avoided if your social status or career calls for cool, calm decision making.


Pluto - Rise Line (Orb 206': Strong Influence)

When moving to this line you will undergo a radical change in the way that you express yourself, perhaps even dramatically changing your appearance. It is possible that unforeseen emotional and psychological issues will surface, forcing you to re-evaluate yourself and your relationships. You may also discover that you are having a powerful effect on those around you. This may lead to a tendency to withdraw from other people's company as you become sensitive to the innuendoes and hidden meanings in your personal communications. Transformation of the self is the key.


Saturn - Anticulminate Line (Orb 224': Strong Influence)

You would do best to avoid following this line as it brings a sense of coldness and hard work into your home and family life. There is really no warmth and expansion conducive to a happy home here. You will develop a sense of responsibility and duty towards your family and home life which at times seems onerous. Life can seem a bit lonely. Of course if you want to live the life of a hermit in order to pursue a stringent and ascetic means of existence, then this could be the line to follow.




Maximum Orb Used: 1000'


Azimuth from original location: 19311'

Nearest planet direction line: The Moon - Azimuth 31149' (Orb 1558': Very Weak Influence)




Maximum Orb Used: 200'


Jupiter Rising / North Node Upper (Orb 012')

Religious groups may feature strongly under this influence. Certainly you will benefit from groups of people or individuals who influence your life in a positive and expansive fashion. It may also be that you take up a course of study which changes your life direction. You may find yourself in situations that inspire you to see the big picture. Inspiring others, possibly through preaching or teaching, may be part of your life's destiny under this influence.


Saturn Lower / Pluto Rising (Orb 042')

Under the influence of this combination you may discover that you are an ambitious and powerful person. You may have the opportunity to become a powerful leader. If this is the case, you will have the ability to use both strength and power to lead others. You may also have the chance to use your unique insights for positive purposes in other behind-the-scenes activities.


Jupiter Rising / Neptune Upper (Orb 143')

If you have always yearned to explore your musical talents, latent or active, then this combination will help you on your way. The arts, creativity, spirituality, in fact any path which inspires higher thoughts and feelings, will be accentuated. The only danger with this combination is that it encourages a lack of practicality. You would do well to pay some heed to the possible consequences of your actions while enjoying the inspiration of the more aesthetic side of life.


The Moon Upper / Pluto Rising (Orb 153')

This combination can create problems if not handled with care. Life takes on an intensity which, if properly channeled, can be positive. However, it is also likely to prove volatile. You will become an intensely emotional person, prone to extreme highs and lows coupled with a love of drama. Relationships with family and loved ones may become the focus of intense emotional battles. If possible, your intense emotions should best be poured into a demanding and creative project rather than in fighting with other people. This way you may avoid the emotional confrontations and achieve a renewed sense of personal power.


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Original Text (C)1995, Esoteric Technologies Pty Ltd The text in Solar Maps has been written by Australian astrologer Stephanie Johnson. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) and was a journalist in Australia, England and the U.S.A. for 15 years before becoming a professional astrologer. She is currently a consulting astrologer and Company Director of Esoteric Technologies Pty Ltd in Adelaide, Australia. She holds the FAA Practitioners qualification and was a former editor of the Journal of the Federation of Australian Astrologers. The editor for the U.S.A. version is Bill Sweeney.