Paul Newman

Monday, January 26, 1925 6:30:00 AM


Cleveland, Ohio

Time Zone: 05:00 (EST)

Longitude: 081d W 41m 44s

Latitude: 41d N 29m 58s

Koch Houses

Tropical Zodiac

True Nodes


Joanne Woodward

Thursday, February 27, 2020 4:00:00 AM


Thomasville, Georgia

Time Zone: 05:00 (EST)

Longitude: 083d W 58m 44s

Latitude: 30d N 50m 11s

Koch Houses

Tropical Zodiac

True Nodes


Chart Synastry



Sun    CJN    Moo    6d 24m    6d 24m  +45.1

Sun    SXT    Mer    54d 44m   5d 16m  +15.9

Sun    SXT    Jup    59d 11m   0d 49m  +487.5

Sun    TRI    Sat    114d 20m  5d 40m  +37.1

Sun    TRI    Plu    123d 58m  3d 58m  +45.8

Sun    SXT    Asc    54d 59m   5d 01m  +14.6

Sun    TRI    Mid    119d 38m  0d 22m  +240.0

Moo    CJN    Moo    6d 47m    6d 47m  +21.6

Moo    SXT    Mar    58d 45m   1d 15m  +285.8

Moo    OPP    Nep    176d 45m  3d 15m  -87.8

Mer    SQR    Sat    90d 35m   0d 35m  -367.5

Mer    INC    Plu    147d 43m  2d 17m  -17.7

Mer    SQR    Mid    95d 53m   5d 53m  -3.3

Mer    OPP    MNN    179d 24m  0d 36m  -122.5

Ven    SXT    Mer    59d 46m   0d 14m  +455.0

Ven    SXT    Ven    58d 40m   1d 20m  +221.4

Ven    SXT    Jup    64d 13m   4d 13m  +20.9

Ven    TRI    Sat    119d 22m  0d 38m  +336.0

Ven    CJN    Ura    5d 59m    5d 59m  +17.3

Ven    TRI    Plu    118d 56m  1d 04m  +200.3

Ven    SXT    Asc    60d 00m   0d 00m  +360.0

Ven    TRI    Mid    124d 40m  4d 40m  +12.0

Ven    INC    MNN    150d 37m  0d 37m  -14.4

Mar    SQR    Sat    92d 18m   2d 18m  -108.6

Mar    OPP    Nep    174d 24m  5d 36m  -9.0

Mar    OPP    MNN    177d 41m  2d 19m  -36.3

Jup    TRI    Sun    121d 32m  1d 32m  +414.0

Jup    SQR    Moo    95d 54m   5d 54m  -6.7

Jup    INC    Jup    148d 41m  1d 19m  -11.5

Jup    INC    Mid    150d 52m  0d 52m  -8.1

Sat    CJN    Mer    3d 40m    3d 40m  +7.6

Sat    CJN    Ven    4d 46m    4d 46m  +22.6

Sat    CJN    Jup    0d 47m    0d 47m  +210.0

Sat    SXT    Sat    55d 56m   4d 04m  +4.6

Sat    OPP    Plu    177d 38m  2d 22m  -35.2

Sat    CJN    Asc    3d 26m    3d 26m  +48.0

Sat    SXT    Mid    61d 14m   1d 14m  +30.8

Ura    SXT    Sun    63d 28m   3d 28m  +54.8

Ura    SQR    Mer    86d 11m   3d 49m  -43.7

Ura    SQR    Ven    85d 05m   4d 55m  -24.9

Ura    SQR    Jup    90d 38m   0d 38m  -183.8

Ura    SQR    Plu    92d 31m   2d 31m  -59.9

Ura    SQR    Asc    86d 25m   3d 35m  -55.5

Ura    INC    Mid    151d 04m  1d 04m  -24.6

Ura    TRI    MNN    124d 12m  4d 12m  +12.0

Nep    INC    Sun    153d 59m  3d 59m  -11.6

Nep    OPP    Moo    179d 36m  0d 24m  -480.0

Nep    TRI    Jup    126d 49m  6d 49m  +0.8

Plu    OPP    Mer    175d 40m  4d 20m  -19.3

Plu    OPP    Ven    176d 46m  3d 14m  -29.2

Plu    SQR    Mar    84d 01m   5d 59m  -5.8

Plu    TRI    Sat    116d 04m  3d 56m  +14.0

Plu    TRI    Ura    118d 35m  1d 25m  +107.1

Plu    CJN    Plu    5d 38m    5d 38m  +1.0

Plu    OPP    Asc    175d 25m  4d 35m  -20.2

Asc    CJN    Mer    1d 29m    1d 29m  +278.3

Asc    CJN    Ven    2d 34m    2d 34m  +151.8

Asc    CJN    Jup    2d 58m    2d 58m  +76.2

Asc    SXT    Sat    58d 07m   1d 53m  +65.9

Asc    OPP    Plu    179d 49m  0d 11m  -216.0

Asc    CJN    Asc    1d 14m    1d 14m  +88.4

Asc    SXT    Mid    63d 25m   3d 25m  +11.4

Asc    INC    MNN    148d 08m  1d 52m  -15.1

Mid    SQR    Sun    96d 28m   6d 28m  -5.9

Mid    TRI    Moo    122d 05m  2d 05m  +84.8

Mid    OPP    Mar    174d 04m  5d 56m  -3.2

MNN    SQR    Sun    88d 22m   1d 38m  -97.0

MNN    SXT    Moo    62d 44m   2d 44m  +29.9

MNN    TRI    Jup    115d 31m  4d 29m  +8.4

MNN    OPP    Mid    175d 58m  4d 02m  -3.7


Communication Index (Harmonious):                  +4539

Communication Index (Inharmonious):                  -2128

Compatibility Index (Har./Inhar.):                   2.13

Total Communication Index:                   6667



*Instructions to understand the final tallies:

If you have one number positive and one number negative the ratio would look like 1:1 or 1/1 = 1.0

If you have three numbers with the first being +200 harmonious and -100 inharmonious this would appear as +2.00 in the Compatibility Index. In the case above +1084 is harmonious and -294 is inharmonious. 1084 divided by 294 comes to +3.69.

Let's say the inharmonious number was -1084 and the inharmonious number was +294. Then the final compatibility number would be -3.69.

It is said if the ratio number is +1.5 you have enough positive to develop and have a good relationship.