TCSSWhl.gif (9294 bytes) After opening up Star*Sprite and choosing your preferences, such as time sequence for planetary movement this is the main wheel that shows. You can set the time sequence for little as one second and view how the house cusps change as the planets change the aspects they have with each other and fall into different  houses.


TCSSDblWhl.gif (11040 bytes) In Star*Sprite you can place a natal chart and see how the transits are effecting it at given moments or given days as the outer wheel moves continuously set to the time sequence of your choice.


When you open to Io Dective you choose which file or files in your database you want to explore for planetary criteria.


TCDetect2.gif (6082 bytes) You can open your databases to explore who is in it.


Drag the database file to  the box on the right. Then click the key to go to the next step.


TCDetect4.gif (5393 bytes) Here you choose the planetary criteria you want to find  in the charts you are searching through.


TCDetect5.gif (7439 bytes) Drag the planetary criteria so you can find the people in your database who have in this example the Sun in Aquarius and Venus in Aquairus in their natal charts.



TCDetect6.gif (21996 bytes) Everyone who has their Sun AND Venus in Aquarius from this particular chart file database appears.