THIS IS A Whole Life Reading      
                        AND NAME COMPARISON
                          FOR WILLIAM HENRY COSBY
                              BILL COSBY
                              BIRTH DATE   07/12/2020
         PRODUCED BY:
                        AWAKENINGS, INC.
                        P.O. Box 10155
                        Prescott, AZ  86304-0155 
                        (502)776-7164    1-800-551-3121
          9  91   5  7  6  7
         WILLIAM HENRY COSBY     BIRTH DATE    = 07 12 1937
         5 33  4 8 59  3 12      CURRENT YEAR  = 07 12 1998
          9    6  7
         BILL COSBY
         2 33 3 12 
                                          BIRTH NAME  CURRENT NAME
         HEARTS DESIRE (SOUL URGE)....=  44 / 8        22 / 4
         PERSONALITY (QUIESENT SELF)..=  43 / 7        14 / 5
         DESTINY (EXPRESSION).........=  15 / 6        36 / 9
         BIRTH FORCE (LIFE PATH)......=  39 / 3        3
         REALITY......................=  9             12 / 3
         PERSONAL YEAR................=  37 / 1        1
         ESSENCE JAN 1 TILL BIRTHDAY  =  6             6
         ESSENCE BIRTHDAY THRU DEC 31 =  22 / 4        6
                    -- INCLUSION TABLE --
                            BIRTH NAME      CURRENT NAME
         ONES   (A-J-S)  =  2   NONE/FEW     1   NONE/FEW
         TWOS   (B-K-T)  =  1   AVERAGE      2   MANY    
         THREES (C-L-U)  =  3   AVERAGE      3   AVERAGE 
         FOURS  (D-M-V)  =  1   AVERAGE      1   NONE/FEW
         FIVES  (E-N-W)  =  3   AVERAGE      0   NONE/FEW
         SIXES  (F-O-X)  =  1   AVERAGE      1   AVERAGE 
         SEVENS (G-P-Y)  =  2   MANY         1   AVERAGE 
         EIGHTS (H-Q-Z)  =  1   AVERAGE      0   NONE/FEW
         NINES  (I-R)    =  3   AVERAGE      1   AVERAGE 
         SECOND CYCLE FROM  25 TO  51 YEARS  12 / 3
         THIRD CYCLE FROM  52 UNTIL DEATH    20 / 2
         FIRST PINNACLE FROM BIRTH TO  33    10 / 1 
         SECOND PINNACLE FROM  33 TO  42     23 / 5 
         THIRD PINNACLE FROM  42 TO  51      6 
         FOURTH PINNACLE FROM  51 TO DEATH   27 / 9 
         SECOND CHALLENGE FROM  33 TO  42    1 
         THIRD CHALLENGE FROM  42 TO  51     3 
                           THE MEANING OF NUMEROLOGY
         Our names are much more than just a means of identification or a 
    family relationship.  Our destiny and experiences are written in our 
    names given to us at birth.  Numerology is here to protect, guide and 
    reward those who have the foresight and wisdom to observe and understand 
    the influences, insight and experiences written in our names. 
         It has been acknowledged throughout the ages, that names play an 
    essential part in influencing and directing the destinies of mankind and 
    that they represent experience, human nature character and divine 
    sanction.  The importance of names is frequently brought out in the 
    Bible.  On several occasions the Lord changed the names of his chosen 
    ones, to represent the duties and services to be carried out.  There were 
    times when a name was chosen even before birth, as in the prophecy of 
    Jesus Christ. 
         Numerology shows our inherent capabilities and the spiritual 
    commands hidden in our names and the number comprising them.  It is often 
    called the blueprint of the soul. Pythagoras gave life to Numerology by 
    applying mathematical formulas to the name, which reveals the ultimate 
    life goal of the person bearing the name. 
         Deep in the heart of everyone lies the dreams of riches, self 
    actualization and spiritual evolvement.  The way is there and hidden in 
    each persons name.  Numerology will help you discover it. 
         In order that you may fully understand and utilize you personal 
    Numerology chart, refer back to the calculations on page three 
    occasionally.  It's also important to be aware of the following 
         All aspects of your chart should be weighed and considered, 
    interpreted as a whole.  If certain parts of the chart don't apply to you 
    at this time, it's possible another area of you chart has a stronger 
    influence.  In the Karmic lessons for example; a Karmic One would 
    indicate an inability to stand up for yourself and act independently, 
    however you may feel it is just the opposite.  This would show that you 
    have already made up your Karma, or at least are making great efforts to 
    do so. 
         You will find things in this chart that were applicable as a child 
    but do not apply now.  The same will be true for some things that may not 
    apply now but may very well in the future. 
         If you study this chart with an open mind, you will surely reap the 
    benefits by understanding the experiences you came here for, thus making 
    great strides during this lifetime. 
                           THE PLANES OF EXPRESSION
         There are four planes of expression, or levels of consciousness on 
    which we express ourselves.  The physical, representing the body, the 
    mental, representing the mind, the emotional, representing the emotions, 
    and the intuitive, representing the spirit and inner knowing. 
         These planes break down the numbers in the name at birth, and tell 
    us how we will express ourselves throughout our lives. 
         The numbers four and five exist on the physical plane. Ones and 
    eights on the mental plane.  Twos, threes, and sixes on the emotional 
    plane and seven and nine on the intuitive plane. 
         The number four on the physical plane has a good sense of order and 
    form.  It's the number of the builder and worker, and is both practical 
    and economical.  The number five on the physical plane is not as 
    practical, desires change and is curious about life and its many new and 
    unusual developments. 
         On the mental plane, the number one represents a strong will and 
    determination, leadership ability and originality. Number eight 
    represents strength, power, authority, efficiency and executive ability.  
    It is the number of logical deduction, and represents the power of the 
    mind where reason dominates. 
         The number two, three, and six, on the emotional plane, represent 
    imagination, inspiration, sensitivity, creative ability, self-expression, 
    consideration, and harmony.  The two, three and six represent feelings 
    and emotions and are the heart of mankind. 
         The number seven on the intuitive plane is the thinker and the 
    observer.  It represents the hidden, the unusual, and the occult.  The 
    number nine touches the heart of the universe. It represents forgiveness, 
    compassion and is the number of the brotherhood of man. 
         Those who have many numbers on the physical plane are more concerned 
    with material manifestation and form, than with work demanding a keen 
    mental analysis.  They are concerned with material progress and have a 
    great deal of human interest.  They are very practical and use their 
    energies to get tangible results. 
         Individuals with many numbers on the mental plane, have strong 
    leadership abilities and the qualities necessary for big business.  They 
    also enjoy dealing on an international scale and can be quite inventive. 
         Many numbers on the emotional plane represent artistic abilities, 
    sensitivity, imagination and creativity, but the individual can get 
    carried away by their own emotions and feelings. 
         Individuals with many numbers on the intuitive plane are generally 
    involved with spiritual undertakings of some kind and are absorbed in the 
    unseen and unknown.  They can be inspired along the scientific or 
    inventive lines. 
                          THE MEANING OF THE DESTINY
         "What are my chances for success in this life and what does life 
    hold in store for me?" These are questions asked again and again by 
    intelligent people, searching to find themselves and their right place in 
         Written in the symbols of your name at birth, is the story of what 
    you were born to do.  It tells the part you will play on the stage of 
    life, now and in the future.  Life is not a matter of chance and 
         Every name given at birth is unique.  It contains a divine promise 
    and divine command of personal privilege and opportunity.  In return, it 
    demands a promise, to keep faith with the purpose written on the Destiny 
    scroll of the name.  It is a spiritual awakening to know what your name 
         Your Destiny requirements are not always easy to meet. They may 
    include undesirable experiences you do not understand. However, as you 
    flow with these experiences, you'll eventually swing into the full tide 
    of accomplishments you were destined for and will experience the 
    wonderful satisfaction of fulfilling your purpose in life. 
         The exact name given to you at birth tells this story.  All other 
    names, signatures, nicknames, changes of names or married names are but 
    channels through which the Destiny is expressed and worked out.  You may 
    not be fully in performance at first, but if you keep trying, you will 
    find it easy and finally gain the success, love and repeated rewards your 
    name has promised you. 
         The Destiny number is found by adding all the letters in the name 
    given at birth.  It is your field of opportunity, your life's purpose.  
    It is what must be given of yourself to others and to life and what you 
    must live up to in this lifetime.  Your Destiny will tell you the 
    environment you require and the kind of people you need to surround 
    yourself with.  It also explains the spiritual mission to which you have 
    been appointed.  Don't read it as "what you are", read it "what you must 
         Throughout your lifetime, the Destiny requirements remain the same.  
    They can never be neglected. Many experiences brought about through your 
    Destiny number will test your willingness to be true to the purpose of 
    your birth. 
         Bill, you are the "humanitarian" and it is your destiny to be of 
    service to the world.  Your mission in life is to comfort the weak, 
    suffering and unhappy.  Your personal happiness and success will depend 
    upon how much good you can do and upon the sympathy and love you have to 
    give to those who ask for it or need it. 
         Out in the world and at home, duty will follow you down life's 
    pathway.  You should not sacrifice your life for duty however, for the 
    world looks to you to maintain its ideals of truth, justice, service and 
    charity.  Your destiny is also an artistic one, and part of your life's 
    work is to beautify this world of ours. 
         If you wish to get the reward of honor which your name destines you 
    to, the ideals of love and companionship, beauty and harmony, must be 
    incorporated into everything you do.  Nature and mankind, homes, gardens 
    and flowers should spring into beauty at your touch. 
         You are a teacher too, and must keep the golden rule of truth and 
    justice before the hearts and minds of people.  When trouble knocks at 
    another's door, give a helping hand and don't compromise with your ideals 
    at any time.  By being true to your destiny, you will find yourself 
    surrounded by comfort and luxury, love, and a happy home life. 
         You should join with those who are also working to serve humanity.  
    Poets, dreamers, actors, singers, musicians, doctors and nurses should be 
    among your friends.  Your own talents will be awakened when you join 
    activities having to do with theater, radio, interior decorating, 
    flowers, art, gardens, music, building of homes and along the lines of 
    literature.  Welfare work, religious activities, all lines of race 
    education-especially those dealing with children and the helpless, give 
    you special interest and open your field of usefulness. 
         Opportunity also as a teacher, writer, dealer in food or home 
    necessities, restaurant or tea-room manager, hotel executive, 
    professional guardian, mothers helper, or matron. 
         It is important for all six's to have a position of trust and 
    responsibility.  They can regulate, adjust and harmonize. They are 
    successful in all occupations having to do with projects or institutions 
    to improve material, educational or civil conditions.  They are concerned 
    with the training of the young, the care of the old, and the improvement 
    of the entire community. 
         Bill, your primary direction will be through independence and 
    individuality.  Taking the lead and being creative is important.  You 
    will hinder your progress if you are lazy, stubborn, or dependant on 
         You are the "Jack of all trades" and could be successful in many 
    different areas.  You will do well in anything that allows for travel, 
    constant activity and a variety of experiences.  You love your freedom 
    and your curious nature prompts you to seek out change and adventure.  
    Guard against being careless, self-indulgent and irresponsible.  Be 
    careful not to procrastinate too much or be thoughtless in your actions. 
                       THE NUMBER 9 DESTINY (CURRENT NAME)
         Bill, you have come into this world to stand for all that is fine, 
    beautiful and charitable.  You will have many opportunities in life and 
    life will give you many gifts, but in order to keep them for yourself, 
    you must be a representative for all that is fine, generous and true to 
    the world. 
         The keynotes to your happiness and success are generousity, 
    understanding, tolerance, love and compassion.  The most ordinary 
    undertakings must be changed from the common to the lovely by your 
    thought, presence and ways of doing things.  The standards of your life 
    should be drama, art, music, romance, color, ideallity and perfection. 
         Bill, you may have many tests and experiences and may even seem to 
    fail until you learn to express forgiveness for one and all.  When you 
    learn that true love is service to many, rather than to one, then all 
    that you desire in companionship and love will come to you.  By clinging 
    to personal possessions, love and power too tightly, might mean to lose 
    all.  However, when you express love as a divine law, you will receive a 
    much greater love then you have ever dreamed of. 
         Dramatize life, the beautiful, not the sorrowful.  In this way, you 
    will be put into command of the best that the world has to offer.  Be 
    true to your destiny of love, service and the brotherhood of man. 
         At times you will need to reach out to broader fields of 
    opportunity.  You have no real limitations of opportunities, unless you 
    make it so by careless living.  Through all walks of life, people will 
    help you and you will be able to help them when you train you mind to 
    universal thought. 
         Among your friends should be writers, lawyers, physicians, painters, 
    artists, orators, religionists and ambassadors.  Your generosity should 
    be known, even to those in the lower walks of life.  Always be impersonal 
    and do not allow popularity to go to your head at any time, for a too 
    worldly life, weakness of purpose or habit, could cause you to miss out 
    on the thrill of taking a hand in the molding of minds and hearts of 
         Do not be colorless or drab in your dress or environment. Instead, 
    make the expression of your personality colorful. 
         You will find opportunity as a composer, writer, artist, reformer, 
    healer, teacher, preacher, advisor, judge, criminal lawyer, surgeon, 
    doctor or humanitarian. 
         In all forms of expression, the number nine gives freely of his 
    emotion.  He works best in those areas of life where human understanding, 
    kindliness and inspiration are essential. 
         Bill, your primary direction will be through your creative and 
    expressive nature.  Your optimistic attitude and natural enthusiasm 
    creates a personal magnetism.  You are a natural performer and should 
    find much joy in your chosen path.  Avoid trivial gossip, jealousy and 
    criticism, as this will detract from your beauty. 
         Your domestic nature makes you a fine parent and spouse, as you have 
    a natural compassionate and understanding character. You tend to be 
    idealistic, and honesty and love are very important to you.  Avoid being 
    overly suspicious or jealous. 
                       THE MEANING OF YOUR HEARTS DESIRE
         Has anyone ever said to you, "Why don't you think like I do?" This 
    remark, instead of influencing you, may have annoyed you to the point of 
    wanting to do something completely different. 
         If everyone acted and thought alike, there would be no incentive to 
    grow and develop, create or carry on.  Instead, there would be no 
    progress and no fun in living; complete boredom.  Man's link in the chain 
    of divine activity and divine principle is the right to constructive 
    self-expression.  We are born free souls and must grow and live in ever 
    increasing attunement and beauty from within.  Only then can we be true 
    to our divine privileges, and our fellow man. 
         The Heart's Desire is one of the most important numbers in 
    Numerology.  It is found from the letters a-e-i-o-u in the name at birth. 
    The Heart's Desire number will help you discover what it is you desire 
    to be, or do. 
         The urge of the Heart's Desire is so strong, that at times it 
    overrules all other traits of character; even those of the Birth Force 
    and Destiny.  At other times it may lie dormant and be repressed by 
    circumstances until suddenly awakened, it becomes active with a 
    surprising force, changing all well-organized plans for work and success. 
    This inner seed of self-expression is within every person.  However, not 
    all people hear or stop to listen to the call of the soul's command and 
    fail to gain from its life-giving energies. 
         If you are thinking about joining another in a domestic relationship 
    or business affair, it is wise to know the inner nature of your loved one 
    or associate.  Even though you may have a lot in common, there will 
    probably come a time when the inner nature of the other person (or your 
    own) comes to the surface. This may come as a surprise, if you are not 
    prepared, and may cause problems.  However, if you are prepared, it could 
    bring a deeper understanding and greater happiness. 
         The nature of the Heart's Desire never changes.  In the background, 
    the urge of man's soul is quietly taking part in his desires, interests 
    and affairs.  To summarize, the Heart's Desire is: What the individual 
    values most, personal likes and dislikes, methods and ways of looking at 
    things, the way the true character will be expressed, the ambition and 
    incentive, the soul's longing, the individuality and the inner urge. 
                        THE 8 HEARTS DESIRE (SOUL URGE) 
         Bill, you have a great deal of ambition and want to achieve results 
    by doing things in a big way.  This urge to do things on a large scale 
    brings you into contact with larger groups and organizations, rather than 
    through small enterprises and activities. 
         You have a splendid ability to surmount obstacles, and an inner 
    force and stamina to overcome great difficulties.  Life can be hard at 
    times, however, as you sometimes over-estimate your abilities, or aim too 
    high, which can cause disappointments. 
         Your courage and energy can take you to the top if you learn to work 
    for worthwhile purposes, and not for personal power alone.  You love to 
    manage and direct, and you have the ability for great achievement and 
    accumulation.  You also have the right to money and success.  However, if 
    you should make money your only goal, you are likely to meet with 
    disappointments.  You like to supervise and direct undertakings, and are 
    somewhat of an organizer, and are not happy in a subordinate position. 
         Deep within your heart, there is a philosophical trend of thought 
    and feeling, and you will strive for mastery on all planes when you 
    follow your true soul urge.  You have the power to analyze and should 
    study psychology, or do research work in the field of human expression.  
    This could help you overcome prejudices which could stand in the way of 
    your success.  Self control should be used to help you win and to give 
    you the right to supervise and command others. 
         Do not expect too much appreciation from others, as they may not 
    maintain the same powers of self-mastery as you do. Your ability to 
    cooperate with others and to master your moods, and your understanding of 
    the laws of life will be the secrets of your success in the world of 
    business.  Bill, you will need to search your soul for the standards that 
    you can live up to, as life will expect more from you than the average 
         Guard against being too forceful, dominant, or exacting in your 
    ways, and learn to cultivate justice and tolerance for the weaker and 
    less efficient.  You are strong, courageous, enthusiastic, and 
    determined, and you do not mind struggling against opposition, as you are 
    confident of your victory.  You are efficient and have a good imagination 
    and vision for making your efforts pay. 
         There is a fine appreciation of law and order in your nature.  This 
    quality, when successfully used and applied, can be a great value to you 
    in the world of material success.  You have a practical attitude, and 
    like your affairs arranged with system and order.  You are very 
    conscientious in your undertakings and have a wholesome outlook on life.  
    You are a planner and like to look ahead, planning your tasks carefully, 
    with good concentration and management.  Bill, you must have order and 
    regularity in your life, and generally meet your problems seriously.  
    Bill, you are at your best when you can plan and lay a foundation of a 
    lasting nature, upon which to build your life. 
         When life is uncertain, or lacks security, you can become inwardly 
    disturbed, restless, or unhappy.  You are faithful and dependable in your 
    home, business, and love affairs, and are rather serious in thought and 
    action.  You may have many strong convictions and may not easily change 
    your mind once it is made up. 
         You take great pride in the family and the conventions, and are 
    sincere and honest in your motives, with a fine inner determination.  
    Bill, you can overcome difficulties and get results through your ability 
    to apply yourself and get things done.  Occasionally, you give too much 
    time to details, as you like to have everything just right.  You may 
    worry if little things are not attended to.  However, although this 
    conscientiousness is one of your good traits, it can be carried to 
    extremes, which could cause you to miss out on some of life's larger 
         Be practical and plan your life accordingly, but also put fun and 
    inspiration into your activities and undertakings.  In this way, you will 
    find life much more interesting.  Always follow your desire to build and 
    construct, and build your life and your character "brick by brick," but 
    do not hurry.  By taking the time to do things well, you will find that 
    your life will be built upon a rock of security, and success will never 
    fail you. 
         The personality will open many doors of opportunity when it's 
    understood and made part of the character.  It should be the channel 
    through which the true character is expressed.  An individual's 
    personality does not represent the inner nature, nor is it the true self. 
    Instead, it's the outer self; what you present when meeting others in 
    business or social situations. There is a strong tendency to judge people 
    by their personality. This can lead to many misunderstandings.  A 
    pleasing personality may cover up talent, weaknesses; even sincerity and 
    honesty.  On the other hand, a person with good abilities and character, 
    may be overlooked because of a dull or unattractive personality.  The 
    individual is quite often unaware of these mannerisms.  As the person 
    gets older, these traits become habits and may be very difficult to 
    change.  When attempting to get ahead in the world, it's important to 
    combine the meaning of the personality number, to the talents of the 
    birth force, and the more powerful urge of the heart's desire.  This will 
    allow for true character building.  Since the personality is the way we 
    express ourselves, its important to be in harmony with this number when 
    expressing ourselves.  The personality number is found by adding all the 
    consonants in the name given at birth, and reducing them to a single 
         When known, the number seven personality can be very friendly and 
    likeable.  However, on first impression, the number seven may appear 
    somewhat aloof and hard to meet or get to know. 
          It is to your advantage to be well dressed and well groomed.  Don't 
    be afraid to add a touch of sparkle here and there.  You can gain 
    confidence by being well dressed, and by wearing clothing that is of good 
         Success in this area will require you be practical and self- 
    disciplined.  Work is required and you need to be organized.  You will 
    probably be devoted to that which you undertake.  Stability is important 
    and you possess much endurance. 
         Your happy-go-lucky, optimistic attitude makes you very comfortable 
    to be around.  You tend to be a performer and should do well in creative 
    areas.  You are very friendly and social and can be naive at times.  
    Guard against being to extravagant and superficial.  Try to remember that 
    gossip and criticism always comes back to you. 
         The number five personality is versatile and changing, but may go to 
    the extremes just to be recognized or daring. 
         You should not be too flashy in your expression. 
         The number five personality sees themselves free and unbound from 
    ties and responsibilities, and living a life full of adventure and 
    exciting experiences. 
         Bill, your primary direction will be through independence and 
    individuality.  Taking the lead and being creative is important.  You 
    will hinder your progress if you are lazy, stubborn, or dependant on 
         Your organized and self-disciplined nature make you productive in 
    most anything you undertake.  You are devoted and loyal as well as 
    practical and patient.  You are very grounded and require a stable 
    environment.  Avoid being repressive, resistant and rigid. 
                       THE MEANING OF THE REALITY NUMBER
         We all hope for security in the final stage of life.  Some people 
    prepare and plan for this period, while others avoid even thinking about 
    it.  The Reality number should be kept in mind your entire life.  It 
    explains the influences that will affect you during the final stage of 
         Your life was outlined the day you were born.  If the Reality number 
    is taken into consideration early in life, the latter days can be as 
    successful, enjoyable, interesting and secure as any other time in life.  
    This is one more thing to take into consideration to help guide you.  It 
    is found by adding your Destiny number to your Birth Force. 
         The Reality number's influence is very subtle.  Many people are 
    unaware of its persuasive presence.  In young children, it is very 
    noticeable in their personal interests and by the way they act.  However, 
    the demands of the Destiny number, personal ambitions and the need to 
    earn a living take over and the Reality number is forced into the 
    background.  But it is always there and comes to the surface as the years 
    pass by.  The Reality number gives a new perspective to old age.  It is 
    no longer something to be feared. 
                           THE NUMBER 9 REALITY NUMBER
         The realization of the "brotherhood of man," and service to mankind, 
    are the rewards for the number nine reality in the latter days of life. 
         Part of the victory is to rise above the fears and jealousies of 
         The world of art, drama, beauty, and literature in all its forms, 
    give financially and personal reward. 
         The privilege for true self-expression and an opportunity for a 
    fuller, richer live is now present, and is perhaps greater than at any 
    other time during the life. 
         Even if you have been unable to express yourself in a creative 
    manner in the past, you may be surprised at the development and growth 
    which comes at this time. 
         You should utilize this opportunity, and use your power of 
    imagination in a constructive way, instead of scattering your talents and 
    forces in self-indulgence. 
         Bill, your primary direction will be through independence and 
    individuality.  Taking the lead and being creative is important.  You 
    will hinder your progress if you are lazy, stubborn, or dependant on 
         You are adaptable, diplomatic and work best in partnerships.  Avoid 
    being overly shy, or sensitive to a fault. Consideration and tact comes 
    naturally to you and you can be very charming and friendly. 
                        THE MEANING OF THE BIRTH FORCE
         Everybody wants to know the secret of how to be successful. To be 
    assured of one's future, right from the start in the business world, is a 
    dream almost to good to be true.  This can happen for you, right now if 
    you understand.  On the day you were born, a record of what you are like, 
    what you have to offer the world, your talents and abilities were 
    outlined.  The Birth Force is what you came here to experience. 
         If your parents had read this valuable record, much anxiety and 
    uncertainty could have been spared.  They would have had the 
    understanding required to direct and guide you, to help you achieve your 
    inherent goals.  The Birth Force is a great tool to use when choosing a 
    career.  It tells you what you are fitted to do.  It's your innate 
    resource of talents and abilities, that you can draw upon as you go forth 
    to meet the responsibility of your Destiny, as shown by your name at 
    birth.  Even though the Birth Force and Destiny numbers are different in 
    purpose and meaning, they work together.  If you have confidence in 
    yourself and your natural abilities that come from your Birth Force, and 
    work toward the goals of your Destiny influence, you will surely achieve 
    success.  By knowing yourself you will avoid feelings of insecurity.  The 
    rule for figuring the Birth Force is to add up the numbers of the month, 
    day, and the year you were born and reduce them to a single digit. 
                      THE NUMBER 3 BIRTH FORCE (LIFE PATH)
         Bill, your birth date 07/12/2020, makes you creative, artistic, 
    imaginative, and possess deep emotional feeling and inspiration. You have 
    a natural gift to express yourself in words and the use of this 
    capability could bring financial possibilities. 
         Friendship and social standing will come to you through your ability 
    to entertain and inspire others.  Many entertainers are found with the 
    number three birth force, as they are bright, sparkling people, with a 
    highly optimistic attitude. 
         You are very conscious of other peoples feelings and emotions, and 
    have a natural ability to brighten up bad situations.  Bill, you 
    generally have a cheerful and happy disposition, and are naturally 
    accommodating and helpful to those in need.  Freedom is very important to 
    the number three, and the confines of a home or office are not easily 
    accepted. You have a very expressive artistic ability, and are social, 
    outgoing and creative. 
         You have the desire to do things on a large scale and have good 
    intuition to guide you.  Be careful not to let your emotions drive you in 
    the wrong direction or influence your optimistic outlook.  Beware of 
    frivolous spending and spreading yourself to thin.  Understand your 
    ambitions and carry them out, but avoid going too far, or letting your 
    emotions get the best of you. 
         Bill, you are very sensitive and should avoid withdrawing into 
    yourself when hurt or criticized.  At times you can be critical of others 
    also, and consciously or not, can become self-centered and selfish which 
    can cause problems in your relationships.  You have excellent powers of 
    attraction and if you are not getting the most out of life, you should 
    look to yourself for the reasons why.  You can change your luck at any 
    time by putting your imagination to work. 
         There is opportunity for you in all fields of artistic endeavors, 
    writing, entertainment, fashion, religious activities, and psychic 
    pursuits.  Any position that offers lack of routine, freedom of 
    expression, feeling and emotion, and the stimulation of meeting new 
    people will be of interest to you. 
         Bill, your primary direction will be through your creative and 
    expressive nature.  Your optimistic attitude and natural enthusiasm 
    creates a personal magnetism.  You are a natural performer and should 
    find much joy in your chosen path.  Avoid trivial gossip, jealousy and 
    criticism, as this will detract from your beauty. 
         Your generous nature makes you want to share with the whole world.  
    You have a natural loving, compassionate and understanding nature.  You 
    are very patient and tolerant of others.  Avoid being indiscreet and 
    egocentric and guard against being immoral. 
         The numbers missing in the name at birth, indicate experiences 
    avoided, or handled negatively in the past.  The ultimate goal is to 
    include all of the vibrations in a balanced quantity.  When this is 
    accomplished, the obligation for reincarnation no longer exists, and we 
    will move on to the next stage of evolution.  Those who have many numbers 
    missing have many karmic lessons to learn.  Don't fear these; it is what 
    you came here to work on.  By accepting and realizing the necessity of 
    our lessons, we will have an easier time learning them.  If we fear it, 
    it's only because we are ignorant of the advantages it can bring us.  
    Don't wait for life to teach you about it or you we may first experience 
    it's more difficult side.  Accept it consciously and willingly and you 
    may benefit from and even enjoy the experiences it brings about.  If you 
    find that the characteristics of your Karmic lessons don't seem to fit, 
    it's possible you have already made up your Karma. 
         The missing number or numbers may appear elsewhere in the chart as 
    in the Destiny, Heart's Desire or the Birth Force. This may cushion the 
    Law of Karma, but you still need to experience the vibrations of these 
    numbers until compensation is made and the karma is erased. 
                                  NONE/FEW ONES
         No or few ones (0 to 2) in the name may indicate the inability to 
    stand up for one's personal rights.  There is evidence of an 
    unwillingness to meet issues squarely and of self-effacement in the past. 
    There may be difficulty in making decisions, with a lack of initiative.  
    Persons with no or few ones at times may dread making a new beginning and 
    may not like being the first in the field.  They can be over-cautious and 
    show unwillingness to seek interviews or promote the self.  Life will 
    force the individual with no or few ones into situations where they must 
    make their own decisions and to stand up for their rightful place in 
                                  AVERAGE TWOS
         It is a natural desire for the average person to associate with 
    others, however, cooperation, tact and diplomacy are not always in the 
    make up of human nature.  The general helpfulness of the two, and 
    courtesy of good manners is necessary for all and is generally found in a 
    name of average length. 
                            MANY TWOS (CURRENT NAME)
         Many twos show friendliness, cooperation, sensitivity and a great 
    deal of consideration for others.  A fine sense of rhythm may give a 
    talent for music or dancing.  These individuals may show a great 
    appreciation for the arts, and may show an interest in activities having 
    to do with the past and the cultural development of people and races.  
    They are very adaptable and can work well with the detailed arrangements 
    of small and delicate things.  They can be very unhappy if their 
    spiritual faith is denied. 
                                 AVERAGE THREES
         One three in a name is average; however, two threes are not 
    uncommon.  The number three gives the ability to express the feelings and 
    ideas into written or spoken words.  It represents enthusiasm, 
    imagination and creative talent.  It is a happy number and likes to do 
    big things.  It has the ability to visualize the end from the beginning, 
    and gives a great deal of personal feeling and self-importance. 
                                  AVERAGE FOURS
         One four in the name will give the ability to put plans and work 
    into form, and to sustain and maintain the needed system and order within 
    the life. 
                          NONE/FEW FOURS (CURRENT NAME)
         No fours may indicate that hard work, as such, has been avoided in 
    the past, and former experiences of money, luxury and ease have made this 
    possible.  The tendency is to avoid effort and take short cuts, as there 
    is a fear that labor means only limitation and hardship.  No fours may 
    also indicate a lack of system, order and routine.  Life will show this 
    individual that he can accomplish nothing without starting from the 
    ground up and working slowly and carefully.  He will not be allowed to 
    rush through his experiences carelessly, but will be forced to lay his 
    foundation "brick by brick." 
                                  AVERAGE FIVES
         Most people have an average number of fives in their name. The 
    number five means change, and change stands for progress and growth. 
         Most people with average fives like to entertain and have fun.  They 
    enjoy travel and excitement. They are not held back and can easily move 
    forward into new areas. 
                          NONE/FEW FIVES (CURRENT NAME)
         The absence of fives in an individual's name is seldom found, as 
    most people have a natural love of freedom and a natural response and 
    curiosity to life and experience.  However, with no fives or few fives, 
    there would be a desire to be left alone and a dislike of crowds.  No 
    fives may show these individuals as set in their ways and not easily 
    adaptable, and with a lack of constructive curiosity.  Throughout this 
    individuals life, he will be placed into situations where it will be 
    essential to have a knowledge of the world and where he will meet with 
    constant change.  He will be forced to learn about his fellow man and to 
    realize that growth and development can be gained only through 
                                  AVERAGE SIXES
         The number six loves luxuries and the comfortable things of life, 
    the home and the beautiful.  It has a willingness to take responsibility 
    and a keen sense of right and wrong.  It is the number of the idealist, 
    the humanitarian, the teacher, the physician and the one who is 
    interested in children and welfare work.  One six in a name will give 
    these qualities. 
                                   MANY SEVENS
         It is unusual and rare for an individual to have many sevens in 
    their name.  However, two or more sevens will show the desire for proof 
    and one who likes to work with figures or who is mathematically or 
    scientifically inclined.  They show a love of facts and have a keen 
    mental attitude.  They can be difficult to know or understand, as they 
    are selective.  If their lives are not constructively handled, or there 
    is a lack of good education, their talents could turn to hidden 
    undertakings, secretiveness or schemes.  All sevens are thinkers, but can 
    solve their problems through intuition.  They may find it difficult to 
    show their emotions. 
                          AVERAGE SEVENS (CURRENT NAME)
         One seven in the name will give the quality of analysis, 
    observation, investigation and a demanding to know the reason why.  It 
    provides good judgement and the ability to look under the surface, with a 
    sense of perfection and intuitive perceptions.  The number seven is often 
    missing in a person's name. 
                                 AVERAGE EIGHTS
         A person with average eights, is generally at the head of 
    organizations and in positions of authority.  It is a strong number and 
    has the ability to control and direct others in an efficient and 
    businesslike manner.  It has the ability to weigh and balance and see 
    both sides of a situation, resulting in recognition and positions of 
    authority.  Straining over money and finances can affect the life, and 
    although it has business ability, it is not an easy number.  Money 
    evaluation and business training should be cultivated. 
                         NONE/FEW EIGHTS (CURRENT NAME)
         No eights in a person's name may show that physical and material 
    things have been avoided, and a lack of self-control is present.  It may 
    also show a lack of financial and business efficiency.  These individuals 
    need constant motivation, as they lack self-confidence and are afraid to 
    work independently.  They quite often rely on others; however, in order 
    to learn, life will insist upon them handling their own affairs.  They 
    may acquire money suddenly, spend it carelessly, and then be made to 
    keenly feel its lack.  They will need to learn how to control their funds 
    wisely and constructively. 
                                  AVERAGE NINES
         Number nine is almost always found in the name, sometimes three or 
    four times.  This number represents the "Brotherhood of Man". 
         The influence of the number nine gives tolerance, compassion and 
    good will towards man.  It is because of this number that all peoples 
    live in the world together, regardless of race, color or creed.  Number 
    nine has the ability to understand all levels of living.  It has a deep 
    feeling of appreciation for life.  It is generous, impressionable and 
                        THE MEANING OF THE CYCLE NUMBER
         Everyone has three main Life Cycles which show the general 
    influences you will be under during particular periods of life. 
         The first Cycle begins the day you were born and continues through 
    to January 1, of the 1 Personal Year closest to the 28th birthday.  At 
    this point the second Cycle goes into effect and its influence felt until 
    January 1, of the 1 Personal Year closest to the 56th birthday.  The 
    third Cycle will be in effect for the remainder of this life. 
         The transition between Cycles is subtle.  They do not abruptly start 
    or end, but are subtly felt for two to three years before and after the 
    actual transition.  For example: Lets say you are 28 years old and in a 7 
    Personal Year.  Although you don't fully go into your second Cycle until 
    January 1 of your 1 Personal Year, you are likely to already be feeling 
    some influences of your second Cycle number. 
         The Cycles must be treated as phases of the Birth Force, which is 
    the main direction to be followed.  This is the ultimate goal and must 
    never be lost sight of. 
                            YOUR NUMBER 7 1ST CYCLE 
         Any seven Cycle is a time for study, learning and investigating 
    unusual areas such as the scientific, religious or metaphysical fields.  
    Quite often the person prefers working alone and the isolation is needed 
    to develop their inner resources. 
         As a first Cycle you may feel like you're different from others and 
    find it difficult to relate to the trivial actions of those your own age. 
    As one grows older and others become more introspective you find it 
    easier to relate.  A person on a seven Cycle needs to be content with few 
    close friends.  This is not an ideal marriage vibration either.  Guard 
    against being aloof or pessimistic and cultivate peace and poise. 
         The seven Cycle is a time to cultivate inner wisdom and you may 
    receive recognition for some mental accomplishment. Opportunity and 
    monetary gains will come if not reached for, but will elude you if 
    pursued.  This is a time for deep analysis and meditation. 
                            YOUR NUMBER 3 2ND CYCLE 
         The general influence of the three Cycle is expression, social 
    activities, fun, being warm and friendly, artistic and creative 
         The three Cycle should be a happy and carefree period, expressing 
    the lighter side of life.  As a first Cycle a child may be too 
    expressive, however be careful not to stifle their search for deeper 
    levels of creativity and originality.  This is the time to live life to 
    its fullest and develop any artistic talents.  This is a good time for 
    writing, acting, singing and entertaining.  Friends and social contacts 
    will be abundant, and should be encouraged to enjoy life. 
         In any three Cycle, there is a tendency to scatter you energies or 
    engage in frivolous activities. 
                      ADDED DIMENSIONS FOR THE 3 2ND CYCLE 
         Bill, your primary direction will be through independence and 
    individuality.  Taking the lead and being creative is important.  You 
    will hinder your progress if you are lazy, stubborn, or dependant on 
         You are adaptable, diplomatic and work best in partnerships.  Avoid 
    being overly shy, or sensitive to a fault. Consideration and tact comes 
    naturally to you and you can be very charming and friendly. 
                             YOUR NUMBER 2 3RD CYCLE
         The general influence of the two Cycle is sensitivity, cooperation, 
    tact, partnerships, patience with detail, being friendly, affectionate 
    and working with little recognition. 
         As a first Cycle it may be difficult for a child to develop his 
    sensitivity, and may restrict his feelings or be scolded for being to 
    sensitive.  This could lead to being shy and a lack of confidence.  
    Things will balance out as the child grows older, but it may take time to 
    fulfill his own needs.  When sensitivity does emerge, it could be a bit 
    painful.  He may stay in the background to hide feelings of uncertainty.  
    It is quite common that a child with a two first Cycle grow up in a 
    single parent family. 
         The number two as a second Cycle is a productive period. This 
    vibration is encouraging for marriage and family.  It should be very easy 
    to encourage and sustain harmony in relationships.  Little credit or 
    recognition may be received for achievements and he may be in a 
    subordinate position. 
         As a final Cycle, you will be surrounded with friends and loved ones 
    who offer much support, however there may not be a lot of time for 
    reflection.  This can be a very happy time if tact is used in dealing 
    with others and you do not over emphasize your own needs. 
                      ADDED DIMENSIONS FOR THE 2 3RD CYCLE
         Success will come to you in partnership situations, because you are 
    cooperative, patient and very diplomatic.  Your friendly and gentle 
    manner prompts others to seek your company.  Guard against being shy, 
    over sensitive and pessimistic, as this will detract from your natural 
    harmonious nature. 
         The Pinnacles are well defined paths which indicate the direction of 
    experience during the individuals four periods of life.  They are 
    instructive and protective. 
         When the Pinnacles are realized and understood, they can be prepared 
    for ahead of time, and the heights of attainment indicated by each 
    Pinnacles number can be fully reached and utilized.  It is sometimes hard 
    to account for the sudden changes or unexpected conditions that take 
    place in our lives. We may suddenly change our associations, line of 
    work, or complete lifestyle.  When we realize, however, that change means 
    progress, we then have a chance to succeed.  These changes are revealed 
    to us by the Pinnacles and will operate regardless of any other numbers 
    on our birth chart. 
         No one can escape the Pinnacles or the valuable experience gained by 
    them.  The signposts hold true for the aware, as well as the common 
    individual.  The aware, however, welcome these experiences and realize 
    that through change there is growth, while the ordinary man calls them 
    fate and may not see the true purpose behind the experiences. 
         The first Pinnacle is very personal and begins when we are born 
    representing the spring of life. 
         The second Pinnacle moves quickly by, having a period of nine years. 
    It represents the summer of life; a time for family and responsibility. 
         The third Pinnacle also covers a period of nine years, and 
    represents the more mature states of mind.  It is the middle age, and 
    covers the autumn of human experience. 
         The fourth Pinnacle represents the winter of life, and will continue 
    until the end of our earthly existence.  It is during this time that we 
    can cultivate the experiences of the past for opportunity and success and 
    should work for the human and spiritual welfare of mankind. 
         Each characteristic of the Pinnacle should be utilized to its 
    fullest and be recognized as a period of development, progress, and 
    growth.  The rule for figuring the Pinnacles is as follows: 
         First Pinnacle - The sum of the digits of the month and the digits 
    of the day of birth. 
         Second Pinnacle - The sum of the digits of the day and the digits of 
    the year of birth. 
         Third Pinnacle - The addition of these two numbers.  (First and 
    Second Pinnacles) 
         Fourth Pinnacle - The sum of the digits of the month and the digits 
    of the year of birth. 
         The rule for timing the Pinnacles is as follows: 
         Start with the number 36.  From the number 36, subtract the number 
    of the Birth Force.  This will give you the period of time the first 
    Pinnacle is active, and tells at what age it's influence will end. 
         Next, add nine years to the age the first Pinnacle ended. This is 
    the period of time the second Pinnacle is influential. 
         Add nine years again to the age the second Pinnacle ended. This will 
    be the period of time the third Pinnacle is in effect. 
          The fourth Pinnacle will be in affect from the end of the third 
    Pinnacle until death. 
                           YOUR NUMBER 1 1ST PINNACLE
         When the number one appears on any Pinnacle, it will force the 
    individual to forge ahead, and stand on his or her own feet. This is the 
    number of individuality, leadership, and executive ability. 
         If this is a first Pinnacle, it may be a hard period, as this 
    individual may not be ready to meet life with initiative and force, and 
    may rebel from the hard experiences which must be met to bring out the 
    powers of executive ability and leadership. It's possible the younger 
    person on a number one Pinnacle has too much self-importance or is too 
    headstrong, showing a great deal of egotism, and in turn resists 
    direction.  The younger person may be hard to understand or direct, until 
    they can focus their talents in the right direction. 
         If the number one is found on any Pinnacle, it will force the 
    individual to act and think for themselves; to stand up and face life.  
    With women, this can sometimes be quite sudden or unexpected, but at the 
    same time there is opportunity to move ahead and develop talents. 
         If the number one is found on a second or third Pinnacle, it is an 
    indication of new beginnings and an opportunity to make use of personal 
         The number one as a final Pinnacle may present the opportunity to 
    put the ideas developed during other Pinnacle periods to work.  
    Unexpressed desires may also be carried out at this time, and there is 
    opportunity to be at the head of business or social undertakings. 
         This is a forceful period and at times it can be a difficult period 
    of life, as it demands courage and determination.  A number one on any 
    Pinnacle is sure to bring activity, change, independence and 
         Bill, your primary direction will be through independence and 
    individuality.  Taking the lead and being creative is important.  You 
    will hinder your progress if you are lazy, stubborn, or dependant on 
                           YOUR NUMBER 5 2ND PINNACLE
         The number five stands for change, variety, the unexpected, and is 
    never a settled condition on any Pinnacle.  It represents an eventful 
    time of life filled with activity, and the freedom to make changes and 
    participate in what is going on in the world. 
         The number five in a first Pinnacle can make the younger person 
    restless, lacking in application, or changing suddenly, before success is 
    attained.  However, valuable experience is gained and could be an asset 
    later in life, as the number five first Pinnacle gives opportunity to 
    work with the public and to meet the progressive and changing interests 
    of mankind. Financial matters are somewhat uncertain during any five 
         The number five on a second or third Pinnacle can be a period of 
    great freedom, and is generally a happy and interesting time of life.  
    Many contacts, friends, and interesting work should be incorporated at 
    this time. 
         During a final Pinnacle, the number five again represents activity 
    and freedom in the latter days.  It does not promise retirement, however, 
    but calls for an effort to help others understand their experiences and 
    to take part in progressive undertakings. 
         On any five Pinnacle, there is frequent change, travel, and personal 
    freedom, with a variety of experiences and unexpected situations.  Any 
    individual in a five Pinnacle should avoid being too restless, hasty, or 
    impulsive, and should try to maintain a few roots, even though living an 
    active life. 
         Success will come to you in partnership situations, because you are 
    cooperative, patient and very diplomatic.  Your friendly and gentle 
    manner prompts others to seek your company.  Guard against being shy, 
    over sensitive and pessimistic, as this will detract from your natural 
    harmonious nature. 
         Your happy-go-lucky, optimistic attitude makes you very comfortable 
    to be around.  You tend to be a performer and should do well in creative 
    areas.  You are very friendly and social and can be naive at times.  
    Guard against being to extravagant and superficial.  Try to remember that 
    gossip and criticism always comes back to you. 
                           YOUR NUMBER 6 3RD PINNACLE
         Duty and responsibility are characteristic on any six Pinnacle.  
    There is an opportunity to help and comfort those in need and do useful, 
    humanitarian work for the young and old.  It is not a time for personal 
    satisfaction alone, but rather a time to do useful work for the good of 
    humanity.  The opportunity for financial success is also present. 
         The responsibilities of home, family, friends, and loved ones are 
    strongly felt on any six Pinnacle. 
         The number six as a first Pinnacle may indicate an early marriage, 
    or duty and responsibility at a young age.  A secure and happy home life, 
    along with financial success can be the rewards, if the duty and 
    responsibility is accepted. 
         The opportunity for love and marriage is possible under the final 
    six Pinnacle; it does not indicate useless or lonely latter days. 
         During any six Pinnacle, the problems of marriage, money, children, 
    family, friends, and home life may present themselves, and should be 
    handled with love and loyalty, in a humanitarian way. 
                           YOUR NUMBER 9 4TH PINNACLE
         Any individual working under a nine Pinnacle would be expected to 
    show a great deal of tolerance and compassion for the "brotherhood of 
    mankind".  The number nine can be a difficult Pinnacle to live up to, 
    unless the character is well developed and these thoughts and feelings 
    are already in the make-up of the individual.  It is not always easy to 
    express love and tolerance in this somewhat confusing and hectic world. 
         If the lessons of compassion and tolerance have not been learned by 
    the time a nine Pinnacle is completed, great disappointment will be 
         This is not a time for personal recognition, as the number nine 
    represents all people, religions, and civilizations.  If the principles 
    of the nine are expressed, then success and a full life are assured.  On 
    the other hand, the number nine can be a very unhappy Pinnacle if desires 
    are totally for ones self, or if there is resentment towards others. 
         A number nine as a first Pinnacle may mean that a career , marriage, 
    or love affair may end with some regret or sorrow. Number nine is also 
    the number of completion.  This ending may be a blessing though, because 
    it can remove from life things that are no longer needed for the progress 
    and growth of the individual.  These losses should be forgotten, because 
    the number nine Pinnacle will bring something better and more rewarding, 
    if the individuals feelings and thoughts are for universal good. 
         The number nine is constantly testing the character of an individual 
    for their degree of tolerance, generosity, and compassion of the higher 
    forces of existence.  However, it also assists and rewards in every 
    possible way. 
         The individual with a number nine second or third Pinnacle, may have 
    many emotional experiences, which will probably develop their ideals. 
         As a final Pinnacle, the number nine can provide great opportunities 
    to do remarkable work in the world along the lines of the chosen talents. 
         On any Pinnacle, the number nine's goals should be high and for the 
    good of all mankind.  The individual should guard against 
    narrow-mindedness, and instead bring true love and tolerance to all 
         Success will come to you in partnership situations, because you are 
    cooperative, patient and very diplomatic.  Your friendly and gentle 
    manner prompts others to seek your company.  Guard against being shy, 
    over sensitive and pessimistic, as this will detract from your natural 
    harmonious nature. 
         You can be extremely introspective and analytical at times. You 
    question; and need to know the answers.  Your thinking may delve into the 
    metaphysical or philosophical areas, and you are quite happy being alone 
    with your thoughts.  You can be very intuitive, so be sure to trust your 
    instincts; they're probably right.  Avoid being sarcastic and indulgent. 
    Others may view you as aloof. 
         The number appearing in the Challenge may also appear in other parts 
    of your chart.  If it does appear other places and again in the 
    Challenge, there is more required of the individual, in the nature of the 
    Challenge number.  It is necessary to incorporate the nature of this 
    number into your everyday affairs and use it to round out your character. 
    This will greatly assist you in your quest for success and happiness. 
          If the number of the Challenge is not found in other areas of the 
    chart, it is even more important that the characteristics of this number 
    be made a constructive part of your character. 
         As you observe your Challenge, you will be surprised at how often it 
    appears in your everyday affairs.  Even friends, family and business 
    associates who surround you, will have in their nature your Challenge 
         The rule for figuring the Challenge is as follows: 
         First Challenge - Subtract the digits of the month of birth and the 
    day of birth from each other. 
         Second Challenge - Subtract the digits of the day of birth and year 
    of birth from each other. 
         Third Challenge - Subtract the first and second challenge from each 
         Fourth Challenge - Subtract the digit of the month of birth from the 
    digit of the year of birth.  (Always subtract the smaller number from the 
    larger number.) 
         The Challenge follows the same timing as the Pinnacles. 
                           YOUR NUMBER 4 1ST CHALLENGE
         The number Four Challenge is an outstanding Challenge and is not 
    frequently found in the first three periods.  The number Four is the 
    practical number, serious and gifted with a strong sense of values.  
    These qualities lie deep in the nature of the number Four Challenge. 
         Regardless of what other indications are found in the name, there is 
    still work to do, a task to accomplish based on patient, steady, repeated 
    efforts.  Slowly and with confidence build success and material 
    possessions.  Too many changes, restlessness or going from one thing to 
    another, will not bring the permanent accomplishments possible with the 
    Four Challenge. 
         The Four Challenge likes security and should work for it. The Four 
    is capable of putting things into concrete form and works with integrity 
    and honesty.  The number Four can also be conservative and frugal. 
         When competitiveness is evident, more education is a great help.  To 
    strong of opinions can create problems at times. 
         There is a deep desire to put ideas and concepts into concrete form. 
    These should be brought to the surface and strived for. 
                           YOUR NUMBER 1 2ND CHALLENGE
         With the one Challenge, you may feel you are continually being 
    opposed, or held down, by those with a stronger will and possibly even 
         In the period of the one Challenge you must cultivate a steady will, 
    fine determination, and express it with dignity and self respect. 
         Resentment should be avoided and little is gained by placing the 
    blame on others.  Avoid acting to head-strong, as this could lead to 
    mistakes and unreasonable behavior. 
         Quick wit, originality and personal ideas should be valued and 
                           YOUR NUMBER 3 3RD CHALLENGE
         The number Three Challenge indicates that deep in the nature there 
    is a fine imagination, a gift for words, good speech and artistic 
    talents.  However, there may be a barrier present against the full 
    expression of these qualities.  This may be due to having been repressed 
    by others, the fear of appearing too forward, or from repression within 
    the self. 
         Many artists and professional people have the Three Challenge.  It 
    is sometimes late in life before the full potential of these talents 
    surface.  The full use of creative imagination can result in the writing 
    of a book, a painting or even a design for a lovely creation. 
         In seeking romance and popularity, harsh words, spoken impulsively, 
    may bring loss of friends and the admiration so greatly desired.  There 
    is a strong dislike of personal criticism and (even though not always 
    recognized) a deep feeling of personal importance. 
         Do not bury talents.  Bring them out and learn the value of 
    constructive speaking.  Learn to be a real friend, interested in others 
    as much as in the self. 
                            YOUR NUMBER 5 4TH CHALLENGE
         The number Five Challenge becomes a fine asset when working in 
    public view.  Especially if it allows for promotion, travel, publicity 
    and contact with crowds or large groups.  However when the restless 
    nature of the Five is allowed to dominate, real satisfaction from 
    accomplishments may never be reached, especially if criticism and strong 
    dislikes are allowed to develop. 
         The number Five Challenge will bring a deep desire for personal 
    freedom, which can bring about resentment and impatience, primarily when 
    the desire to be elsewhere is thwarted.  The desire to escape 
    responsibility, can cause mistakes in the selection of place and 
         To achieve success, make use of quick perception, resourcefulness 
    and interest in life.  Avoid restlessness which can defeat you.  A Five 
    Challenge does not like to be confined. It needs new contacts and new 
    places from time to time, but also clings to old traditions. 
                         YOUR PERSONAL COLORS AND GEMS
         Every number also has it's colors and gems that represent it.  
    Wearing these colors helps to bring out the desired results of a 
    particular number vibration.  If you are not particularly fond of the 
    colors pertaining to your numbers, that's okay. Undergarments, a pin, an 
    accessory in your purse such as a pen, pencil, paper or even a decoration 
    in your home or place of work can bring about the desired vibrations, if 
    you keep it's purpose in mind. 
          FOR SOCIAL LIFE (HEARTS DESIRE)........... 
                      Tan, opal, ivory
                 YOUR GEM STONE .................... 
                      Scarlet, henna, orange
                 YOUR GEM STONE .................... 
                      Pearls & Sapphires
                      Amber, russet, rose
                 YOUR GEM STONE .................... 
          FOR FUTURE ATTAINMENT (REALITY)........... 
                      Lavender, gray, red, olive
                 YOUR GEM STONE..................... 
                      Apricot, crimson
                 YOUR GEM STONE .................... 
                          THE MEANING OF THE ESSENCE
         Each letter that makes up the Essence describes the nature of events 
    to be met during that particular period of time.  The Essence is under 
    the direction of the Pinnacle and guided by the Personal Year.  All 
    letters and numbers represent the actual experiences taking place. 
         When the Essence is understood and used as a tool, you can 
    anticipate the events and challenges sure to be encountered during that 
    particular time frame.  A bridge to the future is established, creating 
    awareness which provides the opportunity to encounter situations with 
    knowledge and insight. 
         When the group of letters that make up your Essence seem hard, don't 
    read it negatively.  Remember - all numbers and letters are good and 
    represent privilege and opportunity in their own special way.  
    Understanding the Essence will help you to find the best way to walk 
    life's path, while under that influence.  Difficult periods occur in 
    every one's life, but by knowing what to expect and how to take advantage 
    of the opportunities present or seemingly hidden in each letter and 
    number, life can become a pleasure and a victory. 
                              YOUR NUMBER 1 ESSENCE
         The one Essence represents forward movement - toward improvement.  
    The affairs of life tend to change as the number one stands for new 
    beginnings.  A number one Essence calls for initiative, leadership, 
    executive action and forces decisions about the past the present and 
    future.  It introduces new interests, new contacts, new ideas and new 
    occupations, leading you in a new direction. 
                              YOUR NUMBER 2 ESSENCE
         The number Two Essence represents a period of growth, but "haste 
    makes waste" should be your motto during this period. Partnerships, 
    associations and the affairs of others bring opportunity.  Accept the 
    help of others, there is little to be gained by avoiding it.  There is 
    much demanded in the way of cooperation and peaceful coexistence with 
    those in business and domestic affairs.  Cooperation is the keynote to 
         A lot of little things should be taken care of and done well.  A 
    good disposition is important during this period. There is much help 
    through others, social activity, trips, pleasure and popularity.  
    Feelings of subordination should be avoided; delays only mean more time 
    is needed for growth and worthwhile, lasting accomplishments.  There is 
    no real hurry during the Two Essence. 
                              YOUR NUMBER 3 ESSENCE
         The number Three Essence represents creative endeavors and personal 
    opportunity for advancement.  It is a time for self-improvement.  It 
    presents the opportunity for personal expression with the support of 
    friends and loved ones and encourages the pursuit of personal interests.  
    These should be constructive and geared toward the spiritual and cultural 
    aspects of living.  Whatever the interests, cultivate more imagination 
    and optimism. 
         Selfishness and critical attitudes should be avoided. Being an 
    emotional number, the Three Essence may brings love affairs or emotional 
    experiences which can be lovely and bring great happiness.  Be careful in 
    your pursuits of pleasure, fun and social activities, as this could 
    scatter your energy, cause loss of money and foolish actions which you 
    may regret.  Bill, you could also lose your position and standing if 
    emotions aren't constructively expressed.  Ideas expressed in words or 
    speech can advance the career.  If you have not been expressing your 
    feelings, it's important to do so during this period; do not repress 
    them.  Children bring interest and mutual happiness. Trips for business 
    or pleasure widen the horizon.  Make new friends, enjoy old friends and 
    express the spirit of friendship. 
                              YOUR NUMBER 4 ESSENCE
         The number Four Essence is a practical period; it's a time to put 
    all your affairs in order.  Economic conditions, health and property 
    matters require attention.  Good management in all affairs is important.  
    Don't avoid the work to be done. It is essential in order to establish a 
    better foundation for growth and attainment. 
         Facts come to the surface, showing situations as they really are, 
    and may force you to strive for better material conditions.  This could 
    be a good time for building a home or business but will require effort, 
    good judgement and economy. Bill, you may change old conditions which 
    could bring about practical improvements.  Relatives may be demanding. 
         When the work required of the Four Essence is accomplished, a new 
    order of things or standard of living is the result. Avoid feeling held 
    down.  Get things done. 
                              YOUR NUMBER 5 ESSENCE
         The number Five Essence is a progressive period. Unexpected events 
    and changes, are likely but should be beneficial in the long run.  This 
    is a time to move forward. Accept the opportunity to gain more freedom.  
    Prepare for new experiences and be creative in all undertakings.  This is 
    an active period, it brings new contacts, worldly interests, public 
    activity and travel. 
         A sudden event which may at first cause confusion and doubt may 
    clear the way for progress.  When you welcome change, new and exciting 
    aspects of life will be evident.  This is a period of excitement and 
    social activity.  Be careful not to have to many things going at once, as 
    this could scatter your energies and lead confusion or loss.  Anxiety and 
    impatience can defeat the purpose of this period and cause problems.  
    Avoid disputes which could delay the progress and freedom this period 
         A Five Essence continually provides the opportunity to move forward, 
    or to break free from old conditions.  It takes down boundaries and 
    limitations, but at the same time demands order and attention to rules 
    and regulations. 
                              YOUR NUMBER 6 ESSENCE
         All that stands for ideals and emotions, love and marriage should be 
    worked for and maintained during the period of the six Essence.  Business 
    affairs can be stabilized and financial security realized.  The welfare 
    of mankind, unselfish thought and action are part of the responsibilities 
    of the six Essence and may contribute to financial security. 
         Children and their relationship to the family are of much interest 
    and importance, but may cause problems and discord under the six Essence. 
    The affairs of marriage, even separations may be a problem if love is 
    not true and selfish interests are followed.  A dominant, possessive or 
    selfish individual may cause unhappiness.  Bill, you may be forced to 
    cover expenses for others, possibly family members. 
         Responsibilities must be taken with good grace.  Rewards may come 
    through inheritance, financial gain or through love and admiration.  
    Popularity, social life, recognition and a high standing in the community 
    are the rewards of service when ideals are maintained. 
                              YOUR NUMBER 7 ESSENCE
         The Seven Essence opens a whole new field of intellectual interests. 
    Bill, you should seek training and advancement for a better way of 
    living and finer use of talents.  Look to the more subjective levels of 
    living.  Try to understand the principals of thought and being.  Turn 
    aside from objective interests for a while. 
         It is a time to strive for better control of thought and actions and 
    to try and understand what life is all about.  The number Seven is a 
    thinker and demands this way of living when it appears as an Essence.  It 
    is a time to delve into occult and spiritual principals.  Study them, use 
    them, write about them; make them a means of progress and advancement in 
    business pursuits and personal evolvement. 
         Strange occurrences and unusual events may force a new look at what 
    life is all about.  Psychic experiences may create new awareness.  
    Research and scientific investigation can bring business improvements or 
    a new career.  Literary and educational pursuits should also bring 
         The Seven Essence brings a transition through interests and 
    activities never thought of before.  You could be tested through loss or 
    separation, which will force thoughts and interests in a new direction.  
    Depression, loneliness and feelings of limitations are to be put aside 
    and replaced by faith and awareness.  The number Seven is a number of 
    attraction and will reward in quiet ways, when poise and inner 
    tranquillity are maintained.  This is not an ideal time for marriage. 
    However marriage can take place and be harmonious when interests are on 
    the same level of thinking. 
                              YOUR NUMBER 8 ESSENCE
         The number Eight Essence offers the experiences of organization, 
    authority and recognition.  It places the individual in many responsible 
    positions.  The opportunity for advancement exists and can be achieved 
    through use of creative abilities and initiative.  Bill, you could get 
    involved with property, buying, selling or trading.  This a good time to 
    achieve professional status. 
         Better results are attained through working with groups rather than 
    alone, and good judgment is necessary.  Money can be made but requires 
    constant effort.  The expense often equals the gain, not always giving 
    the expected rewards for the effort expended.  However, a business or 
    career can be established and last a long time if managed professionally. 
    Business trips may also present opportunities. 
         Love affairs and marriage may not be as domestic or romantic, as 
    business affairs are always present.  Fine marriages can be consummated 
    and status and recognition could be attained through marriage.  But love 
    is often business like rather than romantic. 
         During an Eight Essence, it is important to meet all delays, 
    frustrations and financial strain with efficiency and good judgement.  
    Follow through on all your endeavors. 
                              YOUR NUMBER 9 ESSENCE
         The number Nine Essence is an important period and brings many 
    blessings in disguise.  It also demands a broad, compassionate and 
    tolerant attitude.  It provides unlimited opportunities to broaden your 
    horizons in whatever area's you choose.  However, you may experienced a 
    loss during this period because it's necessary to let go of old 
    conditions and clear the way for the future.  The number Nine represents 
         Some phases of life under the Nine Essence may be disappointing or 
    not truly happy.  The Nine is the number of deep feeling and drama; but 
    there are also assets and privileges to be taken advantage of. 
         There may be many emotional experiences through love and romance.  
    These can be interesting, but also disturbing if love is selfish and 
    clinging.  Love affairs for personal interest alone could easily break 
    up.  Even deep and lasting love may have to be given up to teach the 
    lesson of understanding and that true love simply loves; it does not seek 
    to hold or limit. 
         Under the Nine Essence experiences of many kinds take place and life 
    is an open book to enjoy and study.  Big business finds opportunity under 
    the Nine Essence and the scope is unlimited when the welfare of mankind 
    is considered.  Money and the best things in life belong to the number 
    Nine and can be made and retained.  Even with the loss of money, more can 
    be gained. 
         Legal matters and law suits may enter in if there is lack of 
    honesty.  Others may try to take what is not rightfully theirs.  Bill, 
    you will gain little from arguments and if you get involved in a law 
    suit, it can be long and drawn out. 
         If your purpose is right and for the good of all mankind, this will 
    be a pleasant time for you. 
                       THE MEANING OF THE PERSONAL YEAR
         The Personal Year number is one of the most important and useful 
    numbers in Numerology. 
         Every year brings its own number.  This number reveals the 
    circumstances that will be encountered during the current year. The 
    Personal Year number shows how to get the most from the experiences 
    during a particular year, how to direct personal affairs and how to avoid 
         The Personal Year number does not stand alone.  It is a supporting 
    and directing force, year by year.  It does, however, make its own 
    demands and has its own identity for each year of life. 
         Knowing how the cycles of life influence us, can give us answers to 
    many of our problems.  At the start of a new cycle there is a strong 
    desire to be up and doing, to move ahead and begin new things.  There is 
    new motivation and a strong impulse to get things done.  As a cycle comes 
    to an end, there is a desire to be done with things, or situations. 
         Throughout life, everyone is confronted with these beginnings and 
    endings.  It is only when we fear change and fail to move ahead that 
    distress and hardships continue.  The Personal Year number has many 
    interesting things to tell and one can benefit a great deal by taking 
    advantage of this number. 
         The rule for finding the Personal Year number is to add the digit of 
    your month and the digit of your day of birth to the sum digit of the 
    current year. 
                          YOUR NUMBER  1 PERSONAL YEAR
         Bill, this is a powerful year for you.  Set goals and work towards 
    them.  Avoid indecision. The next nine years will be shaped by what you 
    do this year.  Be prepared to let go of the past, so you can take 
    advantage of this years opportunities.  You must be open to change. 
         Do not fear the future, you must seize every opportunity in order to 
    succeed.  Now is the time to go ahead with that new idea or plan you've 
    had.  Be sure to think your plan through; avoid being impulsive or 
    headstrong.  Your executive abilities and original thought will assist 
    you when unexpected situations arise.  You may be required to make some 
    serious decisions regarding your future and what it is you want out of 
         If you take action by mid spring, things should come to a head 
    around the end of summer and new opportunities can present themselves in 
    the fall.  However, your plan can be worked out earlier then you 
    anticipate if you stay on track and keep moving forward during the year.  
    Promote your ideas and make the changes you have been contemplating.  
    This year offers the opportunities you've been waiting for the past nine 
    years.  Keep in mind, what you do this year will determine your returns 
                          YOUR NUMBER  2 PERSONAL YEAR
         Last year you were busy moving ahead and taking the initiative.  
    However, this year's success will depend on your cooperation and tact.  
    Also, pay attention to all the little details.  Bill, you will gain 
    results through sharing and working with others instead of going it 
    alone.  Broaden and strengthen your friendships.  There is opportunity 
    for love and new partnerships if you are diplomatic, tactful and willing 
    to give of yourself. 
         This is a good year for attraction, accumulation and progress.  
    However, you must exercise patience; do not force conditions, be overly 
    aggressive or dominant, as this will result in delays.  Rather, remain 
    calm and allow opportunities to come to you.  Some of the ideas and plans 
    of last year need further time to mature.  By cooperating with 
    circumstances in a peaceful and harmonious way you can bring about the 
    desired results. 
         At times you may feel like you're being suppressed or held down, but 
    try to be considerate of others this year.  Strive to do more than your 
    part this year to bring about harmonious conditions.  Next year is your 
    time for expression. 
                          YOUR NUMBER  3 PERSONAL YEAR
         Bill, this is a year to look forward to because it carries happy and 
    rewarding vibrations.  This is the year of self expression.  You should 
    have an active social life, filled with entertainment, travel and fun.  
    This is a good year to make new friends and join with the old ones, and 
    offers good vibrations towards a new romance or the rekindling of a love 
    affair. Friends can be of much value and help this year. 
         Strive for self-improvement this year.  Make positive and 
    constructive use of your imaginative, creative and inspirational plans, 
    ideas and dreams.  You need to guard against a lack of application, or 
    wanting everything without the necessary effort on your part.  Also be 
    careful not to scatter your energies. Do not allow others to annoy or 
    disturb you, as this is your happy and optimistic year.  Make every 
    effort to avoid worry or depression.  If you remain happy and cheerful 
    this year, then love, popularity and opportunity are yours. 
         Enjoy this year and be sure to take some time off to rest and relax, 
    as next year will be a very busy year for you. 
                          YOUR NUMBER  4 PERSONAL YEAR
         Between January of this year and January of next year, there is much 
    work to do.  This is a very practical year for you.  The inspiration and 
    plans of last year must now be put into solid and concrete form.  There 
    won't be much time for personal pleasure.  This is the year you can lay a 
    foundation for security and lasting conditions.  Details should be 
    attended to with honesty and patience, and being organized is very 
    important this year. 
         From time to time, circumstances will force you to look at things 
    from a material point of view, and you will be required to stay on the 
    job whether you want to or not.  However, when the year is over, you 
    should feel a considerable amount of satisfaction in what you have 
         Should you evade the work or responsibility, you may regret it 
    later, and could find the burden still present next year. Each year 
    brings it's own opportunity and requirements and next year is your 
    freedom year. 
         Bill, you may become frustrated at times, as the motto of this year 
    seems to be " one step forward and two steps back ". There may be times 
    this year when expenses seem high and finances low, but if you use good 
    common sense, you can meet all the requirements and come out ahead.  Past 
    successes and failures must now be carefully examined, as this is an 
    organizational period designed to bring a person down to earth. Great 
    potential for achievement exists. 
         Strike a goal of work and routine during the early spring and stick 
    to it.  Rewards can come for work done well this year. 
                          YOUR NUMBER  5 PERSONAL YEAR
         This year should come as quite a relief after the physical effort, 
    application, and practical conditions of last year. Bill, you can now 
    look forward to change, the unexpected, and freedom from routine.  Much 
    can be accomplished this year; however, you must guard against 
    uncertainty and restlessness. 
         You may feel impatient and resent things which move along too slowly 
    or hold you down, as well as feel unsettled from time to time.  However 
    on the whole, this should be a great year for progress and advancement.  
    This is your year for change; without change there is no growth.  Try to 
    be careful though, of scattering your energies in too many different 
         Bill, you will want to make every effort to open a channel for 
    progress; however, this should always be accomplished in a positive and 
    constructive manner.  Avoid being hasty or impulsive just for the sake of 
    change.  Advancement and progress should be to the advantage of others, 
    as well as yourself, and if you keep this in mind, you will get the most 
    out of the year. 
          Get rid of some of the old things in your life to make way for the 
    new.  Get out of the same old routine; add variety and spice to your 
    life.  This is your year for progress. New places, people, and situations 
    should be welcomed. 
         This is a fun-loving, but hectic year, and a balance in your 
    activities must be maintained, and many of the details turned over to 
    others.  This is a good year for moving or traveling. 
                          YOUR NUMBER  6 PERSONAL YEAR
         This is your year for service, and you will be required to meet 
    responsibilities and obligations.  The carefree and changing existence of 
    last year is now brought down to earth by the realization of security and 
         Everything you do this year should be guided by your motives of 
    justice, humanity and unselfishness.  If there is difficulty between you 
    and your loved ones, try to eliminate it by being more loving and 
    generous and by expressing harmony.  The end of the year should bring a 
    settling condition both in your business and domestic affairs. 
         Bill, you may be called upon to help others this year and at times 
    may feel that others are imposing upon you, or trying to take advantage 
    of your good nature.  Do not let this get you down and try to avoid any 
    feelings of resentment.  This is a time for you to give more then you 
    receive, if you want to bring about the improvements and settled 
    conditions that the year has to offer. 
         You will need to create more satisfying living conditions and 
    domestic relationships, and feel the need to get your business affairs in 
    order for future progress and improvement. 
         This is a good year for marriage and home conditions and you should 
    surround yourself with family, friends and loved ones.  It also requires 
    much responsibility, but will offer you financial protection. 
                          YOUR NUMBER  7 PERSONAL YEAR
         This can be a very important year for you, but much will depend upon 
    a right frame of mind.  Bill, you should spend more time then you 
    normally would in quiet pursuits and should be interested in the more 
    intellectual phases of living.  You may have a desire to get away from 
    the hustle and bustle.  You should set your mental and spiritual house in 
    order this year, as this is a mental house-cleaning year for you.  This 
    is the year for you to lay a foundation for inner strength and power, and 
    you may have a realization which will make big changes in your life. 
         Your quiet and studious attitude and your desire to understand 
    yourself may be misunderstood, and you may be criticized because you seem 
    so determined to make better use of your mental faculties and think for 
    yourself.  Bill, you may also have a hard time understanding your loved 
    ones and associates, but the feelings of unreasonableness may be mutual. 
    Avoid being unreasonable yourself, which could cause misunderstandings. 
         In spite of the seeming problems, this can be one of the most 
    wonderful years of your life.  The year can bring you recognition and 
    carry you to the front in your sphere of life. Remember that this is a 
    transition period, so don't force issues or try too hard.  This is not a 
    time for expansion or change, but rather a time for reflection and 
    perfection.  Do not brood over the past.  Simply look it over and put it 
    where it belongs. Analyze what you have and what you are doing and deepen 
    the roots of everything that is worth keeping. 
         It can be a good financial vibration if you don't strain after money 
    for its material uses.  Remain calm and await developments.  This 
    personal year can rightly be thought of as the calm before the storm and 
    good use must be made of this somewhat quiet period to fortify and 
    strengthen the constitution to be ready for the powerful year next year. 
         Spiritual fulfillment and learning are heightened during this 
    period, but it can also be somewhat of a lonely year, when one seeks to 
    look from within for the answers to life, rather then sharing problems 
    with others.  This is a waiting year and one must be prepared to 
    consolidate and mark time, exercising extreme patience.  Priorities can 
    now be questioned and new conclusions reached, often vastly different 
    from previous standards. 
                          YOUR NUMBER  8 PERSONAL YEAR
         This is your year for power and achievement, and now is the time 
    when your innermost dreams and ambitions can be fulfilled. It will be 
    necessary for you to be efficient, practical and businesslike all through 
    the year, if you are to reap the rewards of opportunity, advancement and 
    improvement that the year promises. 
         At times conditions may not be easy, and you will need to take great 
    care in directing your energies properly.  Bill, you must have system and 
    order in all undertakings and need to organize and reorganize for the 
    sake of success and advancement. 
          This is a mental year for you , and you need to plan, think, and 
    utilize the power that is yours to improve all areas of your life.  Now 
    is the time for action. Put your thoughts and concepts into concrete 
    form, without resistance or procrastination. 
         Bill, you should be physically fit this year and have the energy to 
    accomplish the tasks at hand.  You will be dealing with material aspects, 
    and if you direct your energies positively and constructively, the year 
    could end with great improvement in position and finances. 
         The number eight personal year can also bring an advancement in 
    personal power, an increase in material wealth, new business agreements 
    and contacts.  Maintain a businesslike manner in all that you do, and 
    avoid to much emotion or sentiment.  Also, guard against pushing to hard, 
    as you can over do it and upset your health.  Use a quiet determination 
    throughout the year and avoid being to dominant. 
                          YOUR NUMBER  9 PERSONAL YEAR
         This is your year for completion.  Many of your affairs will be 
    brought to a head this year; completing a cycle of experience that began 
    nine years ago, preparing you for a new nine year life cycle.  Bill, you 
    will need to get your affairs in order this year, to make way for the new 
    beginnings of next year.  You will feel the need to discard the old and 
    make way for the new.  It is important that you be through with things 
    that have no further value, and nothing should be carried forward that 
    can be left behind. 
         At times during the year, you may feel alone and held back, feeling 
    unable to keep things moving in a steady manner.  Allow life the 
    opportunity to help you out, and keep in mind that although your plans 
    and goals can born now, they may not be fully carried out until next 
    year, when your new cycle begins. 
         This is a good year for study and contemplation, and a time to look 
    within for the inner spirit.  Cultivate writing and music, nature and the 
    arts.  Express your love and compassion to all.  If you are tolerant/ 
    loving and compassionate, you will be rewarded with love and 
         This is a friendship year, and you must be willing to sacrifice 
    yourself materially and sometimes emotionally for others.  You may also 
    feel the need to get away from it all and commune with nature.  Keep a 
    close eye on your health and do not overwork, as you have much to do next 
         If a person or condition in your life desires freedom, let it go.  
    This will be for your own good, and is clearing the way to your future 
    happiness.  Keep your interests of a universal nature, and avoid being 
    small or personal in your thoughts and actions.  Much of your success 
    this year will depend on what you do for others. 
         This can be one of the most satisfying and rewarding years of your 
    life, filled with love, happiness and achievement. 
            ****** LIFE TABLE ******
                YEAR #            YEAR #   NAME     NAME     NAME     NAME
                                           ESSENCE  PAGE #   ESSENCE  PAGE #
        1937      3       32        0        3       27        8       30
        1938      4       33        0        7       29        5       28
        1939      5       33        0        7       29        3       27
        1940      6       34        0        1       27        6       29
        1941      7       34        0        1       27        6       29
        1942      8       35        0        5       28        6       29
        1943      9       36        0        5       28        6       29
        1944      1       31        0        5       28        6       29
        1945      2       32       11        2       27        6       29
        1946      3       32        0        6       29        1       27
        1947      4       33        0        7       29        2       27
        1948      5       33        0        7       29        5       28
        1949      6       34       33        3       27        1       27
        1950      7       34        0        3       27        1       27
        1951      8       35        0        6       29        1       27
        1952      9       36        0        6       29        1       27
        1953      1       31        0        6       29        1       27
        1954      2       32       11        6       29        9       30
        1955      3       32        0        1       27        9       30
        1956      4       33        0        6       29        3       27
        1957      5       33        0        3       27        3       27
        1958      6       34       33        3       27        3       27
        1959      7       34        0        6       29        6       29
        1960      8       35        0        6       29        6       29
        1961      9       36        0        6       29        6       29
        1962      1       31        0        6       29        6       29
        1963      2       32       11        6       29        6       29
        1964      3       32        0        4       28        6       29
        1965      4       33        0        8       30        4       28
        1966      5       33        0        1       27        5       28
        1967      6       34       33        4       28        5       28
        1968      7       34        0        9       30        1       27
        1969      8       35        0        9       30        1       27
        1970      9       36        0        9       30        1       27
        1971      1       31        0        2       27        9       30
        1972      2       32       11        2       27        9       30
        1973      3       32        0        2       27        7       29
        1974      4       33        0        2       27        7       29
            ****** LIFE TABLE ******
                YEAR #            YEAR #   NAME     NAME     NAME     NAME
                                           ESSENCE  PAGE #   ESSENCE  PAGE #
        1975      5       33        0        7       29        3       27
        1976      6       34       33        2       27        3       27
        1977      7       34        0        2       27        3       27
        1978      8       35        0        5       28        6       29
        1979      9       36        0        2       27        6       29
        1980      1       31        0        2       27        6       29
        1981      2       32       11        2       27        6       29
        1982      3       32        0        2       27        9       30
        1983      4       33        0        2       27        9       30
        1984      5       33        0        6       29        4       28
        1985      6       34       33        1       27        5       28
        1986      7       34        0        1       27        5       28
        1987      8       35        0        6       29        1       27
        1988      9       36        0        6       29        9       30
        1989      1       31        0        1       27        9       30
        1990      2       32       11        1       27        7       29
        1991      3       32        0        7       29        7       29
        1992      4       33        0        7       29        7       29
        1993      5       33        0        7       29        7       29
        1994      6       34       33        3       27        3       27
        1995      7       34        0        3       27        3       27
        1996      8       35        0        3       27        3       27
        1997      9       36        0        6       29        6       29
        1998      1       31        0        4       28        6       29
        1999      2       32       11        4       28        9       30
        2000      3       32        0        5       28        9       30
        2001      4       33       13        8       30        9       30
        2002      5       33       14        8       30        9       30
        2003      6       34        0        3       27        4       28
        2004      7       34       16        4       28        5       28
        2005      8       35        0        6       29        4       28
        2006      9       36        0        2       27        9       30
        2007      1       31       19        2       27        7       29
        2008      2       32        0        2       27        7       29
        2009      3       32        0        2       27        7       29
        2010      4       33       13        6       29        7       29
        2011      5       33       14        6       29        7       29
        2012      6       34        0        6       29        7       29
        2013      7       34       16        8       30        3       27
        2014      8       35        0        8       30        3       27
        2015      9       36        0        8       30        3       27
        2016      1       31       19        2       27        9       30
        2017      2       32        0        2       27        9       30
        2018      3       32        0        2       27        9       30
        2019      4       33       22        5       28        9       30
        2020      5       33       14        5       28        9       30
          APPENDIX A
                             TESTING NUMBER (13/4)
         The 13/4 Testing Number or Karmic Debt as it's often called, was 
    developed by avoiding work in a previous life, probably by passing it off 
    on others.  You must strive to understand this burden and make the effort 
    to move on to a more positive use of its energy.  The key to overcoming 
    Karmic Debt is awareness. 
         The 13/4 may well exhibit traits of the negative 4.  He may be 
    stubborn and obstinate and feel confined and limited, although he's 
    convinced it's not his fault.  It may be difficult for this individual to 
    change his course of action in a more productive direction. 
         In this life, the individual will be forced to work very hard, 
    harder than he feels is fair.  If this work is avoided however, the 
    situation will only worsen.  This person must avoid looking for an easier 
    way, and accept the work at hand.  By doing this the Karmic Debt will be 
          APPENDIX B
                             TESTING NUMBER (14/5)
         The 14/5 Testing Number or Karmic Debt as it's often called, was 
    developed by a misuse of freedom in a previous life. Be willing to 
    understand this debt, accept its burden and make the effort to move ont 
    to a more positive use of this energy. 
         The person with the 14/5 Testing Number must learn the lesson of 
    change and must learn not to scatter his energies by jumping around from 
    one thing to another.  He must learn to profit and learn from experiences 
    and mistakes, instead of making the same mistakes over and over again.  
    The person with the 14/5 tends to overindulge in liquor, drugs, food or 
    sensuality and puts a lot of focus on physical pleasures.  This person 
    must learn the correct use of personal freedom and not scatter his 
    energies, otherwise the negative tendencies will be intensified. 
          APPENDIX C
                             TESTING NUMBER (16/7)
         The 16/7 Testing Number or Karmic Debt as it's often called, is a 
    test for faith and optimism of the 7.  The 16/7 is the debt for 
    illegitimate love in a previous life. 
         A person with this Testing Number may seem aloof and difficult to 
    approach.  He is often introverted and sometimes self-centered.  
    Partnerships, marriage and friendships (though not impossible) may be 
    difficult with these vibrations.  This person must keep faith, even in 
    the face of adversity.  He must be careful not to express pride and 
    vanity for this will only magnify the difficulties.  Instead, be aware of 
    these tendencies, love unconditionally and maintain an optimistic 
    understanding.  Seek knowledge; because growth will be proportionate to 
    learning.  The key to overcoming Karmic Debt is awareness. 
          APPENDIX D
                             TESTING NUMBER (19/1)
         The 19/1 Testing Number or Karmic Debt as it's often called, shows 
    there was some abuse in a previous life relating to this number in its 
    given area.  Be willing to understand this debt, accept it's burden and 
    make the effort to move on to a more positive use of this energy. 
         The 19/1 exhibits traits and energy of the negative 1, possibly 
    being so concerned with his own needs that he totally overlooks the needs 
    of others.  He may be surprised by others negative reactions to him, not 
    understanding why this is so.  The person with the 19/1 may also find it 
    difficult to stand on his own two feet and tends to blame others or the 
    world in general. 
         In this life, the individual must learn to realize the needs of 
    others and look past his own needs.  He must also learn to stand on his 
    own two feet, and not be dependent on others, no matter how difficult 
    this struggle may be. 
         The key to overcoming Karmic Debt is awareness.  Strive to master 
    these negative tendencies and turn them into positive energies. 
          APPENDIX E
                              MASTER NUMBER (11)
         The two 1's which support the digit 2 give the master number 11 
    strength, will, determination, and therefore is much stronger then the 
    number 20, which has only the value of 2.  The number 1 also gives the 
    gentle 2 initiative, courage and leadership ability.  It is the 
    combination of the double 1 and the kind and gentle 2 that give 
    outstanding qualities of inner power to bring light to humanity and to 
    influence the masses as a spiritual messenger. 
         The mission of this number is service to mankind.  It is the 
    dreamer, the mystic, and receives it's inspirations and visions from 
    higher planes.  The number 11/2 may be quite psychic, however, not always 
    aware of it. 
         During this period, if the individual seeks to live for the service 
    of mankind, then fame and success are assured.  However, if the 
    individual is selfish in his or her undertakings, or seeks personal 
    ambition alone, then downfall is sure to be encountered. 
         This master number is a number of great power and tension, and may 
    be difficult to live up to because of it's strict requirements.  The 11/2 
    when rightfully expressed and lived up to can rule the masses, however, 
    spiritual living is demanded. 
          APPENDIX F
                              MASTER NUMBER (22)
         The light and spiritual qualities of the number 2 are intensified by 
    the repetition of the double 2 in the master number 22/4, and gives 
    feeling and thought on the higher levels of consciousness.  However, the 
    spiritual qualities of the number 2 are held down to the material and 
    practical level of the number 4. 
         There may be inner conflicts for the 22/4, as the 2 may find it 
    difficult to put its thoughts, desires, and finer attributes into more 
    concrete form and order.  The number 4 is practical, serious, and 
    determined.  It demonstrates a cosmic order of attainment and growth, and 
    with a firm and powerful hand brings time and space down to earth.  It 
    has the power to take what has only been imagined or dreamed of and 
    transform it into what is concrete and applicable to human experience. 
         The 22/4 may need the support of others and will find its victory in 
    working with groups or large undertakings and in helping others.  The 
    master number 22/4 is considered the "spiritual master in form," or the 
    "practical and material master and idealist," who has the power to put 
    the ideals and visions of the master number 11/2 into practical and 
    tangible use for the advantage and profit of mankind. 
         The number 22/4 is the material master and is capable of great 
    achievement.  However, because of this number's great power and tension, 
    it may be difficult to live up to its strict requirements.  During this 
    period the individual with this master number will be required to serve 
    mankind, and to work for the higher ideals of humanity. 
          APPENDIX G
                              MASTER NUMBER (33)
         The 33/6 Master number gives you a strong urge to protect others.  
    You should never be in a profession that would be destructive to 
    humanity.  The two three's give you an expressive and caring attitude and 
    people should feel comfortable telling you their problems; they know 
    you'll understand.  By answering their needs, you will find the 
    fulfillment this number demands of you.  The 33 vibration is Christ-like 
    in expression, it is the peak of expression in humanity. 
         At times you may deny yourself, sacrificing yourself for others.  If 
    you are not living up to the 33, but instead the 6, you may feel little 
    satisfaction from these sacrifices. 
         The 33/6, if used to its potential, has the ability to bring peace 
    to humanity.  You are always ready to help others. It also suggests 
    extraordinary talents in music, art, and literature. 
          APPENDIX H
                              MASTER NUMBER (44)
         The 44/8 stands for strength and complete mental control over your 
    world.  You have the ability to unite the practical and philosophical 
    worlds and should strive to promote better business ethics.  You have the 
    ability to handle immense responsibilities and can achieve great 
    successes and monetary gains under this influence.  However, be careful 
    not be so material that your spiritual growth suffers. 
         Discipline yourself and train your mind to let the higher forces 
    work through you.  Strive to alleviate the physical burdens of others, 
    and help them organize their lives. 
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                   MANY SEVENS                                     PAGE  16
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                   AVERAGE EIGHTS                                  PAGE  16
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                   YOUR NUMBER 3 2ND CYCLE                         PAGE  18
                   ADDED DIMENSIONS FOR THE 3 2ND CYCLE            PAGE  18
                   YOUR NUMBER 2 3RD CYCLE                         PAGE  18
                   ADDED DIMENSIONS FOR THE 2 3RD CYCLE            PAGE  19
                 THE MEANING OF THE PINNACLE NUMBER                PAGE  19
                   YOUR NUMBER 1 1ST PINNACLE                      PAGE  20
                   ADDED DIMENSIONS FOR THE 1 1ST PINNACLE         PAGE  21
                   YOUR NUMBER 5 2ND PINNACLE                      PAGE  21
                   ADDED DIMENSIONS FOR THE 5 2ND PINNACLE         PAGE  22
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                   YOUR NUMBER 9 4TH PINNACLE                      PAGE  22
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                     YOUR NUMBER 5 4TH CHALLENGE                   PAGE  25
                 YOUR PERSONAL COLORS AND GEMS                     PAGE  26
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                   YOUR NUMBER 1 ESSENCE                           PAGE  27
                   YOUR NUMBER 2 ESSENCE                           PAGE  27
                   YOUR NUMBER 3 ESSENCE                           PAGE  27
                   YOUR NUMBER 4 ESSENCE                           PAGE  28
                   YOUR NUMBER 5 ESSENCE                           PAGE  28
                   YOUR NUMBER 6 ESSENCE                           PAGE  29
                   YOUR NUMBER 7 ESSENCE                           PAGE  29
                   YOUR NUMBER 8 ESSENCE                           PAGE  30
                   YOUR NUMBER 9 ESSENCE                           PAGE  30
                 THE MEANING OF THE PERSONAL YEAR                  PAGE  31
                   YOUR NUMBER  1 PERSONAL YEAR                    PAGE  31
                   YOUR NUMBER  2 PERSONAL YEAR                    PAGE  32
                   YOUR NUMBER  3 PERSONAL YEAR                    PAGE  32
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                   YOUR NUMBER  6 PERSONAL YEAR                    PAGE  34
                   YOUR NUMBER  7 PERSONAL YEAR                    PAGE  34
                   YOUR NUMBER  8 PERSONAL YEAR                    PAGE  35
                   YOUR NUMBER  9 PERSONAL YEAR                    PAGE  36
                 LIFE TABLE OF YEARS AND ESSENCE                   PAGE  37 
                 TESTING NUMBER (13/4)                             PAGE  39
                 TESTING NUMBER (14/5)                             PAGE  39
                 TESTING NUMBER (16/7)                             PAGE  39
                 TESTING NUMBER (19/1)                             PAGE  40
                 MASTER NUMBER (11)                                PAGE  40
                 MASTER NUMBER (22)                                PAGE  41
                 MASTER NUMBER (33)                                PAGE  41
                 MASTER NUMBER (44)                                PAGE  42