WSMain.gif (29422 bytes) This is the main screen you work from in Win*Star. Notice the choices you have to work with on the side.



Wsacg.gif (47170 bytes) One of the choices is to create Astrolocality maps for viewing or printing. By taking the cross hair representing your mouse anywhere's on a map (there is a variety of maps) immediately a relocated chart appears. You can then return to your map.




WinStar3.JPG (101074 bytes) Win*Star's Transit Hit List.



WinStar4.JPG (48477 bytes) With Win*Star's Rectification Chart you can set the chart for any given moment and run it backwards and forwards in time.




WinStar5.JPG (61311 bytes) Win*Star's has beautiful graphs to present information.



WinStar6.JPG (77119 bytes) You can work with concentric bi-wheels, tri-wheels and quad- wheels.

You can also work with a variety of singular wheels independent of each other on the same screen.