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Astrological Profile for Shirley Jones

by Gloria Star





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Your Chart Data

Name: Shirley Jones
Date: Mar 31, 2020
Time: 05:30:00 AM EST +05:00
Place: Smithton,PA
079W44'29" 40N09'14"

Natal Chart for Shirley Jones
Koch House System

Planet in Sign Zodiac in House House Cusp

Sun Aries 10�Ar01' 01st 01st 22�Pi55'
Moon Libra 14�Li46' 07th 02nd 01�Ta04'
Mercury Pisces 12�Pi20' 12th 03rd 02�Ge11'
Venus Aquarius 24�Aq50' 12th 04th 26�Ge12'
Mars Aries 13�Ar10' 01st 05th 18�Ca30'
Jupiter Libra 19�Li23' 07th 06th 16�Le42'
Saturn Aquarius 24�Aq33' 12th 07th 22�Vi55'
Uranus Aries 26�Ar23' 01st 08th 01�Sc04'
Neptune Virgo 10�Vi15' 06th 09th 02�Sg11'
Pluto Cancer 22�Ca32' 05th 10th 26�Sg12'
Midheaven Sagittarius 26�Sg12' 10th 11th 18�Cp30'
Ascendant Pisces 22�Pi55' 01st 12th 16�Aq42'


Planet Element Mode Elemental Balance Modal Balance

Sun Fire Cardinal Fire 4 Cardinal 6
Moon Air Cardinal Earth 1 Fixed 2
Mercury Water Mutable Air 4 Mutable 4
Venus Air Fixed Water 3
Mars Fire Cardinal
Jupiter Air Cardinal
Saturn Air Fixed
Uranus Fire Cardinal
Neptune Earth Mutable
Pluto Water Cardinal
Midheaven Fire Mutable
Ascendant Water Mutable



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Program Copyright 1985-1997 Matrix Software, Inc.
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Woman to Woman

An Astrological Portrait

Prepared for Shirley Jones

Your astrological chart provides an amazing guidepost to the most important aspect of your life: an understanding of yourself. As a woman today, you face the challenge of discovering yourself within the context of many life experiences. You wear a variety of faces and play many roles, experiences which can both enhance and complicate your feeling of satisfaction with yourself and your life. Your astrological chart provides indicators which help to define who you are, strengthening an understanding of your needs on every level. Each chart is different in its make-up, and the myriad combinations of influences help to underscore the importance of each person as an individual. One thing you must remember when working with astrology: it is through your free will that you make choices. Your "chart" does not make you do anything!

We are finally acknowledging and realizing within today's world, that men and women experience life differently. The workings of your psyche, symbolized by your astrological chart, are likely to be experienced quite differently through your filter as a woman than they would be if you were born male. This report is designed for you, a woman in a world of change, a woman seeking to become whole.

Your natal, or birth, chart is made up of several factors. Drawn upon a circular wheel, your natal chart shows the positions of the planets relative to your place, date and time of birth. Everything is indicated symbolically, with each symbol having specific meanings. The planets, Sun and Moon are placed around the circle, and each is placed within a particular degree of a sign of the zodiac. The planets, Sun and Moon are energy bodies, and the astrological signs indicate how these energies work. Just as you are a complex of feelings, needs, drives and desires - your natal chart maps these qualities. You will also notice that the planetary symbols fall within particular segments of the circle. These segments, called "Houses", indicate the specific environments and relationships which are part of your life. You may find, upon reading your report, that there are a few contradictions. For example, one factor may indicate independence, while another shows strong dependency. It is not unusual to experience contradictions within yourself, and that is just what your chart illustrates about you! But when you reflect upon these qualities within the context in which they are explained, you may discover some self-illuminating facts about yourself. Self-understanding has a marvelous way of emphasizing your personal power!

An Overall Glimpse at Your Astrological Chart

The astrological signs are defined by one of four elements: fire, earth, air or water. The fire and air elements have a yang (masculine polarity) quality, and tend to be more outgoing and assertive in their nature, whereas the earth and water elements have a yin (feminine polarity) quality, and are more receptive by nature. The elemental balance in your chart is determined by the amount of energy within each elemental sign. The factors added together to find this balance of energy include the Sun, Moon, planets and the angles of the Ascendant and Midheaven.

Your chart shows a strong predominance of air energy, indicating that you function very easily on the mental plane. Living in the world of ideas, you may also gain strength when you are connected to others - at least mentally. Your social calendar is important, not because it's frivolous, but because you need to make contact. Most comfortable with others who are intelligent or interesting, you may be a natural in public relations. It's easy for you to stay in your head, which can be wonderful if you're involved in a mental project or study. But if you're stuck worrying, you may find it difficult to break the habit. The elemental balance in your astrological chart indicates that earth is a weak factor, signifying that you may sometimes feel a need for greater stability. Practical matters may not always be a primary consideration when making major decisions. The problem with little earth is usually related to not being in touch with the physical plane, which can cause you to lose your focus or to ignore physical reality. During the times in your life when you feel out of touch or uncertain, get back to nature. Take a walk in the park or woods, garden, hug a tree, work with clay, or get a massage to remind yourself that you are part physical, too!

Another aspect of your basic nature is determined by the balance of the modes in your chart. The modes are also defined by sign, which are grouped together as either cardinal, fixed or mutable. Your strongest mode is Cardinal, indicating that your basic approach to life is one of getting things started. You're an initiator, and are happiest when you're beginning something new. This factor sometimes indicates an enhanced sense of courage and enthusiasm. A strong ability to get things going, maintain your inspiration, carry through with your commitments and complete projects. Your ability to deal with different styles and human diversity enhances your spirit of cooperation, and makes you a good choice for leadership positions. However, you also have adequate amounts of mutable energy, which is expressed through your ability to remain flexible when necessary. Your weakest link is in fixity, which indicates that you sometimes fail to stay with a person, project or situation until you've completed your obligation or task.


You may also be concerned with the areas in your chart which appear to be empty. Never fear, these houses are not really vacant! You are just not placing as much emphasis in these relationships or environments, or you may be satisfying these needs through other dimensions of your life.

Projection of Your Real Self

Sometimes showing the world who you really are is not easy, and sometimes the world may not respond as you had hoped! It's helpful to take a look at the differences and similarities between the attitudes, impressions and images you project and the person who resides at the core of your being.

With the Sun in Aries your independent way of thinking and doing things may be quite powerful. Your ego self is driven by a need for autonomy. You need plenty of room to move, and the idea of being penned in makes you feel unsettled. You simply do not like waiting, and prefer spontaneity to planned situations. You may also be more comfortable taking the lead, which can be daunting for some of the men in your life. Since your Sun indicates "who you think you are," you may realize that if you see yourself as autonomous, then situations in your life are more likely to develop which allow you to express yourself in a more self-determined manner.

Your Ascendant is the face you present to the world, and shows how others see you. Your Ascendant, or rising sign, is Pisces. Your dreamy-eyed expression may be a dead giveaway, and others may see you as more angelic than you are in actuality. It's easy for others to project whatever they wish onto you, and if you want to change that, you may have to drop down from your pedestal and insist that they see you as you are. You can create whatever image you like, especially if you take the time to determine what you want to project - and that's the hard part! Neptune, the planetary ruler of your Ascendant, is in Virgo in your chart. Your physical body may be especially sensitive, and you may find that paying special attention to your diet and health regimen can have a positive effect on your health. You may feel most comfortable and look best in natural fiber clothing that is both practical and in which you feel at ease. It's important to enhance your natural beauty.

Pluto's trine aspect to your Ascendant adds an aura of intrigue to your self-projection. Your self-assurance can be the result of your easy connection to your inner self and also arises from your ability to read between the lines and see what's actually happening. This energy connection can be further developed through your study of psychology and human behavior, although you may be quite a natural at understanding human nature in the first place. You may also have a dogged persistence when you're on the trail of pursuit - whether you're pursuing a relationship, and idea or a goal.

There are many different facets of the Moon in your chart. But when it comes to your identity, your Moon speaks volumes about who you are at the deepest level: the soul of your being. Your Libra Moon is the part of you which feels most alive when you share those special moments in your life with a partner or companion. Somehow, life is better when you have a true, balanced, working partnership. But getting to that point can be a bumpy road. This drive actually stems from the duality which exists within yourself. Your inner self needs as much recognition and support as the part of you which exists in and is validated by the outside world. Herein lies your true partnership. And from this point, a relationship with someone else can become a reasonable reality.

Understanding Your Inner Feminine Self

Although the temptation is to think that just because you are a woman you are in touch with your inner feminine self, this is a much more complicated task than it appears to be! First of all, the model for the true power of femininity has been lost over recent history and is now becoming re-energized. Recovering this power is a personal task for each woman, and learning to use it, women have identified feminine power as a collective is another story. This process is the cradle of self-healing, and provides the essence of your personal security.

The primary energies associated with your inner feminine self are the Moon and Venus, but Neptune and Pluto are also significant in your experience and expression of this part of your psyche. The Moon is the energy which filters through your subconscious self, and tells the story of your connection to the part of you which provides nurturing, support, care and comfort. The person who projects the model for your Moon energy is your mother, and you see her through the lens of your own emotional matrix, signified by the Moon. As you mature, you learn to send this energy into the world, but to be truly effective, you must first own this energy and know how to use it to care for yourself!

Your Libra Moon shapes your attitudes of femininity in a very special sense: for you, being a woman is a beautiful experience. You may love the essence of feminine grace, charm and delicate beauty, and your ability to radiate those qualities can be easily developed. Your ideals are quite high, though, and you may have a sense of impatience with yourself when you fail to meet your own ideals, and can be especially dissatisfied when you feel that someone else is unhappy with you. When external standards become too important, even your own faith in your inner beauty and personal worth begins to wane. Once you've fallen into the trap of trying to please, you can lose sense of yourself. But you have a gift: you are capable of regaining your balance and getting everything back into perspective. And you are quite capable of standing your own ground and waging battles when necessary. You may yearn for a partner, someone with whom you can share your life. Feeling like Cinderella, hoping that somewhere there is your dream lover and partner, you may dream that somehow you will be beautiful and lovely enough to have him: the perfect man who will respect your needs and honor your individuality. But fairy tales can be the source of your greatest pain. There is nothing wrong with wanting a partner, but expecting him to be your salvation can set you up for disappointment! You have the power to change the outcome by changing your focus. Creating your inner partner can be your greatest challenge, and it is not until you have accomplished that aim that you will feel like a whole woman. Deep within your soul, you know that you will never have the perfect partner until you accept yourself as perfect. Oh, yes, that includes embracing your shortcomings, and it includes accepting the human foibles of everyone else you love. Then, and only then, will the beauty, peace and harmony you hope to find in the world shine through you. The Universe cannot help but reflect it back to you.

Your Moon is in opposition aspect to your Sun, adding emotional intensity to your personality and stimulating a strong sensitivity to your environment and those within it. You are also face to face with yourself and may struggle to remain aware of who you are and what you need, especially in your relationships. Sometimes, it may seem that you are always striving to achieve some type of balance between what you want and what others want from you, but if you are connected to the center of yourself, this task becomes much easier. Even though you may think life might be simpler if you did not have to consider how you feel about things, removing this sensitivity would diminish a powerful level of awareness. You have the capacity to develop high levels of objectivity, since your intuitive insightfulness can work to your benefit. Your emotional sensitivity can also get in your way if you get out of balance or if you allow someone else's needs to overwhelm your own. This aspect indicates conflict between the masculine and feminine elements of your psyche, and this can be played out in your relationships until you gain an awareness of how you work on the "inside". You may even find that you play the roles of both father and mother to your children, although your mothering nature does usually overwhelm your more assertive side. In intimate relationships, you may attract men who want a mother, but you want, most of all, to be a true partner. Certainly there is a level of nurturing which occurs in close relationships, and there's nothing wrong with becoming "mommy" and "daddy" in your roles. Caretaking is part of your identity as a woman, but the levels at which you accomplish expressing this tenderness are up to you.

Through the quincunx aspect from your Moon to Mercury you may have an ongoing frustrating argument within yourself about what you think and what you feel. Sometimes, you can relax and allow your emotional sense of something to flow easily and freely, and sometimes, you can make a perfectly logical decision without having to deal with your feelings about it. Since life is a complicated series of events and experiences, you usually need to incorporate both in some manner. Your argument may be more centered on what you've "learned" about what is logical and what is not. Rational thought processes can involve and incorporate your "sense" of things, and still be rational! However, you can fall victim to the accusation that being a woman somehow impairs your judgment. Now, isn't that a silly idea? Seems that the truth is more along the lines that being human impairs judgment, but who wants to argue?!

Your Moon is in opposition to Mars, stimulating a need for excitement. You may also feel that you are a magnet for conflict and crisis, and your life may seem to be somewhat crisis ridden. Others may think of you as a temperamental woman, and you can certainly be rather expressive when you want to be. Your anger can reach the point of overwhelming you, and you may find that when you do express excessive anger, you become emotionally exhausted. Yet you cannot resist getting things stirred up a bit, especially if you are ready for things to change. It's finding the balance point that's difficult, since going too far one way really causes problems. Relationships with men can be quite interesting, since you are capable of being just as assertive and may not be willing to wait for him to act (or react!). The old model of the man in pursuit would be okay with you if the man would act when you wanted him to act, but you have little patience, especially if you want something right now! But you do like the idea of knowing that you are also desirable, and that is the rock versus the hard place. You may also find it difficult to avoid getting others emotionally stimulated, especially if you know that there's a fight in there somewhere - so watch the way you handle being emotionally manipulative. This is true in your intimate relationships, with your children, and with your friends. Passive-aggressive maneuvers will get you into trouble, and it's a good idea to at least strive for honesty, especially if you want to walk away on good terms.

With your Moon conjunct Jupiter, you are a die-hard optimist, and your energy can inspire and encourage others, too. More likely to think about conquering the horizon ahead than staying in the present moment, you are also quite independent and don't like to think about setting personal limitations. Consequently, it's easy to overdo it. Whether you make promises which are later difficult to fulfill or indulge yourself too frequently, you can get in over your head before you know it. Try to stay in the present moment some of the time. You can be difficult to pin down, and your adventurous spirit may be more at home when you're on the move than when you're in the kitchen.

Your Moon is in the Full Moon Phase of the Lunation Cycle, signifying that you are in pursuit of illumined consciousness. This phase stimulates a quality of idealism, and you may feel most alive when you are somehow connected to the world around you in some way. Your objectivity may be one of your strongest qualities. The archetypal quality associated with this phase of the moon is that of "The Lover," the part of you which knows and shows the power of attraction, sensuality and desire. Through these qualities, you can create a level of eroticism and high romance. This sense of relatedness can stimulate a powerful desire to find your soulmate, and you may be more driven than many women to make that connection. But it goes beyond a singular relationship, since you are also capable of becoming intimately connected to the world in some manner. Communal experiences are quite empowering for you. Whether you're participating in rituals in church, sharing a group consciousness experience at a retreat, or caught in the thrill of cheering for your favorite team - you can ride the wave of energy, and add your own vitality and strength to carry it further. The process of evolution and growth are extremely important, and despite your biological age, you will be most satisfied when your days and nights create a rhythm of continuity, completion, objectivity and connection.

Through the energy of Venus you express your feminine wiles, and also locate the part of yourself that needs to be emotionally expressive. Your sense of inner beauty and feelings of personal worth are also functions of Venus. Venusian energy is part of your connection to other women, and the placement of Venus in your chart can tell you a lot about your openness and acceptance of your own femininity. Although your Moon may indicate your basic emotional nature, the manner by which you express your feelings is frequently through Venusian energy.

Through the energy of Venus in Aquarius you harbor a sense of unconditional love, and need love relationships which allow you to feel free, open and expressive. Your capacity for friendship is immense, although you may have only a few special friends who share your intimate thoughts and secrets. Yet everyone who meets you may feel that they have found a friend, and you are likely to be sincere in your desire to acknowledge the humanity in everyone. Although your feminine nature is quite strong, in some respects, you may feel almost androgynous, since you may be able to relate to men and women with a clear understanding and connection. You may have quite a broad appeal, and if your career places you in the public eye, men and women alike may respect and admire you. Your sense of personal style is likely to be quite unique, and you may look great in clothing which is trend-setting or unusual. You may even create some of your own styles, or have someone create them for you alone. Translucent colors like violet, turquoise and purple stimulate your energy. In relationships you may find it difficult to focus on just one person until you know for sure you've found someone who understands and accepts your uniqueness and individuality. The man who is looking for the "regular" wife has not found his answer in you! You are most likely to exchange vows you've written yourself than to feel at home with the old standby of "love, honor and obey", and certainly would leave out the obey part. You may also prefer to avoid marriage altogether unless it serves a reasonable purpose and is addressed on your own terms.

You love the most elegant, beautiful and finest things life has to offer. Your self-assured and cheerful attitude is very attractive and works like magic when you're in a pinch. Somehow you can always pull out of a tight situation, a result of the power generated by your deep sense that you truly deserve to have your needs fulfilled. With Venus in trine aspect to Jupiter you are the eternal optimist and may have an excellent vision of what the future can bring. Others may be drawn to you for this reason, especially when they are at a lack for ideas of options. Social gatherings may be your forte, since you definitely know how to entertain in a grand manner. But you're the woman who can accomplish the same results in a business setting, too. With classy appearance and intelligent grace, you're the woman everybody notices and enjoys.

Venus and Saturn are conjunct in your chart, stimulating a feeling of restraint in expressing your emotions. You have high standards for yourself. In fact, you may have a long list of qualifications for yourself and others which must be met before you can be on the receiving end of the goodies. Although that may seem like a practical approach, it can be a bit frustrating. Your feminine self-expression can be quite powerful through these energies however, but you're not likely to be flowery and silly. Instead, you prefer a mature approach to love and emotionality, and can be quite matter of fact about what you do or do not like. You have a well-defined taste and sense of style.

With Venus and Uranus in sextile aspect, you can be quite provocative. Your unique way of expressing yourself draws attention, and can work to your benefit when you're feeling good about yourself. You're the type of woman who prefers to do things your way and to have a strong level of autonomy in relationship to others. You're quite willing to offer the same to others, and may encourage your friends and family in their efforts to develop themselves. You like being an individual, and enjoy doing things which amplify your uniqueness.

Although the planets Neptune and Pluto move very slowly and are generational in nature, they do have an influence upon your psyche. These energies define much about the collective experience which shapes your inner self. You're experiencing Neptunian energy when you're in the midst of reverie, when you're deep in dreams and when you're feeling compassionate. Neptune drives your imagination, the realm of illusion and your psychic sensibilities. Because Neptune is difficult to grasp on a physical level, there is a lot about this energy that can be problematic, and when you are caught in the negative grasp of Neptune, you can give in to addictive behaviors, escapism and deception manifesting. But you do have a way of channeling this energy. It is through Neptune that you find the heart of compassionate love and understanding. This is the doorway to your inner self.

With Neptune in Virgo, you are part of the generation of women born from 1928 to 1943 who have understood the importance of developing and maintaining sound minds and bodies. In the perfect world envisioned by your generation, health, good education and clean environments are extremely valuable - and you have individually and collectively instilled this attitude into the developments in modern society. Your role as a woman in the world has also been influenced by a strong desire to learn and to become proficient in dealing with the world. The vision of sound health on every level held by your generation is still powerfully influential in the development of educational models, health facilities and other institutions which support the betterment of life on earth.

Pluto represents the primordial essence. It is from this level that all transformation occurs: birth, death, illness, healing. And it is here that the powerful kundalini force continually regenerates itself. This is the space of all creation and all power. It is the space of origin: the Great Mother.

With Pluto in Cancer, you are part of a generation of women born from 1913 to 1938 who have had to learn about the importance of strong families and what it means to be tied to a particular family heritage. You have been alive through the challenge of hate mongers like Hitler who violated the very sanctity of human life. You have been part of the powerful woman's revolution, even if you were not actively burning your bra, which has altered the very nature of families and women's roles in society. These things have had a powerful influence upon your own psyche as an individual, too. You have learned that the sanctity and power of life may rest in finding a true sense of home within yourself.

Owning Your Inner Masculine Self

For centuries, women were not allowed to assert themselves in the world, and carefully learned the role of supporter of their "men." Those who failed to respond in this manner were frequently shunned or punished, although there have always been women who defied convention! During this century particularly, women have broken out of their strictly "conventional" roles, and have been making their way in the world. Because of this, women have been successful at fulfilling more of their needs, and owning their own power more readily. As a result, a woman's relationship with the men in her life has also changed. Despite women's collective knowledge about the need to be whole persons, it is still sometimes easier to allow men (fathers, brothers, lovers and husbands) to "own" certain qualities. (They, in turn, prefer that women own certain qualities - like emotions!) But to become truly whole and functional, it is necessary to find and incorporate your inner masculine self into your sense of wholeness, instead of projecting that part of yourself onto others (most usually men) in your life.

Through the process of becoming at home with your ego, you gain a true sense of personal strength and power. To own this power, you must learn to acknowledge that it is okay to be recognized for who and what you are. Your Sun energy is the primary factor in the expression of ego needs. As a young girl, you may have seen your father through the filter of your Sun. His power of getting out into the world, and the manner by which he did it, have shaped your own sense of personal identity. And today, the Sun in your chart may symbolize significant men. But this energy is, in itself, the core of your spirit.

Through your Aries Sun, you have the capacity to develop a strong level of autonomy and self-direction. You may be a self-starter and will prefer to address life on your own terms. However, you can have a little difficulty trying to figure out how to go after the things you want without alienating others. If your approach is too brash or abrasive, you'll meet with resistance and end up feeling that you're always defending yourself. Despite being a woman, you may be okay in situations with "the guys," especially if you're involved in sports or other activities in which there are more men than women present. Since you can be competitive, you may set up situations which provide a challenge, but you do not need to feel that you're always doing battle. You need some positive outlets through which you can develop your willpower, and may enjoy a career path which requires you to forge into new territory from time to time. You're an excellent leader, and whether you're working in the world, guiding your family through a crisis or seeking spiritual clarity, you can forge a path which others readily follow.

Adding to your need for recognition is a drive to accomplish the things you want to do. The combined energies of the Sun and Mars in your chart function like a supercharged turbo engine. That sounds a little masculine, doesn't it? More power !! Well, how do you handle the need to compete, on your own terms, without igniting too many fights? First of all, give up the idea that everything must be peaceful all the time. Accept the fact that you are somewhat crisis-oriented, and that you need situations which allow you to drive yourself. Avoid getting yourself into circumstances where you are ruled or controlled by others. If you give in, you might turn that energy inward and undermine your physical vitality. Look for challenges, and have some fun with them. Find a man who is strong enough to stand the heat of your passion. Just agree on the rules before you start playing any games!

You tend to give away too much power to the men in your life with your Sun in semisquare aspect to Saturn, and every time you do, you feel regret. The problem is experience: over time, you learn to alter your fear of being in control and gradually accept more and more responsibility for yourself and your happiness. As you do this, you will take a more measured approach to dealing with the men in your life. You may feel that you have to prove yourself in some way, and that's okay as long the motivation rests in your need to satisfy yourself. But if you're swallowing your personal pride just to please some man, you still have work to do.

You may think you have a special talent for getting off track with your Sun in quincunx aspect to Neptune. The problem is one of focus: integrating who you are with where you are. Your imagination and creative sensibilities are especially strong, and sometimes your "consciousness" can seem to be in one place while some other part of yourself is in a totally different zone. As a result you can present a confusing image to others, and may not feel particularly confident about the image you want to present - period. By spending some time each day in meditation or contemplation, calming your mind and centering your energy, you will be more capable of balancing these inner frustrations. Then, the peace, compassion and love which resides in your heart can shine through all that you are much more easily.

Mars energy is assertive, aggressive and combative, and can be angry. These are not "feminine" qualities. In fact, women who possess and project these qualities from within themselves often get bad names, and are called "ball-busters," or other expletives, by the men who are dealing with them. But to become fully whole, you need to accept the manner in which you can utilize your Mars energy so that you are confident and strong with it, and so you can get into the world and make things happen for yourself!

Pursuing the fulfillment of your needs and desires is something you do with great courage and strong assertiveness. With Mars in Aries, you learned early that you like to do things that are challenging. Whether you're involved in sports, career pursuits, or building a family - you're the woman who will forge ahead despite the odds. You may also be quite comfortable expressing your anger, openly and directly. Who say's it's not ladylike?

You may love the feeling of exhilaration you experience when you're screaming down the highway at 90 miles an hour with your hair on fire! Oh, you're not that wild and crazy? With Mars in opposition to Jupiter, you may not always be pushing the edge of your limits, but chances are, you'll do it most of the time! Being a woman rarely gets in your way. In fact, you may find people frequently shake their heads and wonder how a woman could do what you just did. Your impulsiveness can get you into hot water, although you might be quite adept at coming out okay anyway. Finding healthy outlets for your needs to experience the exciting adventure of living will allow you to live a longer, safer life. That's why bungee jumping has an advantage over just jumping off a three hundred foot cliff!

You may have an indirect approach toward asserting yourself with Mars in quincunx aspect to Neptune. Your evasive tendencies can undermine your ability to accomplish what you want, especially if you are sending mixed messages through your actions (or lack thereof!). Men may seem to be difficult to pin down or understand, and part of the problem could be that you have trouble letting them know what you want or need. Try taking the risk of sharing your dreams with someone you trust, and find ways to approach manifesting them instead of just hoping that someday they will just happen. You'll be much more satisfied when you've been instrumental in creating your own happiness.

Developing Your Mind

Education and learning are lifelong processes. Your approach to developing your intellect is multifaceted, but there are special indicators in your astrological chart which help you understand the best ways to develop your mentality. Improving and strengthening communication skills is also part of developing your mind, since connecting to others is certainly improved if you can effectively illustrate your point of view!

Although the energy of Mercury is traditionally considered to be the main indicator of your mentality, there are also other qualities which are part of your mental and intellectual self. First, let's look at Mercury, which is the energy through which you link your thoughts and ideas with others. Your impressionable mind opens your consciousness to a high level of imagination and creativity with Mercury in Pisces. Although you may have a little trouble distinguishing the difference between what you feel and what you think about something, this is unlikely to get in the way of your learning what you need to know about life. You can be an insightful thinker, and may be able to rely on your sixth sense to help you when making decisions and judgments. It may be easier to communicate some of your ideas through art, photography, dance or music than through words, since the depth of your perceptions may seem inadequately expressed in words alone.

You've always liked to do things your own way, and your approach to problem-solving may be outside the realm of the traditional. With Mercury in semi-square to Uranus your manner of communicating is one of the expressions of your individuality. You learn best when you have a good balance between structure and freedom, and in your career you'll function at the highest level when given opportunities to demonstrate your independence. Staying focused on anything for a long period of time can be difficult for you.

The ideals of love versus the logical facts of life can sometimes leave a huge gap. With Mercury in opposition to Neptune you definitely have your fantasies about what it means to have the perfect connection to a partner. Your problems arise when you get into the vague zone and fail to clarify what you need, what you feel or what you really meant to say. There's a time and place for magical thinking, but if you really want a commitment, you may have to come down to earth for a few minutes if you want it to stick!

The energy of your Moon also has a mental component. The Moon is the realm of thought, the process of subconscious thinking, and plays a strong role in intuitive thinking. The social part of learning is important to you, and your Libra Moon may influence you to develop your social skills more fully. Your love of cultural expressions, such as the arts and literature, is quite evident and you are drawn to refined people and situations. Your learning environment is important, and you'll find that you're more open-minded and mentally focused in a beautiful or serene setting.

Jupiter also plays an important role in learning, stimulating you to look ahead into the realm of possibility, beyond the horizon of the now. Through the energy of Jupiter, you share what you know with others. As a woman, you are likely to feel most at home when you use this energy to encourage and support others, but you can also apply this to yourself! You've adopted a philosophy of fairness, and may believe that life should always be just with Jupiter in Libra. Although you've probably seen evidence to the contrary, your ideal life would involve situations where everyone is treated fairly and equally. You function and learn best in an environment which is beautiful and peaceful, and if you're involved in education, will include social skills in your teaching practices. You may also have an interest in the law and the social practice of other cultures and may be an expert in diplomatic or social relations.

You may be strongly goal-oriented with Mars in opposition to Jupiter. However, you may set goals which are very difficult to achieve or which require you to reach beyond your own limitations. You love a good challenge, including challenges in learning. It's possible you could reach burnout before you complete the task, especially if you're pushing too hard too soon. Learning to pace yourself is crucial if you are to achieve the success you desire.

Learning can be easy for you, since your desire to reach beyond your limitations blends very nicely with your ability to discipline and focus your energy. Your sense of judgment can be quite well developed with Jupiter in trine aspect to Saturn. Creating educational goals may have played an important part in your life when you were younger, but you still enjoy learning and expanding your grasp of knowledge about the world. You may consider yourself a lifelong student, always seeking, constantly building your understanding. This is the seat of true wisdom.

Your strong will and independent way of thinking may have made it difficult to adhere to the educational plan set forth by traditional society. With Jupiter in opposition to Uranus, you need to learn in the school of life, although you can also accomplish an education within the system if you must. Your need to break free of dogmatic thinking is powerful, and you will probably rebel against any school of thought which tries to label you in any way. After all, you're here to break the mold, right?!

The purpose of Saturn is to provide clarity, structure, form and discipline - elements which are certainly important to learning. Saturn functions primarily as your inner teacher. Mothers are the most influential Saturnian models in western society. They provide the structure, guidance and support for their children in the realms of learning, socialization or personal growth. Once you enter society as a child, teachers play the Saturnian role. But the role of mothers and teachers in relationship to Saturn is to help you define the structure upon which you will build your life. Then, you "own" your Saturn, and know how to discipline and focus your own energy.

Your interest in learning may be quite genuine with Saturn in Aquarius, although you might have strong opinions about the needs for educational reform. You may do quite well learning about scientific fields, although you can be rather rigid in adhering to certain theories. Abandoning old ideas may not be as easy as you would like, since you prefer the sense of security you gain from thinking that you might be able to predict a certain outcome because you're using something tried and true. But you cannot help but carve out a few new pathways, since true genius rarely repeats a worn out pattern.

The areas of your chart which are connected most strongly to mental and intellectual development are the 3rd, 9th and 11th Houses. The 3rd House of your chart deals with communication and the development of concepts.

Your insightful intelligence is influenced by Gemini's rulership of your 3rd House. Your multifaceted way of thinking is quite an asset when problems need to be solved or people need to be contacted. An exceptional negotiator, your ability to bring people together through opening lines of communication is one of your greatest assets. Mercury's rulership of your 3rd House adds a special ability to get along with others on an everyday basis, since reaching out and making contact is also self-confirming for you. You like to get to the point, and prefer to deal with factual evidence when making important decisions. Learning may be rather enjoyable for you, throughout your lifetime.

There are no planets in your 3rd House, indicating that developing your communicative capacities is not one of your highest priorities. However this does not indicate an impairment in your thinking or a lack of intellectual development. To further understand your approach to communication reflect upon the meaning of the sign on the cusp of this house, explained above, and study the influence of Mercury in its sign and house as indicators of the best ways to develop your intellect.

Your 9th House shows your approach to higher learning, which is usually accomplished through a college or professional degree program. Subjects like philosophy, religion, political science, cultural pursuits and the like are strongly associated with this facet of your development.

The influence of Sagittarius on the cusp of your 9th House stimulates a strong desire to open your mind and find the truth. Your quest may lead you to travel, study, converse, write, read and explore. Nature is fascinating to you, as is human nature. You may enjoy the experience of competition at the philosophical level: something like the Olympics is quite appealing to you, where people from all parts of the world come together to strive for excellence. Jupiter's rulership of this house stimulates a prophetic and visionary ability and encourages you to reach beyond your current limitations toward horizons which are yet undiscovered.

There are no planets in your 9th House, indicating that extended education in a formal setting may not be your highest priority. Although you may be quite philosophical or approach life itself as a learning experience, you may have interruptions in formal education or may find that you learn in different ways than those found in more academic settings. To further understand your approach to education study the meaning of the sign on the cusp of the 9th House explained above, and reflect on the energy of Jupiter and its sign and house placement as indicators of the development of your higher mind.

Through the 11th House you learn from peers, and connect with your community. The 11th House involves your special interests, too. This is very much the school of life, because this is also the area which relates to developing your goals.

You're quite capable of putting a strong foundation underneath your dreams with Capricorn's influence in your 11th House. You may find it easier to accomplish your aims when you have a well-defined path, and that path can be clarified by setting goals. You need long-term and short-term goals, since you can become discouraged if you're just aiming for something that will happen many years in the future. Those short-term goals will also act as stepping stones toward the summit! Saturn's rulership of this house shows that you need clarity when working toward your aims and that you might appreciate guidance or support from a friend or mentor to help you maintain your focus.

There are no planets in your 11th House, indicating that you may not find it necessary or important to develop a strict set of goals, and that you may not seek out confirmation and support from others in order to reach a sense of fulfillment. To further understand your special interests look to the sign on the cusp of this house explained in the section above, and study the placement of Uranus in your chart to determine where you find your best allies.

Your Special Edge

It's true. Women are definitely the intuitive sex. The process of intuitive awareness may be more developed for you as a woman because you are more cyclically aware, thanks to your anatomy and hormonal changes. But there is something more. As a woman, your natural affinity with the energy of the Moon increases your receptivity, an important ingredient in opening to the intuitive process. Intuitive awareness is multifaceted. You can use it when you're dealing with emotional and psychological issues, you can apply it to your creative expression, and you can take advantage of your intuition in your work as part of your decision-making. Developing your intuitive process is like developing any other sensibility - you have to concentrate some time, effort and energy in order to finely hone this element of your psyche. Although some quality of intuition may be there innately, to make the most of it, you must learn to trust, listen and incorporate it into your life.

The parts of your chart which are most strongly associated with intuitive sensibility are the water houses: the 4th House, the 8th House and the 12th House. The 4th House is connected to your soul history. It is here that you seek a sense of home, a connection to your family, and a feeling of safety and comfort. It is here that your soul remembers your past, even if your conscious mind cannot fit the pieces together.

You may be quite curious about the nature of your soul with Gemini on the cusp of your 4th House. Sometimes when you try to force spiritual issues to fit into a logical framework, a part of you may scream out that you can't get there that way! You can also become distracted from the yearnings of your soul in favor of exploring the world, and, after all, you are here on the physical plane and need to understand the nature of things. But you do have a powerful 6th sense, especially in matters which affect your family. Mercury's rulership of this house adds the potential of blending your intuitive and rational processes.

There are no planets in your 4th House indicating that you may not assert a strong level of conscious energy in building a connection to your soul. This does not mean that you cannot achieve an inner sense of recall regarding your soul's history or your deeper needs, but indicates instead that you may find the doorway through other activities or experiences beyond your connection to your family of origin or their traditions. To further understand this gateway to your soul, study the sign on the cusp of this house explained above for the influences which will help you remember your spiritual past.

The 8th House brings you into your deepest emotional attachments, and is the space where you are alchemically transformed. This is the seat of your magical power: your ability to change yourself in order to become whole. Here is the heart of healing, but here you also hide your greatest vulnerabilities. Most people shy away from dealing with 8th House issues like sex, death and taxes. After all, there can be problems with any of them, and they are not easy to explore out in the open. But there is more. For your intuitive development, this area represents the part of you which holds your power, and you must learn accept and embrace this side of yourself to feel truly satisfied with your life.

With Scorpio on the cusp of your 8th House, you have experienced the effects of true regeneration of yourself. Your views of birth, death, sexuality and healing may be quite matter of fact - that's just the way things are. And although you can be quite passionate, you may be capable of working with the processes of change which would redirect the focus of your passion. You may have a strong flow of energy which can aid your own healing. You can also be an effective healing channel for others. Additionally, you may be quite sensitive to the undercurrents of your relationships, although you may not like having the deal with them directly. The influence of Pluto as the ruler of this house strengthens your ability to welcome the inevitable changes and to use them as an empowering opportunity. But if you're too intent upon trying to direct the outcome as you would have it, you may be waging war on yourself.

Since you do not have any planets in your 8th House you may not feel very strongly driven to probe into the mysteries of life. Perhaps you do not have issues in this regard, but there may also be other factors in your chart which drive you in this capacity, and do not need the additional focus in this particular area. To further understand your 8th House study the sign associated with it explained above, and look to the planet associated with that sign.

The 12th House is the space of your dreams. Here, you surrender your conscious self and float into the beyond. This is also the place in your psyche which contains your past, and where you are one with all humanity. Your superconscious self rests in this part of your psyche: the part of yourself that transcends your everyday reality.

The influence of Aquarius on your 12th House stimulates a powerful urge to break free of the bonds of the physical plane. Your urge to return to the source can prompt you to develop your creative or artistic sensibilities and to employ your ingenuity in freeing your inner self. You may be tempted to escape through negative means, and can develop addictions or become neurotically driven to insulate yourself from the pressures of life. Your true yearnings are connected to your awareness that there is a reality beyond the physical plane, but you still have to cope with being here in order to accomplish the quest of your soul! Uranus rules this house, indicating that you may follow a rather unique path toward awareness and awakening. But that's okay, as long as you reach the light you're seeking.

Sometimes it is possible for you to tune in to the mental energy of others with Mercury in your 12th House. Your mind may act like a receiver, picking up thoughts and ideas. It's not exactly that you're "reading minds" as much as you're connecting to others through the mental place. You may see this functioning most with those who are close to you when you finish their sentences for them. You can also project your own thoughts to others quite effectively, but may be a better receiver than sender. This influence is quite helpful in dealing with the collective in such activities as media, advertising or creative expression, since you have an easy understanding of what interests people as a whole. You know what it is: it's that sense of knowing if something will work or if it will flop. However, you do need to clear your thoughts through activities such as meditation or contemplation in order to maintain your focus and lucidity.

You may have great compassion for humanity with Venus in your 12th House. The stimulation to give loving support arises from this influence, and whether you've chosen to direct this energy toward your family and loved ones or into your community through some type of service, your own heart is filled when you're reaching out. But you also have a powerful emotional sensitivity, and when there is conflict, turmoil or pain around you, you can feel it deep within your own heart. This may stimulate your creativity in a particular manner, and regardless of your creative outlets, you have the capability to reach others through your artistry. To maintain your own inner harmony, you need to practice forgiveness for yourself and others, and may become an example of true peace and serenity when you're allowing the currents of love to flow through you.

Your desire for solitude may be stimulated by Saturn's influence in your 12th House. You may need ample time to reflect and clarify and can benefit from regular periods of meditation which will allow you to release your anxieties and open to true inner peace. It is critical that you learn how to deal with and address your fears, because they can inhibit your ability to remain open to your intuitive and creative sensibilities. Finding your inner dragon and discovering ways to either live with or banish that part of you which is overwhelming will restore your faith in yourself and in the divine order.

The energy of your Moon plays an important role in your intuitive development. Since your Moon is related to your subconscious mind, it should not surprise you that this is the part of you that contains all knowledge about yourself and your life. Occasionally it's a good idea to purge from your psyche the things you no longer need - much like an internal house cleaning. Your hormonal cycles provide an excellent opportunity to do just that, and by using this natural rhythm to release, you can feel much more open to clearer transmission of intuitive thinking!

Through your Libra Moon, you may discover that your intuition works to your greatest advantage when you're dealing with people. This can be especially true if you're involved in counseling or human relations, since you may be able to use your sensibilities to help you understand the larger picture of what's happening. You can also be quite artistic and have a marvelous intuitive sense of color, style and design. You may be one of those women who knows how to fit into almost any situation, and part of that is because you can sense the most advantageous times to talk, listen or walk away!

There are other points related to the Moon which you'll find in your chart. They are called the Moon's Nodes, and are not planets, but points in space. The influence of the Moon's Nodes is felt on an inner level. From the South Node, you learn about your past and the natural inclinations which may influence many of your subconscious choices. In some ways, the South Node suggests old habits. The North Node of the Moon suggests a spiritual and emotional challenge, and represents the directions you may feel compelled to follow in your evolutionary path.

Your spiritual path carries you into a true understanding of the need for the human race to be humanitarian with your North Node in Aquarius. Of course, there is a difference, and your frustration with the fact that people are frequently the problem with humanity can gnaw at your soul. By seeking opportunities to serve the whole of society through your creativity and ingenuity, you grow and experience strong evolutionary leaps. But your South Node in Leo may tempt you to make choices which would give you the glory, and in which you would be tempted to take it for yourself alone. By developing true unconditional love, you'll experience ample support and at the same time will be able to keep your heart open and alive.

Uranian intuition is the flash of insight. Sometimes that flash is so brilliant that you change your entire life to follow it's glow. This is also the part of you which defies restraint, and certainly your intuitive mind can celebrate that possibility!

Your personality is keyed to breaking through all types of barriers and letting the part of you that is different shine through. The influence of Uranus in your 1st House indicates that you need plenty of room to develop and listen to your intuitive voice. It is this part of you which prompts you to make unusual changes. Your manner of doing things may seem unconventional, and your way of getting there can be difficult to explain. But somehow, you arrive - frequently to surprise both others and yourself. The discovery of your real self may be the most serendipitous happening of all!

Neptune's energy takes you into the world of the etheric - the place beyond the physical which is filled with mystical wonder. You surrender to this part of yourself when you meditate, when you give in to your creative muse, and when you give of yourself to others. In developing your intuitive and psychic sensibilities, Neptune provides a primary ingredient: letting go. Through this energy you surrender yourself to the greater truth. But be careful: you can also surrender your will to the power of deception and abuse through another of Neptune's doorways!

Your physical body may be highly sensitive with Neptune in your 6th House. You may feel things in different parts of your body as a means of picking up impressions about other people or your environment. When you're around others who are ill, upset or negative, you can easily absorb their energy on a vibrational level, and it can effect your own sense of well-being. It is imperative that you develop strong emotional boundaries and powerful energy filters or methods to release energy you may have picked up during the day. Long showers in which your visualize yourself being cleared from head to toe, within and without, can be quite effective. You should also seek out natural healing methodologies as frequently as possible, since you may be highly sensitive to drugs. Alcohol or drug use is a major no-no for you. You're just too sensitive.

Pluto's insight is on the deeper psychic level. Through Plutonian energy you can read between the lines. You see the twitch of an eye that tells the truth, you read the movement of hands, the tone of voice that betrays what words fail to say. Developing your Plutonian energy requires that you reach into the very depths of yourself and become familiar with your entire being. Yes, that includes your shadow self, your darker side - and it also encompasses your passion, your strength of survival and your ability to heal.

Your creativity can stimulate healing and regeneration through Pluto's influence in your 5th House. You may also find that surrendering to your creative flow acts as a positive release for unexpressed or blocked emotional energy. Love relationships provide your most phenomenal opportunity to experience transformational change, and anyone who helps you unlock the doors to your heart will also experience life changes. You can become exceptionally connected to your children and lovers, and may have such insight into their energy that you can feel what is happening to them. But you cannot control the outcome or their choices.

Nurturing and Creating a Home

Nurturing. Mothering. These experiences are associated with womanliness, but are not the sole definers of your womanhood. Although women are the only ones who can become mothers, it is not necessary to be a mother to become an exceptional nurturer! Nurturing is a natural expression for women - but the manner in which it is done is very individualized. Whether with children, lovers, partners, friends - or even with your own parents - you have ample opportunities to nurture others. The person who needs your nurturing most, however, is YOU. Although caring for others can fill a special place in your soul, the way you care for yourself is especially important. You may derive nourishment from developing your talents and skills, or through your work. Study or travel can be nourishing. And something as simple as a long soak in the tub can refill your spirit. Part of nourishing yourself is physical, part emotional and part is definitely environmental: what you create in a home. In exploring these factors together, you can begin to see the link between these different levels of personal fulfillment.

Yet another facet of your Moon beyond what you've already explored, is what your Moon shows about your deepest needs. You can only feel whole when these needs are answered and fulfilled. Although it is tempting to look outside, your wisdom tells you that a great part of the responsibility for nourishment comes from within yourself.

You may adore being pampered. The energy behind your Libra Moon may keep you so involved doing things with others to help them stay happy that you don't always do things which fill your own soul. This is especially true if you have children, since you're likely to do whatever you can to make sure that they have a chance for dancing lessons, school functions, music lessons, sports activities, the best birthday parties, or anything they need to develop their social skills and have a full life. If you're married, you may also do a lot to support your husband's needs. You work, too? Well, then you need lots of time to indulge your every whim! When you stop to think about it, you may wonder what you really do need for yourself. Start by concentrating on your need for inner harmony, and allow a little time each day for peaceful contemplation. You also need to let your hair down sometimes. If that means popping your favorite CD into the stereo and dancing around the room, then go for it! Or take the time to have lunch with an old friend, make a phone call to your college roommate, or go to a movie with your sweetie. Make it a point to regularly visit your beautician and be pampered a little in addition to having your hair done. Find your favorite spot and read a steamy romance novel. Attend a concert or play or go to an art gallery just to be enthralled with the beauty. Filling your soul in these ways fills your heart with joy and adds sparkle to your smile.

Saturn also plays a positive role in nurturance. Despite the bad rap Saturn sometimes receives, this energy is necessary to your stability and growth. Through Saturn, you learn to take responsibility for yourself and your actions. Saturn also seems to be the repository of your fears, and it's important to understand and deal with these emotions in order to be whole. Trying to repress such feelings blocks your ability to feel the positive, supportive energy that life has to offer. In many respects, the energy of Saturn is played out in your life by your experience with authority figures. Your mother and father, extended family and teachers were your primary Saturnian influences when you were a young girl, and their direction and guidance still whisper in the way you approach establishing your personal security. As an adult woman, you express Saturn through the manner in which you take responsibility for yourself and your needs for stability and security.

Your need to be around other people is stimulated by a penetrating sense of feeling alone. With Saturn in Aquarius you may realize, more than others, that becoming a functional part of the social system is a key to humanity's survival. Your hope may be that, through cooperation and hard work, the world can become a better place. Therefore, you may become involved in community activities, special interests or other situations which involve working toward an ideal in order to make a difference. If you begin to feel hopeless, you can just as readily withdraw but will not feel satisfied. Developing a special and close friendship is a key to your survival as a woman, even if you may have periods of separation or live miles apart.

Your 4th House illuminates what you need in a home environment, where you will feel most comfortable and how you like to live. It is here that you create a feeling of safety, where you can let your hair down and be yourself.

The influence of Gemini on the cusp of your 4th House adds a need for open, airy spaces to your list of preferences in your home environment. You're likely to have an interesting collection of personal belongings representing your varied interests, although some of them are probably collecting dust from a lack of attention. One thing is certain, you definitely need telephones in convenient places, since being able to reach out and touch at a moment's notice is very important. In today's computer age, you may also need a place for your home computer system, complete with modem. There may always seem to be children around your household, since you are probably quite happy to be around them. Mercury's influence may also indicate that there are people coming and going. You may like having books and magazines around and may have a diversified library. Lots of windows are a requirement so you can feel the breezes moving through your living space. As for decor, some splashes of oranges, yellows or golds can be stimulating accent colors.

Just because you don't have planets in your 4th House don't think that you will not have a home! The sign on the cusp of this house, explained above, gives you clear information about your approach to building your nest, and the planet associated with that sign indicates the energy you use to accomplish that task.

Meeting the World on Your Terms

Career and financial arenas were for many years primarily part of the "man's world." Women stayed at home, cared for children, and took care of the social needs of the family. Now that so many women are in the work place, and with the advent of more open relationships where both partners are likely to share paying bills and making financial decisions, the world is changing. You can define your identity in the world in many ways today, including developing a career. Meeting the world on your own terms involves uncovering the manner in which you might shine most effectively and the way you use your resources, and creating a pathway which allows you to realize your goals.

The Midheaven, which is usually near the top of your astrological chart, is signified by an astrological sign. This point in your chart represents your vocation, your calling in life, and the sign at the Midheaven gives you several clues about your path in the outside world. Just as importantly, the Midheaven signifies your blossoming into wholeness and the manner by which you might best accomplish this experience. Your 10th House also provides information about your career path.

The influence of Sagittarius at your Midheaven stimulates a need to pursue a life based upon high ideals. Your philosophical attitudes shape your life path and the quest for Truth and Wisdom may be the keys to finding your right livelihood. You may find great satisfaction working in academia, religion, publishing, the law or politics, and even if your job does not fall into these areas, you may always be studying something and definitely have your opinions! You may enjoy acting as an agent or promoting the talents of others. The energy of Jupiter is also associated with your Midheaven, adding a need to follow a career path which is in harmony with your sense of ethics. For you, right livelihood is more than a phrase, it's a way of approaching your life so that everything leads to true prosperity.

With Jupiter in Libra you may be especially successful in the legal profession, but can also have great influence as an artist or supporting the arts. Your outgoing nature can be an asset in almost any profession, and will definitely strengthen your rise up the ladder in business or industry.

The process of work itself is usually seen through the 6th House in your chart. Through this facet of yourself, you express your approach and attitudes about working, and your ability to cooperate with others is also indicated here. This house is related to your physical health, and it's no surprise that you might hear the complaint (or feel it yourself), "I'm sick of my job." Instead of feeling thrown off balance by the tasks required to get through life, there are ways to use this part of your time and energy to strengthen your life.

You put your heart into your work with Leo ruling your 6th House. Because your performance on the job is important to you, you need to focus on jobs which are especially meaningful and where you feel you can make a difference. Your idealism and loyalty show in your connections to those with whom you work, and you may be a strong leader, even though your manner may be somewhat reserved. With the energy of your Sun playing such a powerful role in this area, you may find that you identify strongly with your job. Finding an occupation in which you have pride will not only feel better, but will also assure that you'll perform at your peak capacity.

Neptune's energy in your 6th House provides a need to use your imagination in your work. You may also feel more satisfied when you're working in a field which allows you to reach out and make a difference in the lives of others. In many respects, your best approach to work may be as a "rescuer", although rescuing in the healthiest possible manner is important if you are to avoid becoming a martyr! Work in charitable or nonprofit organizations may be quite suitable. You may also have a special feeling for animals or the environment, and may enjoy working on their behalf. This influence can undermine strong ambition, but what you lose in ambitious desires, you gain in compassionate understanding. There may be other factors in your chart which strengthen ambition, however.

As a woman, you are innately creative. Although you may not consider yourself an artist, your creative spirit and drive are the mechanisms through which you shape your own life. Creative self-expression is seen strongly in the 5th House of your chart, and by incorporating these elements into your career, you will gain greater satisfaction from your work. If you have the time to concentrate on more recreational forms of creativity, this is the part of your chart which indicates what brings you pleasure. Life itself can certainly be a pleasurable experience - all the time, not just on holidays!

Cancer's influence on your 5th House adds a love of playful and creative outlets which stimulate your emotions and fill your soul. You may have a special affinity for music and dancing, and may relish the idea of surrendering to a warm embrace dancing into the long hours of a romantic evening. You may also enjoy cooking, gardening and putting some of your creative energy into building your nest. Spending time with your family may be the source of great pleasure, and you will always feel good about giving gifts which come from your heart. That time you spend with your kids curled in your arms reading bedtime stories or singing lullabies may be your greatest inspiration. With the Moon's influence extending into your creative expression, you may also gain special enjoyment from creative expression which provides support and encouragement to others. Giving something you've made may be one of your trademarks.

Pluto's energy in your 5th House brings an intensity to your creative expression. You may have a special ability to take apparently useless or worn out things, people or circumstances and bring them into a new life. When you're involved in an artistic project or idea, you can become totally absorbed, and may produce the best results when you're left undisturbed to follow your muse.

One of the most powerful creative drives in your chart is your Sun. Since this is the energy which can drive you to be noticed, learning to cultivate this aspect of yourself in a positive manner can amplify your success in life.

Your drive to reach the realization of your passion can be immense with your Sun in Aries. Learning the best ways to assert yourself without becoming too brash can make a significant difference in the responses you receive, and can directly affect your success. Since your high level of mental creativity needs ample outlets, you can feel impatient about the time it takes to make things happen. But as long as you're moving and something is happening, you can keep driving toward your goals.

Your individuality is expressed through many different energies in your chart, but the energy which is most closely associated with the unique and individualistic part of yourself is Uranus. Through Uranian energy, you display your ingenuity and make the breakthroughs which allow you to move into new experiences. Uranus also prompts your rebellious nature, and the placement of this energy in your chart shows you where you are staging your own personal revolution.

With Uranus in Aries you may be a trendsetter, breaking into new territory in the world. Since this influence lasted from 1928 to 1935, many of the things which have been important to you as an individual have also been important to those born during this period. Your shared vision as a collective has been connected to a need to bring women into a true experience of autonomy and personal power. The areas where you have broken ground for your own personal autonomy are shown by the house where Uranus resides in your chart.

With Uranian energy in your 1st House you'll enjoy an occupation which allows your uniqueness to shine. You're not especially suited to the three-piece business suit and heels - you're more the "I designed it myself" woman, and need to work in a field which allows you to express your identity with few reservations. You may also prefer to work on your own rather than working for someone else, although if you do work for a company or government you'll be okay if your job gives you room for individual motivation and accomplishment and little supervision.

Opening Your Heart

Ah, Love.... Songs, poems, novels, fairy-tales, movies all extol the power and pleasure of love - and for good reason: love is the food of life! There are many opportunities to love, in fact, a love affair with life is not a bad idea. But you also may need to "grow" love by sharing it, and therein is the seed of all relationships.

The planetary energies which are most usually associated with love are Venus and Neptune. Venusian energy radiates directly from your heart, from the center of yourself, where love resides deep within. Loving is an inner experience. The more you open to the love you hold within yourself, the more it grows. Your feelings of worthiness are represented by Venus, and as you grow to understand and appreciate your own value as a woman, it becomes easier to let this love energy flow through your life. Neptunian energy is Divine compassionate love - the love which does not judge and readily forgives. Neptune is the realm of romance, mysticism and heavenly perfection. Truly transcendent Neptunian love arises when you have healthy boundaries of your own, otherwise, you can become a victim of your own illusions!

You have a deep desire to know a true sense of unconditional love with Venus in Aquarius. This begins by developing self-acceptance and eliminating excessive judgment or prejudice toward others. To open your heart to love, you begin by creating a friendship. To sustain love, you need to know that you are always true friends. You may find it difficult to relate to a man who needs a mother, since you need a partner who can be your equal. However, you can be tender and loving, and may show your love most clearly when you help to foster and stimulate the hopes and dreams of those who share your life. You are usually quite clear about how you feel towards someone, although you may need to work toward developing a real understanding toward those who are more emotional than you. You may approach love in a "non-traditional" fashion, and may be capable of sustaining a relationship only if you feel that you are free to be yourself. By finding the flame of love within your own heart and reaching out toward others without asking anything in return, your life will undergo amazing changes.

You can be a bit frustrated by your love experiences with your Sun in semi-square aspect to Venus. Part of the problem resides in your impatience. When you have a strong attraction to someone, you may want resolution about the outcome immediately. If you can work toward maintaining a bit more objectivity when your heart begins to open to a loving relationship, you'll be more satisfied with the end results.

When you're in love, you like to share everything with your lover. With Venus trine Jupiter, there's a feeling that you have no limits, and you need to experience love as ever-growing and expanding. Love generates more love, and so it is. You'll be happiest with a partner whose philosophies, beliefs and ideals support your own, and may find that sharing your hopes and dreams for a better life inspires you to remain ever in love with one another.

With the energies of Venus and Saturn in conjunction to one another you can be too self-restraining in your expressing of love and affection. You may feel that you need assurances before you open your heart, and if you're waiting for a guarantee, you may never experience the true love you need. In all your attempts to keep your heart protected, you can shut the door so tightly that you cannot allow the love you have inside yourself to flow freely. Learning to give of yourself in ways that feel good is the beginning to establishing a real sense of happiness. But making a list of requirements (even if it is subconscious) may result in feeling that love is always like the carrot on the stick: a lot of promise, but little result. There is a difference between extreme judgment and supportive critique! Begin by supporting the positive attributes you possess within yourself, and allow yourself to share those talents and abilities without feeling that you have to get something for them. The rewards will be forthcoming, but more importantly, you'll feel the love in your heart taking wing.

Your originality and ingenuity are quite attractive with Venus in sextile aspect to Uranus. It's easier for you to open your heart to someone who is also more autonomous and self-sufficient. In the process you may find that you cherish the friendships you create more than the passionate bedroom encounters. However, there's nothing wrong with either. It's likely that if you end a relationship with a lover that you will become friends, and it is at this level that you may experience the most profound sense of unconditional love. You can incorporate that feeling into your intimate relationships too, but it requires a partner who will not feel threatened by your autonomy and occasional emotional distance. You're quite willing to flow with changes and probably even create a few just to keep your energy moving. For your relationship to be successful in the long term, it must be open, allow room for individuality, and encourage free thinking on the part of both partners.

The road to the kind of love you need is a little rocky with Venus in quincunx to Pluto. You've probably had a broad spectrum of experiences through loving, some of which have brought you to the heights of ecstasy, others to the cliffs of despair. It's all part of love - the twists and turns, the passions and betrayals, the new life and endings. You may even be an expert in relationships, since you've seen so many facets of love. That is unless you've given up and decided that love just isn't worth the trouble. Deep in your heart you know that's not true. You've felt what it's like to be renewed through love. All you have to do is to remember that part of yourself which is strong enough to make it through any test, and call on her to help you. Developing a real sense of trust in your deep feelings about people is an excellent beginning toward changing the way love works in your life. Instead of just jumping in because the passion is overwhelming, you're at least learning to take a deep breath first! Who knows, you might even become a champion swimmer....

As one of the generation of women born with Neptune in Virgo, you are working toward a sense of spiritual perfection. This influences every aspect of your life, especially your relationships, and those relationships which distort your sense of divine harmony may be especially difficult for you to tolerate. But you may also have a kind of addiction to perfection which makes it almost impossible to feel that you really deserve the love you need. When you realize that everything is perfect, including you, loving gets easier, since self-acceptance is easier. This is especially critical at this time in your life when you are facing the process of aging. After all, you've had a kind of fascination with youthful vitality. You can still radiate that energy regardless of your chronological age, and may finally be willing to deal directly with the perfection of each stage of your life. In your relationships you will be challenged to release dysfunctionality and face your real needs. These include a life of truly simple pleasures, unencumbered by external pressures which get in the way of just enjoying the company of those you love.

What you read in the romance novels and see in the movies may inspire you to believe that love can, indeed, conquer all. And it can. In real life you may still be confronted by men who leave their underwear in the middle of the floor, who can't figure out how to handle money, or who just have no sense of taste. That's okay, you can handle it as long as there is honesty, trust and communication. You need a relationship which allows room and time for the spiritual side of life, and in which there is a real support. The other things are just adjusting to life, and you're quite good at that.

The ideals of love versus the logical facts of life can sometimes leave a huge gap. With Mercury in opposition to Neptune you definitely have your fantasies about what it means to have the perfect connection to a partner. Your problems arise when you get into the vague zone and fail to clarify what you need, what you feel or what you really meant to say. There's a time and place for magical thinking, but if you really want a commitment, you may have to come down to earth for a few minutes if you want it to stick!

With Mars and Neptune in quincunx aspect you may have had a series of relationships which have led to disappointment or disillusionment. You may believe that men cannot be trusted, or that they can only be trusted to a certain level. The fact of the matter may be that you do not trust yourself or your judgment concerning men because of your experiences. Learning from your past can be helpful, but to break any patterns which have been codependent, addictive or abusive, you first have to decide that you don't need that old garbage any longer. Forgive yourself. Forgive your past. And begin anew with your eyes open, your senses sharpened, and your will pliable to the truth and only the truth.

The houses in your chart which amplify love relationships are the 5th, 7th, and 11th Houses. Through the 5th House, you experience giving love. It is through this facet of yourself that you have love affairs, playful and recreational relationships and where you produce the offspring of loving. The offspring can range from artistic endeavors to children. But when dealing with relationships, this is the space which is usually occupied by loving another in an intimate sense.

The experience of loving and opening your heart is purely magical for you with Cancer influencing your 5th House. When you're in love, your romantic heart is alive and filled with passion and desire. You relish getting close to the man you love, and can thoroughly enjoy the physical pleasures of loving. Sometimes, though, just cuddling together is enough to warm your heart. When your heart is open and love is flowing, you show care, nurturance and tenderness as part of your love expression. You need to be needed. You must safeguard against a tendency to try to absorb your lover into your life - that can be too claustrophobic. With the Moon also influencing this house, you will show deep devotion to those you love - from children to lovers. Through this devotion, your creativity is kindled, and you may gain pure enjoyment from the experiences of making your favorite chicken soup, the best cookies ever, and those special presents for the holidays.

Energized by Pluto, your 5th House expression of love can be totally absorbing. Those hypnotic love affairs can be rather addicting, and you can be quite compulsive when you're in love. When you open your heart, you may feel that you expose your soul. Your secret fantasy is to bond on a soul level with your perfect mate, and to be transformed in the process. This is the alchemy of love, and the power of sexual bonding. Because you may need to love on such a deep level, you're not likely to open your heart to just anyone. In fact, opening your heart at all is not easy for you. A transformational experience like giving birth to a child can help you immensely. In fact, a child may be the key to your spiritual and emotional rebirth. But so can loving the right partner. Now, that's not the perfect partner. It's the man who understands your vulnerabilities, but who will support you in removing the barriers to your heart.

The 7th House of your chart illustrates what you're seeking from a partner. More importantly, this part of your chart also tells a story about the kind of partner you really want to become. This is also the realm of social contact, and provides information about your approach to socialization. Although marriage agreements are shown through the 7th House, planets here (or a lack of planets here) do not "promise" marriage or its lack. But if your 7th House is highly activated, you may be more motivated to find a partner.

With Virgo's qualities filtered through your 7th House, you need to show great discrimination in choosing your mate. Your husband or partner will come under great scrutiny throughout the course of your relationship, and you may tend to choose someone you feel you can improve in some way. Although you can be supportive and helpful, if you're trying to perfect a man, he will probably resent it unless he has solicited your assistance! You may also attract a very critical mate, and may feel that you're never quite good enough for him, or that you're victimized by him in some way. The only way out of this trap is to stay clearly aware of your identities as individuals, and to avoid buying into those negative projections as the true reality of yourself and your life. If you're just trying to please your partner all the time, you may wake up one day to find out that you don't know who you are or what you want. When you take time to reflect, you will probably discover that you've been doing for your partner what you would like to do for yourself. With Mercury's influence in this area, you can make changes in your approach to partnerships by purifying your own thoughts in regard to the roles you're playing and your needs in this area. Open communication is important. Assumptions can be stultifying.

Your Moon resides in your 7th House, opening your soul to the hunger for a mate. If anybody yearns for the experience of a soul mate, it is you. However, finding that man can be difficult, especially if you over idealize. In essence your soul mate is inside you, waiting for you to fully embrace her! But you may give more of yourself to a partnership than many women might. You need to know the support and caring of a mate, and in order to grow emotionally must feel that your needs are important to your partner. Feeling at home with a man has many dimensions, and the promise of creating a home with your partner is high on your list of priorities. Good questions to ask before marriage will center around home and family. Just be sure that the answers are mutually supportive!

You have high expectations of marriage and partnerships with Jupiter in your 7th House. This energy can be very beneficial to your relationships, since you will approach commitments and agreements with a sense of optimism and confidence, and you may enjoy expressing your generosity to your partner. Consequently you may also gain a great amount of support through your husband or mate, including financial benefits. It is important, however, that you clarify your expectations to avoid disappointments or misunderstandings. Shared philosophical and moral values are an important aspect of marriage, and you will enjoy a more fulfilling relationship if you feel that you and your mate are on the same wavelength spiritually.

It is through the 11th House that you learn about unconditional relationships, and where you open to receiving love and support from others. Here you find your friends, your supportive professional allies, and your community. Through this facet of yourself you develop your special interests. And here you set your goals for the future. It's wonderful the way friends can support your aims, provide feedback when you need objectivity, and comfort you when you're facing challenges. Your approach to friendship is also seen through this part of your chart.

You have Capricorn influencing your 11th House, signifying that you prefer a few solid and safe friendships. Large groups of people may make you uncomfortable. You may even have a special friend whom you've known all your life, or at least most of it. For you, the passage of time deepens your affection and appreciation for your friends. Because Saturn's energy influences this area, you may also have friends who are older. The age differences may have been more marked when you were a young girl, and as you've matured, you may have made friends with teachers and employers. It is not always easy for you to receive love, partly because you tend to be too judgmental about whether or not you deserve it. When you've developed a sense of trust and commitment, you can open your heart and allow love to flow in. Begin by making that commitment to yourself. Remind yourself that you do deserve the love you need.

The lack of planetary energy in your 11th House can be indicative of your ability to accomplish many of your aims on your own. There is, however, no particular meaning which is related to a lack of friends or inability to create friendships. Look to the planet which rules this house to understand the qualities you will seek in your friends and the kinds of activities you might prefer to share with them.

Power Issues: Sex, Money and Control

Personal power is an individual expression, and has different meanings for each person. As a woman in the world today, your opportunity to experience and express your personal power is largely dependent upon the manner in which you develop it. Particularly in the Western World, as times have changed and the power base has gradually evolved beyond the patriarchal control of the last centuries, women are seeking to define their place in the world: collectively and individually. Gaining influence in the world through career and financial development, you begin to understand the different levels of power. Within the family, your roles are also evolving. You are also more free to express your sexual needs and desires, and demand that you are respected as a person and not sexually abused. But everything stems from your ability to identify, embrace and assimilate the true nature of your power as an individual woman.

On a personal level, you can begin to identify much about your own power by looking deeply into the meaning of your 1st House: Your Personality Self. Early in your report you read about what you project about yourself as identified by your Ascendant. Your first House further defines that projection of the Self, and is an area where you carve out much about the way you show yourself to the world on your own terms.

Through the qualities of your Pisces Ascendant your power arises from your compassionate and imaginative sensibilities. You can be calm in the midst of chaos when you are connected to that inner peace which flows from your soul, and may be quite content to live your life in contemplative service. You have the capacity to develop an inner awareness which is exceptionally empowering, because it allows you to remain connected to The Source. But you may also have dreams of a life which contrasts starkly with the reality you currently experience. You can attract situations which victimize you, and removing yourself from the position of victim can be very difficult. Using your dreams to prompt you to make positive alterations in your life strengthens you. If you are afraid to do the work necessary to realize your dreams, you will lose confidence in yourself and feel that you have no power over your own life. You may fear failure and consequently determine not to try anything. It can be tempting to live vicariously through others. By developing your own artistic and compassionate sensibilities, your personal power can grow. You don't have to be the star performer or Nobel Prize winner, you simply need good avenues to allow your artistry, sensibilities and imagination to flow, in whatever areas they manifest.

With the energy of your Sun in the 1st House, you may feel that you need recognition in order to be powerful. The manner in which you achieve this recognition makes all the difference between a power which is growth producing and a power which is self-destructive. You may be the perfect woman to take on leadership positions, and will probably grow in the process. But you may always sense that you have to keep your ego in check in order to be as effective as you would like. Using your light to guide others may be much more difficult than standing alone in the spotlight. In your relationships, your need for attention or focus on yourself can be problematic, especially if you forget the needs of your husband or mate. However, you will have to acknowledge that some attention and the achievement of your aims is an important part of your life, and you require a relationship which will provide this opportunity. You may also like to be in charge of situations and can learn to assert your will in such a manner that others will be happy to follow your lead.

You like to win with Mars in your 1st House and may prove your power through competitive or challenging ventures. Whether you're running a marathon or climbing the ladder in your profession, you like to feel that you can conquer anything. You may have amazing courage which is exceptionally empowering. In the process of meeting some of life's challenges, you can be a bit abrasive, and must be aware of the way others are responding to your assertive nature if you are to avoid generating hostility. You will fight for yourself when necessary, but you can also be belligerent in a negative sense unless you're aware of the impact of your actions. Just reacting spontaneously to every situation can get you into trouble and may weaken your effectiveness. If you are accident-prone, part of the problem may be the result of jumping into situations without thinking or moving too quickly for the circumstances. To be really powerful, you need to establish your independence and autonomy without creating extreme disruption or destruction in your path.

With the energy of Uranus in your 1st House, you possess a truly unique quality, and your greatest power arises when you step away from the burgeoning crowd and allow your individuality to shine forth. As a child, feeling different may have meant that you were not always included. As a woman, being different can be worn like a badge of courage and honor once you understand how to use your uniqueness to your advantage. Finding your own style is part of expressing your power as an individual - in your manner of dress, your hair style and even the way you speak and walk. Taking the time to discover what feels right, looks right and expresses what you want to say about yourself will give you the reaction you want and need from the world. Now, that's a great beginning!

Another power space on your chart is your Midheaven. This point, which is usually at the top of your chart and marks the cusp of the 10th House, is like the crown and torch of the Statue of Liberty. Here too, are the indicators of the types of people you most admire, and the clues to what you need to develop within yourself to attain unshakable self-respect.

Through your Sagittarius Midheaven you are drawn to the power of Truth. This can stimulate a life path which is centered upon adventure and discovery, even if those adventures are experienced quietly in your own backyard. Some of your most powerful life experiences are likely to occur on an inner level, and your fascination with the mystics and philosophers throughout time may stem from your own experiences of rising above the ordinary into the realm of understanding. Through incorporating this awareness into your life experience, you can be more tolerant and accepting of yourself and others, but can lose power when you expect the impossible from other people or from life itself.

You are empowered by your own expression of artistry and feminine grace with Venus in sextile aspect to your Midheaven. Regardless of your career choices, you can use the essence of being a woman to your advantage. You may enjoy a career in the arts but can also do very well in business, since you have an excellent sense of the value of things (and people).

With Saturn's energy in sextile aspect to your Midheaven you can use your sense of personal responsibility and self discipline to help you manifest your goals. Your desire to achieve success in the world is probably quite strong, and you will probably gain greater recognition for your efforts among your peers and those who can appreciate the quality of your work. You will probably want to establish yourself in a career, and can also be influential in aiding others who seek your counsel or guidance in their own career paths.

Your special talents are an extreme asset to achieving success in the world. With the energy of Uranus in trine aspect to your Midheaven, you can use your individuality to your best advantage most of the time. You're here to create some new pathways. Forging ahead into innovative or unusual areas of endeavor will insure success on many levels. You will feel most powerful when you achieve a sense of independence through your ambitions.

Someone once said that money makes the world go around, and from all evidence, it certainly seems to be a powerful force. Money, in fact, symbolizes power. With money, you can have what you want. With more money, you can have more of what you want. Without money, you may want what you cannot have. Your relationship with money is an extremely intimate and seductive force. The way you use your resources - money, time, energy - says a lot about how you perceive your own power and personal worth. This facet of yourself is expressed through the 2nd House of your chart. Here, you express your value systems. The important special link between finances and self-esteem cannot be understated, and is especially important for you as a woman. In order to extract the real value of your talents and services from others in the world (such as what you are paid from your job), you must first value yourself.

Through the influence of Taurus on your 2nd House you recognize the importance of building a solid financial base. When your finances are in good shape, you feel more free and alive, but if you're overly concerned about financial security, you can become rather tightfisted and may have difficulty sharing your resources. Learning to trust your own ability to generate the material security you need is one of your primary lessons, and in order to accomplish this task you must begin by stabilizing your sense of self esteem. Reminding yourself that you deserve to have your needs fulfilled and that you are attracting abundance enough to share helps to build your base. With Venus ruling this house, you have the ability to attract the resources you need and feel better about yourself when you can also give your time, money and energy to those you love. Learning about money and finances may be of interest to you, and once you have a grasp of the basics, you may actually become an accomplished financial manager.

Just because your 2nd House is empty do not think that you'll be without money. This can, in fact, be a strong indicator that money matters will not be a primary drive in your life. Self-esteem issues may not be extremely powerful for you either, although you can strengthen your sense of self-worth by embracing the qualities associated with the sign which is on the cusp of this house.

Resources which you share with others are reflected in the 8th House of your chart. Whether you're considering joint property and finances, inheritance, insurance settlements or tax obligations, this area is not as free and easy as the 2nd House, which seems more like what you want for yourself alone. Another layer of this part of your life deals with your sexuality, and the manner in which you open intimately to others. This is a very personal space, and it is probably one of the most guarded aspects of any woman's psyche. It is here that much wounding has taken place over many centuries, and it is here that the mask of propriety has to be removed in order to openly accept and integrate that fact that you are a person who needs wholeness and healing, and who yearns to bond at the most alchemical level with life itself.

Here you also find your compulsions. It's no wonder that you don't display this part of yourself to just anybody. You have to feel safe to open this facet of yourself, and you realize that this vulnerability can be used against you in power plays. But what you may not always remember is that this is also where you have the power! In true tantric traditions, it is through the vessel of a woman's sexual energy that a couple can ride the wave of sexual ecstasy. This also extends to the other power aspects of any relationship. If your transformational and magical qualities are blocked, the whole of the relationship will suffer.

Scorpio's influence in your 8th House adds a need for intensity to your sexually intimate relationships. The more intense, the better. Although you may like spontaneity, you relish those private moments when all barriers drop away and you expose your soul to your partner. Even though this may be your approach, you may not always find a partner whose experience is the same as your own. So, it's a good idea to establish some sense of trust before you jump into the deep end of the pool of intimacy. You're seeking a partner whose needs and desires act as the catalyst for true alchemy when matched with your own intensity. In matters of finance, you may not be as trusting, and you also tend to attract partners who are just as protective of their own resources. Joint finances require full disclosure if they are to operate smoothly, but that does not mean that you have to give up all control. In fact, you probably will not feel good about giving away your power in this area. Before you make a marriage commitment, it is important that you talk about your ideas concerning money, and that you understand the financial situation of your partner, and vice versa. If you fail to address these matters, they can become problematic issues later on.

Since you have no planets in the 8th House you may not be obsessed with too many problems or hassles with the issues of this area in your life. But you may not get off free on this one, either. Study the sign on the cusp of this house and read everything noted about the planet associated with that sign, because this is the energy tied up with your emotional attachments!

Mars energy is about getting what you want by going after it. Mars is drive. Mars is courage. Mars is desire. Mars is unabashed sexuality. Mars is the fuel for personal power. Men do Mars quite effectively, right down to fighting and war. But you also have a warrior spirit, an Amazon Self. This is your Mars. If you fail to own and utilize your own Martian force, you lose power.

With Mars in Aries, your passions can run quite hot. Your power emerges from your sense of courage and enthusiasm, and when you're really turned onto something or someone, you can be quite assertive. You can lose power if you jump into anything too quickly and will undermine your influence when you are too aggressive. Learning how to handle anger is important too, since you may be a bit short-tempered. But once you've expressed your anger, you usually go right on. You may enjoy taking the lead in sexual exchange, and can become quite frustrated if you run into rejection or denial. Sharing sex with a partner who enjoys the playful elements of sexuality can then allow you to experience the more profound levels of energy. You're most attracted to men who are independent and strong-willed, but are capable of standing up to them when you need to do so. Staying physically active helps you maintain your power on many levels, and if you've fallen into a sedentary life, you will find that regaining your physical vitality through increasing your activity level will empower you.

Saturn plays the role of the big controller in your life. Sometimes that control seems to come from outside. You know - all the rules and regulations, the authority figures, the intimidating people who tell you what to do - this is the Saturn of the outside world. But you have the same traffic cop in the back of your own mind, telling you what is right and wrong, chiding you when you make a mistake, holding you back when you're about to do something stupid. Saturn control can be a good thing. This is your energy for self-discipline, clarity and focus. You need Saturn. But you need Saturn in its most productive sense. You do not need the guilt, intimidation and self-limitation that keep you from having what you require from life.

Your power base with Saturn in Aquarius reflects a need to blend freedom with responsibility. Your idealistic concept of a society which centered upon humanitarian principles begins with your embrace of the true diversity of humankind. On a personal level, you are faced with the quest of blending your personality consciousness with that of your higher self. When you are directing your life from this viewpoint, decisions concerning career, family and personal security are empowering. You can be an extremist if Saturn's energy is frustrated by difficult aspects, and lose power if your opinionated nature adds a coldness to your spirit. Learning to evaluate your life circumstances through the lens of objectivity may not be easy for you, but you'll feel much more in control of your own destiny when you surrender your ego-based opinions to a higher ideal. Associating with others whose aims are destructive can diminish your power, so choose your friends and allies wisely.

The semisquare connection between your Sun and Saturn adds a sense of anxiety to your personal identity. You may continually wonder if you've met your mark, and even when you succeed, may focus more on your mistakes than your accomplishments. It's not easy to allow joy into your life when all you can think about are your limitations, but you'll be able to open that window a bit when you train your focus upon your strengths, too.

It is imperative that you develop a solid sense of self worth with the energy of Venus conjunct Saturn. When you doubt your value as a woman, your power sinks and your creative drive disappears. But when you open yourself to the simple beauty of life and work to cultivate an attitude of giving, the tide turns. Selfish attitudes can also weaken your power base, and when you feel that you cannot afford to give of yourself, you actually diminish your capacity to experience the love you need. Although you may not be able to wake up tomorrow and feel that life offers abundance and opportunity, you can make the achievement of that feeling a very realistic personal goal. Abundance begins in your heart and extends into the decisions which reflect your real values.

You can be a little lazy with Jupiter in trine aspect to Saturn. Things seem to come easily, and it's good to know that you have a little cosmic insurance policy. But if you are to know true abundance which sustains and supports you and which arises from the core of your own power, you have to put some effort into creating your life on your own terms. If anyone can learn to manifest abundance, it is you. You know how to make the right connections, but what do you do with them? Your awareness and knowledge can also inspire others who may not be as fortunate, but who have the desire to change their lives.

You are an innovator with Saturn in sextile to Uranus. Using your energy, efforts and influence to bring about changes in the world around you is invigorating and empowering, and is part of the reason you were born in the first place! You can be an exceptional teacher, illustrating how to use the lessons of the past to build bridges to a more promising future. Whatever your field of endeavor, you can act as a responsible agent of change, enhancing the evolutionary process. You can probably be quite effective working independently, owning your own business, or creating avenues which have never been tried before.

You can feel frustrated in situations which fall short of your expectations or may be disappointed when you arrive at the summit of your goals. The influence of Saturn in quincunx to Pluto brings an energy of continual drive to push into different areas of manifestation, so that when you reach one summit, you find that it leads somewhere else. You can either be disenchanted with yourself through this process, or realize that your deep need to experience life from its many different levels is important to you. If you go about this process in a healthy manner, you will be able to peel through the layers of yourself without causing destruction and can discover amazing power at the core of your being. But if you resist your own growth or force power issues with others all of the time, you can be wounded, which may make it more difficult to get to this core power.

With Saturn's energy in sextile aspect to your Midheaven you can use your sense of personal responsibility and self discipline to help you manifest your goals. Your desire to achieve success in the world is probably quite strong, and you will probably gain greater recognition for your efforts among your peers and those who can appreciate the quality of your work. You will probably want to establish yourself in a career, and can also be influential in aiding others who seek your counsel or guidance in their own career paths.

Plutonian control is sometimes difficult to grasp, but it's definitely there. When you feel this control from outside yourself, it is undermining and extremely intimidating. The force of Pluto is buried deep within your psyche. It is unleashed and grows in a manner like the process of mitosis in a fertilized cell, which is altered, splits off, combines with other cells and ultimately becomes an organism. Through Pluto, you experience the power of life, birth, healing, and the ultimate change of death. If you are trapped in a mire of shame, guilt and self-destructiveness, you may have undergone a Plutonian transformation as a result of trauma earlier in your life. But it is this same force which plants the seeds of change that eventually can lead to the creation of a new self.

Your creative efforts are an important element in your life. Pluto's energy in your 5th House drive you to reach into your soul and find your creative spirit. Then, you must trust yourself enough to exercise this creativity. It heals you. It is the key to creating life on your own terms. You may also discover that your approach to children is a key factor in your own self respect. When you can look at a child and see the wonder, feel the hope and desire to be a catalyst for his or her own creativity without trying to shape him or her into the image you want them to be, you're allowing this force to work positively. But if you see your children as little pieces of clay you can mold however you wish, you may be sorely disappointed when they destroy your creation when they reach adolescence or adulthood. Perhaps this struggle results from your own childhood experience. You've heard about the inner child? Well your little girl has always been powerful, but she may not know what to do with that power. It's up to you to show her.

Embracing Your Divine Self

In western society today it's okay to admit that women are Goddesses. This, in itself, implies that the power of The Source may not be solely masculine. In essence, this power contains All That Is, but as a woman, you express it through your Goddess Self. This part of yourself is always there when you feel abandoned or alone to give you comfort. Your Goddess Self is standing firmly beside you when you face a major challenge, sharing her strength and support. Your Goddess Self opens the doors to Truth and Understanding. She is the essence of all that is Love. Look in the mirror. Stare deeply into your own eyes and you will see her reflected back at you.

When you need to get in touch with your inner being, an exercise in guided imagery can help you make the transition from your everyday thinking to heightened awareness. Take a few minutes to make this journey. Before you begin, find time to be alone. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position in a place that feels safe to you. Take three deep breaths. With each breath, release the tension from your body as you exhale. As you inhale, fill yourself with energy, light and inner calm. Then, close your eyes, and take one more relaxing breath.

Imagine that you are on a journey, a quest to find the most sacred source of knowledge. Your journey begins at the doors to a temple or cathedral, and you enter, hoping to find what you're looking for so you can get on with sharing what you've discovered. You are amazed when you walk inside, for there you find a long hallway, with doors leading to many different rooms. You open the first door and walk inside a room which is filled with old books, dusty from years of neglect. One book falls at your feet, and when you pick it up, a page falls out. When you look at the page, you see that it is a map of the cathedral. You leave the room, map in hand, heading toward the place marked by a symbol which looks like a pyramid with a circle in the center. To get there, you go through a doorway which opens to a flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs in another door. When you open it, you walk out onto a balcony which overlooks the city. It seems to surround the entire building, and you are amazed at the beautiful things you see. Everywhere you look, you find something fascinating, but you are most drawn to a crystal blue pillar which stands near what seems to be the center of the building. Once you reach the pillar, you see standing before you is a radiantly beautiful woman dressed in rainbow pastel colors. She gestures for you to come to her, and as you walk together, she tells you the story of a prince and princess who found true love. You wonder why she speaks in fairy tales, and, as though reading your thoughts, she says, "but this is your dream." She then looks into your eyes and tells you that you are creating your own story through your life. Reaching into her bag, she removes a small mirror and tells you to look into it. When you do, you see yourself and all the relationships you've experienced over your lifetime. Then, as you look up, she tells you to look again and see how you would like to resolve your relationships. There the mirror displays the tale of your life, and you begin to find the answers to the peace you've sought. You ask if you can see your perfect relationship in the mirror, and she smiles and says to you, "of course." But when you look, you see only your face, radiant and shining.