The World Peace Report for

Nelson Mandela
July 18, 2020
3:00 PM
Umtata, South Africa

Calculated for:
Time Zone 2 hours East
Latitude: 31 S 35   
Longitude: 28 E 47   

Positions of Planets at Birth:
Sun     25 Can 04               Pluto     5 Can 32
Moon    20 Sco 18               N. Node  21 Sag 50
Mercury 16 Leo 08               Asc.     25 Sag 08
Venus   22 Gem 35               MC        7 Vir 37
Mars    12 Lib 35               2nd cusp 20 Cap 11
Jupiter  1 Can 10               3rd cusp 13 Aqu 51
Saturn  15 Leo 02               5th cusp 18 Ari 59
Uranus  26 Aqu 56               6th cusp 25 Tau 49
Neptune  6 Leo 23

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This report is based on a positive vision of world peace, and the belief that each individual has the potential within to make a significant contribution to world peace.  The basis of inner peace is self-esteem and self-knowledge, and when enough individuals are self-aware, they will act in accordance with natural laws to promote harmony around them, and the result will be world peace.

Good will win out over evil, and the goodness within yourself will manifest through your individual personality.  This report is designed to draw your attention to your potential, your unique opportunities for expressing it, and your ability to bring about harmony around you. Some of your ability is based on gifts which you already have, which are easy for you to draw upon.  You also have the willpower to dissolve any blockages which may be standing in the way of your clear vision of the possibilities of harmony and peace.  Start with a positive attitude, and you will be favorably surprised at what you can achieve and what you can overcome.  Love yourself, and you are already creating world peace.

Each person's astrological chart maps out a divinely created plan for that individual.  It tells what you were put on this earth to do.  You can learn what your own, unique mission is and then you can rejoice in carrying it out.  The utmost good which you can imagine can become your reality.  Then you can spread the good news to others and awaken them to their own, inner Light. All persons are created from the divine, and we are moving back to the divine.  Life is a celebration of both our common awareness of the Light and our God-given birthright to an individual identity which is uniquely ours and which, when fully realized, will shine as its own Light and harmonize with all the other Lights on the planet.  It will be like the vivid and beautiful colours of the spectrum all merging into White Light, and then radiating from the souls of all individuals at once.

Astrology is the study of the Astral Plane.  The Astral Plane is the link between the everyday world of the manifested, Physical Plane and our higher planes of awareness, from which we can draw insight into how to improve our affairs in the physical realm.  If we perceive a problem in the everyday world, such as a lack of peace, we cannot always solve it on that level, because the everyday world is made up of opposing polarities.  We need to rise above the physical plane to see that these opposites are reconcilable.  For example, if one person is male and another is female, they appear on the surface to be of opposite polarities but on the higher level, they are both human; they can communicate with each other; and they can enjoy working together for their common benefit.

Each individual has opposing polarities too, such as a right side and a left side, but through the higher awareness of our brains we get our two sides working together.  Our brain has two hemispheres: The left hemisphere is responsible for logical thought and governs the right side of our body.  The right hemisphere is responsible for creative, lateral thinking and rules the left side of our body.  When we operate "from centre" - that is, when our higher brain gets our logical thought and our creative thought to work together harmoniously - then we come up with our best, most creatively intelligent output.  When we use our full potential, when we know whom we are and believe in ourselves, then we create maximum harmony with those around us and, on the transpersonal level, we come up with our best solutions for world peace.

On the astral level each individual has command of both polarities.  For example, we each have a Sun sign and a Moon sign.  We also each have a Venus and a Mars sign, regardless of whether we are male or female on the physical plane.  So, if we tune into whom we are astrologically, we begin to reach a level of awareness where we have transcended the polarities of the physical plane.  We can see how we are each an embodiment of the harmonious balancing of polarities.  We are born with this unity already in place.  We just need to know how to use our Sun sign and our Moon sign, and our other planets, to our best advantage in our daily lives, so that by being our true selves, we will be bringing about peace.

Each person's method of using his or her Sun and Moon signs, and other planets, will be different, because we were each born at a different time and place on the Earth, where we're influenced by different combinations of influences by the other planets.  On this astral plane, some of us will be contributing a more masculine interpretation of solar energy (if our Sun is in a fire or air sign) and the rest of us will be showing the world a more feminine way of looking at the Sun (if our Sun is in an earth or water sign).  Also, depending on our Moon sign, we will each have our own way of interpreting the Moon's type of energy and, in our mission on Earth, we will be contributing this much-needed awareness to our own planet's evolution.  We are all important, and we are all here to be ourselves, at our highest possible level of understanding. We are here to help our planet achieve its divine purpose, and to do so is perfectly natural to us.

Just as there are particular points of strength and prominence in your astrological chart, there are strategic points on the Earth's surface for the achievement of world peace.  For example, this Report is being written in the city of Toronto which, along with London and Los Angeles, are important world energy centres (or chakras) for the development of international understanding. London is the world centre for intelligence and Los Angeles is the world centre for creativity. Toronto is the centre for unity, or creative intelligence, or the resolution of polarities.  The name "Toronto" means "meeting place" in native Indian.  Therefore, it is part of the mission of those who are familiar with the earth energy of Toronto to spread to the rest of the world the message that polarities can be resolved and peace can be created.

I once obtained a computer printout as to what was going on in the news on the day of my birth.  It said that, on that date in 1950, Ralph Bunche received the Nobel Peace Prize.  I later learned that he was one of the founders of the United Nations and that he had been successful in negotiating a truce between the Jews and the Palestinians in Israel in 1949.  He did this by working very hard to listen to the points of view of both sides and looking for a common ground. He said "Talking is better than shooting".  He remained calm himself and successfully brought about an armistice.  Treaties were signed between Israel and each of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.  So, the very positive message which can be brought into the present day is: Peace is possible.  Differences can be overcome and understanding can be reached through conscious effort and communication.  Look for what you have in common with your neighbour and build on it.

My message as an astrologer to you is: Whatever day you were born on is divinely significant.  Your birth data can be the key to your realizing how important your presence in the world is.  Each person is uniquely important.  Within each other person we can see our own, divine essence mirrored, because what we have in common is our potential to bring out the very best in ourselves and each other.

On the day that I decided to write the World Peace Report and I began writing it, October 17,2020, there were many trine aspects, which confers harmony. I hope that your World Peace Report helps you to fully develop your potential for contributing to world peace and harmony.

Chapter 1: Rising Sign

Ascendant in Sagittarius:

Your outward personality, through which your Inner Light and all of the various planetary influences in your chart are expressed, is optimistic, generous and enthusiastic.  Others would be drawn to you for positive inspiration to help them rise above their earthly problems.  Your faith and your ability to see the bigger picture would inspire them to have a better philosophical outlook themselves, and to transcend the blockages standing in the way of their vision of peace.

Chapter 2: The Sun

Sun in Cancer:

Because you are a natural nurturer and protector of your family, it is important that you receive enough nurturing yourself.  Train your mind to have positive expectations about the world around you, and avoid negative news stories and people who are depressed, so that your own mood will become elevated.  You have the right and the responsibility to take good care of yourself, and if you do, you will have much to offer your family and harmonious families are the basis of a harmonious world.  Seek out caring people who are active in protecting nature and the environment.  Associate with positive, nurturing people.  Take care of your emotions and find positive outlets, so that your natural creativity will flow.  Know that you are secure and that all will be well.

Sun in the 8th house:

You have the self-confidence and courage to work in areas which others might find too intense or overwhelming.  You would make an excellent investigator into what the real blockages are which are standing in the way of peace, and you would be able to shed light on how to overcome them.  You would be good at transformational healing, by showing individuals how they could turn their lives around and live according to their full potential.  You would be interested in how deaths can be prevented, and creating world peace would be a good strategy for this.

Sun Trine Moon:

Your parents would have got along well and had a well balanced relationship.  As a result, you find it easy to harmonize your conscious, logical mind with your unconscious, creative mind. You understand children and can provide for them a very happy upbringing, so that they would become peaceful citizens who would do well in the world.  Lead them in believing that they can make a difference for world  peace and nurture them so that they will have a good example to set for others.

Chapter 3: The Moon

Moon in Scorpio:

You are courageous and willing to look at the blockages which stand in the way of peace which others are afraid to go near.  Make sure that if you are dealing with intense situations, you nurture your own emotions, so that you are not just absorbing huge stresses from others and then feeling burdened and depressed.  You need to get your feelings out in the open and keep them flowing.  Part of your way of doing this is to enjoy challenges, but let yourself have deep rest when you need it too.  You are very creative and resourceful, and your psychic perception can bring you deep insights.

Moon in the 11th house:

You would feel most at home in a group, and you would be able to do a lot of good work for peace, particularly through your friendships with women.  You are skilled at giving others the support they need to feel that they are equal.  You likely grew up in a home where people of all backgrounds were welcome and where you could see the synergistic benefits of people working together.  You might be interested in working with others on an environmental cause.  At times you need to be alone to recharge your batteries and regain your own sense of whom you are as an individual, but once you have done that, you are ready to rejoin the group with even more enthusiasm.

Moon Square Mercury:

You have good empathy for those who have difficulty feeling accepted because they have a hard time learning a new language.  They may feel left out of things because they did not have a proper opportunity to learn to read, or maybe they need emotional nurturing before they can settle down and learn new words and grammar.  You would be able to encourage them by assuring them that they are still valuable individuals, who deserve to have good self-esteem.  In this way, you will be making them feel as if they have a part in maintaining a peaceful society.

Chapter 4: Mercury

Mercury in Leo:

You are cheerful, positive, dynamic, and able to see the big picture.  Always remember that your ego, although important, is ruled by your inner spirits and must be used in ways to help others see their own worth too.  You would have a talent for speaking out about peace, as an articulate leader, and you could be very effective if you were to speak out about how each person is very important in creating would peace, and that this is best done by having each person's light shine.

Mercury in the 9th house:

This position has great potential for bringing people of different religions together.  You would enjoy travel to other lands and studies of other cultures.  You may study philosophy or comparative religion at the university level.  You could help persuade people to open up their minds to new ideas and to look for the common ground in their differing ideologies.

Mercury Sextile Mars:

You can be relied on to get things done efficiently and quickly.  You would make a good reporter, researcher, or debater.  You can make your points pleasantly and peacefully, but still say what needs to be said.  You could write excellent articles on why peace is the best alternative and how it could be achieved.  As a lecturer, you would win people over to your side.

Mercury Conjunct Saturn:

You are very level-headed and you would be able to handle the serious discussions required for any peace agreement.  You would know what common sense precautions need to be put in place. You are very well organized in presenting your ideas, and you would be prepared to back up your statements with scientific facts.  You would be good at offsetting people's emotional fears with a detached, objective outlook.

Chapter 5: Venus

Venus in Gemini:

You are able to relate to others on a very high intellectual level and, in this way you can help them to transcend their difference.  By encouraging others to become educated and open up their minds, you are teaching them to be more tolerant and patient with one another and to look for what they have in common.  Your sociability and good communication skills bring out the best in others.  Get the education which you need and enjoy, so that you will be functioning at your highest possible mental potential.

Venus in the 6th house:

You understand the value of peaceful surroundings for health, and you are likely to create a work environment which is beautiful and neat.  You take the time to ensure that your relationships with your co-workers are harmonious, and more happiness and better productivity are the results.  You are very solid and reliable and mature about doing the hard work needed to create lasting peace.

Venus Trine Uranus:

You have the ability to promote the cause of peace and justice for all.  You would be generous in donating your time and money to peace groups, especially those of an intellectual or spiritual nature.  You would have many friends and acquaintances because you are fair, sociable, optimistic, and tolerant.  You are willing to put your beliefs into practise in ensuring that there is enough humanitarian aid to inspire those in need to have a peaceful outlook on the world.

Chapter 6: Mars

Mars in Libra:

You really have the potential to achieve a lot for world peace, because you are assertive about making sure that people get along with each other.  You want to see honest commitment, rather than just talk, and you have a pleasant but definite way of ensuring that they live up to their agreements.  You are capable of working within the laws to ensure that there is justice and fairness for both sides.  Maximize your effectiveness in this work by first being fair and just to yourself and really listening to your own needs, and then build good relationships with your partner, your friends and others.

Mars in the 10th house:

You work hard to reach a top position, and you succeed because you are dependable, honest and in control of your emotions.  You would be good at maintaining peace in situations where others might not be as stable or as detached as you are, and you would help them see the best, most rational actions to take.  You are a good organizer and very efficient.

Mars Sextile Saturn:

As you are very honest and practical, you would be good at doing the actual work required to keep others peaceful and more detached from their emotions, especially in any crisis situation. You would set a positive example of self-discipline for others, and they would learn from you to keep their aggression in check.  You would help others be more positive in their outlook about peace, because you would convince them that they do not have to be afraid and that they can do constructive things to help.

Chapter 7: Jupiter and Saturn

Jupiter in Cancer:

You have the potential to be a very effective promoter of family life and its value for society as a whole.  You are likely to come from a family of good moral standards, and you would be able to teach these values to others who may have been denied the optimism and nurturing which you can so generously offer them.  Make sure, in your enthusiastic promotion of your own beliefs, that you respect the cultural viewpoints of others, so that it will not just be one group of well-intentioned people being pitted against another.  Instead, you can promote a generous sharing of cultural traditions.

Jupiter in the 7th house:

You would have outstanding ability as a peace-maker, because you are very honest in your relationships and you bring out the best in others.  You are optimistic, sociable, kind, and generous.  You have a very strong sense of justice and equality, which you seek to teach others and which you show by your own good example.  You would have a talent for showing that persons of all beliefs should be treated equally.

Jupiter Trine Uranus:

You could work as a spiritual healer of individuals and of the planet as a whole.  You have a great deal of positive energy to share with others, and you readily have access to inspiration from the higher realms.  You would be an effective, modern spiritual leader, who could bring large groups of people together for meditations on peace.  You would be able to use astrology for its highest purpose, of showing your clients how to "take the high road," in using their chart potential for the greatest, possible good.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto:

You have strong faith in the higher power and an ability to inspire the masses with it.  You would, perhaps, travel to other lands to regenerate the spiritual values which are needed to save the earth.  You could remind others of the real, spiritual purpose of Creation by giving sermons, providing faith healing for many people, or raising funds for a crusade or movement which could reach large numbers of followers. Your message would be positive and transcendental.  You could inspire people to meditate on peace and to treat each other kindly.

Saturn in Leo:

Your family background and history have prepared you well for a leadership role, such as in politics.  You are readily able to combine responsibility with self-confidence and generosity. Make sure that you develop the positive side of Saturn - such as enlightened rules for success based on what you really want from deep within yourself - rather than the restrictive side of Saturn, which would just come from not yet having separated your relatives' expectations for your own, true identity and your own realization of your true worth.

Saturn in the 9th house:

You see religions and philosophies in terms of their practical value for creating a better society. You would be good at helping prevent any disagreements over ideologies, because you would see that would work against the social order.  You are unusually honest and demand honesty from others, because you know that truth is the only valid approach to better understanding.

Chapter 8: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

Uranus in Aquarius:

You have many flashes of inspiration as to how to bring the people of the world together.  You are intuitive, idealistic, open-minded, and inventive.  You could be a computer genius, and you would use the computer to ensure that all persons have equal access to the ideas which would get them to accept one another and communicate on a common ground.  You would have talent as an astrologer, acquainting each person with his or her own unique traits and talents, at the same time as helping them connect with the Universal Source.

Uranus in the 3rd house:

As you are very intellectual and have good, original ideas, you would be concerned about the importance of the rights to freedom of speech and freedom of thought.  You would be skilled at getting groups of people together for discussions and debates about what would be best for the world, how science can solve problems, and how computers could be used to exchange ideas.

Neptune in Leo:

You were born into a generation when people were kind to one another.  Compassion and generosity are certainly key elements of peace.  There was much creative, artistic output including nature stories for children.  People were able to look up to their leaders and receive a positive example from them.

Neptune in the 8th house:

You would be intensely compassionate and able to reach people whom others have given up on as enemies.  Your psychic and spiritual awareness would extend far beyond everyday circumstances to the higher realms, and you would be very concerned with the overall question of how the world can be made more compassionate.  You might be able to do psychic healing of people's auras to regenerate their connection with the higher power.

Pluto in Cancer:

You were born at a time when people were coming to realize the intense importance of good motherhood for creating world peace.  If individuals are nurtured and cared for when they are young, they will care for others when they grow up, and if enough people do this, the world will be like one, big, happy family.  Those who begin by caring about their families tend to go on to care about their cultural group.  If they have enough love, they will also care about other cultural groups, rather than see them as a threat to their own security.  Of course, nurturing, caring energy can be generated at any age through prayer, meditation or affirmation.

Pluto in the 7th house:

You have an unusual potential to have a significant influence on world peace.  That is because you would have deep insight into others and you would know what would get them to agree with the persons with whom they are coming together.  You would be courageous in facing the real issues and any agreement you help people reach would be meaningful.  You would put pressure on them to work through their differences, but you would do it in a kind, facilitating way.


This report on World Peace is best utilized by those who are ready to go ahead and make a positive contribution to the world.  If you find that you need to feel more secure as an individual first, before taking on the task of helping to change the world, then you may find that the Personal Security Report is more suited to your needs.  The Personal Security Report addresses the issue of preventing negative outcomes.  The World Peace Report takes the next step and focuses on how to manifest positive outcomes.  The Personal Security Report is about undoing past karma, and the World Peace Report is about creating good karma for the future.

The outlook for world peace in the 21st century is very positive.  If Ralph Bunche were able to bring about a truce in 1949, think of  what many individuals working together could achieve now!  He was working under pressure, but there are many persons now who are able to reflect on peaceful solutions without being under pressure.  There are new technologies such as computers which can be used to bring people together.  The concept of a unified world is more acceptable nowadays in people's minds and, therefore, easier to achieve.  Yes, the tensions in the world may appear to be more obvious now, but that reflects the healthy process of the world's past karma unravelling, in order to pave the way for a positive, enlightened future. The World Peace Report is designed to help you discover the ways in which you can participate and contribute to world peace in this century where there is so much potential for all of us to assist in this very important endeavor.