PERPONDERANCE OF THE GREAT - - - - -Jupiter*Sun Lines Crossing

In this locality, a cheerful, masculine, imperialistic self-promotion finds few barriers to its appetite for expansion in society, empowering you to seek, prize, and probably attain a bourgeois success and prosperity, provided that you unquestioningly accept whatever the powers-that-be deem to be correct behavior.

A benevolent disposition is underlain by a belief that the status quo is basically justified in its power, so that faith, self-confidence and a belief in the rectitude of the universe are rewarded by privilege, tangible success, honors, advancement and preferment.

In keeping with this view that ours is the best of all possible worlds, you may tend more to the right politically, to conservative religion, and admire, in some life area, vested authority, which you see to be supported almost by Divine right. You may fine yourself in an admired position of academic, priestly community or corporate privilege here. Faith in yourself and the equity of the universe makes you an excellent salesperson, promoter, businessperson, publisher, or entrepreneur, though there will be times when foolish optimism and naive imprudence cause reverses. Gambling, extravagence and speculation are temptations. Sexual and creative appetities recede, replaced by drives for honor and approval by society, and the recognition that society bestows on those who will contribute without disrupting.

Introverts may take less enthusiastically to this climate of self-congratulatory promotion, and perhaps feeling its demands, take refuge in overnight, indulgence or complacency. Humor, near miraculous good luck, and social status make it easy to give in to external social pressure. In this very fortunate locale, opportunities offer themselves, and "quality" people make advancement easier by their patronage. Careers in law, music, publishing, medicine, religion, politics, self-improvement, promotion, or any highly paid profession will succeed here, and you become the admired pillar of your community and self-identified force for social Good. There is also a strong flavor of internationalism and scholarship: you associate with a brilliant and cosmopolitan circle of friends and admirers who keep you informed of the latest intellectual fashions.

















You look towards the practicality of a relationship and may miss the fun and frivolity which your partner may want to cook up. Once you've decided the way it should be, you'll take the lead, just don't try leading your partner without permission.


Your best problem solving abilities will probably lie in the home concerning those close to you -- not necessarily because of talent, but because of inclination. Thus, your thoughts run toward the introspective and that which is personal to you.


MER -- 4th house



*** Flashes of insight show you directions of promise but don't always tell you the whole story, so be ready to get a partner to fill in where you leave off, warn you of dangers you might have overlooked in previously unchartered, experimental territory.

* A native understanding of how to structure your major life direction and those of others gives you a directional slot in a relationship but won't necessarily make you boss, but rather the navigator instead. You know what lies ahead and can shape it.

You can use your body language most effectively in getting your ideas across, which can make you particularly believable to others, even when you are wrong, so don't relay on their feedback but be your own monitorwhen swaying others' opinions.

Try to break through limited thought patterns, open up your mind to new possibilities within a relationship. It is too easy to get in a rut, pass up opportunities for experiment and emotional growth. When in doubt, follow a partner's lead with a smile.




ME - SQ - SA


By: Goravani Jyotish

VEDIC ASTROLOGY About Mercury In Your Chart Astrological Cause
  Although this promotes communication and gives many friends, it also indicates an emotional person who is overly sensitive to criticism. Even though these people are friendly and relate to many people, you may find out quickly that friendship doesn't work in the normal sense, and that you need to keep some distance from them. If you don't give these people space, their over sensitive natures will lead them into making unreasonable demands which you cannot logically accept. The effects of the square are the most pronounced, followed by the oppositon, then the conjunction. Mercury is in a kendra from Moon.
  If Mercury is aspected by the Moon and Mercury is in Sagittarius or Pisces: The person has a tender body; he is a good writer. His conduct as a householder is approved by gentlefolk. He is wealthy and reliable and leads a luxurious life. If Mercury is in Sagittarius or Pisces, aspected by Moon denotes a noted author, fruitful journey and higher education. Mercury is aspected by, Moon, and Mercury is in Sagittarius or Mercury is in Pisces.
  In your own deep thinking or intelligence, you try to be philosophical and wise. you tend towards the expansive and progressive stance considering the generosity, good literature, good arts, which protect one and all, to be worthy of your thought. therefore you are fond of science and medicine because they aim at taking care of one and all. Mercury is in Sagittarius


  About Jupiter In Your Chart Astrological Cause
  Jupiter in Aquarius makes you interested in philosophy, medicine, social service and spiritual pursuits. you want to grow in mind, body and soul and unite with truth. you are fond of discourses about how to make the life better, more noble. You like art and music. You like to revive the classical books. You are known for you interest in occult matters, or deep spiritual matters.

Since Jupiter or the 4th lord is in an angle house, there is not doubt that you will be a happy person in the overall sense.

You are respectable, wealthy, educated, and virtuous. Marital happiness will probably be there for you if the dasha periods permit it. Fidelity depends on aspects from other planets. Jupiter indicates that your spouse will be deeply devoted to you. Jupiter in the 7th house brings chance of serious danger in the 21st year.

Jupiter is in Aquarius

Jupiter is in a kendra or Jupiter is in a trine, and Jupiter conjoins the lord of the 4th. Jupiter is in the 7th



VEDIC OPTION Your personalized yogas from Saravali  


From Chapter 15 SUN-VENUS YOGA: If the Sun and Venus be together, one will be skillful in use of weapons, be mighy, weak-sighted in old age, will be able to amuse the public and will have abundant money earned through women.  
From Chapter 15 MOON-MERCURY YOGA: One who has the Moon-Mercury combination will be expert in poems and fables, be wealthy, amiable to his wife, beautiful, smiling-faced and will be endowed with distinct virtues.  


From Chapter 22 THE SUN IN ARIES: One who has the Sun in Aries will comment on the meanings of Shastras, be famous in arts, fond of war, fierce, attatched to his duty, fond of roamin, will have strong bones, be good in deeds, will do valorous acts, will be subject to bilious and bloody disorders, be splendorous and strong. the native will also become a king.  
From Chapter 22 SUN IN A SIGN OF MARS IN ASPECT TO OTHERS: Should the Sun be in a sign of Mars and be aspected by Mars, the native will display his courage in battle, be cruel, will possess eyes, hands and legs of blood-red color, be splendorous and strong.  


From Chapter 23 THE MOON IN TAURUS: If the moon be in Taurus at birth, the native will be large-hearted, hightly charitable short-haired, libidinous, famous, brilliant, will have (more) daughters, will possess eyes resembling that of a bull, be in a strong position to differentiate between good and bad, be happy during middly and concluding parts of his life, will have strong waist, feet shoulders, face etc., will have (some) identity on the side and back of the body, will walk beautifully and be endowed with forbearance.  


From Chapter 24 If the Moon is in Leo Navamsha at birth and is aspected by Saturn, the native will be sinful, unkind and will kill living beings. .  
From Chapter 24 If the Moon is in Leo Navamsha at birth and is aspected by Mercury, the native will be an astrologer, be fond of heroic history (such as Mahabharata), and will be very affluent.