The King of Clubs


The King of Knowlege and Master Distinctions
Sitting atop the suit of knowledge, the King of clubs holds everything needed to be an authority in any area they choose. These people have a direct line to knowledge accumulated from many past lives. Rarely do they live life by any doctrine or philosophy other than their own. The well that feeds their minds is inexhaustible and from a high source. These are the people who live by their own truth.

They can be found in all types of professions, usually in positions of responsibility, always respected in whatever capacity they are engaged. Among their numbers are some of the most successful artist, statesman and musicians in the world. One of their greatest assets is the ability to make fine distinctions and a witty and personable nature that usually makes them popular and well liked. they seem to do their best work with a partner, and most King of clubs are destined to be in partnership.

This is the most psychic card in the deck - so much that their intuitive approach to life is second nature. Their greatest challenges lie in the concept of marriage and the occasional habit of getting into a comfortable rut and not pushing themselves to actualize their highest potential. they have a lot to give to the world that can lead to regret in later life if it is not fully expressed.


Some of the King of Clubs Issues Concerning Relationships
The King of Clubs has basically good marriage karma and they love the feeling of being in a close relationship. However, there are aspects of marriage that are very challenging for them and one of the major ones is the part that tells them that in marriage they will lose their personal freedom. Freedom is an important word for the King of Clubs, something to be treasured above all else, including a happy relationship in some cases. You might say that the King of Clubs has a problem around freedom, though it doesn't prevent all from getting married or settling down.

These strong willed and powerful people amke fine distinctions with their minds. anyone who is involved with them has to be able to handle this power and intensity without getting defensive, which is challenging in many cases. For this reason, the women are more amsculine oriented and in some cases domineering. It is sometimes difficult for them to find a partner with whom they can be themselves.




This is a Major Comletion Year for You
Because you have a Nine card in a prominent position this year (Long Range, Pluto, Result, Environment, or Displacement), we know that this will be a year in which you achieve an important ending in your life. Endings can be seen as disappointments if we disregard their true meaning. In truth they represent graduations from chapters of our life that were important, but are now no longer helpful for our personal growth and development. What is also beautiful about endings is the wonderful freedom we feel after we have passed through it and are on to our next stage of work and development.

Whatever the nature of the endings in your life this year, be glad that you have reached the point in your development that you are ready to move on to better things and relationships. We are often afraid to let go of things that have become so familiar to us. Sometimes we are not even able to see that these things are no longer of any rel uses to us. Rest assured that this is the case for you. You are ready to move on and by this time next year, you will be in an entirely new better place for your personal and professional development and expansion.

If you have more than one occurrences of a Nine in these prominent positons, the significance of this completion year becomes even greater and the stronger the likelihood that many areas of your life are coming to an end in preparation for a new phase of development.

Study whatever Nines you may find in your Yearly Spreads carefully. Each one will reveal the specific areas that you may be encountering some important completions.

.................this report prints approximately 80 pages in a full report






All about the Love Connections You Share


Look at each connection between you as a cosmic link that connects each of you to some part of yourself that you want to look at, develop or explore in some way. your partner is your mirror into your own soul. This report uses the advanced techniques available to give some real insight into the inner workings of your realtionship. Using the ancient system, now known as the book of Destiny, it determines the energy connections that reflect exactly how the two of you interact. these connections are essentialy described as planetary energies, for example Mars or Venus. Some connections are harmonious, while others create certain kinds of friction or stress between you. All of the connections between you serve an important purpose and contribute to the experience that you share. Keep in mind that most connections have a higher expression and a lower one. The affirmations given for each connection indicate how to access the highest expression of each one.

The connections are listed in the order of their importance. The first connection is the most important and the second is the next important, etc. But even the last connection between you probably manifests itself in your experience together. Therefore, regard all of them as having some important information for you.

You may only have a few connections, two or three, or you may have as many as fourteen. Each couple has a unique number and kinds of connections - as unique as the love and feelings they share for each other.

Look to see if you have more than one kind of connection between you. For example, you may have a total of two or three Mars connections between you. When this is the case, you should study these connections between you. when this is the case you should study these connections carefully, realizing that this probably indicates some of the most important reasons that you are together and the issues that you most often face together.

Finally, there are no bad connections. If we are attracted to someone so much that we spend time with them, there are important reasons for this. The descriptions of the connections in this report can help you understand why you have made the choice to be together, which can in turn help each of you to understand your individual personalities and needs better. Of course, some connections indicate stress and challenge, but this is because we often use relationships as the vehicle through which we resolve our own inner conflicts. If the love is there, there are many good things for each of you to gain from being together.



The First Connection Between You


John's ACE of SPADES - connects to Mary's EIGHT of HEARTS

They are JUPITER together in the Spritual Spread

This connection tells us that John and Mary shared a past life together in which a major focus was their philosophy and ideas about life. Perhaps they were members of a religious group, or somehow entered a life of spiritual disciplines and study. That lifetime had a powerful and enlightening influence upon both of them, revealing many truths about life and the laws of the universe that they still draw upon for guidance and direction. This foundation of principle can be one of the most important cornerstones of their relationship, and one which they draw strength and purpose from during their life together. Their beliefs and philosophies do not even have to be verbally expressed. Because this connection stems from a past life, the closeness they share is just there - it needs no explanation, unless they feel the need, for somone, to express it.

Now that they ahve found each other, John and Mary are reminded of the life they once had. By being together, many positive results manifest themselves in their lives. John and Mary enjoy giving to each other in many ways as natural expression of their love. They may exchange guidance and inspiration when it is needed and this may remind them of the high level of truth and integrity that they once shared. however, the blessings of jupiter can also extend to the financial arena. Prosperity can be another wonderful thing that John and mary share with each other.

Many couples who have this connection end up quite well-off financially and they seem to be lucky by most standards. This so-called luck is not really by chance though. It is a natural outcome of the right frame of mind. That frame of mind involves having mutual appreciation and gratitude for the abundance that this realtionship brings into their lives.

With such a fortunate connection between them, John and Mary have a lot going in the right direction for a happy and prosperous future. Even if it is not intentionally cultivated, this connection will definatelybring many good things into their lives. If they want to cultivate it to get even more benefit, all they have to do is spend more time appreciating what they have and communicating that to each other. nutually felt and expressed appreciation is a vital ingredient in nearly all successful relationships. With this wonderful connection between them, John and Mary should have little trouble in experienceing just how good life can be.

AFFIRMATION FOR JOHN: I enjoy the many wonderful things that Mary and I share together. I feel that we have a deep spiritual connection that makes me feel that we are going in the same direction. We seem to attract abundance in our life as our mutual sharing and giving is so appreciated by both of us.

AFFIRMATION FOR MARY: I am continually thankful for the many things that this relationship with John brings into my life. It is like a miracle, all of the good things that seem to magically come our way. I especially appreciate the sense of similar beliefs and spiritual values that are the foundation of our being together.