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March 10, 2020
12:00 PM
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        Independent of mind and spirit, cats have always displayed outright indignant behavior at any attempt to train them. Having a mind of their own and a highly changeable nature, cats are unlike any other animal you've owned. The favorites of many, they are misunderstood by all. Astrology helps us to understand some of the quirks these highly intelligent animals display.

        Are they good house pets or will they drive you crazy until, against your better judgement, you let them out? Refined hunting skills and sharp instincts are common traits of most cats. Some are known for their patience, or perhaps for nurturing others. Others just prefer your lap, or to lounge on the sofa until served their favorite meal.

        The many personalities we see displayed in these wonderful creatures are all part of the plan. Would you automatically choose a beautiful Taurus Cat if you knew that Venus will always make him attractive? Kitty's chart can show you just how important some things are for his survival. What makes Kitty tick and what can he absolutely not do without? How can you add more enjoyment to Kitty's life? Does he need companionship or is he just as happy not sharing your attentions with another cat? These are some of the questions we seek to answer when looking at our beloved feline's chart. Astrology can guide you to get the most enjoyment out of your cat. Kitty will thank you for it.

        There are 4 basic elements that make up a chart; they are earth, water, air and fire. If Kitty has four or more planets in one of these elements he is considered to have more than average. Applying a weight or number to these planets, we can determine if the chart has tendencies that would be influenced by being overweighted in that particular element. The Ascendant, Midheaven and planets on the angles are also given a number, which is included in determining the makeup of a chart.

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        This birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Sun     19 Pis 42               Pluto    20 Sco 18
Moon    15 Cap 12               N. Node  26 Cap 45
Mercury 27 Pis 45               Asc      28 Gem 01
Venus   20 Ari 08               MC        8 Pis 53
Mars    18 Gem 14               2nd cusp 22 Can 33
Jupiter  4 Leo 10               3rd cusp 15 Leo 41
Saturn   3 Aqu 24               5th cusp 21 Lib 52
Uranus  13 Cap 11               6th cusp 29 Sco 05
Neptune 16 Cap 21

Tropical Zodiac   Standard time observed.
GMT: 19:00:00     Time Zone: 7 hours West.
Lat. and Long. of birth: 34 N 32 24   112 W 28 04

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction  :  7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition   :  5 Deg 00 Min
Square       :  5 Deg 00 Min
Trine        :  5 Deg 00 Min
Sextile      :  4 Deg 00 Min
Conjunct Asc :  5 Deg 00 Min Above,  7 Deg 00 Min Below
Element Emphasis

Air Sign Emphasis:  (Score of 5,6,8,9)

        Kitty is one of the most inquisitive animals you've ever known. This can get him into trouble when he finds himself in a predicament. That's all right because Kitty can let you know when he needs you. Talkative and knowing the exact tone to get your attention, Kitty is never short on "meow's." He sings for his supper, and does tricks too. Kitty will display some unusual talent when stalking prey. He makes a game out of everything and looks forward to the special time he can spend with you. Fetching little balls of paper can be a game Kitty learns to love. A lover of catnip and feathers. Keep numerous high perches for Kitty to leap from. Retrieving objects can be a favorite pastime.


        The Ascendant, or sign on the horizon at birth, changes approximately every two hours. To get a true picture of an animal, an exact time of birth is very helpful. From the Ascendant, not only do we learn the appearance and characteristics of an animal, we also derive a pattern of the chart itself. The Ascendant is the face we show to strangers - animal and human alike. We may view Kitty as his Sun sign, but other will see the sign on the Ascendant first. The rising sign dictates how Kitty portrays himself to others. These characteristics are entirely different from what we see when Kitty is in his home environment. Learn more about how others view Kitty.

Gemini Rising:

        Thin and wiry, Kitty can be the most playful energetic cat you've ever had. Kitty needs to be entertained and the company of other animals and humans is the way he would appreciate most. Communication is the best way Kitty has of getting his point across although it may take you awhile to learn his style. Kitty is quite a talker; you'll soon get to know all of his special sounds and what they each mean. Kitty needs constant stimuli to keep him out of trouble. Music and TV can amuse him for hours while you're gone. Video games and ping pong are things Kitty will attempt to play with you. Always a kitten at heart, Kitty will play endlessly even when older. Keep food available throughout the day. Kitty would prefer small frequent feedings to fuel that endless energy he expends. Usually thin in frame with a longer face. Very agile and with distinctive paws or markings. May be polydactyl.


        The Sun is Kitty's source of energy and vitality. Its placement in his chart indicates Kitty's true identity, which may or may not always be apparent. Just watch the fa´┐Żade that appears when Kitty is placed in the position of meeting newcomers. The side that he shows to others may be very different from the one you saw a few minutes ago when you were all alone with him. And that's only after Kitty trusts you enough to show it. The basic needs and patterns in Kitty's life are strongly influenced by the sign and placement of the Sun. This is where Kitty puts his best paw forward. This is what Kitty is really like when all barriers and inhibitions are removed. He gets recognition here sometimes, making a visible difference in your world, too. You will always remember Kitty by the characteristics displayed by the Sun even if it's just a quirk or habit. Sometimes it is beneficial in naming your new kitten to use your keen observation to help you find a suitable title to call him by. Try to determine what it is that makes him stand out from the rest by discovering the Sun sign individuality of your cat.

Sun in Pisces:

        A bit shy and unsure of himself, Kitty may have to first develop a trusting relationship with just one owner. He will need to feel a part of you at all times. Kitty can be the first one there to comfort you in times of need. Expressive eyes and a look of understanding can give you comfort if not a surprise or two. It will seem as if you're telling your best friend secrets. Avoid loud noises and talk in very soothing tones to Kitty. He absorbs things so readily that loudness can be very irritating to his senses. Kitty can be your true companion for life, bonding immediately with you on a very close level. Try not to leave home without leaving something of yours with Kitty at all times. He will miss you less if a reminder of your essence is left behind. Just think about Kitty and he appears. An uncanny ability to read your mind and thoughts.

Sun in the 10th house:

        Kitty climbed the trenches to get here and now looks at the nice little nest he created. It is difficult to get him to give up what is his. Kitty is stuck as a permanent part of your household; earthquakes couldn't make him move from home. Success comes to Kitty later in life after many unsuccessful attempts. He gets through each and every setback letting it roll right off his back. Kitty gets exactly what he wants despite some initial challenges in life to make it more interesting. His home is his castle.

Sun Square Mars:

        Not exactly bounding with energy, Kitty would just as soon keep his duty to guarding your favorite chair. A walk to the litter box may be all that Kitty can accomplish some days. A few strokes short of agile, Kitty has occasional misses in judgement which might cause him injury. He often meets with obstacles when he tries to hunt. Aggressive behavior to other cats may be provoked and cause injury to head and ear. One mark shy of perfect, Kitty can't always find prey for lunch, which doesn't stop him from trying harder. He can be seen in the same place for hours just hoping something comes by to play with. Kitty does not like it when others choose the activity and would just as soon turn and walk in the opposite direction as give you the time of day.

Sun Sextile Neptune:

        Kitty is a pleasure to greet and he is always waiting patiently before you arrive - it's as if you called home first to announce your arrival. No phone call needed, Kitty is so tuned into you and your every movement that he knows how you're feeling better than you do. Kitty knows when to calm you with the sound of his purr. A simple brush against your leg can set endorphins into action that will help you to calm and relax your every muscle.

Sun Trine Pluto:

        You strive for equal space when living with this powerful animal. Kitty allows you to think you're the boss when he knows he is. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you that Kitty runs the house. He tells you when to get up, when to feed him, and when to go to bed. You work well within the framework of your routine. Before long you will be trained and fully wrapped around Kitty's paw. Keep up the good work.


        The Moon tells us how Kitty bonds emotionally with us and his other feline friends. It's hard to believe, but cats really are moved by emotions - some more than others. If you ever really want to know what makes your kitty enjoy life look to the Moon sign. Soon you will discover what he can't live without. It could be something as simple as a catnip mouse, but it will bring lasting enjoyment and a bond with you that will be memorable for life. Learn what your cat desires the most.

Moon in Capricorn:

        Kitty comes from a meek or limited environment where he was subjected to misery or abuse from an owner. There may have been little or no food and love was not a part of the situation. Now his need for security drives him to do everything right and keep on course. Of dependable nature, Kitty will always be there at feeding time. He is submissive but will attempt to climb the rankings in your family unit. When needing a cat to support your heavy heart, Kitty can be called upon for duty - he is a sturdy and dependable cat that will never let you down. Kitty is so used to getting nothing that any small favor is appreciated and rewarded with a lifetime of loyalty and affection. This little fella is about to warm his way right into your heart and will keep trying until he gets there.

Moon in the 7th house:

        Kitty should have come to you with a partner for life; if not, please provide one. Unless you can provide companionship 24 hours a day it is suggested you find a friend for Kitty or he will not be a very happy kitty when you return. It doesn't have to be a feline friend; dogs and ferrets will do. Kitty will expect more than just ordinary affection from you. He wants motherly love from you, so you had better be prepared to be the feline mother of the year. Always looking to be picked up and lovingly petted, Kitty will be the one to put you to bed each night kneading his paws into your chest while you sleep, or curling around your hair. Provide a piece of your clothing for him to have in your place when away.

Moon Square Venus:

        It may take more than a few pieces of tuna to get Kitty to show you some affection, although this would be a good way to start teaching him that there is a reward for honoring you with his presence. Soon Kitty will get the idea and show you just how much you mean. Cats understand who feeds them, always placing them first on the to do list for affection. Don't expect Mr.. Feline to be neat. Kitty may not quite get litter box training, leaving you a trail of sand or worse. Teach him good habits early and avoid outside interference which may cause accidents to occur. A bit unkempt in appearance, Kitty may need you to assist him in clean up duties as well.

Moon Conjunct Uranus:

        Unusually high-strung, Kitty may amuse you with many exciting incidents. His curiosity with electricity and other dangerous things could make you shudder. This is the cat you find hanging off the ceiling fan or high ledge just waiting to alarm you. Digestive problems may result from all that nervous energy he soaks up from others. Kitty has the ability to tune in to your wavelength, reading your thoughts and every feeling you have. If you're upset, so is he. Kitty requires a calm environment to settle his nerves, but loves the company of friends. Much preferring other felines or animals to you, Kitty needs a variety of entertainment to amuse him while you're gone. Kitty videos can provide entertainment when he must be left alone. Boredom will lead Kitty to trouble.

Moon Conjunct Neptune:

        Kitty is more than just psychic. He is sensitive to you like no other. Receptive to thoughts and emotions, Kitty knows exactly how you are feeling. Deeply devoted to you, Kitty lives to be your constant companion. Sensitive to loud noises, Kitty knows and appreciates only good music. He is more tolerant than most of water - he may even let you bathe him. Keep Kitty amused with a fish tank within view and the radio on low. Sleeping on the warm water bed, enjoying long hours in dreamland, is what Kitty does best. He is happiest when close to something of yours that has your scent.


        Mercury, the planet of communications, suggests how felines communicate with us. There are many different forms of communication besides meowing. Body language will also give us clues into what our cats want. But their most important form of communication is reflected in their ability to send messages telepathically. Some cats are better at this than others but equally important is our receptiveness to such information. We all know how Kitty can get his point across when he wants to. Now learn what you can do to facilitate greater sensitivity to what it is your cat has to say.

Mercury in Pisces:

        Afraid of his own shadow when young, Kitty can be almost irresistibly charming as you take him under your wing for protection. Kitty is on your wavelength and there is no doubt he feels everything you do. Think positive thoughts to him and soon fear will banish. Strangers can present a problem for Kitty, who is often seen resorting to secret hidden places for observation rather than dealing with the unknown intrusion of a stranger. Kitty comes out of his shell when there are other animals to care for. This does not have to be a younger kitten or even a cat; other species will get equal attention, including you.

Mercury in the 10th house:

        Kitty can deal with any obstacles that block the path. A resourceful and adaptable cat, Kitty is known by his past. Public recognition brings Kitty many friends that communicate their amazement at his intelligence. He is an assistant in teaching others in the household how to act. Kitty's authoritative body language gets the message across loud and clear.


        Venus shows us how sociable Kitty can be. It gives us a clue as to what he is attracted to. This can range from inanimate objects to objects of desire. Venus exerts an energy that attracts you and others to Kitty like a magnet. How your feline returns this affection is revealed by Venus. Venus can determine whether Kitty has a pleasant disposition or is of a less affectionate nature.

Venus in Aries:

        Kitty is aggressive in his affections, often grabbing you with both paws and giving you a playful love bite. Kitty lets you know he cares sometimes more than necessary. You may need to tell Kitty to back off a little, at least until you can find him a playmate of his own. He is the first to initiate play - the whole game of winning you over is what Kitty finds attractive. His impulsive choice of friends may cause concern when Kitty is seen hanging out with the neighbor's sheep.

Venus in the 10th house:

        Kitty is one popular cat. Special in every way, he has an appearance that is second only to his sweet personality. Kitty is so cool he could become famous. He is photogenic and sociable as well, which makes for a good combination in the advertising world. A winner at cat shows and photo shoots, this attractive pussy cat takes all by his personal magnetism. Attractive to other felines as well, Kitty simply takes their breath away with his presence. Hard to resist by human or feline.

Venus Square Moon:

        Kitty may have been separated from his previous owner for reasons unknown. Often coming from a home where his sensitivity wasn't appreciated, Kitty may have preferred no home at all, and this is how he found you. He sometimes has difficulty expressing love to you and mistakenly thinks bad behavior will get him noticed when he is otherwise being ignored. Eventually Kitty learns to trust you enough to show you how much he cares.

Venus Sextile Mars:

        Kitty's amorous displays of affection gets his needs met. Kitty's energy level is matchless, which he shows you every chance he gets by doing somersaults and laps around the house. Just how much fun can one cat have? Kitty is about to show you, as he continually tries to amuse you.

Venus Square Neptune:

        Kitty may have come to you after losing his previous owner, or it may be his own lifetime cat partner that he grieves for. His mournful eyes make you aware of what sorrow looks like. Help this sensitive feline to heal by offering the love and attention he deserves. Don't wait for him to reach out for affection; you may have to be the aggressor and coax him to your side by gentle words. Play his favorite music.


        Mars shows how Kitty expresses his energy and enthusiasm for life. Mars gives passion and vitality to the place in the astrology chart where it is located.

Mars in Gemini:

        An active pacer, Kitty is seldom seen slowing down. He is always observant of even the most subdued sounds or activity. Curiosity thus triggers a continued demand for action. A lover of high places, Kitty suddenly might literally fly through the trees to catch his prey. Keep perches that are elevated in your house so Kitty can get a better perspective on things.

Mars in the 12th house:

        Kitty follows a different tune and that's only when you can find him. Everything is a secret with Kitty, who often appears after being missing in action as if nothing were wrong. No one knows where Kitty goes but his sudden return leaves you wondering if it is closer than suspected. A bit introverted around strangers, Kitty may prefer the comfort of your closet to a full confrontation with them. Look for Kitty under beds and tables but never in full view.

Mars Square Sun:

        Not the most energetic cat in the household, Kitty will be sure to let you know what an effort it is to move. Kitty expects you to provide him with room service for life. There will be no more hunting for prey now that he has found you. A true lover of the easy life, Kitty makes getting to the litter box seem too much a chore.

Mars Sextile Venus:

        Kitty has a pleasant and magnetic personality that makes him one special cat. Possessing a trait not often seen in cats, Kitty will come when called. Kitty makes sure everything he does will impress you. There are no games with this feline. Kitty loves to show you how much he adores you in no uncertain terms.


        Jupiter is where the window of opportunity opens up for Kitty. This is where Kitty finds his fun. Pleasant memories from these times provide a lifetime of happiness for Kitty. Jupiter's influence is truly beneficial in most cases but can also suggest an area of excess, with food being the major culprit.

Jupiter in Leo:

        A true lion, Kitty provides everyone with a feeling of superiority just for being in his presence. He is noble and proud in nature, and there will be many who want to accompany Kitty through life. A long beautiful coat is part of Kitty's magnetic charm. A lover of family and domain, Kitty will rarely stray far from home. Protecting territory is much more suitable to his calm and resonant nature. Often found basking in the Sun. Others flock to his side to join in the enjoyment Kitty shares with them even if it's just lounging around the campfire.

Jupiter in the 2nd house:

        Kitty is blessed with more than the usual amount of gifts and toys a kitty can own. Even when overindulged to excess, Kitty's personality doesn't alter much. Glad to share his toy with others, he relishes the idea so that he can socialize with other animals.

Jupiter Opposition Saturn:

        You may have found Kitty drifting away on the brink of death at your doorstep or the shelter. Distrustful of others, Kitty may have been overlooked often when viewed by families looking to adopt. Kind and generous actions will help win this kitten over and once done there will be no going back; Kitty's thankfulness will be demonstrated to you in many ways.


        Saturn shows us where there is restraint or obstructions in Kitty's life. Saturn also shows us lessons Kitty needs to learn in life and how he might accomplish this. This is where Kitty learns to be resourceful and how to survive in life.

Saturn in Aquarius:

        Kitty loves to help his many companions. A friendly and sympathetic feline, Kitty often brings a sick or needy animal to your home for care. He is deliberate in action - there will be no mistaking what he wants. Help for all the other animals can only be his way of showing you how to get involved in humanity. Check for heart problems early and avoid situations that can strain his already overworked nervous system.

Saturn in the 8th house:

        There were plans to keep Kitty long before he was born. The pick of the litter was to go to a home that more than adequately provided for him. With everything a kitten could possibly need, Kitty grows up to be quite a spoiled kitty cat. Kitty lives a long life enjoying the catnip you provide for him in the garden.

Saturn Opposition Jupiter:

        Because of Kitty's early incarceration or mistreatment, he may still be very mistrustful of strangers. Not always able to make the right decisions, Kitty will need your guidance and protection. Set boundaries early. Show him just where the litter box is and where he can and can't go.


        Uranus demonstrates genius and intuitive abilities. Kitty's independence is strongly influenced by where Uranus falls in his chart. This is where Kitty's talents lie - waiting for you to discover them by subtle communication.

Uranus in Capricorn:

        Subject to sudden gain after a meager youth, Kitty had less than ideal kitten days, but all that changes now that he has you. Forced to survive on less than adequate circumstances, Kitty has a fortitude and persistence that got him what he wanted. Kitty's ability to survive harsh beginnings is a story in itself. With a strong sense of responsibility, Kitty knows it's his duty to care for you and any kittens or other young animals. He is particularly attracted to the elderly - even grandma is not safe from Kitty's attentions.

Uranus in the 7th house:

        Kitty picks the oddest of partners to accompany him through life. These may change frequently from loss or displacement. Kitty's object of affection changes as frequently as you change the sheets. You may even find that his loyalty alternates between you and another.

Uranus Conjunct Moon:

        Kitty's psychic ability can make you wonder. He has an uncanny ability to read your mind and sense your every emotion. A bit sporadic in his emotions, Kitty can either be clingy or aloof, showing you his tail as he pretends to ignore you. Don't ever mistake Kitty's aloofness for not caring.

Uranus Conjunct Neptune:

        Kitty's ability to read your mind does not go unnoticed for long. All can be said with the glance of an eye. He is extremely intelligent with a mystical appearance. Seeing and knowing all that goes on, Kitty may alert you to danger. Learn to develop this very special talent of talking with Kitty. You will be rewarded in many ways.


        Neptune shows you where and how Kitty spends his spare time. Where does Kitty's imagination take him when you are not there? Does he have a favorite escape that you are unaware of? What fantasy truly inspires Kitty and sends him to nirvana? Kitty returns here often when stressed, or just for fun. Neptune shows where he can achieve the same sensation with a little help from you.

Neptune in Capricorn:

        Kitty always looks as if in deep thought or meditation. Possibly a bit shy and reclusive, Kitty may require a sensitive owner to coax him out of hiding. Often coming from less than perfect beginnings, Kitty may need to be given a little extra love and attention to be brought up to standard. Kitty fantasizes about living in a large house with adequate heat, food, and objects of comfort to make life worthwhile. Keep Kitty's many toys by his side to provide him with the comfort level he requires.

Neptune in the 7th house:

        Kitty creates his own illusions about his partner. This may be you or another animal friend, but whoever it is, is placed upon a pedestal undisturbed by any choices you make along the way. When Kitty finally realizes that his standards and/or opinion of you is not being met he sulks for days wondering how he could have been deceived. It takes Kitty a great deal of time before he trusts you enough to place all his effort in the partnership again. Kitty is obsessive about how he perceives you and you had better live up to it on your end.

Neptune Sextile Sun:

        Very sensitive to noise, Kitty will love to listen to the music you play for him. Kitty can appear very spiritual in nature, all-knowing and all-seeing; he is attuned to another dimension. Kitty has lived nine lives before and plans to join you on many more. An old soul right from the beginning, he is wise to things unknown and unseen by others.

Neptune Conjunct Moon:

        Kitty's psychic abilities have you amazed. He is a reader of thoughts and feelings - it won't take much to communicate, since Kitty knows you better than you know yourself. Music moves Kitty's soul and he will be sure to let you know his preferences. Quite a singer himself, Kitty possesses a voice that can resonate throughout the room. The vibration when Kitty purrs can be soothing and speak volumes.

Neptune Square Venus:

        Kitty just doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the crowd. His restless and chaotic movements may be caused by his desire to be noticed. This may often be frustrated by an inability to fit in or make his needs known.

Neptune Conjunct Uranus:

        Unexpected opportunities may have caused Kitty to enter into an unsafe situation or two. Kitty's independent ways may have left you feeling confused about how much he really needs you or cares about you. Seemingly gone for days, Kitty finds it important to visit his many friends. Kitty forms an unbreakable bond with you that goes beyond time.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

        A complete break from the past happens more than once for this survivor. Kitty learns not to bond too closely, for things aren't often as they seem. A disruption or change of homestead leads to new and exciting discoveries much more conducive to his lifestyle. Kitty earns a place in public life by a past action that led to unusual circumstances. His ability to perceive of danger may have saved a life.


        Pluto is where Kitty finds release from those powers that bind him. Old conditions that are no longer useful are eliminated. Obsessive or compulsive behavior that needs to be eliminated or changed will be here. Pluto forces Kitty to deal with it. Pluto shows him how to transform for better or worse, and you may be the most likely Pluto character in Kitty's chart. An awareness that nothing is permanent helps Kitty accept the challenge that loss has brought him to where he is. Kitty will find many new beginnings where Pluto falls in his chart. A constant renewal and regeneration awaits him there. Although not usually very malleable, Kitty learns that this is where he must change to continue as planned. Kitty soon sees that change can be good when he senses the improvement in your acceptance of him.

Pluto in Scorpio:

        Kitty's concept of death and loss may have come at an early age forcing him to deal with the changes that transpired. Through this recognition Kitty has chosen to honor you to the fullest degree. Kitty owns you totally and until death changes that, let no man or animal come between you. Kitty's control over you is understood and manipulated to its fullest advantage.

Pluto in the 5th house:

        Kittens and the loss thereof will be something that Kitty will learn to deal with. Often producing many litters, Kitty learns to let go one by one. Kitty soon finds importance in the fact that he can create as many as he wants and this somehow lessens the pain endured when one is given away.

Pluto Trine Sun:

        Kitty knows how to display his authority and uses it to his advantage. A true leader among animals, he may show his abilities over other animals including you and the other people in your house. Kitty's chair or bed is his and his alone. Let no man or beast come between Kitty and his food, or learn the wrath of beasts.

Pluto Sextile Neptune:

        Unfortunate circumstances led Kitty to come into contact with others needing his love and attention. This may be you or another animal. Obsessive over the care of another, Kitty may need assistance in learning to care for himself, such as being reminded to eat instead of always providing for others. Kitty would give his life to save you from danger. A cat that will be with you forever.