YOUR NAME: William Jefferson Clinton

Your Motivation Number is: 5

Your Impression Number is: 7

Your Expression Numbers i: 3

Your Karma Numbers ar: 7,8

Your Subconscious Response Number is: 7


YOUR BIRTH DATE is: August 19, 2020

Your Destiny number is: 2

Your Personal Year Numbers are for 1993: 4

Your Personal Year Numbers are for 1994: 5

Your Life Cycle Numbers are: for the 1st Cycle: 8, for the 2nd Cycle:1, for the 3rd Cycle: 2

Your 1st Life Cycle starts at birth and lasts until 35

Your 2nd Life Cycle starts at 35 and lasts until 62

Your 3rd Life Cycle starts at 62 and lasts until death


YOUR TURNING POINTS are:1st Turning Point Number: 9, 2nd Turning Point: 3, 3rd Turning Point: 3, 4th Turning Point:1

YOUR CHALLENGES are: 1st Minor Challenge Number: 7, 2nd Minor Challenge Number: 1, Your Major Challenge Number :6



The Motivation or "Heart's Desire" Number comes from the vowels in yuour full name. It shows what you want out of life, and is the basic morivating force behind everything you do. It combines with the Impression and Expression Numbers to describe your basic character.

Your Motivation Number is 5.

You desire personal freedom and the chance to do new things. You will always be bored with routines and situations that are stagnant. You welcome travel because of the stimulating changes os scenery and situations it brings. You plunge headlong into life, and prefer your experiences to be on the physical plane rather than the intellectual. Adventurous, sensual and hungry for stimulus, you may find yourself strongly attracted to sex, food, alcohol or drugs.

Colors and gems have number vibrations, too. Your Motivation Color is PASTEL BLUE and your Motivation Gem is TURQUOISE. Wear these when you want to relax and restore your energies.



The Impression or Personality Number is computed from the consonants in your full name. It deals with illusions and fantasies, showing the role you create for yourself in your own world of daydreams. This is important, because your ten to become what you think you are: given enough energy, your fantasied can become reality. The Impression Number also provides useful inofrmation about the image you project and the kind of vibrations you send out to others.

Your Impression Number is 7

You dream of being a sage who is removed from the chaos of the world and who, from a detached position, is able tomediate on the meaning of the universe. You would like the world to be quiet, calm and peaceful: aplace where the spritual, the intellectual, and thepowers of the mind have value. You feel that your perception of the world is all-encompassing, and have a well-developed philosophy of life.

Your Impression Color is VIOLET and your Impression Gems are the AQUAMARINE and AMETHYST. Wear these when you want to be socialble and enjoy the company of others.


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  The path of life or 'destiny' number is derived from the daye of your birth. This path number is perhaps the single most important number that will be presented in this report and, like your birthday, it cannot be changed but will stay with you thruout life. It is the 'key' vibration to which you respond, and it is thru this number and what it symbolizes that you will work out your own destiny. This is why it is called the number of destiny or life path number . . . The number of you.

Your path is a '6'. Organizational ability? You've got that. Also, a sense of responsibility that won't quit. A sense of the public and the world around you finds you aware of social and economic conditions and you have the insight and the stick-to-it-ness to respond to unwanted conditions and to do something about them. A married life is just what you've always wanted, really wnat and until that takes palce you will be operating at less than full power. ahome and family will provide you with the foundation you need to reach out into the community and make yourself known. You have a keen eye for detail and are a natural for mangement and supervisory positions. You will alwaus have to fight off promotions.




          1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9      
          0 0 3 1 4 3 0 0 4      


  A lack of 1's indicates an inability to be independent and to stand up and be counted. You need confidence and lack the drive to make yourself known. A need to develop a more selfish and outgoing approach to life.

A lack of 2's indicates that there is a tendency to be uncooperative and unable to mix and share with others. aneed to learn to co-exist and respond to the reality of other people. Lacks the ability to respond to the needs of others.

A lack of 7's tends to indicate a failure to go beneath the surface, avoiding religious and philosophical issues - anything with depth or significance beyind appearances. a lack of faith in general, a fear of being alone or of dying.

A lack of 8's often indicates a refusal to recognize the importance of the mundane and worldly. A denial of the effect or existence of influence, power, money, politics -- ignoring them. You don't want to play that game.



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The following excerpts are from Luciano Pavarotti's reading.


Your Soul number is NINE.

You are a very loving person whose compassion and concern is not limited only to your own family and personal circle. Kind and generous in your symapthies, you are motivated toa large degree by humnaitarian ideals, altruism, and a desire to make the world a better place.

Translating your charitable impulses into some definite, concrete expression is one of your greatest challenges. you are sensitive, gentle, and impressionable (especially in early years), and you may lack the drive tobring your dreams down to earth. However, aggressive ambition is not your path to success. If you learn to have confidence in yourself and maintain a posotove attitude, you will do much good and enjoy true success.

You have a strong desire to travel widely. Broad and tolerant in your viewpoints, you dislike narrow thinking and prejudice, and you get along well with many different types of people.

Love is very important to you. You have a romantic heart and are idealistic about people. Becuase you are so loving you will attract love into your life, but you will also discover that not everyone loves as freely as you do. You don't want to be possessed. you are an artistic, intuitive person with a gift for working with color and abstract ideas.

Your First Initial is L

You are expressive and affectionate, with a strong need for attention, appreciatin, and praise, particularly from the opposite sex.

Friendship is highly important to you and you thrive on good company, good conversation, sharing thoughts and experiences with others. you cannot imagine going through life alone. you may seem overly talkative or overly eager to discuss personal issues. sometimes you disclose more than you wishy to, and later regret it.

You have a lively enthusiasm and vitality, and you project yourself in a way that charms and appeals to other. You love applause and may secretly wish to be a performer. In any case, you require a response from other people, their approval and affirmation, in order to give your best.



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