SOLAR SPARK  version 2  

An Astro Alarm Clock and Quick Chart Calculator with Interpretation Text.

Keep Solar Spark running in the background, and you'll have instant access to astrology no matter what you're doing on your computer. With one click of the mouse, you'll get this highly readable chart wheel showing the planets' current places as seen from your location. Click the buttons at the right of the wheel, and you can do lots more, including creating your own Natal Charts...


Features include:

  • Accurate Natal Charts calculated quickly and easily with links to the ACS Atlas (sub-heading).
    Create a new natal or event chart. Latitudes, longitudes and time zones can be calculated with ease with links to the ACS Atlas if this is installed on your computer.
  • Simple and easy-to-read interpretation report with text by Astrologer Stephanie Johnson.
    A brief report can be printed out from Solar Spark thus enhancing your Natal Chart work.The text has been written in a simple format which is easy to read and handy to give to clients, friends and family.
  • Switch to an aspectarian for whatever chart is on the screen simply by clicking on a Grid button.
    Full aspecting information is presented in the familiar 'grid' style as well as the 30 degree 'ruler' layout. Print elegant charts with Aspectarian OR Essential Dignities table.
  • Essential Dignities Table and House Almutens.
    Pop up a dynamic display of the Essential Dignities of the planets according to Ptolemy with a listing of all the house cusp Almutens for the displayed chart.
  • Use the Sabian Oracle to answer questions or to enrich your delineations.
    Astrologer, Lynda Hill's interpretation of the Sabian Symbols is insightful and relevant to today's modern world. You can use it as an oracle, choose the degrees of the Sun, Moon, MC or Asc or select your own degree. At the click of a button you can consult the Oracle and ponder the Symbol and interpretations. Simply ask the Oracle a question and watch the answer appear. Or select your own specific degree. Set alarms to signal specific transits, for planetary events or transits to your own Natal Chart. These can ring or pop up as silent messages while you're working in another program.
  • Watch the transiting planets whirl around the chart.
    Move the chart forward or backward in time. You can save your charts to a file and browse existing charts in alphabetical order from Solar Fire (TM), Nova(TM), Blue*Star (TM) and Quick*Charts (TM).
  • Planetary Hour and Day
    Solar Spark displays the planetary hour and day, useful for the gardener, or anyone electing a time for action, as well as the horary astrologer.
  • Chart Data
    Now you can explore the charts of famous people with The Australian Data Collection, featuring 300+ accurate charts of prominent Australian people and events AND the Solar Spark data collection of 20+ world famous people.
  • Maximise Charts and Glyphs
    Double click on the top title bar to maximise the size of your chart and glyphs. This is ideal for the vision-impaired astrologer.
  • Choice of Buttons or Menu
    Simply double click on the background of the main screen to switch between the Menu or Buttons option.
  • Get instant on-screen help whenever you need it.

Requirements: PC. 8mb RAM or higher. 3mb disk space. Windows 95 or higher. Mouse required.