Tarot Reading for

Jouquiam Cortez

Should I marry this girl?

1 Covers You: XI Justice

The atmosphere and influences affecting the situation.


The focus is on reaching goals, settlements, legal matters or income, health, investments of time, cause and effect, and trying to understand the workings of destiny in your life or affairs.


You will review the quality of your love life or relationship(s) and will realize that's exactly what you want -- quality, not quantity -- and so far it's been the other way around.

2 Crosses You: XVII The Star

Obstacles that stand in your way.


You will be hurt or disappointed by harsh words, "enforced" estrangement, and circumstances that impede further growth or development for the time being.


People will like you very much and will offer insights into the possibilities of expanding your business, or they will advise you on what you need to know.


You will be feeling the lack of love or fulfillment in your life and will dream of, or hope to meet, someone special, and something will occur that will inspire you or encourage that wish.

3 Crowns You: Ace of Wands

Your aims or ideals, the best that can be achieved in the situation.


Mundane: You've got to make a move or take the first step.

Esoteric: What is unconscious or unmanifested will soon take form. New elements are being conceived, whether they're perceived at this time or not.


Your success will come through new concepts, innovative ideas, and the rejuvenation of a declining business or decadent property investment.


You won't want to experience life alone or have a "part-time" relationship; you will want a full-time partner. And though you will be willing and receptive to those who advance, the time won't be ripe to reap the full harvest.

4 Beneath You: Seven of Wands

The foundation or basis of the situation. What the past has given you to use.

The Home

You will be juggling your work, appointments, and matters of the heart successfully, and in time you may give someone a set of keys to your home (maybe a lover).


You are going to receive a "special" consideration, financial break, payment, or advantage.


You will think about love and what it would be like to live with someone or get married.

5 Behind You: Knight of Swords

The recent past. Influences passing out ot the situation.


Your allegiance to an "era," establishment, or untrustworthy partnership is going to end.


Though you don't see it coming, you will soon be swept up in a powerful love affair that is going to change your life dramatically.

6 Before You: Two of Wands

Immediate future. Influences passing into the situation.


An ardent admirer, business referral, or benefactor will come into view and initiate a much-needed change or overdue promotion.


A lonely or unhappy soul is going to enter your life, who may offer to take care of you or propose some type of living arrangement. This could be (but is not necessarily) someone who is already married.

7 Your Role: VIII Strength

Your significator, your position and attitude in the situation.


The focus is on challenging situations pertaining to business and finance, family matters, things that stemmed from the past, spiritual fortitude, rebeginnings, and results or reward for persistence and effort.


You will not be ready to commit or become totally involved in a new relationship. This could be because of an emotional attachment to the past.

8 Environment: Knight of Cups

Your "house". The circumstances and immediate friends that influence the situation.


You will get an invitation or proposition from a friend. This also indicates happiness and camaraderie.

The Home

If you are contemplating a change of residence, you will not make a move now, and if something goes wrong around the house, you will probably try to fix it yourself. Also, watch out for small accidents around the house. Pay attention.


Your relatives will be on the move, taking up a new study or form of education or spending time away from home.


A new element or a flight to a different environment will ease existing tensions or loneliness.

9 Hopes & Fears: Ten of Swords

The hopes and fears of the situation.


You will be troubled by other people's "predicaments" or lack of commitment and your inability to do anything about it.


You fear poverty or ruin and want to find a way out of an impossible dilemma.


Though the worst is over, anguish will continue because you won't be able to bury the past or start anew. You will vacillate between "do I want it or don't I," and the moment you try to pin anything down or make a firm decision, it will change.

10 Culmination: Seven of Cups

The culminating card, the final result of the situation.


You will put things together in your mind and come to a final synthesis or resolution that will bring a deep feeling of gratitude or contentment.


You will experience a lot of vacillation in matters of the heart and will be looking for the right approach or the right mate. Or, you will have so many other things on your mind that love will be the furthest thing from it.



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