Software Details for The Numerologist's Chart Calculator




Limitations of this sample when viewed or printed:


Important Note: Before printing this sample, set your Browser’s page margins (top, bottom, left and right) to 0.5 inches or less. Click on File, then Page Setup to check or change the margins.

  1. Calculations are shown using Matthew Goodwin’s system. Numbers and their identifying labels would be somewhat different if Juno Jordan’s system was selected instead, from within Professional Numerologist.
  2. Page numbers are missing, and page breaks do not occur in the correct locations.
  3. Top, bottom, left and right margins are not the actual margins, as when printed directly from Professional Numerologist.
  4. Solid vertical and horizontal lines are used when printed directly from Professional Numerologist, instead of the dashes and vertical bars used in this sample. This makes the boxes and the vertical and horizontal separator lines all solid and neatly formed.


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