Detailed Software Description

Widening Horizon's Professional Numerologist

(Runs on Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 and XP
or Mac using Virtual PC)

Professional Numerologist is a very powerful, yet easy to use program for creating numerology reports and charts. It is intended for professional numerologists and astrologers, serious students, individuals who want to learn more about themselves, family and friends—and those wanting to make money selling reports. Knowledge of numerology is not needed to use the reports, though a working knowledge is required to use the charts.

Professional Numerologist consists of 4 separately purchasable modules—Numerology Report, Relationship Report, Yearly Report and Numerologist Chart—that all operate from within a single program interface. Using an intelligent design that works like a word processor, and with extensive built-in help, you’ll rapidly master its many capabilities. Almost immediately, you’ll be producing superior looking reports, quickly and easily. All reports were developed and written by Matthew Oliver Goodwin, author of the highly acclaimed, Numerology: The Complete Guide.

Using Professional Numerologist is very straightforward. Just enter the data for up to 20 people and select which of the above four reports and/or chart you want for each person. Then select where you want to send all the reports—the display with each report in its own window, the printer, or to individual files that can be easily emailed to your clients and friends. The ability to see more than one report on the screen makes it easy to compare two people—or to review different charts for the same individual. Sending all the reports to the printer at once makes it easy to process large batches, freeing you do something else while the reports are printing.

When saving reports to a file, you can choose between Rich Text Format (.rtf) and ordinary text (.txt). Selecting the Rich Text Format allows you to open the reports and charts in Microsoft Word and most other word processors without losing any of the report’s format. And although each report is elegantly formatted, you still have total control over the look by changing any of the many formatting options available. In fact, you have complete control over much of how Professional Numerologist works through the many different options that you can set.

In addition to the extensive online help, detailed Quick Start Instructions are included. To learn more about Professional Numerologist, first take a Visual Tour and then click on the four individual report and chart modules that are described in greater detail below.

Numerology Report $250*

Produces 12-16 page in-depth Personality reports that reveal the important lessons to be learned, the natural talents and abilities, deep inner needs and much more. Uses the birth name, current name and birth date.

Yearly Report $250*

Produces 11-16 page Progressed reports that describe the important yearly and monthly influences affecting a person. Shows how to get the most out of one’s experiences by identifying the likely events that will happen and the preferred approach to those events. Uses the birth name and birth date.

Relationship Report $250*

Produces 14-18 page reports that provide a valuable way to explore Romantic Relationships. Reports are full of practical suggestions for helping couples to have stronger, more meaningful partnerships. By showing the dynamics at work in the relationship, the reports help two people to better understand each other and to improve their communications together. Uses the birth names, current names and birth dates for two people.

Numerologist Chart $145

Provides a complete numerology workup, with over 1065 important numbers (no interpretations), for anyone who wants to interpret the numbers themselves. Supports Matthew Goodwin’s and Juno Jordan’s systems of numerology as well as the Pythagorean and Chaldean numbering systems. Calculations are much more extensive than those provided in the above reports.

* Discounts: Buy any 2 report modules and pay $225.00 each. Buy all 3 report modules and pay $195.00 each. Discounts apply to all purchases made within 60 days of each other.


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