Widening Horizon's Professional Numerologist
Visual Tour: Entering Data

The second step in using Professional Numerologist is to enter the names, birthdates and report options for each of the people you want to display, print or save a report and/or chart for. Data for up to 20 people can be entered at one time. Each report is assigned an individual file name when multiple reports are saved.

Click on New Reports in the
File menu to bring up the Data
dialog box.

The Data Entry dialog box is used to enter names, birthdates and the various report options for up to 20
people. The VCR buttons can be used to review the data for any of the people already entered. You
also can easily save the Personal Data, for future use, by clicking on the Save Name button.

The Select Person To Edit dialog box, displayed by clicking on the List button in the Data Entry
dialog box, can be used to review all the data you have entered. If you find a mistake, just select
that person and click on Select to make the edit corrections necessary.
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