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BIRTH DATE:            July 3, 2020

BIRTH NAME:          Thomas Cruise Mapother

CURRENT NAME:    Tom Cruise




              5   PERSONAL YEAR from January 1 to December 31


         22/4   ESSENCE from January 1 to December 31


                       5   PERSONAL MONTH in September

                       6   PERSONAL MONTH in October

                       7   PERSONAL MONTH in November

                       8   PERSONAL MONTH in December




              6   PERSONAL YEAR from January 1 to December 31


         22/4   ESSENCE from January 1 to December 31


                       7   PERSONAL MONTH in January

                       8   PERSONAL MONTH in February

                       9   PERSONAL MONTH in March

                       1   PERSONAL MONTH in April

                  11/2   PERSONAL MONTH in May

                       3   PERSONAL MONTH in June

                       4   PERSONAL MONTH in July

                       5   PERSONAL MONTH in August







At various times in your life, you’ve probably had the feeling that the opportunities are available for exactly what you want to do. At other times, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the feeling that hardly anything is going right and that you can’t find a satisfactory outlet for your capabilities.


By using the science of numerology, though, you can recognize the specific influences and opportunities in your life at any given time. You can determine—in advance—the times of greatest opportunity and you can also foresee difficulties and the areas in which they’re likely to happen. Numerology doesn’t give you the ability to foretell the future. It does, however, give you the ability to see and analyze many of the coming influences and opportunities before they occur. This allows you to maximize the positive potential as well as to prepare beforehand for problems that may be developing.


This profile describes the influences and opportunities you can expect in your life during the time span shown. The profile also includes suggestions for resolving any difficulties as well as for making the best use of the coming opportunities.












Your 5 Personal Year


The year 2002 is a time to revel in freedom and expand your horizons. Keep an open mind and concentrate on feeling very loose and free. Be very adventurous and as flexible as possible. Make constant use of your imagination, your creative approach and as much resourcefulness as you can muster. Your myriad activities are likely to move at a very fast pace. Many of your opportunities—and some of the most exciting ones—will be found outside your ordinary routine.


An important change is likely, possibly residence, work or family situation. You may initiate the change or find yourself dealing with changes begun by other people. Take advantage of the shifting circumstances and flow with the evolving conditions. Emphasize your versatility and quick reactions. Learn to release your hold on the old gracefully and make room for the new. Make sure, though, to take care of any situations left over from the break in old conditions. This will help ensure a better chance of increasing your personal freedom and furthering your professional advancement.


During 2002, delight in the great variety of experience that comes your way. Enjoy new opportunities, interests and activities. Expect anything and everything imaginable. Expect the unexpected and be ready to go along with it.


Keep your eyes open for new and exciting friends from all walks of life. Enjoy the many social affairs available, too. If you enjoy children—either your own or someone else’s—you may want to include them in many of your fun activities. They’ll get a lot out of it and you probably will, too. You may want to travel, possibly to unusual or out-of-the-way places. You may travel a long distance or take several shorter but equally exciting trips. Your travel plans may be intermingled with potential business opportunities. If so, make the most of both of them. You may want to speculate in some interesting financial schemes. Keep your wits about you, though. Get a good sense of the merit of any venture before you make the plunge. Try to avoid extravagant or self-indulgent activities. You may expect more in the way of rewards than you actually receive. Exert considerable effort throughout the year to promote yourself, your business and your ideas with enthusiasm.


Despite the excitement generated by all of this year’s activities, try not to procrastinate or neglect your obligations. Be careful not to scatter your energy in all directions; try to concentrate on one interest or activity at a time. If you feel restless, impetuous or impatient—and this may happen frequently in 2002—you may not be able to maximize some of the high-powered potential that’s present in many of your freewheeling opportunities. Although you may feel too busy much of the time, don’t neglect your family or close friends or you may regret it later.


You’re apt to have considerable appeal to the opposite sex this year. Enjoy the romances that come your way. But be careful not to get too involved, because these affairs are likely to be short-lived. Be careful not to overindulge in sensual activities to the extent that you lose track of other opportunities or responsibilities. Don’t express your personal freedom at the expense of others. Try to control your eating and drinking and keep them both at reasonable levels. You may have to exert considerable effort to be well disciplined this year.



Special Focus For This Year


Let go of the old and make way for the new in 2002. Make some of the important changes you’ve been thinking about. This may be a time to move into a new home or to remodel the old one. It also may be a time to expand some of your business ventures or seize some of the opportunities now available to move on to bigger and better things. If you’ve contemplated a shift in an important relationship, this year may be the time for it. There may be more changes in 2002, initiated by others. Flow with the changing circumstances to help matters work out in your favor. Let go of the old gracefully and make room for the new with appreciation. Enjoy the new life and color added by the shifts that are taking place. Be careful not to scatter your energy in all directions.


There’ll be lots of new experiences in 2002. Often, you’ll feel like you’re living on a day-to-day basis at a very rapid pace. There may be new friends, social activities and adventures. Be as flexible and imaginative as you can to make the most of the many possibilities. A trip of some duration may open new worlds and introduce some special people. Romantic episodes are likely to occur. Although they may be shorter than you’d like, they can be sources of considerable pleasure.



Your 22/4 Essence


January 1 through December 31


While the above described Personal Year indicates the best approach for you to take for growth and development during 2002, the Essence points out the likely events to take place during the period that it is active. Knowing the probable events that will happen and the preferred approach to those events will help you to get the most out of your experiences.


The events at this time emphasize work and organization. If you’re motivated by a selfless, humanistic approach and are feeling a good amount of personal power, you may even be able to accomplish important projects that can have significant influence. The opportunities that come your way are likely to be of an idealistic nature. Personal recognition and financial gain are possible, but only if your desire is to serve others without concern for what you’ll get in return. Much nervous tension is likely to be felt at this time.


If you find an altruistic approach or the amount of power required to demanding, you may want instead to work at putting a solid foundation under any business venture you are involved in. If your business already has a solid base, then this is a good time to expand it. If you are not involved in a business, use this time to manage and bring order to your personal affairs. Deal with financial matters with a sense of economy. Be as practical and realistic as possible. You may also find that your progress is much slower than you expect. If the opportunities feel limited or restrictive, develop an awareness of whatever forward movement there is rather than dwelling on the limitations. Do the required work and maintain your discipline and determination. Take care of health matters when necessary.


Because your Essence for this period points in a very different direction than the Personal Year, you may find that things do not go as easily or as smoothly as you’d like. Your desire for personal freedom and travel at this time conflicts with your potential for substantial material achievement. You may spend a good part of the time struggling to find a comfortable balance. It’s possible, too, that you may try to avoid one of these energies all together. You’ll find, though, that it resurfaces no matter what you do. Sometimes a balance can be reached by alternately using one energy, then the other. If at all possible, try to find an approach to the events and opportunities during this period that allows both energies to work together. This isn’t always easy, but it can provide the best use of the potentials available.



Monthly Highlights For 2002


The Personal Year is an important yearly influence. This influence, though, is expressed with a somewhat different emphasis each month. Be sure to take the monthly emphasis into account, too, when considering the best approach to take to each month’s events. Monthly highlights for 2002 are given next, followed by detailed descriptions for each month.


Some business ventures may be worth looking into in March. In May, some new and exciting opportunities may open up. Look for creative people involved in developing situations in July. There’s work to do in August. Take care of this work even if it interferes with some of your freewheeling plans. In September, there’ll be no end of creative opportunities. There may be financial developments to work on in December.





Your 5 Personal Month


There’s heightened excitement possible throughout the month. Many unusual experiences are available, particularly around September 9th or 18th. Expect a chance to meet new people, see new places and enjoy exhilarating activities and progressive opportunities. Have fun; make a splash; find a joyous romantic interlude during the week of September 19th. Take a vacation or travel for business or pleasure on September 25th or thereabouts. Initiate some changes or take advantage of significant changes started by other people. Complete the final steps involved in changes begun earlier in the year. Expend some effort to keep a sense of proportion in order to make the most of the month’s experiences. If you feel restless or choose to indulge a large appetite for physical stimulation, you’re likely to get in your own way. Try to minimize or delegate your responsibilities but attempt to take care of your obligations if your attention is needed and no one else is available.





Your 6 Personal Month


Activities involving your family members and close friends are likely to bring lots of fun and exhilaration this month. Some parties or get-togethers will give you the opportunity to spend some delightful times with people you hold dear. Plan some visits, trips or interesting experiences involving your children, too, probably around October 5th. Love and romance also can be very beautiful this month, particularly during the week of October 14th. Domestic duties must be taken care of and may be irritating when they interfere with time you had hoped to spend on more exhilarating activities. The results of changes begun earlier in the year can be seen and evaluated now. You may recognize the need for further shifts in direction to add balance and harmony to the home environment. Initiate any changes that are appropriate, ideally between October 17th and 27th. For more extensive domestic changes, prepare now so you can more readily implement them after the new year gets under way.





Your 7 Personal Month


You’ll want to spend some time alone in November, after all the months of activity and excitement. At the least, you can use some rest and relaxation. Have a physical checkup sometime around November 6th. It may be a good time, too, to plan an exercise regimen or diet program to implement when the new year begins. You may also need to be by yourself this month to reflect on a number of significant matters, particularly between November 9th and 27th. Assess the many changes that have taken place throughout the year and the added freedom you now feel. Appraise your accomplishments and the progress of your ongoing ventures in 2002. In particular look at your home and family and the domestic issues you explored partially last month. Firm up plans for the future so that changes you want to put into effect during the next few months can be delicately handled for easier acceptance. Make sure that your family and close friends are fully aware of your current need to spend time by yourself.





Your 8 Personal Month


This very busy year is likely to end with a flurry of activity. A few new people with a significant role to play in your ongoing ventures may enter your life this month, possibly around December 9th. Expect some interesting new opportunities, too, on December 11th or 15th or thereabouts, related to your business or financial interests and pointing dramatically in progressive directions. Take whatever steps are necessary to integrate these new situations into the rest of your activities. In addition, you’ll want to take care of the work required by your long-term projects. You’ll want to spend time, too, gaining additional clarity on family matters you’ve been considering for the last month or two. Take any small steps needed during the week of December 16th but continue to prepare for further domestic developments when the new year gets underway. Allow time to prepare for a festive holiday season and good times with dear friends, family and a special loved one.


As 2002 closes, there may still be some important changes during the ending months, just as there have been throughout the rest of the year. Flow with the changes and incorporate them into your life. Take advantage of any new experiences that occur. Be careful not to scatter and waste your energy. Remain aware of others’ needs and be helpful when you’re needed.












Your 6 Personal Year


The year 2003 is a time to concentrate on your home life as well as on the duties and obligations of your family and close friends. Your success and happiness are very much related to your willingness to give of yourself. If you’re willing to serve, compromise and make adjustments for those special people in your life, this can be a most fulfilling year.


You’ll find a considerable number of responsibilities on your shoulders in 2003, far more than you experienced last year. Focus on your home and family members. The pace is likely to be slower than in 2002 and with less excitement and adventure. You may find a new friend or two this year but in general your relationships are likely to be comparatively stable. Talk matters over at periodic intervals, particularly with your family members and close friends. Try to understand, respect and consider everyone’s needs. An unselfish and charitable approach will prove a vital attribute throughout the year. If you can make your family (and work) environment calm, harmonious and well-balanced, it will be much appreciated. In the interest of beautifying your surroundings, you may want to remodel or redecorate your home at this time or make some plans to redo part of your garden.


Your family will need your help during much of 2003. They’ll usually show their appreciation for your assistance, but don’t be surprised if some of your finest efforts occasionally receive little acknowledgment. Be very thorough and conscientious and complete what you begin. Avoid hustle and bustle and allow matters to fall comfortably into place. Be very careful not to meddle in others’ affairs or offer advice that hasn’t been requested. When a difficulty arises with a person you love, be sure to expend the necessary effort to eliminate whatever problems stand between you. At times, you may have to give more than seems fair to you, but try to do as much as is necessary so you both can reach a satisfying understanding with each other.


Don’t let friends take advantage of your generous nature. Although you may give a lot, make sure others don’t see or treat you as if you were a doormat or at times even a martyr. You may have to make an occasional sacrifice, though, to keep matters running smoothly. Take care of your own needs when that’s necessary so you don’t feel resentful or frustrated.


You’ll probably run into a good deal of emotion throughout the year. If you can express your feelings openly, clearly and in a balanced manner, you may receive much affection and love. If you’re single, you may find yourself involved in some radiant romantic pleasures. There are likely to be considerable possibilities for the future, including the distinct possibility of marriage. If you’re already married, this can be a year to continue—or rekindle—the special passion you have for each other. But if your mutual communication and problem-solving leave something to be desired, you may be moving toward an impasse or change. You and your spouse may want to assess the situation and take some significant steps to improve your relationship.


Business and financial matters are likely to progress more slowly than you expect. This isn’t usually a year for much business achievement, anyway, but there’s likely to be more forward movement than is clearly visible. Spend some time with your creative avocations. Give matters related to your work or career the attention that’s necessary but be careful not to neglect any obligations that affect your home or family.



Special Focus For This Year


In 2003, you may want to devote some time to developing a closer relationship with your family and special friends. Since your business interests are likely to be developing more slowly than you expected, you’ll be able to give your attention more readily to your spouse, parents and children. Give of your time, energy and resources whenever possible. More importantly, be prepared to share your feelings as openly and honestly as you can and to give generously of your love and affection. Take other people’s emotions and needs into account. Expend some effort to be as sensitive and understanding as possible. To the best of your ability, play down your own strong personal needs. Instead of emphasizing your usual independent approach, try to help family members express their own independent nature.


Begin to resolve any difficulties, spoken or unspoken, that may exist between you and some of the people who are close to you. Make your family, colleagues and associates understand how important it is for you to remove any obstacles so that you can share a more harmonious and loving relationship. Recognize that you can be friendly and caring and still retain your leadership ability.



Your 22/4 Essence


January 1 through December 31


Your Essence during this period is the same as the one described for last year. Expect the same kinds of events and opportunities to occur as you have already been experiencing. Make sure, though, to use the approach of the new Personal Year as you encounter the events that unfold at this time.



Monthly Highlights For 2003


Attend to important business matters in February. Resolve some significant personal affairs in March. In April, some special situations may make you more aware of the advantages of a caring approach. Some very special closeness may be yours in May, particularly when you’re sensitive to others’ needs. In September, appreciate the love and affection that can be present in your family circle. Enjoy the good feelings present in December. Keep your emotions under control and help resolve a family problem.





Your 7 Personal Month


Although you did some planning for the new year back in November, you may want to spend some time this month finalizing those plans. There’s a good chance that some family matters you counted on may have changed in a way that you didn’t anticipate. In addition, some financial affairs or matters of health may come to your attention, probably around January 6th, and need to be taken into account. Between January 9th and 18th, you may want to spend time by yourself getting a better understanding of domestic affairs and a clearer picture of some changes that might work to your own and others’ advantage. A little study also may suggest that a bit of time—perhaps several months—should be spent to lay the groundwork for implementing some important shifts in your family life. Take care of your ongoing projects throughout the month. You may need to spend more time on domestic matters throughout 2003 than you generally do.





Your 8 Personal Month


Take care of the exciting business prospects you see this month. On or about February 2nd or 5th, a new opportunity may come to your attention with unusual potential for the future. Be ready also to handle the work needed to keep your ongoing ventures on track. In some instances, family members may help with business matters or be able to offer helpful financial assistance. In other instances, though, significant family matters may conflict with business ventures, particularly during the week of February 18th. As you take care of family obligations, a few of your outside endeavors may be held up until you can devote more of your time to them. Analyze your current activities and the matters you’re going to be involved with in 2003. Adjust your plans so that both business and domestic matters can be comfortably accounted for. Take some breaks throughout the month to relieve any pressures you feel. A short trip, starting about February 20th, may bring some desired relief.



MARCH 2003


Your 9 Personal Month


A number of matters that have been pending since the beginning of the year are likely to be resolved in March. One or two business affairs may conclude between March 9th and 27th, bringing you an unexpected sense of relief. The completion of an important relationship around March 18th—possibly with a lover or close friend—may, on the other hand, raise strong emotions. Be tolerant and compassionate in both your personal and business dealings. If you’re sensitive and keep your feelings under control, you’ll have a good chance to avoid quarrels or misunderstandings. Allow enough time to clarify your own and others’ feelings and motivations. Make sure the people you’re dealing with feel that they’ve been heard. Around March 19th or 28th, take some time to examine your family situation closely. You may find that a number of comparatively small movements this month suggest that the time is getting close for initiating some important changes.



APRIL 2003


Your 1 Personal Month


The time is ripe to initiate some of the important additions or changes related to your family that you’ve been contemplating. The start of a new activity or the beginning of a new relationship, most likely between April 9th and 27th, may add to the balance in your domestic life. The breakdown of some old conditions about April 18th will make it easier to introduce some of the shifts you want. Use a very caring approach. Be very sensitive to others’ needs and feelings, particularly as your changes begin to take effect. Recognize that many of these shifts may bring you closer to your spouse, children and parents. Enjoy the good feelings and ensuing family activities. Take care of your business interests but, if there’s a conflict, be sure that family matters are attended to. Although your time may be very full, thoroughly investigate any chances of buying or selling property, particularly around April 21st. If the timing is right, you may want to think of remodeling or redecorating.



MAY 2003


Your 11/2 Personal Month


The changes begun last month will move ahead, but probably much more slowly than you anticipate. Some unexpected diversions, on or about May 4th, may hold back the important shifts temporarily. While you’re awaiting developments, enjoy some special activities with family and close friends during the weeks of May 6th or 16th. When you’re extremely sensitive and congenial, you may be able to add a much-needed sense of balance and harmony to the domestic environment. Be prepared to aid anyone in the family who needs your help at this time. Friends may need some assistance with legal or financial matters around May 22nd or possibly just a friendly shoulder to lean on. Whatever you can give now will be much appreciated and in all likelihood amply repaid in the future. Enjoy some spiritual studies. Make the most of some nurturing activities with the children in the family. Throughout May, romance and affection are likely to be given freely by a person you hold dear.



JUNE 2003


Your 3 Personal Month


The delays you may have experienced in May seem to have run their course. The changes, primarily domestic, that you initiated a few months ago are now moving ahead on schedule. Some shifts, along with the addition of an imaginative idea or two, may help speed things up. Your other ventures are likely to be moving along at the same time. A few new business opportunities may come your way as well, particularly during the week of June 9th. A creative situation with ample potential may attract your attention on or about June 18th. There’ll be a lot of entertainment and socializing, too, throughout the month, particularly with your spouse or love, children or associates. Enjoy some new friends and other people you haven’t seen in a while. Some wonderful romantic interludes may prove especially attractive. A short trip or vacation to some unusual area may add to your joy and delight around June 21st. Include your children, if that’s appropriate, and increase your own and others’ pleasure.



JULY 2003


Your 4 Personal Month


Some of last month’s delightful activities may spill over into the beginning of July. From July 3rd to 18th, though, there may be a good deal of responsibility for you to take care of, primarily related to your home and family. Your usual domestic duties need attention, of course, but there’s likely to be some additional work to be done around the house, as well. Repairs may be required or some rebuilding or remodeling work may have to be looked after. Legal or financial matters also may need some attention. Try to be available when family members or close relatives need your help. They may need some assistance with physical tasks but they probably also will need someone with a caring and affectionate approach who can provide comfort. Take some time, too, if necessary, to check on any health matters that may be affecting you, particularly around July 21st. From July 24th on, the workload you’ve been carrying is likely to diminish considerably. The month may close with some enjoyable social activities.





Your 5 Personal Month


August can be a very exciting—and fulfilling—month. Some of the domestic changes initiated earlier in the year may take firm hold at this time. Other changes, started this month, may have a strong effect, too. Because of these significant shifts, you’re likely to feel much freer and more able to do things the way you want, particularly in regard to your home and family life. Some changes involving your ongoing ventures also may need attention during the week of August 12th. (If you’re occasionally afraid to take risks, you may impede some necessary changes or expansion in either domestic or business matters.) Expect a good deal of fun and excitement throughout the month: a delightful social life; a trip, possibly with your spouse, lover or special friend; special times with your children. There may be surprises and unexpected activities, particularly around August 9th or 18th. Be sure not to neglect your family members or family obligations, even if you feel restless or impulsive.







The information contained in this profile can be remarkably helpful. Read it once or twice when you first receive it. Read it again when important opportunities come your way. You may learn, as many people have, to benefit by making the most of the described possibilities by preparing beforehand.


Read the profile, too, when you feel stuck. You may benefit by figuring out how to deal with the difficulties in a better way. If you see a problem coming, a re-reading may show you how to prepare for that problem before it actually occurs. You may be surprised and delighted at the many times that the information in the profile contributes significantly to your life.




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