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November 9, 2020
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Black holes offer one of the most compelling mysteries of modern astrophysics, and as a result, to modern astrology as well. These powerful enigmas maintain a relatively constant position in space. When in contact with a natal horoscope, either to the Earth based geocentric (the more common system which can be measured either in the tropical or Vedic/sidereal systems) or the Sun centered heliocentric chart, they fill in a huge missing piece of traditional astrological interpretation. Black holes often add a dimension to either the psychological or spiritual profile of the birth chart.

Most simply, a black hole is the result of a decaying star. When the star wanes it exceeds a proper proportion of nuclear furnace abilities and explodes into a Supernova. The explosion throws stellar matter and debris far out into space. There, it slows and begins to cool. The cooling process induces contraction. Over time, the gas and matter collapses back toward what was once the core of the "progenitor" star. After a short millennium or so, the contraction forces an accelerating and irreversible collapse. The star falls back in upon itself literally punching a hole in the fabric of the Universe. At this point, infinite gravity, density of space and compression of time results.

A black hole contains two components: the event horizon and the singularity. These look like the shape of a horn. The inner part of the horn would be correlate to the singularity. The outer edge of the horn's bell would be the event horizon.

At the event horizon, entry into the black hole becomes unavoidable. The gravitational pressure is so intense that not even light can escape - thus, the term black hole. Also, at the perimeter time stops. Outside the black hole is time as we monitor it. Inside the black hole time moves in the opposite direction. Similarly, matter can not escape. It become crushed into energy as it falls into the singularity.

At the singularity there is an infinite curvature of space and time and infinite gravitational compression. Everything falling inward simply converts from matter to energy. What matters, literally, becomes lightened up.

Surrounding the black hole, because of its violent consuming nature, the atmosphere heats up to millions of degrees in temperature. This energizes surrounding space causing the emission of X-Rays and Gamma Rays while rendering a blue shift of light, the apparent approach of light to the observer.

It is from these physical images that we derive our first look into the interpretive qualities of the black hole. There often exists a well documented period between the black hole source and the star it consumes. This creates an energy "biorhythm" of sorts for the person in contact to the black hole. While feeling like a physical effect it originates in the person's own electro-magnetic energy field usually called the aura, chi (life force) or basic flow of the spiritual Kundalini energy flow. The pulse of the X-Ray duration affects a person as well. This burst of penetrating energy establishes an attention cycle requiring extreme discipline. In the most extreme black hole players the pulses range from 283 (4 minutes 43 seconds) to 529 seconds (8 minutes 49 seconds).

The X-Rays produce a perceptive, non-judgmental, introspective inner looking ability. Each black hole person has the ability to literally look through another person. The desire is only to see what the other person (or one's self) is all about at the core soul level.

These people warp time and space. They are able to go back and forth in consciousness between varying levels of reality. Known for spacing out, such a person actually tracks information of other Universal Realities. The difficulty remains bringing back the insights. Remember, nothing can come out of a black hole. So a person must strive to record the awareness of another realm into the consciousness, perhaps at the cellular level, so it is indelibly retained. Then the awareness becomes usable in the real world.

The ability to "imagine" future circumstances, events, inventions or even societies goes with the black hole. So does the ability to "recall" what occurred long ago. A person with many black hole contacts standing on an historic site can feel, see and sense what happened as if it is happening to them at the moment. They can also pre-perceive reality, imagine progress for humanity or define a future invention in their mind, possibly "causing" the necessary awareness to create the invention.

The gravity of the black hole, particularly with the Supermassive Black Holes, quickly develops a following. Once an intention goes out to draw energy, attention and resource, a following quickly surrounds the black hole person. Sometimes these people are described as irresistible. On a more subtle level, the person seems to be placed in a central position as a matter of drill whether relating to a work group, humanitarian concern or social sphere.

The ultimate effort of the black hole refers to one's unavoidable destiny or "dharma" in the world. They unconsciously seek to draw everything to them that fulfills the greatest intention for their life. Capable of great impact, the person strong in black hole connections unconsciously aspires to create the greater good for the world and usher in a time of great global progress.

Enjoy your personal journey in these previously indescribable dimensions! Follow your own lead with each awareness received.

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Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Geocentric planets interpreted      Heliocentric planets interpreted
Sun     16 Sco 50                   Earth     16 Tau 50
Moon    21 Sag 52                   Mercury   21 Gem 41
Mercury  3 Sco 28                   Venus     11 Sco 28
Venus   14 Sco 34                   Mars      10 Leo 37
Mars    13 Vir 09
Asc     25 Tau 18
MC       3 Aqu 19

Tropical  Koch Standard time observed
GMT: 22:05:00 Time Zone: 5 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth: 40 N 42 51   74 W 00 23

Conjunctions only to 79 Black Holes with an orb of  3 Deg 00 Min

The Black Holes Report

Moon Conjunct V* V2293 Oph,  Orb: 1 deg. 53 min.

The best emotional relief you can experience comes from someone nodding their head seeing you come up from a meeting with adversity. The comprehension of another provides you with a blanket of warmth that soothes your soul. Not a word is required. In fact, when you're needing support, it's best if nothing gets said by anyone at all. Should talking occur, it should be you. You're merely venting to blow off some pressure. The last thing you expect or want is an opinion. Certainly you do not want someone to walk you through the problem at hand. Make these rules clear to all those who rally to help. Hopefully if they empathize with your circumstance, this will go without saying. Going without saying is fine in these situations. However, when you deal with loved ones on an ongoing basis, experiment with the idea that every true heartfelt feeling needs expression - and in a timely manner. Amazingly, such communications bolster your sense of relief in life as well.

Heliocentric Mercury Conjunct Ori,  Orb: 1 deg. 55 min.

Your mind seeks to journey. You need the vast, stimulating fascinations of exploring the yet unknown. Since your processing time requires a good bit of this intangible life force, give yourself a boost. Watching videos on distant galaxies where you actually see the awe-inspiring swirls in space helps immensely. Viewing deep sea films of whales doing their dark water work serves you. Films about caving, especially underwater caving, inspire your imagination. If you assign a pictorial scenario to your mind, you encounter an altered state. This state would not technically be mediation, but it offers up the same kind of results. A peacefulness comes with the realization that the energy in the Universe might actually be unlimited. The mind set you hold about your own personal resourcefulness comes to clearer comprehension. Whenever you do these envisioning, mind-quelling things, take your time. Prohibit interruptions in advance. Turn off all electronic things that summon your conscious mind. They'll be there later when you apply your consciousness to them with the benefits of your newfound lands of inspiration.

Mercury Conjunct 3U 1322-42,  Orb: 2 deg. 11 min.

Are you fond of saying, "You find me attractive, don't you?" The response will be a shocked, "Of course not!" Then you smile. You know what vibrations you feel. It seems no purpose here to accept an admission from one not willing to emotionally recant. You know the response. Let it be your reaction to know that response. Better yet, how about you cough it up? How about you be the one to indicate the fact that you're being overwhelmed by this other person's irresistible magnetism, no matter what it is? You expect others to reveal their absolute emotional bottom line. You'll draw them in and ask amazingly incisive soul surgical questions. Even a lack of response to the question reveals the nature of the other person's spirit. Your turn. That is the way the game works, you know. A master of shifting topics into other realities, you leave your compatriot unfairly guessing as to the nature of your feelings. Imagine this: if you open and reveal what lies behind your feeling floodgates, the intensity will magnify beyond your wildest expectations. How attractive is that?

Venus Conjunct APR 220,  Orb: 1 deg. 42 min.

Emotional faithfulness and loyalty remain two of your strongest relational demands. Add to that the need for infallible truth and you're on target with your partnership aims. At the start of a relationship one of the initial big attractions comes from similarity of belief and view of life. Over time, should your partner's opinion change, and should you not be kept abreast of this, you can sense betrayal. Actually, that's not what it is at all. Your partner changed her/his mind - much the same as you reserve the right to do. Then there's the issue of disclosure. Half-truths constitute lies in your book. Bear that in mind as you buffer your expressions based upon anticipated resistance should you discuss a course you sense your lover may not like. Your final bottom line observes that the ultimate truth, faithfulness and loyalty belong to the self. That would be about right.

Heliocentric Venus Conjunct APR 220,  Orb: 1 deg. 23 min.

A relationship to you is a purely instinctive matter. When something feels good, then advance. If a situation causes you hesitation, anxiety or resistance, show your high tail and the posterior view as you head on to the next summit. Your instincts require no justification. "Why?" simply does not get to be asked of the nature of the soul saving reactions. "Because," would be a sufficient answer. Here you realize that the needs of the soul require no justification prior to procurement. It is what it is. That's pretty much it. Anyone choosing to maintain a spiritual relationship with you needs to accept these terms. Your soul's agenda cannot be challenged. To ensure there's no confusion on the part of your partner between ego and soul, sort that out first. And if you keep getting challenged create a finer alignment and ensure no ego leaks occur. If that checks out, hang out with more receptive people.

Mercury Conjunct NGC 4945,  Orb: 2 deg. 39 min.

Your words echo your thoughts with rich energy and brightness. Everything you say can be illuminating. It seems as though your silver tongue is a platinum tuning fork resonating a chord in the chest or belly of others. Your mission only seeks to spread the light of understanding. Sometimes this effort requires shining your flashlight into dusty corners, dank cellars and directly into persistent shadows. While this might not be fun, it seems helpful. There is a sense that in this resonance answers can be found that unlock psychological woes. There's another impetus that encourages the full use of resources. Go ahead and open that hope chest of yours. Review it every now and then. The reminder resets the hopeful aspiration. Asking the question, "Do you remember?" works wonders. It unleashes the wonder of what this lifetime intends to become. It recollects what you want that you feel fills your soul. Do remember that this process is best studied at home before you take it into the field.

Heliocentric Mercury Conjunct V1051 Ori,  Orb: 1 deg. 43 min.

You sense the flickers of energy that come directly from the combustion furnace of the soul. You know them first within yourself. You sense them in others. If only you could find the words to express the energy, the connection and the simpatico. Ah, the simpatico. This sameness originates in your awareness that everyone is the same at the soul level. When one expresses this soul quality, pure originality results. Originality, based upon common soul denominators, establishes the unique sense of self that allows creative expression free of competitive and territorial urges. Others note and approve your unique efforts and self expression. This sanction allows you to encourage others to cultivate their own ways - again, with no concern for anyone's toes ever being stepped upon in the dance. Finally, you use the real words that go with the simpatico. The courage to say, "spirit, soul and spiritual identity," easily comes your way.

Mars Conjunct NGC 4151,  Orb: 0 deg. 29 min.

You firmly believe your job consists of dedicating energy to dig up all hidden, flawed variables. You fancy yourself as a troubleshooter. Others perceive you as a trouble maker. You'll probably hear from time to time, "If you don't have anything good to say, then say nothing." An important message evolves for you. If your job is to help fix disarray, revealing the disarray is only half the job. Half a job is an imperfect task. Flip your mental filters and conjure up three possible solutions for each flaw you see so clearly. Imagine that others might be aware of the problems too. Maybe they just have no clue what to do about it. Invest your energy in redirecting such things. You'll probably have to show others what to do for the task to be done perfectly. In such a situation you must reveal how to do the task with great precision, attention and care. So it is with all critical assessment requests coming your way. You carry out your efforts with precision, attention, care and let's not forget compassion.

MC Conjunct NGC 7022,  Orb: 0 deg. 04 min.

New ideas require immense nurturing. They need fostering. Sometimes when you take the first image out of the gate when at work others simply offer no acknowledgment. A lack of response implies no rejection, nor sanction. It could be some time needs to be applied to your latest mental innovation. Or you can take your marbles and play elsewhere. Should you encounter a repeated history of not being heard with your greatest ideas, this just might be the plan. You can create a totally new job description and go fulfill it. Should you not see that in your personal life cards, you could try something else. Rewrite your job description at your place of employment. Provide all your supervisory chain of command and human resources (there's a term you find offensive). Recognize the full resourcefulness you apply to humanity, whether you do it under someone else's umbrella or not.

Heliocentric Venus Conjunct V* GU Mus,  Orb: 0 deg. 38 min.

You leave behind a sense of richness and wealth. Somehow you've managed to keep yourself somewhat detached from these things. While others claim you know so much, seem so evolved, or have so much to offer, you feel disconnected. A real interesting part of this would be that while you can help others make money, you might find yourself discounted. This factor would not make you happy. In fact, it would add to the accumulating sense of spiritual debt you feel. The reversal of fortune comes from the rudimentary and highly annoying realization that you cannot awaken in others what you do not have within yourself. Meditate with someone similar to yourself. Let the reflection principle come back to you. Feel what they give off in response you. Or you can attach yourself to someone you desire to be like. This may not give the complete result, nor be optimal, but it brings out the primary point. Emulate. Emulate all that is good outside of you. Truly, you'll emanating only that which is your consciousness. Now bring the wealth of that back home.

Moon Conjunct V* V1033 Sco,  Orb: 1 deg. 53 min.

Sometimes within a single day you can find yourself at both the high arc and low end of your life's roller coaster. Such vacillation does not imply a lack of clarity of inconsistency. Nor does this imply that emotions play havoc with your ways. It might mean you need to pay a bit more attention to what the stimulus of life means. Given the finite focus you seek to maintain, your equilibrium depends upon a fine fulcrum. This precise fulcrum does not give you much room to react. Your natural emotions swing based upon your sense that life either helps or hinders your efforts. Your enthusiasm soars when feeling supported. When in the face of obstacles you might find yourself dredging up exaggerated frustrations. Start with creating an algebraic assessment of life response. Three positive strokes and two insults in a day comes out one ahead. Should you encounter a day in which you come up with a deficit, average it against the week, month or life if necessary. You seek to restore an unshakable confidence that comes from knowing your feelings. Let your knowledge be strong and your heart opens.

Heliocentric Mercury Conjunct 3C 390.3,  Orb: 1 deg. 11 min.

There's what you say. There's what those words denote. There's what those words connote. Finally, there's the energy behind those words. Take a wild guess as to what factor would be most significant. While you might be clever and answer, "All of the above," as they tell you to do with multiple choice testing or reality, the last one is most significant. If your words are charged with energy, they possess strong impact in the heart of the open eared beholder. If the words have no charge, the listener either negates your input as not important, or does not take you seriously. Sometimes though, when you're joking and teasing another's spirit, that's how you'd want it to go. Check your charge, then speak. Should you want full impact of your words, choose them well; say them well. By the way, the whole energy phenomena premise also applies to your thoughts. Imagine that, others might feel what you think. And conversely, you can be sure.