The Galactic Report for

Johannes Kepler
January 6, 2020
2:37 PM
Wil der Stadt, Germany

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Welcome to your Universe! You stand on the threshold of entering previously unknown astrological understanding of the Cosmos. This report includes a comprehensive look at your natal Centaur placements to ensure complete grounding and connection with your home planet, Earth. Your personal connection to the powerful and transformational black holes takes you into a dimension of inner self reflection intended to clarify your essence and your connection with All That Is. Enjoy your journey into the exciting vastness of space!

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Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Sun     15 Cap 28                   Centaurs Interpreted:
Moon     4 Gem 01                   Chiron    28 Aqu 13
Mercury  5 Cap 34                   Pholus     5 Cap 56
Venus   18 Cap 35                   Nessus    18 Ari 01
Mars     8 Lib 17                   Asbolus    5 Can 02
Jupiter 18 Pis 37                   Chariklo  16 Sco 27
Saturn  13 Sco 48                   Hylonome  23 Ari 32
Uranus   8 Cap 41
Neptune 23 Gem 51                   Heliocentric Planets Intepreted:
Pluto   21 Pis 58                   Earth     15 Can 28
N. Node  2 Leo 45                   Mercury   14 Sag 19
Asc.    24 Gem 25                   Venus     22 Cap 49
MC      22 Aqu 01                   Mars       2 Vir 23

Tropical  Koch  Local Mean Time observed
GMT: 14:01:32  Time Zone: 0 hours West
Lat. and Long. of birth: 48 N 45      8 E 52  

Aspects to 6 Centaurs interpreted:
Conjunction:  5 Deg 00 Min          Trine   :  4 Deg 00 Min
Opposition :  5 Deg 00 Min          Sextile :  3 Deg 00 Min
Square     :  4 Deg 00 Min          Quincunx:  3 Deg 00 Min
Geocentric planets (Sun,Moo,Mer,Ven,Mar,Jup,Sat,Ura,Nep,Plu), Node, Asc and MC

Aspects to 79 Black Holes interpreted:
Conjunctions only to Black Holes with an orb of  3 Deg 00 Min
Moon, Asc, and MC and geocentric and heliocentric Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars

Section I: The Centaurs

Centaurs are asteroids with several properties in common, one of which is that they travel from deep regions of our solar system to within the orbit of Jupiter. They are similar to comets but are larger. The first Centaur discovered was Chiron in the year 1977. Chiron was first thought to be a kind of planet, but is now considered a Centaur by most astronomers.

Now you might be thinking "Oh, gosh! More teensy things to consider in my horoscope. Doesn't the chart have enough going on as it is?" Consider that astrologers use one planet, Venus, to describe the vast areas of love, art, and beauty in our lives. The asteroids add depth and detail to the astrological analysis, enabling us to see more specific issues.

When the first Centaur, Chiron, came to our attention, he was greeted with mixed feelings. Some, considering this body very difficult to define (planet, asteroid, comet?), saw it as a nuisance. Others remained sure of his importance. It would appear that those astrologers possessed a vision of better things to come.

Ultimately, Chiron emerged as a potent teacher, healer, shaman leading us all through previously unremovable wounds - whether psychological or spiritual. His urging to fully invest the spirit in the body and involve oneself in life now stands as the leading wave of soulful healing. His demonstration of the essentiality of relationship between body and spirit now stands accepted, intact and most importantly, significant in all of our personal healing efforts.

Now Chiron has five named Centaur siblings: Pholus, Nessus, Asbolus, Chariklo and Hylonome. Suggestions exists for yet another named body, Pylenor, which is awaiting astronomical nomenclature protocols. Ultimately, all the other Centaurs will receive names as well.

Each Centaur appears with a solution to a common social malady of today's complicated society and associated psychological and psychic backlash. The integration of these bodies provides us with simple, consciousness-oriented ceremonies and healing techniques to enhance our coping skills. The Centaurs restore our sensibilities - literally, our ability to use our senses, emotions and body perceptions - ranging from an instinctive nose to chill bumps - thereby increasing our humanness. In a time when the array of electronic communication and technology decreases our sentient involvement in our lives, the Centaurs appear to restore our senses and sensibilities.

The Centaur clan offers valuable attributes in our everyday life, psychological healing and spiritual growth. Consider the powerful remedies offered by these bodies:

Chiron - healing psychic wounds of rejection, restoring spirit to body
Pholus - overcoming substance abuses, restoring peacefulness of spirit, use of daily ritual
Nessus - defining need and want in money and relationships with healthy balance
Asbolus - development of and use of full intuitive faculties
Chariklo - assessing personal boundaries, both psychologically and energetically
Hylonome - healing grief and regret

As you welcome the primal gathering of Centaurs into your horoscope, you will enjoy enhanced awareness of emotion, passion for life, quest for purpose and sensorial reactions to all situations. Saddle up and ride these tiny, yet potent, bodies, for a celestial journey to self understanding, compassion and well-being. Enjoy!


For those people feeling rejected by parents and carrying that banner throughout life, relief is near. Should you be sensing wounds that simply will not leave no matter what is done, a solution stands near. And if feelings of displacement, alienation and disconnection prevail within yourself, the healer has arrived. Soon, with use of the essence of this relatively new healer, Chiron, the way clears for a stronger sense of self with spirit invested in body. This sense of self works to reestablish healthy relationships with others.

Chiron was the wounded healer, or the healer who wounds. His mode of healing works to bring up the hidden issues, overcome denial, offer penance, then go on in greatness. He was one of the immortals, with a god as a father who rejected the son. The mother disowned him because of his ugliness (half man, half horse). With no place to go, Chiron became an avid learner studying with the great ones, devouring all knowledge. Accidentally wounded at an event using ceremonial wine unceremoniously, his immortality became a liability as the healer could not heal his own wound. He persisted in life feeling pain that he, the healer, could not heal. His pain includes parental rejection, unworthiness and in today's terms, soul loss.

Chiron opted to end the eternal pain at all costs. He took a voluntary task in the underworld, coming out with the ability to ascend to the heavens as granted by Zeus (Jupiter). He represents being able to take on healing directly, clearly and intently. He symbolizes our willingness to go into the caves of consciousness and examine our nature. He grieves, then heals. This powerful healer comes before us encouraging the clearing of all things within our psyche. After this occurs the path opens for our spirits to fully fuse with our physical being.

Chiron Trine Asc.,  Orb: 3 deg. 48 min.

You possess an ease and grace in confronting challenges. Everybody thinks so. You probably don't even know this, do you? Regardless, it's seen as true. You radiate an attitude of "let's make something good of this," despite the dilemma at hand. You inspire others to respond outside the bounds of initial troubled reactions. Are you faking this inspiration or do you mean it? At some level you mean it. Otherwise you would not be so consistently able to pull yourself up by the bootstraps. What becomes important to remember is how you did this. You specialize in reward, positive reenforcement and acknowledgment bearing the banner of celebration for every life victory, howsoever small. Your attitude of getting more bears with honey certainly pays off. After all, you are dealing with primal, instinctive responses - not at all sophisticated. They fully know the energy of the hand attempting to feed them. Your capacities to approach life as an opportunity of unlimited proportion rallies the troops around you. This urge shows in your hand. When one of the people bearing down on you approaches for a strategy session, bear in mind the fullness of the gifts you gingerly handle.


Perhaps a sense of listlessness in life encourages one to eat too much or too little. Maybe even taking on alcohol or other substances as a substitute for contentment becomes the way one copes. The Centaur Pholus appears to remind us of what it is that actually lies beneath these physical urges to compensate or over-compensate in life.

Pholus appears at just the right time to remind people of the needs of spirit. While he signifies everything about food and drink, he also stresses the idea that all things intending to nurture our beings remain powerful ceremonies. Pholus indicates diet patterns, especially methods of cooking and even the type of diet including carnivorous or vegetarian ways. His attitude toward drink, most especially alcohol, insists that it be offered ceremoniously. The custom of toasting with wine (or whatever is the alcohol of choice) comes from Pholus. Blessing food symbolizes a Pholus thought. He represents use or abuse of all physical substances, alcohol being the most significant of his concerns.

Ultimately Pholus reminds us of the need to fill our daily lives with those things that are good - and only good - for us. He establishes awareness of necessary limits and requirements. He goes even further in that he offers the reminder (and often a stern one) that your daily routine must include your spiritual drill: saying grace, toasting, a daily meditation, smudging, ceremonial cleansing or whatever comes under his wise and watchful eye. Should things feel out of sorts, offer simpler, reverent acts every day. Watch the restlessness subside and the sense of well-being begin.

Pholus Quincunx Moon, Orb: 1 deg. 54 min.

It started out as a good idea. You decided to celebrate the good in your life and you ate yourself into immobility. You exercised to the point where you can't get out of bed. You did so much breathing during yoga you're not sure if you're just hyperventilating or really seeing God. Measure, no matter what you do, is an ongoing theme. Constantly monitor physical reality, instinctive responses and your good judgment in everything worth doing (which should be everything). Think of life as a high tech instrument panel. All elements of critical pressure receive ongoing attention. The supply of energy (fuel) required to reach destination undergoes diligent surveillance. And all the while progress shows up as decreasing distance to destination and updated estimated time of arrival. These are emotional concerns for you. In every pursuit stay tuned to how you feel, what you need and any sense of insufficiency. Immediately close the gap on any required sensation. Reality check your feelings as situations change or evolve. As soon as you sense something different, sharpen your filter or sensitivity. In this approach you perceive in advance any course corrections needed. Perfectly on course, your efforts remain emotionally supporting.

Pholus Conjunct Mercury,  Orb: 0 deg. 22 min.

In case you're wondering, there is a reason that everyone seems to always ask you to speak up. Whether it's the blessing, invocation, a "shoot from the hip" roast at the corporate dinner you find your mind behind the podium. Others believe you do this with ease. You hold the air of one who can come up with the clever slogan, barb or appeal to the heavens upon request. While some of this appears casual, humorous and carefree, that would not be your perception. You maintain an intensely strong belief in the power of words and the influence of thoughts. Remaining fully cogent of all thoughts generated or words spoken becomes one of your foremost spiritual considerations. You know you are what you think and speak. Think clearly. Employ intentional, ceremonial rights to drive any mental snakes out of your brain. Choose all words carefully. Study the etymology of words. Employ ancient chants and prayers. Make each word a full expression of your mental clarity. While you're at it, you might as well write this developing knowledge on to your list of professional attributes. All you have to do now is figure out what to call it.

Pholus Square Mars,  Orb: 2 deg. 21 min.

Knowing better impedes no action. The instinctive part of you either doesn't believe that consequence follows a simple transgression - or doesn't care. Transgression implies going against any well-founded sense of inner knowing. You either go against this to prove you possess greater will than that of Cosmic Law, to fortify your personal sense of magic or simply because your urges exceed reason. Regardless, should any consequence come your way, no fair grumbling. Sometimes these episodes of going against the grain try to trick your ego into accepting the agenda of spirit. For instance, promoting the free flow of wine with an almost special someone might reduce your reserves that block pursuing a fuller embrace. You fall into that intimate thing instead of the love thing. While this is not recommended action, the thrust here asks you to carefully and deliberately use every act in life as a ceremony of honoring the great desires of your spirit. Your sole concern is that of letting your loving soul guide all your instincts. With that, no cave-ins of consciousness need be feared.

Pholus Conjunct Uranus,  Orb: 2 deg. 45 min.

"Let's try this!!" Each time you follow a prescribed protocol it inspires a new idea to try. This would be a good thing. However, the caution accompanying your experimental enthusiasm is one of take a moment to calculate expected results before heading off on this path. Going off on a tangent is one of your favorite things. Yet, others might find your efforts incalculable. They become totally lost. They drop out. Next thing you realize you're at the edge - and all by yourself. This mostly seems okay to you. To integrate, take sufficient time to savor the backlog of reactions and changes produced by your latest adventure. When integrated, translate. You might even want to take a couple of runs at that new fangled notion of yours before you explain it. You often do come up with the new, leading edge ideas of habit reformation and consciousness exploration. Every now and then, you also light up a dud. Developing the instinct for which is which reduces reactions of folly. Others see your mastery, which includes an element of the trickster. Applied experience and a strong of sense of consequence makes the difference. Be the magician, not the fop.


It's been said that money and sex are only important when you don't have them. Whether or not this is true is up for grabs. But what we can derive from this saying is that two issues of importance to the human spirit are money and sex. In fact, under extreme circumstances, people can be observed demonstrating the best and worst of human characteristics with these issues at hand. Witness the excited glow of a lottery winner. Look hard to see the collapsed aura of a person dealing with insurmountable debt. Examine the fractured aura of a lover rejected for a younger more attractive partner. Consider the radiant glow of someone newly in love. Watch what happens as people discover that they simply cannot live without a certain thing, economic status or the love person in their life. These issues receive impeccable clarification from the Centaur Nessus.

Nessus refers to a level of desire that goes beyond need. Wanting more, coveting or even qualities of lust fall under his influence. Nessus refers to the two juicy areas of life: monetary matters and intimate relationships. He seeks out the things you unconsciously want but might not be able to articulate. He notes those things you feel you do not deserve, yet crave. First, though, he uncovers urges and desires that may not feel comfortable to your "I am a good person," belief system. But he transforms all negatives if given a chance. He works with you to ensure you enjoy the bounty of your relationship with healthy abundance. Nessus observes your financial state in life, then offers his position on what would really make you feel good in an unlimited way. Ultimately, Nessus' balance would be to have enough money not to need more and not so much that it consumes your time and thoughts.

Nessus is a powerful healer. He insists that you open yourself to the realm of sensuality in life. Smell flowers, taste food, feel the air, enjoy touch, savor success and feel everything fully. He provides the ultimate in healing issues of converting poverty to abundance. He brings about the exchange of lust, shame and guilt for healthy physical enjoyment of life, whether explored intimately with another or in one's relationship with the Creator.

Nessus Square Sun,  Orb: 2 deg. 33 min.

No matter how clearly, consciously or succinctly you put yourself out there in life others protest your agenda. They accuse you of wild ego demands and exalted senses of your professional prowess. Those involved with your relationships insist that you take without reciprocating. These potential partners claim that your ego overshadows theirs. They argue that you take without asking and expect them to bend over backward to accommodate your every whim. So how much of this is accurate? You do possess a defensive, reactionary position that others will not come through for you. This can make you appear demanding. The truth be known, you're much like a stray dog reluctant to take a handout. The resolution lies in simple clarification of your nature. Specialize in stating your needs as a method of sustaining your spirit. Leave your personality and ego out of it. This idea does not suggest abandoning your ego. This premise encourages the advancement of the urges that lie deep within your soul. These desires come off as being clear and conscious. You find your utopia - in your deepest core.

Nessus Square Venus,  Orb: 0 deg. 35 min.

The love of love and the love of money provide relentless motivation for personal gratification. You do understand the similarity between these concerns. You also deeply experience personal esteem reviews with the coming and going of these highly charged needs. They are needs. They should be kept as such. Taking need responses beyond a reasonable realm of evoking healthy esteem about your life works against the plan. For you to evolve from average income to the high eight figures in one year might pose a self defeating agenda. Working toward a goal while continually monitoring your economic growth takes the sting out of your sense of lack. Meanwhile, in your love life should you seek to boost your relationship into the sensitivity stratosphere, take your time. You build a mountain of gratifying successes, stone by stone. Recognition of accomplishment turns the molehill into the mountain.


Ever have one of those moments in which you went against the flash of insight you received? Such situations become more glaring if life tosses back some sort of difficulty, like exactly the one of which you were forewarned. When you feel like leading the charge up some sort of symbolic mountain to take on a perilous task, do you ever ponder what the outcome might be?

Asbolus, another of our Centaur guides, represents the best in intuitive awareness. Asbolus reflects good counsel given and not heeded, or good advice received and not heeded. Usually the results of not heeding such input become immediately apparent. The urge to veto one of those insightful flashes falls under the visionary gaze of Asbolus. The insight just seemed to be a logical projection. There was nothing psychic about it. "What are the odds of that," Asbolus nudges again. The odds seem high at the moment. He urges absolute attentiveness to futuristic impressions. Stop while you're ahead. No need to take on challenges from an unnecessary argument or death-defying tasks, or push your personal limits. Back off, relax and contemplate.

Asbolus further represents the loss of guidance or wisdom because of alcohol. He points out how judgment, physical and otherwise, degrades when intoxicated. His alternative would suggest that when life feels all-consuming, reinvoke a ceremonial situation to clear the mind. This effort restores strong judgment that supports the spirit and reinstates the intuitive faculties to full potency. Regardless, following intuition remains his determined influence.

Asbolus Opposition Mercury,  Orb: 0 deg. 32 min.

Your mind and spirit take on cartoon-like animations. Remember the devil sitting on one shoulder arguing through the frazzled brain with the angel on the other shoulder? That pretty much sums up the picture. That's your intuition desperately trying to make its presence known. Your intuition appears first like an apparition. A holographic master appears on the altar of your speculations. While you pray for insight and guidance your logic filters see right though this hologram. It seems too thin. Well, for perspective's sake, realize that scientists can now literally see through the Sun. Ignoring the Sun and its subtle power probably is not the best plan. While some intuitive flashes appear as images you could argue portray negative fantasies, remember what a good psychic says. The most skilled of the intuitive readers point out that the best reading to give is a wrong one. Right? Forewarned is forearmed and with forethought, catastrophe remains avoidable.

Asbolus Square Mars,  Orb: 3 deg. 14 min.

Funny how your sensors all indicate red alert status and you don't even notice. Maybe it's more insidious than that. Maybe you do notice and just ignore it. While you know heading down a given road produces results you really don't want to create, gravity overrules. There's a pull that encourages your way forward. Like trudging head down into a blinding rain, you proceed with no clear sense where you're going. You'll argue at least you have the sense to come in out of the rain. Any action is better than no action. Not necessarily. While this aspect argues the distinctions between instinct, action and awareness, pause just might be the ticket. Take a break from action each and every time the drive forward becomes irresistible. You cannot overcome the laws of gravity nor inertia. Nor can you exceed the physics of the pull of soul urge - or can you? If you maintain a sense of your natural energy, you remain aware of instinct within action. Should you dull your instincts, by stimulating them or anesthetizing them, your actions might go askew. Choose to keep yourself upright, without corkscrewing yourself into the ground. Lead no charges you cannot afford.

Asbolus Opposition Uranus,  Orb: 3 deg. 38 min.

Instinct or intuition? What's the difference? That's your ongoing series of questions. But really, does it matter? No, it does not. What matters is your heeding of the insights, inspirations and cosmic clarifications you receive. You might create inner arguments with the blasts of intuition you are blessed to receive. Basically, these discussions occur when the information you get seems to defy the will of your spirit. Then there's the free will wild card. You can do anything you want. That's your claim. You also know going against the subtle will of your spirit fails the test. Your inner guidance system does combat with your ego guidance system. Resolution lies within your ability to listen to the subtle cues of what truly furthers your life. This clairaudience reveals what your soul sees as your ultimate pinnacle in life. The desires of your will or your obstinacy must fall by the wayside. As agreement takes place between your psyche and soul, the discrepancies between the glimpses you receive and your pure nature become non-existent.


In today's world, the term "boundary" defines the receptivity we have to others or the resistance we put up to others. When encountering new people, what is your criteria for establishing connection? Does it work? If you are pushing away people you'd like to have in your life, perhaps resetting your boundaries is in order. If you're experiencing conflict with a friend, family member, co-worker, boss or your mate, perhaps redefining your boundaries would help. But where do you go for understanding these instinctive urges and reactions you're having to others? Help is at hand.

Chariklo, the sea nymph wife of the powerful healer Chiron, connects you with your greater unconscious and soul urges. She represents your awareness of both your emotional and spiritual boundaries. And in so doing, she works to improve all your relationships by clarifying what is and what is not acceptable to your spirit. Your emotional boundary would be how close you permit another person to stand near you, whether consciously interacting or not. It would also show up as your claim of your physical and emotional needs from another person. She further represents your receptivity to the emotional claims/demands of others.

The spiritual boundary carries the urge for divine kinship. Here you seek someone with common causes, inspired aspirations and shared views of the Universal - a real kindred spirit. These separate boundaries may or may not be the same dimension. And they might be different with every person you meet. Chariklo represents the qualities of compassion, tolerance and forgiveness in unlimited proportion. She questions intent and examines motivation in a gentle, curious manner. She encourages you to start with yourself. Check intent and motive. If it feels good, proceed. If it does not bring a warm sense within its midst, then make corrections.

She bears the sacred marriage between body and soul. Chariklo represents the wedding known as the acceptance of one's spirit by the body. She offers soul retrieval and recovery, bonding ceremonies and energetic healing as her clarity-producing gifts. This clarity opens the doors for shedding the light of understanding toward all people. Then, you are clear to become a vehicle of helping others understand their own boundaries by your shining example.

Chariklo Sextile Sun,  Orb: 0 deg. 59 min.

You're one of those folks who clearly sees what happens between people in even the most casual circumstances. You maintain an acute sense of interpersonal energy. Whether you observe the exchanges between people around you or examine the energy between yourself and others, this seeing goes without saying. You hold a good sense of psychic perimeters. You'll preserve your own space at all costs and with no apologies. This mechanism, despite minor buffeting from those involved, serves you well. The people involved in your border surveys quickly understand you have no interest in negotiating energy interactions that compromise your nature. This aspect provides you with a tool for helping others in boundary determination. You're the one walking around the party interceding in conversations just as they appear on the brink of collapse. Your best bet is to walk erect, with your aura perfectly wrapped around the urges of your spirit, disinterested in the claims of ego, whether your's or someone else's. Your sense of self-respect becomes a model for emulation.

Chariklo Sextile Venus,  Orb: 2 deg. 08 min.

Why not write an advice column about love? You could. Ideas of what people can do to improve their interpersonal dealings come to you with high-speed access. You know about the requirements of receptivity. You understand the need to reduce defensive reactions. You know that clarity between partners must exist in the continuing discovery of, "What did you mean by that," interrogations. In fact, that would be your standard response, "Do you know what s/he intended with that look, thought, comment, deed, reaction?" "And until you fully understand, how about not going ballistic?" Your calibrations of love interactions occur in making the subtle exchanges of energy conscious. This art of yours borders upon a relational mastery. When sought out, do share. All these suggestions imply one powerful element of your own life. That would be, of course, the understanding that all you know and do exists fully entrenched in your own personal affairs. Yes, and that goes without saying. But while you're at it, allow your radiant essence to speak louder than words.

Chariklo Trine Jupiter,  Orb: 2 deg. 10 min.

Abundant memories of societies in which the most respected task that could be done was healing live within you. Your recollections carry intense, pure, powerful details of ceremonies that offer virtually unlimited relief from life's problems. You wonder why the world does not work this way now. Maybe the world has forgotten these ways. More critically, these ways deviate from the presently understood realm of human nature. In case it's not yet clear, you are one of the educators to reinstate these ways. First, a difficult challenge taxes your resources. Your initial job is nothing short of converting the thinking and beliefs of society away from negative expectation and into the positive anticipations of a grounded, realistic hopefulness. This task occurs one person at a time. Creating a goal of filling a stadium of would-be devotees will be nothing short of asking the world to convert over night. True, you're heading into shifting the collective mindset. But do it one by one. Show each person how easy life becomes if they carefully attend to the energy they emanate. Of course, and without a doubt, this is exactly the approach you unfailingly apply to each and every person your encounter.

Chariklo Conjunct Saturn,  Orb: 2 deg. 39 min.

The rules of relational interaction require major revision. Or so you think. The rules hinge upon what is actually said or what action gets taken. You know that the raw subtleness of the situation intimately connects with the emotional intent, mental thought and psychic energy clearly underwriting the situation. It's not what you say or when you say it - it's how you say it. Your insight seeks credibility and consistency within yourself and others. If someone takes an hour to primp and get apparel just right before going to work, you fail to see the problem of a compliment rendered by a co-worker. And if you flirt, with words, body language or energy, you have to expect others to bite. So what are the rules? Say what you mean. Mean what you say. If there is a simple transgression, correct it. The second time, be emphatic. Third time, consider nuclear options. Allow for the subtle cues of human interaction to come to light. Deal with them in a timely manner indicating the necessary responses to honor your sense of respect - both for yourself and from others. Honor and obey all your personal rules.


When losses of life, failures or those things not attained override one's sense of hope, the Centaur Hylonome receives a request for appearance. Should the fiscal losses and relational despair feel overwhelming, call out to this feminine Centaur. When distraught over the ending of a relationship in which you had no control over the outcome, use Hylonome.

Hylonome lost her mate during a Centaurian debacle. She was so distressed and unwilling to cope after his death, that she thrust herself on the spear that killed him. So, she appears in our lives not as an indication of hopelessness, but to provide the will to overcome the mountain of insurmountable grief. She appears to provide hope in the darkness of loss. She encourages grief, howsoever painful. She promises that if you let yourself feel the scary feelings of personal, emotionally thick endings, that you will, in time, feel relief.

Whether consciously or not, persons with strong Hylonome aspects function as grief counselors. They offer hope and encouragement to all downtrodden sorts. Of course, to be able to render such precise care, they first must have shed the negativity of all losses perceived in their own life first. These people encourage rebuilding of self-esteem, repair diminished egos and point out a healthy spiritual self-sufficiency.

Hylonome Sextile Neptune,  Orb: 0 deg. 19 min.

You possess an amazing awareness of the glue-like viscosity of energy. It's easy for you to read people when they're stuck in the gooey emotional projections of others. You clearly see the reactions of loss in a person's life force. You hold an awareness as to whether or not this comes from a loss of a love or loss of self respect. The supporting phase of your awareness comes with the ability to know how to extricate the grief. Whether it's done with psychic surgery, emotional disconnection exercises or the hard reality of physical separation, you can find the resolution. You possess the uncanny ability to point out that "it" will feel better as soon as the shedding occurs. You know that grief is something that wounded feelings love to fondle. You become an expert in the art of letting go. You show others how to play emotional hot potato. Simply drop it. If unwilling to drop it, then you're there ready to support another person in pain through the long gateway of catharsis. Of course, this means you've perfected these attributes within yourself. That fact and the feelings that go with it, are perfectly clear.

Hylonome Sextile Asc.,  Orb: 0 deg. 53 min.

Funny how it works. People come your way asking for your consolation. Your consolation, whether offered in words of comfort, a hug or a knowing, silent nod, creates a crisis of feeling. People approach you thinking you're going to make them feel better. Instead you stir up exactly what they don't want to feel. What's up with this? Healing is up with this. You provoke whatever needs to come out. All the while you stand at the ready eager to serve with touch, comfort and the holding of space. After a while, people get the idea. You help them clear. And as this cycle spirals within its own increasing circle, more people arrive seeking the program you have. The same principles apply to you on a daily, no twice daily, okay a half dozen times day, frequency. You know how to comfort yourself into letting go of the stress, trauma and feelings of the day. Like clockwork, you clear. So, you end an emotional cycle at the end of each day, beginning a new cycle upon the following dawn.

Hylonome Sextile MC,  Orb: 1 deg. 31 min.

If you don't write the book, someone else will. You know the book. The book has to do with emotional catharsis and down and dirty emotional healing. Your book reveals the methods of doing down and dirty emotional duty without soiling your spirit. Perspective is a major part of your concept. You stress that most emotional stress comes from reactions that have nothing to do with whom you really are. Your focus seeks to restore an understanding of inner knowing that stares directly into the brilliant eyes of your own soul. You tell people that they are not the story they necessarily tell others. Nor does the world see them through the efforts they believe define their value in the outer world. And you know this because? Because this is something you ponder everyday. You know that your latest great job accomplishment means nothing really to your soul. Unless you can find worldly value within it. If you boast about such things, others tire of your lack of substance. You get left alone. You spend some time innovating, but while you're distracted feelings surface. You shed them effortlessly. And if you're not mistaken, that would be another chapter.

Section II: The Black Holes

Black holes offer one of the most compelling mysteries of modern astrophysics, and as a result, to modern astrology as well. These powerful enigmas maintain a relatively constant position in space. When in contact to a natal horoscope either to the Earth based geocentric (the more common system which can be measured either in the tropical or Vedic/sidereal systems) or the Sun centered heliocentric chart, they fill in a huge missing piece of traditional astrological interpretation. Black holes often add a dimension to either the psychological or spiritual profile of the birth chart.

Most simply, a black hole is the result of a decaying star. When the star wanes it exceeds a proper proportion of nuclear furnace abilities and explodes into a Supernova. The explosion throws stellar matter and debris far out into space. There, it slows and begins to cool. The cooling process induces contraction. Over time, the gas and matter collapses back toward what was once the core of the "progenitor" star. After a short millennium or so, the contraction forces an accelerating and irreversible collapse. The star falls back in upon itself literally punching a hole in the fabric of the Universe. At this point, infinite gravity, density of space and compression of time results.

A black hole contains two components: the event horizon and the singularity. These look like the shape of a horn. The inner part of the horn would be correlate to the singularity. The outer edge of the horn's bell would be the event horizon.

At the event horizon, entry into the black hole becomes unavoidable. The gravitational pressure is so intense that not even light can escape - thus, the term black hole. Also at the perimeter time stops. Outside the black hole is time as we monitor it. Inside the black hole time moves in the opposite direction. Similarly, matter can not escape. It become crushed into energy as it falls into the singularity.

At the singularity there is an infinite curvature of space and time and infinite gravitational compression. Everything falling inward simply converts from matter to energy. What matters, literally, becomes lightened up.

Surrounding the black hole, because of this violent consuming nature, the atmosphere heats up to millions of degrees in temperature. This energizes surrounding space causing the emission of X-Rays and Gamma Rays while rendering a blue shift of light, the apparent approach of light to the observer.

It is from these physical images that we derive our first look into the interpretive qualities of the black hole. There often exists a well documented period between the black hole source and the star it consumes. This creates an energy "biorhythm" of sorts for the person in contact to the black hole. While feeling like a physical effect it originates in the person's own electro-magnetic energy field usually called the aura, chi (life force) or basic flow of the spiritual Kundalini energy flow. The pulse of the X-Ray duration affects a person as well. This burst of penetrating energy establishes an attention cycle requiring extreme discipline. In the most extreme black hole players the pulses range from 283 (4 minutes 43 seconds) to 529 seconds (8 minutes 49 seconds).

The X-Rays produce a perceptive, non-judgmental, introspective inner looking ability. Each black hole person has the ability to literally look through another person. The desire is only to see what the other person (or one's self) is all about at the core soul level.

These people warp time and space. They are able to go back and forth in consciousness between varying levels of reality. Known for spacing out, such a person actually tracks information of other Universal Realities. The difficulty remains bringing back the insights. Remember, nothing can come out of a black hole. So a person must strive to record the awareness of another realm into the consciousness, perhaps at the cellular level, so it is indelibly retained. Then the awareness becomes usable in the real world.

The ability to "imagine" future circumstances, events, inventions or even societies goes with the black hole. So does the ability to "recall" what occurred long ago. A person with many black hole contacts standing on an historic site can feel, see and sense what happened as if it is happening to them at the moment. They can also pre-perceive reality, imagine progress for humanity or define a future invention in their mind, possibly "causing" the necessary awareness to create the invention.

The gravity of the black hole, particularly with the Supermassive Black Holes, quickly develops a following. Once an intention goes out to draw energy, attention and resource, a following quickly surrounds the black hole person. Sometimes these people are described as irresistible. On a more subtle level, the person seems to be placed in a central position as a matter of drill whether relating to a work group, humanitarian concern or social sphere.

The ultimate effort of the black hole refers to one's unavoidable destiny or "dharma" in the world. They unconsciously seek to draw everything to them that fulfills the greatest intention for their life. Possible of great impact, the person strong in black hole connections unconsciously aspires to create the greater good for the world and usher in a time of great global progress.

Enjoy your personal journey in these previously indescribable dimensions! Follow your own lead with each awareness received.

Heliocentric Mercury Conjunct V* V2293 Oph,  Orb: 0 deg. 36 min.

You might be discovering something interesting about your need for mental stimulation. Do you want your views to be persistently challenged by others? Would you prefer someone who unfailingly agrees with your precepts? Actually neither of these works as a rule. The need you experience in whatever verbal, informational exchanges you engage in is to locate the real truth of the matter. You must know how it works. Whether your view or that of the other person's is right makes no difference. Your sole concern seeks to establish greater insight, accuracy and truth in what you think, philosophize and believe. When you know you have the real facts at hand, then you can begin to assimilate the information. You remain usefully resistant to making any conclusions without the certainty you've seen all the data, facts and have seen how it applies in real life. A stickler for the application of the hypothesis, you do not let others, nor yourself, rest upon the apparent laurels of a good theory.

Earth Conjunct 3C 204.0,  Orb: 0 deg. 02 min.

If you could only work out the details of your artistry, you'd have found the Holy Grail. Part of you knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that there exists a simplistic logic in talent. This sense of detail misses the vital point. Your doubts of your own talent offer the only prohibition. "Just do it." has become the motto of an achievement-oriented, perfection-driven society. The only problem is that the evolution of talent is not a perfect process. Words get edited. Sketches are redrawn. Songs decompose before resurrecting with perfect harmony. Artistry is a process with no clear rules. The only rule is that you do nothing, no thing comes from your lack of effort. Should you not believe this, consider the lottery advertising mottos that convincingly report: "You can't win if you don't play." Now there's the logic. If you doubt you'll win, you'll not play. Your dark doubts fade only as you spread the light of your purest inspirations.

Heliocentric Mercury Conjunct 3U 1658-48,  Orb: 1 deg. 22 min.

Do you have to understand it to use it? Spiritually this would be true. Physically maybe not. You can use electricity by flicking a switch whether you understand the laws of current flow between polar opposites or not. Metaphysically you cannot afford this luxury. You quest to understand the flow of internal energy. So you study polarity theory, quantum physics, the Yin and the Yang, chakras and more. There are many ways to seek such information. But you know you cannot speak with any authority about the principles of Kundalini flow, auric fields, chakras, chi or whatever until you have felt it undeniably and fully within yourself. If you stuck your finger in a wall socket you would realize electricity is not a myth. How can you direct your attention into your own auric field to fully assess its potential? Practice radiating energy with thought and word. Study the feedback. This gives you the first grasps of the profound results of what you can create. Then you can teach what you understand.

MC Conjunct NGC 6910,  Orb: 2 deg. 24 min.

Go back a decade and examine your work life. What were you thinking the world needed regardless of where you worked? Currently, this idea has full application. Ideas five years old have developmental potential. You might get some eccentric philanthropist to invest in your brilliant strangeness, but certainly not a banker. Your dharmic efforts in life lie well ahead of their time. It is one of the facts of your life. No need to bemoan. Start small. Work with the tiny offerings the Universe offers you at first. Build upon them. Actually you could consider this to be Universal Protection. The wisdom of the Infinite ensures you do not sacrifice a mighty idea by taking it out the door underdeveloped. It also ensures that humanity can catch the drift before you're granted full resource requirements. Consider yourself fortunate. You will not waste your greatest seeds. Be patient for the perfect planting conditions. Then the sprouts appear almost at once. What could be more gratifying than that?

Heliocentric Mars Conjunct NGC 3115,  Orb: 2 deg. 06 min.

Once you've established the perfect design, the execution of that design is only partly critical. Using the image of spinning an intricate spider web, the main bearing threads come about first. Then the pattern gets filled in with deliberate and diligent intent. Threads occur one by one filling in the comprehensive pattern. Is there a right order? Does one thread lead linearly to the next? Or do spiders suddenly become instinctively aware of the perfect spot for the next thread? Maybe spiders are more evolved than people and they possess the discipline to follow the logical unfolding of the pattern. People quickly bore and tire of such things. Their attentions pull them elsewhere. Sometime a random refresh occurs from simply taking a break. Sometimes it's doing something different for a spell. Either way, your job is that of attending to the webs you weave maintaining full energy at all times that you are weaving.

Heliocentric Mars Conjunct NGC 3377,  Orb: 0 deg. 20 min.

So, there is such a thing as perfect order. There's also such a thing as perfect time. How might you be able to clarify where and when those things and times appear? Certainly not by thought. If you're thinking that it's the right time and you check yourself, you might have missed the moment. The whole thing of present tense reality comes to light. How can you be in the moment? One, invest no energy into anything not surrounding you at the moment. Deal with only those forces and situations life placed upon your path. A powerful Tao exists within this. You know in your bones you did the best you could at any given moment. You did only what the moment called for you to do. You'll remain content knowing that you dealt only with the download of the Creator. The randomness of it all is clocked by a computer chip in the sky of perfect order. All you have to do is attach your inner synch pulse to it.

Heliocentric Mars Conjunct NGC 3379,  Orb: 0 deg. 13 min.

You could gain insights into your highest way of carrying out your life by examining the ways of a flock of birds in flight or a school of fish enjoying a group swim. Imagine that you would be close to the leading front of either of these. That's where the orders to change course on a whim originate, right? Maybe such directives could be better heard from a source closer to the center. Still, someone's got to start the thing. Or do they all just sense it at the same time? In Hollywood it is said everyone is writing the same script at the same time. The collective consciousness factors in a huge overlay on your independent drive. Regardless of the preservation of your soul's will, you too respond to the same unconscious guiding forces that prevail for all. Redefining your alleged altruism helps. Even more helpful is your recollection of following what is good for you. That's still an instinct whether others go that way or not. You might be a flicker or a pilot fish, but you're not a lemming.

Heliocentric Mars Conjunct NGC 4258,  Orb: 1 deg. 59 min.

Imagine being inside the eye of a hurricane. Flying on one of those Orion (associated with good, clear priorities as a constellation) aircraft you circle in calm winds with a clear view of Earth below. Above are the blue skies of heaven. You are surrounded by storm. Much like your life learning to focus your primal energy into its organic flow allows you to stay in such a potent center. You have clear vision of above and below. Imagine being at sea surrounded by a dense, morning fog. You can only see the ocean immediately surrounding you. Above the blue sky holds dominion. To proceed, you need sweeping electro-magnetic sensors to ensure staying on course and to avoid collisions. Similar to this, developing your own sweeping energy system - that thing known as Kundalini in esoteric systems offers direction, power, clarity and focus. As the Kundalini rises upward in your body it will encounter your Third Eye right prior to entering the Great Mystery. Perhaps this is the eye of calm. It is certainly the eye of clear perception.

Mars Conjunct NGC 4594,  Orb: 0 deg. 31 min.

You know that energy weaves. You'd even gain quite a bit of insight about how you apply yourself in life by idly playing with a Mobius Strip. This twisted piece of paper is like an m. c. escher print. Just when you though you were ascending, you were actually descending and conversely. This creates the idea of misinterpretation. You might mistake a lack of energy and enthusiasm for what you know you must do as sheer laziness. You could be resting and mentally preparing. You might also really be lazy. That would be your call. Still, it seems hard to know what your exact position is at any moment. You realize that you'll probably not recognize a transforming life moment until well after its passage. That does not make you slow. That's the way the Universe keeps you focused during change. Study your natural energy ebbs and flows. Get to know them. By knowing them, you can use them with greater efficiency. Also recognize that fine point where you cannot dance around it anymore. Sometimes you have to jump in. So, warp time and space to a time when you had energy and pull that forward or backward, as the case might be, to use perfectly, right now.

Mars Conjunct NGC 4697,  Orb: 0 deg. 49 min.

Intentional awareness needs to follow your every deed in life. To be more clear (as you can often do vague things nudging the other person to perceive your hints), your focus needs to lean heavily on the reason you do everything you do. You want to ensure that no action ever taken carries the agenda of producing a response other than those clearly indicated. That would be manipulative. Focus upon your intent. Know why you do everything you do. Should you commence a long term project or relationship with another person the original intent may wane. Sometimes the intent only needs a booster shot. Then again, sometimes the original goal was met. Now what? To ensure smooth continuity, interest and full participation on your part, frequently review your intent for why you remain involved in any life activity. This feeds you well. You'll tend to derive more conscious benefit from any place or relationship through which you elect to travel. As they say, "Happy trails, Pardner."

Moon Conjunct V* V518 Per,  Orb: 0 deg. 51 min.

Try though you might, you're probably not able to think through this emotional intersection in life. Bear in mind that you've not suddenly become dim-witted. You're only in a place where your second nature thought sequence does not apply. The first nature feeling comes into focus. This unfamiliar sensation actually appeals to you to follow its lead. You'll naturally ask why. The appeal increases. Hopefully, your curiosity wins. If so, you take the journey. This road you've not traveled before contains a series of treasures that fill your heart. It feels strange, funny and ultimately, it seeks to provide you with contentment. Your lungs fill as your heart expands. Oxygen more freely flows to the brain. In an instant of insight, all of a sudden you understand what you're feeling. Amazing. The only remaining liability is that you might not understand why. That's okay according to this alternate part of your nature. Breathe your way through it and see where you end up.

Heliocentric Mercury Conjunct V* V2107 Oph,  Orb: 2 deg. 00 min.

Was that real or was it imagined? According to you, why should you even bother with such a thought? The point is that the inclusion of the perception undeniably and indelibly altered your basic precepts. Should you now experience an undesired inconsistency you feel upsets your psychic apple cart you know what to do. Relentlessly and feverishly, take on a new quest to confirm or deny this latest flash. If you deny the new thought, you can go back to being who you once were. If you confirm the altering awareness, you've been altered - like it or not. Meanwhile, even if you denied the contradicting thought it's now impossible to divorce yourself from the impact of, "But that could have been real." Your objectivity bandwidth has been tested. The Universe asked you to reconsider what varieties of apples you enjoy. It might be more fruitful to expand the image way beyond apples.

Heliocentric Mercury Conjunct V* V1033 Sco,  Orb: 0 deg. 36 min.

Your job is not to take an opposing point to others when trying to figure out Universal Mysteries and Realities. You job is more of locating the missing thread. Then, somehow all these random ideas connect. You're the one who points out that group discussion is like a game of "Scrabble." Can you build upon the foundation of words and thoughts laid by others? You note that yesterday's events permit the reactions of today, which would be impossible to have without those recent occurrences. You provide the missing link. You don't mean to do this. But it will naturally evolve if you allow your mind to prompt you into seeing the general direction of where life unfolds. It surfaces even easier by making a mild effort to see deeper into the vastness. Look a little longer. Let your focus shift in and out. Stare afar then bring your eyes to your hands. Not only do you avoid eye fatigue, you catch a glimpse of what seeks your attention.

Mercury Conjunct EXO 1846-031,  Orb: 1 deg. 34 min.

Your mind slices through spreadsheets, data, facts and figures like a combine mowing down a field of wheat. The bottom line remains that of producing the best, effective yield. In this concept the image of "throw away" goes along for the ride through unending fields. In that field of wheat, not all grain is perfectly harvested. Manufacturing electronic chips involves the discarding of defective components. Even a professional athlete has an average of success. All these images of partial success gratify the probabilities of fiscal prowess. What does that do for your mind? Given that your mind is a shredder, you might rage through your success with a mental knife. You can, without even thinking, destroy the best successes with your thoughts. This would be inefficient, problem-generating and self-deprecating. So, shred the negative thoughts while you're in the mode. Savor success. Every day take time to actually read your diplomas, trophies, patents and other real world demarcations of mental ability. Your yield benefits.

Mercury Conjunct Tel,  Orb: 2 deg. 20 min.

You're the executive sitting behind the polished mahogany desk listening to everyone's point of view in the meeting. You make a few notes - more would be better. When everyone speaks, you fold up your materials, thank them and head back to your office. They sit wondering what you think. Simply, you don't know yet. You need time to work it out. You run it in your filters this way and that. You work the budget allocations at least three ways. At the next meeting you'll give a minuscule rendering of your conclusion. Others might be lost. You figure they don't need to know how you figure. That may not be true. Once others understand how you conclude what you do, they honor your decisions. This little bit of effort does not compromise your mental trade secrets. In any situation in life your mental filters work this way. Remember to report your conclusions. And where it counts, show your work. The big plus is that if you do this, later you'll be able to remember how you arrived where you did.

Sun Conjunct PSR 1913+10,  Orb: 0 deg. 01 min.

Duplicity is an integral part of your nature. When you sense that option-oriented reality has been removed from you, expect the demonstration of a potent volatility. You'll fight at all costs to preserve what you perceive to be your natural freedoms. Clarity must go with your priorities. Sometimes the removal of an option is the release of something that is simply not a priority. Your natural ingenuity allows the ability to warp time and space in such a powerful way that you quickly assess what is needed in any circumstance and immediately implement the solutions. This gives the appearance of being tremendously strong. Yet, your inner energy often flares to the threshold of exhaustion. Instead of conserving assets and attributes of energy, rebuild them. You can unwittingly fall into a lack consciousness. There never seems to be enough time, talent or money to complete the tasks at hand. Then when all looks lost, you rally. Stabilizing your subconscious oscillations reduces needless internal consumption of your vital forces. When options appear, chose those that fill you to the brim and beyond. Let the undesirable polar force go.

Sun Conjunct XTE J1859+226,  Orb: 2 deg. 04 min.

Your desire is condensed, brightly illuminated understanding. Part of your work is to understand the complete physical reality of energetic and spiritual realities. Often you have this potent desire disguised as your material involvement in life. Your pursuit of work, economic gain, status and fame forces you back into yourself. You need to come to a full understanding of the nature of your body and its physical effort in life. This looks a lot like your efforts in the work world. But the reality is that you must focus your energy in these efforts. This focus prevents burn out, exhaustion and over-extending your physical resources. Thus, your life naturally forces you back into retreat mode. While this makes no sense to you time-wise, your energy screams for relief from the relentless pace you've been enacting. Taking the necessary time out to savor and rebuild your vital life force energy causes you to regain control of your essence. Here you can permit all your resources to shine as brightly as they can with no concern of negative consumption. Condensed, concentrated and clear, you proceed and collect your due.