In the study of astrology we look to the physical heavens and find patterns and movement of energy to reflect back to us our parts in the story of creation.

      Over thousands of years man has seemed to look at the planets and stars identifying their placements and relating them back to timing events and personality dynamics of the world at large and for individual. If we can acknowledge scientifically the moon effects the tides of the ocean and human beings are made of 95% water you might see there is a link between the moon and various effects on the human race as a whole and as individuals.

       With the advancement of technology men have looked to the stars and have discovered what has been the less obvious celestial bodies such as asteroids, centaurs and  black holes.

       The natural course of man's action in regard to these celestial points and bodies has been to relate them in some way to human existence.

        Fixed Stars are suns beyond our solar system. Our sun is a fixed star. Many fixed stars are viewed with astrological interpretation in relationship to worldly events and personal birth charts. They are referred to as fixed because they are generally so far away it takes millions of years for their light to reach our visual sight on earth and provide the appearance that they are fixed in the heavens and do not move.

        There are 50,000 asteroids regularly orbiting between Mars and Jupiter. Four were discovered in the early 1800's.  Ceres  was the first discovered and is the largest, approximately 500 miles in diameter. In the world of astrology it's energy represents one of nurturing traits. Then Pallas (feminine creative intelligence), Vesta (feminine sense of whole self) and Juno (contractual relationships) were discovered.

         Centaurs are like mini-planets which are larger than  comets or asteroids that have very elliptical orbits taking them very far to the outer regions of our solar system to as close as within the orbit of Jupiter.  The first Centaur discovered was Chiron in the year 1977.

         On Nov, 1, 1977 an astronomer at the Hale observatory at  Mt. Palomar discovered Chiron. Chiron has a very elliptical orbit. It takes 50-51 earth years for Chiron to make one complete orbit of the sun. When it is farthest from the sun it is past Uranus. When it closest to the sun it is closer than Saturn. Astrologers have come to the understanding that Chiron, considered the spiritual maverick of our solar system to be the energy of spiritual ignition. It is the way in which one adopts to their higher self's path. It represents the pain in which we feel wounded. It is what we must deal with if we are to find our enlightenment.  It deals with the balancing of spiritual freedom (Uranus) and grounded responsibility (Saturn).

          Black holes are areas where a gravitational pull exists in space where a star has finally gone out. The first black holes were discovered in the early 1900's. Theoretically if one was to fall through the funnel of a black hole time would be warped and perhaps and another dimension would be experienced. Now we have interpretations of black holes in the birth chart.