Pocket PC Astrology on the Go!
From the makers of Solar Fire

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Astracadabra screen shots

        With the freedom of the Pocket PC, you can easily enter and display astrology charts anywhere, anytime with Astracadbra.

        Astracadabra has the calculation accuracy of the Swiss Ephemeris, the convenience of the full ACS PC Atlas for city or town lookups and the core features of astrology that you have come to expect from a professional astrological software package.


                         Tools for the Modern, Classical and Vedic Astrologer:

  • Import /Export Charts from Solar Fire: Any chart entered into Astracadabra will automatically be available in Solar Fire. You can exchange chart files with Solar Fire on your desktop/laptop computer giving you complete access and synchronization to all your current chart files.
  • Create New Charts: You can create your own natal chart and display it in a simple and attractive chart style. You have a choice of 31 house systems and 12 zodiacs.
  • View Bi-Wheels: Natal charts can also be viewed in a bi-wheel with Transits, Secondary Progressions, Tertiary Progressions, Minor Progressions and Solar Arc around the outside.
  • Real-time clock feature shows the current transits ticking over on the single wheel. This feature also works on a bi-wheel with the current transits ticking over on the outer wheel.
  • Aspect Toolbar allows you to display one or more aspects in the middle of a chart. Great for studying each type of aspect.


  • Highly accurate Swiss Ephemeris is used as the base calculation engine, a 1AD to 5399AD ephemeris.
  • Full ACS PC Atlas embedded, with more than 250,000 latitudes, longitudes and time zones.
  • Calculations: Natal, Transits, Secondary Progressions, Tertiary Progressions, Minor Progressions, Solar Arc and Solar Return.
  • Aspect lines may be selected for either the single or bi-wheel.
  • Aspect grid for either the single or bi-wheel.
  •  Sorted list of aspects from closest orb to widest orb can be selected for either single wheel or bi-wheel.
  • Planet, Point and House Cusp calculations (to minute of arc) are listed separately for a single wheel or Bi-wheel.
  • Save and retrieve charts to Astracadabra chart files.
  • Automatically convert Astracadabra chart files to Solar Fire (v2/v4/v5/v6) for use in Solar Fire on a user�s desktop or laptop computer.
  • Convert Solar Fire (v2/v4/v5/v6) to Astro*Magic chart files feature so that a user can quickly download latest charts to Astracadabra before going out.
  • Chart classification option (Male/Female etc).
  • Essential Dignities Report showing the various dignities and scores for each planet. There are indicators if a planet is in dignity or debilitated. Also includes options for Triplicities and Terms. Triplicity options include Ptolemy, Lilly, Dorothean. Terms include Ptolemy or Egyptian.
  • Vedic dasas report displays the Vimshottari dasas down to three levels.    
  • Vedic Divisional chart report displays a table of planet sign positions for D3 to D12 and includes an indicator of a planet�s debilitated sign.
  • All house systems found on Solar Fire v5 plus the Horizontal house system.
  • All zodiacs found on Solar Fire v5 plus Yukteshwar and Bhasin ayanamsas.
  • The list of planet positions shows retrograde and combustion using the orbs from Vedic Astrology. There is also an indicator showing if a planet is running slow or is stationary.
  • Clock feature allows a single or bi-wheel to display and updates the current transits every 30 seconds.



  • User selection of aspects and orbs from a pre-defined list of aspects
  • True/Mean Node selection
  • Part of Fortune ­ Day/Night or fixed formula
  • Parallax Moon option
  • Geocentric latitude option
  • Planet glyphs selection (eg. Uranus, Pluto, Capricorn)
  • Default Home selection (default place in Solar Fire terms)
  • Chart angle progression type (5 options) as well as progression day type (2 options)
  • User selection of a fixed list of Planets and Points ­ Sun to Pluto, North/South Nodes, Chiron, 4 Asteroids, 8 Hypothetical Planets, Black Moon, Part of Fortune, Asc, MC, Dsc, Ic, Vertex/Anti-Vertex, Eq
  • Asc/Dsc


You need a Pocket PC that has the Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 or Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 operating system. Minimum 64Mb RAM memory and a CPU using Intel's Strong ARM or Xscale processors (or equivalents).

Please note that Astro*Magic has been developed for Pocket PCs - not Palm.

If you have the Solar Fire program then chart file transfer can only take place if you have Windows 98 or later (not Windows 95).