RICHARD JENKINS (RICHARD BURTON)
                        ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
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                                         ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
          9  1    5  9  
         RICHARD JENKINS                              BIRTH DATE : 11 10 1925
         9 38 94 1 52 51
         5 9 1 5     1  5   17 6 
         ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR                     BIRTH DATE : 02 27 1932
          3 8 2 28 69 53 1 2  3 9
                                          RICHARD     ELIZABETH   COMPOSITE
         HEARTS DESIRE (SOUL URGE)....=  24 / 6        40 / 4         1 
         PERSONALITY (QUIESENT SELF)..=  47 / 11 / 2   61 / 7         9 
         DESTINY (EXPRESSION).........=  71 / 8        2              1 
         BIRTH FORCE (LIFE PATH)......=  38 / 11 / 2   0 / 44 / 8     1 
                                AND ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
                           THE MEANING OF NUMEROLOGY
         Our names are much more than just a means of identification or a 
    family relationship.  Our destiny and experiences are written in our 
    names given to us at birth.  Numerology is here to protect, guide and 
    reward those who have the foresight and wisdom to observe and understand 
    the influences, insight and experiences written in our names. 
         It has been acknowledged throughout the ages, that names play an 
    essential part in influencing and directing the destinies of mankind and 
    that they represent experience, human nature character and divine 
    sanction.  The importance of names is frequently brought out in the 
    Bible.  On several occasions the Lord changed the names of his chosen 
    ones, to represent the duties and services to be carried out.  There were 
    times when a name was chosen even before birth, as in the prophecy of 
    Jesus Christ. 
         Numerology shows our inherent capabilities and the spiritual 
    commands hidden in our names and the number comprising them.  It is often 
    called the blueprint of the soul. Pythagoras gave life to Numerology by 
    applying mathematical formulas to the name, which reveals the ultimate 
    life goal of the person bearing the name. 
         Deep in the heart of everyone lies the dreams of riches, self 
    actualization and spiritual evolvement.  The way is there and hidden in 
    each persons name. 
         Numerology will help you discover it. 
         This compatibility profile covers the Hearts Desire, Life Path, 
    Destiny and Personality numbers.  These areas are considered the core 
    elements in Numerology and regarded to be the most significant when 
    evaluating a person's character.  This reading will provide you with a 
    definition of each core element and will tell you how it applies to 
    yourself and your significant other. 
         We will then outline both of your core element numbers separately, 
    followed by how your numbers harmonize with each other.  We have pointed 
    out both positive traits and potentially negative characteristics.  Only 
    you can determine if you are working with the positive or negative 
         The section of this reading labeled "Added Dimensions" is an 
    evaluation of the person's double digit number before it is reduced to 
    the base number.  This is quite often called the delineations.  If you 
    look at the chart on page two, you will notice the numbers read 54/9 or 
    50/5 and show the double digit before it was reduced to a single digit.  
    The "Added Dimensions" of a person's number is a brief explanation of the 
                                AND ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
    delineation. It will show you how best to achieve what the core number 
    demands of you, as well as your natural tendencies. 
         Throughout the reading you may see a note that will resemble 
    something like "see appendix B for information on how the 14 effects the 
    destiny".  This will appear if the person is under the influence of a 
    testing number or master number, which add significant influences to the 
    base number.  If a note like this appears, you would want to read the 
    information in appendix B after reading the information on the destiny 
         This compatibility profile will provide you with significant insight 
    into yourself and your partner.  When you understand what makes a person 
    tick and what adjustments you can make to coexist harmoniously, your 
    chances of a successful relationship increase substantially.  Good luck 
    in your pursuit of everlasting love and ENJOY! 
                             THE COMPOSITE NUMBER
         The composite number is the combined total of each specific area of 
    the compatibility profile.  For example: If you had a Destiny number of 
    two and your mate's destiny number was six, you would add these two 
    numbers together to get the composite number for the area of the destiny, 
    which in the above case is an eight.  There is a composite number for 
    each of the four core elements, ie: The heart's desire, destiny, life 
    path and personality numbers. 
         The composite number, being the combined total of each individuals 
    core element, is the direction the relationship will take after it has 
    matured.  This influence may not be immediately felt in the beginning of 
    a relationship, but will become evident over time.  The time it takes to 
    be fully in effect will differ from couple to couple, and the time can 
    vary from a few months to a few years. 
         Your individual core elements will still be the primary influence, 
    however, as a couple, your dual purpose and influence will follow the 
    composite number.  When working in harmony with your composite number, 
    you will be fulfilling your individual life lessons and those of your 
    partnership.  Your relationship will also be more harmonious.  By being 
    aware of this added influence you can achieve peace and tranquility in 
    your relationship. 
                       THE MEANING OF YOUR HEARTS DESIRE
         A person's Soul Urge or Hearts Desire reflects the inner desires of 
    an individual.  It is more the inner longings and desires, than what the 
    individual would actually do in this lifetime or project to the outside 
    world.  Only after you are very close to someone will this inner nature 
                                AND ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
    be revealed. 
         This number also reveals the collective nature of a person's past 
    lives; it shows accumulated knowledge and experiences.  It is who you are 
    and presents your inner secrets, or your secret self.  By gaining a 
    better understanding of an individual's inner self, you can gain an 
    understanding of a person's motivations and actions in a very revealing 
         Below you can gain insight into each other by reading the individual 
    influences of the Soul Urge, followed by a summation of how the two 
    influences integrate with each other. 
         Richard, you sense the needs of humanity, are deeply sympathetic, 
    and have a fine sense of loyalty and a real desire to do good in the 
    world.  You are an idealist and your successes, as well as your 
    disappointments, will result from this quality. 
         You love beauty, music, comfort, and harmony, and are artistic, 
    understanding, and kind.  You are capable of sacrificing yourself for 
    love, family, or service, and are faithful to those you love, clinging to 
    family, tradition, and standards. 
         You have firm convictions about your ideas of right and wrong, and 
    are apt to be quite outspoken when your sense of justice and fairness has 
    been violated.  However, you are capable of standing up and fighting just 
    as hard for others, as for yourself.  When you follow your heart's desire 
    for companionship, harmony and beauty, then you are capable of living on 
    a very high plane, and inspiring others to do likewise. 
         Never allow the experiences of life to rob you of your ideals.  You 
    are a refuge for those in need, and are a good counsellor and loyal 
    friend.  You are capable of deep and lasting affection, but must be loved 
    in return, and have the full measure of appreciation and love which is 
    due you.  Be careful not to give too much or be over generous, as people 
    could take advantage of your good nature. 
         Work for the good of the world, and give your love to humanity, as 
    well as to those you personally love.  A secure and loving home and 
    marriage mean much to you, and it will be important to you to make an 
    effort to establish yourself in your own comfortable place.  However, 
    because your ideals are so high, you are still capable of renouncing love 
    for service. Your environment should be beautiful and artistic, as you 
    belong to those who beautify life.  You should also surround yourself 
    with people who are making the world a better place to live. 
         Those who are helpless and in need, as well as children and animals, 
    will be drawn to you, and you will be loved by them. Now and then you can 
    be a little stubborn, as you believe your way is best, and your desire to 
                                AND ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
    help the other person could be so strong that you smother them instead, 
    and they are forced to free themselves for their own good.  Try to keep 
    in mind that people differ in their opinions, and in this way you will 
    come to understand life a little more. 
         All sixes should cultivate assertiveness and firmness, to balance 
    their judgment and emotions. 
         Success will come to you in partnership situations, because you are 
    cooperative, patient and very diplomatic.  Your friendly and gentle 
    manner prompts others to seek your company.  Guard against being shy, 
    over sensitive and pessimistic, as this will detract from your natural 
    harmonious nature. 
         Your organized and self-disciplined nature make you productive in 
    most anything you undertake.  You are devoted and loyal as well as 
    practical and patient.  You are very grounded and require a stable 
    environment.  Avoid being repressive, resistant and rigid. 
                       ELIZABETH's NUMBER 4 HEARTS DESIRE 
         There is a fine appreciation of law and order in your nature.  This 
    quality, when successfully used and applied, can be a great value to you 
    in the world of material success.  You have a practical attitude, and 
    like your affairs arranged with system and order.  You are very 
    conscientious in your undertakings and have a wholesome outlook on life.  
    You are a planner and like to look ahead, planning your tasks carefully, 
    with good concentration and management.  Elizabeth, you must have order 
    and regularity in your life, and generally meet your problems seriously.  
    Elizabeth, you are at your best when you can plan and lay a foundation of 
    a lasting nature, upon which to build your life. 
         When life is uncertain, or lacks security, you can become inwardly 
    disturbed, restless, or unhappy.  You are faithful and dependable in your 
    home, business, and love affairs, and are rather serious in thought and 
    action.  You may have many strong convictions and may not easily change 
    your mind once it is made up. 
         You take great pride in the family and the conventions, and are 
    sincere and honest in your motives, with a fine inner determination.  
    Elizabeth, you can overcome difficulties and get results through your 
    ability to apply yourself and get things done.  Occasionally, you give 
    too much time to details, as you like to have everything just right.  You 
    may worry if little things are not attended to.  However, although this 
    conscientiousness is one of your good traits, it can be carried to 
    extremes, which could cause you to miss out on some of life's larger 
         Be practical and plan your life accordingly, but also put fun and 
    inspiration into your activities and undertakings.  In this way, you will 
                                AND ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
    find life much more interesting.  Always follow your desire to build and 
    construct, and build your life and your character "brick by brick," but 
    do not hurry.  By taking the time to do things well, you will find that 
    your life will be built upon a rock of security, and success will never 
    fail you. 
         Success in this area will require you be practical and self- 
    disciplined.  Work is required and you need to be organized.  You will 
    probably be devoted to that which you undertake.  Stability is important 
    and you possess much endurance. 
                          HEARTS DESIRE COMPATIBILITY     
         This loyal, dependable couple shares a lot of consideration and 
    respect for each other.  Number six is impressed with the super organized 
    and practical nature of the number four, and the four is equally 
    impressed with the six's good taste and ability to give sound, caring 
    advice.  The home-loving number six is more than happy to create the 
    perfect love nest for their trustworthy number four mate, and they are 
    both quite content with an elegant candle light dinner and lounging in 
    front of a fire on a Saturday night. 
         The conservative number four will have to escort the number six to 
    the Red Tag Clearance centers of the best department stores in town to 
    keep their budget in line, because only the finest will do for the 
    quality conscious number six.  Problems may arise when the number four 
    realizes what they spend each month entertaining the six's many friends.  
    However, the number six will do anything to avoid an argument and will 
    undoubtedly give in and compromise their extravagances to keep the peace. 
         Devoted partners, they are considerate lovers, each making certain 
    to please the other. 
                        -  1 HEARTS DESIRE COMPOSITE  -  
         You are strongly individualized, independent, ambitious and capable 
    of great accomplishments.  You like to feel independent and do things in 
    your own way and are not one to shirk responsibility.  You probably have 
    a lot of determination and inner strength.  You want to get ahead in the 
    world, but by your own intelligence and effort, and may not be truly 
    happy in a subordinate position.  If you find yourself in such a position 
    for any length of time, it may mean you are not delving deep enough into 
    your heart for the strength of character that is there.  You have too 
    much executive ability, determination, creative force and inner power to 
                                AND ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
    allow you to stay at the foot of the ladder of life. 
         You will make your way in the world with satisfaction and ease if 
    you make use of your latent powers of original and interesting ideas and 
    executive ability, and apply them in a constructive manner.  You don't 
    mind working alone; however, you want to handle only the main issues, 
    leaving the details to others.  You have a tendency to refer everything 
    to yourself and want your home, children, spouse, etc.  to be a credit to 
    you. You seek out opportunities to display your usefulness and strength, 
    and are proud of your abilities and want to be praised for them. 
         At times your determination and inner will can become too strong, 
    and now and then you can be impulsive, stubborn, or headstrong.  You do 
    not like to be told what to do, or be under the control of those who are 
    not in harmony with your methods or ideals.  This might make you appear 
    egotistical, bossy, dominating, or contrary, and could lead to 
    misunderstandings or unhappiness at certain times in your life.  All Ones 
    need to cultivate friendliness and human interest. 
         Keep your self-confidence strong and stand up for your rights.  
    Maintain pride in yourself and your accomplishments, but at the same 
    time, always express your plans and ideas with sincerity, courtesy, and 
    graciousness.  This will build character and make you a fine leader, 
    admired by others. 
         You also feel the need to be recognized and at the head of things in 
    your home life and business.  As long as your nature is generous and 
    kind, you always will be.  You are loyal in friendships, and fair in 
    business.  You want to succeed and are usually capable of doing great 
    things in life. 
                          RICHARD's NUMBER 2 LIFE PATH
         Richard, your birth date 11/10/2020, means you are naturally 
    sensitive, kind, cooperative, considerate of others, and diplomatic in 
    your expression.  It is this gentle side of your character that makes you 
    more persuasive, rather then forceful. You mix well with others, and are 
    able to influence people to your way of thinking.  You have the wonderful 
    ability to see both sides of a situation, which makes you an excellent 
    mediator in any kind of a dispute. 
         You care very much for the well-being of others, and your success 
    depends on your ability to help others achieve their goals and get what 
    they want out of life. 
         There is a spiritual quality in your make-up, which you should be 
    aware of at all times.  It is your peace-making qualities that will help 
    you succeed, not your attempts to dominate. 
         You strive to remain open-minded and hate dishonesty.  An attractive 
    part of your nature is your ability to bring people together for a common 
                                AND ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
    cause.  Richard, you should try to live according to your high standards 
    of refinement and culture, and when focused in the right direction, your 
    natural sensitivity can become genuinely gracious and sincere. 
         The role of the number Two Birth Force is that of the "peace-maker". 
    You will have a natural tendency to seek peace, love and companionship.  
    You are a natural collector, and at times reluctant to dispose of things. 
         There could be a few negative sides to your character too. 
    Over-sensitivity could make you fearful, negative or timid, instead of 
    courageous and strong.  You want to do the right thing so are naturally 
    conscientious, but at times may be uncertain and find it hard to decide 
    what to do, for fear of being wrong.  You have an accuracy for details 
    and dislike making mistakes. 
         Although you are naturally kind and courteous, you can be very stern 
    and blunt with your demands.  Richard, you may also be somewhat of an 
    extremist and have strong likes and dislikes.  You must guard against 
    periods of moodiness and depression, and don't allow yourself to become 
    to introverted as an escape from reality.  Make use of your talents for 
    doing things well. Share what you have with others, and encourage those 
    who stand for the best in life. 
         The number Two Birth Force will present opportunities through 
    occupations involving group activity, and detailed, systematic work of 
    any nature.  The number two possesses a natural rhythm and may be 
    musically inclined.  Gathering statistics, and collecting art, antiques, 
    etc., could bring opportunities. 
         Richard, your primary direction will be through your creative and 
    expressive nature.  Your optimistic attitude and natural enthusiasm 
    creates a personal magnetism.  You are a natural performer and should 
    find much joy in your chosen path.  Avoid trivial gossip, jealousy and 
    criticism, as this will detract from your beauty. 
         Your good judgement and leadership abilities make you well suited 
    for big business, which could lead to material success. You are very 
    organized and thorough which could bring you the recognition you seek.  
    Avoid being intolerant, impatient and unscrupulous in your actions, with 
    your only ambition being for yourself and money. 
                         ELIZABETH's NUMBER 8 LIFE PATH 
         Elizabeth, your birth date 02/27/1932, makes you capable of taking 
    charge of things and judge people and situations honestly.  You are an 
    executive type with excellent organizational skills.  You are an 
                                AND ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
    excellent manager, supervisor and motivator, both at home and in the 
         You are efficient, energetic and ambitious, which should provide you 
    with recognition, authority, power and position in the business world and 
    social circles. 
         You have great powers of self-control, and have the energy and 
    courage to repeat your efforts until you reach your goal.  A routine, 
    small and narrow life does not bring out your efficiency and strength, so 
    you should be at the head of large undertakings and business activities. 
         Although you are not exactly the humanitarian, you do have the 
    ability to inspire others and do valuable things for yourself and the 
         Elizabeth, you are capable of mastering the hardest problems through 
    your faith in philosophical and spiritual laws.  This is a very fine side 
    of your character however, there is another side that is often material 
    and commercial; interested only in financial gain.  Your best success 
    will come when you strike a balance between the material and spiritual, 
    which will give you the astute judgment life demands of you. 
         The number Eight finds success in any line of work demanding 
    organization and you have a wide range of abilities. There is opportunity 
    through selling, business and finance, supervising, sports, intelligence 
    service; as a judge, character analyst, lawyer, writer, and in all lines 
    of executive work. 
         All Eights must cultivate a broad outlook and refuse all 
    limitations.  They should be in the world of business affairs, commercial 
    activity, power and achievement and must develop management and 
         The number Eight Birth Force must deal with the material, practical 
    and un-inspirational things of life, and must understand the laws that 
    govern money; its power, use and accumulation.  Elizabeth, your 
    opportunity will be found among people and conditions of wealth, and 
    those in need of executive abilities. 
         Number Eight is the path of power, material and financial gains, 
    authority and success in all material aspects.  People with the number 
    Eight Birth Force will usually be generous and dependable, with an 
    outstanding inner strength and courage. 
         You not only have the ability to conceive far reaching ideas and 
    schemes, but also the independence to follow them through to the end.  As 
    would be expected, many successful business people are born with this 
    Birth Force number, and they fully realize the necessity to delegate 
    responsibility and therefore surround themselves with experienced, loyal 
    and efficient associates.  They are practical people and are aware that 
    success does not come overnight, but is planned, organized and 
    tenaciously pursued.  You find it hard to except restrictions and 
                                AND ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
         Your confident manner attracts unlimited opportunities, which are 
    eagerly taken, evaluated, and if worthy, acted on. Elizabeth, you must be 
    careful to exercise concern for other peoples ideals and opinions, as 
    your singular path in life often excludes the feelings of those closest 
    to you. 
                         -  LIFE PATH COMPATIBILITY  -  
         This partnership is good for business, marriage and lasting 
    friendship; the two is perfectly comfortable following the eight's lead, 
    and the eight finds the two's cooperative, diplomatic nature refreshing.  
    The number two is thoughtful, considerate and provides great inspiration 
    to the eight's courageous plans.  Willing and able to put the finishing 
    touches on the eight's many gallant projects, the eight appreciates the 
    two's attention to every little detail.  The refined number two enjoys 
    the extravagant nature of the status conscious number eight, and is 
    comfortable with their friends and in the many social situations they 
    find themselves. 
         Arguments may develop if the number two feels their kindness is 
    being taken advantage of, or the eight is to overbearing.  The 
    diplomatic, adaptable number two will generally give in when fights 
    ensue.  However, if pushed to the limit, the two may uncharacteristically 
    blow up, which will probably cause the number eight to reluctantly give 
    in (even though they're convinced they are right). 
         In bed, the two delights in the eight's stamina and is happy to 
    follow their lead. 
                          -  1 LIFE PATH COMPOSITE  -  
         Richard and Elizabeth, you have a relationship with a strong sense 
    of individuality and leadership, demanding the right to act and think 
    according to your own convictions and ideas.  Your relationship provides 
    you with the ability to lead and direct others and to establish your own 
    business if you wish.  You have courage, will-power, good concentration, 
    executive ability and a good sense of perception.  When you utilize your 
    creativity, you are capable of overcoming any barriers to success.  You 
    have a flair for taking charge of any given situation, and because of 
    your creative inspiration, you have the ability to lead others far beyond 
    their normal limits.  Richard and Elizabeth, You will quickly climb to 
    the top in whatever you choose to do, and others will look to you for 
    your strong leadership qualities.  You have a good sense of humor, and 
    are generally selective in friendships. 
          You have strong powers of attraction, which can lead to interesting 
    experiences or lines of work.  You will be living up to your Birth Force 
    if you maintain your originality, establish new ideas, and be your own 
                                AND ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
    person.  A life of positive achievement and constructive action is open 
    to the number One Birth Force.  You will be required, however, to develop 
    the body, mind and spirit to the highest point of efficiency.  You must 
    become independent and refuse limitations. 
         The negative side of your character has a tendency to be 
    over-confident, egotistic and dominant.  At times you could even be bossy 
    and impatient with others.  You may refuse the advice of others and act 
    in total self interest.  Avoid allowing these negative tendencies to 
    become set or fixed habits. 
         Richard and Elizabeth, There is unlimited opportunity for the number 
    One Birth Force through mental interests and undertakings.  It's natural 
    for those with this Birth Force to be self-employed.  However, if you do 
    choose to work for someone else, make sure the job offers freedom and 
    decision making.  If you are given enough authority in your occupation, 
    you could produce outstanding results.  All fields of opportunity are 
    open to you.  Careers which are outside the "norm" may interest you. Your 
    originality, executive abilities and initiative could bring you much 
    success.  Your originality in any career will ultimately lead to success. 
                          THE MEANING OF THE DESTINY
         The Destiny number is a very important number in Numerology.  Just 
    as the Life Path reveals what you came here to learn, the Destiny number 
    signifies what you came here to do, accomplish and manifest.  This is the 
    path you will walk to achieve the learning experiences the Life Path 
    demands of you. View the destiny number as the part you are playing on 
    the stage of life now and in the future.  It is what you must live up to 
    in this lifetime. 
         As a youth, a person may not be fully in sync with the requirements 
    of their destiny number.  However, as you grow older you will probably 
    gravitate naturally towards the path that your destiny number demands of 
    you.  Life will have fewer bumps when you are working in sync with your 
    chosen path of destiny. 
                           RICHARD's NUMBER 8 DESTINY
         Richard, your destiny is a dynamic one, allowing you the rights to 
    recognition, authority, position and money in the world.  Your path may 
    not be an easy one and your success can only come through your knowledge 
    and understanding of life and its spiritual relationships, as well as 
    through determination and financial effort. 
         You will find your reward not always in money, but in accomplishment 
    as well.  Richard, you must find more satisfaction in working for the 
    good, rather then in personal reward and you must work for the love of 
    doing things.  It would not be wise to make money your chief ambition, as 
    this could mean downfall and failure from which recovery would be hard. 
                                AND ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
         Money will come.  However, when you have learned to strike a balance 
    between the spiritual and material forces of being and to work for the 
    good of all, rather then for yourself.  You may feel compelled to repeat 
    your efforts over and over again until you reach your goal, but only 
    until you fully realize that all attainment is based on the law of cause 
    and effect and not on chance or luck. 
         Do not waste your energies by struggling for wealth.  Only through 
    your own efforts, mastery over self, and strength of character, will your 
    lasting reward come.  Regardless of financial return, do something that 
    is worthwhile.  Always try to be objective of the affairs of others and 
    train your mind to philosophical thought.  Meet emergencies with courage 
    and direct and manage your activities with efficiency.  In this way you 
    will be pleased to discover that you are an outstanding and successful 
    character in the community. 
         If you want to enlarge your field of opportunity, you should join 
    with people who are interested in the government and civic affairs.  
    Among your friends should be writers, printers and publishers, literary 
    people and correspondents, and you may find that you have an ability to 
    write too, if you choose to do so. 
         Travel and people who get into out-of-the-way places should 
    stimulate your mind.  Richard, you should take an interest in games, 
    sports and the general amusements of the public. Individuals who are in 
    big business and control the affairs of the business world and deal with 
    large undertakings, should be among your friends.  They can also help you 
    develop your own talents for educating, coaching and directing the 
    affairs of mankind. 
         You will find opportunity as a financier, bondsman, banker or 
    broker, manufacturer, buyer or seller on a large scale, ship and railroad 
    builder or owner, executive, director, correspondent head, promoter or 
    consultant, newspaper executive, organizer of charities, expert on 
    transportation, commerce or navigation. 
         The slogan of the number eight is "big business." He will be most 
    successful when concerned with the larger, material aspects of life.  If 
    he admits to no limitations and keeps his broad outlook on life, he will 
    be sure to always win. 
         Richard, your natural tendency to question "why" causes you to 
    analyze things like few others.  Personal time, alone, is important to 
    you and you tend to be very in touch with nature. You can be very 
    introspective and intuitive at times, so trust your instincts.  Others 
    may view you as aloof. Avoid excessive drinking, and being overly 
         Your independence and pioneer spirit makes you a natural in 
    leadership and executive roles.  You have great courage, will power, can 
    be very original and creative.  Avoid being lazy, dependant on others and 
                                AND ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
    selfish.  You may have a stubborn streak in you as well. 
                          ELIZABETH's NUMBER 2 DESTINY
         Elizabeth, your magic power for success is "good will toward 
    others," as you were destined by life to play the role of "Peacemaker." 
    You have keen powers of cooperation, persuasion, and diplomacy, but they 
    must be cultivated carefully and brought to a point of perfection, as 
    with your other characteristics, if you wish to attract all of the good 
    things life has in store for you. 
         You will be called upon regularly to pour oil on troubled waters, as 
    you are one of life's "trouble shooters." You may not always want to get 
    involved, but you came into this world with a mission to fulfill, and 
    fulfill it you must, not only for the sake of success, but for your own 
    happiness and peace. 
         Elizabeth, if things do not run smoothly, try courtesy, diplomacy 
    and tact.  Avoid falling into the fight for existence. You can bring 
    others together diplomatically.  Help people find peace.  Counsel, 
    advise, soothe and comfort, for this will give you a much greater 
    personal satisfaction and add to your own inner worth. 
         Success will depend essentially on how cooperative you are, no 
    matter how independent an executive you are in other ways. Partnerships 
    have meaning and importance to you.  You will find "sharing" a means to 
    your own attainment, through groups, fraternities, associations, and in 
    your home and personal life. 
         You have an understanding and persuasive manner which gives you the 
    ability to comfort and encourage others.  You can appreciate the way 
    others feel, as you also have a sensitive nature.  It is part of your 
    mission as "Peacemaker" to encourage others to live by their higher 
    principles of being, as you have a fine power to influence people.  Mix 
    with those who express the cultural standards of living and who are 
    working for the refinement of the masses. 
         Loveliness, art and beauty should represent your own way of doing 
    things, as well as your character, personality and home life.  If you 
    should find yourself living in unhappy or inharmonious surroundings, you 
    should make every effort to rise above these conditions by being more 
    peaceful and cooperative in your actions.  This does not mean that you 
    should be fearful or weak, but willing to work for the good of your 
    associates, as well as yourself. 
         In your field of opportunity, there will be people interested in 
    statistics, higher mechanics, politics, science, banking and religion. 
         As a number two destiny, you would make a fine diplomat, politician 
    or statesman, student, teacher or psychologist.  You would also do well 
    as a secretary, office worker or detail worker, companion, homemaker or 
    artist.  Number two's also make fine psychics or mediums. 
                                AND ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
         All two's are adapted to occupations where they can work in 
    association with others and follow rather than lead.  They are spokesmen 
    for others, and peacemakers for all. 
         Because of their desire for harmony, we find among them our greatest 
    diplomats.  Also, because of their instinctive response to the "rhythm" 
    in all things, we find among them fine dancers and musicians. 
         They are most at home in occupations where minuteness and detail are 
    important.  A number two works well with others and cooperates in 
    partnerships and associations. 
                          -  DESTINY COMPATIBILITY  -  
         This partnership is good for business, marriage and lasting 
    friendship; the two is perfectly comfortable following the eight's lead, 
    and the eight finds the two's cooperative, diplomatic nature refreshing.  
    The number two is thoughtful, considerate and provides great inspiration 
    to the eight's courageous plans.  Willing and able to put the finishing 
    touches on the eight's many gallant projects, the eight appreciates the 
    two's attention to every little detail.  The refined number two enjoys 
    the extravagant nature of the status conscious number eight, and is 
    comfortable with their friends and in the many social situations they 
    find themselves. 
         Arguments may develop if the number two feels their kindness is 
    being taken advantage of, or the eight is to overbearing.  The 
    diplomatic, adaptable number two will generally give in when fights 
    ensue.  However, if pushed to the limit, the two may uncharacteristically 
    blow up, which will probably cause the number eight to reluctantly give 
    in (even though they're convinced they are right). 
         In bed, the two delights in the eight's stamina and is happy to 
    follow their lead. 
                           -  1 DESTINY COMPOSITE  -  
         Your life is destined to LEADERSHIP by the number One Destiny found 
    in your name.  You can only gain this position, however, through your own 
    independence and initiative.  Your life should be an interesting one if 
    you live up to your name and develop your will and determination. 
         If you live up to your number One Destiny, you will become an 
    outstanding character in some field of endeavor during your lifetime.  
    Your success will come to you through your ability to think for yourself, 
    stand on your own two feet and to maintain your individuality. 
         By your own ability, you must be strong, determined and 
                                AND ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
    self-reliant, but not dominant or aggressive.  Use originality and 
    courage in dealing with your problems and overcome obstacles by 
    maintaining a good, constructive will-power.  In this way, life will 
    never let you down.  Do not be afraid to choose a different path.  Just 
    be sure that your plan is a positive and constructive one.  Your own 
    route may very well open the door to independence and leadership. 
         You will need to broaden your opportunities at times by 
    investigating unique activities, new things and ideas.  If you must deal 
    with old and established lines of work, put some new and original methods 
    into your undertakings.  You must keep things from crystallizing, as you 
    are somewhat of a promoter by destiny.  If you should find yourself in a 
    subordinate position, without progress, it means that you are not making 
    a consistent effort towards using your ideas to good advantage or towards 
         To be prominent does not mean to be different.  Just be intelligent, 
    capable and strong, and your opportunities will await you.  Stay active, 
    as dullness can defeat you. Mingle with people who have ambition and are 
    doing original things.  Keep your surroundings and home interesting and 
    artistic.  You have a fine destiny and should use your natural magnetic 
    power to attract those who can help you and whom you can help.  Stay on 
    top of things and keep life moving forward. 
         There is opportunity for you in the lines of explorer, pioneer, 
    inventor, originator or creator, director, leader or manager, general or 
    captain, governor, or chief executive.  You would also do well at the 
    head of an institution, or as an editor or owner of magazines or 
    newspapers.  You would do well as an owner or head of any business. 
         All ones have the ability to buy or sell.  They are often found as 
    lawyers and writers, if other vibrations emphasize their mental 
    qualities.  They may be inclined to their creative side, in which case, 
    many women are found as designers and dress-makers.  They must be left 
    unhampered to carry out their own ideas. 
         The personality number is how you project yourself to others and how 
    others interpret your projection.  Your personality number does not 
    project who you are, however, it may determine what other people expect 
    of you; based on who they think you are. 
         With self examination you will probably recognize your personality 
    number in yourself, however, deep down you may feel that it is not 
    exactly who you are.  However, if you asked a casual acquaintance to 
    describe you, chances are their description would coincide with your 
    personality number. 
         Read on to examine how closely the personality descriptions fit both 
    of you, and think back to your first encounter and see if this holds 
                                AND ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
         Cleanliness is important to you, and your surroundings are generally 
    neat in appearance.  The number two personality usually wants everything 
    in it's proper place and is detail oriented.  You probably have a 
    pleasant, gentle personality and want to be surrounded by people who care 
    about you.  Richard, you see yourself being loved, comforted, and 
    surrounded in peace and harmony.  Home and family are very important to 
    you. You see yourself helping others in quiet, unobtrusive ways. 
         You should have the ability to develop a unique sense of style when 
    it comes to fashion.  Don't get to showy, but avoid dull and drab too.  
    Find a happy medium that represents your personality. 
         Success in this area will require you be practical and self- 
    disciplined.  Work is required and you need to be organized.  You will 
    probably be devoted to that which you undertake.  Stability is important 
    and you possess much endurance. 
         You can be extremely introspective and analytical at times. You 
    question; and need to know the answers.  Your thinking may delve into the 
    metaphysical or philosophical areas, and you are quite happy being alone 
    with your thoughts.  You can be very intuitive, so be sure to trust your 
    instincts; they're probably right.  Avoid being sarcastic and indulgent. 
    Others may view you as aloof. 
                        ELIZABETH's NUMBER 7 PERSONALITY 
         When known, the number seven personality can be very friendly and 
    likeable.  However, on first impression, the number seven may appear 
    somewhat aloof and hard to meet or get to know. 
          It is to your advantage to be well dressed and well groomed.  Don't 
    be afraid to add a touch of sparkle here and there.  You can gain 
    confidence by being well dressed, and by wearing clothing that is of good 
         Elizabeth, your understanding and harmonious nature make you the 
    stability others seek.  You may find yourself in the role of the teacher. 
                                AND ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
    You exhibit a great deal of compassion and have a truthful, loving 
    nature, which makes marriage, home and family important to you.  You are 
    able to bear an abundance of responsibilities with poise.  Avoid being 
    jealous, suspicious and egotistic. 
         Your independence and pioneer spirit makes you a natural in 
    leadership and executive roles.  You have great courage, will power, can 
    be very original and creative.  Avoid being lazy, dependant on others and 
    selfish.  You may have a stubborn streak in you as well. 
                        -  PERSONALITY COMPATIBILITY  -  
         With this combination, it is very important that the number two 
    always be totally honest with the seven.  The seven will in no way 
    tolerate lies or deception and trust will develop only after careful 
    evaluation by the number seven.  Only when they feel safe will the 
    secretive seven open up and reveal their true feelings.  The perceptive 
    and patient number two can easily sense this and will wait as long as 
    necessary for the relationship to swing into full bloom; they are not one 
    to give up easily.  This is well worth the wait, because once the seven 
    is committed it's full speed ahead. 
         Although generally sensitive to each others feelings, the delicate 
    number two needs to be careful not to become oversensitive or feel 
    neglected when the seven disappears into their secret world.  If 
    disagreements unfold, they will generally be discussions as apposed to 
    arguments because both the two and seven hate raising their voices.  The 
    seven will analyze the problem and come up with a logical solution, and 
    the cooperative two will probably compromise to keep the peace.  It is 
    important for these two to address their conflicts immediately so small 
    problems don't become big ones. 
         Their lovemaking will be erotic and sensual, with the two happy to 
    follow the seven's exotic lead. 
                         -  9 PERSONALITY COMPOSITE  -  
         The number nine can benefit through the use of color as an 
    expression of the personality.  The color black should be avoided by the 
    number nine, although it is often worn as a way to keep in fashion, and 
    to feel well dressed. 
         You like to be comfortable, and may have a tendency to become 
    careless in your dress. 
         The two of you gain many friends through your generous and warm 
    manner, and you will have the ability to influence others with your 
    magnetic personality. 
                                AND ELIZABETH FRANCES TAYLOR
         You can be highly emotional, and have an understanding of the 
    sufferings of others, with a genuine love for humanity, and an eagerness 
    to be of service to mankind. 
          APPENDIX E
                              MASTER NUMBER (11)
         The two 1's which support the digit 2 give the master number 11 
    strength, will, determination, and therefore is much stronger then the 
    number 20, which has only the value of 2.  The number 1 also gives the 
    gentle 2 initiative, courage and leadership ability.  It is the 
    combination of the double 1 and the kind and gentle 2 that give 
    outstanding qualities of inner power to bring light to humanity and to 
    influence the masses as a spiritual messenger. 
         The mission of this number is service to mankind.  It is the 
    dreamer, the mystic, and receives it's inspirations and visions from 
    higher planes.  The number 11/2 may be quite psychic, however, not always 
    aware of it. 
         During this period, if the individual seeks to live for the service 
    of mankind, then fame and success are assured.  However, if the 
    individual is selfish in his or her undertakings, or seeks personal 
    ambition alone, then downfall is sure to be encountered. 
         This master number is a number of great power and tension, and may 
    be difficult to live up to because of it's strict requirements.  The 11/2 
    when rightfully expressed and lived up to can rule the masses, however, 
    spiritual living is demanded. 
          APPENDIX H
                              MASTER NUMBER (44)
         The 44/8 stands for strength and complete mental control over your 
    world.  You have the ability to unite the practical and philosophical 
    worlds and should strive to promote better business ethics.  You have the 
    ability to handle immense responsibilities and can achieve great 
    successes and monetary gains under this influence.  However, be careful 
    not be so material that your spiritual growth suffers. 
         Discipline yourself and train your mind to let the higher forces 
    work through you.  Strive to alleviate the physical burdens of others, 
    and help them organize their lives. 
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