Compatibility and Relationship Astrology


     Compatibility and relationship astrology clarifies the dynamics between two people. Whether in love, business, friendship or family issues we can learn more about what is positive, challenging,  potential and limiting.

     Each planet in our birth charts create traits in our character and personality. When we interact with someone else these traits are expressed. Some traits will be more or less compatible with others.

      A man with his sun in Sagittarius may find difficulty being compatible with a woman who has her sun in Cancer. Sagittarius is fiery and freedom oriented. Cancer is watery and emotional. Here we deal with the compatibility of fire and water. Water puts out fire. Aries and Cancer share a difficult aspect called the quincunx, (150 degrees).

      When we take all the planets in one's chart and compare them to another's we can see what may or may not work well. This astrological technique is called SYNASTRY.

      When we combine planets and important points, such as the Ascendant and Midheaven between two charts we create an entirely new chart. Then we can look at the relationship as a complete entity unto itself. Theoretically an Aquarius sun combined with an Aries sun becomes a Pisces sun, the sun sign in between. Using this COMPOSITE technique we can learn many things about the nature and purpose of a relationship, such as if two people would be more inclined to stay at home or venture into business, if as a couple they are quiet or extraverted .    


And biorhythms numerology.......

     When exploring compatibility issues it can also be fun and enlightening to look into the compatibility of relationships through numerology and biorhythms.  Because our names and birthdays provide a frequency to our lives numerology can also be insightful in regard to understanding relationships. Biorhythms are physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive cycles that begin at birth and define our many ups and downs through life.


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