Cyclocartography is the movement of temporary Astrocartography lines. This movement is based on transits and secondary progressions.   With Cyclocartography you can see if there are any temporary energies effecting you in an area.

       Transits are the actual movement of planets moment to moment. Secondary progressions involve a technique "a day for a year." It is common practice in Cyclocartography to use personal planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars through the use of secondary progressions.  The slower outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are used through actual transits.

       The reason for this practice is the faster personal planets would not show major themes because they are too quick moving. Yet, in secondary progressions they provide slow moving activity representing themes over a period of time.  On the other hand the outer planets in secondary progressions move so little in a lifetime they would not provide much change. Yet, as transits their slow movement would show valuable themes.

Approximate time periods for planetary Cyclocartography lines (from beginning to end)
Progressed Moon    3  mos Progressed Mercury    1 year Progressed Venus    2 years
Progressed Sun     2 years Progressed Mars     under 3 years Jupiter Transit     1 years
Saturn Transit     1 year Uranus Transit  2 + years Neptune Transit  2 + years
Pluto Transit  2 + years





     On this secondary progressed chart the Moon is progressed to about 14 degrees Gemini. The calculation for this secondary progressed chart is for March 14, 1951. The natal chart for this progressed chart is for Jan. 21, 1951, Bronx, NY. The chart has been progressed for over 51 years.






     This is a relocated chart for the Jan. 21st 1951 chart for Hong Kong. The IC or fourth house cusp is at about 14 degrees Gemini.  Therefore a Cyclocartography line can be drawn on a map showing a Lunar (Moon) Ic line through Hong Kong in Nov. 2002.

      Here you can see the secondary progressed Moon at 14 degrees Gemini as the Cyclocartography Ic line running right through Hong Kong.

       As the Moon progresses to Cancer in the year ahead this Moon IC line will leave the Hong Kong area.